Wild Romance Episode 2

I know, I said no before but how can I resist the cuteness? What a charming drama, as good as a rom-com drama can be!

OST  Maybe – Jessica SNSD (feat.Kim Jin Pyo)


Moo-yeol and Eun-jae unknowingly are in the same chat-room on the internet.

Moo-yeol catches the word that Eun-jae used to call him, so he asks if she is that idiot. Eun-jae loses the fun, she immediately logs out from the chat-room. She tells herself, don’t tell me that you are him. She gets into bed and lets out her breath that she’s been holding, that the chat just now scared her to death.

The next day, they get in the elevator, he wonders aloud, “Written as Park Moo-yeol, read as scumbag.” She averts her eyes and pretends to be cool asking what he’s talking about. He says, “A complete ass?”. She says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. “It’s confirmed that it’s you.” he says.

Eun-jae laughs, “Don’t lie, people use aliases in there. There’s no way to confirm.” He immediately gets closer and asks, “What place is ‘there’ ?”.

Eun-jae stops smiling. Moo-yeol yells, “You! You!”. He tells her to go check with the shrink if they go around talking about their patients, a bodyguard should do the same.

He threatens to sue her, she yells back for to go ahead. He gets angry stomping his foot on the floor, the elevator shakes and stops. They both freak out holding on to the rails. She accuses him of throwing a fit in an elevator.  He argues that this and that are two completely different things.

A security guy announces from the speaker, “Please do not run and jump inside the elevator. Please wait for the elevator to run automatically.” (Haha) Eun-jae muses that he doesn’t even know the basic rule. He’s angry that he is locked up in the elevator with an idiot, a punk who is capable of turning heaven into hell.

While waiting for him at the baseball club, she’s having a good time giving his picture a finishing touch, mumbling that, “May be in my previous life, I committed many crimes, so that’s why I met you. I hate red so much that I don’t even want to eat a watermelon.”

An office manager calls her, so she uses her face to cover Moo-yeol’s picture. He gives her the fans’ presents for Moo-yeol to give them to him.

Eun-jae looks at the gifts and thinks the fans and the athlete are all perverts. Moo-yeol walks in. He looks at the gifts, and  asks if she also gives such gifts to Song Dong Yul (the Blue Seagulls player).  She says it’s none of his business. He nods that she’s right.

He opens one gift box, it’s a black bra inside, he wonders, “What is she fantasizing about me?’. He raises it to her and asks if she wants to wear this.  Eun-jae grumbles. He looks at her chest, “Won’t work, the size is too big for you.” He smirks.

At night, Eun-jae is on duty at the club, while Moo-yeol is inside with his teammates. Women get into the room, she thinks  may be she should take pictures and post them on the internet. A woman comes out and asks her what those guys do, she mumbles that she (the woman) doesn’t even know that yet she mingles with them.

When they get out of the club, Eun-jae has been standing on guard for so long. Moo-yeol looks at her, “Are you still here?”. She goes, “Huh?” as in, I don’t have to be here? He shoos her to go home, and goes to get his car. A woman is waiting to join him for the night. Eun-jae is pissed.

She gets close to the woman, “When you get in the car, please check the back seat for any video cameras or weapons, or woman’s underwear. You’ll do that.”  Her voice turns serious, “Because of my position, I can only tell you this much. ” She slips away like a 007.

Moo-yeol parks his car, and calls the woman to get in. She bends down to check his back seat, and sees woman’s underwear. She imagines him threaten her to wear them, she freaks out.

She runs fast and gets in a taxi. Moo-yeol runs after her, she screams. He wonders what happened, then he realizes.

Eun-jae is on the bus, her phone rings. It’s Moo-yeol, “What did you tell that woman?”. She says she tells her nothing but the truth, “I swear in the name of the next year winning team, the Seagulls.” He tries to ask then why she…Eun-jae cuts him off that she’s on the bus and hangs up.  She grins, then roars her laughter.

He grits his teeth, “That idiot! Want to mess with me? We’ll see who laugh last.” He crazily speeds up his car.

Dong-soo is having problem with his career as a baseball player, his record has been going down lately.  The team guy tells him that last time it was his friendship with Moo-yeol that they gave him another year. Dong-soo asks, “Do you sign contract with me because of my strong affinity with Moo-yeol?”  The guy praises his good relationship, making him feel sad. While the head of the team is with Moo-yeol, convincing  him to stay on the team.

