Hooray for Love Episode 23

A red sport car drives along the tracks and stops at the foot of the stand. Dong Woo gets out of the car and waves at Jae Mi. Jae Mi stands up, she couldn’t believe that it’s Dong Woo, she mumbles, “How is it possible? Why is he here?”. Jae Mi runs down, Dong Woo shouts for her to take her time coming down.

She comes down and runs into his arm, he hugs her and smiles.

He drives her to a cliff  by the sea. She asks why they are here. He opens the door and offers his hand. Jae Mi puts her hand in his, and gets out of the car. He takes her to the spot overlooking the sea.

Jae Mi breathes in the fresh air, and tells him she feels better now. She asks if he comes to rescue her. But when he keeps quiet, she asks if he has something to say.

Dong Woo, “To be honest, when you left a while ago, I was worried about you being alone in a strange place. The words, I said to you last time in the office parking lot, do you still remember?  I said, though it’s a confusing feeling at the moment, but until we understand the reason behind all this, to continue on, right? I did a lot of thinking while driving on the way here, what do I really want from Jae Mi? I finally realize.”

Jae Mi smiles and says, ‘what do you want from me?’, what is it?

Dong Woo steps closer to her, he holds her and says, “Let’s get married.”

Jae Mi’s smile faded.

Dong Woo, “Now I really understand.  Though I did not believe in this thing called ‘marriage’ before, if it’s you, I want to believe in it.  And  I would love to spend my life with you, I don’t want to delay it any longer. Let’s get married.”

Jae Mi is confused, she says, “For a woman, to have someone to love, she will dream of marrying that man, I feel the same way too. So after hearing what you said, I feel really thankful and really happy. it’s not the right time. Give me a bit more time….”

Dong Woo counters, “Now, you still don’t trust me? Are you unsure of me so…”

Jae Mi, “It’s not because of that. It’s not because of you, I’m not ready. For someone like me who failed once, I don’t have the confidence. So I want to be more careful. And, I said this the last time too, I want to fulfill your mother’s wish, and become a woman of high status.”

Dong Woo, “When will that happen? One year? Two years? Have you ever considered my feelings all this time? Every time you ran into problems, I felt like going crazy, doesn’t it matter to you? I hate how Han Jong Soo appeared before you, I hate that you got hurt because of him. I hate it when I see how tired you get from doing business. So don’t be like that anymore, just come to me.  I will be by your side protecting you.”

Jae Mi, “You seem confused. I can understand, even though I’m sad and hurt, are you marrying me out of sympathy? “.

Dong Woo starts to get angry, “What did you say? Sympathy?”

Jae Mi says she’s grateful for that feelings of his, but she doesn’t want to become a man’s burden, “After I can surely stand on my own two feet, until I regain my self-confidence, when that time comes, come back and ask me again, when that time comes, I will gratefully accept your proposal.”

He asks if she means it, if she will not regret it. She confirms yes, she means it. Dong Woo turns and walks away. Jae Mi tries to call him but he doesn’t look back.

Jong Soo comes home, Hee Soo asks if she has a chance to explain, she’s disappointed that he believed the other woman more. She says Jae Mi is desperate to destroy their relationship, and could come up with any lies.

Jong Soo says he doesn’t want to hear about it anymore, let’s talk after he gets the results from the hospital tomorrow. She says she will go with him, this child is 100% his, she guarantees on that. Jong Soo gets in the bedroom and slams the door shut. Hee Soo consoles herself that things will get better.

Dong Woo, “What? Reject my proposal? If  I propose to Kang Jae Mi again, I will just change my name to dog poop!” He checks the time and wonders why she hasn’t come out yet.

Jae Mi comes out and tells him that she’s sorry for today, he has to go back alone. He asks her why. She says grandma won’t be back till tomorrow, she has to spend the night here.

