If Tomorrow Comes Episode 8

I should say this for the record that, out of the four brothers, I love Seong-ryong the most. His heart is so pure and kind, and he always reaches out for everyone, in his own capable ways.

OST Part5 – Only You


Bo-bae wakes up and couldn’t find her husband. She looks in her sons’ bedrooms and sees that Jin-gyoo is also missing. She asks Yeong-gyoon if he knows where his dad and brother. Then they hear their noise outside.

Dad and Jin-gyoo are bringing in new flowers for Seong-ryong, because he doesn’t eat or drink and has been crying nonstop since he saw the flowers withered. So dad bought so many even though they were quite expensive. Dad tells Jin-gyoo to hurry put them down while Seong-ryong is still sleeping.

While dad and Jin-gyoo are arguing about who is stronger to carry a flower-pot, Yeong-gyoon comes out and moves all of the pots himself. Both Ji-mi and Il-bong come out, that they are so loud.

Seong-ryong comes out telling his mom that he needs to pee. Then he sees the flowers. Gwi-nam smiles. Seong-ryong tells his mom and dad that the flowers become pretty again. He’s happy and everybody smiles.

Dad says, so now he can enjoy the delicious meal, and do not make a tearful scene anymore.

Won-ja prepared a big breakfast for Jeong-in, she wants her to eat a lot. But Jeong-in is still angry with her husband to enjoy the food. Soon-jeong comes in and greets them. Jeong-in tells her to join them for breakfast.

Jeong-in notices her face and asks what’s wrong with her eyes, they are all swollen. Eun-chae asks if she cried, she guesses Soon-jeong must have misses her child. Jeong-in kindly tells her to bring the child to live together with her (she normally left her son in the care of an ajumma). But Soon-jeong likes it the way it is.

Jeong-in tells her to find a place nearby here to live with her child before she moves to the apartment. Won-ja asks what’s the apartment is about but Jeong-in brushes it off, then leaves the table.

Eun-chae tells Soon-jeong not to provoke her mom today because her dad stayed overnight outside, mom is still angry at him. Won-ja and Soon-jeong exchange a knowing look.

Jeong-in asks if they have a small amount of cash in hand right now. The funds for purchasing the land has exceeded the budget. She tells Soon-jeong to submit a loan application to the bank if the money is not enough. Soon-jeong purposes a plan to get an adequate cash.

Soon-jeong hands her a document to read, but Jeong-in couldn’t find her glasses, so she tells her to read it out.  Soon-jeong reads, first, according to the plan, they can use less investment funds, and collect one hundred billion cash in the short-term. Jeong-in asks about the risk, she tells her there are almost none. She asks if  Soon-jeong can handle that because she doesn’t have the energy to bother with those things.

Soon-jeong says yes, if she could trust her. She will handle it well with Department Head Choi and Mr. Son (Jeong-mo). Jeong-in gives her the permission to do the job. But Soon-jeong says she doesn’t have the authority to order Mr. Son, she requests…..Jeong-in cuts in and says she knows what she meant. Soon-jeong lets out a wicked smile.

Jeong-in tells Jeong-mo that Soon-jeong’s words are her words, he needs to take it seriously. She tells both of them to do well. Won-ja runs out to give Jeong-in a warm cloak to wear, Jeong-in smiles saying it’s her brother who stayed out overnight not her, why trying to be nice to her. Jeong-in chuckles and gets in the car.

After they left, Won-ja mumbles that, it is said that you’re unable to see if you’re too close to the problem. But the on-looker sees everything with a clear-head. “So why can’t an intelligent person (like her) see? It’s like a time bomb ticking…” She sighs.

Yeong-gyoon is about to leave for work, he checks his phone and contemplates.

Jeong-in arrives at her office, she’s talking on the phone with Mrs. Kim asking how about they let their children meet today, she will tell Eun-chae to spare some time. Apparently, Yeong-gyoon decides to meet Jeong-in. He bows as she walks pass.

Soon-jeong is surprised to see him here. Jeong-in doesn’t notice him, she continues talking about Eun-jae’s blind date until Soon-jeong tells her. She turns and he bows.

