If Tomorrow Comes Episode 4

What will you do if  a relationship suffocates you, and problems arise in every step of the way? That’s what happened with the couple in this drama. They know they love each other but everything is making it hard for them to be together. There’s nothing wrong of breaking up when a relationship doesn’t work the way you hope it would be. But, the question remain, will you be happy without  me?


Yeong Gyoon breaks the silence, “Eun Chae…” She gets a hold of herself and asks, “Did you say you want to break up?  Are you saying you want to end it? What’s the reason? Is it because of my mother?” He shakes his head, “It’s my decision, not because of anyone.”

She retorts, “So, because  it was decided by you, we have to break up?”  Yeong Gyoon sighs, “I’m sorry.”

She says she’s been anticipating this trip but it’s actually a farewell. She accuses him that it’s always about him, not her. That every time she brought up getting married, he would change the subject or avoid her. Is he having fun seeing her act like a fool?

Yeong Gyoon argues that it’s hard for him too to say this.

Eun Chae says, no matter what, now she’s the woman who’s been dumped by him. She says, alright, she won’t cry or bother him anymore. She gets up and leaves.

Yeong Gyoon follows her to the elevator, he wants to take her home. She shakes his hand off her asking if what they’ve been doing is just playing around, how he can say  ‘break up’ so easily. She demands his answer if their relationship is that worthless. He just looks at her.

At the restaurant, Jin Gyoo is throwing tantrum envying Yeong Gyoon that he gets to spend time with a woman. So mom learns that, instead of the company trip, Yeong Gyoon is on a trip with his girlfriend for one night and two days. Mom is exasperated, naughty child, she says.

Seeing Jin Gyoo is feeling down, mom teases Jin Gyoo if  he’s returned those water purifiers (he bought from the woman on his blind date, buahaha). Jin Gyoo embarrassingly lowers his head. Hyeon Sook stops mom from saying anything further on the topic, Jin Gyoo is really upset.

She consoles Jin Gyoo that that is the reason why he needs to lose weight. Jin Gyoo retorts that his belly is his charm (haha). Speechless, she pats his shoulder giving him her support.

Yeong Gyoon sits alone by the pool recollecting his breaking up with Eun Chae. He slowly gets up and leaves the place.

Il Bong and Ji Mi are trying to hack the password on Yeong Gyoon’s laptop, they wonder what Yeong Gyoon and Eun Chae would be doing now, Ji Mi smiles mischievously. Mom opens the door, Il Bong jumps thinking it’s Yeong Gyoon. Mom tells him if he makes Seong Ryong open the safe again, this time it won’t be his dad that cut tie from him but her. Il Bong concedes that he won’t touch it again.

Mom asks how long he’s going to hide, she encourages him to go to his dad and beg for his forgiveness.  But Il Bong says he can’t do that today, his face can’t be bruised. Mom asks if Yeong Gyoon really went out with his girlfriend. Ji Mi tells her not to worry, his girlfriend comes from a rich family. Mom gets angry that Ji Mi always talks about money at such a young age.

Jeong In comes home with a heavy luggage, she asks for Eun Chae. Won Ja relates what Eun Chae gave her as an excuse not to be home tonight. Won Ja notices the luggage looks heavy, she asks what’s inside. Jeong In tells her casually that it’s gold. Won Ja doesn’t look surprised, it seems Jeong In keeps gold in her house?

They talk about Soon Jeong (the secretary) that today she went to see her child, she does that every weekend. Jeong In asks about Won Seob. Won Ja asks if he’s not with her. Jeong In thinks she knows where he went, and says he will come home late tonight.

Won Ja mentions the boy, the son of  Soon Jeong, that he’s five years old. Jeong In thinks Soon Jeong should have let somebody adopt the child at that time, if she can’t raise him on her own. Won Ja thinks it’s bad to give up on your child but Jeong In has her own way of thinking (could it be, she abandoned her child in the past? Aha..).

Meanwhile, Won Seob is actually with Soon Jeong telling her not to call him at night. She asks if he’s afraid of his wife (excuse me, who wouldn’t?).  He says this is the life she has chosen.  She remembers that, but she starts to lose the confident. He says, did he not tell her to wait until Eun Chae gets married. She asks if he can’t stay tonight, he tells her to reduce her drinking. He gets up and leaves.

