Wild Romance Episode 1

The only knowledge I know of baseball is the ball and the bat. Except in the Japanese comic, I’ve never really care for the sport itself but when a fun romantic comedy come along with two leads playing their parts totally outrageous and not trying  to be the handsome or the pretty, why not here for one episode. Let’s try avoiding all the baseball thingy as much as possible  🙂 and enjoy the show. Buahahaha… reaction to the first episode of  Wild Romance.

It happens one night.

1st inning

What is Play ball ?

A slogan shouted by the umpire to start a baseball game. Generally used to indicate the start of something.

Play Ball!

Wild Romance OST Part 1

Manager Kim Tae-han is showing the product of his client’s night-time escapade. The video clip that is  now all over the internet where he was flipped over by a woman.

Park Moo-yeol, a famous (not in a good way) Red Dreamers baseball athlete. What is this all about? He asks Moo-yeol.

While Yoo Eun-jae, a bodyguard, is also questioned by her boss Kevin Jang. “What exactly this is all about? Tell me! Is this you?” He points to the screen. She looks closer and cringes, “’s look like it.”

Not a very good record herself. Kevin states the fact, a female high school student was injured by a bodyguard, three weeks recovery time. The news hit less than a month ago.  For a bodyguard company, image is everything. They need to be careful like walking on the landmines. Did he not say this to her two days ago, yet she went out and caused trouble?

Both roll their eyes trying to come up with a perfectly sound reason for their behaviors.

Manager Kim asks if Moo-yeol is still confused about the situation. After the Korean league, his anti-fans have increased drastically. His name is on the top of the (famous) list of  a bad influence on students chosen by parents across the country,  also the most likely not abide by the law, with overwhelming number one.

With all that, manager Kim continues, he had to get involved in a fight at the nightclub, fought with a woman.

Moo-yeol corrects him it’s a karaoke place, not a nightclub.

Soon the reporters will swarm over, how he’s going to defend himself, he asks Moo yeol. “Who is that woman?”  Moo-yeol tells him that that night was the first time he saw her, how should he know?

Kevin asks, who is Park Moo-yeol, the video has spread quite fast. She says he’s a baseball player. This person is known as a bad boy in baseball, the baseball gangster of the Red Dreamers. Kevin couldn’t believe, “You! You clearly know he’s famous, yet you did that?”

Both are forced to recount the whole story, they come up with their own story, lying here and there.

That night, at a karaoke. Eun-jae, her dad and brother are celebrating dad’s birthday, singing their hearts out, with a mix of  beer and soju.

Moo-yeol comes to the same place to meet with a woman in another room.

Listening to his story, manger Kim asks who he went with, it can’t be that he went to a karaoke alone. Moo-yeol says it doesn’t concern that person. But Tae-han thinks  in case they need an eye-witness.

Moo-yeol turns serious, even if this incident is blown out of proportion, that person has nothing to do with it. He glares at his manager. So Tae-han tells him to continue with the story.

Eun-jae’s dad is so drunk that he accidentally walks into the wrong room where Moo-yeol is sitting with a woman. Dad drunkenly apologizes and goes back to his room and continues singing, Eun Chae gets out for the restroom. Dad keeps singing until………his eyes widen, he recognizes the man,

he roars, “Park Moo-yeollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll….” (he come up with the name, similar to the sound, the three words that best describe the guy’s violent and muck behavior)

He peeks again to make sure. Moo-yeol sees them so he comes out and asks what they are doing.

Both men call him, You damn thief! The championship should be ours. It should belong to the Seagulls, 12 years of yearning championship. Their Seagulls’ dream.

[When hearing the story up to here, manager Kim concludes, not only they are anti-Park Moo Yeol, but also the die-hard fans of the Blue Seagulls.]


Moo-yeol calls them losers. Because his team played well so they won, “So what are you going to do about it!? The seagulls lost because they lack skills. What that got to do with me?”  Dad grabs Moo-yeol, “You bastard!”. With the loud commotion going on, the woman hurriedly slips out from the place bumping Eun-jae on her way out.

An unknown hand records the incident with a phone. Moo-yeol pushes them away they end up on the floor. Eun-jae sees them lying on the floor, she doesn’t really bother until…….