Yeong-gyoon says sorry for his sudden visit. She says she’s going in for a meeting in 10 minutes, she tells him to make use of that time. He assures her that he will.

He says it’s because he couldn’t get in touch with her daughter. He knows he should not be here but he still came. She says as far as she knows, they don’t need to be in contact. It’s already ended, he doesn’t need to be here.

Yeong-gyoon tells her that he must see her daughter, it’s related to Ji-ho. “Professor Ji?” she asks.

He explains that his brother misunderstood him, and caused him to end up in the hospital, “I’m sorry, I need to know which hospital Ji-ho is staying.” Jeong-in says she will pass the message to him, she asks what she should say. She sarcastically asks if she should say a young guy feels really sorry, will that do?

But Yeong-gyoon says he wants to apologize to him in person.  Soon-jeong offers that she will tell him if he could step outside for a minute.  He’s relieved saying yes. He says to Jeong-in, “So, thank you for seeing me during your busy schedule.” He gets up, “Fortunately, it didn’t surpass ten minutes.”

Before he gets out, Jeong-in calls, “Wait! I’m curious about something. Do you originally don’t have the fighting spirit? Didn’t you say that you like our Eun-chae very much? By the look at it, you do have such temperament. But you gave up so easily just because I said something to you that day. I’m grateful, but I can’t understand. Please tell me.”

He says he will explain if  she’s curious.

“Just like what you said, I can never make Eun-chae live like a princess being our family daughter-in-law. She should help out at the shop when it’s busy, maybe she should wash the meats with dripping blood, organize customers, smelly shoes, perhaps accompany the customers to drink as well. Sometimes my mom would have no choice but to accompany the customers to drink a glass. Sometimes my rude brother would turn the table upside down in front of  Eun-chae.

I don’t want Eun-chae to bear all these things. I don’t want her to live like that. That’s why I gave up and let her go. I hope you will help Eun-chae find a person better than me. Tell her to forget about me and live well. I will also do the same.”

He tells her good-bye and bows, he leaves. Jeong-in seems a bit soften hearing his explanation.

Yeong-gyoon says thank you to Soon-jeong for giving him the information. As he turns to leave, she tells him not to give up on Eun-chae, “I know how much Eun-chae loves you, Yeong-gyoon. Love is not about meeting a handsome man, it must be striving for…”

She tells him she will help him secretly, “You take the courage and propose to her. Although our director wasn’t mighty pleased on the surface, she can’t go against Eun-chae.” She encourages him.

Dad and Hyeon-sook are trying to help Jin-gyoo with his blind date. Jin-gyoo is getting frustrated that can he not live this way, not getting married. Just then a woman walks in asking for Jin-gyoo, she introduces herself to mom and dad. She had a blind date with Jin-gyoo earlier. Everybody’s jaw drops, she acts a bit cheesy towards Jin-gyoo and his dad. Il-bong and Hyeon-sook can’t help smiling.

Won-ja is telling her brother to tell Jeong-in everything and wait for the punishment. It might be difficult in the beginning but in the end Jeong-in will have the best solution. She suggests to have the child registered under his name, to let Jeong-in raise him, and let Soon-jeong gets married.

He says the child needs the mother’s love right now. He asks if she wants to separate a mother and a son. He says Jeong-in can live well without him, but not Soon-jeong. She treasures money and work more than him, he needs to protect Soon-jeong. She sacrificed her youth to be his woman, he can’t leave her.

Won-ja argues that Jeong-in has also done so much for him and the company, if he doesn’t want to separate the mother and the son, she suggests him send them abroad. He refuses to do that, he needs to see the boy, Han I, occasionally.

He shouts that he had him at his fifty (age). “He is my son, my blood. He is the only one in this world.” She is frustrated asking then what he will do, she feels uncomfortable about it. He argues that he feels more uncomfortable compared to her.

Eun-chae is on a blind date as her mom instructed. The guy asks her since she’s in design, which imported brand name she likes. She corrects him that she’s in construction design. He talks about her mom is in construction business, he asks her mom’s company sales’ ranking.

Eun-chae asks, aside from the company, is he not curious about her, her character, her interests. She thinks at least he should be asking those kinds of questions. He says they are here for a wedding match, there’s no need to know each other’s private life, they should keep it to themselves.

