OSTFix #14

Missing scholar Lee and the quartet. Though the newly premiered The Moon That Embraces the Sun of the same writer has been doing well with the ratings, it hasn’t yet have me hooked like the good old times with Sungkyunkwan Scandal, sharing with you tonight the OST – Drawing You *sniffs*

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  1. THANK YOU kcomments@ for introducing me to this beautiful OST I truthfully have not seen sungkyunkwan scandle but I am very aware of it I have heard great things of it and It looks amazing hehe but I have not seen it lol but I may have a go at watching it in the future maybe later on this year I have too many american dramas lol and I plan to start 3 or 4 other korean dramas since I mean cmon kdramas (In my opinion) are far better there far too beautiful with storyline and i find korean actors better lol but I like to have variety so thus far I watch american as well lol kdramas I plan to watch this year are dream high 2 (will give it ago even if it hasn’t got the main cast from the first) operation love korean remake with yoo seung ho and I might think about watching love rain with jang geun suk That’s only a might and bachelor’s vegetable store currently watching and watching the moon embracing the sun and WOW I’m loving it and yes i’m also aware the author who wrote sungkyunkwan scandle also wrote the moon embracing the sun maybe in the future later this year I may get into korean literature lol since there’s alot of these beautiful riddles in the moon embracing the sun I heard on dramabeans that the author did that any ways thank you for sharing this beautiful OST first time i’ve heard it since of course I have not watched sungkyunkwan scandle but for some reason I started to sing it lol i have started to sing korean music thanks to the korean romanization

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