Dong Woo pauses thinking, then he turns to get in the house. Jae Mi grabs his arm asking why he’s not leaving, he says he has to sleep overnight too before he leaves. Dong Woo walks inside.

Jae Mi and Dong Woo stand in a bedroom, grandpa brings  the bedding, and says she should have told him that she’s here with a groom. Grandpa whispers to Dong Woo asking if he hasn’t had children yet.  He says no, not yet, grandpa tells him this quilt can give him a boy. He had a son right away after spending 5 days on it.

Jae Mi grabs grandpa’s arm and asks if there’s no other room, grandpa asks if she doesn’t like the room, if grandma knows he lets them sleep in this room, she will be angry. Dong Woo hurriedly says thank you to him and tells him good night, rushes him out of the room.

After grandpa left, Dong Woo takes off his suit, Jae Mi feels awkward so she takes a pillow and wants to get out of the room. Dong Soo grabs her and assures her that nothing will happen, she can sleep here, it’s cold outside.

He throws a blanket to her, saying that he grew up with comfort, he can’t sleep on the floor.  He lies down, turns his back to her. Jae Mi takes off her jacket and stretches herself under the blanket, he tells her to turn off the light because he can’t sleep with the light on. Jae Mi sighs, she gets up to turn off the light, and lies down on the floor, covers herself with the blanket.

Mom is worried that Dong Woo will sleep outside tonight. The way she sees him with Ye Son, they will not do it. Is he having an affair again?, she wonders who Dong Woo is with tonight. Dad says may be they are making dowry, it’s on TV nowadays that young people’s dowry is the big stomach. Crystal gasps, she says, “So you mean my baby is making a baby now? No, no, no!”

During the night, Dong Woo gets up and pushes away Jae Mi’s blanket (Rawrr!). Jae Mi is scared, she quickly gets up and asks what he’s doing. Dong Woo says he’s been enduring this, but he can’t do that anymore.  They stare at each other, there’s a sound of heart beat. Jae Mi pushes herself away from him, yelling what’s wrong with him.

Dong Woo shushes her, because she might wake up grandpa. He begs her, just this once.

Jae Mi ends up waiting outside the toilet, she wonders what kind of  a man can’t go to the toilet alone.  Dong Woo checks if Jae Mi is still there, calling her name. She assures him that she’s here and tells him to hurry up. Suddenly she gets an idea, she starts singing a spooky song with a creepy voice to him, and laughs silently in the dark.

There’s no sound coming out from Dong Woo, she starts to feel worry calling his name. Dong Woo sneaks behind her and makes a scary voice. Jae Mi jumps in fear, she turns to look behind her, only finds herself in Dong Woo’s arms. She pokes him that she’s scared, he hugs her and smiles.

There’s also a red moon here today.  Jae Mi asks if he’s still angry that she rejected his proposal. She says, “I’m sorry, to be honest, I don’t know what you see in me to like me. I’ve been married, also been hurt a lot.”

Dong Woo, “Then why do you like me? I’ve never been married, and never been hurt.”  He looks into her eyes and….

Dong Woo, “This is your last chance. If  you marry me, I’ll give you a morning kiss like this everyday.” But Jae Mi just smiles, so he says, alright then, he will wait until she comes up with the decision, “But next time, the proposal, you have to do it.”  She quietly nods and smiles.

He holds her close.

Da Reum washes up outside, she sees her father worn shoes and feels sad.  So she draws a line around the shoe to get the size, and smiles.  Dad calls her inside, he finds her warm clothes to wear, but when put it on her, the sleeves are too short. Dad wonders if she’s grown up because the dress used to fit her well.

Dad checks her height and is overwhelmed that she’s grown up a lot on her own, without him paying much attention. He holds her in his arms thanking her. Da Reum kisses his cheek, giving him a hundred ‘thank you’ too.

Dad wants to get new clothes for her, but she tells him just give her the money instead,  and she will pick something she likes with the ajumma. Dad gives her some money, and tells her to buy whatever she wants.

