Fashion King Episode 6

The trick is, don’t try to define the relationships between these four leads or else you will end up banging your head.  Each character is hard to read including Ga-young.  Just let the story flow and hope the writer know where it’s going.

Fashion King OST – I’ll Be Waiting


Jae-hyuk asks, “What are you doing here?”

Young-gul is just as surprised then he remembers the photo he saw in Jae-hyuk’s wallet so he knows. Jae-hyuk smacks him to the floor. Young-gul cries out in pain that he got punched again.

Jae-hyuk grabs Young-gul, he wants him out. Young-gul pokes his head on Jae-hyuk’s face pushing him away. But when Jae-hyuk wants to hit him more, Young-gul calls it quit that Anna is sleeping. Jae-hyuk yells at him to leave that this is his house. Young-gul’s face falls and agrees to leave.

Young-gul admires Anna’s leather shoes, he thrusts them to Jae-hyuk.

“Hey, Kang Young Gul! Tell Lee Ga Young to stop by my office tomorrow morning at 10. ” When Young-gul asks why, he says it’s none of his business and tells him to hurry get the hell out.

Young-gul adds, “When Anna wakes up, let her know I’ll give her a call before 10 tomorrow morning.” and he gets out.

Young-gul comes back to Dongdaemun shop. He gets inside and sits down next to Ga-young. He sees her shoes and takes a closer look.

It’s worn out, his mind flashes back to Anna’s shoes. He lets out seconds of sadness then he throws it away and lies down besides her.

Ga-young wakes up. She covers him with the blanket she’s using and lies down with her back turns to him. They share the blanket that night.

Next morning, Anna comes out from the bedroom in the same clothes and sees Jae-hyuk.

He says they just started over, don’t do anything that could cause a misunderstanding. People are looking at them, she should be careful. She asks why, if his father said something. He perks up and asks if she talked with his dad, and what he said. She says he asked if she’s going to get married and she said yes. He doesn’t say how he feels hearing that, but stands up and asks her if she can go to work.

She asks if she said it wrong. He says no, she was right.  He looks at his watch and says he thought they could go to work together that’s why he came.  From the way she looks, he tells her to take her time and leave whenever she’s ready. He gets out.  Seeing his cold reaction, Anna sighs.

Ga-young asks if the girl yesterday was Anna. Young-gul smiles saying that she’s still very cool and they are at the same age. “Why did she come to Dongdaemun?” she asks. “That’s because she was charmed by me.” He teases.

Ga-young doesn’t pay attention to that . She gets down to the serious, “What are you going to do about the factory?” He asks what’s about. Ga-young didn’t think he would take it so easy, “Aren’t you going to pay off the debts?”

“Do you have to talk about the factory now and kill my appetite?”

She asks if he has any plan, how long he plans to go on like this. He’s a little annoyed, “Of course, I have a plan! I have a plan!”

When she asks what kind of plan, he just says that he’s her boss so he doesn’t have to report everything to her. She stuffs the food in her mouth. Then he side-eye her and asks how her talk with Jong Jae Hyuk was, and was she not trying to get an order from him. She says they haven’t gotten into details yet.

It’s his turn to say, “How do you expect to get an order without having a good plan?” She doesn’t want to brag and shows him her design. He checks it out and is quite impressed.

He imagines women wearing her design and feels happy with the plan in his head.

Then stylist Young-gul dresses Ga-young up. He chooses her outfit, shoes and the lipstick’s color. He checks his final result looking at her. He opens her collar wider and is satisfied.

Ga-young walks into J Fashion and sees Anna, she greets her. Anna just nods at her. They get in the elevator, Ga-young presses 15th floor which is Jae-hyuk’s office and that disturbs Anna. Anna gets off first but she turns to stare at Ga-young rather intensely when the door starts closing.

She meets with Jae-hyuk in his office. He rudely stares at her outfit causing Ga-young to adjust her opened collar feeling uneasy.

