Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 29 (Final)

Dong Soo walks his horse to their meeting place, and calls out, “Un!”  Yeo Un turns. They walk together in the field, “Un, it’s all over. You can come back now.”

Yeo Un smiles.  Then he sees a kid gets beaten by his friends and falls down. He walks over and helps the boy to stand up. Yeo Un holds his hands and tells him the right way  to hold a stick to fight. The kid looks at him and runs off.

Dong Soo smiles.  Yeo Un says it was like this when they were at this age. Dong Soo agrees, at that time, he thought if  he could beat him, that would be enough.

Yeo Un, “If I had known that the sword in our hands would become this heavy, I wouldn’t have picked it up from the beginning.”  Dong Soo asks, “Do you regret it now?”

Yeo Un says, “There wasn’t a single day that I didn’t regret. Because when you kill someone, you will have to bear the guilt for the life of  the person you killed.”

Dong Soo, “Un, I’m not saying what you did is right.  But you don’t have to carry all the burden.” Yeo Un turns to look at him.

Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST – Hey Buddy (Song ver)-BMK

At the palace, the Prince asks, “What? What did you just say?”.

Cho Rip answers, “Heuksa Chorong’s Sky Lord, is the culprit who killed The Crown Prince Sado.”

The Prince, “Really? Did that fellow really killed my father?”. Cho Rip confirms to him, “Yes, Your Highness. Please give the order to eradicate the inhumane assassins group, Heuksa Chorong, and kill their leader, the Sky Lord.”

Cho Rip continues, “Your Highness, after the Defense Minister was executed, the confidence of the Noron fraction has wavered.  We have to seize this opportunity to remove all the people participated in this treasonous plot. We have to leave no chance for its revival. “

The Prince asks, “Leave no chance for its revival? Who are you referring to?”.

Cho Rip, “I’m referring to the residual forces that the Qing planted in this country hundred years ago, Heuksa Chorong.”

The Prince, “Heuksa Chorong?”.

Cho Rip, “Yes, Your Highness. They are hired by those with shady power and influence, and have killed many people. This group of assassins, not only had killed numerous junior and senior officers,  they had also killed Your Highness’s father, The Crown Prince Sado – Your Highness treasonous criminal.” An officer voices his warning to Cho Rip to stop talking that way.

The Prince thinks about how Yeo Un had protected him during the uprising, he asks if  he’s the Sky Lord that Cho Rip’s talking about.  Cho Rip says yes. The Prince asks, “Isn’t he your trusted friend?” Cho Rip pauses then says, “He is my friend. But, I should not let that interfere.”

At Heuksa Chorong, Yeo Un is checking a ledger, he smiles. Gu Hyang says she can see that he is happy.  Yeo Un, “I’ve relieved my burden now. Shouldn’t I be happy?”. She smiles feeling happy for him, then asks how he’s going to deal with these ledgers.  Yeo Un says he will destroy all of them. He orders her to bring all the confidential documents and ledgers  with recorded secret transactions here.

Dong Soo joins Sa Mo and the gang celebrating Dae Ju’s execution. Dong Soo says he will drink to his heart’s content. Ji Seon says she hasn’t seen him laugh happily for a long time. Jin Ju thinks so too, Hong Do guesses it must be about Dae Ju has paid his price.  Sa Mo shouts to the night sky talking to Gwang Taek, to please watch over them and let them live happily. They drink and laugh together.

At the palace, Dong Soo asks the Prince what he means. The Prince says, “Before he carries that seditious heart and kills me, I must kill him first. The king is getting weaker and older, but I still have a lot of enemies around me.”  He states that he’s just taking preventive actions before anything happen.

Dong Soo asks if that’s what Sir Hong had in mind. The Prince simply says his view is the same. Dong Soo begs him to retract his order, citing that Yeo Un had saved his life during the uprising, surely he would  not have thought of rebelling.

The Prince asks, “Didn’t he kill my father?”. Dong Soo couldn’t answer to that. The Prince continues, “How can I let such person continue living? I have made up my mind, don’t bother trying to dissuade me. I heard he is your trusted friend. If you can’t bear to kill him, you don’t have to, I won’t punish you.”  Dong Soo sighs with heavy heart.

