If Tomorrow Comes Episode 5

Here it comes as a surprise (to me too)  🙂


Il-bong runs fast trying to get away from his creditors. He climbs up the wall and settles himself on the rooftop. The gangsters are too exhausted from the chasing to climb. The guy tells Il-bong that he knows where he lives and tells him to come down quickly. Il-bong lies that he will be leaving Seoul soon. He tells them not to come to his house, did he not say he would pay them back. They decide to let it go this time but threaten that they will surely meet again.

Mr. Choi is telling Jeong-in that to do it that way is too dangerous, because it’s a new project, she should be careful with the law. She tells him to address her properly she’s here as a new director, and who told him to violate the law, she’s asking him to make use of the law.  The law are created by people, if he takes a closer look, surely there are loopholes that can be used to their advantage.  To put it in a simpler way, in term of managing, “You don’t have to engage in a lawful way, but make the managing business looks legal.”

He argues that he thinks they shouldn’t rush into it, instead, they should gain the partners’ trust slowly.  She says she’s an impatient person and just wants to win. She tells him that she asks just one thing from him as a director, to make big profit in shorter period. She tells him to leave.

Jeong-in asks Soon-jeong for a glass of water. She hurriedly pours the water and gives it to her. Jeong-in drinks it and grabs Soon-jeong’s hand to spit it out, yelling how she can expect her to drink regular water, she wants cold water. She screams at her to get cold water. Soon-jeong  runs to serve her.

Soon-jeong’s phone is ringing, Jeong-in tells her to pick up but Soon-jeong hesitates. It’s from Won-seob. She excuses herself from the room to accept the call, Jeong-in wonders why.

Won-seob scolds her asking if she’s crazy for talking too much about her son’s eating habit with Won-ja. She’s angry asking if he’s afraid, why she has to care about others, she too wants to grumble and comfort from other.  She says she and her child don’t want to become his burden, in the future, they should live separate life, like an outsider. She wishes him happiness and hangs up.

Jeong-mo overhears their conversation, not knowing who’s on the other end.  He tries to comfort her, asking if that was from her child’s father. Soon-jeong is so startled.  She tells him Jeong-in is waiting for him and walks away, he follows her nagging what he said that made her so angry, the man is bad never come to visit his child even once. She walks quicker to avoid him and gets into the restroom.

She looks at her hands that Jeong-in spit on, her hands start trembling. Feeling disgust, she furiously cleans her hands and cries out of hatred.

Ji-mi is telling her mom that Yeong Gyoon and Eun-chae broke up, and that her brother wanted to break up first. Mom asks why. Ji-mi says she told her before that they are in different class, in their (Eun-chae’s family) eyes, Yeong Gyoon simply is incompetent. Because of his self-esteem, he broke up with her first.

Mom is angry saying it’s not easy to find such a good guy like her Yeong Gyoon, what’s so good about them? Ji-mi tells her mom to keep it from Yeong Gyoon that mom knows. Ji-mi nags her mom to give Il-bong some pocket-money. If he doesn’t have money to spend, it’s the same that she’s letting Il-bong making trouble outside. Also, mom should give her pocket-money too. Mom just tells her to get out and find her brother at the restaurant, he went on a blind date again, to see how it turns out.

Ji-mi suggests mom lower her expectation and let Jin-gyoo and Hyeon-sook paired together, otherwise there’s no other way. Mom argues that Hyeon-sook won’t look at him as a man, how they can be paired. Ji-mi suggests mom tells Hyeon-sook she will give her half of the restaurant, and Da-jeong’s tuition fees until she finishes college.  Mom tells her to shut up.

Hyeon-sook is trying to console Jin-gyoo that he will meet a good woman (he failed again on his blind date). He says he doesn’t want to hear anymore of comfort words. Il-bong walks in and asks him for money, he’s one of the shares owner so the money belongs to him too.  Jin-gyoo doesn’t buy that. Il-bong argues that his shares and Jin-gyoo’s are equal. Hyeon-sook signals him that Jin-gyoo is not in a good mood. Il-bong knows right away that the blind date didn’t go well. He tells his brother to work-out more to stay firm. When they are not looking, he snatches some cash and runs.

