Fashion King Episode 4

Let me warn you that this episode is a little hard. Things got messy and a hero deserved a punch (or more).


Young-gul happily walks out. He runs into Anna on his way out, things she’s carrying fall to the ground. He wants to help but she says not to touch it. Young-gul stops and looks at her, she’s not in a good mood. She asks how it went with Michael, he says good and that thanks to her. She just walks away.

Young-gul buys some food for Ga-young as he promised.

Jae-hyuk is in the meeting, a call coming in, he has a guest from the consulate.

The guy from the consulate praises Jae-hyuk or Korean business in general for doing well aboard. Jae-hyuk smiles. But then he asks if he knows someone called Kang Young Gul. Jae-hyuk stops smiling.

The guy says he’s a wanted man because of the mutiny. It’s laughable to even think someone like Jae-hyuk might know him, but just in case, he’s his high school classmate after all. He tells Jae-hyuk if he has some news on Kang Young Gul, please let him know.  Jae-hyuk answers right away that he has none.

The guy says the truth is, they received news from Korea, that the female student he’s helping has some sort of relationship with Kang Young Gul. He thought Jae-hyuk should know this. He asks him again if there is no relationship between them. Jae-hyuk assures him that that’s right. After the guy left, Jae-hyuk calls for his car to be prepared.

Ga-young walks back to her apartment and she stops to look around, to make sure that nobody is following her. Jung-ah is hiding at the corner, now she knows where Ga-young lives.

Ga-young opens the door and is surprised that Young-gul has prepared a nice dinner with the wine and candlelight. He smiles and tells her to sit down. He says he said before that he’ll buy meat for her.  She sits down and asks if he has some good news.

He pours the wine, “To Kang Young Gul and Lee Ga Young’s new life. Cheers!” They cling the glasses and drink. She asks if they are working together.

They take picture together. He tells her to eat first.

Then he tells her Michael said the samples were all very good.

“So what happened?” she can’t wait to hear about it.

“He said, should I let you make your own line of clothing, or should I introduce you to some clients?” he tells her.

She asks what that means, he says he asked Michael the same question, he said he could sell his line at his shops or he could get Young-gul into department stores. “In Korea it’s nearly impossible to get your stuff sold at a department store, right? But here, if they feel that you might do well, they’re willing to give it a shot and sell your stuff. At that point, if we do well, even if it’s already considered a success. The Chinese clients are the key. If we can attract the Chinese customers, it’ll really be a huge success!”

She’s so excited, “A huge success!”

He acts cool, “Several hundred billion, or several thousand billion? Trillion?” She chokes on her food.

Somebody knocks at the door. They both turn then look at each other. He shushes her to be quiet. He walks to the door and quietly looks through the peephole. And he sees that it’s Jae-hyuk. Young-gul looks again and it’s really Jae-hyuk at the door.

He opens the door and looks around if there’s anyone with him. He steps outside and closes the door. He asks if he’s following him.

Jae-hyuk asks if she’s inside. Young-gul asks who? “Lee Ga Young.” Jae-hyuk says.

Young-gul laughs, “You came to see Lee Ga Young? Why Lee Ga Young?”

Jae-hyuk asks what kind of relationship he has with her. “Then what about you?” Young-gul asks.

“May I go in and sit for a while?” Jae-hyuk asks and pushes the door open without waiting for his answer.

He goes inside and sees Ga-young. She greets him out of surprise.

Jae-hyuk looks around the room, he sees the wine bottle. Young-gul says he’s so rude. Jae-hyuk says looks like they are having a party. Young-gul says it’s none of his business.

Jae-hyuk tells her to sit down for a talk. He asks her what her relationship with him is. She doesn’t know what to say. “Lovers?” he asks. Both Young-gul and Ga-young look at him “What?!”

“Or did he make use of some weakness of yours?” Jae-hyuk continues. Young-gul asks if he’s crazy, what he wants now. Jae-hyuk tells him to shut up.  He asks her how long she thinks she can live like this. “Do you want to be deported because of this worthless person?”