Gu Hyang receives the news from the palace, her eyes widen with fear. She comes to Yeo Un and tells him that all the ledgers he wanted are here. Yeo Un orders them all to be burned. His lackey gives him the opae (name tags) of the people, Yeo Un  tells him to give these new identities to everyone.

The lackey asks Yeo Un if he wishes to organize a new group. Yeo Un smiles and says, “When the time comes, you will know.”  The lackey accepts his answer, he looks at Gu Hyang meaningfully and leaves.

Gu Hyang asks Yeo Un, if he thinks those people can live a normal life. Yeo Un says, “They have to pick up a hoe with hands that want to hold a sword, they definitely won’t get used to it. But, it is  a hundred times better than getting blood on their hands.”  He turns to ask her if she wishes to till the ground too. Gu Hyang looks at him but doesn’t answer.

Dong Soo runs to Cho Rip, he asks what this is all about, how he can be like this. Cho Rip gets up and wants to walk away.  Dong Soo yells, “Yang Cho Rip!”, and asks how he could say such thing like killing Un. Cho Rip turns to him, to protect the Prince, he is willing to do anything.

Dong Soo, “Un is a trusted friend. He is your friend!”

Cho Rip, “Dong Soo, you should know. We parted a long time ago.”

Dong Soo grabs him, “But Un saved your life. He could have killed you, he chose to save you instead.” Tears form in his eyes. Cho Rip shouts, “That’s right! But that’s just to trick the Defense Minister.”  Dong Soo grabs his collar, “Yang Cho Rip!”

Cho Rip says, “Whether the Defense Minister is there or not, as long as he makes up his mind, they can always turn their swords against us. There are tens and hundreds of them. How can I let them stay?” He shouts and brushes Dong Soo’s hands off him.  Dong Soo grabs him again and tells him to stop talking nonsense, “Yeo Un is different, he is different! “.  Cho Rip says, “That different their leader.”   The truth hits him, Dong Soo lets go of  Cho Rip.

Cho Rip, “Dong Soo, no matter how much you try to conceal it, Un is still  Heuksa Chorong’s Sky Lord, the leader of the assassins group.” There’s sadness in his voice.

Dong Soo says  if  Un comes back, “You and I should welcome him back together. No matter what others do, you can’t do this. Like the old days, the three of us together. Like the days when we weren’t  afraid of anything.”

Cho Rip concedes that he knows, it’s hard on him too but they don’t have a choice. He tells Dong Soo to stay back  if  he feels uncomfortable, “Whether you step up or not, Un will have to die.”  He walks out and stops by the door and thinks, “Dong Soo, this is the fate of the three of us.

Dong Soo stands there thinking of  their memories together. He cries.

Dong Soo comes to a merchant and hands him a letter. He tells him to send it the Heuksa Chorong’s  Sky Lord. The man is reluctant at first, but Dong Soo assures him that it means no harm. Yeo Un reads the letter, he replies back and gives it to Gu Hyang, to tell him to meet at haesi (9pm to 11pm). Gu Hyang looks at him thoughtfully, she accepts his order and leaves.

She burns the letter with the present of  the lackey. He asks what she’s trying to do. She tells him that the Prince has given an order to get rid of the Sky Lord. He’s surprised and asks her why she didn’t inform Sky Lord.  She says, “The person who requested the Prince to kill the Sky Lord is his trusted friend, Sir Hong. The person who received the order was also his trusted friend, Baek Dong Soo.”

She says the Sky Lord definitely will not draw his sword against them. The lackey asks what is her plan. She tells him she will make an arrangement, and asks for his help.

Dong Soo is begging Cho Rip to believe him this once and follow him to meet Yeo Un.  An arrow flies in and hits a at tree next to them. Dong Soo reads the message attached to it and looks at Cho Rip. Jang Mi’s daughter begs  Cho Rip that they used to be friends, they had memories together, her father was killed by Heuksa Chorong too but Un is different from them. He’s their friend.

Cho Rip finally agrees to meet.

Gu Hyang arranges a proper meal for Dong Soo and Cho Rip. She apparently replied the letter, replacing Yeo Un’s, telling them to meet. She pours the drink for them.

Cho Rip tells Dong Soo that sulsi (7pm-9pm) has already passed, he surely will not come. Dong Soo tells him to wait, he will come. Gu Hyang looks at them, and thinks, “The Sky Lord will not come.”