Jong Hee tells her sister that today she’s set an appointment with Julian, so Jong Shim needs to take care of the shop.  Jong Hee teases her about Dong Woo’s assistant, Jong Shim tells her she really hates men wearing five-toe socks. Jong Hee laughs out loud.

Joori comes and picks  a tie for him. He wonders why she’s so attentive all of a sudden, if she wants anything from him. She smiles that he knows her. Joori asks him for 20,000,000 Won. He’s surprised, what she’s going to do with that amount of money.

Joori says the money he borrowed from the bank last time, didn’t he return it already. She suggests him getting a loan again, she wants to enroll in a fitness center. He doesn’t go along and leaves to work.

Joori is frustrated that she didn’t get the money, she calls Julian to go to the fitness center together.  Julian tells her to come to his office.

Jong Hee arrives at Julian office building. Hyung Do receives a gift from his medical mission, he comes to the same office building to give out the gift.

Julian looks at Jong Hee’s designed suit, he likes it and, if there’s no problem, will have it market as a special product.  Julian tells her about her applying to upgrade to become an independent design store, the result is not bad, when her new product is displayed in the shop, he’s sure the sales volume will pick up. Jong Hee beams happily, she says thanks to the support of the parent company.

Julian is happy for her, that she’s lucky in both husband and business. Jong Hee’s smile subsided. Julian’s phone is ringing, it’s Joori, he tells her to meet at the coffee shop.  Jong Hee wants to leave because he has an appointment with his friend, but he says he will go the same way, so they get up to leave together.

Hyung Do is sitting further away talking. He asks the guy a favor, not to send things to the shop anymore but send directly to the hospital, the address is on his name card. The guy agrees to do that. Hyung Do needs to go back to the hospital so they both get up to leave.


Julian turns to see Hyung Do, he greets him and tells him that Jong Hee is here too. Hyung Do is uneasy to hear that. Julian calls Jong Hee over. She turns and sees Hyung Do, they both stare at each other.

Julian senses that it’s a coincident that they meet, he laughs saying that her and her husband are really fated to each other.  Jong Hee decidedly says to him, “I’m sorry, that man is not my husband, we  divorced a long time ago.”

Julian becomes speechless, he asks her, then who is he?, pointing at Hyung Do. But Jong Hee excuses herself and leaves. Hyung Do runs after her. Joori calls Julian to let him know that she’s in the parking lot, and will go up to the coffee shop.

Jong Hee is waiting for the elevator, Hyung Do comes behind her and says who would have thought that they would meet again. Jong Hee sighs. She looks at him, then looks again and asks why he looks so tired. She asks if he’s sick, he denies it. She tells him to have it checked out.

The elevator arrives, they look at each other quietly, he tells her to go first, it will feel awkward to go together. He will take the next elevator. Jong Hee says thank you, and gets on the elevator. He looks at her longingly until the door closes.

Jong Hee loses her strength leaning on the wall. When the door opens, it’s Joori in front of the door. Jong Hee is frightened to see her, she quickly walks away. But Joori speaks to her as she passes, why they keep running into each other, ruining the day. Jong Hee asks if she doesn’t know what this place is, this is the head office.

Jong Hee worriedly looks at the number of the floor shown,  the other elevator is coming down. Though Joori keeps talking, Jong Hee says she’s busy and starts to leave. Joori grabs her arm that she’s not done talking to her yet.

Joori says the fashion show last time, she learned that Jong Hee and her husband met by chance, and he said that he doesn’t care about her anymore, and has no feelings left for her. So, even if she’s a bit too much that day, to please understand.

Jong Hee doesn’t pay attention to Joori,  she keeps looking at the floor number shown on the elevator  door, Joori warns her, in the future, no matter what happens, to treat her husband like a stranger, and advice her daughter to do the same.

