Fashion King Episode 5

Although Madam Jo as a character is the worst of mankind, the actress who has been portraying the role is just plain awesome.  The drama still keeps us in the dark of what is the story behind Madam Jo’s boutique and Ga-young’s parents.

Fashion King OST – The Greatest Love


He thinks of how Ga-young was getting bullied. Young-gul gets off the bus and runs back to the factory as fast. But when he arrives, there’s nobody there. He walks inside and looks around the place. He sits down and then he sees Ga-young’s luggage and other belongings that they took from her.

Madam Jo tells Miss Go to update the clothes on the mannequins because this week they will be having a newspaper interview. Ga-young shows up looking terrible, Madam Jo is terrified. Ga-young greets her. Madam asks what happened to her face, if she got beaten. She says yes.

Madam says she heard that she was expelled. “It wasn’t easy to get into that school. What a waste! There’s nobody else to blame but yourself. Very well, what do you want from me? Is there anything left for us to talk about?”

Ga-young says she wants to stay here for now. Madam is taken aback and says, in her entire life, she has never met anyone as brazen as her. That she left on her own and now she wants to come back. Ga-young argues that she didn’t leave because she wanted to.

Madam says Ga-young’s still full of excuses as she was before. For her to live with someone who has so many complicated relationships with men, and even was deported back here for illegally harboring a criminal, to live under the same roof would be really uncomfortable.

“If you don’t want me to stay here then lead me some money!” Ga-young talks back.

Madam asks if she has some savings with her to ask about money. “You, more than anyone, should understand clearly why I ask you for money.” Ga-young retorts.

Madam starts yelling. She asks what Ga-young is trying to say.  “Do you know what your problem is? You’re not reliable. In the beginning, I sincerely wanted to help you. But the more I see you, the more you annoy me. Do you get what I mean” Madam asks.

Ga-young asks, in other words, she’s saying she doesn’t want to lend her any money? Then there’s no other way. She won’t stay here for too long, not to worry. Ga-young intends to stay anyway.

Madam calls Miss Go to call the police and report that they have an intruder. Ga-young threatens that the reporters will like that. They will have something to write about. Madam Jo doesn’t know what to do.

Ga-young enters a storage room. She arranges boxes and a board to be her bed.  She grabs a blanket wanting to lie down then she sees herself in the mirror. She just realizes how terrible she looks and so she cries.

Young-gul is lying down in his aunt house. She is complaining how he’s never buy anything for her but as soon as he has no other place to go, he came here. She already guessed he would turn out this way. It’s so shameful she doesn’t even dare to go out and face people. He’s embarrassed the whole family exactly like his mother.

He yells back what she means he embarrassed the family.

She asks if  getting  into a prison is something to be proud of. She says since he went to the US, why he didn’t  go find his mom and rely on her instead, why  he had to come here, eat their food and stay in her kid’s room.

He says he will pay for all that. She says it’s been hard on her family to eat even twice a day, plus his sick sister. She asks if he knows how hard her life has been.

He talks back that the child was so sick, but she didn’t even take her to the hospital, instead just letting her die of the illness. She gets so mad that he’s trying to say that she killed his sister.

“Who asked you to run away from home, leaving her behind? Your mother eloped with another man to the US. Your dad left his kids behind saying that he would go after your mom, but we’ve heard nothing from him ever since. My husband said he would go out and find a job and I still haven’t heard from him. I work from morning till dawn the next day to support my family. When did I have the time to take her to the hospital? If you worried so much about your sister, why didn’t you take her to the doctor earlier? Now you’re here to tell me that it was my fault?” She yells.

Young-gul gives her the money he got from the prison, “Use this money to buy meat, and buy some toothpaste to brush your teeth. I came here because I had no other choice.” He gets out.

Young-gul is leaving the house when there’s a little girl’s voice calling him, “Oppa!”. He turns around. “Oppa, you must make a lot of money. Once you have a lot of money, you must come back and get me!” she cries.