Cho Rip agrees to wait.  Gu Hyang thinks, “By the time the Sky Lord arrives, you will not be alive.” Cho Rip drinks some more, Gu Hyang lets out a little smile. The lackey is waiting outside the door. She thinks, “I will use my methods to protect the Sky Lord.”

Both Dong Soo and Cho Rip fall asleep because of the drink. She gets up and calls the lackey to come inside. But once the lackey touches Dong Soo, he opens his eyes and grabs his sword and puts it to the lackey’s throat. Cho Rip gets up, he asks her if Yeo Un told her to do this.

Gu Hyang says it wasn’t Yeo Un. But Cho Rip is too angry, he yells if she still wants him to believe what she said. He turns to Dong Soo and says, “This is Un’s reply to our trust.” Dong Soo counters that it’s not possible. Cho Rip still doesn’t buy that. Gu Hyang hurriedly explains that Sky Lord had nothing to do with this. It’s her arranged it.

Cho Rip laughs and asks if she would kill without the Sky Lord’s order. She doesn’t answer.

Cho Rip points out to Dong Soo if he sees that no one in this country can escape Heuksa Chorong’s assassins. Dong Soo lowers his eyes. Cho Rip shouts, “There isn’t even a place to drink peacefully.” Then he says whether to kill them or not, it’s Dong Soo to decide. Cho Rip leaves the place.  Dong Soo calls out to him.

Dong Soo tells the lackey that no matter what, tell Un to come find him. He runs after Cho Rip.

Dong Soo catches up with Cho Rip. Cho Rip angrily asks if he saw for himself that this is the real Un that they trusted. He walks away. Dong Soo goes after him. Yeo Un stands there overhearing their conversation, he feels sad with what he just heard. He knows something has gone wrong.

Yeo Un storms into the room and demands to know what is going on. Gu Hyang tells him that the Prince has ordered to get rid of him, and the one who reported to kill him is his friend, Sir Hong. And the one who received the order is his trusted friend, Baek Dong Soo.

Yeo Un says there must be a mistake, they won’t do that. But she insists she got the information from the Shadowless World, there’s no mistakes. Yeo Un says, “I still couldn’t ask for their forgiveness. Even if they would kill me like you said, I, I must ask for their forgiveness.”

Yeo Un tells her to go back, if it’s really the Prince’s order, he just needs to see him and settle it.

Yeo Un rides to the palace and sneaks into the Prince’s quarter. The Prince perks up, Yeo Un says he thought that the Prince were looking him, please forgive his rudeness. The Prince says he’s really bold to come here, he tells him to sit down.

The Prince questions him, if he really killed his father. Yeo Un answers yes. The Prince stares at him and says, “I have never heard even once how my father died.”   Yeo Un recalls the incident.

Flashback, The Crown Prince duels with Cheon, and Cheon stabbed him.

Present, Yeo Un says, until the moment The Crown Prince closed his eyes, he dreamed of  the northern expedition. The Prince closed his eyes in sorrow, then he looks at Yeo Un, “You are indeed the one who deserve to die.”

Yeo Un asks, “For what reason?”

The Prince answers him, “Killing my father is one, as his child, I can’t ignore it.”  Yeo Un quickly counters, “I’ve never felt the joy of it, the past is filled with pain for me. I will go before The Crown Prince Sado’s grave and bow for one thousand times. I will cut off my arm and ask for your forgiveness.”

The Prince says, “Harming the court, killing innocent people, is two.”
Yeo Un, “I will give all the assets that Heuksa Chorong owned, and return it to the people. From this moment on, the sejak (spy) that infiltrated the court, and the parasites that has attached itself to the society, will all be eradicated.”

The Prince says even if he forgives all that, there is one thing he can’t forgive. Yeo Un asks him what it is.

The Prince says, “Being able to break through all the security, directly entering my private palace, this is a remarkable ability of yours.  Letting someone like you stay alive, how can I sleep peacefully?”

Yeo Un says, “As soon as I resign from Sky Lord’s position, I will disassemble Heuksa Chorong.”

The Prince looks at him in the eyes, and remarks that the look in his eyes seems to not be lying, “I will believe you.” Yeo Un bows to him.

Cho Rip and Dong Soo are drinking together. Cho Rip says , to him, Un is a best friend and a family. Dong Soo, “So we should at least see him once and hear him out.”