He asks if the outfit she’s wearing is one of her own design. She says no that it’s Chil Bok ajussi’s. “Chil Bok?” he doesn’t recognize the name. He says looks like Young-gul is in a rush that he sent his employee on time.

“I’m busy so I won’t beat around the bush. I’m only interested in Lee Ga Young’s design. I don’t give a damn about Kang Young Gul’s factory. Due to your lack of educational background, I’m unable to employ you officially. Our cooperation will take place behind the scenes.

I’m sure you already have some design in your head. Make a few samples here. All the materials and equipment are free for you to use. If you need anything else, feel free to make a request. If you need manpower, we have highly skilled colorists, pattern makers, and seamstresses at your disposal. Whether or not your design is used you will still get paid, so don’t worry. So, how much time do you need?” He asks.

Ga-young doesn’t like what she’s hearing, “So, are you saying that you want to pay me off and then steal my design?”

He says that right now, he’s giving Lee Ga Young a chance.

She says she’s very grateful but she doesn’t wish to handle her design that way.

He smirks at her position, “You have neither design nor a factory right now, and yet you want us to treat you like a professional designer? I think that’s a bit shameless. Did you learn all that from Kang Young Gul?”

She can feel his hatred towards Young-gul so she keeps her mouth shut.

“Very well, I would really love to see how confident you people are. Tell Kang Young Gul to fax me his bank account number and the company ID.”  He gets back to his desk meaning their conversation ends here. She says thank you.

She comes back and lets Young-gul know that they got a deal. That sounds too easy so he asks, “Hey, don’t tell me that punk has a crush on you.” That surprises her. Young-gul wonders,  if he’s not crazy why he would give them money without seeing the design first.

She says it’s not like that. Jae-hyuk’s paying them the design fee and sample fee in advance. If they’re approved, they will be sent to the garment factory and start the wholesale production. He listens to her while eating. He knows this business more than she does.

He says they need a business license, right? She says yes. So he will get one. He thinks of the name. She gets excited. He asks how Young Young Apparel sounds. He looks at her anticipating. She gets it that it’s taken from both their names. But he pretends otherwise saying no, it’s from Na Hong A’s Young Young. He’s a fan of hers. Her face falls.

He asks, if she saw Anna at the office. She stares at him so he asks again. She says no, she didn’t. Then he backs to business, “When is he going to give us the money?”

Young-gul is paying off his debts with the money (he got from Jae-hyuk) and everybody is happy. His boss tells him to tell his female companion that they are sorry about that night.  Young-gul keeps telling him that she’s not his female companion.

When all of them left, he calls his friend, Chil Bok, to tell Ga-young to pack up and go to that Chinese Restaurant. He’ll buy her a meal.

Young-gul’s former employees, the ajummas, are brushing up their faces with the make up. No matter how young the boss is, a man is still a man, one of them says.

They are gossiping about Young-gul that he’s good looking. Although his relationship with women is quite complicated, if judge only by his appearance, he’s perfect.

“But  how should we greet Ga-young when we see her? Should we address her ‘Madam’?” They pause and look at each other, then they laugh hard. Miss Bong is happened to be in the restaurant, she smirks listening to them.

And the boss shows up, the ajummas run to him. They all are happy to see him again. He says they’re going to celebrate their new beginning. Bong perks up and recognizes Young-gul.

She stands up angrily, “You, asshole!”  She grabs his jacket, “Give me back my life! What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do about my life?” She screams. She says because of him, she was deported from the US. Of all the places, why he had to come to hers. It’s all his fault.

The ajummas try to help him so they all get into a cat-fight, Young-gul gets thrown out when he tried to stop them.

When they are all calm down, Bong tells him that although she stayed there illegally, she got used to it after a while. She thought she only needed to work harder for a short time, and everything would eventually become better. Then she met Ga-young, so she extended her stay. All her hard-earned money was confiscated. She became penniless. Because of her age, she couldn’t find any job here. It became so tiring to live. She weeps.

