Hooray for Love Episode 24

Jae Mi turns around and it’s Jong Soo standing close to her, she asks what he’s doing here. He says looks like she’s been very happy these past few days.

Hooray for Love OST – Say I Love You

Dong Woo gets back to his car and sees Jae Mi’s bags left inside, he smiles saying she’s so forgetful, no, or may be she intended to leave them here just to see him again. He grabs the bags and walks back to her house.

Jong Soo, “Don’t be happy alone, let’s be happy together.”

She asks if he’s drunk.  He says, her curse has come true, his family crumbled before his eyes, so he went to celebrate on his own. To make her happy, he came here to personally deliver this good news. She tells him to go and sleep off  if he’s drunk, whether he flourishes or dies, his life has nothing to do with her. She turns to get into her house, he grabs her.

He asks if his life has nothing to do with her, then why she said those words. Jae Mi’s eyes reflect guilt.  He says it’s because of what she said, his life has fallen into this mud pit.  She says why  it is her fault, was she the one had an affair in Australia, or forced him to divorce, if that is not enough,  was she the one who caused him to be fooled by a woman and become the father of  another man’s child. He did this all to himself.

He shouts her name. She says when he forced the fake divorce, she tried to put their family together but he begged her to release him to that woman. He stole her trademark rights that she built with her blood and tears, furthermore, he even stole her menu.

He says, so she did anything wrong at all? Doesn’t she feel a bit guilty?

Jae Mi answers, definitely, he’s like this today is all his fault. If  he came here to blame it all on her, it’s not her fault. He can only blame himself. Jae Mi turns to leave. He stops her asking softly, “If  I come back, will you forgive me?”

Jae Mi’s jaw drops, she looks at him unbelievably.  He says, let’s agree that everything she said was right. He deserves to die, he doesn’t know what has gotten into him to cause so much trouble. Honestly, after things got complicated, he’s so confused like his head is going to explode, “Can’t you help me? In the future, I will do whatever you ask me to. Please tell me which way to go. If  I cleanly break up with the other side and come back, can we start all over?”

She says, “Han Jong Soo, you are really pathetic. How can you become this low?  Hitting the bottom is not enough, do you have to sink even further today? Don’t let me see your pathetic side again. Just go.”

She opens the door and gets into her house.  Dong Woo is standing there quietly listening to them.

Jong Soo yells, “You ruined my life, you have to bear the responsibility no matter what!  Kang Jae Mi !”.  He mumbles, what she wants him to do, he’s going crazy.  He leans on the wall in despair, he starts to walk away. But when he turns, it’s Dong Woo staring at him intensely.

Dong Woo grabs his shoulder and tells him to let’s talk. Jong Soo shakes his hand off, they walk to a quiet place.

Jong Soo asks if he heard all of his conversation with Jae Mi.  Dong Woo says, “I’m warning you, Han Jong Soo. If you harass Jae Mi once more, I won’t spare you.”

Jong Soo says, who is he? who gives him the right to order him around, just met her several times out of sympathy, and he thinks she’s already his woman?, “Sorry, I was her first love. We lived together for three years as husband and wife. No matter how much you tried to block it, can you break that kind of deep attachment?”

Dong Woo controls his anger and asks what he wants, remarry? Jong Soo answers maybe, and he doesn’t want a third person to interfere, “Quickly get lost!”, he adds.

Dong Woo says, it’s difficult for that to happen because he will not allow it. Jong Soo asks who he thinks he is to not allow that. Dong Woo says he and Jae Mi have agreed to get married.

Jong Soo is surprised.  Dong Woo grabs his collar, “So if you harass my woman one more time, I will not tolerate it. Do you understand?” He throws Jong Soo down to the ground, and turns to leave.

Jong Soo shouts at his back,”Looks like you don’t know. One day as husband and wife equals to a hundred day of gratitude.” Dong Woo clutches his fist, he walks away. Jong Soo yells at him, to wait and see, he will make Jae Mi waver!

Da Reum is having a good time that the three of them are like family, she doesn’t want to leave Jong Shim tonight. So Jong Shim agrees to have her sleep over, the two of them. But when De Reum sees that her father has to go home alone, she feels sad. So she tells Jong Shim they should do that next time, and runs to her father.