Cho Rip says that’s what Dong Soo’s problem is, “Whether Yeo Un lies or not, you just don’t take it as lies. Why? Because you only see what you want to see.”  Dong Soo doesn’t deny that.

Cho Rip says , at one time, he was also like that. The day when Im Su Ung died, even when The Crown Prince Sado died, he trusted Un. But didn’t Un just leave them? He stands up, he tells Dong Soo not to convince him again, “My determination is no less than your confidence.”  He walks away.

Dong Soo still sits there drinking alone. He thinks in his mind, “How can you be so foolish? Un, you just need to come back. Un…” Yeo Un calls out, “Were you really going to kill me?” Dong Soo perks up and quickly gets up.

Yeo Un says, “Cho Rip reported to have me killed. Dong Soo, you swore to His Highness to kill me.” Dong Soo tries to explain, but Yeo Un wouldn’t listen, he tells him he went to see The Prince, “His Highness gave me a chance to atone for my crimes.”  Dong Soo is  so relieved to hear that.

Yeo Un tells Dong Soo, he will disassemble Heuksa Chorong immediately, and will leave far away as well. Dong Soo asks leave? What he’s talking about, did they not say they were going to live together, the three of them. Yeo Un asks how he can live with him, he will leave  to a place where there’s nobody, a place very far, “Don’t look for me.”  He turns and walks away. Dong Soo calls him but he doesn’t look back.

Jin Gi asks, is he not Heuksa Chorong’s Sky Lord, to give up the path of an assassin won’t be that easy. Sa Mo thinks so too, to return to the right path, Yeo Un will have to go through the passing of years. Ji Seon shows her worry to hear that.

At Heuksa Chorong, Yeo Un is announcing to all his people, “From today onwards, Heuksa Chorong will be disassembled. This is the Sky Lord’s order.”  They all look at each other.

Yeo Un, “These are the name tags of the people died in Joseon, but their death hasn’t been reported yet, so there won’t be any problem for you to use them. And these are Heuksa Chorong’s assets, I will distribute them evenly to you. So all of you put down your swords, be laborious and live a good life. That way,  your children may live the life they want without getting blood on their hands.”

One man voices out that except a sword, his hands have not held anything else. He kneels down, “I live as an assassin, I will die as one.”  The rest kneel down too. But Yeo Un insists, “This is an order. You cannot defy it.”

Gu Hyang and the rest get together and agree to carry out their plan. Gu Hyang sends out a letter to Cho Rip secretly. He reads and thinks, “Un, looks like this is between you and me.”  He grabs his sword and runs out.

Yu Dae spots him holding a sword, he asks why an officer at his rank (Joyudae) who supposes to hold a brush but a sword instead. Cho Rip looks at him.

Cho Rip rides alone to the meeting place. He gets off the horse and looks around. The three lackeys show up. Tae San says to Cho Rip, if he’s here to see the Sky Lord, he’s sorry, “So it’s true that you guys are old friends. Did you really come here alone?”

Cho Rip asks why they called him here, “Are you planning to kill me?” Tae San says although he doesn’t really want to, but his death will bring lots of benefits. The book guy tells Cho Rip, whether he believes it or not, Heuksa Chorong has already been dissolved.  Then more assassins show up.

Cho Rip smirks looking at them and says, “The so-called dissolved Heuksa Chorong, why would they point a sword at me?” The lackey says, “This is..”, he draws his sword, “the final task.”

Cho Rip says, “I won’t buy that crap. Look at you all, only know how to kill people, that’s why you pick up the swords again. You all are only assassins. Do as you want, but even if I die here, nothing will change!” He pulls out his sword.

At Heuksa Chorong, Yeo Un walks in and says, Heuksa is especially quiet today. He asks, “Have Jang Tae San, Baekmyeon, Seosaeng left already?”  Gu Hyang couldn’t look at him in the eyes, she says yes, half of the people have left Heuksa Chorong.

Yeo un glares at her, “How can you lie to me? I clearly said, drop the swords and go. The weapon storage doesn’t have a single sword. Did they go kill people again?”  When she doesn’t answer, he scolds her to say it.

Gu Hyang lowers her eyes and says no, they’re not, everyone left this morning…..Yeo Un reaches for his sword, “Do you really want to die?”  She looks at him.