She asks if this is the kind of married life he’s hoping for. He asks if she’s that naïve. Eun-chae excuses herself that she thinks she should leave.

He tells her honestly that he has a special girlfriend in his private life, but he doesn’t have the thought of marrying her, to him, marriage is a big transaction. “Transaction?” she asks.

“Both companies based on mutual trust  and developing further, there’s no other better way except to get married.” he explains. They will live like that. Eun-chae says no, she doesn’t want to live like that. To live happily together, make kimbap and go picnic; she wants to get married with the person she likes, that comes up after she met him today. He suggests her living a 100% upper-class, she says she doesn’t want to and walks out.

Yeon-gyoon visits Ji-ho at the hospital. Ji-ho says there’s no need for Yeong-gyoon  to apologize to him. But if he (his brother) wants to apologize, he needs to come in person. Yeong-gyoon says he will tell his brother the message and ask him to come apologize in person. Though it’s difficult to forgive his brother, let him pay the medical fees.

Ji-ho says there’s no need, it’s his family hospital. He tells him his condition is not serious. His check-up is just a precaution. He changes the subject that he feels pity for both of them that they become like this. It’s because Eun-chae was having a hard time, that’s why he helped her, he explains.

Yeong-gyoon lets his uneasiness show. So Ji-ho tells him that everything is all cleared now, he can leave. Yeong-gyoon gets up.

“Do you regret breaking up? Your brother seems to have lost his wits because of this.” Ji-ho asks.

Yeong-gyoon turns to look at him and says, he regretted  it, he should let go sooner, he regretted it. Ji-ho is surprised to hear that. Before Yeong-gyoon leaves, he asks him to buy him cans of  beer.

Ji-ho sends Eun-chae a message, for her to come to the hospital that he has something to say, she must come. Eun-chae tries to call him but he doesn’t answer. She hurriedly goes to the hospital.

Yeong-gyoon is on his way out and they meet accidentally. Seeing her now seems to be his last straw. They both stop and look at each other.

Ji-ho looks out sadly. Then he lets out a little smile for himself.

“Lee Yeong-gyoon, I came back from a blind date.” She says.

“Is that so? You did well!” he returns.

She turns to look at him, is that what he wants to say to her, she asks. He retorts, what else he can say.

She ask if he would let her live with another man, bear another man’s child, cook for that man for the whole life.

He asks has she not decided that already. His face turns sad.

“Can you live without me? Do you really mean it?” she softly asks.

He says, of course he must live, why he cannot live without her.

“Can you live without me? Will you be happy without Yoon Eun-chae?”

He lowers his eyes, doesn’t answer.

She says she can’t, she’s vexed and going insane. It’s very annoying. She doesn’t have the confidence, “I hate you. I hate you for dumping me. I hate your gangster brother, but meeting you like this, I feel relief. I must have been crazy.”

Tears brimming, he asks if she thought he won’t do this, ” Me! Why is it that everybody thinks that I am strong. I can’t see you again. I’m afraid that I will not be able to see you again. I know that. My family, my brothers and my family’s circumstances, I thought about giving them up and pretending not to know, and I only want to live with you and protect you. Even if it’s far, as long as, I can see you. As long as, it can be that way.”

She says, “Those words, why are you saying it now? You have never said that before.”

He says he is a person, he is a man. He has self-respect. “I also want to give up everything and elope with you, and break off with the rest of my family. I once thought of doing that. But they said I’m a loyal son with good thinking. I can only be at this level. Even believed how great I am.”

She embraces him, “I’m sorry. Let’s just stay like this for a while.”

He quietly holds her tight.

Da-Jeong is saying that her aunt told her not to let Il-bong see them, but her aunt really has 5 deposit books, she’s not lying. Il-bong says she’s lying or she shows them to him. She says sure.

Il-bong asks Seong-ryong if he knew the new safe’s number, he tells him every time dad opens the safe box, he needs to watch and write down the number.

They are talking that Jin-gyoo went on a date today and Gwi-nam is happy. Bo-bae asks if  Hyeon-sook feels strange about the girl he’s dating. She says Jin-gyoo is strange too, so they are match-made in heaven. Mom asks what’s so strange about her son.