When they get on the bus, Jong Shim wants Da Reum with her at night too. But she couldn’t make up her mind, she’s turned off every time thinking of kissing that face of his.

Jong Hee is asking Jae Mi if she’s getting back all right, because her face didn’t look good when she came in. Jong Shim gets in the room and gives Jae Mi her bags she got from Dong Woo at the front door, he insisted not coming in. She thinks he didn’t look good.

Jae Mi is worried to hear that. She tells her mom she will go out for a while. Jae Mi runs outside, she finds Dong Woo walking to his car. She walks up close and calls him, he turns and looks at her with sadness in his eyes.

Hee Soo’s brother tries to contact Jong Soo but he doesn’t pick up his phone. He says how can he acted like this, what if the child is really his. But Hee Soo tells her brother that if  it were her, she would act the same way. She insists to continue living with Jong Soo no matter what. She says to her brother, if he had forgotten that they’ve suffered a lot because they grew up without their parent. She doesn’t want her child to experience the same thing.

Her brother tells her that Jong Soo’s heart has already left her, but she counters that it’s impossible, the man is  ruthless on the outside but he has a soft heart. She believes she can change his heart when he comes back. She insists that the child is Jong Soo’s, but if  it’s otherwise, it won’t be too late to break up later.  She tells her brother to find a way to make him come back to her.

Meanwhile Jong Soo is drinking alone crying.

In a cafe, Jae Mi asks Dong Woo if  he met Jong Soo in front of her house, she doesn’t know what Jong Soo told him but  not to take it seriously. Jong Soo went to the hospital today, so he might be shocked with the result and wasn’t himself today.

Dong Woo quietly listens to her, then he asks,  the repetition of  this in the future, how long does she have to endure it? He looks into her eyes.

“Of course, I won’t be happy running into him, but do you know what’s more upsetting than that? That the one bullied by him is you, Jae Mi. Until when do I have to see this?

She lowers her eyes and says, she’s sorry, she doesn’t know what he saw. She would never have thought that Jong Soo would go this far. He’s really more devastated than she thought.

Dong Woo says, “So, a devastated person showing you how devastated he is, does that mean you have to get bullied every time that happens? Also, every time that happens, do I have to watch helplessly?”

She says she’s sorry again so he says that is why he wants to get married as soon as possible, “As a man, every time I see my woman being bullied, do you know how incompetent and miserable I feel?” Jae Mi just looks at him.

Dong Woo, “Jae Mi, your heart is not ready yet, but this is the only way to stop that man. So, think again carefully, what is best for both of us.”


He gets up and leaves. Jae Mi closes her eyes, doesn’t know what to do.

At home, Crystal is worried and angry that Dong Woo hasn’t come home since yesterday. When Dong Woo walks into the house, she angrily interrogates him, why didn’t he call? He says his battery was dead. She asks why he slept outside, he answers he’s busy that’s all. She yells at him that he should know that they are worried, and tries to hit him, Dong Woo catches both of her hands and holds tight.

He says sorry, he’s not in the mood to get beaten today. If she wants to beat him, save it for later. He goes into his room. Everybody is surprised by Dong Woo’s behavior.

Jae Mi is thinking about what Dong Woo said. Jong Hee walks into her room and asks if she talked with Dong Woo. Jae Mi confines to her that he wants to marry her, but she doesn’t know what to do.  Her mom asks her why is she hesitating?

She tells her mom that they are now doing well, but if they rush into marriage,  she’s afraid they might end up getting hurt. Jong Soo was just here, he knows that he’s barren and wants to get back together with her. Mom says how he can be this shameless, Jae Mi must ignore him completely.

Jae Mi says she knows that, but Dong Woo saw it. She tells her mom that her heart is like this, there’s no way she can marry him this soon. But, to have him bear the burden of Jong Soo is too selfish of her.

Mom asks what she wants to do. Jae Mi wonders if they ought to break up. Mom says she understands her feeling, but if she really loves him, do not miss this chance. Otherwise, she will lose him and regret it for the rest of her life. Mom hugs her.

