Happy Week as a Viewer

I had really such a wonderful time watching dramas this week. Each drama had moment of its own where I squealed and laughed out loud like a lunatic. I couldn’t help sharing it with you, major spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk  🙂

*Giddy gal dancing*

Fantasy Couple OST – Just We

Here is my chart of the week,

No.4 – A Decent squeal

And this is from Color of Woman episode 11. How would you feel, if you get on an elevator….

…and your boss do this…

….with your colleagues standing in front of you?

I’m not sure why I’ve kept coming back to this drama hoping it would get better *sigh* Dear Jae Hee, why were you so stiff? Still couldn’t help wanting to see more of  him. The story was kind of predictable but it’s the acting that made me feel so bored at times. The girls’ fight didn’t feel real though, don’t know why.

No.3 – A squeal with a peaceful smile

The man is a gangster alright but he is willing to learn how to properly peel a cucumber and continue on the tradition, from Fermentation Family episode 11 and….

…..episode 12 *sigh* finally!

No.2 – A squeal while beaming from ear to ear – From Bachelor’s Vegetable Store episode 8.

Can you resist not buying any veggies from these boys?

I love youuuuuu! Man, if only the horrified mom(s?) doesn’t exist  🙂

And No.1 top of the chart, repeatedly squealed accompany by delightful shrieks, loud enough to wake my neighbors.

From Wild Romance episode 4

Buahahaha…and yep, that’s our leads, they suppose to fall in love in the future, and from the preview of episode 5…..

How do you think, they will fall for each other?

Aww…….. *nosebleed*

As you can see, sageuk is not counted here. Because of my self-esteem, I refuse to squeal over a boy that young, The Crown Prince Hwon from The Moon That Embraces the Sun.  Great job, this noona lurrve ya!


Hands down!

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  1. I actually read two very interesting fanfics by avafanfics
    the fanfic is about dong soo and yeo un and jin ju very surprisingly and I loved it the reason why I love it because (it in my opinion) delves deeper into the relationship of yeo un and jin ju I mean as we all know by watching the series yeo un and jin ju don’t have much interaction in fact they don’t hardy at all I think out of the show there was only like one scene of them altogether and one when they were kids it makes me think though why couldn’t the love triangle been dong soo and jin ju and yeo un instead of with ji sun it would have been so much more interesting (in my opinion anyway) I always wondered why didn’t yeo un and jin ju have any interaction at all in some ways it was better they didn’t because then if they did I might of shipped them together lol maybe someone can answer that question for me of why they didn’t really have any interactions I mean technically dong soo, yeo un and jin ju were like the three besties before cho rip came along????????????????

  2. KCOMMENTS@ been missing you and your comments

  3. @maria…nice bromance videos… thanks for sharing… I’m enjoying BVS so far

    • HELLO MY FRIEND pluie625@ I know right there really beautiful mvs,,,, I am also enjoying bachelor vegetable store finally jin shim says her name is ga on but not for the reason I was hoping for lol I want tae yang to find out that ga on is actually jin shim lol

    • Darnit, I just figured it out that BVS = the veggie boys, count me in the team. Did you guys notice that Ga-on cried in almost every episode lately? The writer sure loves to torture her. I’m on this one only because of JCW, he put so much heart in his acting!

      • I very much agree to HE IS GORGEOUS thats partially why I am watching it lol and his acting is great it’s so strange thought how he can become practically any character I mean if you’ve seen t-ara’s cry cry and lovey dovey mv he plays a complete different character I think in the future it would be more cool if he could play a bad guy I know he’s great at playing a nice guy but I think it would be interesting instead of always playing a nice maybe he could play a character that has loads of layers so he could be bad and good either way he is gorgeous and yh I feel soooooo sad for jin shim (ga on) What I like about her is she is far greater and has more emotion than shin hyun bin that’s why I just didn’t like dong soo with ji sun lol so it’s great to have a co-star leading girl for ji chang wook that has far more greater emotion

  4. I LOVE THIS POST HEHE kcomments@ some of what you make me so happy hehe I noticed that in colour of women yoon so yi one of the female leads of WBDS is in it I heard correct me if I’m wrong that fermentation family is not doing good and wild romance not sure about AND i’m really glad your watching or checked out bachelor’s vegetable store I have checked out ep 8 and at the end jin shim say (I am guessing) that her name is mok ga on FINALLY! now tae yang better start to realize lol I got to wait for subs on ep 7 now and the moon embracing the sun I am loving for some reason mainly for the girl she is so smart and intelligent and wise and very pretty she is what I would like to see more of everything she says is practically wise the way she says that noblemen and the rich should be equal with the poor I so agree and the poetry used in it and the little riddles (which truthfully other than the girl is what I love the most) It’s just beautiful I know when she’s older she’ll be the strong-willed one hehe

    • I didn’t check the ratings of any dramas, because I could understand and guess what kind of drama would attract the Korean viewers. Fermentation Family is a family drama, not a rom-com, well made, very pretty Korean cuisine. Color of Woman is quite a mess but I’m all for Jae Hee, seeing his face soothing my inner spirits, and that’s about it hehe.
      I’m a little giddy with Wild Romance right now, it’s fun and hilarious!

      • AHHHHH wild romance is it a tear jerker because I don’t know if I would be able to watch if it was just a comedy romance I would be fine with still not sure about starting wild romance yet because too many shows watching lol

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