If Tomorrow Comes Episode 2

The episode is not as dark as the picture chose, but the visual effects was so good that I had to honor the making. A family drama tends to have lots of characters contribute to the storyline. Sometimes, each has his/her own mini story, meaning, in one episode, we might get to see less of the lead couple. And the story will be more on family issues. If you tune in right, you might enjoy this genre more than you think you would.

This drama, so far, introduced two families living in two different circles. One is rich and famous, with one daughter, their wealth built up by one ambitious hard-working woman. The other is a family with four sons and a daughter, and a restaurant. Both crossed path because love happened between the son and the daughter and the story unfolded.


Won Seob finds himself a drink in the house. Miss Kim, the secretary, comes behind, he inquires about Jeong In asking if everything is going smoothly. She thinks so and sits down. He glares at her inappropriate manner, he tells her to leave quickly. But she tells him to pour her a drink, he repeats she should leave. This time she demands that he gives her the drink. He gives her one. She finishes the drink and asks for another.  He again presses her to quickly leave.

While they are staring at each other, Won Ja (Won Seob’s sister) walks into the room. Miss Kim quickly stands up like how an employee should do.  Won Ja wonders why she still didn’t get off work at this hour, she asks Miss Kim about Jeong In.

She tells her Jeong In is with the chairman then bows and leaves. Won Ja sits down, she thinks things must be going smoothly. They have to get this project, they had put a lot of efforts and money into it.  Won Ja whispers to Won Seob asking, if she wants to get back with her ex-husband (I guess it’s about Miss Kim).  Won Seob avoids her eyes, he gets up and says how would he know.

Jeong In is still at the club dancing like a crazy ajumma. She kisses the chairman’s forehead and grabs his collar, threatens him, “You choose yourself, save us or die together. I’ll not die myself.” She flashes her dark smile.

Yeong Gyoon busies himself with the exercise to get his mind off  Eun Chae. He is busily jumping rope when Il Bong comes behind and yanks his foot to him. The rope caught, Yeong Gyoon turns. Il Bong asks if Yeong Gyoon has something in his mind to exercise this late. Yeong Gyoon scolds at him that dad doesn’t allow him to return home. Il Bong follows Yeong Gyoon into his room and swings Eun Chae’s gift in front of his eyes.  Yeong Gyoon frowns, so it’s him who accepted his delivery, he yells don’t mess with his stuff.

Il Bong says she has good eyes, Yeong Gyoon should hold on to her. Yeong Gyoon orders him to get out.  When Yeong Gyoon slams the door at his face, Il Bong thinks something definitely is bothering his brother. Il Bong walks in the dark thinking of getting to bed. Then he hears his dad shouting,

“You rotten brat, stop right there!” Il Bong looks around startled.

His dad(Gwi Nam) wakes up, he dreamed Il Bong came home and took everything from the house and ran away. He warns his wife if she let him stay and hid it from him.  She assures him that will not happen. He suspects that she is too calm. She retorts that he chased his son out and worried enough to dream about him.

Gwi Nam says he wants Il Bong to experience the hardships so he will learn to treasure his parents and brothers and be mature. He tells his wife, not to spoil him so he can become a better person. He learned from his own experiences, if he had listen to his parents, he will not end up like this.

Also when she came to him, she brought over 30 acres of  land. “What if we didn’t sell them then….” Bo Bae tells him to stop talking, it makes her angry. He agrees the more he thinks about it the angrier he become.

Jeong In comes home at dawn. The driver wakes her, she opens her eyes but her mind slips into the past. She lets out, “Grandmother, grandmother..”

Flashback to the past, Jeong In comes running home. When she arrives, the neighbors are gathering in front of her house.  She runs inside and tries to wake her grandmother.

She shakes her arm, “Grandmother, you see, you see, I’ll get the gold from Dokebi . You don’t have to worry now. Grandmother, open your eyes and look. Please wait until I get the gold, I’ll use that to buy a house, buy you medicine, take you to the hospital, and buy you full meals.” Jeong In keeps calling her to open her eyes. A neighbor comes to put a piece of cloth over grandma’s body. Jeong In cries.

Back to present, Jeong In opens her eyes and gets out of the car. She stumbles across the lawn. “It’s that time. Dokebi played with me and disappeared…” She smiles, “Grandmother, was it that time? It was terrible but was also a beautiful time. ” She smiles, suddenly the sky becomes dark. She slips into that same dark forest that night, the green lights is moving around her causing fear in her eyes.


