Fashion King Episode 3

The fact that, so far, Yoo Ah-in kept taking his shirt off  in every episode (not saying it’s a bad thing)  helped calming my inner spirit that the recaps are coming along quite nicely  🙂

Fashion King OST – Dreaming of  You


Young-gul grabs his collar and yells at him. Jae-hyuk tells him to let go of him first. Young-gul says he only wanted to borrow some money for food. “You refused even that? I don’t want to have dinner with you either. If you were also starving like me, I would like to see how you could manage!”

The security guards come and pull him off Jae-hyuk. He shakes them off saying he will go. He points at Jae-hyuk’s face, “He’s my friend. My high school friend.!”

Young-gul says to him he’ll be dead if  he ever runs into him again. “Okay, I’ll go. Good-bye everybody!” He turns around, but turns back again wanting to get to Jae-hyuk. The guards stop him. He yells, “You don’t have money to loan to a person like me? Do you even know what kind of person I am? You’ll be dead for sure, if I ever see you again!” The guards push him out.

Jae-hyuk smooths his hair, adjusts his tie and suit. He tells his guests to continue with the meeting, “It’s not a big deal” he says.

Apparently, he took Jae-hyuk’s wallet, “You think you really are that good, asshole?”

There’s a ticket (Michael J. Lauren’s Fashion Show) in the wallet. He reads the name. Also there’s picture of Anna, on the back written “Everlasting love, Anna.” He laughs at that.

A guy runs pass him and grabs the wallet from his hands. Young-gul runs after the guy but he couldn’t catch up with him fast enough. So he lost all the money.

Jae-hyuk comes back to his apartment and couldn’t find his wallet, he recalls when Young-gul grabbed his suit, so he knows. He’s mad.

He turns on the TV and sees the news about the mutiny on a ship, and it says it is believed that Young-gul deliberately incited the mutiny. Jae-hyuk listens to the detail and thinks of what Young-gul told him about the mutiny on a ship and his employee studying at NFS. So he knows that Young-gul was telling him the truth.

Young-gul looks at a man who is eating a burger inside to shop, he’s so hungry. When the man doesn’t finish the burger and leaves it, he walks into the shop and starts eating the left-over. But before he could finish, the employee throws him out.

On the street, he searches the trash for some left-over food.

Ga-young is typing him a letter. “This is Ga-young. I apologize for not contacting you sooner. I gave you a call after I got here, but I heard that you were out of town. Did your business trip go well? Thanks to you that I finally am able to attend school here.

There was a minor dispute in the beginning, but everything is settled now. However, that small incident has helped me get to know a lot of people. Some people even gave me money. I am doing very well here and it’s all thanks to you. I am very fortunate to be able to know you. Although our time together was short, everybody’s been treating me very nicely. Those ajummas in the factory, and you too. I will never forget that. Come and visit me whenever you have time. I will take you out for a nice dinner. I will write again soon. Lee Ga Young.”


Young-gul turns into a shop-lifter, he steals food from a grocery store to fill his stomach. Feeling pity for himself, he cries.


His eyes caught on a thrown-away coat, he checks it out and finds money in the pocket, he’s happy for his luck. The coat is labeled  ‘Michael J  Made in Italy.’

Young-gul sits in an internet cafe, his smell disturbs everyone. He checks his email and sees a letter from Ga-young. He reads it with trembling voice,  and wipes his tears.

He answers her email.

Young-gul walks slowly into NFS. Ga-young stays late at school trying to finish her project. He waits on the stairs and his patient is running out, he starts saying her name, “Ga-young, Lee Ga Young, where are you?”

Ga-young sees a man sitting on the stairs. She’s unsure, she calls him. He turns to her and she’s surprised, “Is it really you, president?”.


He couldn’t believe his eyes. He walks to her and hugs her, “What took you so long to show up?” Ga-young doesn’t know what to say. He lets go and looks at her, “I’ve almost gone crazy trying to find you.” Tears of relief fill his eyes.

Ga-young shows him where she’s staying and asks if he’s serious about wanting to sleep there. “Why? What’s wrong with that? Didn’t we also live together at the factory?” He asks. She says she’s no problem with that but her roommate is bit sensitive. He’s disappointed asking if her roommate is a man. She says no. He smiles saying then there’s no problem. He urges her to go.