It’s his memory  of  his sister that day when he left this house.  Young-gul holds back his tears and gets out of the house.

He comes to see his friend and snatches his noodles away and starting eating. His friend looks around and says he can’t be here. His former boss and his lover came here and had a falling-out yesterday.

“You bastard! My female employee was getting beaten to that state and you just stood there and watched?” He scolds his friend.

His friend asks if he was there, he says yes. Then why did he not show himself.  She’s his employee so it should be him who save her, not himself.

He tells Young-gul that they took Ga-young’s belongings and kicked her out. Young-gul keeps on eating; he asks if he knows where she went. “How should I know” he says.

Young-gul finishes the whole noodles and asks his for his phone. He calls ll-gook to tell his boss that he’s coming to see him now. But first, he needs a favor from him.

Ga-young is designing a new outfit. She looks for some thrown-way fabrics in  the trash and starts making a jacket she designed.

Jae-hyuk is still not happy with Anna’s designs. He gets a call from Ga-young. She greets him and tells her name. She reminds him that she’s the one he helped about the school in New York so he remembers her. She says she has something to consult with him. He looks at her number and asks if she’s in Seoul. She says yes. Anna listens to them interestingly.

Jae-hyuk notices Anna’s questioning look. He says if it’s about the school, there’s nothing he can help her. Ga-young says it’s not that, she’s prepared something that she’d like to show to him.

He says he’s busy so he asks if he can contact her at this number. She says yes. He says he will call when he has a chance. She says sorry for disrupting his busy schedule and says good-bye. He wants to talk more but she hangs up.

He looks at his phone and smiles. Anna asks who it is. He just says nobody and gets back to where they left off. She asks if he wants her to do it again. He says she can’t mess up this time. She says she will redo them. Anna takes the samples and throws them to a suitcase and leaves. Jae-hyuk sighs at her temper. He calls Ga-young and asks if she can make it tonight.

Madam Jo is having an interview. She tells the reporter that her daughter is studying at NFS. The reporter asks if she also graduated from there. Miss Go looks at her boss worriedly. Madam plays along saying yes.

Ga-young says sorry to interrupt them. Madam Jo stares at her and notices the jacket Ga-young’s wearing. Madam Jo keeps her expression polite and tells Ga-young that she’s in the middle of the interview.

Ga-young says bluntly that she needs to go out for a while. Madam tells her to go ahead. “Can you give me the cab fare?” Madam smiles through her clenched teeth asking how much she needs. Ga-young asks for 10,000 Won.

Madam smiles sweetly and gives her the money. Ga-young takes it and says thank you. After Ga-young left, the reporter asks if she made that piece of clothing as well. Madam just says yes. The reporter says it’s really beautiful. Madam smiles and says thank you.

Young-gul takes a punch from Chairman Hwang. He tells him that he didn’t know she’s his girlfriend, and he was only fooling around. He gets punched again for saying that he’s just fooling around with his woman.

Mr.Hwang asks him where he hides his female companion. Young-gul quickly tells him that she’s not his female companion and he has no idea where she is now. Mr.Hwang says Young-gul doesn’t know anything yet the girl keeps following him around. When Young-gul couldn’t come up with an answer fast enough, he gets punched again. He cries in pain.

Young-gul tells him that while he was serving his term in the prison, he was thinking what he could do for him. Mr.Hwang orders Il-gook to get rid of him. Young-gul is horrified.

Jae-hyuk arrives at the place. He looks in the mirror, adjusts his tie and smoothes his hair. He walks to her. Ga-young smiles and greets him. He stares at her face and looks down to her jacket, he smiles.

Young-gul shouts at them to stop. He tells Mr.Hwang that he has something he wants to show him. He tells Il-gook to take the thing out of his pocket and shows it to his boss.

Mr. Hwang looks at it and asks what it is. Young-gul says the outfit worn by the model in the picture he designed himself. It was shown at the world-class designer, Michael’s Fashion Show. A world-class model wore the scarf  he designed. It shows that his designs suit the international tastes.