Soon Jeong runs to him and back-hugs him saying she’s having a hard time and tries to seduce him. The elevator’s door opens, he takes her hands off him and gets in, leaving her behind (so now it’s clear that the hubby is having an affair with the secretary. Obviously he didn’t see Fatal Attraction).

Gwi Nam is grinning widely saying it’s good to become a rich family’s son-in-law (they talk about Yeong Gyoon). But because she is rich, mom is worried about the bride’s gift. Dad wonders if she’s pretty, it seems he will meet his third daughter-in-law first. He doesn’t care who she is, if  he brings home a woman, that will do.

Jin Gyoo comes in the room, dad asks for Yeong Gyoon. The big brother doesn’t hesitate to tell his dad about his brother went on a trip with a woman before getting married. Dad’s all work up on moral issue. He gives out an example such as a married couple having an affair. Bo Bae (mom) stops him from talking in front of the kids. Gwi Nam turns and sees both Seong Ryong and Da Jeong are listening to his every word, blink blink.

Jeong In sits alone in her room, she looks at the cash in the bag, her mind slips into the past.

As they are wheeling away the dead body, the young Jeong In is crying, “Grandma! Grandma!”

Won Seob comes home, Won Ja smells perfume on his clothes, she teases her brother to be careful going to the bar. He gets in his room feeling tired by his own secret liaison.  While Soon Jeong still sits alone at the table that Won Seob just left.

Yeong Gyoon comes home and finds Il Bong is using his laptop playing game. He tells him not to mess with other people’s stuff. Il Bong wonders why he’s home early and asks if his trip was good. Then he tries to teach Yeong Gyoon how to handle things with woman. Yeong Gyoon shoves him to the floor. Obviously, Yeong Gyoon is in a very bad mood, he yells about how Il Bong had let Seong Ryong got beaten up. He wants to pick a fight. Il Bong notices his brother strange mood.

They end up beating each other waking up the household. So dad finds out that  Il Bong is in the house, he starts hitting his son. Il Bong is upset that his dad believes that he’s wrong to Yeong Gyoon that’s why Yeong Gyoon got angry. Everybody tries to calm dad down. Ji Mi warns her dad, his voice may frighten Seong Ryong and cause him to palpitate.

She turns to Seong Ryong and asks if that’s right. Seong Ryong blinks and says, now, he’s not, but  Ji Mi nods to him, so he starts crying that it’s possible haha. So dad stops yelling, everybody gets into the house.

Mom is talking to dad that whether it’s an outstanding child or an inadequate one, it’s still her child. They end up fighting, she will leave with Il Bong. She gets out of the room.  At the end, dad yields to his wife and lets Il Bong stay.

Eun Chae is feeling sad looking at their picture taken together. She asks Won Ja what her mom said to Yeong Gyoon that night at the party,, he said he wants to break up. Won Ja slips out that if  it were her, she would do that too, the way her mom treated him. But when Eun Chae presses her to say more, she’s too afraid of Jeong In so she gets out of the room.

In the morning, Eun Chae overhears Won Ja talking to Jeong Mo how Jeong In was rude to Yeong Gyoon that night. She recounts Jeong In’s words to him, that she told Yeong Gyoon, he’s not qualified for a son-in-law and told him to get out, and that she would find a son-in-law from a rich family. That Eun Chae is the family’s property.

At the dining table, Eun Chae asks Jeong In what she said to Yeong Gyoon that night, if she tried to give him money because that is her specialty. Since she’s the company’s property, just marry her off with a rich family, she can have 2-3 husbands. Jeong In glares at Won Ja who quickly says she didn’t tell Eun Chae that.

Jeong In tells Eun Chae, she has an important meeting today which will decide whether or not her life-long dream will come true, so she won’t fight with her today. She sarcastically requests Eun Chae not to do foolish things today.

Won Seob holds Soon Jeong’s hand in his study feeling bad for her about their relationship. Just then Jeong In enters the room, they both are startled and cover up that they are discussing Eun Chae’s boyfriend’s background.

