OSTFix #15

Beside The Moon That Embraces the Sun that has been shining so brightly as a huge hit on MBC, a romantic-comedy Wild Romance airing at the same time on KBS, is also just as entertaining guaranteed to make you laugh. The drama comes with several lovely soundtracks that surprised me. Lee Dong Wook is a pleasant surprise, his acting is so naturally hilarious with his co-stars. Though everyone is doing a good job but I believe it’s Lee Dong Wook’s remarkable comic timing that got everyone in the heart.

[Buahaha, she tried to make him laugh but he kept his straight face the whole time. Really want to see the making of this one. ]

*Sad to say, he’s shaved as of episode 8 *sob*

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  1. hey kcomments@ I want to ask are you still watching BVS if you have seen the latest eps SPOILERS I want to be reassured eh do you think tae yang and jin shim will end up together after he’s found out who she is, because dan bi and tae yang were holding hands only because they were running away from somebody but tae yang still smiled at her sweetly and dan bi obviously likes him but I guess that’s just in tae yangs nature to be so smiley and all that usually the main couples end up together unless it’s korean historical period drama fusion saguek or if it’s like a star-crossed lovers drama but I have high hopes tae yang will be with jin shim hopefully I really hope they will be together in the end once he’s finally found out who she is seriously you would of thought he would of found out by now lol what do you think do you think they will end up together?

    • Buahaha, Maria, your question reminds me when we were watching WBDS, and you were so mad that Un didn’t end up (or kiss)with JS. As for BVS, I’m not sure I could help because , honestly, I watched only CJW’s scenes LOL. But yes, I saw the latest episode and really impressed with CJW’s acting, so far, he has surpassed my expectation. From what I saw, I didn’t feel like they will switch pair but may be a seperation/misunderstanding for a while. I believe Tae-yang is a person who never gives up right? Plus, it’s so clear to me that he loves her so much. Some conflicts will help love-birds sticking together. I’m pretty sure, we will get a happy ending and a successful vegetable store(s).

      Currently, I’m so excited about Micky’s new drama, The Rooftop Prince. It’s so nice to see him back wearing sageuk’s garb again, though this time moving from a scholar (in SKKS) to the Crown Prince! And Maria, Operation Proposal will premiere this coming Wednesday, please come here and say how you feel, thanks 🙂

      • Don’t worry I will come here I always come here everyday lol (no lie) HAHA yh I reckon tae yang will end up with her the show is based off a true story of a man who got his store he’s got like 40 stores lol so yh I think there will be a misunderstanding for awhile and then he will find out who she really is and fake daddy has to find out that jin shim isn’t ga on his real daughter,,,,,,, and the rooftop prince seems interesting I might have a go at it it’s released 14th march 2012 so maybe I will have a go I got time after-all I think anyway it all depends if I have time to watch it,,,,,, and don’t worry I’ll be here to talk about oepration love I am looking forward to I am so psyched and don’t worry I knew it would be released wednesday this coming and I t won’t be subbed yet so I will just have to wait til it’s subbed I will probably just skip through it,,,,,,, there was one other questions I want to ask did the main guy from city hunter (lee min ho) end up with the girl in the end because I saw the whole series (and loved it) but the ending confused me I wasn’t sure if they ended up together or not because she had her suitcase but I think somehow they did?

        • City Hunter’s ending?
          My impression from the episode is Nana meets him at the airport to elope be with him. The last scene when he drives alone at night on the highway is just the signature thing of City Hunter (the Japanese comic).

          I didn’t worry about the ending because ,in the comic, City Hunter and Kaori (Nana) is the thing. You can’t talk about City Hunter without mentioning her, period. Since I’ve grown up with City Hunter (the comic), I could tell you that she’s his gang, most of the time stay beside him. The Korean’s adaptation is more like ‘the birth of the City Hunter’, so of course, they have to end it open like that to continue the legend (so many chapters in the comic). Anyway, they (PMY and LMH) are dating now, so of course, they end up together, haha….

          • HAHA yh lol I heard that city hunter was a manga and anime but I didn’t bother having a go at them but I just remember thinking that at the end of city hunter (korean) I was confused about the ending and thought they probably could do with a season 2

  2. Thanks, I lost track of dramas, too many to watch, gotta check ep 1 for KSH for sure. A little late, currently on The Princess’ Man, some aww and errgh! moments but addicted and entertaining so far.

    • Checked DH2, too many idols, there has to be someone as a magnet of the show to pull the viewers in, someone who can act well. KSH’s cameo was a let down, Sam Dong was at his peak at the Grammy? Looking forward to YSH, Operation Proposal.

      • Yh there does seem to be alot of idols but I don’t know if I will enjoy this one don’t get me wrong it does look good but I still am unsure I was wondering who I was going to OTP I was like ooooooo the lead girl hae sung with JB but I think she is supposed to have a romance with the lead guy jin yoo jin and then rian (jiyeon) had a cute scene with JB and I thought they looked good together but then rian had a cute scene with si woo and I was like GAHHHHHHHHH just got to wait for subs any ways yh me too I am so looking forward to yoo seung ho’s drama operation love,,,,, one question what does OTL mean does it mean to the fandom as on true love???????

    • OH WOW YOUR WATCHING PM I thought that drama was enjoyable but I admit I was not quite so hung to it as I was with WBDS it just didn’t hold me quite as much but I still liked it

  3. hey @kcomments just want to let you know dream high 2 ep 1 is now out on epdrama but it of course is raw have to wait for subs anyways here you can watch it

    SPOILERS: notice the beginning bit with jiyeon and kim sooo hyun were re-enacting the scene where hye mi goes to sam dong and kisses him when he’s on the train

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