Young-gul still doesn’t know Jae-hyuk helped her with the school so he asks why he has to worry about her, she’s someone else’s female employee. Jae-hyuk says he doesn’t want to interfere either. He had to spend time and effort because Lee Ga Young rejected the school’s admission. Please consider his position as well.

Young-gul starts to see the picture. She says she made him worry about her problems, she’s very sorry. She will not trouble him again.

Young-gul shouts at her, “Why do you have to apologize?” She just says there were some problems but doesn’t tell him the whole story.

Jae-hyuk says if she understands his words, she should know how to take care of things.  He stands up and tells Young-gul not to ruin his employee’s bright future. “Turn yourself in!” Young-gul gets up feeling angry.  Jae-hyuk drops the bomb, “If not, how about I tell the police?” Young-gul wants to grab his collar, Jae-hyuk punches him on his face. Young-gul cries in pain.

Before he leaves, “’s a little late, but thank you for the shirt you sent me.” He shows his initials she made on the sleeve. Ga-young is about to cry. Young-gul is surprised. Just as Jae-hyuk walks down the stairs, two men are going up. He turns to look at them.

Young-gul wants to go after Jae-hyuk, he opens the door. Two men are standing at the door, one of them shows a police badge. Young-gul knows what it means. He turns to Ga-young worriedly.

They both are arrested. Jae-hyuk is standing there looking at them. His expression seems to be worried. When Young-gul sees him, he’s furious and tries to get to him but the police stops him. Young-gul doesn’t want to get in the car, he looks at Ga-young with tears in his eyes, he’s worried about her. Ga-young looks at him, her eyes only show her concern for him. Before she gets in the car, she sees Jae-hyuk.

They are in separate cars. They look at each other. After the cars left, Jae-hyuk is still in a daze. He looks around and sees Jung-ah. He sees her smile. Jung-ah is satisfied.

Jae-hyuk sits in his apartment feeling bad. The door bell rings, it’s Anna.

They drink together. She asks if he’s still need designers. He looks at her surprised. She asks if she can take the job. He asks her why she suddenly changed her mind. She asks if she needs to tell the reason. He muses when she’s ever given him a reason.

“Do you still love me?” She asks. He drinks some more and kisses her.

Jung-ah clears her throat and the two are startled. She says sorry, she didn’t know he has a guest. She walks upstairs, he asks when the renovation of her house will be done. She says she’s not sure. He tells her sternly to stay at a hotel until it’s done. “I’d be grateful if you could leave immediately.”

Anna gathers her things to leave and says she will go to work once she’s settled everything. He says he’ll take her home. They walk out together. Jung-ah screams out loudly alone.

Jae-hyuk’s secretary drops Ga-young off at her apartment. He says to her that they gave her information, they helped her so much. He blames her for always bringing trouble to his boss. She says sorry. He tells her his boss helped her because he treasured her talent. This is the last thing they will do for her. He tells her not to appear in front of  his boss again. She says yes.

Ga-young walks into her apartment. She looks at the food they’ve finished, she cries. She thinks of how he’s so happy that he would be able to buy her meat for her meal, and how sad he was when he looked at her when he got arrested. She cries looking at the picture they’d taken together.

Chairman Hwang sees the news that Young-gul got arrested in New York. They show Young-gul’s picture being hurled out by the police at the airport. The news also says he has a female companion Lee, currently a student at NFS. Mr.Hwang turns off the TV; he wonders who that girl is.

Young-gul is brought back to Korea. He hides his face from the reporters.

The judge gives out the verdict,

“It’s difficult to prove the defendant Kang Young Gul’s initial purpose for boarding the ship was to commit a crime, and incite the mutiny. Even though it was an act of self-defense, the motive was to sell the ship. Having managed to escape death, the defendant immediately reported the incident to the embassy. These have been confirmed as facts. But since he didn’t turn himself in, and instead attempted to flee, we have grounds to charge him with the crimes. I sentence the defendant Kang Young Gul to a term of imprisonment of one year.”

In New York, Jae-hyuk introduces Anna to his staff as Chief Designer Choi Anna.

Anna helps launching a new brand; Michael is invited to the debut show. He says in the interview that the show was terrible.

Young-gul is serving his term in the prison. He does all the chores and thinks of Jae-hyuk. He remembers every detail of how Jae-hyuk refused to help him and that when he was arrested Jae-hyuk was there.