That night, both Dong Woo and Jae Mi couldn’t sleep.

Dad hears the sound of closing the door very early in the morning, he wonders who might that be. Crystal gets up and tells him not to bother, it’s Dong Woo, he left without sleeping.  Though she’s worried, but to think about it, it’s a good sign that Dong Woo has grown up.

Dad says, Dong Woo hasn’t been using his credit card lately, just uses his own money. Mom says it’s all because of  Ye Son, she’s pretty and cute, “Our Ye Son is good job girl!” But dad thinks things might not go as smooth because Dong Woo left this early without getting some sleep.

Dong Woo come to his office very early in the morning. He walks slowly still not in a good mood, he rounds the corner and finds Jae Mi’s waiting in front of his office. He quietly walks to her and asks, how come she’s here this early.

Jae Mi, “I wanted to see you. Last night you left like that, you were very upset, right? Me, too. I spent all night thinking. Because of me,  you are suffering. Should we or should we not break up? But no matter what happens, I just can’t break up with you. Although I can’t do anything, although you will feel tired whenever you see me, I can’t break up with you. Right now, without you, my life has no meaning. Although I don’t know if I have the qualification, although I have a lot of shortcomings, I truly…… you.”

Dong Woo just keeps looking at her.

Jae Mi, “Because of me, you can’t eat properly, you can’t sleep properly. So I bought some porridge here, eat this before you start working….”

Dong Woo grabs her in a hug, tears fall from Jae Mi’s eyes. He loosens his embrace to wipe her tears only to hug her again,  not able to say anything.

Da Reum gives her dad a new shoes, when he learned that Jong Shim bought it together with Da Reum’s clothes, he gets angry. He brings everything to Jong Shim and demands to know the total amount she paid, citing that it hurts his pride. Jong Shim gives him the figures; it’s 140,000, shoes are 60,000, clothes are 80,000. He gave her 30,000 so just gives her back 110,000.

Apparently, he doesn’t have enough money in his wallet. So he says it’s rude to disregard people’s kindness, he ‘d rather show her his gratitude in another way.

She knows right away that it’s just his good words, actually he doesn’t have enough money. So she tells him to start by helping her doing her chores.  He agrees readily and takes off his suit, a button of  his shirt comes off  accidentally.

She offers to sew it back on, he gladly accepts and takes off his shirt.

Jong Shim’s jaw drops seeing his muscles underneath his clothes, she blushes and compliments his body. He smiles and grabs her hand to feel it, she squeals with delight! (Haha!)

Joori nags her husband 20,000,000 Won for her fitness-center enrollment. He strongly opposes to it, she should save that for Se Ra’s tuition fee or  her own pension funds.  Joori is frustrated, she needs the money.

Jong Hee gives Jae Mi the envelope with 20,000,000 Won inside. She tells her not to get mad and listens to her first. It’s from her father. He’s found out about her agreement with Jong Soo to give up the shop. Though this amount of money would not be able to compensate her loss. He feels uncomfortable and sad, he wants to make it up to her.

Jae Mi refuses to accept the money, Jong Hee grabs her hand and tells her that her dad is really very tired and full of regrets. He painstakingly saved it for her. Jong Hee begs her to accept it to put her father at ease.  But Jae Mi says sorry, she doesn’t hate her father but she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.

Jae Mi gets into  her room, she thinks about what her father said that he cannot live like a stranger to her, and Dong Woo told her to forgive her dad. She looks at an old photo of  her and her dad, and cries.

Joori flips thru the incoming mails and finds a letter to Hyung Do about his taking out a loan of 20,000,000 Won. She’s surprised she thought the loan had already been paid back. She checks the deposit book, the money had already been  withdrawn from the bank. She gets angry and wants to know what’s going on.

Jong Hee gets a text message from Jae Mi that she’s decided to keep the money, she tells her to thank him. But Jong Hee texts back that Jae Mi should say it herself , her dad will be happy, she gives her his phone number.

Joori storms into Hyung Do’s office in the hospital frustrated. She hears the voice of  incoming message from Hyung Do’s phone. She finds the phone, and allows herself  to look at his  message.