Jeong In is leaving with Soon Jeong to the meeting. Won Seob tries to convince Jeong In to drop this project  but she insists telling him that she doesn’t have the word ‘give up’ in her dictionary, she will continue to the end.

Won Seob tries to explain that the ancestral tomb is their respect, their lives. But Jeong In says this project also involves her life too, let her take care of it. She gets in the car.

Soon Jeong glances at Won Seob, and as she walks pass him, she uses her finger to lightly touches his hand in a seductive way, then gets in the car with Jeong In.

In the meeting, Yeong Gyoon is mindlessly sulking. Soo Jeong is giving a presentation up front, she sees his condition so she asks him a question knowing that he wouldn’t be able to answer. So he gets scolded at by his boss.

He asks Soo Jeong why she did that in the meeting, she simply says it’s because he didn’t pay attention to her (Fatal Attraction no. 2 ?). His colleagues try to cheer him up so they suggest going out to look for some new ideas.

Ji Ho chokes on his drink hearing that she got dumped. He tells her to get up, he will take her for a ride.

Jeong In waits in the car impatiently until the clan man shows up, she asks him to open his car trunk. He says he has nothing to discuss anymore that she wants to build a holiday village in front of  his ancestor. Jeong In reaches inside for his car key and throws it to her driver, the driver quickly opens the trunk and stuffs a bag full of cash inside.

Jeong In tells him his clan will not know about this. The man gives her an envelope the she wanted, she smiles and says she will be careful with his ancestor, and wishes his son to prosper in his job (it seems she bribed him about his son’s future), the man smiles. She rudely throws his car key on the ground for him to bend down and pick it up.

On their way back, Jeong In laughs and tells Soon Jeong that, at the end, the son comes first over his ancestor and the clan, “Seeing the children are crying and working hard, they have to sell the only left behind, the ancestor’s land. This is our Korean people. ” She gives the document to Soon Jeong, and laughs out loud that she  beat the old man.

Soon Jeong puts the envelope  in her bag, she gives Jeong In an evil glare looking at her from the side mirror. Won Seob learns that the deal has pass through, he’s happy.

Yeong Gyoon is walking in the park with his colleagues.  The place reminds him of  Eun Chae. Flashback,

They come here together for a picnic.


She brags that she did all the food herself, roll by roll (kimbap?). He happily puts it in his mouth holding a napkin in his hand. There’s a name of the shop on it, he laughs and waves the napkin at her face asking, roll by roll? Eun Chae is embarrassed, she takes all the food away from him. He quickly opens his mouth and begs for food. She puts it in her mouth and gives him a cute kiss.

Back to present,

Eun Chae is in the car with Ji Ho feeling sad herself. While Yeong Gyoon has some problem with his car, he’s fixing it. Ji Ho’s sport car gets the girl’s attention, so Yeong Gyoon perks up to look what’s going on, only to see Ji-Ho with Eun Chae parking his car further away to get some refreshment.

Ji-Ho takes good care of Eun Chae, so she smiles looking at him. Yeong Gyoon stares at them intensely but when Eun Chae turns and sees him, he looks away. Ji -Ho sees the awkwardness between them, he drives away.

After they left, Yeong Gyoon leans on his car, feeling unhappy about it. Soo Jeong smiles knowingly.

At home, while the family is having a good time, Yeong Gyoon motions Il Bong to come out and drink with him.

They drink together, Il Bong asks his brother if he gave her up because of her great family background, are they not in love. Yeong Gyoon says this time is for real. The party at her house, a real star sang in the party and he’s completely ignored by them.  People bought red wine and western wine to the party, he bought paper towel. He chuckles bitterly.

Il Bong tells him not to worry, it’s not like they are better than him.  “Do you know what my dream is?” Yeong Gyoon asks his brother.  Il Bong says is it not obvious, go to work, live happily with his wife and children in an apartment. Yeong Gyoon waves his finger saying no, it’s not that. Il Bong asks him what it is. But Yeong Gyoon is too drunk to answer, he miserably puts his head down on the table. (Darnit, so what is it?)