His friend comes visit him. He asks if anyone has bullied him. He tells him that he thinks it’s safer if he stays here for a while. His boss is counting the days until he gets out. His friend asks if he’s sure that Jong Jae Hyuk reported him in US. Young-gul gestures that he’s sure. His friend wants to help him get back at the guy.

His friend also tells him about Ga-young, his lover. “What happened to Ga-young?” he quickly asks. But the visiting time runs out, his friend says it’s nothing much, he will tell him next time. Young-gul yells after him, he wants to know what happened to Ga-young, “Hey, Jong ll Gook!” He calls his name.

Apparantly Ga-young is in Korea and is working in a factory, she asks her boss for her pay that it’s due long time ago. But the boss says she doesn’t fit in this factory, they are fighting against the deadlines. They need to push out as many pieces. But she paid to much attention to the details; he thinks she should go to a designer or a sample center instead. The wages are higher there too. He will send her her wages when he has the money and do not bother coming in tomorrow.

Young-gul thinks about what his friend told him, that his boss would catch his lover if all else failed. So he sews a nice baby clothes from the leftover fabrics and gives it to the guard for his baby boy. The guard smiles. Young-gul tries to have a good relationship with the guard and maintain his good behavior.

Ga-young walks with her small luggage to where it’s used to be Young-gul’s factory. There’s a sign says urgently renting out, and the door is chained close. She feels sad looking at the place, she misses him.

The debut of their brand turned out to be a huge failure and his father wants him back in Korea. Anna says sorry, he tells her to go together. Although it will be tiring in the beginning, time should resolve it for them. He holds her hand and tells her to think about it.

And they are on the plane to Korea. Noticing her uneasiness what to come in Korea, he holds her hand but she takes her hand away. He just smiles.

The guard shows a picture from a magazine to Young-gul, and  gives him the fabrics and the measurement. He tells him to make it like in the picture. Young-gul looks at the picture and he remembers it’s his design. He thinks of  when Michael wanted to buy his design, he smiles like it’s unbelievable.

Ga-young is waiting for a job interview, she sees the Fashion Show on TV and remembers it’s Young-gul’s design.  She remembers he asked her to fix some part of the coat. At the end of the show, Michael gives an interview on TV talking about his new collection.

Ga-young tries to find a job but they all want to hire only college graduates. Even when she says she was in NFS, the lady just laughs.

Jae-hyuk shows her her new apartment. She looks around and says she thinks it’s a bit too much for her. He says it’s difficult for her to make her decision, this is the least he can do.

He needs to stop by the office so he tells her to get some rest and come by later. She asks are they not going there together. He says his dad wants to see him first, he will send a car for her. Before he leaves, she asks if they are starting over. He stops and turns back to her, he puts on a smile and says, “What else then?”.

That’s not a direct answer she wants to hear. He turns back, his face shows his annoyance.

Madam Jo comes to see Jae-hyuk’s mom, she asks how Madam Jo wants her to help. Madam Jo says she saw a location that she likes next to a designer boutique. But she heard someone else has gotten it first. The mom says there’s a department that deals with such issues. There should be certain procedures to follow. Even if she’s the president here, she can’t just do things they way she sees fit.

Madam Jo hides her disappointment, then she says she heard that  that girl came back with Director Jong and is working with him again. The New York brand is already ruined, “What did she come back for?”

Jae-hyuk’s mom doesn’t like Madam Jo behavior, “Who are these people who always have other people’s private business on their lips.”

Madam Jo says it’s because her son is too outstanding. She thanks her for her time and she will go to the person in charge. Madam Jo says good-bye and leaves. Jae-hyuk’s mom is furious.

Jae-hyuk’s mom is yelling at someone on the phone, that he can’t even take care of the issue, she even came looking for her. She asks where that place is.

Anna sees Michael’s new collection on TV.  Michael is asked what inspired him to this change because it’s different than his last collection. He says his show is all about change. Anna smiles. Then she hears someone is getting in her apartment, she’s surprised that it’s Jae-hyuk’s mom.

They sit down and look at each other. Mom says she’s not a child who doesn’t listen to others, what would a sensible person do?

