Korean Cuisine : Jajangmyeon

Jajangmyeon (alternately spelled jjajangmyeon) is a popular Korean dish, derived from the Chinese dish zha jiang mian. It consists of wheat noodles topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste), diced meat and vegetables, and sometimes also seafood. Jajang (alternately spelled jjajang), the name of the sauce, is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese characters , which literally means “fried sauce.” Myeon (also spelled myun) means “noodle.”



Jajangmyeon uses thick noodles made from white wheat flour. The noodles, which are made entirely by hand and not by machines, are called sutamyeon are praised in South Korea as an essential ingredient of good jajangmyeon.


The sauce is made with a dark soybean paste. This paste, which is made from roasted soybeans and caramel, is called chunjang (literally “spring paste” ) when unheated, while the heated sauce (containing vegetables and meat or seafood) is called jjajang (literally “fried sauce”). Chunjang is stir-fried with diced onions, ground meat (either beef or pork) or chopped seafood, and other ingredients. The meat stock is added to reduce the salty taste, and potato starch or cornstarch is added to give the sauce a thick consistency. The sauce is served hot over noodles, sometimes with sliced raw cucumbers.


Jajangmyeon is always served with a small amount of danmuji  (pickled radish) . The dish is often served with a small amount of sliced raw onions, seasoned with rice vinegar, accompanied with a little jajang sauce. The diner eats the noodle with danmuji and onions dipped in jajang sauce.

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Of course, as we all know, it’s the “Coffee Prince”  that made this dish become famous among Kdrama lovers. I’m  personally not into this dish that much, because it’s a little too greasy and sweet for my likings, plus, the sauce is really ,yunno, eh…black. Not recommend during office hours ^^  But please judge it yourself and give it a try  🙂

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  1. yeeesss!! thank u kcomment!! its exactly the kind of pasta that I want!!

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