If Tomorrow Comes Episode 3

From episode one, we jumped right in the middle of Yeong Gyoon and Eun Chae’s relationship. They’ve been dating for 2-3 years and they are now reaching the point of making a commitment. It’s strange that they didn’t try to introduce each other to their family during that time, may be deep down, they knew all along that something is not compatible? Yet they are compatible enough to be together that long and want to remain so. It’s interesting how they become a couple with such differences, or may be they were simply young at the time and only love that counts.


Eun Chae takes Yeong Gyoon on the stage and kisses him in front of everyone. The band doesn’t know what’s going on, so they start playing music to accompany the kiss (*pause to laugh..haha..). Yeong Gyoon holds her and kisses her back.

Jeong In and Won Seob are surprised (mom’s clearly angry). Jeong In peeks at the congressman and the chairman worriedly, then breaks into a smile like nothing serious happened. Eun Chae’s friends and her senior, Ji Ho,  all grin and clap their hands. The kiss goes on and on (oh boy) until Eun Chae breaks off. Yeong Gyoon looks down to her. “Eun Chae…” She avoids looking at him, “Go ahead, say it.”

Yeong Gyoon : “I’m going crazy because of you.”

Eun Chae :  “I know.”

Yeong Gyoon : “Yoon Eun Chae.”

Eun Chae : “Don’t say anything. Now I’m dead.”

Yeong Gyoon : “This is insane.”

Then the mic makes noise, they both are startled.

Oh, no, it’s on! So everybody heard what they just said. Ji Ho laughs out loud and gives them a thump up.

Jeong In is getting angry but hiding it in front of the guests. The couple feel awkward but to Yeong Gyoon’s surprise, Eun Chae adjusts the mic and announces that he is her boyfriend, “My mom personally invited him.”

Hearing that, Jeong In flashes a smile to the quests. Mom and daughter exchange the killer stares.

Eun Chae turns to Yeong Gyoon and says, what’s he doing. So many people are here, it’s embarrassing. Yeong Gyoon looks at her dumbfounded. His face turns serious looking at Jeong In.

Jeong In smiles and tells the quests that her daughter told her this morning that she wants to give her a surprise at the party. Jeong In smiles at Yeong Gyoon and says, “Mr.Lee, thank you.”

Hearing that, Won Seob smiles.

Jeong In’s words turn their kiss into a meaningless childish display. Eun Chae is disappointed that her plan did work on her mom. Yeong Gyoon senses what’s to come.

Il Bong gets a call  from his creditor. He tells him he’s in Japan and pretends to speak Japanese. He says he’s not hiding from him because of the ten millions.  After he hung up, Il Bong is worried where he can get the money from. He looks around the house.

Ji Mi comes in and asks what he’s doing, mom won’t put money in the same place again. She says after he took the money and ran away, dad bought a safe immediately. He asks if she knows the safe’s code, Ji Mi says if she knew, she wouldn’t be using this kind of handbag. He tells her to buy one and pay by installment, she says mom took her credit card away.  Wait until she gets a job, her first pay cheque, she will buy a handbag.

He asks if this house if really rich. She says, of course, mom and dad have been working hard earning money and saving up for him to get married. Il Bong wonders if  Yeong Gyoon is earning some. Ji Mi says, how he can say that, because of him, Yeong Gyoon is still paying the loan.

Il Bong tries to crack the code of the safe. Seong Ryong is playing with his Power Ranger dolls, he begs Il Bong to play with him. When Seong Ryong asks what they should play, Il Bong says hide-and-seek, he tells him to go and hide first. But Seong Ryong stays still so Il Bong counts 1.2.3…Seong Ryong runs to hide. Il Bong still couldn’t open the safe.

At the party, Ji Ho asks Eun Chae if now she’s uncomfortable with the trouble she made.  She waves at them to leave. Ji Ho says goodbye to Yeong Gyoon.

Eun Chae tells Yeong Gyoon that she really will get killed, did he not see her mom’s eyes. He tells her not to worry, he will apologize to her parents (aww). Just then Jeong In grabs Eun Chae’s hand to come with her.

Eun Chae is startled. Yeong Gyoon tries to explain, but  mom cuts him off saying he can go. Mom drags her into the house, Eun Chae tells him she will be ok, she asks him to wait she will be back. Jeong In drags Eun Chae into the bedroom.