Jeong-in asks Ji-ho to have a talk with Eun-chae and take her to a fun place. Soon-jeong asks her permission to go home early today that something just happened. After she left, Jeong-mo tells Jeong-in that he heard she fought with her ex-husband about her son. Jeong-in wonders why Soon-jeong still keeps in touch with her ex after they divorced.

At the university, Ji-ho asks Eun-chae, after the break up, if she went look for Yeong-gyoon. She  shakes her head, she didn’t, not even a phone call. He suggests a text message. She sighs, she wouldn’t dare contact him, she feels sorry for him.

She touches her heart, that here feels very sad, why he had to listen to her mom’s words.  It’s all because of her. How can she let him endure the shame and continue dating her? Love shouldn’t be like that, broke up because of love, she used to think it’s absurd, but such thing can happen.

She asks him if she should let him go, it will be good for Yeong-gyoon. He says does she not think that both of them are giving up too quickly.  He suggests she talks sincerely with her mom about it. But Eun-chae thinks she will not be able to win over her mom, she doesn’t have the confidence to convince her. He says he noticed she’s  very afraid of her mom at times. She says no, she really loves her mom and respects her. She doesn’t want to make her sad. She wants to be a good daughter, but it’s so difficult.

He wonders how it can go on like this. If giving up is tiring, holding on is also tiring, why not hold on to him? So she won’t regret it later. She shakes her head. So he tells her to get up and come with him.

Jeong-in gets home, she learns that her husband and Eun-chae will not be here so only them for dinner. When Jeong-in goes upstairs, Won-ja asks Jeong-mo why Soon-jeong is not here. He says she fought with her ex-husband, Won-ja is interested asking who’s the ex, if he heard the conversation closely. But Jeong-in comes down so she just brushes it off.

They sit down for dinner. Won-ja says today she used the stone bowl to cook rice like Jeong-in did before. She heard that, in the old days, there were many country people who were unable to eat rice.  She and her brother haven’t been living that hard.

As she looks at the stone bowl, Jeong-in becomes quiet. She thinks of the past.

The young Jeong-in is telling her grandma, “If  we become rich, we will be able to eat rice. ” Grandma smiles and tells the little girl that she should make sure to buy it for her.

Soon-jeong sits outside drinking alone.

Won-seob comes to her house unexpectedly and reads the story for her son. After he puts the boy to bed, she asks sarcastically that how he can be here at this hours, is he not afraid of his wife. He begs her to understand that he’s living a nightmare.

She asks how he can hold his wife and comfort her in front of her.  He says he just put on a show (Errgh!), he tells her now it’s not the time. Until Eun-chae gets married, he will tell that time.

As they are in a heated conversation, Jeong-in calls, he challenges her to tell everything and hands the phone to her. Soon-jeong snatches the phone and presses to answer, Won-seob braces himself. She stares at him, then she puts down the phone and walks away. He picks up the phone and tells Jeong-in that he’s at the funeral his senior’s father has passed away, he will be home soon.

 After he hangs up, he prepares to leave. Soon-jeong asks him to stay the night since he told he’s at the funeral, he says he can’t. She hugs him. He tells her if she wants that day to come faster, she should do well helping Jeong-in at work. “For a person crazy for work, you should make her crazier, and try harder to make Eun-chae gets married.” She nods.

At home, Won-ja sits down with Jeong-in and asks her if her brother has an affair, what she will do. Jeong-in laughs it off, but answers that she will let him live with that woman, she doesn’t like to hold on to someone who doesn’t love her.

Won-ja asks if the woman gives birth to a child, Jeong-in asks if there’s that kind of people  in their neighborhood.  Just then, Won-seob comes home.  Jeong-in smilingly says his sister just asked her what she would do if he’s having an affair, an affair with a child. Won-seob stares at his sister, she gives some excuses that it’s just the house down the road.

Jeong-in asks her husband who is the one that he went to the funeral the he’s not staying overnight. Won-seob says it’s just someone she doesn’t know.  He suggests her about Eun-chae that if she feels the young man is ok, she should let them date.  Jeong-in says she can’t, it’s ended already.

But he thinks that young man has a good character, she should quickly let them get married so she could have grandson.  She stresses that, she said it’s ended already!  He concedes as always and gets up. When he’s about to walk upstairs, Won-ja throws salt on him because he said he’s in mourning, Jeong-in laughs.