“What bullshit are you talking about?” Chairman asks.

Young-gul asks if he knows how much money they can make in a year off one outfit. At least billions, if not trillions! That’s the fashion business.

Mr.Hwang asks how he expects him to believe that it’s actually his design. Young-gul says he could give Michael a call right now and prove that it’s his design.

“You know that I’ve been through a lot, and I’ve accidentally lost his business card. But of course, it’s possible to find out Michael’s phone number. Compared to Michael, what’s more important now is J-Group. The heir, Jong Jae-hyuk, is my close friend. “ Il-gook is surprised to hear that but goes along and helps confirming  it with his boss.


“With Michael, Jong Jae Hyuk, and my natural talents, 1.5 trillion is not a dream, Chairman!”

“If you can forgive me this once, I will do my best to help you make a fortune.”


Young-gul gulps, “Give me one week to prepare everything. I’ll come to you again.” Mr. Hwang looks at the picture  again.

So Young-gul is off the hook this once. Il-gook says he made it sounds like they will strike it rich tomorrow. He asks Young-gul if he has a plan prepared already.

Young-gul tells him there’s no plan at all. His friend gets scared. Young-gul asks if he’s done what he asked. His friend gives him her address saying she seems to be living in a good area. He put a lot of effort helping him with this.

Young-gul looks at the address.

Jae-hyuk notices the scars on her face; he asks if she’s been doing well. She smiles and says she’s doing fine. He asks what she wants to show him.

Ga-young stands up and uses herself as a model to present the jacket she’s wearing. She finds some space and walks like a model on a catwalk. Jae-hyuk is a little confused. When she’s done, she asks what he thinks. She designed these clothes. Or, he wants her to do it again. He coughs and tells her to sit down.

She says she didn’t have the right materials so it doesn’t quite reflect her initial design. If done with the right materials, the final result will be quite different.

He asks if that’s all. She says she can only show him this much today. She wants to show him other designs too but she needs to pay off some debts first.

He stares at her. She says it’s not her debt. It’s a family possession that was pawned. As soon as she gets it back, she’ll be able to show him more. If he wants to see it now, if he could lend her some money, he’ll be able to see the rest faster.

He ask what she wants him to do, to pay off her debt? She says he doesn’t have to do that. He can advance her the cost of the samples, or he can think of it as a third party’s order and give her the deposit first. He asks is it not the same thing.

He finish the drink and he asks how much she needs. Ga-young is surprised.

It’s raining so he tells her to get in the car. He asks her where he should drop her. She says Cheongdamdong so he asks if she’s staying at Jo Boutique. She says yes. He asks if she’s been staying there ever since she came back from America. She says not  exactly.  He mutters if she has nowhere else to go.

He asks where her family possession is now. She says Dongdaemun. He asks where in Dongdaemun. She says at the factory she used to work.

“Kang Young-gul’s factory?” he asks. She lowers her head and doesn’t answer.

Young-gul walks in the rain to the address he got from Il-gook. Jae-hyuk’s car makes a turn and stops in front of Jo Boutique, splashing the water from the street fully onto Young-gul.

Ga- young gets out of the car and says thank you to Jae-hyuk. Young-gul sees  her and recognizes that it’s Ga-young. He’s happy that he found her, only to stop smiling when Jae-hyuk gets out of the same car and gives her an umbrella.

Madam Jo sees them from the window upstairs. Young-gul looks inside the car on its way out, and he sees that it’s really Jae-hyuk. On his way home, Jae-hyuk finds a small purse of  Ga-young on the seat. There’s money inside.

Ga-young walks inside and Madam Jo is waiting. She asks why she came back in Jae-hyuk’s car. She says it’s on the way so he gave her a ride.

Madam asks why she went to meet him. When Ga-young says it’s nothing, Madam asks if he has so much time to kill that he had to meet a woman like her. Madam looks at her jacket and says what she has on her now, is it not made from her materials. Ga-young says it’s the materials that she threw away.

