Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 25

Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST – Hey Buddy (Acoustic)

Cheon looks down at his wound. Yeo Un pulls out his sword. Cheon stumbles a bit backwards by the pain. He touches Yeo Un’s shoulder and asks, “Haven’t you caught the heaven in your hands?” Yeo Un stays quiet, Cheon pats his shoulder and turns to leave.

When Cheon is walking away, Yeo Un falls down to the ground. Cheon stops walking and says, “Un, don’t follow the path of my fate.” Yeo Un looks up, he has tears in his eyes thinking, “I won’t follow it, I’m no longer an assassin. I will give up the path of an assassin….I will give up all that, Dong Soo.”  Cheon walks away.

Jin Ju is walking along a dark alley, suddenly she’s surrounded by the soldiers. She asks them what they are all doing. In shows himself and lets out a dark smile.

Cheon is walking along slowly, wounded. Jin Ju quietly steps out. In is hiding behind the bushes with his weapon pointing at Cheon.

As soon as, Cheon sees her, he lets out a tender smile. Jin Ju, seeing he’s wounded, whispers to him to please go back.  Cheon smiles, he walks closer to her.

Soldiers storm out.  Jin Ju gasps, she looks behind her and sees lots of soldiers are lining up. Dae Ju observes further behind.  Cheon is surprised, he looks around.  Jin Ju stares at him frightened.

In, aiming his arrow at Cheon,  says, “Cheon, for the mistake of trying to kill me, you cannot escape from the Reaper.”

Cheon continues walking, a soldier shoots an arrow on his leg, he falls down on his knee. But he gets up, so another arrow hits his chest, he falls down again, blood coming out of his mouth.

Cheon tries to get up. Jin Ju shakes her head crying, she begs him not to come closer. But he’s still moving towards her.

He tells her that he’s really sorry, Jin Ju weeps. Cheon looks up at Dae Ju. Jin Ju begs him to go back. Dae Ju nods, his son turns to the soldiers and orders the shooting.

Cheon grabs Jin Ju and swings her around, he uses his body as her shield, taking all the arrows coming their way. He hugs her close.  Jin Ju couldn’t believe what he did, he holds her face and smiles tenderly, he tells her not to let tears wet her beautiful face anymore, “It’s all right, I’m all right.”

Further away, In uses his shaking arm to pull the string, and lets go of an arrow.


Cheon’s body jerks forward, taking In’s arrow on his back,  he slowly crouches forward until his head falls on Jin Ju’s shoulder, and he dies in her arm.

Time passes, men come looking for Joseon’s best swordsman, Baek Dong Soo.  Jin Ju, Ji Seon, Sa Mo and Jin Gi all look at them, then turn back and continue with what they are doing.  A man shouts louder asking, who is Baek Dong Soo?

Sa Mo says his scream is really annoying, he tells Jin Ju to take care of them. She yells back that she’s also busy, she turns to the men and asks if he’s looking for a real sword-fight.  He nods and asks if she’s Baek Dong Soo.  Jin Ju is exasperated, she tells him, it’s 20 Yangs.  She points at the box over there, written, fist-fight 5 Yangs, wooden sword 10 Yangs, real sword is 20 Yangs. The man nods to his lackey, the guy drops 20 Yangs in the box. Jin Ju smiles.

She kicks him out, and tells him when he feels better to come again.

In a village, two men are fighting, passerby gather around, one man is able to beat the other, his arm is raised high as the winner. The judge asks for his name, he says he’s called Baek Dong Soo. Everybody is startled, that the real Baek Dong Soo is here, they come closer to greet him, he smiles.

At Heuksa Chorong, two men, blind folded, are brought  in (the sling guy and the book guy), the lackey presents them to the Sky Lord. The lackey lowers the blindfolds on both men. Both recalls their duels with Cheon.

Yeo Un comes forward, blind folded,  and fights with the two.  Yeo Un is able to beat them, the book guy says, “Heuksa Chorong Sky Lord moves like a shadow and kills, as I know, but…” . The sling guy says, “You are really young.” Yeo Un chuckles, he tells them that the previous Sky  Lord was already defeated by him.

Both men are surprised, the sling guy asks, “Are you saying he lost to you?” Yeo Un asks if they are willing to go along with him. Both men look at each other.

Dong Soo is busy writing a book of martial arts, a group of men come ruining his meal asking if he’s Sword Saint’s disciple. Dong Soo says he’s right. The guy sticks his sword in front of Dong Soo and challenges him.

Dong Soo looks at his sword and says, “Double-edged sword, the length is 6 feet and 5 inches, and the weight is 3 geun.” He clings the sword and asks the guy is it not too heavy for him to hold. The guy is angry, he starts swinging his sword. Dong Soo jumps and , without a sword, uses his book to poke his head. At the end, the guy falls over, Dong Soo asks if they shall continue. The lackeys drag his master away.

Dong Soo sits down on the same spot, he thinks about the ‘double-edged sword’, he marks down a sword in his book.