She says sorry she overreacted but he says it’s him that should apologize to her. Bong asks if he’s hiring for his factory. He says although he’s not , if she’s willing to come work with them, of course, he will be more than happy to accept her.

Bong is so happy and tells him to let her put the skills she learned in New York to good use. Young-gul smiles.

She asks if he heard of Ga-young. Before he can answer, Ga-young walks in and sees her. They hug each other happily.

Young-gul puts a new sign in front of the factory, “Young Young Aparel ”. He beams.

They re-open the factory. Bong is complaining of the surroundings. Young-gul grabs her and asks where she’s living right now. She asks why.  If it’s possible, he asks if she can take Ga-young to live with her. But she’s living at her friend’s place so it’s not possible. She asks if it’s okay that she moves here too.  He says no.

Ga-young moves back to stay in the factory.

Jae-hyuk receives an express mail, it’s Ga-young’s design and he likes it. Young-gul is also looking at the design, he makes a call to Chil Bok. “That thing I talked to you about last time….Go ahead and do it.”

Anna is presenting her design to the chief and he doesn’t like it. He says a ready-to-wear like them need to get in touch with the people. He asks for Jae-hyuk’s opinion, he readily agrees.

The chief criticizes her design that it feels like the potential is being suffocated under the burden and pressure. He tells her to make some changes before the final evaluation. Jae-hyuk again agrees that she change it. He ends the meeting and calls Anna to his office.

Jae-hyuk shows her Ga-young’s design. She sternly asks whose it is. He says that’s not important. She asks if she’s not the one in charge of this collection. He says that’s why he’s asking for her opinion. But she still wants to know whose it is. He says she will find out when it’s time to start working together.

She says looks like he’s already make up his mind then why asked her.

“Isn’t it a good thing to be able to compensate for our inadequacies? “ He asks.

She asks if he’s saying that she’s inadequate. He sighs and asks why she’s being so sensitive, it’s for them. No matter what, they have to succeed this time.

“I didn’t know you were so thoughtful about me. I am so grateful to you.” She says sarcastically. So he says if she’s not happy with it then forget about it.

“Don’t you like it? Do whatever you want.” She throws the design on the table and leaves. Jae-hyuk sighs heavily. He calls his secretary to go check on Ga-young’s progress.

Anna gets back to her office. She’s furious; she looks at her design and thinks of Ga-young’s. She’s panting heavily, and wipes everything off her desk angrily.

Young-gul is on the phone, he’s saying that as long as they manage to finish the samples, it will be good for the both of them.  He tries asking if he could lend them some materials but unsuccessful.

Ga-young starts pointing out that because he used the money he got from Jae-hyuk to pay off his debts, so now they are in trouble getting the materials for the samples.  He barks, “You think the fabrics you picked out are the regular ones? It’s all because you insist on using the best fabrics.”

She argues that if it’s not that kind of  fabric, it won’t feel the same. He says that it’s only for the samples, she can use the cheap, regular fabrics just for the people get the idea of it. But she insists, if’s not that kind, no matter how hard she works on it, the feeling will be different.

“It’s you who overdid it. $150 to $200 for fabrics? Who’s going to buy that?” he yells. If they can’t come up with the samples, what’s going to happen to their factory? The expenses will come out of her butt? Bong laughs out.

He suggests her go to that asshole Jong Jae Hyuk and borrow some fabrics. She says they already got their advance, they can’t go and ask for fabrics too. He tells her to go explain their situation and bring back some fabrics, that asshole will listen to her. But she says no, it’s too embarrassing.

“Why don’t you go, boss?” She asks.

“I HATE him and he HATES me!” He emphasizes. (Buahaha)

She asks Miss Choi Anna is there, is she not.

He pauses that she gets back at him. He says okay, don’t go. Forget it! Don’t do the order.

“We can’t cancel the order. We already accepted his money. We have to fulfill the agreement.” She says.