Eun-jae storms in the office asking her boss, Kevin, that he said he will find a replacement once the storm has passed.

He counters, “It’s only been three days”.  She tells him, even if it’s three days, does he know how many times she’s risked her life already. She almost froze to death on the mountain, ran a 4-hour marathon, and she was kicked in the elevator yesterday and it broke.

Hearing about the elevator, Kevin suggests, “Could it be that someone had sabotaged it in advance?”. She asks, who? He thinks it’s someone who is not happy with just an egg shot…” Eun-jae moves to his face, she adds,”…and is out to kill Park Moo-yeol.”

“You have to sacrifice yourself to stop that person.” he orders.

“A heroic martyrdom?” she asks. He says no need to go that extreme, it’s best if the estimated time for a full recovery is four weeks.  She bangs on his desk, sacrificing his employees, she hopes he live well. She gets out.

He yells after her, “If you’re hurt, just give me a call. We’ll send someone to replace you immediately. If nothing happens to you, fighting!”

Eun-jae walks in the corridor, “How nice would it be if I get acute appendicitis right now?” Suddenly the light goes on and off, she thinks of Kevin’s words, 4-week recovery time….. Eun-jae lets out a smile.

Dong-soo learns from Moo-yeol that the boss tried to make sure he would stay with the team. Moo-yeol asks about his situation. He knows that Dong-soo tries to negotiate about the annual salary. Moo-yeol tells him to sign it evenif  it’s not much different.  Dong-soo sees Eun-jae is coming so he doesn’t answer to that. He tells Moo-yeol that his bodyguard is here.

Moo-yeol is on alert telling him that, if his body is discovered somewhere, start the investigation with her. Dong-soo smiles that she doesn’t look that bad.  “You have no idea. She is totally evil!”  he barks.

Eun-jae greets Dong-soo, and asks Moo-yeol for a talk in private. Then we only see Eun-jae is explaining something to Moo-yeol.

Reporter Go comes sit with Dong-soo and tries to get the information about who Moo-yeol was with at the karaoke bar that night. But Dong-soo doesn’t cooperate.

Moo-yeol drives his car to a warehouse. He walks inside and bends down to pick a newspaper on the floor. A figure comes behind and about to hit him with a pole, “Wait a sec!”, he calls out.

It’s Eun-jae holding a pole behind him. He asks, “Do I really have to get beaten?” She asks did he not hear what she said, attacked by the anti-fans, the bodyguard was injured, recovery time was 4 weeks, change bodyguard. Banzai! Banzai! That’s the script.

He understands that but does he really have to take the beating? She asks if he thinks the cops are a bunch of idiots. They will find out as soon as they start the investigation. He hesitates. So they negotiate,

“I will go easy on you.”

“What if you miss?”

“I won’t.”


“We are on the same boat, can’t you just trust me? How do you play on a team?”

“You don’t look like you are on the same team as me!”

“Are we going to do it or not?”

“Fine! First, I fell. Then what?”

“After I came, I fought off the opponents.”

“Why do you get to do all the heroic stuff ?”

Haha. He asks where she plan to get hit. She brags that ever since she started Judo, she suffered a dislocated shoulder quite often. If she goes to the hospital, she will get a 4-week recovery time for sure.

She smiles, he smiles back. “Then, why don’t you just hit your shoulder? Is it necessary to put on a show?”

She explains, she can only claim the compensation if it’s a work-related injury. She tells him to hurry turn around.  He starts to turn but look back, “You are a man! A man!” she says. He gathers his courage and turns around.

She counts 1,2,3 and hits him on his back just as somebody outside locks to door, the guy thinks someone left it opens, and he drives away. The two are locked up in the warehouse.


Moo-yeol’s phone is ringing. He left it on a sofa in his apartment. The ajumma who is taking care of  Moo-yeol’s apartment picks up the phone and sees the picture of who is calling. It’s that woman in the karaoke bar that night.

Eun-jae is going to call for help. “Didn’t you say I’m not allowed to bring my cellphone?” he asks.

“Yours has GPS tracking.” she says.  Moo-yeol couldn’t believe, “It can be turned off!”. She goes, “It can?”, and Moo-yeol is about to cry. He hits himself, “To have believed this idiot, it’s my fault, my fault.” (Buahaha)

Her phone isn’t working because it has no reception. They look at each other.