Il-bong is super surprised to see the figures in the deposit books. It adds up to 1 billion and 4 thousand millions. Hyeon-sook comes in, so he orders Da-jeong to put them back in the same place.

Jeong-mo is reluctant to go along, he wants to confirm it with Jeong-in. But Soon-jeong says Jeong-in is busy and she said not to violate the law but to make use of it.  She says his friends got away many times, from the critical situations too. She asks who would dare to provoke Director Son (Jeong-in).  He agrees that people gotten away and she’s Director Son after all. Soon-jeong gives him an envelope as the food and drink expenses, he smiles happily asking if he can accept this, she says they are in one team.

The housewives get together at the golf club, they gossip about a certain director’s family that her youngest daughter died committing suicide not long ago. It was because the mom separated the couple dearly in love. She separated them and sent the daughter to the US.  After a few blind dates, she got married immediately, she grieved and found herself difficult to bring up the matter. In the end, she got depressed.

The wives say the mother is too much, she killed her own daughter.  Sometimes forced married can end up like this. Nowadays, children are mentally frail. They are not the same as them before. The mother is now regretting her past doings. Jeong-in listens to them, the story reflects her own situation.

Il-bong takes Ji-mi to the hospital and tells her to save her brother this once. He opens the door and shoves Ji-mi inside Ji-ho’s room. He is startled.

Ji-mi greets him and smiles sweetly. He asks if she gotten in the wrong room. She assures him that this is the right room She describes herself as a messenger, an apology messenger. She says, her name is Lee Ji-mi.

Il-bong listens from behind the door, he smiles mischievously.

Ji-mi sits on the bed, Ji-ho moves a little backwards. He says she looks similar, like those men in her family, Lee Ji-mi, Lee Yeong-gyoon and her gangster brother who punched him. He asks if she came to apologize on his behalf. She says yes, she doesn’t want to come but she wants to apologize for her brother.

He says if she wants to apologize then do it.

She says, she thought she did already.

He says she should apologize properly, look how he turned into.

Apologize properly? She asks.

He says, kneel down and cry?

Ji-mi says forget it, she’s not going to do it.

“Assume that I never accept your apology.” he says.

“How can there be such a person like you? No wonder you got beaten.” She retorts.

He laughs.  She asks, “What is so funny? What kind of a man are you? So narrow-minded! If  it was me, I’ll also give you a punch.”

“Then I would have to call the police and say I got beaten up by a brother-sister team.” He says.

She stands up and says she’s leaving.

He calls her, she asks what it is. He tells her to take her handbag with her. “Also, if the handbag can’t be used then don’t use.” He teases her (implying a fake bag), she feels embarrassed.

Won-seob asks Won-ja why she brought the child over, he will take him home. Won-ja says Jeong-in went to the golf club, she will be late. And Soon-jeong went to the hair salon, she asked her to take care of him for 3 hours.

But then Jeong-in comes back, Won-ja quickly carries the boy into the house.

Jeong-in walks in the house, and finds a boy’s shoe on the floor. She asks Won-ja, it’s a child’s shoe, how come the shoe is in her home.

Yeong-gyoon asks his house? Eun-chae says yes, let’s go together today. He says next time, he will invite her formally next time. He’s not approved by her mom yet. She says she told him that her mom said ok. He asks really? She nods.

She doesn’t want them(his family) to treat her like a visitor. She wants to see how he lives. He asks if she’s confident to meet Il-bong. Her face falls but she says they’ve met before, so it should be okay. He agrees to her idea and tells her to wait for him. She tells him not to mention the phone call, he says he knows.

Jeong-in asks whose shoe this is. The boy walks over and says it’s his shoe, Jeong-in asks Won-ja who this child is. Jeong-mo walks in, he remembers the boy. He tells Jeong-in that the boy is Soon-jeong’s child, his name is Han I.  Won-seob listens in his study and feels worried.

Jeong-in smiles at the boy, she gives him back his shoe. She asks why he is here. Won-ja says Soon-jeong asked her to take care of him, she will be back. Jeong-in says, she should tell her when she asked, why she’s acting like a criminal and couldn’t say a word.

