RoofTop Prince Teaser

I hope this is an official teaser, not a fan-made one. Youtube peeps are so good these days  🙂

Let me have the official posters here  🙂

It’s so nice to hear Micky speak sageuk again after Sungkyunkwan Scandal.


Videos credit to Youtube uploaders.

Title: Rooftop Prince
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 20 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Mar-14 to 2012-May-17
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday Night 21:55


‘Rooftop Prince’ has themes of time-travel and is about Prince Lee Gak (Micky Yoochun) who gets back to the future from Joseon era (300 years ago) to Seoul (2012) to meet the girl he loved, Park Ha (Han Ji Min) after he lost her in Joseon era.

The Prince from the Joseon era travels to the future with his entourage Song Man Bo (Lee Min Ho), Woo Yong Sul (Jung Suk Won) and Do Chi San (Choi Woo Shik). In this journey, they meet Joo Se Na (Jung Yoo Mi) who looks just like the girl he loved.

Will Prince Lee Gak succeed in finding Park Ha?


Main Cast

Micky Yoochun as Lee Gak
Han Ji Min as Park Ha
Jung Yoo Mi as Joo Se Na
Lee Tae Sung as Sun Woo Ho Joon
Lee Min Ho (1993) as Song Man Bo
Jung Suk Won as Woo Yong Sul
Choi Woo Shik as Do Chi San

Child Actor/Actress

Choi Won Hong as Lee Gak (young)
Jun Min Seo as Park Ha (young)
Kim So Hyun as Se Na (young)

Supporting Cast

Ban Hyo Jung as Yeo Gil Nam
Kim Ja Ok as Sun Gyung Sil
Song Ok Sook as Kong Man Ok
Kang Byul as Lady Mimi
Lee Moon Shik
Kim Yong Gun
Kim Yoo Suk
Lee Won Jong

Production Credits

Director: Shin Yoon Sub
Screenwriter: Lee Hee Myung


38 Responses »

  1. Thanks maria for an update. Is it a drama or a movie? And YSH is the lead? Hum…isn’t he too young to be an emperor? What’s the title, Arang?

    • no it’s a drama airing in july arang was a horror movie and the series is based off of the korean tale arang about a female ghost trying to find out about the wrong of her death shin min ah is the main lead the ghost and lee jun ki is the magistrate the main lead and yoo seung ho has something to do with it he’s the jade emperor actually his age as the jade emperor isn’t know yet so it’s ok lol read the link

      • I don’t know what to think about yoo seung ho cast in this as a jade emperor even though his age isn’t known so it’s okay but I can’t seem to see him as anything else now but as the assassin yeo un not a royal dude lol but I guess I will get used to it going to watch this one in summer defo a drama I’m looking out for when it’s released in the summer

        • I hope in the future we’ll get to see yoo seung ho act in another drama where he is more complicated not necessarily an assassin (of course it would be cool to see him as an assassin) or and evil character but a character like yeo un where he’s complicated would be cool to see him as I mean he always seems to play nice guys lol assassin yeo un is like a one hit wonder lol a one time thing hopefully he’ll play a character like yeo un in the future again hehe

          • I’ve been waiting for the official DVDs of Warrior Baek Dong Soo up to now. Have you heard about it?
            And thanks for the update, I love to see YSH in anything, but he needs to improve his acting a bit, or may be it’s just me hehe.

            • official DVDs???? I don’t know what you mean I got WBDS for christamas in a box set thing ????,,, yeah I agree about yoo seung ho’s acting but I think he was amazing in WBDS or maybe that was because that was my first time seeing him in anything before also because he usually plays nice guy roles really I want to see him be a meanie or a complicated character like yeo un same with ji chang wook who is notable for nice guy roles

              • @maria
                You told me to tell you if I found a drama that I enjoyed so here it is, Queen In-hyun’s Man.Everything about it is just wow, romance/suspense/sageuk action/time-travel/gorgeous male leads/hot chems between the OTP, see if you like it!