It’s from Jae Mi, it reads, “Father, it’s me. Mom gives me the money, such a big amount.  I will use it where I need it the most. Thank you.”

Joori tries to connect the dots, and falls, she couldn’t believe what she thinks it is.

Dong Woo is looking at the ring smilingly but then he recalls, Jong Soo wanted to come back with Jae Mi, he calls her. Jae Mi picks up the phone and tells him she’s on her way to the market to buy the med ingredients that grandma taught her.  She has to succeed as soon as possible so she can get married.

Dong Woo tells her if  Jong Soo approaches her again, just tell him, he will gather the evidences and file for a restraining order. She says she told him clearly already, he will not come anymore, do not worry.

Dong Woo, “No matter how you say it, starting from today, I have a new job.” She asks what it is, he says, “Guarding Kang Jae Mi. I will pick you up every night, wait for me.”

She says, then, she has another job too, Byeon Dong Woo’s full-time chef. She will prepare dinner to eat together.  He says let’s do that, he will be busy till that time. He teases her not to cry even if she misses him, she has to endure it.

After he hung up, he tells himself that as long as Jong Soo is not a fool, he will realize that it’s over between the two of them.

Jong Soo comes back, Hee soo’s brother asks him what he wants to do. He says he wants to end it immediately. The brother says, end it? very well. They don’t want to hold on to someone his heart has already left either.

He tells Jong Soo to choose, there are two options. One, he divorces Hee Soo right away but the shop will be under his (the brother) name, the trademark rights is also jointly owned by Hee Soo, and he has to leave this house immediately with nothing.

Jong Soo starts to protest that he doesn’t get any compensation.

Option 2, break up after the child is born. Of course, there’s a possibility that Nan Num is not his child.  Jong Soo laughs at that, the doctor said clearly that it’s difficult for him to be the father, so it’s clear that this child……

The brother continues, Porridge King’s franchise is about to go ahead. If he waits around until the sales volume picks up, they will be rich.  As long as it turns out that way, he will give him 50% shares when they break up.

Jong Soo asks what if he doesn’t like both options, his head is still spinning from being fooled by them, he won’t believe what they say, what trick they are now trying to pull……

Before he finishes, the brother grabs his collar, and threatens him that he has limited patient, he gives him two days to decide; get kicked out of the house empty-handed, or endure it and get the house. He jerks Jong Soo away and leaves.

Hyung Do walks to his office, a nurse informs him that his wife is waiting for him. But when he comes in, Joori has already left. He sits down and reads Jae Mi’s message from his phone on the table and smiles. Then he thinks about Joori was here, that she might see this message. He hurriedly calls her but she’s not picking up.

Joori calls Jong Hee to meet at the coffee shop or else she will call her daughter she has her number. Jong Hee rushes out to meet her not telling Jong Shim, who called her just now.

At the coffee shop, Jong Hee asks how she gets her daughter’s number. Joori splashes a glass of water at her face, and asks if she used her daughter to get the money or both mother and daughter joined hands.

Jong Hee couldn’t believe she could say such thing, Joori tells her she saw it with her own eyes the 20,000,000 Won, her daughter messaged Hyung Do. Jong Hee is surprised that she had found out, she admits getting the money from him.

Jong Hee, “What’s wrong with that? As a father, a daughter has run into difficulties, can’t he help her out?”

She should understand she has a child herself, how important the child is to the parent. Their family had broken up because of her, for 10 years, he’s never fulfilled his fatherly role.

Jong Hee tells her to listen carefully, she will tell her the unchangeable facts. No matter how much she has damaged their family, turned her and him into strangers, but the relationship between a father and a daughter is different. It may be annoying to her, but their relationship can’t be broken, it ‘s the fact like steel.

Joori smirks, she asks if Jong Hee is thinking to use this fact to get more money in the future. Jong Hee shouts back the truth that they didn’t ask the money from Hyung Do, thing like this will not happen again in the future. But if her daughter needs her father’s help, that is between her daughter and Kang Hyung Do.

Jong Hee gets up to leave, she tells Joori that Kang Hyung Do and her have no relationship whatsoever. That money wasn’t accepted by her but her sister, do not misunderstand.