Jong Hee is annoyed, she says she knows, and will not contact him again. Joori says let’s not meet again. Jong Hee walks away, she rounds the corner and hurriedly calls Hyung Do, but the elevator arrives, she gasps and turns to look.

The door opens, two men come out, Joori  gets on it and the door closes. Jong Hee sees that it’s not Hyung Do coming out, she breathes.  The other elevator opens, Hyung Do steps out and is surprised to see Jong Hee, he asks if she hasn’t left yet, she just looks at him.

Da Reum’s dad calls Jong Shim, that he gave Da Reum 30,000 Won to buy winter clothes, her old ones don’t fit anymore. He asks her a favor to help Da Reum buy her new winter clothes.

After hangs up, she wonders whether 30,000 Won will be enough, and says, “This world has a lot of ignorant fathers. It isn’t easy being his daughter. But it’s adorable too.”  She smiles.

Da Reum arrives, she hurries Jong Shim to go to the market, she needs to buy something for her dad. Da Reum gives the paper with the shoe drawing to her.

Her dad’s shoes are now like this,

She opens her mouth so wide. The weather is colder now, she wants to buy him a new pair. Jong Shim asks if her father knows about this.  The girl  stutters that, of course, he gave her money for it. She takes out the money from her purse, the bank notes are her father’s money, if it’s not enough, she pours out all her saved coins. Jong Shim asks where these coin comes from.

Da Reum says she’s saved it from when she came to her shop and Jong Shim gave it to her, also she worked a bit and earned some coins. Jong Shim is worried, she asks if her father knows that she’s earning money.  Da Reum quickly says that her father doesn’t know. Although her dad said the shoes is cool and is alright, it already has holes on it, she really wants to buy him a new pair.

De Reum asks if these money is enough to get a new shoes, Jong Shim is touched by the little girl’s kindness, she smiles and says of course, they can buy one, no matter how expensive it is.  Jong Shim hugs her.

Dong Woo is waiting patiently with Jae Mi, who helps cleaning grandma’s jars. Grandma looks at her, she tells grandpa to send her away.

Dong Woo asks Jae Mi if she really has to do this, no matter how hard she tries, that stubborn grandma will not see her. He begs her to go back.  Jae Mi tells him to go first, no matter what she has to meet grandma.

Grandpa comes to her and tells her to leave, he told her already that grandma doesn’t like meeting people. Dong Woo grabs her hand, and marches into the room to stand in front of grandma. He announces that he has a few words to say to her.

He pushes Jae Mi down, he gets down on his knees and introduces his name, and that he’s this woman’s fiance.

Dong Woo, “So far, the number of women I’ve dated, when compared to your age, are more than twice. But she’s different from them, except for my mother, this is the first time in my life, I’ve met an honest hard-working woman. So I want to marry her, but she said she won’t marry me until her porridge shop stabilizes. But for the porridge shop to succeed, we really need your help.”

Grandma looks up at Jae Mi a bit. Dong Woo begs her, “Please help me speed up our marriage. For someone as beautiful as grandma, I’m sure you were in love once. You also know that if your love one is feeling bad, you will feel bad too.” Dong Woo holds Jae Mi’s hand and says, “Our lives are now in your hand.”  Grandma lets out a little smile.

Dong Woo bows and says, “We’re replying on you, grandma.” He nudges Jae Mi to do the traditional bow, they both stand up and bow low to her. Grandma smiles.

Jae Mi assures her that, as long as grandma helps her, she has the confident to do well.  Grandma answers, if she has that much confident, go make her a bowl of porridge.  Both Jae Mi and Dong Woo smile that grandma finally gives them some attention.

Joori joins Julian in the coffee shop. He asks her why she asked the location of Jong Hee’s shop recently.  Joori just gives out some a random answer that she just wanted to clear something.  He tells her that he’s just found out that, that woman is a schemer, actually she’s divorced, she has a boyfriend that he had thought it’s her husband. He thinks they are lover, he even came to the fashion show’s rehearsal, they were happy together.