                • ahhhhhhh yh queen in-hyun’s man I may watch it still waiting I don’t feel like getting into another kdrama yet I’m thinking about taking up arang though

  2. [spoilers ahead hehe]
    I gotta be the first here tonight “Shush…dear doctor* Haha…
    Dear Zenti, how do you feel about RTP ep11?
    I so love the episode but missed the threesome dearly, but it’s time that we head straight to the murder, right? But I don’t really understand how the Prince’s plan with Sena will help finding out who killed his wife.

    • Frustrating that Lee Gak’s line of logic is still fixated on marrying Sena to solve the mystery! How slow of him to put the pieces together and to realize that he travelled through time because of Park Ha. It is a glaring clue already when he discovered that Park Ha is supposed to meet the real Tae Young.

      What can Lee Gak get from marrying Sena? Maybe to finally realize how evil she is! And figure out what he is supposed to do. Aigoo … My patience is running out on grandma. Still cannot understand why she approves of Sena and disapproves of Park Ha. Tsk, tsk…

      • @Zenti
        Yes, I was thinking too that Tae-yong was supposed to meet Park-ha so it must be through Park-ha that connected them with the past. But what I want to see is how Bu-yong would fit in the picture because the Prince has never seen her face. And the fire incident, was the door locked from outside? Then who would want to kill her? To which leads me to think that in Joseon-era, may be it’s Bu-yong that someone wanted to kill, not the Princess. I didn’t really look at grandma tonight so I was fine hehe, and I was happy that there’s not much makjang in this episode.

        As to why grandma approved of Sena, I thinks it’s because she believes Sena is a high-born with rich parents. think about it, may be it’s because the Prince never seen Bu-yong’s face that it’s the same with Park-ha’s, unlike Sena that he could see right away that she’s the Princess.

      • @ kcomments – the rooftop prince turned into a rooftop frog? Hahaha! Let us just call grandma as Cruella de Grandma!

        Who would and why kill Bu Yong? The crown princess due to jealousy? She is the only one I can think of as a culprit. I think I got afflicted as well with Lee Gak’s slowness to catch on. Haha.

        Isn’t the plot sort of circling around? Maybe to stretch it to 20 episodes. I feel this drama is good only for 16 episodes.

        • Seriously dear, he saw her face half-covered twice! and even dreamt of Bu-yong. My thought was, the writer wanted to tease us and yes, I think 16 eps would do too but, eh…just for Micky, I’m okay cuz he’s so busy that I want to see him in at least 20-ep long hehe, Micky weekly dose. It helps energize the brain, don’t cha know? 🙂

          Wait, the dead body was the Princess, right? Aha..may be she had another man like the present, Tae-moo? And he didn’t want her to be happy with the prince. When the Prince recognizes Park-ha as Bu-yong, will he think she’s the one killed his wife? I hope the writer will conclude the story well, please don’t come up with some story that we never heard of all this time.

          But there’s also a chance that the prince recognized Bu-yong already, he just didn’t let us know. Just like when he read her text. I feel the story circled around,then moved a little forward, then stopped and circled one round before moved a bit again. It’s that same pattern which I’m not sure it’s the writing style or couldn’t come up with the story. Micky’s acting in ep12 was not as good as ep11, and why we have to bother with Park-ha’s real mom? *Sigh*

          One thing though, I love the way the prince changed to saguek talk with Park-ha when no one was around, and his eyes always shined brightly when talking to Sena, it’s like even though she’s not his wife but his love is always there unchanged. *in romantic mode *^^*

  3. @ kcomments – What do you think will be Lee Gak’s response to Park Ha’s confession? It is only episode 10 and midway to the drama so I think he will disappoint her (and the viewers).

    • @Zenti
      I was thinking what you would be thinking too. Hehe. Weren’t all the bike scences so sweet? Zzzzz…re-watched!