“What do you mean threw away? This is imported material. You can’t find it anywhere in this country. “

Ga-young says sorry, she didn’t know.  Madam orders her to take it off. Ga-young doesn’t like it but she has to comply. She takes it off and gives it to her. Madam snatches it from her hands.

Also, she took Jae-hyuk’s car back, there should be some change left from the cab fare.  (Errgh Madam! Get a life!)

Ga-young reaches into her pocket but couldn’t find her purse.

“How much is it?” our hero shows up by the stairs. Ga-young calls him, he stares at her. He reaches in his pocket and takes his money out. Madam Jo is startled asking what this is.  Young-gul asks if the money in his hand is enough. He throws it on the floor in front of  Madam’s feet.

“Lee Ga Young, are you just going to keep standing there?” He asks her.  She says no. He reaches out his hand “Let’s go then.” She looks at him and down to his hand. He shakes his hand hurrying her to take it.

Ga-young puts her hand in his. He holds her hand and drags her out with him. Before he leaves, he stops to give Madam a hard stare. Young-gul holds her hand tighter and walks down.

They are on the bus. He says he heard she ran into some trouble. “Do you think it’s because of me?” he asks.

“Not really.”

“Then why are you hanging around the factory?”

She doesn’t answer.

“Are you trying to intimidate me? You got expelled because of me. You want me to take the responsibility for that, right?” Tears fill her eyes.

“That’s why your’re sticking around here, isn’t it? To let me see you, to let me feel guilty about you. “

“It’s not like that.” She says through tears.

“Also, who does the factory belong to? Is it yours?” He barks.


“Then why are you talking big and saying that you can get the money? You even pawned your family possession.” He lets out a huge sigh.  “What’s your relationship with Jong Jae Hyuk?”


“Are you two dating?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Then why are you always with that guy?”

“I want him to give me some orders.”

“You’re really ridiculous. What kind of orders? Are you the boss?”

He kicks the seat in front of him. “Hey, did you think that if you did that, I would be grateful to you? “

She just keeps wiping her tears. He doesn’t know what to do with her. He sighs heavily and checks the money he has. It’s not enough for the two of them.

They walk in the rain to the factory. He uses a piece of steel to crack the lock and opens the door. He motions her to get inside.

Her belongings were lying there. He orders her to pack her luggage and gets in his room. He looks around. He finds the ledger in his drawer. There are lists of names who owe him money and names of who he owned. Young-gul changes into dry clothes and gets out of the room.

Ga-young is taking her T-shirt off when he comes out. Both of them are startled and he quickly turns around to give her some privacy. He peeks at her belongings and sees their pictures taken together in New York.

Memories come flooding back including the moment he’s arrested. He walks slowly to the photos lying on the floor. She hurriedly changes into dry clothes.

He sighs thinking if she’s stupid or something, ”Hey, why are you carrying this nonsense around?” He kicks them hard. She stands still. “All dressed?” he asks. She says yes, “Let’s go.” He walks out with heavy steps, she holds back her tears and follows him.

Ga-young puts her luggage underneath the rack and listens to Young-gul. He tells her this guy here, although he looks quite silly, he’s very good in business. “Learn from him how to handle customers. A real designer not only knows how to design clothes, but also knows how to design the clothes that sell.”  His friend doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Young-gul looks into his ledger. “This is the money that I owe. And this is what I’m owed. President Park, 350,000 Won…” He starts walking away. His friend wants to say something, he turns to stare him down and leaves.

Ga-young greets his friend.

The head of the Design Department looks at Anna’s work and says people have expectations of her because she used to work for a famous designer. But there’s no need to be nervous, let nature take its course. It’s only an internal evaluation. Anna smiles at his encouragement.

The president (Jae-hyuk’s dad) walks in. He says he wants to look around a bit. He glances at Anna.

Dad has a private talk with Anna. He says he heard her parents divorced, and ask if that is true. Anna says yes. He asks if her sister is married. She says yes. He asks, then who brought her up. She says she was brought up by her grandmother in the countryside. He asks if her grandmother passed away. She says yes.