Joori is happy to hear that, what woman can have no one for 10 years, she’s hiding a man and pretending to be so clean. She laughs. Julian is confused by what she said. Joori is so happy, that since she has a lover already, so she won’t be seducing other woman’s husband.

Jong Hee and Hyung Do walk together in the building’s parking lot. She tells him to go, it would be embarrassing if his wife finds him here. He says sorry that whether they meet or not, he’s always giving her a burden. She says it’s alright, she looks at his face and asks if he’s sure that he’s alright. He says it’s alright, he’s a doctor after all.

Before she leaves, she says, about that money, she will use it well.  It will be a big help for Jae Mi, she thinks accepting the money is the way to make his heart feel at ease. She tells him not to feel sorry for them anymore and take care of his health. He smiles happily that she finally accepts his help.

She gets in her car and drives away. He keeps looking at her, while Jong Hee looks at him longingly from the side mirror. He gets in his car, the pain occurs again, he grabs the medicine  with trembling hand, and quickly swallows the tablet. After he feels better, he starts the car and drives away.

Crystal is whining that Dong Woo didn’t come back last night, he should show up in the morning. But Sunny thinks it’s obvious, may be Dong Woo and Ye Son are having a good time. But Crystal thinks Ye Son is not that kind to do that, she praises Ye Son that she’s her style.  Sunny warns her not to judge a person by the looks, may be she’s doing something behind, she suggests Crystal to ask around.

Crystal yells at her that ,from her past, she asks if Sunny has the qualifications to talk about that. Dad stops her from mentioning that. Sunny is hurt, she asks how Crystal can say it out so easily, to someone who’s  desperate to forget the past.  She gets up and walks out of the room.

Crystal covers her mouth, saying sorry, it’s her mistake, it’s a secret they must take to their graves.  Dad begs her to be more careful, and throw away those baby clothes. (omo…the big birth secret?)

Jae Mi brings the porridge that she prepared, she doesn’t know what grandma likes, so she made a shrimp porridge.

Grandma tastes one spoon and says, “Looks like, you can season well.  There are different kind of food in the food industry, why porridge?”. Jae Mi answers that porridge is the kind of food eaten most by tired people in the world, “Regardless of  how tired you are, consume a bowl can regain strength and start over again. It’s that kind of food.”

Grandma asks if  that is why she opened a porridge shop. Jae Mi says she wants to take what grandma previously prepared as a chef  of medicinal diet cuisine, and combine it with porridge. She tried it many times but couldn’t get the right combination.

Grandma asks her why she’s suddenly interested in medicinal porridge. Jae Mi says, honestly, she urgently needs it, she needs to introduce a new menu. Her shop can establish a firm ground, only if she succeeds in this.  Jae Mi turns to Dong Woo and says, this way she can marry this person,  “Please help me, grandmother.”

Hearing that, Dong Woo beams. Grandma says, if she must venture into medicinal porridge, she must first understand the seasons and the physical state of the human body. Jae Mi breaks into a full smile, it’s grandma’s way of accepting her.

Jong Soo and Hee Soo come to the hospital for the result of his infertility test. The doctor asks Jong Soo, was he not here with his wife previously, why he comes alone. He says they are divorced. The doctor looks at Hee Soo then asks who she is. Jong Soo rudely says it’s not his business, just tells him the result. According to Kang Jae Mi, he’s barren. He asks if that’s true.

The doctor says yes, there’s nothing wrong with Kang Jae Mi, it’s Han Jong Soo who has the problem. Hee Soo gasps. Jong Soo covers his face, he asks what is the reason.

The doctor says it’s due to Varicoceles, it’s a common course of  male  infertility. It’s due to the twisted and swollen veins over the testicles.