Anna asks coldly what she wants her to do. Mom says she’s eaten a lot that her skin is thicker than before. “I have? Or have you, Madam?” Anna returns. She knows what she came here to say, but she has no answer for her. Anna tells her she’s planning to go out, so please leave. Mom chuckles “Look at you, all ready to fight me.”

Anna calls the security that she has an uninvited guest in her room and she feels uncomfortable. She asks if they can send someone up. The mom stands up and yells at her.

Anna asks, “Do you feel bad? Think about how you treated me before. Wouldn’t it be better if you leave before the security guard comes? You have your dignity too.” The mom stares at her, “You’ve made a mistake today.” She gets out of the apartment.

Anna is panting; she quickly takes her medicine with her trembling hands. She weeps and then her expression changes.

Jae-hyuk is talking with his dad. Dad asks if the friend he brought back this time, is the same friend as before. Jae-hyuk is startled, he says yes. Dad asks if there’s personal relationship. Jae-hyuk’s face falls, he says she’s very skilled. Dad laughs, “Skilled?”, he asks how much he’s spent this time, 5 billion?

Jae-hyuk says it’s less than 5 billion. Dad hits his head hard with the file and slaps him repeatedly saying 5 billion. Jae-hyuk gets scared. There’s blood on his mouth. Dad says his ability in business depends on his sales volume, “I don’t care what you do with her, but if you make another mistake with my money, you know what will happen, don’t you?” Jae-hyuk says he will keep that in mind and walks out.

While adjusting his clothes, he runs into the head of the Design Department. He sees how Jae-hyuk looks, “He had high expectations of you. Looks like you didn’t meet them.”

“I’m sorry I did not meet those expectations.” He says and walks on. Jae-hyuk uses his handkerchief to wipe the blood on his mouth. In his office, he throws his name tag on to the floor. Then a call comes in, he yells, “What is it?”

Jae-hyuk runs into the apartment and he finds Anna on the floor in the bathroom. He holds her and she cries. She says she can’t do this, she wants to go back, she doesn’t have any confidence. He’s worried but doesn’t know what to do.

Young-gul sits coolly waiting. The door opens. He changes into his clothes; he’s released from the prison.

He gets his wages, 180 days of work, 4000 Won a day. Altogether it’s 72,000 Won. He gets his only belongings back. It’s his necklace with the pendant. He puts it in his pocket, says thank you and walks out.

Young-gul walks out of the prison. And his friend is there with his men, They all greet him. His friend gives him tofu. Young-gul asks why he has to bring those men, it’s embarrassing. His friend says his boss asked to take him somewhere. The men step in and hold Young-gul, his friend says sorry. They get him in the car.

His friend tells his boss that they are on their way. He tells Young-gul that it’s better to see him now, he can’t run forever. Besides, his boss is a lot less angry now than he was back then, do not to worry.

Young-gul asks if they still go to Yonghwa Group.  Then his friend remembers, “Oh right, that bastard Jae Hyuk is back in Korea!” Young-gul perks up. The car stops at the red light. Young-gul opens the door and gets out. He tells his friend to tell his boss that he will pay a visit next time. And he runs. His friend starts shouting.

Jae-hyuk is putting a new lock on the apartment’s door. The service man is telling him that apart from using the fingerprint authentication, he can also use  this smart phone’s emergency button, they will be here the moment something happens.

He tells her, from now on, people can’t just enter as they please. “Let’s go.” He says. She puts her head on his shoulder and he holds her. They go to the company together. Anna walks into her new office.  The Design Department Head comes to see her.

He mentions about her brand lunching that it must have been hard completing such a large proposal by herself. “But what now?  The results were not satisfied. If it was me, I’d have been fired by now and  not like someone who even gets to return to the headquarters. You have a good relationship with him?” He asks.

She tells him to talk only about business matters. So he asks if she worked under Michael. She says yes.

He tells her the reason that he stopped opposing her, not because she worked with a brand name designer,  but because she was a salesperson in the beginning.  He says, “Other people don’t know, but I know how hard you worked to get where you are. No matter what, New York is New York, Seoul is Seoul. Give it a try. We have a design team meeting in 30 minutes, I’ll see you there.”