The monsters appear around her, she gets scared and covers her face trying to avoid them. She covers her head and bends low in fear.  Jeong Mo, her driver, holds her from falling down.  Jeong In shoves him off, she tells him to leave. “I’m Son Jeong In! I don’t need your help!”

Jeong In stumbles into the house where her husband is waiting. She sits down and tells him that she settled with the chairman, there should be no problem. He praises her efforts but the congressman is opposed to it , what they should do. She says she already come up with a good plan. She tells him not to worry and asks what he will give her for their wedding anniversary, she wants  a surprise gift.

She comes behind and hugs him, “Honey, I’m capable of doing anything for you and me, for our Eun Chae. If I had to get naked and dance on the street, I’ll do it. ” Won Seob just stands there and keeps his silence.


It’s morning. Jin Gyoo feels someone is sleeping next to him. When he sees that it’s Il Bong, he screams for his dad. Il Bong covers his mouth. “You don’t love your brother? Don’t yell!” He threatens him if Jin Gyoo tells dad, he will make sure Jin Gyoo won’t getting any inheritance. Why? Because he will take it all and run away. Jin Gyoo shakes his head from left to right and then up and down.

Bo Bae comes to the restaurant and supervises the food/kimchi making. A little girl, Da Jeong, peeks from the corner. Bo Bae tastes the kimchi and nods her approval. Hyeon Sook smiles (she counts as one in the family, but not sure how/if she’s related to them. Da Jeong calls her, aunt).


Seong Ryong is talking to the flowers. “Hey, did you sleep well?”

Ji Mi encourages Da Jeong to work out, woman should be beautiful. But Da Jeong thinks the heart is more important, it’s useless to have long legs. Da Jeong asks Seong Ryong , who is the most beautiful today? He shushes her, the flowers are listening, and points, it’s this one.  Yeong Gyoon comes out and greets Da Jeong.

Bo Bae (the mom) and Hyeon Sook come home. Yeong Gyoon asks mom where dad is, Il Bong is here. Bo Bae says he went to the sauna with his big brother, he’s going to the blind date today. Mom asks why his face looks like that, didn’t he sleep well? Yeong Gyoon touches his face and says no.  Mom calls everyone for breakfast.

Ji Mi brings the breakfast to her brother. She tells him mom wants him to eat and leave before dad comes home. Il Bong doesn’t want food, he hides in the closet and tells his sis, whoever come asking for him, tell them that he’s not here. Ji Mi is wary that he’s in trouble again.

During breakfast Won Ja asks, if things went smoothly with the chairman, she suggests about the quests Jeong In’s inviting to their anniversary.  She doesn’t want to see her brother sits and waits. She’s afraid people will misunderstand their relationship.

But Jeong says she is protecting the business, she and her brother are loving each other. “Listen well, my dream will not end here. Before my dream comes true, don’t even bother me.”  She gets up to check on Eun Chae. Won Ja tells her brother to speak up so this family can breathe. He just sighs.

Jeong In learned from Won Ja that Eun Chae is making up that she’s having a headache, actually she had a fight with her boyfriend. Jeong In comes to Eun Chae in the bedroom.  Eun Chae gets up and says she has something to tell her. Mom teases if  it’s about that smelly person named Lee Yeong Gyoon.  Eun Chae tells mom that she really likes that person, please invite him formally to mom and dad’s wedding anniversary.  Jeong In says she thought she’s already invited him, she will treat him nicely, do not worry.

Mom’s words lifted her worry, Eun Chae smiles and thanks her mom. Eun Chae happily gets up for breakfast. Mom tells her to tell him to clean himself  before he comes.  Eun Chae says something happened last time, normally he’s very clean. She kisses her. When Eun Chae left, Jeong In’s smile changes into worrisome.

Talking to Miss Kim, Jeong In plans to persuade a committee by visiting his mother at the nursing home.

“Do you know what are the weaknesses of Korean men? It’s their mothers who worked hard and raised them. If we want to use him, this is a perfect chance.”

Jeong In gives her Eun Chae’s friends phone numbers, to let them all come to party, and not to let Eun Chae know.  She says the young one on the list, let him know that he has a special invitation from her, tell him he must come. Miss Kim reads the name, Lee Yeong Gyoon.

Dad is checking Jin Gyoo’s outfit for his blind date. He sighs.

Dad : “I’m really a gentleman. But what is this? Short arms, also short legs.”