Jeong In and her family are celebrating her success in closing the deal. They dance, Soon Jeong is staring at them jealously. Won Ja sees the way Soon Jeong is looking at them, she wonders why.

Two brothers are walking home. Il Bong shakes his brother off as soon as he shows sign of puking. So they both end up sitting in the middle of the street. Yeong Gyoon is sulking quietly.

Il Bong sighs, seeing his brother’s condition, he cheers him up saying to believe in him, he will settle everything for him. He asks if he’s like this because of that woman. Il Bong lectures his brother that there are many women out there, she is not the only one. It’s ok, it’s going to be alright.

Il Bong starts singing but he stops short because Yeong Gyoon starts crying quietly.

Il Bong gets up and reaches out his hand. Yeong Gyoon takes it and stands up.

Yeong Gyoon stumbles forward so Il Bong puts his arm over his shoulder, he sings loudly. Together they walk home.

As they are having meal together, Won Ja notices her brother shares the same eating habits with Soon Jeong’s child. She looks at her brother suspiciously.

At the office, Jeong In is feeling content with her life and her new position as the new director of the company. She tells Soon Jeong that, no matter how long it takes, no matter what, she will repay her, but until that day, Soon Jeong  absolutely must not betray her. “I don’t care who that person is, if that person betrays me, I will take revenge thousands, millions folds.” She smiles widely.

At home, Won Ja asks Won Seob if he has anything to tell her, something that he cannot tell her sister-in-law but her. She thinks he should have. Won Seob stares at her.

Ji Ho is trying to cheer Eun Chae up, that she should prepare for her exam, and separate her private life from other matters. He reminds her of her dream to become a designer. He says, she broke up with a man and now she’s like this? Eun Chae turns to him and sadly says, she misses him like crazy. She can’t do anything, she asks him what she should do.

Yeong Gyoon is also not in a proper state of mind himself. He stands there and lets all the papers from a copy machine fall to the floor without noticing.

His boss is wary of his recent absent-minded behavior. They heard that he broke up with his girlfriend.

Won Ja asks her brother bluntly if he and Miss Kim has a special relationship. That child of Soon Jeong, if the boy is his child. Won Seob is furious that just because of the eating habits and she come to this conclusion. Won Ja realizes her mistake, she says sorry.

He yells at her to stop talking nonsense and get out. Won Ja says it’s because Miss Kim’s a bit strange, when he danced that night, she had this evil look  in her eyes, really scary.

Outside the room, Won Ja decides to check on it herself.

At home, Ji Mi asks Il Bong if Yeong Gyoon really cried. He confirms it, that Yeong Gyoon cried after he drank, he cried very hard.  Il Bong tells her that it seems Yeong Gyoon is concerned about her family so he’s the one broke up with her. But Ji Mi  thinks it can’t be that way, Yeong Gyoon doesn’t look like he wants to break up. With that kind of family background (rich), she doesn’t think Yeong Gyoon would do that. It must be that woman has another boyfriend.

Ji Mi thinks it must be that his girlfriend doesn’t like him anymore so they broke up, the new guy must be rich. Il Bong gets carried away by his sister’s insights, he believes that may be the case. They agree to keep this from their mom,  so she won’t be worried.

Il Bong thinks if it’s because of that woman who made his brother feeling sad and hurt, he cannot sit still and watch.

Il Bong walks in the coffee shop, he calls his friend to come see him. He’s working on how to come up with the money to pay for his debt. But just as he’s waiting for his friend, his eyes caught sights of the gangsters. Their eyes meet. He gets out of the coffee shop and runs for his life.


Not a very exciting episode but the story started to introduce the complicate relationship in Jeong In’s family, the rich. We also didn’t get to hear Yeong Gyoon his real reason of  breaking up, it seems to hurt him deeply. If you are planning to hate Jeong In all the way for who she is now, you might want to hold it and hear her side of the story unfolded. I’m beginning to doubt whether Yeong Gyoon and Eun Chae are ready for a long-term relationship. They seem not be able to communicate at times, to which I believe is the key success to a happy life-time commitment   🙂

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