The Moon That Embraces the Sun (2)

Please note that this is not a full recap as it’s already been done by my respectable bloggers. Bits of an episode were picked as inspired.

*Taken from The Moon That Embraces the Sun episode 2

OST – Back In Time

As Yeom is introduced as the Crown Prince Hwon’s new teacher, with his sister (Yeon-woo)’s help, he finds a way to open the prince’s heart.

Yeom, “So in place of  today’s lesson, may this humble subject present you a riddle?”

“If Your Highness guesses correctly then I’ll go according to Your Highness’s wish and hand over the literature position. But if Your Highness can’t figure out the answer, please do the apprentice ceremony to me, and use a positive attitude when learning.”

The prince says, “Do you want to make a deal with me?  [he thinks for a while] Very well. Speak.”

Yeom, “Since you have ordered it, then I’ll ask. ‘Can cause all living things in the world to become bright in a moment, and can cause all living things in the world to become dark in a moment’, what is it?”

Even though the prince thinks it’s an easy one, Yeom insists that it’s not as simple, “I hope to hear Your Highness’s answer at our next lesson.”

In the next lesson, the prince tells him his answer,

“The correct answer is the monarch’s politics. As the Doctrine of the Mean have said, “Let the states of equilibrium and harmony exist in perfection, and a happy order will prevail throughout heaven and earth, and all things will be nourished and flourish.” , so a monarch should govern the country with sincerity and morality. It should ensure the harmony and equilibrium in all living things. In other words, people’s lives will have a bright future ahead, and on the other hand, people’s lives can turn dark and lightless. So the correct answer is the monarch’s politics.”

After listening to the prince, Yeom says, “I’m very sorry. The answer is not the same as mine.”

He continues, “The answer is eyelids.”

The prince is confused, “Are you currently making fun of me?”

Yeom returns, “If Your Highness is not satisfied with the correct answer, then will it become a joke? Not being able to find the answer in the books to the question, do you think it’s a low-level thing?”

He explains, “From a child’s point of view, all living things in the world can become a question, and all living things in the world can become its answer.  In the process of learning, there are two important points that have to be remembered. One point, is the arrogance of knowing the correct answer. The other point is, your prejudice in using your own norm to determine things. This arrogance and prejudice, will cover Your Highness’s eyes and mind with darkness. You should be understanding instead. You talked about the monarch’s politics, right? What you said is right. But if the eyelids are closed, how will you observe the lives of the people? How will you talk about the road of the king? First of all, please correct your attitude in learning.”

The prince stands up as if  in anger, he orders Hyung-sun,

“Tell the fruit room to prepare some light refreshments. After I finish studying, I want to have a chat with teacher, to enhance a student and a teacher’s relationship.”

“Today I pay my respects to you as Great tutor to seek your teachings. Please forget my rudeness during this period of time, and accept my respect.” The Prince bows. Yeom quickly gets up and bows.

To everyone’s relief, the prince finally accepts his new teacher.

Upon learning that it’s Yeom’s sister who gave him the courage, the prince orders the barley sugar be wrapped for her, “I want to give it to my hidden teacher…” He smiles.

Later when he knows that his new teacher is the , this time, top scorer on the imperial exam in literature, he recalls the girl he met that day told him she came to participate in her brother’s ceremony being the top scholar. He realizes she is Yeom’s sister.

After Yeon-woo receives the gift from the prince through Yeom, she carefully chooses a paper for “It’s not a letter, but a reflection of fault”, as she explains.

Yeom hands the gift from his sister to the prince, “This is her return gift for the barley sugar…”,  a flower plot and a letter.

The prince unfolds the letter, “Have a look at this letter Hyung-sun. How can one believe that this is a 13 years old girl literary talent?”

Hyung-sun says, “There aren’t many girls that understand the Chinese characters, moreover to have such a good literary talent. But how is the content written in the letter?”

The prince looks at the letter carefully, “It’s Lee Gyo Bu’s poem.”

Yeon-woo’s voice, “A mountain monk desires the light of the moon. He draws water from the well into the bottle. And when he gets back to the temple he realizes, that when the bottled is poured, the moon will disappear. Why must you keep thinking of a young girl’s mistake? Please forget what transpired at the Silver Moon Building. I’m current repenting.”