He asks if she’s still in contact with her parents. She says no.

“Do you plan to marry Jae-hyuk?” He cuts the chase and asks.

She says she knows she doesn’t have the right to say that she wants to.

“Then why did you follow Jae-hyuk back here?”

“Because I love him.”

He laughs, “Really?”

Jae-hyuk is jogging in the park. He thinks about his conversation with Ga-young about her designs and her related to Young-gul.

Madam Jo dissembles Ga-young designed jacket. She jealously checks the pattern and the linings of it.  She throws all of them into a trashcan. Miss Go runs to her that Director Jong is here. She’s surprised but too happy.

He comes in and greets her. While she’s talking about her daughter, he looks around. Madam invites him to sit down. But he says no, he came here to see Miss Lee Ga Young. He smiles and asks if she’s here right now.

She’s disappointed. She tells him it’s a long story and invites him to sit down first. He is about to sit down then he sees Ga-young’s jacket in the trashcan.

Madam asks why he’s looking for Lee Ga Young. She asks if Ga-young has done something wrong. He says it’s not like that. Madam says, she feels that a woman should be pure and clean. That’s why her design concept is ‘White Innocent’.  Jae-hyuk puts on a smile even though he doesn’t know what that gotta do with him.

She starts, “On that rainy day, you gave her a lift, right? But that day, after she got out of your car, a man who looked like a beggar and was bleeding a lot, came to fetch her. But when she saw that beggar-liked man, she called out “President!”. Then she held his hand walked out. Really, why would she hold hands with that president? It’s not like she works at a bar. I really feel that it’s ridiculous. Either way, ever since that day I haven’t even had a phone call from her. Even though I didn’t give birth to her, at any rate, I still treated her like my own child and raised her. How could she treat me like that?…..”

Jae-hyuk cuts her off in the middle and says thank you, he will take his leave now. She asks him to stay for some tea but he walks out. When he’s outside the shop he lets out his disturbance show.

Jae-hyuk comes back to his apartment and sees two pairs of lady shoes, he sighs. He comes inside and his mom with her housemaid are there. He doesn’t greet her, but gets in his room. He comes out clothes changed. He hops on a sofa next to his mom and turns on the television. All the while doesn’t utter a word.

Mom starts her yelling that he got back from overseas for a while but haven’t gone back home even once. She asks what he intends to do about that girl. He even found a house for her. She asks what he plans on doing. “Are you saying you’re going to marry her or something?”

“Don’t make it so embarrassing, okay?” he returns annoyingly. He says it’s so ridiculous that he won’t bother talking about it, please go back. He increases the volume of the TV.

She turns it off and says she’s not just the CEO, but also his mother. He asks if being his mother gives her the right to be like this. “Is there anything a mother can’t do?” she yells.

He yells back that if she’s always going to be like this, he’ll go and register the marriage first. Just keep that in mind. Mom is so angry. She asks if he’s threatening her. “I am your son. Is there anything I can’t do?” he smiles and turns on the TV.

The ajumma puts down a bowl of  herbal medicine specially prescribed for him. Mom starts telling him the precious ingredients. He drinks it all just to cut off her visit. She gets up to leave and says he makes sure to take the herbal medicine and do not go without breakfast.

After she left, he checks his phone and there are lots of missed calls from Anna. So he calls her but her phone is switched off.

Young-gul comes to the bank, he wants to take out a loan. He says he needs 40 million. The banker asks for his ID. The computer shows that there’s no transactions in the last 6 months. Young-gul explains that he just came back from abroad.

“Do you have any collateral?”  Young-gul says no. The guy says it will be hard without the collateral.  Young-gul asks if he’s heard of Michael. He shows the picture of the clothes he designed. He’s also considering exporting his clothes. The guy doesn’t pay attention to his words. Young-gul folds the picture and puts it back in his pocket.

