If Tomorrow Comes Episode 1

Another family drama with 50 episodes. By all mean, no guarantee for the next episode recap. The reason I picked this one is Ha Seok-jin and another reason is..still..Ha Seok-jin 🙂 From the synopsis, it’s  about the love and conflict between a mother and daughter. The daughter is a kind-hearted college girl who thinks respecting your parents brings you happiness.

By far off at episode 16, the story focused more on the mom but I suspect that it will change later because we all know the Kdrama rules  i.e. tragic, birth secret, accident, conspiracy, affair. will surely be on our way.

The main cast:

Mother: Ko Doo-sim as Jeong In

Daughter: Seo Woo as Eun Chae

Daughter’s boyfriend: Ha Seok-jin as Yeong Gyoon

Here we go…


Once upon a time, there is this little girl roaming the mountain alone at night searching for something. There’s voice calling her, “Jeong In! Jeong In!”

The little girl turns around. Then she sees these mountain fairy creatures with green illuminated horns on their heads. They are closing on her, she’s frightened so she runs…….

as she runs, time changes to the present day mountain.  The camera zooms in. A woman is standing alone on the hill looking mighty dignified and confident.

[Humm…to be honest, not quite like the actress for this role but we’ll see.]

Then the woman hears that same mountain creatures’ voice, she turns. The picture flashbacks into the past. The fairy creatures circle around the little girl and play with her. She relaxes and smiles. But there’s one creature keeps staring at her and tries to harm her.

A grandma with a torch in her hand is searching the forest calling out for the little girl, “Jeong In! Jeong In!”.
That monster approaches the girl, getting closer to her. The grandma hears the scream, she throws the torch away and runs….

She finds Jeong In unconscious on the ground. She gathers the girl in her arm and calls her. When the girl opens her eyes, grandma asks what she’s doing here this late. Jeong Jin says she’s looking for Dokebi  (goblin-like creature of Korean mythology), “They said Dokebi have magic powers and live in the mountains. They are so powerful that they can summon a pot of gold as they wish.” Grandma hugs her. The girl sees the creature behind a tree and it disappears.

[This beginning sequence will be connected later as the story goes.]

Apparently, the girl lives with the grandma. She will tell Dokebi to summon a pot of gold, so she can buy grandma a farm, and build a very big house. And be very rich. The girl tells grandma not to leave her, to live long, a hundred thousand years. Grandma agrees, all right, she will stay a hundred thousand years, and smiles tenderly to the girl.

Back to present day, Jeong In looks around the mountain area. [Jeong In’s voice-over]

“Even if grandmother did not do as she promised, I did. In order to exchange for several bags of barley, I worked for the whole summer at the Bo Pei’s farm. The farm has sesame seed, rice paddy, vegetable, and also chestnut trees. I bought all of them for you, grandma. I promised you before that I’ll buy all of them for you. I’ll build a luxury nursing home here. I will choose the best location, and build grandmother a house. For grandmother never gets to own a house, you worked hard all your life and passed away just like that. That’s not fair. Grandmother, just wait a little longer.”

She walks back to her car where the driver and her secretary Miss Kim (Kim Soon Jeong), are waiting. She learns that there’s problem at the construction site because they are out of the cement, the supplier says they are out of stock. She’s furious and goes directly to the supplier company and blocks the trucks in the middle of the road, and she finds the way to get them deliver to the site.  She’s the President’s wife of  Yoon Won Construction Company.

And this is her husband, Yoon Won Seob. He’s at the construction site where Jeong In arrives and yells at the manager for not being able to solve the problem. She gets back to the office and complains to Miss Kim that her hubby is so soft and has a good heart that he doesn’t know how to  do or say. Then she wonders where her daughter is, she calls her.

Her daughter, Yoon Eun Chae, is running while picking up mom’s call, lying that she’s dressing up for the event. Mom reminds her not to be late and not to wear the same dress she wore the last time. She hurriedly agrees and hangs up.

Eun Chae runs to her senior (a professor’s assistant) to deliver her assignment. More like a kid’s drawing imo, and he yells at her for that kind of drawings. She’s a college student in  interior design. She yawns and begs him to help her this once.

Then she goes shopping for her dress as mom instructed, she also buys men clothes and accessories for her boyfriend. She writes him a note that he must wear this suit and not to be late, and “I love you, my darling.”  She puts on the lipstick and kisses the note and gets them delivered to him.

Her boyfriend, Lee Yeong Gyoon, is fixing the sewer in a restaurant’s kitchen (a restaurant which I’m not sure who’s the owner yet) that is blocked by food garbage. They are so smelly. Eun Chae calls to make sure he would come.

One man shows up in the neighborhood, Lee Il Bong. He sees his mentally disabled brother, Lee Seong Ryong, gets teased by the bad boys, he kicks them out the way a hero should do. Brothers reunited. While walking home, Seong Ryong recites his family line;

Big brother- Jin Gyoo, the second brother -Seong Ryong,himself, the third brother- Yeong Gyoon, the forth brother-Il Bong,and the last sister- Ji Mi. [Phew!]

They sneak into their home. Il Bong makes sure no one is there. [Seong Ryong always carries two cartoon dolls with him]

Eun Chae’s gift for Yeong Gyoon gets delivered to their home, the brothers are having a good time exploring the expensive gift.

Seong Ryong is specially impressed with the note with a  ‘I love you’ lip-kiss, he carefully puts it inside his vest.