The prince realizes, “She has solved the riddle that I gave her. Telling me to forget her. And I was thinking of how smart she is, she’s really foolish.”

In his mind, “How can I forget you?”

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    • MYGOSH I AM TOTALLY HATING MYSELF FOR NOT SEEING THIS lol seriously how did I not find this this was uploaded 21st december 2011 now it’s feb 2012 huhuhuhu time sure flies by

    • @maria, I can see you love Unnie very much, let’s hope YSH will do sageuk next. How about Joseon Crown Prince? Better yet, he should do Legend season 2, bring back Dam-dok!!! (sorry, couldn’t remember the spelling)

      • I heard of korean historical legend never watched it isn’t it sort of a fantasy I don’t know is you knew this but apparently lee ji ah from legend was supposed to be the role as ji sun for warrior baek dong soo but they dropped her because of that marriage-divorce scandle thingy that happened so they picked shin hyun bin to take the role as ji sun instead hehe,,,,,, yh I still ADORE UNNIE I MISS HIM AND JI SUN I MISS MY OTP LOL but I have decided to watch shut up flower boy band and I think I know exactly who I am OTPing hehe and judging by the looks of it I’m going to enjoy the drama alot maybe scarily it will be my next kdrama obsession I better start watching soo just got to finish ep 8 of dream high2

  1. kcomments@ have you heard of shut up flower boy band I heard of it ages ago but never bothered to watch dramabeans is currently recapping the series hehe so I just ahd a look at the screen-caps but I haven’t bothered to have a go at the show yet I have too many shows on my hands and I’m behind which is very unlike me also since dream high 2 has idols and a wannabe rock star I don’t think I can handle another show about music lol but rock music is very much my thing so who knows but if our watching shut up flower boy band please tell me your views on it or what you think of it if you haven’t seen it the boys are really HOT!!!! hehe especially myung soo (L) which I admit never heard of he’s a boy member of the group INFINITE I’ve heard of infinite but I don’t really listen to KPOP completely I listen to t-ara,, girls generation and miss A also 4minutes (Hyuna) but I haven’t really heard most of there songs it’s more like I’ll listen to one song of each k pop group but not actually listen to all there songs lol anyway I have no idea why I just started to talk about KPOP lol

    • @mariaaaaaa!
      Did you check BVS ep18? I mean, we will get a happy ending, right? The way things are heading, I hope the writer won’t let us down and give us a happy ending, p-please!

      I did check the Shut Up band first 2 eps, it was ok, loved Ji-hyuk the most, he’s hot IMO. The tone felt like a Japanese youth-comic, all they boys were so cool. But the problem was the camera’s movement, it hurt my eyes and I’m not really into a rock band so…just that. It didn’t trigger my inner spirits hehe.

      • I know the ep BVS ep 18 beginning was awesome the way he embraced her and between them it looks to be a happy ending I’m glad there resolved now and they resolved there problems well sort of lol but fake mum really has gone crazy that it’s no joke now we just have to focus on fake daddy and ga-on/jin shim lol,,,,,,, I like rock bands but not into the behind things so much most of the guys in the show seem arrogant lol but I think I will have a go at seeing it later on for more of a selfish reason because apparently hyun soo (L/myungsoo) will have a love interest called kim ye rim so if anything happens between them I I will watch it

  2. just thought I’d wish you a happy valentines day!!!!! kcomments@ hehe ^__^

    • Aww…thanks, a very happy V-day to you too! I’m busy relocating (again) but tonight is all for Moon/sun , and Wild Romance, hehe. Just to let you know, I love Operation Proposal, eh..YSH to be exact. 🙂