      Yep, I think so too because it’s just halfway. So I think either he will disappoint us by saying some stupid excuse or he may think they can’t be, yunno, a commoner and the Crown Prince (he’s faithful to his dead royal wife). We have to think like how a Prince of the Joseon-era would. But I’m telling you the truth, Park-ha’s sis is wearing me off, she’s getting more aggressive in every episode and nothing happened to her YET! Errgh!. The Prince is going to be so sad when he learns that she’s a schemer.

      I was thinking if the drama makes use of the Prince’s literature skills like what he did with the brush and all, it’s going to be awesome. If only *sigh*

      I miss the writer of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Moon/Sun cuz she was really good with that.
      Still in the mode of “Ouch,..hop on the time-machine and put Micky back on a sageuk garb already!”

      • Can I ship you to KBS then so that you can drag Lee Gak back to Joseon era so that we can happily see him on sageuk garb? ^^

        Aggressive Sena (and even killing spree Taemu) are indeed tiring to watch already. I don’t quite get it why Sena has been so envious of Park Ha from the start. The grandmother is meddling as well. Why disapprove of Park Ha but approve of Sena? The makjang elements, shudder!

        • @Zenti
          Omooo….we are on the same ship this time!
          I don’t get it too why Sena has been sooo mean to Park-ha from the get-go. I took many points off of the writer because of the grandma’s slap alone. The overall tone of the drama shouldn’t have come to that slap, or may be the writer wanted to beat K2H with that? Haha.

          Yep, I was like ‘what the heck grandma?’ It’s okay for Sena but not Park-ha? The only thing I stick with this one is how they will go back and solve the murder which I really am afraid the writer may not fulfill our anticipation.
          And it’s SBS…buahahaha…I will ask the prince to buy me a hairclip and bike for me around the park first, then throw him (and the threesome) into the sea, then they surface up in the BY pond next to the princess’s dead body, and find out that it was just an accident because her hanbok was too long! ^_^

          How is K2H? I heard the ratings slipped down?

          • Ooops! It’s SBS? Haha. I just know how to get to MBC! ^^

            Yeah, K2H ratings went down. Equator Man jumped from 3 to 1! I don’t mind since its LSG’s Uhm force hyung in 1 Night 2 Days. Actually, the differences in the ratings for the three dramas are quite small so if we are to consider the margin of error statistically, the three are actually break even!

            You should watch K2H! There is no meddling grandma or family member there! It’s refreshing to see that the family of LSG’s Jae Ha and the father of HJW’s Hang Ah are so endearing (in other words, not dysfunctional as what is the usual kdrama formula!). The characters are well written that you understand them where they are coming from and where they are heading.

            For RTP, I think because it aims to give pieces of puzzles to solve the mystery that it tends not to build up the characters that much in order to maintain that sense of mystery. Watchuthink?

            • @Zenti
              Buahaha, had to laugh when I saw the ‘break even’ theory. I’m planning to watch K2H continuously when my hands are not so full hehe, gotta tell you though that I wasn’t a fan of LSG’s acting style but will try. For RTP, hummm…to be honest, it’s a little draggy for me. The writing can do much much more with this kind of awesome set-up, a huge room to play around but sadly it got stuck in the makjang/cute terriory. However, there are 10 eps more, let’s hope the story will pick up faster in the latter half. What I’m not looking forward to is, we will get to see Sena acting like the princess among the F4, and they will treat her as such, already they bowed and bowed. Poor commoner Park-ha *Sigh*

              • HAHAHAHAHAHAH kcomments and zenti@ even though I have no idea whats going on I love reading your comments there so funny now reading your comments on RTP I think I may miss this series if it’s makjang lately I’ve been becoming more scared to watch a cutsey drama that starts to get dramatic is there any cute kdrama with no drama at all or makjang I mean most korean comedies seem to have some kind of drama in lol I thought RTP was just going to be sort of comedy with a few drama elements but not too much where it begins to be like makjang oh well…….