Bong-sook is reading the news, “The mastermind behind the fishing boat mutiny is a Korean named Kang Young-gul. His main purpose for boarding the ship was nothing but money.” She learns that they haven’t caught this guy, and he used to own a store in Dongdaemun. She says, “Don’t tell me it’s Ga-young’s boss.”

Ga-young comes back with Young-gul. She introduces Bong-sook as her landlord and Young-gul as her boss from Seoul. They shake hands, and Bong-sook catches his smell. When Young-gul is about to sit on the sofa, she stops him. “It seems you just arrived after a long trip from somewhere. Why don’t you take a shower first?” she tells him sweetly. He smiles broadly and agrees to her suggestion.

Bong-sook recollects Young-gul story that there’s a mutiny on a ship where he managed to escape death, and then ate out of a trashcan. She asks Ga-young why he’s looking for her. She asks if there’s really nothing going on between the two of them. Is it purely a relationship between a factory boss and his female employee? Ga-young assures her there’s nothing between them. Bong-sook wonders if he really came all the way here just to look for his female employee. His story sounds familiar to her.

Young-gul comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel around his waist. Both girls’ jaw drop staring at his body. He asks if they have some clean clothes.

Bong-sook and Ga-young have a talk outside. Bong says having a good figure and breaking the law are two separate things. She tells Ga-young to call the police immediately. But Ga-young believes him, she asks Bong for a few days, she promise she won’t give her any trouble.

Bong says this is not Korea, will he be able to get away without a lawyer? It’s possible they’d be dragged into this and get kicked out. Now that Ga-young is able to attend school, Bong asks if  she wants to give up everything and go home. “If you can’t do it, I will do it.” Bong says.

Ga-young stops her, “If you really insist, then I’ll move out with him. Please give me a few days. I promise I won’t give you any trouble.”

Ga-young looks at the sleeping Young-gul, she doesn’t have the heart to tell him to go away.

Ga-young comes to see Jae-hyuk at his office. She tells him that she’s been re-admitted into the school. So she comes to express her gratitude. She invites him to a dinner, if he has time. He asks how about tonight. She’s surprised. She asks for his business card and she will call for the time and location. She also returns the money his secretary gave her last time, and a shirt with his initials on it as a present.

Jung-ah walks into the restaurant where Ga-young is waiting for Jae-hyuk. She tells her that Jae-hyuk said he would have felt awkward so he asked her to come. Ga-young says she doesn’t have money to pay for her meal.

Jung-ah talks about Jae-hyuk that just because he helped her once or twice, she mistakenly thought it was some kind of destiny?  “I’m not you.” Ga-young returns.

“You are not my opponent, Jae-hyuk oppa is mine, so don’t get any ideas.” Jung-ah retorts.

Ga-young asks what if she gets the ideas. In her eyes, Jung-ah is not her opponent. Jung-ah says now she knows why her mom hates her so much.

Jae-hyuk joins in, he says sorry that he’s late.

While eating, Jung-ah asks where Ga-young lives, if she lives alone. She says she leaves in this neighborhood, and doesn’t live alone.

Jae-hyuk says he wants to know one thing, that perhaps she knows Kang Young Gul. He pushes her for an answer. She says she knows him. Jung-ah asks who Kang Young Gul is. Nobody listen to her.

He asks Ga-young if he’s her boss. She says yes. He smiles.

She asks how he knows him. He asks if they’ve met.

“It’s also because of that that I came to see you.” She says.

“Sounds like you’ve met him….Where is he right now? Is he with you?” Jae-hyuk wants to know.

Jung-ah listens to them, doesn’t know what’s going on.

Ga-young is reluctant to admit Young-gul’s is with her. She says no, he’s not. She asks if he knows some people at the embassy. He knows what she is thinking.  “Do you not understand or are you too full of yourself? What makes you think I’d say yes? Just because I helped you with your admission, you really think I am your problem solver?” he scolds.

Ga-young says sorry. He says if she really wants to show her gratitude to him, then she should pay more attention to her behavior.  Then he leaves the restaurant. Jung-ah follows him. Ga-young’s face falls.