The guy tells him to come back when he has some collateral and he calls the next customer.  Young-gul asks how about 10 million. The guy stands up to greet the next customer.

Young-gul tries again, “I heard that small and medium enterprises are given 700 billion in aid, aren’t they? They also wanted to lend more money to strengthen the exports. Who did you give all that to?”

The guy says, “Sir, you do not satisfy our requirements for a loan.”

“Don’t tell me that people like me have to use the loan sharks’ money for our whole lives?” Young-gul asks with sadness in his eyes. But the guy asks him to make way for the next customer.

Young-gul is counting the money he got and it’s not enough. He asks his friend if he has 40 million. Once he contacts Michael, he will be able to pay him back immediately. “Just give me that female employee. She’s not your fiancée, is she?” His friend asks about Ga-young. Young-gul says he’s not joking. His friend sees Anna that she comes here again. He kicks Young-gul to check it out the pretty girl.

Young-gul takes a look and remembers her so he calls her name. Anna looks in his way. Young-gul tells her they met in New York. She thinks a bit and remembers him. He’s happy to see her again.

Ga-young is struggling with a huge bag on her shoulder going up the stairs when she sees Young-gul together with Anna. He’s buying her a meal.

As they are eating, he says he’s curious about something. Michael used his clothes in his show, how should that be calculated. Should he take a designing fee or a percentage of the profits? She says that depends on what he agreed from the beginning.

He asks what is a better deal. She tells him to go ask Michael. He thinks it’s fate that they meet again, not in New York but here in Dongdaemun. He asks, people like Michael how much they make in a year. Michael said to him “You only have to capture the Chinese market, and you can make 100 billion dollars a year.” She says it’s possible.

Youn-gul asks why she resigned from such a nice job and went to Jae-hyuk’s company. He thinks the salary must be very high. She looks at him and smiles that he really cares a lot about money.

“Is there anyone who is not interested in money?” He says.

She says even if they are interested, there’re very few people who will ask so directly like he does. “Is that a compliment or an insult?” he asks.

“Compared to a hypocrite who pretends not to care, it’s more honest. It’s cute.” she says.  He laughs that she uses the word ‘cute’. He asks the year she was born. They are at the same age, she’s so young yet already so successful.

They drink late into the night and they are quite drunk. He do the talking that even though he doesn’t come from a designer background, he’s still been in this line of work for over 10 years. He can figure out how to go about making them. When the retailers send their designs to him, they just send the template by fax and don’t even come over to take a look. Why? Because they trust him. That international designer, Michael, also saw his talent at a glance and used his designs in his show.

She sighs that it’s good for him that Michael recognizes his ability. Some people have been doing odd jobs for so many years, yet he wouldn’t even take a look. Young-gul feels sad for her.

She says when she was young, she thought that as long as she worked hard, she would be successful. He says she’s still young. She asks what about him, has he ever lost hope that he wanted to die? He says he hasn’t. She says she has.  They drink some more.

He looks at her and says, “Do you know? You are attractive.”  They both smile. Then she passes out.

Jae-hyuk has been trying to contact Anna but her phone is still switched off.



Young-gul carries Anna back to her apartment. He puts her down on the bed, takes off her shoes and covers her with the blanket. He lingers on her face. There are tears falling from her eyes even in her sleep.

Young-gul walks out of the bedroom with her shoes in his hands.  Jae-hyuk is standing there staring at him “What are you doing here?”


What a weird relationship between these four! They tend to find comfort from the opposite pairing. In this modern-day society, I think it’s quite normal for such relationships. Just like how Young-gul took Ga-young in his care. They are more than friend for sure, but less than a couple? And I do think Jae-hyuk  falls into being a womanizer in my book. He’s polite on the surface and quietly approaches the girl using his charms and money. Whereas our hero is the opposite, he says what he thinks and really doesn’t know how to treasure the one he cares. Not sure how long Young-gul would admit his feeling for Ga-young. He’s being so harsh on her that I wonder what would take him to confess,  if there’ll ever be one.

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