Joori grabs her down, and asks how her husband found out that her daughter is having difficulties, do not lie and tell her the truth. She says the two of them must have been secretly seeing each other behind her back. She accuses her of having an affair, that’s why they met at the fashion show, when exactly did the affair start? She asks.

Jong Hee, “If you are not confident enough then stop. If not, stop imagining things and go home. I will say it again, there’s nothing going on between Kang Hyung Do and me, and there never will be in the future……” She gets up and leaves.

Outside, Jong Hee paused to catch some breathes. Joori is devastated. Hyung Do tries to call her but her phone is in the car, so he calls Jong Hee.

She tells him she just met his wife, Joori saw Jae Mi’s message. She says she told Joori that it was Jong Shim accepted the money, and that they never met, therefore…Hyung Do interrupts and says he  understands, he will take care of it.

After he hung up, the pain in his stomach occurs again. He crouches forwards painfully, and hurriedly takes his medicine.

Da Reum is happy that her dad didn’t return the shoes. Dad heard that she collected empty bottles all summer to save for his shoes. She’s afraid he’s mad at her but dad is actually overwhelmed, he tells her he will use the shoes she bought him, and do not collect bottles again in the future. She’s already lost  her mother, if he allows her to suffer again, he will be sad.

She agrees and tells him that he’s her favorite father in the world. He asks if she likes him more than her boy friend. She says, men-she can find another one, but father-she can have only one. They both laugh.

Dong Woo is eating a lot saying it’s delicious. He’s very busy didn’t get to have lunch, her porridge this morning was all he had. Jae Mi looks at him, and says he has changed a lot. Before this, he liked having fun and skipping work, but he’s like a work horse now. He says he has to earn more to support , she should know who, he smiles.

Jae Mi praises his good nature, he asks if she wants to thank him, she answers yes, a lot.

Dong Woo tells her not to repeat the same thing everyday, she should say something fresh.  This morning the word she said to him in the corridor.

Dong Woo, “What did you say?… I thought of  breaking up but I can’t do it…you said you truly feel something for me.”

Jae Mi pretends not to understand, so he’s making a heart shape with his hands and mimicking her voice, “..truly lo..”

Jae Mi, “Ah…..I truly lo… pack of sugar.” He pouts, he’s not going to eat anymore. She says she will have it all then, he grabs the chopsticks wanting to eat some more. They both smile.

Hyung Do comes home with a heavy heart. Se Ra runs down the stairs, calling him, that her mom is strange. She’s been in the bathroom for a while now, no matter how much she knocked, she won’t come out.  Hyung Do runs upstairs.

He uses the key to unlock the bathroom’s door, and steps inside. He stops short, Joori is in the bathtub, a glass of wine is in her hand. He calls out, “Joori! “. She turns to look at him and says, “You’re back, oppa?”

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  1. lol lots of complaints here . I do not think I agree at all even though the elders love triangle is annoying in the end the writer wants to create conflict between the 2 families. if you are watching closely you will see that both DW and JM has undergone huge character development both are mature now and ready to start a new life and that is the point .and the rest of the characters are going the same way but you lose patience very fast I am used to watching long dramas. regarding JM and JS she is not the first woman who could not figure out her husband I know a lot of women like that and JS was not like that when he was her but he was ready for wrong doings so when HS came along he went for it. I think the title refers to love conquering everything else eventually which we have not seen yet cause it is not over. maybe it is not your cup of tea cause most of you like trendy rom coms and this one is different it is a matter of taste it is not good actually in korea it is very well received and is the highest rated family drama on DAUM. anyway I am loving the drama and it has been extended BTW.

  2. Ughhh! “What’s so great about Hyung Do?” Completely agree. Spineless and insipid = nice guy?
    Is that why this drama needs another 25 episodes? To see if he will grow some cojones in order to make a decision — on his own — about how he wants to live his life? By that time, who will care? Anybody? Double Ughhhh!! What character trait of Jong Soo did Jae Mi see that the writers haven’t revealed? Lazy, and willing to lie, cheat and steal (repeatedly) to get ahead = good husband? Even Hee Soo and her brother understand him better than Jae Mi and were able to use him to legitimize her baby. Will the next 25 episodes reveal that Jae Mi is a complete imbicile when it comes to evaluating people? No wonder the card reader said that she and her mother had the same life lines. Moronic! I no longer care about any of the characters. What a waste of a good plot line.