Anna sighs after he left, then she smiles.

Jae-hyuk is in a theatre relaxing. Young-gul’s voice comes in, “You really know how to relax.” Jae-hyuk looks around.

Young-gul says he heard this was all his. “Wow, how much money do you have? Hotel, department stores, shopping malls, and theatres. I spent most of the day just looking for you.”

“You buy out the entire theatre just to watch a movie? To have such good parents, you’re pretty damn lucky.” Young-gul says.

Jae-hyuk says he has no manners. Young-gul gets heated, “The manners I’m showing you now aren’t even on the same level you showed me the last time!” Jae-hyuk orders the light turned on, he gets up to leave.

Young-gul stops him that he can’t just leave like that. If he’s a human, should he not at least apologize. Jae-hyuk asks “Why should I?” Young-gul punches him to the floor. Jae-hyuk gets up and takes off his jacket. Young-gul yells at him that he sent someone to prison, and still dare to ask him why he should apologize.

Young-gul wants to punch Jae-hyuk again, only get punched hard. Jae-hyuk kicks him down to the floor, “Who says I sent you to prison? I don’t care whether a scoundrel like you goes to prison or not!” Jae-hyuk wants to leave.

Young-gul locks his neck, “You told the police, didn’t you, you bastard?” Jae-hyuk knocks his head with Young-gul’s to get Young-gul off him. Young-gul tries again only to get beaten by him.

“Although I don’t know why you came to find me, I don’t want to get involved with people like you at all. So stop hovering around me. If you dare appear in front of me ever again, I will send you to prison as you desire.” He lets him off.

Young-gul yells at him that all he’s got is  some money because he had the luck of having well-off parents. “Don’t get too arrogant, you bastard! Hey, I will use the money I earn myself to watch adult movies at a theatre even bigger than this!” Jae-hyuk just pities him.

Ga-young gets kicked out of her room because she didn’t pay the rent on time. She sees the “Young Girl” ads and stares at it to make sure. She walks to the place.

She asks for the boss, the guy says he is the boss. She’s disappointed. He asks if she came for a job, she says yes. When he asks about her work experience, she says she worked in this factory before.  He asks if it’s under boss Kang, she says yes.

“Don’t tell me…are you the woman who escaped to America with him?” he asks, all workers look at her. He shouts that this girl actually came back on her own, and grabs her hair. She cries out. He asks if she knows how much he lost because of the two of them. He asks where Young-gul is.

Ga-young is surrounded by people who are angry with Young-gul, they want their money back. She doesn’t know anything, they start throwing things at her.

Young-gul doesn’t know where to go, he roams around. At the end, he walks to Dongdaemun.

And he sees a commotion and hears about a woman inside. They still want to find him to get their money back. Young-gul gets scared. He hides behind a car and looks at them.

A woman steps out of a taxi, she’s Chairman Hwang’s girlfriend that Young-gul messed around so he hides deeper.

The woman barges into the factory and grabs Ga-young’s face, she tells her she’s Young-gul’s lover. She even went to Montenegro for Young-gul oppa. Ga-young shakes her face away from her hand. The woman slaps her and grabs her hair.

Young-gul peeks from behind the crowd and he sees Ga-young is getting bullied on the floor, he feels bad. But when he turns around, Chairman Hwang’s men is coming his way so he has to walk away.

He sits on a bus feeling upset. He thinks of Ga-young he saw. He pokes his head on the window repeatedly frustrated with himself.  People on the bus look at him. The bus makes a stop so Young-gul gets out. He turns to look at the direction he came from.


I swear if he doesn’t go back and help her I would @*$&@*%!!!

I mean he should not be called a hero but a jerk. The bonding between Young-gul and Ga-young are so strong because all their lives they have been looked down by the rich. So, no matter how hard (or bad) it is, they are always willing to help each other with an open arm. The strict parents of Jae-hyuk somehow made me feel sad that he’s trying so hard to be a good son that he’s turned into an arrogant heartless robot, only Ga-young can crack his wall. I hope Young-gul will clear out all his debts soon or else we will keep seeing his bruised face for a long time.

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