Hee Soo asks if it really courses infertility, if there’s no possibility of getting pregnant with this. The doctor says, although there’s a small hope, but his symptoms are fairly new, to conceive naturally  is not impossible.

Jong Soo bangs on the table, he tells the doctor to explain it clearly, get straight to the point. Is it possible or not, he asks. The doctor says, honestly, his three years without a child, to conceive naturally is impossible, the doctor looks at Hee Soo.

Jong Soo sits back hopelessly, then he turns to glare at Hee Soo. She avoids his eyes. He gets up and walks out.

Outside, Hee Soo holds his hand to let’s talk. He calls her dirty, he understands now that she’s pregnant before they began dating, “You were already pregnant when that bastard dumped you. Great timing to push all it all on me. Do you know why I feel strange about it? To let a family man divorce, and stick to him like a glue until marriage, is not normal.

He asks if she thinks he’s a fool, in one sentence, she doesn’t lead an honest and clean life, rely on others to live. Hee Soo wants to slap him but she changes her mind. Tears streaming down her face, “I’m going to live together with you even if  I die, so I will endure what you said today.”

He says, live together? Said who?

She asks if he doesn’t understand the explanation, the doctor said he’s not 100% barren.  Jong Soo asks if she wants him to keep believing that that child is his. If  it were her, between 99% and 1% , which one she would believe in.

She says, if someone really loves you, they will not believe in possibility but believe in you, “If I were you, even if it’s 100% impossible , I would still believe in me.” Jong Soo chuckles, that it’s not enough for her to deceive him, but now even brainwashing him.

Hee Soo, “No matter how dump the mother is,  she will know who is the father of the child she’s carrying. This child is, without a doubt, your child. So don’t be ashamed of the child anymore, believe me, this child is your child.”

He shouts her name. She tells him to believe in her, and asks, would she lie about something that can be easily exposed after two months? Hee Soo begs him, again and again, to believe in her. But Jong Soo says, sorry, he should believe in her but he can’t, because he doesn’t trust her even one bit. He walks away from her. Hee Soo leans on the wall and cries.

Jae Mi is writing down what grandma’s teaching her. Grandma says, if she wants a porridge to help reduce fat, the important thing is this Chinese Pearl Barley. Jae Mi looks at the ingredients lying before her. Grandma teaches her more.

When she’s done, Jae Mi comes into the room and finds Dong Woo is asleep. She sits down beside him and thinks about her rejection to his proposal and his frustration. She holds his hand, thinking, “You told me before, one would never have ‘lived through something’ unless one experienced the pain. So there will come the day when I will learn to like even the pain. Thank you for the time you brought me.”   She holds his hand close to her face.

Dong Woo wakes up, he says, she should have woken him. He asks what she is staring at. Jae Mi says, did he not say, the next life, he wants to be born with the looks of his favourite person. Then she should be born with this face, she touches his face,  so she’s thinking how she’s supposed to live.

He smiles asking what she’s worried about. He points at her face, he will use this face to sell porridge and raise her. Jae Mi says no,  next life, come to her after he gets divorced, she will accept him and love him. Because, in this life, she feels a bit sorry for him.

Dong Woo caresses her face, he hugs her.

Da Reum looks around Jong Shim’s house, she’s surprised that a house can have so many rooms and a courtyard for a dog. Jong Shim calls her to join the meal, she happily sits down on the dining table.

Jong Shim says it’s her first time at her house, Da Reum should eat a lot. Jong Hee looks at the girl and smiles that she is so cute. Da Reum says to Jong Hee, that she’s very rich, her house has 3 rooms, even with a courtyard, and a beautiful dining table. In the future, she has to earn a lot and live in a house like this too, with her father. Jong Hee is touched by the love of a little girl for her father. Her dad calls from outside, De Reum jumps and runs.

Soju session for Jong Soo, he recalls his happy days with Hee Soo thinking that she’s given him the best gift in the world. He screams loudly letting out his frustration.