He tells everybody to turn in their resignation letter and let’s each go their own way.  The ajumma says can they not use the fabrics they threw away. Young-gul yells don’t do it. The food in his mouth dispersed everywhere. Everybody yikes.

Then omo…Jae-hyuk shows up. “Excuse me.”

Everybody turns.

They sit in Young-gul’s office. “Director, what brings you to our humble place?”

Jae-hyuk says he thought that even though his factory is small, he would be able to finish the job. If  he hadn’t come, it would have been a big problem. “Can a sample be produced in such an atmosphere?”

Young-gul asks, “Is it the atmosphere that makes the clothes? It’s people who make the clothes.”

Jae-hyuk smiles and asks what kind of people, if it’s those outside who seem to have nothing better to do.

The ajummas outside get away from the window. Young-gul clears his throat, he thinks Jae-hyuk is mistaken. Those people outside started in this industry as far back as 10 years. Artists, professionals, to call them that is not an exaggeration. Young-gul asks why he is here, or he’s here to monitor them.

The ajumma brings in some yogurt  for the quest and stares at Jae-hyuk, he smiles to her saying thank you.

Jae-hyuk asks Ga-young if she can finish the whole thing. Ga-young looks at Young-gul and says yes. But Jae-hyuk thinks otherwise.

Young-gul says they’re very grateful that he paid them in advance, but to stop by unannounced like this is quite inappropriate.  Jae-gyuk tells Ga-young to give them some privacy to talk. Young-gul nods to her. Ga-young opens the door and crashes with all the nosy ajummas.

Jae-hyuk suggests that until the samples are finished, Lee Ga Young will be working at their office.

“Are you trying to steal my most competent employee?” Young-gul asks. Jae-hyuk says it’s only for a short while, and it’s good for him too. Jae-hyuk knows that after Young-gul settled his debts, he doesn’t have any money left to buy fabrics. Young-gul doesn’t deny that.

“Or, we can forget the whole thing and refund my money.” Jae-hyuk says.

Young-gul drinks the yogurt while contemplates his decision, “If I rent out my employee, you have to pay her 4 times of her current salary plus all the benefits and bonus. Sound good to you?”  They give each other a killer stare.

Anna finds Jae-hyuk in her apartment, he’s cooking dinner. While having the meal, he suggests they move in together. She looks at him but doesn’t answer. He thinks his father has a good impression on her and is looking forward to her performance. She smiles at that.

“Why are you smiling?” he asks.

“Even you, don’t expect anything from me, why would I care of what the Chairman expect of me?” She asks, referring to Ga-young’s design.

Jae-hyuk understands the meaning behind her indifferent manner. He takes a huge breath and yells out, “Are you really going to be like this?!” He takes deep breath again to calm down and asks if she knows why he showed the design to her. “To piss you off ? It’s for us, so we can do better!”

She says she knows that that it’s for them. He says, “If you know it, then let go of your pride.” Anna knows she’s wrong this time. He says since it’s her project, she’ll be responsible for it from start to finish. “So don’t worry!” he grabs his jacket and leaves.

Anna cries knowing that it’s because she couldn’t come up with a good design. Jae-hyuk stops in front of  the elevator feeling sorry for her but he steps into the elevator anyway.

Meanwhile, with the help of Chil-bok, Young-gul is supervising the making of the samples using Ga-young’s design. He chooses the fabrics himself and helps Chil-bok with the pattern cutting (remember Young-gul’s talent? That he can make the same clothes just by looking at the template).

Ga-young dresses up for her first day of work at Jae-hyuk’s office. She nags Young-gul for the money for her lunch. He is still sleepy but tells her to take it from the pocket of his clothes.

Before she leaves, he says a large company like that, they normally have a large material warehouse. “Do you think you can go in there and bring back some fabrics for us?” She says what? But he turns his back to her so she has to leave.

Young-gul gets a call from Chairman Hwang and says he will pay him a visit. Young-gul tries to think what he should do, he calls Ga-young but she’s already left.