                • @Maria
                  Ahem…me and Zenti were online at the same time that day, that’s why. We had to shake our frustration from RTP ep10 out of our system hehe.

                  Don’t cha tell me that you haven’t seen Rooftop Princeeeeee??? What you’ve been watching lately?

                • no I haven’t been seeing rooftop prince yet I did have a little skip through part 1 of ep 1 but didn’t like it much because it looked like really mean big sister the evil girl from TMTETS lol,, wel actually I haven’t been really watching any kdramas lately having a little break for a bit lol it was bday on the 21st and I got SUFBB lol and the OST lol so sort of going through it again but if there are anymore kdrams that spark your interest let me know because maybe it will spark my interest I may watch lee min ho’s new kdrama

              • @ kcomments – marathoning K2H can be a good idea since it’s a weekly torture to wait for two episodes. Good thing MBC has been releasing spoiler tidbits to tide me over. It also helps that I watch the old school 1 Night, 2 Days while waiting for new K2H episodes. I like K2H even more because the BTS footages showed them having tons of fun while filming. For RTP, I enjoy watching the Joseon F4 and mother goose Park Ha together and has been on wait-and-see on how they shall deal with the mystery.

                @ maria – Both K2H and RTP have its own charms! Try it. Btw, did you say birthday on the 21st? Belated happy birthday!

                • Oh man, @maria, it was your Bday? Dear doctor beated me to it, Happy Birthday (belated) hehe. LMH’s new drama, is it a time-travel again? Oh, I don’t know, but his face always lures me in 🙂 And I’m not going to get into Fashion King cuz it will be pages long, it’s getting a little crazy because both male leads gained popularity, so you know, the writer had to let them BOTH get to be with the girl *Sigh* But it kept you wanting to know who would cheat next and who would win. And I’m a fan of Yoo Ah-in’s acting so, been grasping the rope tight on this one. I can’t say it’s a drama for everyone, but it’s the only solid one so far on a career-maker story that I’ve seen.

                  [spoiler] Have you ever seen a tough manly guy sketch the design and sew (with needles and pins) through the night for the girl’s birthday, and say to her that it’s the only one in the world designed by him? Wahhhh….that scene alone is worth a recap (or may be it’s just me hehe).

                  Tomorrow is it? Wahhh…will the Prince say yes? Huhu…

                • AWWWWWWWW THANK YOU @zent and kcomments yh lee min ho’s new drama is going to be one of those time travel things I mean what is it with the whole time travel thing lately first the rooftop prince then queen inhyuns man and now faith (lee min ho’s new drama) it’s all a bit weird lol

                • @ kcomments – What if Lee Gak decides to two-time in RTP? Haha!

                  @ maria – Time travel seems to be the fad nowadays in kdramaland!

                • yes zenti@ bizarrely it does seem to be lol

  4. HAHA this looks good I think I will watch it all depending whether I can fit it into my schedule of shows lol

    • I think it looks awesome I mean like it’s a mixed show comedy slash sageuk and modern HAHA I loled when they saw the cash note in that guys hand and they all bowed to him total lol

      • It looked funny enough, but there’s also something quite sad about his lost love and his being in a strange place that intrigued me *Fingers crossed*

      • @ Maria

        I was laughing so hard as well on that scene from the preview! That was so epic!

        • HAHA YH Zenti@ I really wish someone back in the historical days would somehow end up in the future and bow down to me If I showed them a fiver lol,,,, kcomments@ did you here about ji chang wooks accident I heard about it ages ago but according to cherkell his next project will be announced sometime 18th march I was like WAHHHHHH so soon seriously the drama filming has just wrapped up he got into a car accident and now he’s starting a new project soon not that I mind I mean I would like to see him act again and in a different role but soon he will like kill himself if he doesn’t rest lol

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