POPV Year End (2011) Giveaway: Can You Hear My Heart?

OST – Can You Hear Me

Ahem…ladies and gentlemen, *drums rolled*  It’s a give away time. NO commercial purpose whatsoever, only from my heart to yours, and  to spread my love of  Kim Jae-won eh…I mean the drama  🙂

Year end give away:

A brand-new box set of  Can You Hear My Heart (DVD) (11-Disc) (English Subtitled) from  (DVD Region 3)

Sorry, only DVD Region 3  available thru YesAsia. It’s an official Korea version (please check if your DVD player can play region-ALL).

Sponsored by: Me and me ^^

Requirements:  Express your love of  “Can You Hear My Heart?”,  no more than 5 lines (Microsoft Office standard), email to before  Dec, 15  Midnight (Korea Standard Time).   Please join in and spazz away, grammar thingy will not be taken seriously only your love of the drama that counts!

All rules are subject to flexibility, DVD of  other drama that is available will be replaced if  CYHMH  gets sold out. The winner will be announced  around the end of the year.  Let’s have some fun!

OST – Good Person 🙂

[Edit: The winner was announced in the post Randomly Speaking… posted on December 22, 2011, down below]

As for the winner of  Can You Hear My Heart DVD on the topic ‘express your love of the drama’, here it is,

“Never in my life had a drama triggered my emotions until tears would cascade down my cheeks unintentionally. This isn’t just any ordinary drama. This is a drama that taught me the real meaning of life, the real meaning of having a family that would accept you after all the sins you have made.  The trust between family members was bonded after all the ruckus and dilemma. This fantastic drama is surely a must-watch for everybody! Definitely a drama that is worthy to be watched repeatedly!”

(The winner confirmed by email that she had already received the box set.  Congrats!)

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  1. I just watched this drama and I love it! I’m thinking of buying this DVD from YesAsia, but since it is pricey I am trying to find out a couple of things about the quality first. Have you watched this DVD?

    I am wondering what the quality of the English subtitles is like. And also I am wondering where on the picture they put the subs.

    What I mean is, some DVD sets I own have the subs down on, or partially down on, the bottom black widescreen bar so that I can’t adjust my tv settings to fill my widescreen tv without cutting off the subs along with the black widescreen bars. But some DVD sets are made with the subs up above the bar, on the bottom of the picture, so that they won’t be cut off if you adjust your tv to cut off the widescreen bars. So I am wondering what this DVD set is like. Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks 🙂

    • All I could remember is, it’s an official Korean version completed with Eng sub on the bottom of the screen (not sure about widescreen and all), and if I remember correctly, it’s a quality sub, the pictures were all right. You can find a quality Eng sub from WITH S2 for this drama too.

  2. I’m currently watching this drama… and i’m so crazy about it… and Dong Joo (KJW)
    so far the best drama i’ve seen

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