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Randomly speaking, this is not really a round-up but more like a gossip column on a tabloid. It’s only right for me to mention only the ones I watched.  Let’s start with the special entry,  it’s a 2010-drama (that’s why it’s special)  but I watched it this year due to my dear blogger’s recommendation, Blue de Electric Ground. It’s this little gem,  Jejoongwon.

A medical historical drama (36 episodes) that, little by little, has crept into my heart even though I’ve tried to resist. Beautiful profound love between the leads, the story captured the hearts of doctors of Jejoongwon (the hospital) who fought the politics, the diseases, the fate, the belief and the social classes for one purpose – for Korean people to have access to good medical cares through western medicine and medical procedures. It was hard to get pass the first few episodes but after that, the story just swept me away.

For this year drama, just short words of each.  Needless to say, I loved all of them each of its own and none is the waste of time. I did check on many dramas and actually achieve only six so far.

Can You Hear My Heart?

Love. Love. Love.  My crack of the year. The story of a man who hides his deafness to others to fight his way back to the top executive of once his grandpa enterprise. The writer has these delicate ways of handling the disability’s family issues of each character, and brought about the ever cheerful and lovable disabled peeps ever.

Dream High

Very refreshing musical/youth drama. The right pitch of everything. Brought me back to high school and young love. And the ever shipper war, remember?

Romance Town

Recently got the box set in the mail, watched the last episode. It was so good that I wanted to start all over again. It’s safe to say it’s a story of  the maids and the lotto(s), greed, friendships and of course, the social classes. Unconventional plot, not a rom-com you would love but ever enchanting in my book.

City Hunter

Best Japanese comic’s adaptation by far from the Korean. Well scripted, acted. directed and edited. Best music scores for Korean action drama I’ve seen.

Warrior Baek Dong Soo

After some thought, I would say love the drama, the brotherhoods for most, the epic OST, really beautifully filmed with pretty boys as the main course. Minor issue would be the continuity, but I would dump that on hectic shooting schedules and the extension.

Can’t Lose

A drama that surprised me this year. Realistic and cute down to every tiny bit. But to really enjoy the drama, you might need to at least understand the joy of the pain to be in a relationship a bit. Cause that would make you nod in agreement along the way with the leads. I ended up changing side between the wife and the hubby throughout. And all supporting characters were perfect and cast right.

That’s all for this year which will pass by very soon, my record of drama watched each year was quite a handful because of  time/eyes/butt constrain and my picky nature. I realize that I’m out of  rom-com and weepy at the moment, not sure why, so I’m settling in comfortably with family drama genre…for now  🙂

As for the winner of  Can You Hear My Heart DVD on the topic ‘express your love of the drama’, here it is,

“Never in my life had a drama triggered my emotions until tears would cascade down my cheeks unintentionally. This isn’t just any ordinary drama. This is a drama that taught me the real meaning of life, the real meaning of having a family that would accept you after all the sins you have made.  The trust between family members was bonded after all the ruckus and dilemma. This fantastic drama is surely a must-watch for everybody! Definitely a drama that is worthy to be watched repeatedly!”

You know who you are, you should have received my email already, congratulations! And thank you, all the participants. Believe me it’s been tough, took me days to decide because I love all of  yours.  Thanks again!

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    • WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MV after i thought everyone had gone and rooting for dong soo and yeo un (of course i also root dong soo and yeo un as well) but there are a few ones that love yeo un and ji sun like me HAHA lol and this mv is awesome i loved how thehanaMV made them end up together in the end i love the ending to this mv

    • LOL I WOKE UP THIS MORNING TO SOME AWESOME MVS lol this had me amused basically ji sun wants dong soo but dong soo is in love with yeo un so ji sun wants revenge

  1. Hi, kcomments! I get to meet you again! I miss our CYHMH days! I hope all is well with you and it is good to know that you have your own kdrama blog already.

    Happy New Year!

    • hey zenti@ happy new year 2012 wishing you an awesome one,,,,,,,, wow you knew kcomments before????

    • Omoooooooooo…….my dear D.Zenti is here! *doing happy dance* Happy New Year to you too! I so miss our days when we camped on Soompi and Softy’s, we were the ultimate DJ vs MR warriors, remember? Haha. Did you know that KJW got 2 awards from CYHMH? One is popularity award, so happy for him. Which drama are you enjoying now? May be we should meet and duel all night long 🙂 Please do tell about dramas you were (or not) enjoying last year, really want to hear that from you!

      • Annyeong! I am happy for CYHMH that Kim Jae Won, Hwang Jung Eum, and Jung Bo Suk won awards! But I am quite sad that (as a certified Jang Joon Ha/Bong Ma Roo warrior) Nam Goong Min did not win and even our little Woo Ri, Doong Jo, and Ma Roo were not recognized for their acting.

        Aside from CYHMH, the 2011 dramas I enjoyed are My Princess and Heartstrings. I am currently addicted to Ojagkyo Brothers (there goes my weekends!) and Brain (could not resist another doctor – haha). I am also interested with the Moon that Embraces the Sun premiering this week.

        I like you Korean Cuisine categories! I will definitely post entries there!

        • WOW I’m also interested in the moon embracing the sun @zenti i posted up the trailer
          *in hopes that maybe @kcomments has had a look hehe* i’ll be checking it out today if it comes out online it probably won’t be subbed for a few days any ways also today hoping that bachelor’s vegetable store ep 5 will be online today i hope

        • Yep, I wonder why Kim Sae Ron (little WR) didn’t get the award, the girl who won from Hooray for Love didn’t even come close to our WR. Check out Wild Romance, love ep1. Moon/Sun hopes KSH will hit it off in sageuk. Me, didn’t have time for OB, busy busy, will find the time for it, hope it will conclude well. LMAO on Brain, it feels right for a doctor haha, tried ep1 but brain surgery is too much for my appetite 🙂

          • I hope @kcomments you’ll have a look at moon embracing the sun i skiped through it raw since it isn’t subbed yet but it looks really good of course were introduced to youngsters at first but i hope it won’t be for too long because know doubt i’ll get used to the younger cast and then they’ll push them to the side and bring the adults so yh

  2. Oh! CYHMH is my best watched drama this year it just hit you through the core of your heart… And just stays there….

  3. ahhhhhhh cool drama list HAHA i’m glad you put in warrior baek dong soo warrior baek dong soo is probably the hight light for me this year out of these dramas i saw dream high, city hunter, can’t lose and my ultimate fave this year warrior baek dong soo HAHA wow that first one you said about jejoongwon i have never seen but the vid you posted up of it looks really good i probably won’t see it though since it’s like 36 eps long and seems a really sad and tragic historical drama but kcomments@ do you think you can tell me if you want to does the two leads who are in love end up together? 😦

    • :/ cause it would be awesome if they did? 😀

      • I understand what you mean about can’t lose to be honest i found it sort of boring and wanted to stop but i didn’t bother to stop i carried on in some ways i’m glad i did continue i thought i might as well and yes i found it very realistic truthfully i’ve never been in a relationship so i wouldn’t know but i knew this drama was very realistic when it comes to the relationship and the fighting i think thats why i continued even though i wanted to stop i found the fighting hilarious and i like the acting alot so yh but i thought the ending was a bit unrealistic but i didn’t care because i loved it i wanted them to end up together i always want my leads well the couples i OTP and ship to end up together and what i like about korean dramas is i most of the time like the lead couples but wasn’t the most happiest with the lead couple in WARRIOR BAEK DONG SOO which everyone on here probably knows that lol

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