Ji Mi : “Dad, from behind, you look the same.” Both men yell at her. (Haha) Il Bong listens to them from inside the closet.

Dad tells Jin Gyoo, no matter what, he has to get married. Jin Gyoo says he will do well.

As soon as dad left, Il Bong comes out and checks his bro’s outfit. He insults his brother that he should get rid of his fatty belly, his body figure is simply an insult to the designer. Jin Gyoo shouts his stance, “With empty stomach, you work out like a rabbit. I want to eat the food I wanted to eat. Even my belly is coming out, I will still want to eat the food I want to eat. Eat one after another, and live happily.”

Il Bong teases if he’s angry. Jin Gyoo yells. “What do I  wear today? Choose one for me quickly!” (The big bro is so funny) Then he proudly walks in his new attire.

Jin Gyoo asks Hyeon Sook  how he looks, she says, it’s the same, short arms, short legs, belly sticking out, looks terrible. Everyone wishes him luck on his blind date.  Il Bong asks his mom if the good son is working on Saturday.

Eun Chae drops by Yeong Gyoon’s office. His friend, Soo Jeong, pokes his arm to perk up. He comes out to her.

Eun Chae pouts, how can that woman hit someone else man. Yeong Gyoon lets out a smile.

Eun Chae : “Buy me a meal, I’m hungry.”

Yeong Gyoon : “I already had my lunch.”

Eun Chae : “Have one more.”

Yeong Gyoon : “I don’t want to.” Eun Chae hits his chest.

Yeong Gyoon looks around if anyone see them. She tells him her mom has invited him formally. She smiles.

They sit together. Eun Chae is having her lunch. Yeong Gyoon frowns. “Apologize to me.” Eun Chae says he should apologize first. He tells her he doesn’t know she sent him things. She pauses absorbing the truth she says she’s sorry and apologizes to him. Yeong Gyoon smiles looking at her, “I’m sorry too.”

In that case, she turns to him and asks for a kiss on her lips. He chuckles that he will be kicked out. But she insists putting her hands around his neck and pulls him close.

Soo Jeong sees them together about to kiss. She calls him to come quick, the chairman is looking for him. They pause, Yeong Gyoon gets up and Eun Chae has to let him go.

Yeong Gyoon asks where the chairman is. Soo Jeong warns him, as a colleague, let her say this…she (Eun Chae)’s off limits. She’s from Yun Won family. Soo Jeong’s uncle is also in the construction business. Eun Chae’s mother is very famous. He asks how famous. She says it seems there are some problems.

He asks why she doesn’t say it all. She says to put it simply, it’s the tree that he cannot climb, so he should quickly come to his sense. He smiles and says, not that again (he seems to know her crush on him). He asks if the chairman is really looking for him. She says it’s true, she wonders where the chairman is.

Jin Gyoo is shaking like crazy waiting for his blind date. Il Bong pops up to coach his brother but Jin Gyoo wants him to leave, the  woman will come soon. Il Bong says she will be five  minutes late, woman is always like that (is this some kind of rule?).

Il Bong asks if he remembered his ‘how to’ seduce the opposite sex. Big brother says  he has not forgotten, first, you must smile when you meet her. Second, walk her to the seat, show off your confidence look. Jin Gyoo says but he tried that already but it didn’t work. Il Bong tells him to concentrate in these two steps, praising her and showing off. Il Bong gets up when he sees the woman is coming.

Jin Gyoo ends up greeting her with his shout and even spills the coffee he’s drinking. She uses a tissue to wipe the coffee from his hand. He’s impressed.

Jeong In is performing a traditional dance wearing a hanbok while Miss Kim and Jeong Mo are giving out gifts to the elders.  A congressman walks in, and he sees Jeong In.

Voice-over of the conversation between Jeong In and Miss Kim.

Jeong In, “This event is very important to the congressman. That is visiting and greeting the region nursing home. We should go there before him, prepare the refreshments, bring enough donation funds. I’ll take care the rest. All you need to do is, not to let his subordinate spill out any words. Do not mention Chui congressman’s surname.” Miss Kim asks if there’s anything she should prepare.

Present, the congressman sees them being nice to his mother, he smiles.


Yeong Gyoon uses his free time to help in the restaurant, delivering the food, serving the refreshments. Eun Chae calls, he says he’s busy. His mom quietly observes her son with this girlfriend.

Eun Chae complains looking at his image on the phone that he’s always busy. She wonders what she should wear for the party.