Yeo Un rides fast across the field, “Cho Rip! Please stay alive, Cho Rip!”

Cho Rip is struggling to fight among them, but he’s outnumbered. The assassins slash him many times, and the three lackeys are taking turn to attack him with their weapons. Cho Rip falls down with blood all over his face, the lackey puts his sword to Cho Rip’s neck.

At the palace, Dong Soo asks Yu Dae if he saw Cho Rip. He couldn’t find him and he’s not in the library. Yu Dae is surprised that Dong Soo didn’t go with Cho Rip, he went to see Un. Dong Soo is alarmed, “What?” He runs, passing the three Prince’s guards.

Dong Soo runs fast, “Cho Rip, no! It’s all been taken care of, it’s over! Please! Don’t let anything happen, please!”

At the field, they are about to execute Cho Rip when Yeo Un shouts at them to stop. He jumps down the horse and runs to Cho Rip. The three lackeys bow to Yeo Un as their lord. Yeo Un holds Cho Rip and calls his name.

Cho Rip looks at him, “Don’t touch me! Don’t you get it?”  He grabs Yeo Un, “As long as you exist, they won’t ever disappear. As long as you exist, be it His Highness or Dong Soo, no one is safe.

“I finally understand, you thought Sword Saint didn’t kill you because his martial arts wasn’t good enough? It’s because he just couldn’t kill you. The same with Captain Jang Dae Po,  Training Commander Im Su Ung, even The Crown Prince Sado, everyone went like that. This is all because of Heuksa Chorong. Un! You! It’s all because of you.”

Cho Rip crouches downwards painfully because of  his wounds. Yeo Un quietly absorbs his words. There’s pain in his eyes. He looks at the sky, then  his eyes show absolute determination.

He stands up and tells the lackeys to leave, “Put down your sword and leave.” One lackey tries to protest. Yeo Un looks at him, “This is the final order. Those that defy, will die.”

They drop their sword in surrender, bow regretfully to him and leave. Yeo Un stands there alone.

Dong Soo arrives, he jumps down the horse and comes to hold Cho Rip, he calls him. Then he turns angrily to Yeo Un, “Did you do this, Un?”  Yeo Un slowly nods, accept his accusation.

Dong Soo puts down Cho Rip softly on the ground. He gets up and confronts Yeo Un, “Why did you do this? It’s over already, why on earth did you?”  He shouts.

Yeo Un says, “For a moment, for just a brief moment, I also thought like that and believed it. It was only an illusion of my wishful thinking. I am only an assassin.”

Dong Soo asks how far he wants to go. Yeo Un turns to him and asks, “Baek Dong Soo, what exactly do you want of me? I am an assassin, Heuksa Chorong’s leader, an enemy of  Joseon.”

Dong Soo tells him, “Un, destiny or whatever is all just an excuse. Even if you weren’t born a killer, you would still end up like this.”

Yeo Un asks, “So? What exactly do you want from me? What do you want me to do? Baek Dong Soo, looks like we have to finish up between us.” He draws his sword.

Dong Soo, “You think you could beat me?”

Yeo Un laughs a little and asks, “Did you ever? Did you ever beat me? Even once?”

Dong Soo warns, “I may kill you.”   Yeo Un counters, “Those words, say them after beating me!” Dong Soo draws his sword. They fight.


Dong Soo looks at Yeo Un. Sa Mo tells him, “He’s your comrade.”

Dong Soo says, “Comrade?”. He looks at Yeo Un and smirks, “Comrade my butt. He’s just a pretty face.”

Yeo Un smiles and greets him, “Hey!”

Yeo Un asks, “You want to become comrades?”

Dong Soo looks at him, “What? With you?” Yeo Un nods, Dong Soo just pouts.



Dong Soo gets a chance to slash Yeo Un, he hesitates and couldn’t do it. Yeo Un takes this chance to slash Dong Soo’s arm. The three Prince’s guards and soldiers rush into the area. They help Cho Rip and look at the two fighting.

The guards recall the Prince’s order, “You all lead the Royal guards there. If  Sir Hong appears to be harmed, put Heuksa Chorong’s Sky Lord to death.”

The two are still fighting, whenever Dong Soo has the chance to harm Yeo Un he just stops. The same with Yeo Un, he couldn’t slash to kill. Yeo Un notices Dong Soo is also unwilling to kill, he slashes Dong Soo again and yells, “Baek Dong Soo, you must have the will to kill me!” And Yeo Un knocks him away. That hurts Dong Soo deeply.