She asks the boy his age, he says 5 years old. She holds his face saying he’s cute. But he doesn’t look like Soon-jeong, she asks who he looks like. The boy says his dad.

Jeong-in says Soon-jeong’s child comes over is not a secret. She asks Won-ja why she’s acting like hiding a big secret, what she’s trying to hide. She says she’s not trying to hide anything, just afraid she will be upset.

Won-ja says it’s because Jeong-in always wanted to have a son, she knows that. She says that is history, why worry now.

Ji-mi shouts at her brother asking if this handbag is real, he made her lose her face. She screams for mom. Mom and dad come out, she says Il-bong caused trouble again. Yeong-gyoon’s girlfriend, her new boyfriend was beaten by Il-bong and now he’s in the hospital.

Mom and dad gasp, Il-bong slowly walks out of the room. Dad says looks like he’s back to his old-self. Dad goes after him.

Yeong-gyoon introduces Eun-chae to his brother. Jin-gyoo gets nervous, he greets her and tells her his name and bows low. Yeong-gyoon introduces Hyeon-sook as his sister, his mom’s right hand.

Hyeon-sook says she’s beautiful, and greets her. Jin-gyoo asks if mom knows. Eun-chae tells him that, all of a sudden, she wants to pay a visit. Yeong-gyoon signals Hyeon-sook to call home.

Dad is beating Il-bong, causing quite a commotion. Jin-gyoo runs into the house and tells them to stop. Yeong-gyoon brings Eun-chae inside.

Everybody looks at them dumbfounded. Dad asks who she is.

Eun-chae bows and introduces herself, she’s Yoon Eun-chae.

Dad is a bit confused, Jin-gyoo tells him that she’s Yeong-gyoon’s girlfriend. Dad asks, he heard they broke up. Yeong-gyoon clears his throat.

Jin-gyoo says he’s certain she is the woman who made Yeong-gyoon gone crazy. Dad says then she’s the main problem, why bring her here. Il-bong is quicker, he says, don’t tell me that you two have already made up. Yeong-gyoon wants to shut up his brothers. He introduces her to his mom.

Mom asks what’s happening, she came without calling first.

Seong-ryong is too happy, “Yeong-gyoon kissed her before, she is beautiful.” (the kiss note)

He runs to her, “Kiss, kiss, kiss.” Il-bong catches his brother just in time.

Yeong-gyoon tells his younger brother and sister to greet Eun-chae.

Ji-mi greets her. For Il-bong, he says, no need, they met before. They awkwardly greet each other. She tells him to forget about the ramen matter, she’s already forgotten. Il-bong side-eyes his dad saying, what’s she saying, what let go. Dad moves the broomstick thinking he also caused trouble with her.

Mom tells them to get inside. Dad smiles and invites her in.

Soon-jeong runs back. She asks if Jeong-in came back, if she saw her child. Jeong-mo tells her not to worry, Jeong-in said the boy is cute.

Won-seob is happily feeding the boy. Won-ja stops him that Jeong-in will suspect. She tells Soon-jeong to hurry take the boy away.

Jeong-in comes down, she’s surprised that her husband is home. He says he was in the study, he didn’t see her come home. She tells him the boy is Soon-jeong’s child, she tells them let’s eat then go.

But Soon-jeong excuses themselves. Won-ja tells the boy to say good-bye to Jeong-in. The boy bows and says good-bye, he waves at Won-seob and says, “Dad, bye..” Won-ja covers his mouth before he finishes. Won-seob is horrified looking at the smiling Jeong-in.

*Please bear in mind the pacing of this drama is quite slow but nicely round-up  🙂

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  1. I like so much your recap it s like if i watched it video. and i wonder where the recap for the ep 09 . Do you write it ?because i searched and it is nowhere. And this drama is awesome!!! Thanks for your work i repeat it so good…

  2. I like so much your recap it s like if i watched it video. and i wonder where the recap for the ep 09 . Do you write it ?because i searched and it is nowhere. And this drama is awesome!!! Thanks for your work i repeat it so good…

  3. Awwww you don’t have the next episodes? Too bad, the drama is very good… Anyway good job :))

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