She sees his face, youuuuuuuuuu! Don’t you try to get away! She throws him over her shoulder and the Blue Seagulls are giddy glad for their victory.

That’s the whole story that night, Eun-jae tells her boss. But she lies to her boss that it’s because she couldn’t refrain herself when she saw her old dad collapsed on the floor.

Apparently, Moo-yeol is called by several names coming from his haters.

Eun-jae tells the tragic history of the Seagulls.

Korea’s seventh league game, the Blue Seagulls is absolutely in the lead. Moo-yeol is ready to hit the ball, only that the Seagulls guy throws the ball really close to his body, twice. So for the third time, when the ball flying in, Moo-yeol swings his bat and lets it (the bat) go in the air towards the Seagulls guy (buahahaha..). And we all know the rule….

The players of both teams run into the field, they are furious and crash into each other.

The umpire orders Moo-yeol out of  the game.

The die-hard fans of the Blue Seagulls, Eun-jae’s family, jump with joy, but….the umpire also orders the Blue Seagulls guy out too. The family weep in sorrow. The Red Dreamers gets the championship. Their hope shattered.

After hearing the whole story, manager Kim decides that they have to locate the woman in the video, while Kevin tells Eun-jae to hide her identity for the sake of their reputation ( her drink and fight).

Eun-jae comes to the karaoke to change her payment from credit card to cash, mistaken manager Kim as the owner of the place. When asked, she confirms to him that she’s the one in the fight, so he hands her his name card, she reads, the Red Dreamers Kim Tae-han. Her jaw’s drops and they both end up meeting her boss.

They reach an agreement of the countermeasure.

While hiding from the reporters at his friend (Jin Dong-soo)’s house, Moo-yeol checks on the haters, his anti-fans’ comment. Apparently, he has this habit of  pleasuring himself by reading those hateful comments. His friend is wary of his habit, he asks if Moo-yeol is a masochist (haha) to which he gulps.

And the plan is, they will tell the press that she’s his bodyguard. Both show their agony to the idea but to no avail.

So they meet again, the anti-Moo-yeol Eun-jae as his bodyguard. They bite at each other from the get go, he calls her a bodyguard with a gangster father, he smirks, an ajumma, the brave ajumma that’s how the net calls her, from her hair style. She returns with no less calling him the baseball gangster. He loses the fun, and demands her apology before the press conference.

Eun-jae leans closer, “For whaaaatttt?” He says for throwing him over her shoulder that night. She says not gonna do it, never. He yells back, fine, he won’t do it too. He yells at the same time manager Kim opens the door to the press conference, he stops, the reporters look at him. He slowly closes the door.

Both Kevin and manager Kim turn to the source of the problem. Kevin bluffs Eun-jae the company may go bankrupt, while manager Kim lists out the names of the talented baseball players that, because of their personal lives, lost their opportunity to become great baseball players. So both yield to cooperate with the plan.

Reporter Go Do Sa seems to be Moo-yeol’s rival sticking to his tail, asking tricky questions trying to expose him, yunno, as a good noisy reporter should do.

When asked why he chose a woman as a bodyguard, Moo-yeol says when he went shopping with his friend, he was rumored that he’s gay, so he chose accordingly.

Dong-soo checks the news on the internet that the said video is actually a demo of  Moo-yeol’s bodyguard. He calls Moo-yeol that all is cleared and asks for how long this bodyguard would be. Moo-yeol feels like crying that until that story cools down.

At Eun-jae’s house, the die-hard Seagulls fans are telling Eun-jae that even though she will be next to their enemy, her soul remain Blue. Dad flips the wings of the seagulls.

He suggests Eun-jae finding an opportunity to fracture the guy’s ankle just a little so he couldn’t play baseball for the glory of the Seagulls (haha). Dad even has Moo-yeol’s print on his floor mat where he has his pleasure rubbing his feet.

Day 1 as his bodyguard, she asks for his schedule. He refuses to think of her as his bodyguard. She’s the scariest person in the world. He would be lucky if ,in the future, she didn’t stab him in the back.