They look at each other. Dong Soo asks, “For the last time, can’t we return to how it was before?” His tears fall. Yeo Un answers, “You were my only sanctuary. Dong Soo, you and Cho Rip, I once believed that if I were with you guys, then I wouldn’t have to live in the shadows. It made me happy for a moment, that is enough.”

Dong Soo feels sad hearing his answer, he cries.

Yeo Un makes final decision, he runs towards Dong Soo, “Thank you, Dong Soo.”

Seeing Yeo Un running towards him, Dong Soo runs forwards, but then he kneels down raising his sword high. He closes his eyes, willing to stay still and accept what’s to come.

Yeo Un jumps high and lets go his swords mid-air, deciding to sacrifice his life.

 He comes down directly onto Dong Soo’s sword.  Dong Soo still closes his eyes tight when he feels Yeo Un, he opens his eyes in disbelief, “Un.. Un!”

Yeo Un holds Dong Soo and says, “Since from the past, I thought that if  I had to die by someone’s hands, I wished it would be yours.”  Dong Soo shakes his head, “You can still live! Un!”. Blood coming out from Yeo Un’s mouth.

Yeo Un, “In the after life, to His Highness, to Sword Saint, I’ll get down on my knees and bow deeply. Don’t blame yourself for someone like me.”  Yeo Un pats Dong Soo’s back, “Thank you, Dong Soo.”  He closes his eyes and passes away. Yeo Un’s hands drop from holding on to Dong Soo.

Dong Soo could feel Yeo Un has gone, he cries, “Un, don’t die! Un! Un!”. Dong Soo outcries his sadness, “Un, don’t die! Un!”

Picture faded. Dong Soo is drinking alone. Yeo Un walks over and sits next to him. He looks at Dong Soo and smiles. Dong Soo smiles back.

Dong Soo pours another cup. But when he lifts it to his mouth, it turns out to be Ji Seon who sits next to him. She asks why he’s drinking so much alone. She asks if he misses him. Dong Soo nods, he misses him so much, Un, that brat.

Dong Soo says, “But that brat only exists in this wine cup. I just want to drink and forget him, but I think of him again so I can only refill it.  I wish to forget him after that cup. But then I miss him again, so I refill another.” He sighs and drinks some more.

Jang Mi’s daughter calls Dong Soo to hurry come over. He gets up and follows her. A candle is blown off. Whispering sounds, a finger pokes a hole on the paper door, sounds of laughter. Suddenly, light comes on.

Sa Mo yells out, “Don’t you have anything better to do? What’s there to see! Go away!” The kids laugh and move away.

Sa Mo and Jang Mi are together in the room, she shyly calls him sobangnim (husband). He tells her he will take care of her for the rest of his life. He holds her and says it’s time to put off the light.

Jin Gi joins the crowd. They are teasing the couple from the outside, to open the door. Jin Gi smiles and says, “What’s there to be curious about? An old virgin getting a wife?”  They all laugh.

The three guards tells Jin Gi, he doesn’t have to hide anymore. The Prince removed all his charges of him. Jin Ju is happy for her father. Jin Gi is overwhelmed by the Prince’s kindness, he has tears brimming his eyes, “Your Highness even took care of this lowly peasant. I’m so grateful.”  They all smile feeling happy for him.

Dong Soo turns to Ji Seon and holds her hand, she looks at him warmly.

Hong Do reaches out for Jin Ju’s hands and smiles. Jin Ju looks at him, she’s awkwardly shy.

A man joins them, it’s Cho Rip. He’s still alive. He stands close to Jang Mi’s daughter and smiles. They all tease him the way he’s soften towards her.

At the palace, the King is addressing his last wish, “You must be a good king. The dream I couldn’t fulfill, the matters that your father couldn’t do, you must become a good king who benefits the people. In the after life where I see your father, I will ask for his forgiveness. So, don’t hate this grandfather.”  The Prince tells him not to say such things. The Queen worriedly looks at the King.

The King closes his eyes, he passes away. The Prince calls him and sadly bows. All officers bow and chant, “Your Majesty!”, giving their last respect.