He looks around the factory and remembers the ajumma’s suggestion of using the fabric that they threw away. So he searches the pile of  fabrics, he gets the idea so he smiles.

Ga-young comes to the office and Jae-hyuk’s secretary walks to her. He reminds her that he made it clear to her in the US, not to show up in front of his director ever again. But instead, they two keep getting involved in  one way or another. He’ll be the one in a deep trouble. There will be more than just one or two things for him to clean up after this.

Ga-young says she’s here for work. He yells that’s how it all started. It was like that with Miss Choi too! Even then he told her…but since things have already gotten to this point, he begs her not to create any more headaches for him. “Just end it right here, right now. Do not get involved with him. Do you understand?” he gives her his advice. Ga-young still is confused about what he’s mad at.

He says Director Jong is the person in charge here so she should be careful not to draw any unwanted attention. She says yes. He tells her then that the Director wants to see her and to follow him.

He takes her to a luxurious restaurant and Jae-hyuk is sitting there. Ga-young gets excited looking at the place.  The secretary reports to him. Jae-hyuk tells him, from now on, everything she needs for her work, he has to see to it and take care of it personally. The secretary acknowledges his order. Jae-hyuk tells him to pay attention especially to the trade information security.

Ga-young walks over to the table and greets him. Jae-hyuk looks at her from head to toe then tells her to work hard. Ga-young and the secretary are surprised that he doesn’t want Ga-young to join the meal. So she says she will go and start on her work. They walk out.

Jae-hyuk lets out a cute smile.

At the factory, the ajummas are busy sewing Young-gul’s design. He tells them to do it faster otherwise they will fall behind schedule. They consult him on the detail of the stitches.

Bong shows the dress she made to him and asks if they are going to a party. He looks at her and has an idea.

Mr.Hwang is looking at the written proposal. Young-gul says he’s not good putting it into writing. He wants to create a fashion brand using the chairman’s name. To use his name as their brand to establish a global fashion kingdom.

“Fashion kingdom?” Mr. Hwang asks.

Young-gul explains, “In this kingdom, there will be a king.” And the chairman will be the king of that fashion kingdom.

The Chairman likes the idea. He daydreams of himself  being famous.

Young-gul presses further that the chairman can have his pictures taken with those international models in the fashion show held around the world. He can hang out with famous people from around the world at the fanciest hotels. At the best resorts around the world, he can have a good time with tons of beautiful women.

Young-gul stops at that and asks what he thinks about his proposal. The chairman seems to be satisfied and asks,  so?

Young-gul says, first of all, to express his remorse, he has something for him. He claps his hands and calls, “Mademoiselle Bong!”

Bong shows up with  the finished suit.

Young-gul, “In New York, the place where fashion was born, she has been focusing on the individual design for a decade and has now joined forces with our Young Young Apparel. She’s our company’s chief designer, Mademoiselle Bong.” She greets him and tells him to call her “Bong”.

Young-gul invites him to try it on. “It’s the first product of  YGM.

“YGM?” the Chairman asks.

Bong flips the jacket open and shows him the label “YGM”

She explains, “Yellow Great Mountain.”

Young-gul says it’s the initials of  Hwang-Tae-San. (Haha)

The Chairman tries it on, and Young-gul gives out a devilish smile.

Jae-hyuk is on the phone trying to convince the person one the line that they can’t just get rid of the brand, a lot of money had been put into it. He thinks the items will be great this time. The launching is going to be much better and bigger than in New York. He asks for the guest list to be faxed to him.

Anna comes to his office and says sorry for her behavior. She gave it some thought, and she thinks he’s right that he knows that she doesn’t have that kind of skill, it’s all for them.

She asks where he found a treasure like that. He’s relieved that she thinks of it that way. So he asks if she wants her (the design’s owner) to work under her. She pretends to show her admiration and asks if he hired her as a designer. He says not exactly, to just treat her as her personal assistant. She chuckles, “Am I not the assistant?”