While helping in the restaurant, Yeong Gyoon needs advice from his big brother and Hyeon Sook, what he should bring for a house-warming gifts. Jin Gyoo asks whose house, Yeong Gyoon just tells him a friend’s house. Jin Gyoo suggests detergent or hand towel (oh noooo!). Hyeon Sook thinks hand towel is better. Yeong Gyoon nods.

It’s the wedding anniversary’s party of  Won Seob and Jeong In.  One of the guest is that congressman at the nursing home, he ‘s impressed that he met her and she treated his mom kindly. And the chairman from the club also joins them to greet her.  Basically, the party is all politics.

Eun Chae is waiting for Yeong Gyoon impatiently. And what do you think, he shows up with a pack of hand towel as his gift (*throw hands and wail*). Eun Chae is happy that he’s wearing what she bought for him. She compliments his looks. He says she’s pretty too and smiles. Eun Chae says thank you for his gift laughingly. Yeong Gyoon looks at her house and says that it’s such a big house, the last time he saw this house, it was dark. She brushes it off and takes him inside. Obviously, he doesn’t know her family background.

Eun Chae tries to get her mom’s attention to introduce Yeong Gyoon but Jeong In’s either real busy talking to the guests or ignoring them. Eun Chae feels a little down, she walks him to eat first. Jeong In catches up with them, Yeong Gyoon greets her and says thank you for her invitation. Eun Chae shows her mom his gift, Jeong In accepts it, her fingers barely touche the gift.  Jeong Mo takes the gift for her, and throws it down into the pile of gifts. Both Eun Chae and Yeong Gyoon see that and their faces fall.

Jeong In tells them to take their seats, they’re all been arranged.  Her college senior and friends show up (mom’s plan), Eun Chae is surprised to see them (because she thought Yeong Gyoon’s invitation is special).

Jeong In treats them reallyyyy nice, of course, they are from rich families. Eun Chae asks why they are here, her senior says why asks, it’s her invited him. Eun Chae is puzzled to hear that.

Mr. Senior (sorry, don’t know his name yet) and Yeong Gyoon introduce themselves. They seem to know each other. Mr. Senior congratulates them, he heard that they are dating (humm..any back story?).

Jeong In intervenes and says that Mr. Senior is Eun Chae’s first love (*grumble grumble*). Eun Chae is surprised that her mom said that, from her reaction, it’s not true(?). But that effected Yeong Gyoon’s confidence, he keeps his smiling face.

Jeong In introduces another man as Eun Chae’s second man, and may be the third is studying in Harvard (Ouch!). Eun Chae is frustrated. Mom then turns to introduce Yeong Gyoon as the man currently dating Eun Chae. Yeong Gyoon tries to flash a smile. Jeong In leads them to their table.  Eun Chae is embarrassed, she says sorry to Yeong Gyoon.

They all end up in the same table, the sign at the table says ‘Eun Chae’s friends’.  Yeong Gyoon feels left out, Eun Chae notices his feeling, she holds his arm and announces to them that Yeong Gyoon and her are getting married very soon.  They all congratulate her. Miss Kim comes for Eun Chae, her mom is waiting. She doesn’t want to go, but Yeong Gyoon nods for her to go.

At home, Seong Ryong is having fun with his dad. He holds a ribbon over dad’s nose, so when he snores, it moves.  He smiles. Mom asks Ji Mi about Eun Chae’s family, if she’s the youngest in the family. Ji Mi says she has never seen her.

Ji Mi starts telling, that it started 2-3 years ago.  She’s never seen her, because Yeong Gyoon is shy, he doesn’t let her see his girlfriend. Mom asks why he’s embarrassed to introduce her.  Ji Mi tells her mom that Il Bong bumped into them once when they were dating together, he said they would break up.

Mom asks why. Ji Mi says, her family background is not like a normal family.  They are very rich, the family is  in construction business.  Mom says many construction companies went bankrupt recently, is it that company? They also lost so much money in their business. Mom says they is not bad compare to them, but Ji Mi thinks they are far behind.

Mom asks do we not have the shop or the money, why she feels ashamed. Even the neighbors are envy them. Ji Mi says mom doesn’t understand, it has nothing to do with wealth, the status and class is different.  She shows mom a bag worth 10 millions, mom’s jaw drops. Ji Mi says even mom has money, she won’t buy these kinds of things. Why? Because they have different values, different class, that’s why they can’t buy. This is the class difference in present society.