The Prince holds the Woldo of  his father, flashback, The Crown Prince Sado uses the Woldo to destroy the monument and declares, “I will personally change Joseon’s history!”. The Prince gets inspired by his father.

The Prince* sits on the throne and declares,  “I am The Crown Prince Sado’s son. Starting now, whoever dares to insult the wrongly accused The Crown Prince Sado or me, will be punished severely.”

[*There’s no scene of his coronation except his robe and the way his subject address him, to which, sad to say I couldn’t distinguish, so will keep calling him the Prince. Your suggestion is welcomed.]


Everybody bows and chants, “Thank you for your graciousness, Your Highness.”

Dong Soo becomes the high rank officer oversees the training. Hong Do draws all the fighting techniques.  And Dong Soo gathers all the drawings into the books of martial arts.

Jin Ju is teaching Jang Mi’s daughter how to fight. Cho Rip and Hong So see them. Cho Rip runs to them and stops Jang Mi’s daughter from practicing.

He asks what she’s doing, it’s very dangerous. She says she just wants to learn martial arts. But Cho Rip says it’s not appropriate for a woman to hold a sword. Jin Ju yells then what about her. Hong Do shows her the brush, to hold it instead. Both men signal each other for their privacy, Hong Do takes Jin Ju with him.

Jang Mi’s daughter kisses Cho Rip on his cheek, he is stunned. She looks at him and closes her eyes, he holds her face and kisses her.

Hong Do approaches Jin Ju with a bouquet in his hands, he tells her to take it. Jin Ju accepts it and smiles. He shows her his painting and asks how she likes it. He explains, in the painting, it’s her and him, “Just like the painting, you will become the world’s most beautiful bride.”

She doesn’t say how she feels. He leans closer to put his face next to her in an embrace. She’s startled, then lets out a smiles.

Sa Mo and Jin Gi are enjoying the fresh air together.  Sa Mo says, “From what I see, martial artists like us, aren’t different from the clouds above.” He points his finger up to the sky. Jin Gi agrees, “Yes, be there. Don’t know when it will be scattered by the wind, that comes out of nowhere.”

Sa Mo teases him with his poetic words, “We have always put up our lives and fought till now. Let’s live more relax life. Let’s not die untimely by a sword, let’s die old age.” Jin Gi laughs, he agrees, relaxing and dying of old age.

Dong Soo presents a stack of  books to the Prince. It’s the Muyeoidobotongji –  a martial arts book explaining 24 types of martial arts, drawn on order.

The Prince says this martial arts books will surely strengthen Joseon’s army. He praises Dong Soo for his good work done. Dong Soo comes out and his friends greet him for his success, that they are proud of him.

Ji Seon walks in the market, the passersby bow to her. She’s become a respectable ginseng merchant. Dong Soo waits  for her on his horse. Ji Seon sees him, she smiles.

They ride together, side by side. A bunch of kids are fighting and one kid gets beaten and falls. They leave him behind. The kid sits on the ground feeling sad. Dong Soo gets off the horse and walks to him.

He asks if he’s angry, if he still wants to fight with other kids again. The kid perks up, “Definitely! My father told me not to give up easily.”

The boy’s answer brings back Dong Soo’s memories. He recalls his younger days trying to beat Yeo Un.

The young Dong Soo is shouting, “Didn’t you say to never giver up?  Didn’t you say as long as I’m determined, I can do anything? He’s my age. There’s no reason I can’t beat him.”

Present, Dong Soo smiles and tells the kid, “Yes, you are right. But, the way you are fighting, will absolutely not be able to beat that child. Do you know what martial arts is?” The kid says, “Martial Arts? Isn’t it the talent of stopping two spears and saving people’s lives.?”  He gets up and shows him.

The word ‘martial’  is made up of  “2”, “spear” and “stop”. The kid uses his wooden stick to draw a character on the ground, “So the word ‘martial’ means to stop two spears from coming together, then they added the word ‘art’  to it.  And that made it  ‘martial arts’.”

Dong Soo smiles and pats the kid’s head, “You’re smart. Yes, you are right. Martial arts is not just about getting stronger. Saving a friend, the people, and the country,  that is the true martial arts.”

The kid asks if he’s a martial artist. Dong Soo nods and says yes. The kid says, “So can you teach me?”.