      • awwwwwwwww thank you x,, I am currently watching the moon/sun ep 11 and 12 I have some serious catching up lol I noticed the subs for dream high 2 are really fast ep 5 is already subbed GOSH lol and I am loving operation proposal mainly for yoo seung ho lol oooooooooooooooo must tell you some good news for bachelor’s vegetable store SPOILERS!!!!!!! tae yang finally found out ga on is jin shim YAY!!!! but probably in the most stupidest way lol but it was so sad he better end up with her in the end and finally fake daddy is starting to catch a little on lol seriously fake mummy needs to realise she’s not going to get away with it forever but seriously fake daddy needs to find out the truth quickly so we can get on with tae yang achieving his store and having his store become famous and let him be with jin shim that is simply all I ask first thing I want is tae yang and jin shim together second thing tae yang to get his store famous he’s got his store but he just needs it to be successfully achieved and thirdly fake daddy finding out about jin shim and how evil wife is also two other things I was tae yang to find out that jin shims fake mummy was the one that technically killed his grandma and last but not least fake daddy doing something about fake mummy because she is getting on my nerves so much and please PDNIM just make seul woo and dan bi be together not dan bi with tae yang or seul woo with jin shim I would be so upset lol

        • LOL, Maria, your spoilers have lots of fake mom and dad. I watched the latest ep, and finally admitted to myself that I don’t like this writer, why so much tears in every episode when the story could go lighter on the characters? Didn’t follow Dream High 2, cuz too many idols for me with music that didn’t catch my ears. My ranking as of today episodes, Wild Romance is up to No.1, Moon/Sun is down to No.2 *run to check on Operation Proposal episode 3* Kang Baek-ho fighting!

          • hehe ooooooo I’m really desperate to ask do you know how many eps operation proposal is having I heard it’s 16 (it better be) but I saw the preview for ep 4 SPOILERS!!! and baek ho and yi seul were already at the wedding together holding hands as if they were having there wedding already but I’ve seen pretty much all the trailers for operation love and it shows baek ho holding yi seuls hand running out of the wedding with yi seuls wedding dress on also it’s mean’t to be a mini-series it better not be 4 eps long I will be so mad!!!!!!! It better be at least 16 eps long,,,,,,, yh I am a bit annoyed with all the crying as well because honestly I want to get to the point seriously just let fake daddy find out ga on’s true identity so we can get over it and focus on tae yangs store and tae yangs love for jin shim that’s all I ask to be honest did they really need all this makjang stuff like I said when watching this show it’s like being in two different worlds is it just me or does tae yang seem to be losing his edge I mean in the beginning (take away the makjang stuff) tae yang was well like his name tae yang which apparently means sunshine (or something to do with the sun) now he’s more like grey rain anybody know the korean word for rain it says on google translator it’s bi but I think it’s wrong anyway thats’ besides the point tae yang just seems to of lost all his shine he was such a care-free sweetheart now he’s lifeless lol probably because of jin shim and everything going on this show better have a happy ending lol

            • As for OP, It’s slated for 16 episodes, def not going to end on episode 4. Seriously, just drool over YSH’s screen present is enough for me, his smiles..aww…the boy/man knows how to win your heart. Strangely, I want to see him in sageuk again as a hero, a Crown Prince, something royalty on throne haha…

              Yep, poor Tae-yang, his face’s gone so pale and lifeless, and the drama lost me. He cried and then she cried, and then they cried!

              • I know I am so glad operation proposal is having 16 eps it’s good but epdrama is REALLY ANNOYING ME like it’s not loading at and dream high 2 isn’t loading either it was earlier but funny thing is i looked at bachelors vegetable store and it’s working

  3. GOD every time I’ll see yoo seung ho as baek ho in operation love I’m still going to be reminded of yeo un huhuhuhuhuhu

  4. OOOOOOOOOOO @kcomments I think I’m probably going to have a go at rooftop prince next month (I know what your thinking) your probably thinking don’t watch it unless you’ve seen sungkyukwan scandle (hopefully the name I got right) but it’s got lee min ho (not lee min ho) but the min lee ho that played young yeom in the moon that embraces the sun and he is adorable he’s surprisingly alot older than what I thought he was I thought he was like 14,15 or 16 but he’s actually 18 or 19

    • also whoop whoop operation proposal today me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo EXCITED but it looks like we have to watch child actors because of the small trailer I saw this morning on asianmediawiki