She throws Eun Chae on the bed and asks if she’s crazy today. Eun Chae says if mom admitted their relationship from the beginning, this would not happen.  What to admit, mom asks. Eun Chae says she told her she likes him and wants to marry him. Mom says she thought he’s her friend. Eun Chae says she knew that mom knew but pretended not to.

They end up chasing around the room.

Mom says if this becomes a rumor , it will be hard for her to get married later. Eun Chae says now everyone already knew that they kissed so who would want to marry her. Mom accuses her of planning this all along.  She hits her with a pillow.

Won Ja comes in, Jeong In orders Eun Chae not to see that man again and she’s grounded from going out freely.

After mom left, Eun Chae wants to go to Yeong Gyoon, she ‘s worried about him,  but Won Ja stops her, she tells her to stay in the room. When alone, Eun Chae thinks that actually what she did, was quite a big trouble.

Outside, Won Seob is talking to Yeong Gyoon that what happened was not a polite thing to do. Jeong In interrupts her husband and tells him to go inside, she will talk to him. Knowing his wife’s temper, Dad tries to smooth things out but to no avail.

She calls Yeong Gyoon over and sits down. Jeong In says she will cut it short. But Yeong Gyoon asks her to first listen to him. Jeong In says no need, but Yeong Gyoon continues anyway that what happened, he’s sorry…..Jeong In yells, “No! No!”

She tells him to listen to her first, do not meet with Eun Chae again. He saw today how Eun Chae is not mature to understand what’s right or wrong. “What happened today, you also had the responsibility. You know that right?” Yeong Gyoon doesn’t deny that. She gets up and concludes that this is our agreement, she says good-bye.

“Why don’t you listen to me?”, he asks. He too felt depressed and uncomfortable. Today Eun Chae wanted to help him so she did that. He will have a good talk with Eun Chae later. He will go inside and see her. She asks did he not hear what she said not to meet her again.

She turns to leave, he calls her, “Mother!” (Me cringe). Jeong In slowly turns to him, “Mother? Who are you calling?” Yeong Gyoon’s face falls. She says she’s been enduring it until now, can he not see.

Yeong Gyoon says, compares to Eun Chae’s family, he is inadequate in many ways, he knows that, he feels it. But, he’s a man who doesn’t have any problem, a  simple honest man. He cannot obey what she said to stop seeing Eun Chae. He must see her.

“Don’t you understand human words?” She says.

Jeong In brings him into the house. She starts talking, Eun Chae is their only daughter. She is precious to them. She asks if he’s heard about family clan. Regarding the business, family clan is very important. To put it simply, they don’t want a simple honest son-in-law. They need a son-in-law who can be helpful to the company, whether it be power, wealth or both.

He asks if she knows him well (Ooh, I so love him). “You think I don’t know the man my daughter has been dating for 2 years? I know, Mr.Lee is quite a smart guy.”

He asks if  Eun Chae is a property, if  her daughter is a company.  She says, definitely, all families doing business are like this, “Although we are not a rich and powerful family,  I want to be with the family clan that I want to get their help then expand our company.”

Yeong Gyoon asks if  Eun Chae will be happy with that kind of marriage. Can money make happiness?

“Definitely, money can make happiness, surely!” She smiles, “Compared to power, money is sweeter. You are still young, you won’t understand, Lee Gyoon (she shorten his name). I want my son-in-law to have both. I’m sorry, Mr. Lee is not suitable.”

Yeong Gyoon stands up to leave, she tells him to sit down she hasn’t finished yet.  Yeong Gyoon says, “I understand what you mean. No need to say it again.”  She suggests him looking  for another suitable kind woman and date her. But, it can’t be Eun Chae.

He walks to the door, she continues, “Love her? If you love her, you need to let her go. Isn’t that true love?”

Yeong Gyoon looks around the room then he walks out.

Won Ja thinks Jeong In was too harsh. Won Seob tells Jeong In, wasn’t she a bit too much for a young guy.  Jeong In says she said that because she has her way of thinking. She asks Won Ja, how she’s going to deal with consequences.  Sympathy? To wait until the end? This is to help him, let him not be infatuated. Understand?

Won Seob is not happy about it but he keeps quiet as usual.

Dad asks how Jin Gyoo gets these goods (water purifiers)  from a blind date. Jin Gyoo says, she said she’s selling these to buy the medicines for her parents. Mom sighs.  He hurriedly tells mom that this time he was not deceived and the restaurant also needs several of these.  Dad is exasperated, one son is slick like oil, the other is stupid.

