If Tomorrow Comes Episode 7


Jeong-in, “My daughter Eun-chae, my husband Yoon Won-seob, I love you.”  He says, “I love you too.” They clink the glasses.  Eun-chae says she’s happy, she likes to be with her mom and dad, likes the way she’s standing in the middle of them. She feels like she’s become a little child again.

Soon-jeong searches and finds the document, it’s the client’s detailed list. She smiles and saves Jeong-in’s voice recording in her laptop.

Yeong-gyoon rushes to Eun-chae’s house, he doesn’t see anyone, it seems nothing happened, may be he blamed Il-bong wrongly. He looks up at the house and thinking of  Eun-chae.

Eun-chae sits in her bedroom thinking of  Yeong-gyoon, “Lee Yeong-gyoon, you want both of us to forget each other completely. Alright, I’ll make it happen for you. I’ll do my best.”

Bo-bae tells Gwi-nam that Il-bong wants to try opening a coffee shop with Ji-mi. Dad doesn’t agree, it will need lots of money. But Bo-bae says Il-bong was a very lively child before, now he looks dejected, let’s get a shop for him, and Ji-mi couldn’t find a good job as well.

Hyeon-sook thinks, if Ji-mi wants to do it, they should let her. These days  this kind of business is very popular. It’s very competitive but worth a try.  Mom says a small coffee shop won’t need big funds.

Gwi-nam argues that it’s not about big/small money, he doesn’t trust Il-bong, “If I give him money again, I’ll write my name upside down.”

Hyeon-sook tells him that parents need to trust their children. She thinks he’s too much on Il-bong.  He counters, “If he’s worth the trust then I’ll trust him.”

Il-bong walks in, dad orders some food for him because he looks skinny, then mom and dad leaves. Il-bong gets into the kitchen and says he doesn’t want food. He grabs soju and drinks. Hyeon-sook asks what trouble he caused this time, he always looks like this when he’s in trouble.

Il-bong asks if anyone call.  She says there’s someone called and asked for some money to be returned. But she told them there’s no Il-bong here. She also told them that the police is looking for him too, so she thinks they will stop looking for him for a while.

Ji-mi and Jin-gyoo are worried trying to call Il-bong. Mom and dad come back to the house, mom asks who they are calling this late. Seong-ryong spells it out, that it’s Il-bong. Mom said Il-bong is at the restaurant.

Il-bong is with Yeong-gyoon at the restaurant drinking together. Yeong-gyoon asks if he hasn’t done anything wrong. Il-bong quickly denies. Yeong-gyoon glares at his younger brother. Il-bong says he has never been to their house, not even nearby.

“Do you know what a woman can’t resist? Handsome man? No. Education? No.No. It’s money, money. In front of money, love is a floating cloud. A man should be powerful. That way, you will not lose your woman. In the old days, fists were the power, now it’s money.” Il-bong tells him he should work hard and earn money, “When you earn enough, those repulsive people will see.”

Ji-mi comes running with Jin-gyoo asking if  Il-bong caused any troubles, if he met that woman, if he beat her up. Yeong-gyoon says he said he didn’t go.

The big brother scolds Yeong-gyoon not to get drunk anymore. He’s dead tired. Yeong-gyoon says sorry to them, he will not be like that in the future. He tells them not to worry about him.

Jeong-in is having a bad dream, that the young Jeong-in is wandering a dark forest searching for grandma. But she’s no where to be found, the girl cries. Jeong-in is trembling in her sleep crying, “Grandma! Grandma!”

Won-seob wakes her, he ask if she’s having a nightmare. She tells him to go back to sleep. He asks why she’s always having nightmares, then lies back down to sleep.

Jeong-in comes outside the bedroom, she stands there till dawn breaks.


 She thinks of her crying when grandma passed away. In her mind, “Is there something I did wrong to make grandma dissatisfied? But grandma, I have no choice. I will continue to do it. If I stop now, it would be a waste of all the previous efforts. So I have to continue.”

In the morning, Soon-jeong gives Jeong-mo a gift, a necktie  she got because someone thought she had a husband. He feels grateful. She asks him about the import of second-hand cars he mentioned before, he says Jeong-in doesn’t agree to it. She says she will talk with her again, she has a good feeling about it. He lets her.

Jeong-mo asks her a favor. She laughs cheesily, to borrow money? How much he needs, she asks generously.  About two hundred thousand, he says. She says she will lend it to him, and will send it today. He’s happy, his friend asked him for some urgent money.

