OST #16 : Proposal Daisakusen

Operation Proposal, the recent remake of  the Japanese drama : Proposal Daisakusen (Operation Love) has led me to watch the original J-version, and I’m now head over heels with the leads. Found this soundtrack on Youtube, credit to the uploader. There are certainly spoilers in the video so proceed with caution  🙂

Operation Love is a Japanese TV drama series that was aired on Fuji TV. The series started on April 16, 2007 and ended with 11 episodes on June 24, 2007. A special (SP) aired on March 25, 2008.


Ken Iwase is at his friend, Rei Yoshida’s marriage ceremony. However, he in fact still loves her and regrets not having confessed his feelings towards her. A fairy lets him travel back in time and try one more time to get Rei’s heart.


53rd annual Japanese Television Academy Awards 
11th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Apr-June 7)
  • Best Drama
  • Best Actor – Yamashita Tomohisa
  • Best Actress – Nagasawa Masami
  • Best Supporting Actor – Hamada Gaku
  • Best Supporting Actress – Eikura Nana

Main Couple

Yamashita Tomohisa as Iwase Ken

Nagasawa Masami  as Yoshida Rei

Via Wikipedia

Kyahh~  Yamapiiiiii !

Thanks to Anisah and Maria *wink*

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  1. yamapi is my idol in proposal daisakusen

  2. just saw this now 😀 you mentioned me and maria :’) hehe~
    did you watch this after we told you about it or had you seen it before?
    this drama was soo good, and yamapi is just so amazing.

    ah and another thing, the lead actress in this drama was also one of the leads in Dragon Zakura 😀 awesome right !

  3. Weird, I felt that the main guy from prodai had that dead-fish eyes that bothered me (saw no emotion! Argh…) and was so stiff…. and that the main couple didn’t have chemistry at all. What I like of prodai is Eri and Tsuru!! Shipped them like crazy.

    Are you still watching OP? Liking it?

    I prefer OP over Prodai and this is the first time I like the remake than the original…

    • I’ve never seen yamapi act but I agree with Iviih@ on that he does look like he has no emotion or expression just a poker face lol

    • @Ivih
      LOL, hey, the story supposed to be about the guy who doesn’t know how to express his feeling for years until she gets married. So I think Yamapi was cute with his indifferent towards her. Even at the end, he was still a little awkward. I agree that both leads were stiff when they were together, but I guess that was because the story called for. Also, in J-drama, most guys don’t openly show their feeling, kind of the Japanese way imo.

      Eh..for OP, I liked episode 1-2, then I got stuck around episode 6. YSH was good but I was frustrated that he lost his chance, missed the timing most of the time (I know it’s the story, but my YSH TT_TT). So I decided to wait and marathon it later. But I’m impressed with the coach guy, he looked good with YS. His screen present stands strong against YSH, thus, making his getting the girl make sense.

      I like both version so far, Baek-ho is kind of sentimental though compared to Ken, the latter covered his feeling well that sometimes I had to guess what he really felt. But I’m so behind with the K-version that I could be wrong hehe.

      • no kcomments@ your not wrong lol I am behind too I’m on ep 7 lol

        • @maria
          I checked Veggie Boys ep24 *beaming*
          All I can say is, I want that red bell pepper from Tae-yang, hehe.
          Couldn’t believe the writer insisted on the mom’s story to the end, Errgh!

          • Yh I checked it out too I was happy my fave couple from the show hehe I still don’t know about what happened to the crazy fake mummy I will see when it’s subbed I need to catch up on operation proposal now, bachelor’s vegetable store and dream high 2 and my very fave for this year shut up! flower boy band

  4. Me too…because of Operation Proposal, I want to watch the Japanese version…and so I’m watching it now but I don’t want to watch the last 2 episodes yet so as not to see the spoilers hahaha…

    • I know kcomments@ your not watching shut up flower boy band but I just had to post this my couple obsession of 2012 lol not quite as obsessed as I was with yeo un and ji sun but these two are like first obsession of 2012 lol hyun soo and ye rim finally someone did an MV of these two I was wondering if anyone was going to do something for these two hehe

      • @maria
        Whick UK series are you watching?

        • OH it’s a british show called skins if you’ve heard of it let me know hehe

          • Kcomments@ how are you finding the moon that embraces the sun I’m finding it ok but truthfully boring I mean it’s like nothing has really happened I loved the younger cast more young yeon u I adored also the little poems they had and all that but now it’s just well I don’t really have any other word to describe it as boring there’s what like only two eps left (unless they decide to extend which I personally really hope not) I wonder how it will end

            • Personally, I think there are problems with the adult cast. The acting of Prince YM was great but the drama itself is not a serious sageuk drama, thus, making his acting overly sad and tiresome. Yeo-woo as a little girl was cute and clever, the girl portrayed the role was great. However, the adult Yeo-woo has suffered through tragic incidents both physically and mentally, that she’s changed into a rather submissive young woman, that I’m not quite connected with. Han Ga-in was doing ok but she doesn’t make me really feel the character, she did her best though. There were time when I hoped it was another actress, someone who could express more the love she has for Hwon, and return the gentle love of Hwon given to her equally.

              The young Hwon was the only actor that I think fit the role perfectly. He portrayed an idealistic and wise Crown Prince perfectly. He showed the clearest personalities of Hwon to us. The adult Hwon has suffered through the loss at his youth that tremendously destroyed his self-confidence, so he appeared to be a rather weak king. KSH has been doing a great job as this is his first sageuk drama. Though I want more from him, I want his walking, his gestures, his eyes’ movement; to show an absolute power as a king more, cuz that’s how a king should be in a sageuk drama.

              That said, Hwon is the only character that I love in this drama, a struggling young king who wanted to stay true to his love for one woman. He also has his cute side that’s so adorable, especially with Hyung-sun. Even though the writing doesn’t allow much room for Hwon to show his capable side as a king, it’s Hwon who has been carrying the show this far imo, with such thin material that the story based upon. There was a time when I was thinking of dropping the drama because it was so boring, but the renew strength of Yeo-woo made me stay on. If we just think of this drama as a love story between a young king and his childhood love, it is quite a sentimental story, I’d say.

              • wow great opinion I agree with you on most of it actually the only real relationship I love the most is hwon and hyung sun seriously they were so funny lol also the times he pretended he was gay just to embarrass hyung sun lol,, I haven’t got a problem with han ga in I actually like her but maybe it’s because I’ve never heard of her or seen her in another drama before,,, but I guess I should of understood that fact that when there older they will eventually have to suffer through what happened when they were kids alot like warrior baek dong soo in that matter fun and games when little with a couple of break downs but then it got difficult as adults and they had to face alot of problems

  5. first thing AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you mentioned me hehe x,,, I’m thinking I may watch this after I’ve seen the korean one I have started shut up flower boy band and because of this I am far behind the other dramas that i’m watch I’m now finding it hard to keep up lol so spening extra time trying to catch up I’ve now decided I will start a new drama once one of the other dramas I’m watching has finished lol

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