Dong Soo agrees. So the kid wonders, “Really?”. Dong Soo pokes his head and says why he’s talking like that, “Call me ‘master'”. The kid scratches his head, “What the heck?”. He shouts to his friends to, let’s do another round. He turns to Dong Soo,  “Ajussi, you promised to teach me martial arts.”  Dong Soo nods, the kid bows and leaves.  Ji Seon looks at him and smiles. Dong Soo turns looking at the sky.

Ji Seon’s smile faded. She turns to look at the sunset.

She turns to him. He gives her a reassuring smile. They ride together into the sunset.

Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST – The Only Road (inst.)

As they ride off,   <my self-improvised>

Yeo Un looks at them riding off and fading away,  “Baek Dong Soo, thank you for not come find me.”


Kyahhh~  🙂 🙂 🙂  THANK YOU for sharing such good time (and may be eh…frustrated time)  together!

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  1. My my my!what a amazing drama but why did yeo in have to die, I hate the end of this drama

  2. yeo un’s death, what a tragid endinig

  3. what is the name of the song when Yeo Woon will die, please?

  4. dis is highly interesting ji chang wook fighting

  5. My! My! My! Wat a loving drama ever but so so so sad when un died

  6. I hate the ending !!! It should have been that Yeo Woon and Baek Dong Soo lives with Cho Rip as a happy family with their lovers.

    • I hate the last episode too. I really loved the series, and although YeoWoon seems kind of fated to end in a terrible way, the way they set it up, and the fact that right after everyone was in pairs and happy was soooooo Awful! Yeo Woon was the best character, and besides Beak Dong Su who drank one night, everyone else was fine. Baek Dong Soo never gets upset with Cho Rip for convincing Woona that because of him everyone died, so he needs to die. No one tells the Prince who sent his royal army that Yeo Woon didn’t call out Cho Rip it was the Black Ninjas who Yeo Woon had disassembled, or that it was actually Chun Soo that killed his father (not that Yeo Woon was innocent), but it was not his hand. Also, JinJoo who was my second favorite character (next to Yeo Woon) doesn’t end up with her beloved Beak Dong Soo that she adored her whole life. He ends up riding into the sunset with JiSeon who has super big ears and was super boring. …What a terrible ending to a great series.

  7. Woon ah~~~~~~~~ crying crying… hu hu hu. Miss you so much~

  8. ACTUALLY technically the rode away from the sunset lol this is the real ending yeo un says thank you dong soo for not come to find me then a few years later yeo un comes back dong soo is shocked they have a little reunion ji sun comes back and runs into yeo uns arms and dong soo is with jin ju there even more happy ending HAHA

  9. It was because of Kcomments’ recaps that led me to watching this drama and made me fell for Ji Chang Wook *grins* I love the brotherhood, the friendship, their loyalty towards each other From the masters to their disciples.

    I hope you will recap Bachelors Vegetable Shop too….Thank you Kcomments for introducing me to JCW..

    Merry Christmas!

    • Yep, yep, yep Merry Christmas! *beaming*

      • MERRY CHRISTMAS KCOMMENTS@ XX,,,,, yay your gonna recap ji chang wooks new drama bachelors vegetable store yay i saw the first two eps lol it’s a little makjangy at first but let’s just see how it goes,,,,,,,,,,, one thing i was disappointed was on christmas eve t-aras lovey dovey mv the second part to cry cry with JI CHANG WOOK was supposed to air they’ve postponed it to january 2nd WHICH I AM SO PISSED since this is like the fourth or fifth time they’ve postponed and they’ve extended the mv to 22 mins which actually i don’t mind since all i really want to see is ji chang wook lol thats the only reason why i want to see let’s just hope they don’t postpone it again they said this is the last time there postponing it so fingers crossed they won’t change it again if they do i’ll be super angry i just want to see JI CHANG WOOK lol

  10. hi!!
    just to see the last episod, if .yeo un is die or not!!I miss this drama,,


      • mee..tooo!!!do you know what drama is good at the moment!!I have just to follow Flower boy ramyun, it’s finish..and now, I want to see another but I can’t decided..”padam padam” is good or not? :))

        • well i don’t know whats good at the mome but january 4th there’s a new historical drama called the moon that embraces the sun with kim soo hyun the one from dream high and yesterday ji chang wooks new drama bachelors vegetable store came out but i don’t know when they’ll have it online i heard the 23rd on dramafever



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