Bong gets a call from the police. Young-gul and Ga-young are both startled. Bong answers that there is no such a person here.

In Korea, the ajummas in Young-gul’s factory are being questioned. The police asks if Young-gul contacted them. He threatens them if they think it’s a common crime, mutiny plus murder. Smuggling and theft. If they don’t tell the truth, they will be in trouble.

He asks who Lee Ga Young is, the two have been communicating through email. He asks what kind of relationship they have. He asks if they are dating. The ajummas think it’s possible. They tells him that not long after Ga-young left, their boss went missing. Ga-young called just after their boss went missing. So the guy concludes, she was looking for him, in other words, the lady and Kang Young Gul are involved in some kind of relationship. He asks if they have her contact number, they all shake their heads.

The two move into a new apartment. He says he knows she doesn’t have much money, he’s sorry. She says without staying in a dorm, she gets money plus the allowance. He’s happy to hear that, but she says it’s not enough for two persons. He stops smiling.

He tells her when he was sleeping on the street, he came up with an idea. And they decorate the apartment together.

When he comes back, she already falls asleep. He takes her to bed. He looks at her thoughtfully, then he starts sewing using the thrown-away clothes he got.

Bong comes visit her, she proposes the business deal. She will be responsible for sales, raw material, and accessories. Ga-young will only be responsible for designing and sewing, and they will spit the incomes. Bong asks where her boss is.

Young-gul is selling the clothes he made, “Mister, you want to try?”.

A man asks if he made this. Young-gul says sure. The man says, “Actually I made these. Why do you mess around with my clothes?”

“Hey, this is mine. Not yours. If you want this jacket, you must buy, okay?” Young-gul tells him. The man puts his business card in Young-gul’s pocket, he tells Young-gul to come see him anytime. He’ll hear some good news.

During the night Ga-Young is still sewing for Bong’s order. He wants her to finish it up and go to bed, she still need to go to school tomorrow. She says yes.

She asks if he knows Director Jong Jae-hyuk. Young-gul sits up and asks how she knows that asshole. He says she’s quite good to know a son of  the wealthy family.  She asks if  Young-gul and him know each other well.

“So what if we do?” He asks.

She says he must know a lot of important people. “What if you go and ask for his help in person?” He gets her idea, he asks if she went to see him.

“You think he’s an idiot? You know nothing!” He yells. She says he shouldn’t be held responsible for something he didn’t do. He starts shouting, “Whether I was being framed or crapped on, what’s that got to do with you? When did I ask you to do something like that? Just because I live off you, you think I have no right to even get upset anymore?”

He says an asshole like him thinks he’s not worth being alive. She says she doesn’t think he’s that kind of person.

He asks, “Why? Is he hitting on you?” She says it’s nothing like that. He asks if not, then what kind of relationship it is.  He says if she thinks he’s such a nuisance, she can just tell him that. He’ll disappear from her life.

He walks into the bathroom to calm himself. Then he remembers the guy who gave him his card. He thinks about a ticket to Michael J’s Fashion Show in Jae-hyuk’s wallet , the clothes he found in a trashcan labeled Michael J. He comes out and checks the business card. It says Michael J. Lauren, Chief Desinger. He sees the opportunity, he smiles.

He comes to see Michael and is brought to a room with a bathtub. A staff helps him take off his jacket and tells him to take a bath and enjoy the view.

Young-gul is enjoying the bath until a woman comes in and asks him to come out so she can see him. He’s surprised, Anna repeats for him to come out, she doesn’t have time for this.

So he stands up naked.  Seeing his body, Anna mutters in Korean why all good-looking men are gay.  He answers her in Korean that he’s not gay.

She looks at him. He smiles and greets her. He asks if she’s a Korean. She asks if he’s not gay then what he’s doing here. He says he’s curious about that too. She asks is he not here to see Michael. He says yes.  She asks if he’s a model, he says no. She makes a call and asks for another guy (who is gay) to be sent to the party.

She tells him there’s a misunderstanding, and tells him to leave. He walks out the room and sees Anna in front of the mirror. He helps her with the zipper. He tells her to let him see the person he came to see, that’s all he wanted.