So she adjusts her seat and leans back relaxing. He asks who told her to lie down, he’s not her driver. Eun-jae counters that she’s not lying down just..leaning back since he didn’t want her to interfere, she warns him of  the changing traffic light.

Moo-yeol smirks, he speeds up then hits the brake. His car stops right at the red light. The sudden changes of speed causes Eun-jae to slip down the seat. He cheerfully says, see! now she’s lying down. (buahahaha..) She gets up by stumping her feet on the console leaving the clear enormous footprints (so love these two).

When he demands she wipe it off, she takes off her shoe forcefully bouncing in his direction, and uses her foot to wipe it.

Moo-yeol laughs hahaha, she joins the laugh too.  When he demands she open the door for him, as a bodyguard, and check the surroundings for safety measure. She opens the door for him, he throws his stuff for her to carry. But when just his teammates walk by, she throws him hard against the hood for eh..his safety.

Moo-yeol is hitting the ball with all his might. His teammates clap their hands, nice shots! Only that he sees the ball as Eun-jae’s face flying in, and he hits hard.

He drives out of town telling her he’s meeting someone. Then he graciously smiles showing his good nature that she can very well leave, her job is done for today. She looks around, the place is uphill, she tells him she can wait but he insists that she goes back on her own.


As he turns his back to her, he laughs silently, gotcha! Eun-jae realizes his prank, she kicks his car to sound the alarm and runs off. He yells after her.

On her way, she stops the coming car asking for a ride, only that she recognizes the woman right away. It’s her at the karaoke that night. The woman politely refuses to give her a ride. So Eun-jae walks back alone fighting the cold, mumbling his thing with woman.

She catches a cold and vents out her anger on the internet as Moo-yeol hater.

On duty -the fan meeting, she sniffs from the cold. Moo-yeol grins asking happily if she catches the cold, he warns her not to give it to him.

Eun-jae endures all the fans’ love display of  Moo-yeol, oppaaaaaa! Then her boss warns her of  a suspicious guy come closing in. A group of  fans are praising Moo-yeol while being harsh to the Blue Seagulls, Moo-yeol laughs to his heart’s content, knowing full well that Eun-jae is hearing all that.

And that’s the last straw she could take.

The hater throws an egg to Moo-yeol, Eun-jae steps in front of  him as her duty calls for it. But then she dodges slightly to the side allowing the egg to pass thru.

The egg flies pass her to the person behind. Yep, Moo-yeol takes it all. Everybody rushes to take him away from the reporters.

Moo-yeol roars his anger while the Blue die-hard fans are celebrating Eun-jae’s extraordinary success.

In a dark room somewhere, pictures of Moo-yeol are sticking over the wall, on the table. The sound of  the radio, the news of  Moo-yeol hiring a bodyguard because the anti-fans threatened his safety. A hand pokes on his picture, omo…a serious hater is out there, so love this set up.

Kevin is having doubt that Eun-jae may intentionally dodged the egg. She cries, she weeps of how he would look at her that way. He looks at her closely then he claps, he says she do that when somebody asks , if the truth comes out, she will die in his hands.

So they meet again. Moo-yeol stretches out his leg, obviously he’s not over the egg yet. He starts his running, Eun-jae follows him.  He smiles and asks that yesterday she did it on purpose, did she, dodged that egg. He pushes her for an answer that he will keep it secret, he will forgive her. But she insists that she’s innocent.

Moo-yeol says, “Sure! If you lie, the Seagulls will lose 20 games straight next year, you swear?” Eun-jae gives in just a little bit and he shouts, “I knew it! I knew it would be like that!”. She reminds him that he said he would forgive her. Moo-yeol is speechless. When she asks him informally if  he’s mad, he yells back that she should pick one, speak formal or informal to him. She asks informally, if she could do that. He just curses and runs forward, so she’s confused whether or not she could speak using informal.

They challenge each other and run across district to district until Eun-jae gives in to her exhaustion. He declares himself the winner. But when he perks up and looks around. His smile faded realizing the far distance they had covered into the evening, how they will go back.