Ji Mi says, recently the issues they’ve been talking  about is how they live, which school the kids will be graduating.

The rich, their thinking are different from them, one T-shirt is several thousands, one handbag is several millions. Mom starts to see the picture, she asks if the girlfriend is from that kind of family. Ji Mi nods and says if they want to get married, mom should oppose to it, that will be good for her brother.

Mom says if she’s that kind of woman who owns that kind of expensive handbags, she will not agree to it even if they love each other to death. Ji Mi agrees, mom should do that.

Dad can’t breathe properly because Seong Ryong yanks his toy into his dad’s nose (haha)  so he wakes up and chases Seong Ryong out.

At the party, Eun Chae is busy taking pictures with the guests, she’s concerned about Yeong Gyoon’s feeling. She asks her mom, why she always plays dirty tricks. Mom tells her to be quiet.

Won Seob says good words for his wife, for their 30th wedding anniversary. He praises her for her hard-working and her contribution to the company’s success. He presents her a huge pearl ring for their anniversary gift. Miss Kim is not happy about it. Yeong Gyoon hears them, he looks at his paper towel and their differences start sinking in.

Won Seob presents another gift for Jeong In, he promotes her to be the new director of the company.  Jeong In is so happy, she hugs him.  Miss Kim couldn’t take it , she leaves the scene. Everyone congratulates Jeong In. Eun Chae checks on Yeong Gyoon, she feels bad for him.

Won Ja sees Miss Kim leave, she wonders why and follows her. Miss Kim has a drink for herself, Won Ja asks if she’s drinking alcohol. Miss Kim sarcastically asks, can she not have one drink.  Won Ja wonders about her strange mood.

Il Bong is having a good time teasing Hyeon Sook that she’s getting fat. He asks if she’s dating, he suggests skinships will help her lose fat. He shows her the posture of a kiss, that you use three different muscles at the same time, the most effective exercise. It also activates your brain and increases your heartbeats, he lectures her.

He goes on and on, and concludes that the more you kiss, the more you naturally lose weight.  Il Bong’s hand reaches for the money, Hyeon Sook is quick, she catches him just in time. Jin Gyoo quickly  puts the money away. A message comes on his phone, it’s from his blind date, she wants to meet him again. Jin Gyoo is so happy.

Dad walks in, Il Bong hides quickly.  Dad scolds at Jin Gyoo to get marry soon, he expects the wedding money from the guests. Hyeon Sook tells them the woman, his blind date, called, mom is happy for him.  Dad tells him to set the date and get married.  Then he wonders he saw some shadows when walking in, everybody freezes. Il Bong is getting smaller by the minute under the counter. Dad looks around. Suddenly Hyeon Sook screams out, everybody turns, she pretends to be frightened by the cat. Il Bong sneaks out safely to everyone’s relief.

Yeong Gyoon decides to leave the party. Eun Chae runs after him. He says he feels a bit awkward.

Yeong Gyoon calmly says, “We are like a button that has been wrongly fastened. From the beginning, we shouldn’t be together. From the beginning, possibly we’ve fastened it wrongly.” He pauses sadly. He says he’s leaving and tells her to go inside, everyone is waiting.

Eun Chae corrects him, if it’s the button then take it off and buy a new clothes, clothes are cheap nowadays. He just looks at her. She says she knows why he’s like this. Her family has money, power. If  that burdened him, “You just take me with you. I’m okay with it.”  She grabs his hand and walks back into the party. They get on the stage. Everyone looks at them.

Yeong Gyoon looks at her. He’s horrified. She tells him to propose to her quickly.  “What?”  He looks around.

Eun Chae counts, “One, two, three..” She tiptoes and kisses him. Yeong Gyoon is extremely startled. Everybody’s jaw practically drops. (Ooooh!)

If Tomorrow Comes OST – With You

Some thoughts:

Yeong Gyoon is such an ordinary man, a good son. He wants to fall in love, get married and be happy. But he doesn’t realize what he’s getting into….yet. Now that this week, interesting turns I’d been waiting for had happened, I’m now hooked. Rarely a drama would make you root for the villain mother to take her revenge, and rarely a drama would make you think that may be our heroine might, just might be better off alone.  This drama’s sure taking time building up the story, the benefits of  a drama this length. What I really want to see, is  how Yeong Gyoon would change in the future. Will he fight with Eun Chae to completely hold her heart or retreat back to his normal ordinary way of  life?

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