Soon-jeong tells him, if he’s urgently in needs, she can always help him. He thanks her, she says they are friends. When she gets in the house, “Friends?” He figures she’s just lonely.

Soon-jeong gets in the house, and greets Jeong-in and Won-seob, Won-ja glares at her. Jeong-in tells her that Won-seob told her to be good to her. Soon-jeong says Jeong-in’s been good to her already.

Won-ja asks Soon-jeong, what she’s going to do. She just tells her that Han I is having an immunization injection, he will be home today. Won-ja asks why she’s telling her this. “The sugar has also run out, please get some on your way home.” Won-ja couldn’t believe she ordered her around using her sympathy for the boy.

Soon-jeong is serving the couple coffee, he gives her a meaningful look behind Jeong-in’s back. Jeong-in tells her to call Department head Kim again, not to make any more mistakes. Jeong-in is taking her husband somewhere today.

Seong Ryong is crying because all the flowers have withered.  He tells Da-jeong that he feels pitiful for the flowers. “Three, four or five days ago, they were still pretty. But now they look ugly.” Da-jeong explains that the flowers just withered, flowers are like that.

Mom and dad come out, Da-jeong tells them about Seong-ryong. Dad says, a 32 years old still feels pity for the flowers and cries for them, crying for the pitiful ant stepped on by someone’s foot, crying for the neighborhood’s pitiful cat, “What should I do with you? I’m the one that really wants to cry, not you. Don’t cry!”

After dad left, mom talks to Seong-ryong. “Don’t cry, Seong-ryong, Mom’s always telling you this, something which has life will wither. When the time comes, it will die, that’s life.”

“So mom will die as well?” He asks. Mom says of course. He cries more, “I’m scared.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid or sad about. Do you know why? It’s because Seong-ryong will be by mom’s side as always, in life or death.” Mom assures him. She tells him to stop crying or else Da-jeong will make fun of him.

Eun-chae sees Ji-ho’s car is still parking  near her house and wonders why.

Men are throwing things of the residences outside their houses. Won-seob wonders who they are and wants to stop them. But Jeong-in stops him. She says this place will become their holiday village and botanical garden, a place he cannot compare to the entire world.

Won-seob looks at her, she says it was not easy to convince the landlord to get this land. Those people can’t live on someone else’s land easily.

Jeong-in gets in the house and pretends she doesn’t know anything, that she has nothing to do with those men. Jeong-mo is impressed with her acting. After her console words, the residences agree and stamp their finger on the document, that they accept the compensation.

She tells them to make use of the money and find a good place to live. She adds that they’ve been living for free on someone else’s land, so they should not complain but do some introspection.They say they didn’t receive any inheritance and are uneducated, the reason they’ve been so poor.

She starts scolding, no matter what, robbing or selling themselves, they can’t let their children be hungry. Even if they rob, they still need to live seriously. She gets angry at them for not trying hard enough.

She gets out, outside Jeong-mo is paying the men for the job done.

Won-seob asks Soon-jeong if this has been planned from the beginning. She says it has. She says, why she doesn’t want to wait, because she’s afraid he can’t leave Jeong-in for the rest of his life.

Eun-chae runs into the hospital, she finds Ji-ho. He asks how she knew. She asks what happened. He says nothing, he wasn’t careful and fell. But Eun-chae doesn’t buy that, she asks if he got beaten in front of her house, if he called the police, they have CCTV in front of  house. Ji-ho quickly tells her not to do it. She asks why. He looks at her.

Ji-mi is asking Il-bong to tell her what really happened yesterday, if he saw Eun-chae and scolded her. He says he beat that fellow, that’s all. Ji-mi is horrified, asking if it’s Eun-chae’s new boyfriend. He tells her to keep it quiet.

She is worried if it’s reported to the police, Il-bong thinks he can’t report it, the guy said he likes Eun-chae himself, “Grabbing someone elses woman should be penalized.” Though, he’s a bit worried, the guy fell after he beat him.

Eun-chae says Yeong-gyoon told her before that he has one naughty younger brother, may be he’s that person. Ji-ho says he wanted to hide it from her, he says sorry. She says she should be the one who says sorry. She thinks the guy should be bothering her not him.

He says it looks like Lee Yeong Gyoon misunderstood the relationship between them. Eun-chae laughs that how it’s possible, that’s crazy. Ji-ho looks at her and asks, it’s crazy, isn’t it?