She asks if he made an appointment, he says he said he could come anytime. She says they have an important party tonight. So, there’s no way he can see him. She tells him to make an appointment and come another time.

So he shows her his jacket, that he came because of these clothes, not other things. “Are you that ignorant that you don’t even notice?” He asks.

She checks the label on his jacket, it’s Michael J. He says he gave him a business card and asked him to stop by. Anna is surprised.

Anna and Young-gul arrive at the party. Jae-hyuk is also there, he gets introduced to Michael but the guy doesn’t pay attention to him, he walks off in the middle of his introduction. Jae-hyuk is pissed a little.

Then he spots Young-gul. He walks to him and asks what’s he doing here. Young-gul is also surprised, he says it’s none of his business. “Why? A person like me doesn’t fit in a place like this?”

“I don’t think you can come in and wander around here. Don’t embarrass our country by doing stupid things here.” Jae-hyuk says. Young-gul sighs, he tells him that he misunderstands. He’s here to look for someone.

Jae-hyuk laughs, “You’re not here to pick pockets?” Young-gul is getting angry.  Anna walks to him, she eyes Jae-hyuk a bit, and tells Young-gul that Michael wants to see him.  Jae-hyuk couldn’t believe it.

As they walk together, she asks if he knows Jae-hyuk. Young-gul doesn’t want to bother so he says no. But when he asks her the same question, she keeps quiet. Then Young-gul recognizes her face, it’s that picture in Jae-hyuk’s wallet.

Michael greets Young-gul with a hug, Anna stands close to them. The scene disturbs Jae-hyuk.

Young-gul brings Anna to the apartment, he introduces Ga-young as his assistant. “Don’t underestimate her, she got accepted into NFS on full scholarship. Anna looks at Ga-young from head to toe, she asks if this is his working studio. Young-gul lies that he has a huge factory in Dongdaemun, and this is an oversea marketing department, or their overseas R&D department.

Anna looks at the clothes that’s been hanging there, she asks if he made all this. He shows her the stitches on the clothes that they are not regular stitches. Because his assistant, Lee Ga Young, has such a remarkable stitching skills, that’s why it’s possible. He tells Ga-young to show Anna her skills.  Ga-young sits down and starts sewing. Anna smiles and says that’s enough.

Anna tells him that Michael is very interested, she will take a few samples with her. Young-gul happily lets her. When she asks for his phone number, he runs down to the public phone booth and writes down the number.

Anna tells Ga-young if she’s on a scholarship, she doesn’t need to worry about finding a job later. She asks if they are lovers, Ga-young says no, they are boss and employee.

Young-gul gives her the number, she turns to leave. He asks her to go for a drink together. Anna doesn’t like his move, she leaves.

Ga-young notices his crush on Anna, she asks who she is. Young-gul is so happy, he holds her shoulders, “Ga-young, you haven’t eaten any meat since you arrived in the US, have you? From now on, you’ll have meat everyday. But tonight, I need a drink. Do you have money?” She says no. He’s disappointed. He looks at Anna from the window, “Miss Anna is really cool. Ga-young, you must be successful like her.”

Jae-hyuk is jogging in the park, he thinks about when Young-gul first came to see him asking for money, when he met him at NFS telling him about the mutiny on a ship, when Ga-young tried to get him to help Young-gul, and when Michael greeted Young-gul at the party. It’s bothering him. So he comes to Anna’s place and asks her to have breakfast together.

He says she still didn’t answer to his offer. She asks if he’s doing all these because he feels guilty or because he really needs her. He says both. She asks if he thinks that’s even possible. He says he was too young back then, she asks about now.  He says now he has the ability to protect her.

She smiles, “Is that so? Then, how about taking a picture of us sitting here together, and sending it back to prove it?” He pauses then says why not, and picks up phone to take a picture.  She says, never mind. She gives him an envelope saying it’s her answer.

He asks how she knows him. She asks who. He says Kang Young Gul. She asks if it’s because he’s curious about this, he came to her this early in the morning.