Ji-ho takes Eun-chae to a club, he requests a song specially for her. She asks why he’s so good to her, is it that he has thought about her. Ji-ho says he’s treating all women well. Then she realizes, it’s her mom asked him to give her some advice. He smiles. She tells him to pass this to her mom that Yoon Eun-chae is fine. He says he will do that.

Eun-chae asks him why it has to be here.

He says this is her secret place where she and Yeong Gyoon met many times. If your heart is not changing, they said, two persons who broke up destined to meet again.  If  two persons have heartache, then there’s no reason to break up. He tells her she should start over. Although her mom opposed to it, she is not a little kid.

Yeong-gyoon is still at the office looking at their picture. Soo-jeong walks back in to get her cell phone she left on her desk and sees Yeong-gyoon. He quickly puts down the picture facing down. She asks why he’s still here. He says he needs to get some work done but she knows better, she tells him to let’s go eat together but he declines. So she tells him he’d better eat properly and leaves.

Yeong-gyoon comes to the club. His friend tells him that Eun-chae was here and she just stepped out. He thinks she went to the parking lot, perhaps she’s still there. He hesitates a bit then decides to go check on her.

And he finds Eun-chae with Ji-ho taking good care of her. He turns his back to them as Ji-ho drives away, he lets out a sad little smile to himself.

His friend asks him why that guy is so attentive to her. He requested the piano to play for her, wrote a song for her. Yeong-gyoon is lost in his thought, he drinks some more.

Dad’s exasperated that the big brother has been rejected at least 15 times and Yeong-gyoon and his girl friend broke up.  Hyeon-sook tells him not to worry, Yeong-gyoon will meet a new girlfriend. She gives him the cash for today’s business. Gwi-nam looks at the cash, he asks why it’s so little. Before Hyeon-sook could answer, Bo-bae says she took it, she needs to use it and will pay it back. Hyeon-sook is surprised that Bo-bae seems to know and covers up for Il-bong.

Gwi-nam says Jin-gyoo wants to give up on Korean women and look for a foreign woman instead. Bo-bae is not pleased with the idea. Gwi-nam asks Hyeon-sook, though he kept asking her this,  if she really has no interest in Jin-gyoo. Hyeon-sook quickly answers that she and Jin-gyoo are like brother and sister, how they can get married. Gwi-nam and Bo-bae are disappointed by that.

As the family sit together, dad announces the changing of their marriage plan.  Except for Ji-mi, he’s cancelling the “older marry first” rule, whoever brings a daughter-in-law home first is fine with mom and dad.

Yeong-gyoon is a little drunk, he accepts his dad’s new rule right away telling his dad not to worry, the four of them will be married, they will get him good daughter-in-laws.  Il-bong quickly counters not to count him in, he’s not going to get married. Yeong-gyoon’s blabbering on,  “I’ll earn a lot of money. Drive a stylish import car, play a piano, sing a song.”

He tells his mom and dad that he will buy a big house, and when they move in, they will have a big house-warming party. They will invite congressmen and a famous singer. He really wants to do that.

Mom notices her son is drunk. Yeong-gyoon tells her that he loves her, he kisses her on the cheek. He ensures dad that all of them will get married.

Seong-ryong raises his hand, he too wants to get married. Yeong-gyoon says of course, he will get married, “We are the invincible four brothers, fighting!”   Ji-mi looks at Yeong-gyoon knowing that he’s still feeling sad about his broke up with Eun-chae.

That night, Ji-mi and Il-bong have to get out of their bedrooms because of the banging noise. It comes from Yeong-gyoon’s room. Il-bong looks inside and sees Yeong-gyoon is repeatedly banging his head on the wall crying.

Il-bong feels sad seeing his brother is suffering. It’s obvious that he was dumped, why he kept saying that he initiated the break up. It seems Yeong-gyoon’s just pretending that everything is fine but in fact he can’t let go. Ji-mi feels sad for her brother too.

Seong-ryong wakes up because of the noise. He sees Yeong-gyoon is banging his head on the wall crying, he asks him what’s wrong, if he keeps this up, he will get hurt. He tells him not to cry.