Soo-jeong is teased by her colleagues that she’s too obvious approaching Yeong-gyoon. Eun-chae calls and asks for Yeong-gyoon but he’s out. Soo-jeong comes down to meet her and asks if she wants to leave some message for Yeong-gyoon. Eun-chae asks if she knows when he will be back. Soo-jeong isn’t sure, so Eun-chae asks for Yeong-gyoon’s home phone number. Soo-jeong wonders why Eun-jae doesn’t even know that when she knows, she brags and she gives her the restaurant’s number.

Won-ja comes to be with Han I, she says to herself, she doesn’t know anymore, let’s face the punishment together.

Il-bong is at the restaurant, he changes his mind not going to open the coffee shop, Eun-chae calls and asks to meet him.

Yeong-gyoon comes back to his office and Soo-jeong tells him that Eun-chae came by, it seems urgent, and she gave her the restaurant’s number. He calls and asks Jin-gyoo if  Il-bong is there. Jin-gyoo says he got a phone call and went out, Hyeon-sook says he’s wearing slippers so it should be nearby. Jin-gyoo tells Yeong-gyoon, he should be nearby.

Il-bong meets with Eun-chae, he admits to have hit Ji-ho. She tells him he should apologize first. He argues that the guy deserves the beating. He asks how she can be with this kind of guy, he got beaten a little and immediately reported to her.

She calls him a rascal, and that she was his brother’s girlfriend before.  She tells him that that man is her school senior. Il-bong smirks,  he shouts his order a bowl of ramyun.

Eun-chae scolds him that he should be using polite words when talking to her. And it was his brother who doesn’t want her, “I was dumped.”  But he doesn’t believe it.

She says she will report this to the police. He challenges her to do it and put him in jail. His ramyun he ordered arrives. He tries to open it and it slips from his hand, the hot noodles spills over the table, and on to Eun-chae, she screams and cries.

“Listen carefully, I don’t care whose family or whose noble daughter you are, if you make my brother Yeong-gyoon cry and get drunk one more time, you will die in my hand. Do you understand?” He warns her.

Eun-chae is surprised, “Cried? Yeong-gyoon oppa?”

He says yes, if she makes his brother cry again, I….

She yells, “Did he cry?”

He says now that she knows, he tells her to go away.

She asks if he knows how it’s hard for her, “What do you know? I and Yeong-gyoon oppa’s situation, what do you know to put on a show? I too cried and was sad. Because of him, I’ve endured but it’s useless. Do you know that kind of  feeling?”

Il-bong starts to think he might have gotten it wrong.  She tells him to pay for the noodles, calling him a bad guy. She leaves. Yeong-gyoon looks around the area and sees Eun-chae, he calls her.

 She calls a taxi, wiping her tears. When she turns around to face him, Yeong-gyoon is startled to see her sadness. She asks if he’s a person who is capable of doing this kind of thing, she wonders if he was behind all this.

He asks if it’s his brother, Il-bong.

She tells him to go and apologize to Ji-ho, “Me and him are not in that kind of relationship.” She cries and gets in the taxi. He wants to talk but she leaves.

Yeong-gyoon gets back to the house and grabs Il-bong asking what he’s done. Il-bong says it’s obvious, according to her, that fellow is still alive, not to worry. He gives his head for him to hit. Both Seong-ryong and Ji-mi tell Yeong-gyoon not to.  “How dare you add to the chaos?” He shoves him off and leaves.

Ji-mi follows Yeong-gyoon and sits down next to him, saying she’s wrong. He asks what she’s done. She confesses she sent Eun-chae a text message saying he wanted to break up. She also blocked the incoming calls, “Just hit me if you want. I’ll endure it.” She sticks her head to him. He sighs and pokes her head. Then he sends Eun-chae a message,

“I’m sincerely sorry. Because of me, you’ve been through a lot. I will go apologize to your sunbae (senior). I will not make you feel embarrassed or awkward anymore. If meeting me is inconvenient, you can give me the address. Yeong-gyoon.”

Eun-chae reads the message and says it’s useless to contact each other, what he’s thinking. He’s bad, no, they are all bad.

Won-seob is still angry, he thinks Jeong-in should not have done that. He asks what her intention is, to take him there and let him see everything.