Won Ja asks Soon Jeong (Miss Kim) about her child. She is packing the left over food for her to take home. Soon Jeong keeps staring at her like she wants to tell her something but couldn’t. Won Seob is massaging his wife when Soon Jeong taking her leave for today. When outside, she stares at the house with contempt?

Hyeon Sook  sees Da Jeong is drawing a picture of her mom and dad with the two of them. She asks the girl if she misses her mom and dad. The girl says no. Hyeon Sook consoles her that they will come back and look for her.

Il Bong opens the door and comes inside. They both are startled. He wants to sleep here tonight but Hyeon Sook starts kicking him saying it’s woman’s room. Il Bong laughs, woman? He doesn’t think like that. But she kicks him out anyway and tells him not to sleep in the hallway, his dad will come out getting the meat in the morning, she tells him to go sleep on the street.  Il Bong is so sleepy, he thinks of where he can sleep.

Eun Chae thinks of the kiss, and feels embarrassed about it. And Yeong Gyoon didn’t answer her call.

Bo Bae comes to see her sons. She takes the dolls from Seong Ryong’s arms and covers Il Bong with a blanket.  Hyeon Sook is turning off the light in the restaurant. Yeong Gyoon is sitting alone drinking, he says sorry to her, he will do the clean up. She says he can stay and drink as he wants.

When she gets in her room, she wonders if  things between Yeong Gyoon and his girlfriend didn’t go smoothly. She looks at Da Jeong, that her parents are so mean, didn’t even call.

Yeong Gyoon walks into the house late at night. His mom is sitting outside, he asks if she had trouble sleeping because of Il Bong. She says no, his troubles didn’t happen once or twice. Mom smiles and presses him to tell how it was, at her house, how rich they are compared to them.  Yeong Gyoon holds her hands, what’s wrong with their family. Mom asks how she is, if she’s good and honest. Her voice sounds very kind.

He says, yes, Eun Chae is a very good girl. Her parents are good too.  Mom asks if they mention something else, he asks what something else, mom says marriage.

He’s embarrassed talking about getting married. Mom says just get married, if she’s kind and her parents are good, it’s not bad to become a son-in-law of a rich family.  He shows his uneasiness about that. Mom holds his hands and says the woman her son likes, it’s all ok with her.  She says she wants to rent a two-bedroom apartment for him. If Il Bong didn’t make troubles she could still afford it. Mom says she’s sorry for him. Yeong Gyoon smiles and tells her to go inside. Mom tells him to introduce her to them, bring her over. He says yes. Mom looks at the moon, he holds her, “It feels good with the wind blowing.”

Yeong Gyoon gets into his room and sees his brothers sleeping in his room, he sighs. He sits down near Il Bong and wants to smack his face out of the troubles he caused, instead he uses his finger to hit Il Bong’s nose, that stirs his brother from his sleep. Il Bong groans, “Don’t hit my face. Don’t hit..” Yeong Gyoon smiles.

Won Seob gets a call late in the night while sleeping next to Jeong In. He sees the name of the incoming call, he hurriedly sneaks out from the bedroom to talk. It’s Soon Jeong calling, she asks how long he’s going to be like this to her.  He scolds her, what she’s doing? what’s the time now? “Do you want the reprimand? I’m hanging up.”

Jeong In comes out and asks if he’s getting a call. He quickly hides his phone. He gives her some excuse about who’s calling. Jeong In comes out because she’s angry thinking of  Eun Chae.

Soon Jeong sits in the dark at her house, she holds a teddy bear thinking of a little boy calling her, mother! mother! She cries.

In the morning, Eun Chae wants to go out but Jeong In stops her, she’s not allowed to go out. Eun Chae says she needs to prepare her school paper. Mom tells her to go upstairs. Eun Chae kneels down and tells mom that she really loves him.  Mom turns to her giving Eun Chae her full attention.

Jeong In says, she always tells her that other than things she can see with her eyes, touch with her hands, do not believe in anything else.  Eternal love? Sincere love? There’s no such thing. So don’t believe in those.

Eun Chae asks, “If  I don’t believe in love, what else in this world, can I believe in?”

Jeong In answers, there are many things to believe in such as gold, land, cash and diamond.  If  love can be believed in, how come many couples divorced. When the canned food expired, she  can use it to feed the dog. But there’s nothing left when love is gone, even the dog doesn’t even care.