Eun-chae misses Yeong-gyoon, she thinks of Ji-ho’s words to hold on to it so she won’t regret later. Ji-mi comes in the room to check on Yeong-gyoon, she sees an incoming message on his phone, it’s from Eun-chae.

It reads, “Oppa, I’m Eun-chae. You’ve chosen to leave me, I understand that. If you think it’s alright, I want to start over.  I don’t want it to end like this. I’m really sorry what my mom has done to you. It must be hurting your self-esteem. I apologize on her behalf. Oppa, as long as you want, I can leave everything behind and run to you. If you get this message, please get back me. “

Ji-mi listens to the message and gets angry. She doesn’t believe Eun-chae could give up everything, she thinks her brother would end up crying again if they start over. So she sends a message to her as if it were sent from Yeong-gyoon.

Eun-chae is happy to receive a message from Yeong-gyoo. She reads, “I’m sorry Eun-chae. I know it’s hard but let’s try to forget each other. In case it’s too hard and I try to call you, look for you, entangle you, or want to see you, please be cold to me and I’ll do the same. From now on, I’ll block your number. Eun-chae, please be happy.”

After reading the message, Eun-chae calls him but her number is blocked from his phone, she cries.

In the morning, she burns all of her pictures with Yeong-gyoon. Jeong-in smiles feeling satisfy.

In the morning, when Yeong-gyoon finishes his breakfast, Bo-bae hits her son’s back saying have a good day, fighting! Yeong-gyoon smiles. Seong-ryong gives him a gift and says, fighting!

At the office, Soo-jeong sees Seong-ryong’s gift on Yeong-gyoon’s desk. She reads it. He takes it back saying it’s precious to him, he carefully tapes the letter with the doll Seong-ryong gave him. It reads, “I like my brother Yeong-gyoon the most. Don’t cry, fighting! Lee Seong Ryong.”

Jeong-in takes Eun-chae with her to the golf club, the housewives think she is trying to get her daughter married by showing her off.

Eun-chae sits outside holding her cell phone. She thinks that he blocked her number is too much, it looks like it really has ended.

Yeong-gyoon walks into his office building and the images of Eun-chae pop up here and there where she used to come greet him. He lets out a smile thinking she’s really here but then he realizes it’s his mind wishing she were here.  He shakes his head to get a hold of himself.

At the golf club, Jeong-in walks outside to sit with Eun-chae and asks why she sits here all alone. She tells her daughter that she doesn’t want to see her daughter can’t forget a man who has already ended the relationship. Eun-chae assures her that she won’t be like that. She tells her mom not to worry. Mom says, of course, she is  Son Jeong-in’s daughter, she couldn’t be sad.

“Because of love  you were crying and upset, it’s only happened in mom’s generation. There are lots of things to be done, you can live your life a whole lot more.” Jeong-in says, though this place is nice,  she can build their “Feeling Village” better than this place,  “So when I’m getting old and ready to retire, mom and dad will go there  and live together.”

She says she wants to live like an old couple in the movie and her daughter comes visit once a week, bringing along the son-in-law and grandsons, and all have dinner together. It’s her wish.

Won-ja comes to Soon-jeong’s place without telling her in advance, she nosily looks around. A phone on a table is ringing, she looks at the name, it’s the son’s father call. Won-ja takes the liberty of picking up the call, and uses her arm to push the panic Soon-jeong away.

She hears her brother’s voice that he’s waiting outside for Soon-jeong to come out. Won-ja looks at Soon-jeong horrified, unable to say anything. Won-seob repeats his questions wondering why Soon-jeong does not speak to him.

Soon-jeong calmly sits down and takes the phone from Won-ja’s hand. She answers the call herself, “Honey, where are you?” Won-ja is shock at the way she addresses her brother as a husband. “Please come inside.” Soon-jeong tells Won-seob. With that, he suspects something might have gone wrong.


Don’t you think the moment a husband gets caught having an affair is always the same? He will surely come up with reasons to justify his act. Soon-jeong is also too calm, may be deep down inside she’s wanted this all along, that someone recognizes her as the president’s wife.  I can understand her bitterness of working under such boss, Jeong-in. But I couldn’t understand her anger towards Jeong-in when ,in fact, she is the one backstabbing her.  I hope she will learn her lesson well in the end, and of course, the hubby too. It’s never too late to punish the sneaky hubby  🙂

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