He says of course not, it’s her collection. She says she’s really curious who it is.

So he takes her to meet Ga-young. In the elevator, she asks if last night he’s serious about moving in together. He says what if he was. She asks should they? He just says as long as she doesn’t mind.

She can’t smile hearing that. There’s something in the way he answered.

Ga-young is working on the samples when Jae-hyuk and Anna drops by. He introduces the two to each other. That Anna is  the design team leader.  Anna remembers Ga-young that they met before. He asks if they know each other. Anna says yes, they met in New York. He doesn’t seem to be happy hearing that.

He tells Ga-young that, in the future, report directly to Team Leader Choi Anna  on all matters. He also tells Anna to take care of Ga-young due to her inexperience.

“Then, the two of you create a master piece together.” The two women smile to each other. Jae-hyuk pats Anna’s back and leaves.

Anna looks at the template, and asks how old she is. Ga-young says 21. She mutters so young yet so bold. Anna asks whose idea to make this.  Ga-young says it’s Director Jong’s idea.  She asks if  Ga-young’s still working for Kang Young Gul. Ga-young says yes.

“Do it until Director Jong is satisfied.” She thrusts the template back to Ga-young, “I don’t need to be here, do I?” Anna walks out. Ga-young doesn’t understand what’s going on with Anna’ s offensive attitude.

Madam Jo tells Jae-hyuk’s mom about Lee Ga young. That she went to Jae-hyuk for help and she got readmitted into the school in New York.  And later she got expelled because she’s living with a criminal and was deported back to Korea. She stayed at her boutique until recently. Her son came and looked for her in person.

Mom covers for her son that he probably had some business to take care of. Madam Jo adds that he even dropped her off himself one evening so….

Mom cuts her off saying enough of useless talk. She needs a favor from her. She asks what she should do to make him break up with that woman. “Help me find the way.”

Madam Jo insists, “Madam, didn’t you listen to what I just said? According to my intuition, it’s definitely not Choi Anna, but Lee Ga Young.”

Madam Jo gets in the restroom, she’s pissed that Jae-hyuk’s mom summoned her for this small favor. Ga-young gets out of the toilet and their eyes meet.

Madam Jo is so surprised and asks what she’s doing here. Ga-young tells her that she’s transferred to work here and quickly says good-bye, and leaves.

Jae-hyuk checks his look in the mirror, smiles a bit to himself. He comes to the design department wanting to check on Ga-young but she’s not there. He looks at the finished samples on the mannequins and is satisfied. He notices Ga-young’s left-over food, a cup of an instant noodle, he sighs.

Young-gul is on the phone checking on how it’s going with  the samples. “That pattern is a bit complicated, right? Still, it has to be done nicely.” He says to tell those embroidery people to keep it confidential.

Then there’s noise of someone opening the front door, he ends the conversation and calls out, “Ga-young, is that you?” But no one answer so he walks out of his office and sees Anna is standing there. He asks what brought her here. She asks if this is his Dongdaemun headquarter he said (in New York), he pauses a bit and says yes. He tells her to sit down, he will bring her something to drink.

Ga-young enters the material warehouse wheeling a cart. She’s going to take the fabrics as Young-gul told her.

She chooses the fabrics she needs and puts it on the cart, one after another. Then she sees the one higher on the top of the shelf. She stands on the cart and reaches out but it’s really too far, so she stretches herself higher causing the cart to move.  She slips and falls.

He catches her before she hits the ground. Jae-hyuk is surprised. Ga-young sees his face and is horrified that she may get caught red-handed by her boss.


So we have two teams working on the same design. What’s on Young-gul’s mind? It seems Ga-young doesn’t know about it.  I will stay firm that “Fashion King” refers to Young-gul, right? The way he came up with his design in a flash when a situation called for like in New York or this time for Chairman Hwang, was quite a remarkable talent.  Not going to touch on the lovelines because they surely will confuse us for many episodes to come  🙂

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