Eun Chae argues what about those poignant love stories, Romeo and Juliet..Titanic. Mom says those are movies, novels, the stories were made up, “Think about it, that kind of love, there will be someone die first in the end. Why one has to die first?  Because everybody all knows, it’s obviously a lie saying their love is long-lasting. “

Soon Jeong comes running in with an urgent phone call.  Someone reports there’s a problem with the owner of the land they wanted to acquire, Jeong In says she will go over there. Eun Chae hears that, when Jeong In left, she runs out.

Apparently, the land owner wants to return the deposit. Won Seob says he told her before it’s difficult to deal with the clan people. One elder of the clan seems very stubborn, he opposes the holiday village and golf club to be built there.  They begged the elder for several nights and it didn’t work.  Jeong In is so angry, she fires the man on spot, she will handle it herself.

Eun Chae is talking with Ji Ho, she asks why men are all like that, why he ran away, why can’t he say ‘let me have Eun Chae’ (to her mom).  Ji Ho thinks Yeong Gyoon is seriously considering the future between her and him. She says she doesn’t understand what there’s to consider, she already told him she likes him. Last night he should pretend to be crazy and propose to her, that’s all he has to do.

If  she’s that hurry, do it herself then, he suggests. She perks up, Me? He says she kissed him first, why not propose as well. “Do you like him that much?” , he asks.

She admits that she’s afraid he will abandon her and run away. She will be worry to death. Ji Ho looks sad hearing that. Her phone rings, it’s Yeong Gyoon, she’s happy, she tells him thank you and leave happily. Ji Ho smiles to himself sadly.

(aww..sunbae, love you)

Yeong Gyoon is quite shock to hear that she suggests they go for a trip together. She says it’s not somewhere far just around Seoul, two days one nights.

He asks why suddenly she wants to go, she says she wants to be together with her love, him. Yeong Gyoon contemplates about it. When he doesn’t say anything, she asks if he loves her. She says if he says no, then they are finished, she will not try any harder.

He looks at her sadly and reaches out to touch her hair. He uses his finger to softly poke her forehead, “Ok, let’s go.”  Eun Chae smiles happily. Then she goes to a lingerie shop, she tells the saleslady that she needs to look sexy.

Jeong In storms into the ceremony of the elder paying respect to his ancestors. She yells and yells about their change of mind about the land deal. The elder splashes water on her face, saying she has only money in her eyes. Jeong In is furious but she retreats for now, she tells the elder they will-meet-again.

Il Bong tries to make Seong Ryong open the safe, he’s smart and has good memory, what’s the number he saw when dad opened the safe, to do exactly the same. If he can do it, he will take him to the amusement park.

Ji Mi comes in and tells Il Bong not to  play with the safe, last time she did, the alarm went off.  And she’s going to a part-time job interview, she asks him to look after Seong Ryong because dad will come home late. Il Bong asks her why have to look after him. She says, the last time he followed a dog, it wasn’t easy finding him at the police station. She says thank you and leaves.

Il Bong gets a message from his gangster creditor, to meet him when he sees this message. He is worried so he leaves the house without thinking about Seong Ryong. When alone, Seong Ryeong spells out the code number, “901534” (haha).

Seong Ryong successfully opens the safe, he’s so happy, he looks for Il Bong, they now can go to the amusement park. But no one is home, so he steps out of the house smilingly calling for Il Bong. The bad kids that beat him last time see him, and they know that Il Bong is not around.

Mom and dad is looking for Seong Ryong.  Bo Bae finds the safe opened, she quick closes it before her husband finds out.

Seong Ryong gets beaten by the neighborhood kids, they take/throw away his toys. Seeing his toys broken, Seong Ryong cries loudly.

Yeong Gyoon is sitting in the area sorting out his future with Eun Chae, he hears the kids’ voice so he takes a look. And to his horror, it’s his brother who gets beaten. He runs fast and jump kicks the boy, he chases one boy down the river, he beats the crap out of him and gets his brother’s toy back.

Yeong Gyoon carefully rinses the dirty toy in the river. He waves the toy to his brother. They are both searching around for the red toy. Yeong Gyoon tells his brother, “I’ll find him for you, don’t worry.” They search, no matter how long, they go on searching, until Yeong Gyoon spots the toy on the ground. Both are happy, but,

“Where are the hands?” Seong Ryong asks showing him the blue one. So they go for another round searching each lost part of the toy, one by one, leg, laser sword….Yeong Gyoon tirelessly moves around for his brother.