“What kind of work are Kang Young-gul and Michael planning to do?” he asks. She says they seem to know each other pretty well. If he’s curious, why don’t he ask them himself.

She gets up to leave, he grabs her wrist. “Let’s have a fresh start.” She tells him to wipe his mount and shakes his hand away. She leaves.  He’s unhappy.

Jae-hyuk’s secretary comes to see Anna. He says although he knows that she didn’t plan to appear in front of  Director Jong on purpose, he thinks she knows that the director is still young when it comes to certain things. The elders are quite worried about him because of his reckless behavior. He has a bright future ahead of him.

Anna chuckles. He says he doesn’t have any hard feelings towards her, but he works for this family so this is something he has to do. “If you accept Director Jong’s offer, I’m sure you know better than me what would happen.” He offers to help finding her an even better job in Paris or anywhere else in the world.

She thanks for his kindness. He believes she will make as wise decision as she did the last time. When he left, she’s furious. She wipes everything on the table to the floor.

The police comes to Madam Jo. She’s embarrassed hearing the story. “How did she get involved with such a low-life?”

He says according to their investigation, it’s possible that Kang Young Gul takes shelter under that lady’s residence. Madam Jo says she knows nothing. He tells her that the lady could be deported for sheltering and aiding a criminal. She repeats that she knows nothing, then pauses. She asks, “Did you just say deported? She could be arrested?”

She tells him although she can’t get a hold of her directly, that doesn’t mean there is no other way. She calls her daughter.

At NFS, Jung-ah runs to Ga-young and offers her a ride home. She insists even if Ga-young refused. So Ga-young takes her to Bong’s place. Jung-ah rudely looks around the apartment trying to find Young-gul’s traces but found nothing. She says Ga-young is lucky that this place must have reminded her of  the room she used to leave in her mom’s factory in Cheongdamdong. Ga-young doesn’t talk back.

Jung-ah says good-bye and leaves. Outside the room, she puts her ear close to the door wanting to hear the conversation inside. Bong suddenly opens the door and yells at her, what is it? she asks. Jung-ah gets scared so she runs.

Bong says the young lady is very rude. She asks Ga-young who she is, what she meant by a factory in Cheongdamdong. She asks if everything is okay, if she wants to come and stay with her for a while. It’s quite boring living by herself. Ga-young smiles saying that everything is okay.

“Could it be that you’ve fallen for that guy?” Ga-young quickly refuses. She gets up to leave, and asks if Bong has some orders for her. Bong sighs and says Ga-young really has a tough life. She has to go to school and work. That’s why they say, a woman needs to find herself a decent man. Ga-young laughs at that.

Young-gul is pacing by the phone booth waiting for a call from Michael.  Suddenly he needs to use to restroom, he runs upstairs to the apartment. The phone rings, he runs down as fast and is able to push a guy who’s picking up the phone away and takes the call.

Anna is having a hard time working with Michael. He scolds her about her choice of  clothes. He rudely yells at her to bring a new set. Young-gul sees the whole scene, he feels sorry for her.

But he puts on a smile and greets Michael. Michael stops his fashion shooting just to talk to him. Anna envies him.

Michael apologizes to him that his employees must have misunderstood him because his name is “Young Girl”.  He apologizes for making him shower without any explanations.

“Never mind. No problem. Don’t care. I like shower.” Young-gul returns.

Michael says he will probably remember his name for the rest of his life. Young-gul laughs and says thank you. He asks where Young-gul studied fashion.

“Dongdaemun, do you know Dongdaemun? Dongdaemun is number one fashion market in Korea.” Young-gul tries to explain.

Michael says the samples he sent to him are pretty impressive. Young-gul smiles, “Really? Thank you.”

“So, I was thinking about buying your design.”


“I would like to buy your talent.” Michael says.

Young-gul doesn’t understand that at first, then he breaks into a full smile.


This episode gives me an insight on how a person can become a homeless wandering the streets.  That just gives me an understanding that they may not trying to be one. And from now on, if  I couldn’t finish a burger, I would think of  Yoo Ah-in. His acting has lots of  heart and he’s not trying to look good all the time, just be the character.  I hope Young-gul will stay on the right path to his success with the help of  an ever faithful Ga-young.

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