    • Totally agree, latest ep, spoiler, HD is still confused how to love, how to live? The story seems to dominate by JH and JM, poor DW, his story gets less developed imo. However, if the finale is good, somehow it might enhance the whole story to a certain degree. Awaiting on that, not completely abandoned this drama just yet, still contemplating and still…contemplating 🙂

      Btw, the old drama’s title is, woman who never loses, which up to now, is closer to the storyline. I’ve thought about what is the meaning of ‘Hooray for Love’ lately, and couldn’t come up with an answer. Its genre is a comical family drama, you think? And DW’s mom has screamed louder and louder recently. What’s so wrong for her only son(?) to fall for a hard-working divorced woman that mom gets to lie and beat her son into a corner? It seems only DW IS mature in this drama, I would like to see him abandon his mom even for a short while. And look, what you’ve done, there you go,my rant, you hear 🙂

  3. Hi kcomments!…well thanks to your recaps, I’m so hooked with WBDS so I was a bit late checking this one hehehe….Bian DW, I have to catch up with DS…

  4. Dear kcomment, i wouldnt mind the shorten version of HD/JH/JR scene, in fact you can totally ignore them… kekekeke, i would love too, except that i wouldnt get the whole picture. 😦 but do continue with the recap. Aigoo, its totally very selfish of me. Anyway, i am taking your warning in advance but i will stalk you often, with recap or not 🙂

    • Oooh, thanks, the thing is the latest eps really frustrated me, but I will keep an eye on JM, if her passive development would change in the future.
      Don’t you worry, I would make sure the recap is well-connected, just that when the story upset me, it def would take longer for me to sit down and write about it, especially, when I have to re-watch the scenes again and again. And, no not selfish at all, coz I know I would feel the same way. 🙂

      • Gosh, i should learn eng more when schooling 😦 Sorry kcomment. i was trying to say that i would love to ignore/skip their scene when i was watching the drama, but i end with different meaning. No wonder i cant do any recap 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Yo! Don’t cha worry 🙂 The thing about HD/JR/JH is that, I’ve gotten so confused lately who’s doing the right things, or none? at all. And their story were like going around in circle which making me wonder, like one of the comment here (sorry forgot the name ^^) said, what’s so great about Hyung Do!? For two women to chase him around for 50eps? Oh, noooo better not start on this *run cover ears>>>>>>

  5. I have noticed that more than one streaming sites have already picked up this drama with Eng subs (with almost the latest ep too), so you might try google it and choose the one you like. This somehow helps lessen my burden of being so behind ^^

    Lately, this drama has become more to a dialog-driven, with lots of word-fighting scenes, which is not my cup of tea, so what I will do, I will sum the story, the part that most of us (mostly me) are not enjoying that much (*cough HD/JH/JR cough*), into a shorter version. This is to help me continue on with this drama, but honestly, I’m not sure how long I will go on if the story of JM/DW gets reallyyy predictable or doesn’t make any sense. I’m warning you in advance 🙂

  6. Jae Mi, “I wanted to see you. Last night you left like that, you were very upset, right? Me, too. I spent all night thinking. Because of me, you are suffering. Should we or should we not break up? But no matter what happens, I just can’t break up with you. Although I can’t do anything, although you will feel tired whenever you see me, I can’t break up with you. Right now, without you, my life has no meaning. Although I don’t know if I have the qualification, although I have a lot of shortcomings, I truly…… you.”

    I am so much in love with that quote!!! 😀

    • Hehe…mine gotta be when he said,….think carefully again what is best for both of us…..(he dropped the bomb and walked away, so cool, huhu…..)

      The one thing that this drama has done a good job is showing us how each mom loves her child, in many different ways, even Hee Soo, her will power to protect her child at any cost, is pretty admiring ^_^

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