He accuses her, that it’s all because of her lousy stupid plan. She counters, “You don’t even have one lousy stupid plan.” She walks around to find the signal, then her call to manager Kim gets through. He accepts the call and asks if she’s with Moo-yeol. They fight to talk then the call is cut off.

Manager Kim senses there must be a problem so he calls Dong-soo but he doesn’t know Moo-yeol’s whereabouts either. Dong-soo contemplates his own future and his family.

At the warehouse, Moo-yeol stares her down. She tells him to get it over with.


He kneels down to let her get on his shoulder. There are a small window high above, he stands up for Eun-jae to reach the open window for the phone’s signal. She gets it and calls manager Kim, he asks where the place is, if she’s with Moo-yeol.


She asks for his help, they are at Cheongnam, Boryeong City. She tells him how to get there from the highway but he doesn’t hear her clear enough. So she reaches the phone out further, Moo-yeol starts to lose his balance because of her movement.

Eun-jae tries shouting but manager Kim still doesn’t hear her well. As they move, the bang at the wall. The chemical containers come falling down, Moo-yeol is startled so he turns around causing the two of them to fall over and…the phone is gone (haha), she drops it from her hand and it’s now lying outside. They both go crazy.

Manager Kim tries to call back but doesn’t go through, so he shows up at Eun-jae’s house. Dong-ah opens the door, Eun-jae’s dad asks her from the house, who he is. “A very good-looking man is looking for Eun-jae.” she answers.

Dad and son run to greet him to come inside. Tae-han introduces himself with his name card, the he is Kim Tae-han, Public Relations for the Red Dreamers.

Dad, “Eh?….Red?”

Son, “Dreamer?”

And that’s it. They tell him to get OUT!

Tae-han eyes his sweater bearing the Seagulls’ seal, “Ah..Blue.”

He tells them that Eun-jae’s situation now is dangerous, but they insist him out.  So Dong-ah interferes talking to the dad, that may be she should not be saying this,

“This is my house. The landlord of Gyunmun-dong #11-12, is me, Kim Dong-ah. And you are a tenant.”

Ouch, that hurts his pride, dad’s gone limp,  “A tenant?”.

Tae-han asks if  Cheongnam is Eun-jae’s hometown, he got calls from there. Dong-ah asks dad and son if it’s that place they went. But dad was stucked by Dong-ah’s cruel word ‘Tenant”, he sadly turns and gets back inside (haha).

Inside the warhouse, they are freezing. Moo-yeol asks if she’s lived here before, she says yes.

“When did you move to Seoul?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“It’s not like I want to know. I was making a small talk.”

So she asks, “Last winter, was so violent. What happened then?” He explains, that guy hit him first with a camera.

“The actess you were with at that time, was she Sin Seung Hui?” she asks (not sure about the name).

“Why do you want to know?”

“Do you still see her?”

“No. Not anymore.”

“Did she dump you?”


“Looks like she did.”

“I said it wasn’t like that.”

“Yes, just take it as a break up when you were clearly dumped, and stay friends.”

Moo-yeol sighs, “She cheated on me. She was just someone I had fun with, all right?”

Eun-jae looks at him, “You still see her evenif she cheated on you?”

“It’s not like I’m yours, so why do you care?”

She looks at him jaw-dropped.

Tae-han takes Dong-ah with him to Cheongnam. She compliments his profile, he says thanks, “The world treat a young handsome man much nicer. So do I.” she smiles.

She tells him to turn right, he turns left. When she protests, he tells her she’s holding the map upside down. He mumbles to himself that just the map would have sufficed (meaning, no need of her).

Moo-yeol comes up with an idea, he calls her, “Try to get out through that.” But she doesn’t think she can go through that.

“Science says, if your head fits through the hole, your body will too. Try it!” he insists.

He says her head is small, she smiles, he says because it’s empty inside. She stops smiling. She gets on his shoulders, “Your head is pretty big, full of crap!”

She manages to get her head and arms out, then she’s stuck. She tells him to pull her back, he pulls back, but it’s just as painful, she kicks him away. She cries her agony, “Father!”

Manager Kim and Dong-ah arrive, Dong-ah laughs seeing Eun-jae’s hanging like that. But manager Kim doesn’t show any emotion.

Dong-ah uses her finger to touch his cheek, “Just need to check and see whether or not you are a robot.”  He looks at her, doesn’t even crack his muscles. He calls 911 for help.

“It’s two girls who were messing around. The naughty one got stuck in the window. So the friend came to the rescue after he received a phone call?” an officer recounts the incident. Tae-han says yes and signs the statement.