They end up hitchhiking but totally disastrously unsuccessful. They bicker on the way over his throwing the bat in that game, he stops short. He shouts his explanation that the Seagulls guy threw the ball at him first. But she says where else the pitcher should throw the ball. He doesn’t know what to do with her attitude, and wants to let out his scream of frustration.

They reach home and both hit the internet.  They are in the same chat-room, Eun-jae vents out her anger. They end up throwing comments at each other, accusing and defending Moo-yeol. Until she says, ” I know that bastard really well, I extremely understand that bastard better than you hundred times.”

He sends a question out, WHO ARE YOU?

Eun-jae responses, I AM YOUR FATHER!

Eun-jae tells him to cool down his anger, you punk!

Moo-yeol recognizes a familiar word used. His eyes widen.

He types, you are the idiot, aren’t you?

Eun-jae’s jaw drops, he types, hey, idiot! It’s you right?

She closes the chat box. On his screen, it shows, user “The world without that bastard” has left the chat room.

Moo-yeol is furious banging his desk.


So love Lee Dong Wook in this role, his acting has definitely improved a lot since My Girl. He surprised me with how casually and easily he eased into his role. I didn’t follow Scent of a Woman last year so this is my first of him out from the military. And it comes as a pleasant surprise, how long has it been for me to fully enjoy a rom-com rightfully equipped to its genre?  Light, breezy and fun, something I had hoped for *cough Lie to Me cough* It’s too early to tell but let’s hope the writing will be solid on the comedy throughout.

Having doubt my own capability yet feeling fun, so I gave this episode a try and realized, as suspected, how hard it is to capture humorous scenes into text, a recap. But this is the one episode of my appreciation to the hilarious elements nicely executed  🙂


Title: Wild Romance
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-04 to 2012-Feb-23
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama tells a love story between a baseball player and a female guard who is a former judo athlete.


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  1. LOL, i was very excited thinking you are going to recap this. No, DB did not, they only recap MES. The only recap that i can find is from a blog name One Talking Cupboard.

    Hahahah, you and me and thousands other fans who are jumping like anything when the news start. But still… C-jes never confirm about YC’s role in Ripley, so we still can hope based on that 🙂 There’s already a new picture of YC in hanbok flying around in twitter.

    • OOOOO I haven’t seen micky yoochun act kcomments@ is he good maybe I will WATCH I’m guessing he was really good in sungkyunkwan scandle (hope I spelt name right)

  2. Hi kcomments
    Are you going to recap this regularly or just this once? I feel that WR is very entertaining and hilarious. Dont you think the chemistry between LSY and LDW is good? I did watch SOAW but personally i feel that most of the time LDW has no expression at all. (other than being such an eye candy 🙂 Kekekeke, just my 2cents. But he is so different here, so i am very much impressed. As for LSY, she is such a good actress, her expression always crack me up….

    I think is C-Jes hasnt confirm that Yoochun will be in the drama, but we can always hope…

    • HELLO MY FRIEND NICE TOO MEET YOU wanzhaf@ ahhhh your possibly right but it did say on hancinema but I think will just have to wait and see

    • @wanzhaf
      I think Dramabeans is recapping this one. It was hard enough for me with the first episode, because the drama relied on the gestures of each character which was quite hard to transfer the fun into a recap, so I would leave this one in a capable hands 🙂 And of course, I wholeheartedly agree with you, the chemistry between the leads was great and very refreshing so far. I could go with the comedy alone for 16eps, but in ep4, more depth was added to Moo-yeol’s character, plus the suspense and the mystery of the haters threatening his life, has made this drama entertaining all around. Let’s hope it will continue to surprise us.

      Oh, why? Micky hasn’t yet confirmed the role in Rooftop Prince? I’ve already started dreaming of him wearing hanbok, speaking sageuk, and using iPad already haha. Love to see him in rom-com for once, I refuse to let my hope down!

  3. I have been watching this drama as well! I love its hilarity! They are so at odds with each other that it boggles my mind on how the two will actually fall for each other.

  4. I didn’t read all of this recap only a bit of the beginning of the recap and your comments I recognise the female lead girl she was the one from playful kiss (mischievous kiss) and the guy I don’t know but I’m sure he’s the one from the korean horror movie arang which I haven’t seen but I did have a look

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