Take Me With You, Captain!

Not a recap, bits of spoiler ahead. Fun talk, don’t take it seriously  🙂

Last night there were three dramas premiered, one of the lot was Take Care of Us, Captain.

Have you ever fallen for a captain? I mean, when you get on the plane and bam! That navy suit with a cap, call for your attention, right? I had my first time falling last night. Oh man, Ji Jin Hee (as Kim Yoon Sung) was so gorgeous in his uniform (and his hair color).

Koo Hye Sun (as Han Da Jin) a newly graduate, 1st on her class.

And the flight begins!

And see who’s boarding the plane (cameo) Oh, familiar face, the handsome, the salaryman! Don’t you think the flight attendants in a movie or a drama  are especially good (to be true)? They smile and greet the passengers, where the handsome plays his charm on one of the crews.

Though I was a bit uneasy to see the king in Dong Yi  flying an airplane but he portrayed his role well and I would say solid.

Then, turbulent time, I hateeeee turbulent!
If , in an emergency landing,  the crews act like in this drama , that would scare the hell out of me. They should appear calm and confident right? Kdrama?

Accident happens, one woman dies, on board.  It turns out to be the mother of  Da Jin, on her graduation day, where Yoon Sung is the co-pilot on board.  Yep, Kdrama, alright.

Both parties weep in sorrow with different reasons. Yoon Sung shows up at the funeral, though standing further away by himself. So both don’t get to see each other.

Yoon Sung leaves the country. Then zzzzzz……years pass, Sydney, Australia.

At night, in the amusement park, she gets one crystal ball of  fortune, a message inside reads Climb your life. Da Jin (and me) scratches head. Then she trips and falls, the balls slips from her hand and rolls away on the ground. A helpful hand picks up, and what do you know, it’s the prince charming, I mean, Yoon Sung. He stands in the dark handing back the ball to her and walks away.  He sees her face but not vice versa.

She thanks him, though he doesn’t even bother to look back. It seems the accident has turned Yoon Sung into a cold picky prince. Fireworks lighten the night sky. Da Jin turns and sees the ad to climb your life (aka the bridge).

Aww…my fav place, the Opera House, the harbor!

So she sets her mission to climb ( I know, what’s that has to do with it?) the bridge (tourist attraction, me guess). While my hero is taking pictures in the area and hears her shriek (sorry, shout) to climbbbb yourrrr lifffffeeee!

He lifts his camera and zooms in, holy cow, it’s her, he recognizes her with the ball that night. He snaps many pictures of her.

Then, duty calls. They meet again. The captain and the co.

She tries to flash a smile after another in the cabin, but he’s on strictly business mode. Again, a passenger’s condition calls for an emergency landing, but there’s problem with the air traffic control, they ask them to remain in the air. The airport is trying its best to clear the runway, but time is needed on both sides.

Then a guy in the control tower spills coffee (yep, coffee *roll eyes*) over some communication device between the plane and the tower. So the second male lead, Lee Chun Hee (as Kang Dong Soo) has to run up to the deck and uses an emergency torch-light, red for turn around , not to land the plane. So our captain and co take the plane from descending angle to nose up (I swear if I were on that plane…*shudders*). Then when the runway is clear, he signals them with the green light, for clear landing.

On the ground, Da Jin is pissed with the air traffic guy, Dong Soo. She grabs his collar and creates a scene in the airport.

Needless to say, the captain and the co get scolded by the boss which leads to the couple going against each other in terms of, is she capable for the job?

Sorry, I couldn’t  help wishing for a different actress. Her laugh and acting  was  unnatural (but at least I lasted an episode compared to the Musical). And the ENGLISH speaking in this drama, gahhhhhhh *pulling hair*

This drama somehow reminded me of Air City, where each episode a problem arises for our leads to solve. If  you are interested in JJH, I mean, the flying zone, you might find the drama enjoyable. I feel sad for JJH tho, because he didn’t get to pick his co-star to my liking. But I would say this drama should be able to stay afloat in this time slot against the Wild, Moon/Sun  🙂


Title: Take Care of Us, Captain
Previously Known as: Fly Again
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20 (To be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-04 to 2012-March-08
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


The drama began filming with location shoots in Australia and unfolds around the character growth, careers, and romances of those working at an airport.

Kim Yoon Sung is the talented pilot of a passenger airline who gets saddled with a new co-pilot , Han Da Jin in her attempts to become a pilot.

The pair gets caught in a love triangle with Kang Dong Soo who is an air traffic controller at Incheon International Airport with seven years of experience under his belt. He’s prickly and cool, but possesses a cute, playful side that sometimes crops up.


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  1. I’ve just seen the moon that embraces the sun ep 1 finally subbed and loved it I am officially impressed now just got to wait for ep 2 subbed who knows when that will be subbed lol this is a drama I really suggest watching it cause maybe kcomments@ in the future can recap lol

  2. OH MY GOSH I’VE JUST NOTICED SOMETHING lol you’ll probably laugh when you’ve read this but you know at the end of ep 16 yeo un adapted to that new jet black hairstyle well in ep 21 when yeo un was talking to that guy and he handed him that book and yeo un cut his hand i noticed that yeo uns hair looks longer lol or maybe it’s just me

  3. thanks to fatal-affection i wouldn’t of known this song every time i listen to it i think of dong soo and yeo un

  4. hey kcomments@ just wanted to ask do you remember the scene in warrior baek dong soo when hong dae ju was talking to the queens father and kenzo and yeo un were there sitting at the side and kenzo said to the queens father it’s your fault i lost my companion (the really big tall guy) if you remember that scene cause i can’t find it i’ve been trying to find it but i can’t i also don’t remember when the really tall big guy died

    • so if you remember which ep that was can you please tell me i’ve been trying to find it????????