She says, she’s sensed it, she asks if he’s interested in doing his job. To be honest, she’s disappointed of how he’s been treating her. She asks why he’s afraid what others will say, it’s not too late to hand the business to her, he can go to the mountain or fishing.

Won-seob is pissed, he says he will do that and gets up to leave.

She says, if he doesn’t want to be eaten up, he has to eat first. She asks if he thinks she doesn’t want a quiet life. There are many people in the company, this business is big, all he knows is how to talk nonsense.

He gets out and slams the door behind.

That night Jeong-in waits for her husband, she calls him but he doesn’t pick up.

Apparently, he’s on the bed with Soon-jeong. The phone rings. It’s Jeong-in, she smiles, and tells him that it’s his wife.  He doesn’t bother. She throws the phone away and gets back to their activity.

Later, she pretends to be talking on the phone with Jeong-in, she laughs, “Mrs. Son Jeong In, what to do? We are together now, we are very drunk. Your husband looks too pitiful. That’s why I let him drink a lot. I am sorry. Hahaha. Your husband said he is frightened when he’s with you, he said he feels good when he’s with me. Happily.” Won-seob listens to her and smiles.

Jeong-in couldn’t sleep, she checks on Eun-chae and hears her talking on the phone with Ji-ho.

“I, with that person, Lee Yeong-gyoon . Let’s forget him. Are you planning to go on blind dates? I’ll date the one mom has chosen and get married quickly, get married quickly and give birth. Doing this, I might not think about him anymore…..”

Eun-chae starts crying, “Then time will pass by very quickly, I’ll gradually forget him. When I wake up, I think I will be an old granny. When that time comes, if I live to that age, I’ll become an old granny with many blessings…..” Jeong-in slowly closes the door, she sighs.

Won-seob dresses up to go home, Soon-jeong doesn’t want him to leave. They hug each other. She tells him that Won-ja came by and played with Han I, she asks him to send her her regards. He says he will do that.

In the morning, Jeong-in tells Won-ja that her brother didn’t come home last night. When Won-seob finally walks in, Jeong-in is furious that he didn’t answer the phone all night making people worry.  He doesn’t stand steadily, like he’s drunk. Jeong-in asks where he has been and who he was with.

He says, he’s with a woman. If he played with another woman, she doesn’t need to bother. Son Jeong-in doesn’t think of him as a man anyway. Won-ja quickly defends her brother that he’s drunk.

Jeong-in lets out a cool smile saying she isn’t against his drinking, but she hopes he doesn’t play with another woman, “If you mix with a lowly woman, this will hurt my self-esteem.” She starts to walk away.

He says, she doesn’t have to worry. The woman is beautiful compared to her, and he was playing with an exceptionally good woman. Jeong-in doesn’t bother to pick a fight, she walks upstairs. Won-ja scolds her brother that he’s crazy to pull such behaviors.

Jeong-in resorts to Eun-jae’s room, she gets into the bed. Eun-chae wakes up and smiles, she asks if her dad has come home, Jeong-in says yes, and he’s drunk. Eun-chae is surprised that her dad stayed outside all night.

She says her mom must be angry now, but Jeong-in says it should be him getting angry because she said something harsh to him yesterday.

Won-seob gets in his study, he needs some sleep telling Won-ja to turn off the light.  Won-ja asks if he’s at Soon-jeong’s house, he says yes. She tells him he should not treat his wife like this. No matter what happened, they are still living together now. But he doesn’t want to hear her.

Eun-chae asks if she’s alright. Jeong-in tells her not to worry, “Dad surely is not the type to mess up.”

Mom asks why she couldn’t sleep, Eun-chae says she’s thinking, she wants to go on blind dates, after that she wants to get married. Mom asks why suddenly. She says she’s changed her mind. According to mom, she should marry someone with the same class and status. Someone who is handsome and educated. Eun-chae asks her to introduce a good one to her.

Jeong-in smiles thoughtfully. She says Chairman Lee’s wife said her nephew is back in town. She kept asking her to arrange a meeting to meet Eun-chae. Mom asks how about meeting him. Eun-chae is startled that it’s so quick, but she nods to go along with it.

Eun-chae lies down close to her mom, she says it would be good if  her mom wasn’t such a busy person, so they could be together everyday.

Jeong-in smooths Eun-chae’s hair looking at her lovingly, that her little girl has grown up and will soon be married. Eun-chae snuggles up in mom’s arms that she hasn’t hugged her for a long time.

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