Hours pass by, they accomplish their task at dusk. Seong Ryong is putting them back together. Yeong Gyoon looks at his brother, “Have you found everything? I promised you, no matter when, I will take care of you. So don’t cry anymore.”

Seong Ryong says “Mom also said so, ‘Later on, if dad and mom are not around anymore, you can live with Yeong Gyoon. There’s no need to worry’. “

Yoeng Gyoon sighs and asks if mom said that. Seong Ryong nods, every time he cries, mom always says that.  Yeong Gyoon smiles looking at his brother tenderly, he realizes what responsibility  he has in his life, he sighs.

They walk back together. Seong Ryong hugs himself feeling cold. Yeong Gyoon puts his jacket around him.

“It’s getting cold at night, hyung.” (hyung as in elder brother)

Seong Ryong looks at him, he wonders what he’s just heard. Yeong Gyoon nods, and repeats,  “Hyung.”  He turns to the night sky, “This winter should be very cold, right hyung?.”

Seong Ryong repeats , “I…hyung. I’m hyung! hyung! hyung!”

“Let’s go.” Yeong Gyoon tells his brother.

“Let’s go.” Seong Ryong repeats. They walk home together singing the ‘Power Rangers’.

(*sniff* the most beautiful scenes ever, the camera’s work, the music, the writing and the acting, just so quietly beautiful.)

Bo Bae tells Ji Mi about the safe, she thinks it must be Il Bong.  Jin Gyoo shouts from outside that Seong Ryong is back. Mom sees him, she feels sad asking who hit him. Seeing his mom, Seong Ryong cries more.  They take him inside.

Seong Ryong tells them that he’s the one opened the safe box. Ji Mi says is it not Il Bong. He says he did it. Ji Mi tells her brother not to open it again, not to tell dad that it’s Il Bong asked him to open it  if he doesn’t want dad to chase Il Bong. He says he doesn’t want to. Ji Mi tells him not to tell Yeong Gyoon either, it’s a secret.  “Secret.” Seong Ryong repeats.

Eun Chae is on the phone arranging something special. Yeong Gyoon calls. He drove here to pick her up, she wonders what happened.  “It has to be this way to take care of the princess.” He smiles.

He says sorry, he did many things wrong, right? She says if he knows that, he has to treat her well, ” From now on be good to me. Let’s go.”

In the car, he asks if her mom said anything. She says, her mom will not have time to bother her, don’t worry.  She puts her head on his shoulder. “It’s good to be out with you, oppa.”

They spend happy time together into the night. She snuggles up against his shoulder by the beach while he sings her favorite song. He rolls his eyes forgetting the lyrics, afraid to ruin her moment. Eun Chae tells him the next words, he continues singing and feeling sad.

They drink champagne in the room together. A little awkward with each other, both speak at the same time that he/she has something to tell.

Eun Chae is getting excited, what he wants to say, she asks (thinking he will propose to her).  He tells her to say first but she insists he says it first. He puts the glass down, his face turns serious and sad while Eun Chae is so happy expecting something special coming.

“I’ll not forget you easily. Possibly until the day I die, I cannot forget you.  Eun Chae, we, let’s end it here. Let’s end it now.”  She couldn’t believe what he just said, her face changes from happy to wonder, to sad. He says, “Let’s end it.”

“After today, don’t ever meet again.” He says. Tears start to fall from her eyes.

Then there’s voice coming in, “” Yeong Gyoon is startled.  A group of musicians coming inside the room and start singing, (the group are holding a banner saying ‘oppa can you be my darling’)

Can you marry me.

I want to live with you.

We, be together and love each other.

We will have many children. Many babies….

Yeong Gyoon realizes it’s her special arrangement for him, he turns his face away, tears brimming. The confetti are coming down on him. He slowly takes them out from his hair. Eun Chae looks at him and cries harder.


Ok, that last scene was like a slap in my face. Just when you think it couldn’t get sadder, the musicians showed up and shredded your heart. And what do you think how Yeong Gyoon would feel? First he’s the one  initiated the break up, second, he did it in the worst moment possible. Don’t you think there should be some kind of rule that, before you say the word, you need to inform the other party in advance, in case of, heart failure?  This is so sad coming from an honest man, which means he meant what he said.  This drama is becoming so addictive by the episode. Love every character. Thumps up to the writer and the PD for the wonderful job done.

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  1. thank you for posting!!! i just found this drama and hope you can recap it! 🙂

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