Dong-ah asks Eun-jae, “You really think that would work?”

“It seemed like a good plan at the time.” she answers.

“You lied to the police, the reporters. Lied to everybody.” Dong-ah accuses her friend.

“This is the first time. Looks like everyone has become idiots.” Eun-jae muses.

“You are a fool. But then again, you’ve always been one. Or do you have other motives? Ah….have you two developed feelings for each other?”


“A man and a woman who hate each other from the beginning, but in the end fall for each other. The typical storyline of an idol drama.”

Eun-jae shrieks,  “YOU! Come here! Come here!”. She chases after Dong-ah.

The officer tells Tae-han, “Looks like a post-traumatic stress. If she doesn’t get better, may be you should take her to the hospital.”  Tae-han looks  at the two girls, no feeling shown.

Moo-yeol comes back to his apartment and checks the mail. He receives his own picture with his eyes poked, he looks at it. Not feeling good about it, he throws it away.

Dong-ah greets Eun-jae’s dad in the morning, he doesn’t turn to her, “I am just a tenant. I am 41 years old. I don’t even own a house.” Dong-ah tries to mend, “Eh…yesterday…” He chants, “I am a tenant. Homeless and bitter.” He ignores her.

On  duty, they both are sleepy from last night. He says he slept just 4 hours, she says, she slept 3 hours. “Is it you who is going to be interviewed? Can you even compare your basin face to my face?” he says.

While Moo-yeol is having an interview, Dong-soo looks at him from afar, feeling sad for himself.

Eun-jae knocked to sleep waiting for him.  Reporter Go approaches her. He asks if Moo-yeol met a girl at the karaoke bar that time, “That woman was Sin Seung Hui, wasn’t it?”.

Moo-yeol finishes the interview and sees them together, he calls her, “Hey!”. Eun-jae rushes to him, both men stare at each other.

One of the player sees the bottle of Moo-yeol’s drink in his bag, he grabs and drinks it.

Moo-yeol asks her what she talked with Go Do Sa, the reporter, the guy that was pestering her. Eun-jae doesn’t know he’s a reporter.  She says he wanted to know who he was with at the karaoke bar that night, he said he knew.

She assures Moo-yeol that she’s a bodyguard, she has to keep her client’s life confidential.

“Your mouth is quicker than your brain.” he argues.

“Oh, and your fist is even faster.” she returns.

“You can’t even take a step back, can you? Be careful. It looks like Go Do Sa has targeted you.” He warns.

The guy who drank Moo-yeol’s drink falls sick after that. Manager Kim checks content of the bottle. Moo-yeol tells him it’s his, it’s variety of traditional Chinese herbs inside. Manager Kim tells everyone that athlete Jo Yeong Sun is allergic to astragalus. He keeps quiet about the fact, looking very concerned.

They talk in private. Manager Kim tells Moo-yeol and Eun-jae that there’s no allergic thing, it was because there was a reporter there, so he said that. He had sent what he drank to the lab. Yeong Sun didn’t drink much, after medical attention, there were  no complications.

Eun-jae asks if he alerted the police. He says, because the incident happened inside the team, until they catch the culprit, he tells them to keep this between them.

“Compared to the threat letters and the scratches on your pictures, this is a completely different case. Someone really wants you, Park Moo-yeol, dead. We really need a bodyguard.” Manager Kim concludes.

Inside a dark room somewhere, lots of Moo-yeol pictures were pinned to the wall. An unknown hand picks one of the pictures out.

The two drive in the club, some workers drop water containers, they duck low.

She says, “Don’t worry. I have made up my mind. I will protect you.” She puts her arm around his shoulders as if to comfort him. He looks at her if she’s nut.

She continues, “Do you think I’m doing it because I like it? But, this is my job. Plus, if we manage to catch the culprit. We can officially bid each other bye-bye.”

But he tells her, “If something happens, you just keep your distance. Stay out of the way!”

She brags that she’s a bodyguard, a 5th degree black belt Judo.

“I am a baseball mega-star Park Moo Yeol, ninth degree baseball.” he brags.

“What’s the use of baseball when a fist flies over at you?”

“Have you ever been to the batting zone? Do you know how fast it is? The speed is 150 kmh. If I can hit a ball at that speed, would I be punched?” He flies his fist to the side of her face.

“Are a fist and that kind of ball the same thing?”

“That kind of ball? You can’t even keep your balance.”

