Drama : Rooftop Prince

I’m in that mood again  🙂

Rooftop Prince OST – Hurt

Ahem……once upon a time…….

In a dark quiet night, a man is running toward the crown prince’s quarter.

The Crown Prince Lee Gak stirs awake and finds his wife is not by his side as usual. He gets up and feels a little dizzy so he drinks a cup of tea and looks around. A plate of dried persimmons is still there.

He tries calling for his wife but there’s no response so he tries again calling for anyone outside. Silence is his only answer. He realizes then that  something must have gone wrong.

A man rushes in to express his deep regret. The prince shouts at him, he demands to know what had happened. The man bows low with great sorrow in his eyes. The prince starts running.

Only to find his wife’s body floating in the pond. He cries and keeps calling her. The officers have to stop him from entering the pond.

Her dead body floats in the water…

Man overboard! He sinks deep into the sea unconscious. Then fate intervenes.


The King tells the Crown Prince that it’s time to find his suitable match.

“I would like a maiden with beauty as my princess.”

“I think she would have to be beautiful for me to want to see her everyday.” says the prince.

Little Bu Yong delivers the news to her sister, Hwa Yong, that rumor has it that their father would become  “father-in-law of the future king”.  So, one of them will be selected as Crown Princess. Bu Yong congratulates Hwa Yong that surely it would be her.

To their surprise, their father chooses to submit Bu Yong’s name to be considered in the crown princess selection. Hwa Yong is extremely disappointed.

Park Ha is enjoying her ice cream. Dad introduces her to her new family members, Se Na and her mom. It’s obvious that Se Na doesn’t take Park Ha in that well.

As the sisters are together in a shop. While Park Ha is happily looking around, Se Na drops merchandises sold in the shop into Park Ha’s backpack without her knowing. When the owner finds out, Se Na would scold Park Ha for her attempt to steal and Park Ha would cry that she’s innocent.  And Se No would do it again but this time dad spots how Se Na plays the trick on her sister, he punishes her for that.

One day, Park Ha falls asleep in the back of the truck. Se Na comes to get her. But when the truck starts the engine, her mind sees the opportunity to get rid of  Park Ha. She coldly watches the truck moves away.

Park Ha wakes up, she opens the canvas and calls out to her sister. She’s scared that the truck is moving away but Se Na turns her back to her sister. No matter how Park Ha cries calling her, she doesn’t look back. She wants the truck to take Park Ha away.

Bu Yong brings dried persimmons to Hwa Yong. She is ironing the skirt for Bu Yong to wear on the selection day. She asks Bu Yong if  tomorrow is the day the names are submitted for the maidens list.

Bu Yong hands a dried persimmon to Hwa Yong. She pushes it away the persimmon falls to the floor. Hwa Yong gets up with the hot iron in her hand pretending to help pick up the fruit. She trips (herself) and falls forward in Bu Yong’s direction. Bu Yong screams.

The parents learn about the accident. The father is angry that such thing happened. But the scar will be left on Bu Yong’s face so Hwa Yong’s name is submitted instead.

And indeed, Hwa Yong becomes the Crown Princess.

Time goes by and Bu Yong turns into a lady. Her exquisite embroidery is shown to the crown prince as though the crown princess did it herself.

The prince laughs, “The butterfly was fooled too, he was fooled.  How magnificent your embroidery skills are, My Crown Princess, that even a butterfly thinks it’s a peony blossom. “

The prince says it seems as though the butterfly will truly come to life and fly away.

“There is no way to contain this overflowing mood.

The peony flowers that hold the pearls of dew,

Were picked by the bride,

And as she passed outside the window.

He asks his wife for her respond. Hwa Yong turns to Bu Yong for help.

So Bu Yong responds,

She smiled slightly and asked her groom,

Are the flowers prettier or am I prettier?

The prince is quite surprised. He continues,

The groom in playful jest responded, “The flowers are prettier than you.” “.

Bu Yong, “The bride sulked at hearing the flowers were prettier and stepped on the bouquet of  flowers.

The prince, “If the flowers are lovelier than I, then tonight you can sleep with the flowers.

“You are not even married. How can you utter such suggestive poetry?” the prince asks.  Bu Yong looks at him, “Forgive me, Your Highness. As I am low and unworthy, I know not proper virtue. Please punish me.”

He laughs, “I jest. I jest. It is so amusing to tease you.”

Hwa Yong gets jealous of  her sister. She interrupts the prince that she’s curious to see what flowers have bloomed at Buyong (Lotus) Pond.

As they walk to Buyong Pond. The prince turns to challenge Bu Yong that he’s created another riddle that, this time, there’s no way she will be able to solve it easily.

The prince tells Bu Yong, if she brings him the answer within 2 days, “I shall give you a big prize.”

Even if it lives, it dies. Even if it dies, it lives. What could it be?” The prince gives out the riddle. Bu Yong looks at him and repeats the riddle.

As the prince and princess walks on, Bu Yong’s eyes linger on their happy faces.

Looking at the princess’s dead body, the prince gives out orders,

“Make sure the crown princess is not disgraced. Wrap her from head to toe in silk, without even an inch showing.”

“Left Guard, Right Guard, listen. Close the Seongjeon Pavilion where the crown princess and I were last night. Immediately rope it off, prohibit anyone from entering, and stand on guard.”

“No one is to touch the things that were in the room, not a glass, not a plate! So, stand on guard.”

“Someone dares to enter the palace, center of this nation’s law, and take the crown princess’ life. I will absolutely find the killer who murdered the crown princess. And then I shall tear his body limb from limb. And if there are those who helped him, I will dig out their flesh.”

They start wrapping up the body without turning the princess over.

The prince looks at the embroidery piece, his tear falls on the butterfly. It shimmers to life and flies away.

Tae Yong is here to meet someone. He sees the butterfly and reaches out as though to touch it. The butterfly hops on Park Ha’s shoulder who is selling fruits at the stall. She sees it and smiles.

The scene inspires Tae Yong, he sketches her with the butterfly on a postcard.

The boys try to steal her fruits so Park Ha yells and throws an apple at them, only it’s going in Tae Yong’s direction and knocks him to the ground.

She runs to help him but Tae Moo shows up and helps him. Tae Yong covers his face in pain so Park Ha couldn’t see his face. Tae Moo tells her the kids are back to steal so she runs back to her fruit stall without seeing Tae Yong’s face.

And that’s how they met.


Sorry, my energy is running low so this is not all of episode one but my respectable bloggers covered it so this is just a tiny appetite. And Micky’s pictures are here for a reason, not that I’m fangirling or anything *^^*

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