      • You mean the very tall guy? Couldn’t remember he died, didn’t he leave with Kenzo before the time jump, and the story just moved on without mentioning him?

        YSH didn’t get any award from WBDS, right? Who won the male popularity award on SBS? I miss him as a king in sageuk, even think of him as the crown prince in Moon/Sun, guess he has to grow up *sigh*

        • yhhhhhh no yoo seung ho didn’t get an award i’m not even sure he was nominated but that annoys me i mean he was in a way like the pillar for the show he was just awesome he did a great job maybe if he does well with operation love he’ll get an award oh yh by the way not sure if i’ve mentioned it but operation love with YSH it’s first ep will air 6th feb i’m so excited since thats not too far away

  5. HAHA was loving reading this i was reading a recap of the moon embracing the sun (i will defo give that one a go lol) and javabeans said though that take me with you captain didn’t do so well only like 8% and moon embracing sun got a great 18% any ways moving on i can defo understand why you couldn’t handle the musical to be honest now looking back on 15 eps i’m shocked i even bothered to finish it wasn’t very good in my opinion every time i was watching sort of made me want to scream lol i was dying (your probably thinking if it was that bad then why’d you finish it) well i don’t know i just did i felt it was just about bearable the story of the musical was supposed to be about of course a girl succeeding in doing a musical but it just ended up being a bit too soppy when it comes to romance alot of talking,,,,,, i’m actually quite surprised kyu hye sun got into another drama sooooo quickly after the musical and yhhhh i don’t know what it was about her in the musical but i didn’t like her in it that much i think it was her over acting i know that doesn’t make sense but in the musical she (in my opinion) was babyish and childish i expected more and guessing from the screencaps you posted up and the screencaps on javabeans she hasn’t changed much in acting i’m quite surprised really i really loved her in boys before flowers i thought she did an awesome job or maybe it was just i loved her in that since it was the first thing of hers i’ve ever seen boys before flowers was technically my first korean drama playful kiss was the first kdrama i ever set eyes on and loved it lol but there’s just something about kye kyu hye sun maybe it’s just she keeps acting in roles that are the same or similar that it gets a bit monotonous after awhile i really want her to step back abit and maybe take a different acting role like playing a bad guy or something just so she can have a bit of variety and try something different like yoo seung ho for example he originally was chose to play baek dong soo (which i think he could of been awesome as lol) but he chose to play yeo un a more villainous role to have more variety,,,,,, kyu hye sun i think just keeps acting the same kind of roles or different roles but keeps acting the same or either the scriptwriters make the characters easier for kyu hye sun,,,,,,,,, anyways,,,, and OHMYGOSH another character called dong soo (now where have i heard that name before eh? lol) but some how it’s like other things i’ve seen basically by the looks of it in the future of this drama kyu hye suns character will find out that yoon sung was the co pilot she’ll get upset and by the looks of it this show will have some kind of love triangle or something what do you think @kcomments ????

    • @Maria
      Actually, I didn’t give away the details of the accident about who’s to blame for the mother’s death, or may be none?
      How’s the veggie boy doing? Still good?

      • OH SORRY lol i thought you did well I didn’t mean it was his fault but he was the co-pilot so i’ll secretly say it is his fault HEHE,,,,,, yes bachelor’s vegetable store Is going great at the mome his soooooooooooooo gorgeous lol i’m trying to get used to him as such a sweet guy i know he is in warrior baek dong soo but i recently saw t-ara’s lovey dovey mv the sequel to cry cry mv and ji chang wook is mean’t to be so mean lol,,,,,, any ways yes the series is good the pace of it (in my opinion) is great it’s picking up nicely but it really does feel like i’m watching two completely different lives and shows all in one I mean we have tae yang ( ji chang wook) the bubbly,, sweet,, (charming man that just makes me want to grab him and kidnap him lol) he’s the type of character that even when he get’s knocked down he’s willing to get back up and do it again and again and again (pretty similar to baek dong soo but without the childish arrogance at first) and the we have jin shim now known as ga on who every one says is evil lol but of course we know what she’s really like she is actually kind but has to act rashly because of her fake mummy lol and I surprisingly don’t hate the mother but I only just seen ep 6 so yh but I guess the reason I don’t hate the her is because she’s emotionally messed up since she lost her daughter and that has stayed with her for the rest of her life which who can blame her since she’s a mother she’s just completely gone insane lol usually I would hate characters like the mum but I have learned from korean dramas to respect some of these kind of characters I have learned to like diverse characters, characters that are multi layered and have different personalities all in one characters those are the characters that interest me,,,,,,, any ways moving on to the acting the acting is pretty good I don’t see a problem with it ji chang wook does a fairly awesome job playing han tae yang (for now anyway) tae yang like I said before is such a sweetie that it feels odd seeing ji chang wook play a meanie lol and wang ji hye does a fairly awesome job as jin shim/ga on but it feels odd seeing her playing this kind of mature character usually it’s sort of childish so I guess this shows a different light to wang ji hyes acting career and the actress who plays fake evil mummy (can’t remember her real name) does an awesome job at playing an emotional distressed (not really sure thats the right word lol) character yet I know this show will have a turning point since we need fake daddy to find out jin shim isn’t really ga on and fake mummy was lying all along and we need tae yang and jin shim to hurry up and recognise each other they’ve been around each other a few times now but iw as thinking seriously can’t you guys ask each others names already!

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