“What if I can?”

“Then I will call you noona (older sister).”

“Home run! I’ll hit the ball for you to see.”

So the bet is on.

The stake, if she wins, he will dress up as a woman. If she loses, she will wear a dress, and go to the place that he tells her to, wearing the dress of his choice.

The rule, three strikes and she’s out. Four balls and bye-bye. As long as, her baseball bat touches the ball, it will be counted as a hit.

Moo-yeol asks Dong-soo whose side he’s on. He says he wants to see him in a woman dress. The teammates cheer!

An umpire is chosen, it’s manager Kim, he happens to walk by (haha), and Moo-yeol trusts him he will not pull any trick to make him lose.

Moo-yeol throws the first ball, and strikes!  Eun-jae’s face falls, she misses the ball. Dong-soo calls for a time-out.

He encourages her, “Most people will fall on their butts when dealing with such a pitch. They don’t even think of swinging the bat. However, if you keep doing like you did, there’s no way you will hit the ball.” He whispers her a trick.

Moo-yeol throws the ball, Eun-jae doesn’t even swing the bat this time, and strike two! Moo-yeol laughs, he can see his victory coming. He says, it’s the rule, failure to bat is a strike. “Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to wear a bikini.” He assures her. Moo-yeol throws the ball.

Eun-jae turns to use her back to receive the ball. She falls down.

She turns to him with an evil laugh. But the umpire calls, “Strike! Out!”.

Manager Kim says, “If the strike hits the batter, it will be called as a strike.” Eun-jae collapses, defeated.

Moo-yeol jumps up and down for his victory, Eun-jae couldn’t believe it. Dong-soo scolds manager Kim, but he asks, that’s the rule, isn’t it?

Moo-yeol tells her to come out of the car. She begs, she says she’s wrong. He insists. She gets out wearing a really red dress, he laughs.

He wants to peel off the plaster on her back, but she says it bruises, she will look like a wife who was violently abused if she peels it off.

She walks in, it’s a Red Dreamers’ gathering.  Everybody turns to look at her. Moo-yeol smiles and greets them as they walk in, having a good time. He hugs his boss, and tells him, she doesn’t look good in anything feminine.

Dong-soo sits next to her and introduces his wife. Eun-jae gets up to greet her. It’s the woman in the karaoke bar with Moo-yeol that night, she remembered. Dong-soo’s wife greets her, saying her name, Oh Soo-yeong. Eun-jae is quite shock, she eyes Moo-yeol and Soo-yeong worriedly.

*Seriously had to stop typing to laugh many times doing this one  🙂

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  1. @Zenti
    Kyahh~ Same here, I will be on the Rooftop with Prince Micky on Mar 14 🙂 Plus, I loved Han Ji-min in Captial Scandal. King 2 Hearts will premiere on the same day, but not so interested. Also, Fashion King, not sure I like the premise.

    I’m not addicted to any drama at the moment, but I love KSH (aka Hwon). Strange as it is, Moon/Sun doesn’t capture my heart like Wild Romance, I went gu gu ga ga every Wed/Thu when WR was still airing. Though weeks went by, MY and EJ are still with me TT_TT
    Let’s hope RoofPrince deliver!

    • OMG! We have the same sentiments on WR! ^^ I was not so enamored with Moon/Sun compared to how invested I was with MY and EJ!

      I will be seeing you then spazzing over Rooftop Prince in a few days! ^^

  2. Annyeong, kcomments! I have been enjoying Wild Romance as well! This drama is well thought of and not done in a rush. I shall be missing MY and EJ, whose relationship is so comfortable with each other. I love it!

    • [spoiler ahead, don’t read if you haven’t seen ep16, sorry gotta chat with my Dr.chingu ^_^]
      Aww…I love Wild Romance, really happy that it ended as scheduled. The story unfolded little by little, and little by little they crept in our hearts. Eun-jae is a strong woman all the way to the last episode, and Moo-yeol once he loves he loves all the way. The way he handled Jong-hee at the end was beautiful, we got the feeling that he really cared for her, his regret to let her go the second time was done right. It’s not like he dumped her for EJ, he took his time until he realized that all he did was just missing her these past years. I love the writing of this drama, and the PD, the comic stuffs were all well-executed. I seriously ended up loving everyone in this drama; Dong-soo, reporter Go, manager Kim, Dong-ah, and Kevin-the boss haha. Only Dong-soo’s wife and Jong-hee that I found their acting to be robotic. All in all, simple show simply love. After the ending, I felt satisfied and happy. Only once in a while a drama can make you feel like this after it ends.