  5. OHMYGOSH SORRY THOSE ANONYMOUS ONES ARE ME!!!!! I think you could probably tell

  6. I miss my avatar!!lol

    • @PINOKYA!!!!!! good to hear from you again been missing you from our warrior baek dong soo talks lol yh the child from the moon embracing the sun is the child that played young dong soo,,,,,,,, @kcomments one question who do you OTP in the moon that embraces the sun do you OTP the main couple??? I think I OTP the main couple but not sure because the scenes between yeon woo and yang myeon are cute and sweet I like them when they were kids there still sweet now but I am still waiting out of the love triangle who I OTP LOL,,,,,, but I do know one love triangle I’m loving and really hope will have some sort of progression and that’s between jae un, seul and yeom with that love triangle I really see it like yeo un, ji sun and dong soo because it’s like a mix between star-cross love and unrequited because it’s so obviously seul still loves yeom but the problem is yeoms now married to min hwa but I wonder what will happen if he ends up falling for seul and for some reason I see jae un falling for seul so it will be like unrequited love on his part I really want to see something like that happen because of the two scenes of them when they were kids even though seul was only paying attention to yeom it looked like jae un was paying attention to seul or he was just interested lol I think I may OTP seul and jae un but not sure yet they need more scenes and progression

      • @Maria
        Yo! Hwon = Sun, Wol = Moon, from the drama’s title, they are the OTP!
        I’m not sure about Woon, he may fall for Wol too, the way he looked at her. But he knows she’s the king’s woman so…but I would love it more if he falls for Seol. Not sure why Yeom hasn’t been active as a husband, may be he’s still harbouring some feeling for Seol? Getting excited how a hero would shoot down one sun and one moon, so that only one moon and one sun left, are you with me, moon/sun thingy?

        • YH I won’t lie I thought that too that un is falling for yeon woo/wol because of the way he looked at her I noticed it too so by the look so it I wasn’t the only one that noticed but it slipped my mind a bit like when gu hayang first looked as yeo un also with the queen I thought does gu hayang like yeo un but then it slipped my mind same with un and yeon woo/wol but I really would like un to fall for seul I think I have OTPd them but still waiting since they need to have some sort of progression and yeom he isn’t doing well with min hwa they are cute together but he just treats her like a child or a baby sister and it’s obvs that seul loves yeom so I see some sort of love triangle between yeom, seul and un I guess it would be interesting if un falles for yeon woo/wol but I would probably get annoyed because it would be like three men after one woman so I think it would be cool if he falles for seul I mean come on we need a good warrior couple because if un fell for yeon woo/wol it would remind me of yeo un and ji sun, un would be protecting yeon woo/wol all the time as well as the king but we need a good warrior couple so him and seul would be awesome I loved the little scenes of them when they were kids he kept noticing her but she only kept looking at yeom lol also was it just me or un sort of had a hunch who seul was after he tried to attack her lol ,,,, and the whole sun and moon thingy stil confuses me to be honest lol

          • Yep, rooting for Woon and Seol for now. I really hope no one will die at the end, sageuk loves to kill off several characters to conclude the story. Omo..I didn’t notice the young Woon looking at Seol, truthfully, I hope Seol will not have to sacrifice her life for someone, please no!

            • well I don’t know if he looked at her exactly but he could sense her presence like in ep 1 or 2 when he was fighting yeom seul was hiding in the background watching yeom fight and un looked when she disappeared she was afraid to get caught and un smiled also when yeom had to leave seul was in the background watching him and I’m pretty sure un saw her and smiled when she disappeared and yeom patted her on the head or smoothed her head or was in shoulder not sure now lolz,,,,, but I think I OTP un and seul for now I just really want more scenes of them to make it official that I like them lol because yeom and min hwa are married so there may not be a chance for yeom and seul but in the future I may end up OTPING them if they have more scenes and recognize each other I’m pretty sure un had a hunch that it was seul in ep 10 I hope there will be an MV for seul and un soon hehe

    • @pinokya *waves*
      LOL, missing your avatar too, haha. Yep, he is the young Baek Dong Soo, but he’s so much better now as The Crown Prince Hwon. Don’t forget to check YSH’s new drama, Operation Proposal, starting this Wed!

  7. he!he!! hello!! and happy new years!!Is it the boy in Bae dong su in childhood

  8. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yh this was one of my fave scenes the way hwon was accepting his new teacher and everyone watching was probably thinking oh he’s going to call the royal guards to get rid of him,,, also the poem that yeon woo wrote beautiful (even though it’s not actually her poem lol)

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