Dong Woo is dropping Jae Mi at her house. She gratefully says if it’s not for him, she might be wiping those (grandma’s) jars right now. He says, then she should not say it everyday but,.. he closes his eyes and points at his cheek.

 Jae Mi smiles, she leans over for a peck on his lips. He tells her to go rest, she worked hard today. Jae Mi tells him to drive carefully, he smiles and leaves. They wave to each other on his way down the street. When Dong Woo rounds the corner, a hand touches her shoulder from behind.

Jae Mi (and me) is startled, she turns and finds Jong Soo standing close.

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  1. Thx for the recaP can’t wait for the next ep right Now I think I kinda believes what hee soo is talking about the baby is porabably Jong so sorry if I got the name spell wrong so interesting !!!!!!!!

  2. Oh! BTW…thanks for the OST, I was playing it while reading your recaps….

  3. Oh! Kcomments…you just killed me with that picture of Dong Woo beaming from ear to ear while hugging Jae Mi at the race track…and all your screencaps are sooo gooodddd you captured his best feats! his smiles, his expressions, everything!!! I keep on giggling and smiling and spazzing like a teenager hahaha…

    and morning kiss everyday you say? I’m on!!! hahahaha

    ok enough of mumbling none sense and I have to go read the whole recap now hahaha

    • Omo…talking about screen-caps, wait until that shower scene, they should have this 3D caps already haha….

      I love how DW has changed from a playboy to a mature man, when he loves, he loves dearly and he knows too that Jae Mi is worth all his efforts, to spend his life with her. Let’s see how he will break his mama’s wall. *tho an earplug is def needed ^^

      Btw, what are you watching these days? Has Rain enlisted yet? 🙂

      • hahaha…I agree with that shower scene…we need a 3D hahaha..

        I’m so loving DW…he’s changed a lot. When a playboy really falls in love, he’ll be the best lover. What he did to get the grandma’s help was so nice and kind of sweet too, he used his charm once again hahaha… Oh, the morning kiss, I want every morning too please ahjumma boy? And I thought that the baby will make a baby too, turns out he just wants to go to the washroom hahaha. We see him grow mature every episode. This time, his patience has been tested…so he agreed to wait for Jae Mi’s shop prosper befroe getting married.

        You’re right, we need earplug when the time comes about mama learning the secrets…It’s gonna be flooding with “shut d mouth eh, get out now!”

        And I’m watching a lot of dramas now … thousand day promise, thousand kisses, ojakgyo brothers, flower boys ramyun shop & the musical. Other dramas, Im waiting until they’re all subbed like Man of Honor and vampire prosecutor. I want to start WBDS but I haven’t watch saeguk dramas aside from Lee Boo Young & Jo Hyun Jae’s ballad of Suhdong. But I will definitely watch it because of your recaps, I’m more than curious.

        And thanks for asking about uri yobo Rain hahaha (oooppsss i might be dead if I say that again hahaha)…Yeah, he’s in the army now since October 11, and he’s doing great coz after his training he’ll be assigned as Assistant Training Officer.

        • remember CP’s common language, “Get out now! My house!”, haha.
          And that is LOTs of dramas you are watching O_O! I love to Ryu Jin’s couple in Thousand Kisses, but didn’t really follow. Also, good luck on your yobo ^_^

          I’m watching “If Tomorrow Comes” only for the main couple, don’t know why, I find them very cute, every time the girl (from CS) cried, her sorrow tugged at my heart a lot. And when they kissed, I just grinned from ear to ear. Hope we will get it subbed soon.

  4. I am always checking your page for the update of Hooray for Love :))) I love the drama very much especially the moments between Lee Tae Sung and Lee Bo Young … Dong Woo-Jae Mi Paring ^^ Thanks for recapping the drama!

  5. All I can say is……DW’s morning kiss *swoons*

  6. Spoiler Alert!

    Hooray for Love OST – You, RIght Now

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