      Me too, will be missing Moo-yeol/Eun-jae, it’s the drama that I was looking forward to every week. Nice to know that we are sharing the same love all over again after CYHMH 🙂

      • I totally miss Wild Romance that I started to watch it again. ^^

        Regarding SY and JH, I was looking for an excuse why would their acting seemed restraint or blunted and all this doctor can come up is that maybe because their characters suffer from psychiatric disorders that limit their range of emotions. >.<

        The writer is known to put equal emphasis on all characters in a drama so one way or another we get to value the characters that we tend to wish that their stories can go endlessly.

        • @Zenti
          [ep16 spoiler ahead]
          Buahaha…at your diagnosis of patients; SY and JH, so true, they were so weird with their painting skills. love Dong-ah with her hilarious kinds of seductions, and the robotic Tae-han finally smiled. Is it just me, the scene where he tied the ribbon on Dang-ah’s hanbok was sooo smexy? I mean I was expecting a kiss, but this was woo! hoo! *drool*

          I know, I re-watched the drama too, especially, the scene where Moo-yeol kneeled down and tied Eun-jae’s shoe-lace (he said earlier that he would do the other foot later), when first time watched I thought he was gonna purpose, but this was even better, because he said ,in that crucial moment, he saw only her *swoon* And have you ever seen a kiss in that position? So sweet and so right for a little awkward Eun-jae to be kissed! Gahhh..I could go on and on, 16 eps were just too short for the cuteness!

          Did you notice, in the recent episodes, how Moo-yeol’s eyes could turn so sweet whenever he looked at Eun-jae? LDW was so good portraying a man in love, I wasn’t impressed with his Scent of a Woman, but now giddily waiting for his next project.

          Are you watching Moon/Sun? If so, which team are you taking; the king or Prince YM? My two feet are on team king, you were with Ma-ru in CYHMH, how about this one? Huhu…Hwon warrior is here 🙂

          • I was laughing on the hanbok scene between DA and Manager Kim because he was tying the ribbon instead of untying it for a seductive interlude. But I must admit these two do have sexual tension particularly when they are talking about their fantasies! Keke …

            I have watched several times as well the “make up” scene between MY and EJ! I love it! And I agree that we could have seen more cuteness between the two! 16 episodes are too short for them. Damn ajumma stalker for taking quite an air time!

            MY does have a fondness for EJ. I am actually tracing back on when MY fell for EJ. What do you think when it began? He does love to tease her at first then I noticed he tends to seek her company because he can talk with her about his troubles and he is obviously happy just being with her.

            Regarding Moon/Sun, I rather take home with me Prince YM than to have him get into the muddle of political struggle! ^^

            • Agree, that ajumma talked too long, and why inserted that former actress when nobody cared?
              When MY fell for EJ? It could be as earlier as that Japan trip when he thought EJ fell for DS, and he beat the hell out of her haha…or when he got bullied by the fans, and EJ got injured (remember that bandage scene?) Aww…man, I miss them so!
              As for Moon/Sun, I knew it, I should have bought a lotto that Zenti would love the Prince! Please take him home and leave Hwon in my care haha.

              • Haha! I could have made you richer then!

                I was also dumbfounded to see an airtime allotted in episode 16 for the former actress when we can have more of our MY and EJ!

                So does that mean its MY who fell for EJ first? And he was not that fully aware of it then. It is highly probable because EJ started falling for him when he became more attentive of her and when he sought her company more.

                I totally miss MY and EJ! I love how they continually tease each other.

                • Omo..I couldn’t remember when EJ fell for MY (my attention was mostly on LDW hehe), could be when she saw him kiss that actress in front of her? So she started to see him as a man. The writer could have played with the story more on MY’s junior had a crush on EJ, oh well. So now that OB has ended, which drama is your love now? We might be sharing the same love again 🙂

                • I also think that EJ started to fall for MY when she became jealous seeing the actress making a move on MY. She did not show any signs of liking MY when they went on a Japan trip.

                  Except for glancing on Moon/Sun and Operation Proposal, I do not have a currently airing drama that I am so addicted to the point that I will rearrange my schedule just to watch it. I still totally miss MY and EJ that I rewind certain scenes from WR. ^^

                  I am looking forward to Rooftop Prince! How about you? Any dramas you are looking forward to?

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