Mom and daughter try on the dresses until mom’s satisfied. Downstairs, Miss Kim helps adjusting the tie for her boss. [You get the picture right? Mom-dad-secretary aha!]

Dad gets home and Il Bong is chased out of the house. He bumps into Ji Mi (the sister) and escapes from dad.

Jeong In is on a TV broadcasting where she’s giving out her outstanding performance as a hard-working wife on her interview, she even sobs with tearful eyes, giving quite a stir to other jealous house-wives. Yeong Gyoon doesn’t know about Eun Chae’s gift, he hurriedly comes to the broadcast with a bouquet for the mom. He’s afraid to be late, he doesn’t wash himself  from the garbage smell.

Eun Chae takes a look at him and is disappointed with his looks. It’s the day she wants to introduce him to her parents, and he even has a dirty kitchen towel tug on his trouser.

Appreciation is only in the front, in the restroom the house wives are gossiping that Jeong In is actually an uneducated woman. Naturally, Jeong In storms in and smacks the wife’s face down.  Others get scared, they all seem to know Jeong In’s true nature.

Eun Chae introduces Yeong Gyoon to her dad, aunt (Yoon Won Ja, Eun Chae’s dad sister) and her mom. Won Ja wonders where the stinking smell comes from. Yeong Gyoon realizes its his smelly clothes.

Jeong In smiles brightly and invites Yeong Gyoon to the party at her house next week, as a good mom should do. She pats his shoulder, as she gets closer, Yeong Gyoon freezes, Jeong In sniffs but pretends her kind nature.

In the elevator, the couple fight because today is her important day. If  he’s going to be like this, he shouldn’t come at all, she says. Yeong Gyoon is pissed and says he’s sorry for not changing his clothes, will that do? She asks him why he didn’t wear that clothes. She asks if she hurt his pride again, for him to come dress like this.

Yeong Gyoon is wary, he asks if she thinks it’s easy for him to come here. The elevator’s door opens so Yeong Gyoon stomps out and leaves the place, throwing his jacket on the sidewalk out of frustration. Eun Chae looks at him leave sadly  but doesn’t go after him.

[I’m with Eun Chae here. He’s a little over the board with the smell with her parents.]

The aunt and the mom see Yeong Gyoon walking out, naturally, they don’t approve of him. But Jeong In has another thing to worry about, the problem with the research institute contract, a chairman changes his mind so the work won’t tender to them. Jeong In sets her mission to hunt the man down.

The Lee family meeting is in session, dad keeps lecturing his children if anyone let Il Bong into this house again. And when he starts on how he’s given Il Bong his money in the past, everybody just rolls eyes, the big brother almost falls asleep. Yeong Gyoon keeps staring at his phone.

Mom (Kim Bo Bae)  finds Il Bong is the bedroom. Mom yells where he’s been, he should have told his mom where he is. Il Bong just hugs her tight, he misses his mom so much. Mom asks about that amount of money he took, he tells her the business with his friends went down.

Mom begs him to live his life like others, can he not be more serious. He says he’s not used to that way of living, “Why boil rice hundred times when one big chestnut one time will do? I’m a big chestnut. I don’t want to live like little rice.” He doesn’t want to be like Yeong Gyoon, every month waits for the pay cheque. Mom says people who are smarter and brighter than him, are all live like that why can he not. She sighs.

Yeong Gyoon keeps staring at his phone trying to figure out what Eun Chae meant by that clothes to wear. Seong Ryong comes behind and asks if he wants to see the kiss. He shows him Eun Chae’s note. Yeong Gyoon realizes what’s the real story. He calls her.

Eun Chae is crying like a baby, when she sees Yeong Gyoon is calling. She takes out her phone battery.


Flashback to when they first meet. Yeong Gyoon is working at what looks like a real estate company. And Eun Chae  comes with her senior and friends touring his company.

She asks him if she submits her application, will she get accepted? He explains that she will first have to work as an intern during the holiday. She asks if the evaluation is by the design or by the person. He says if the person is new, it’s by presentation to see if that person has the ability to learn. The skills should not only shown on the paper.  Eun Chae says, so all he needs is time to understand her character better.

So they end up in a karaoke where Eun Chae is singing her worst than ever. But Yeong Gyoon is smitten by her.

She gives him her phone number before she leaves, and he smiles like a little boy gotten the best candy ever.

Back to present, Daddy gets home and finds the room empty, Jeong In is not home. He sits on the bed, he turns the light off and then on and off he’s in deep emotional thoughts or his loneliness.

Jeong In arrives at the club all dressed up. She orders the drink and starts typing a message and sends to the chairman. The man is enjoying himself with the women in that same club. The message arrives on his phone, he sees pictures of himself with all the ladies of the night. He opens the door and sees Jeong In. She lifts her drink to greet him.

If Tomorrow Comes OST – Part 3

Still not sure about this drama. The thing is, up to the current episode, Eun Chae and Yeong Gyoon are such a blissfully happy couple amid the conflicts and lies that is looming around them that you can’t help but wonder what their future be.

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  1. i probably won’t check this out but by the synopsis it sounds a little like flames of ambition i haven’t seen flames of ambition but i know pretty much what happens in flames of ambition it’s like a conflict with a mother and daughter and that drama also stars seo woo so i’m guessing this drama is what everybody would call a makjang (hopefully i spelt that right)

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