Hong Do, seeing Dong Soo, he asks, “Are you Yeongsuk?”. Dong Soo looks up and smiles, he asks what Hong Do’s doing here. Hong Do says he’s been traveling to see this beautiful country, and to paint, but here in Naju, who would think who he will end up meeting.

Anther person joins them, it’s Cho Rip. Dong Soo smiles wider, gets up and hugs him.

They sit down and drink together, Dong Soo can tell right away that their meeting by chance was a lie, certainly there’s  a problem in the palace.

Cho Rip starts telling the story, “Half a month ago, because of one famous shaman’s words, the whole of  Hanyang turned upside down.”

A woman shaman is performing  her  ritual, Dae Ju sits close by. The woman starts chanting, “Prince Heir has to die, Prince Heir has to die, only the Prince Heir’s death, can the country be prosperous.” Dae Ju hands her a bag of coins and tells her, “Even with a sword on your neck, you should speak without changing your mind.” He laughs.

Hong Do’s voice-over, “On top of the shaman’s words quickly spreading, bad omens have continued to happen in the palace. A voodoo doll was found outside the Prince Heir’s palace.”

Dong Soo asks if the doll was done by the shaman. Hong Do says, yes, but they don’t know who brought it into the palace. Cho Rip says, the problem is that, that shaman, even till death, kept saying the same thing. Dong Soo sighs.

The King and the Prince presided, the shaman  is chanting, ‘Only the Prince Heir’s death, can this country be prosperous.’

Dong Soo asks, though they don’t know the whole story, aren’t things quiet down by now. Hong Do says it won’t be that easy.

The King and the Prince see things fallen from the sky. Dae Ju asks the King, is it not a red meteor. Han Gu says it’s already a troublesome time due to that shaman’s words, “Why is there an ominous meteor also falling by the palace?”. The King doesn’t answer to that.

Hong Do says, from that day onwards, the King has been suffering from colds and he still remains in bed. Dong absorbs the story, he asks what there is that he can do, he doesn’t have the ability to catch a meteor. Cho Rip and Hong Do look at each other.

Cho Rip tells more, during the time since he’s left to wander, a gambling house started in the city. Hong Do says, male or female, young or old, if they can fight they can join, the average wager is more than 1,000 Yangs.

At the gambling house, Jin Ju, disguised as a man,  gets on the stage to join the fight. She’s able to beat the guy and collect the prize.  She stops short, seeing Dae Ju’s son and nephew getting upstairs.

Hong Do says, moreover, though there’s no evidence, rumor has it that Hong Dae Ju has invested in this gambling house.  Cho Rip tells Dong Soo that they have horses ready. Three of them ride back to the city.

Yeo Un is looking at the swords lining up in front of him, he recalls Cheon’s words, “Take a look, the past hundred years are kept here in its original form, never been moved. These swords form the living history of Heuksa Chorong.”

Gu Hyang asks Yeo Un, “Heuksa Chorong is to be disbanded? Is it really true?”

Yeo Un, “You can go along with me, but I won’t force you.”

Gu Hyang, “This won’t be easy, is what I am saying. Isn’t this the Heuksa Chorong with hundred years of  history? Even if there’s imperial order for the disbandment of  Heuksa Chorong, the noblemen and merchants who have contact with Heuksa Chorong, are too many. Our roots are deep. “

Yeo Un says, he knows, if it’s not uprooted, when he’s not there, others will only build it up again. Therefore, even the roots need to be removed.”

She says, even if he puts his life on the line, there’s no guarantee he can do it. Yeo Un looks at her, “Will you help me?”. She looks at him and nods.

In is finishing his meal, he tests his cut hand and says eating well makes him feel really strong. He thinks about when Dong Soo inserted a acupuncture needle into him, Dong Soo told him that after a while, he will be able to live a normal life.  He lets out, “The Sky Lord has left, Sword Saint has also left. Now the only one left is Baek Dong Soo.” He opens a box checking his gold bars.

The King is not well, the Queen recites  the shaman’s words to him pretends to be concerned. The words remind the King of  the unpleasant incidents, he coughs more, clearly the words has effected his health.

Outside, the Queen stops the Prince from entering the King’s chamber, she tells him that the King needs to rest, he should go back for today. The Prince abides her command.

The Queen tells Dae Ju that the plan cannot have any mistakes. Dae Ju says there was the shaman’s prophecy, and he made the meteor fall too. He suggests they speed up to the next step. The Queen nods in agreement.

Yeo Un joins the merchant meeting, one of the merchants shouts that if they give them 70 percent, he asks if he’s telling them to starve to death. Yeo Un tells them, if they thought, what they have now are permanent, if it’s not for Dae Ju, what could be immediately abolished. The merchants could not argue with that. Dae Ju’s lackey tells them, no more discussion, it’s 70 percent. Two merchants get up that they quit, Yeo Un gets up and slashes them.

Yeo Un, “If someone here wants to decline, please decline here right now.” Nobody dare to move. Dae Ju’s son is satisfied with Yeo Un.

Dae Ju’s son reports to his father about Yeo Un’s cooperation and resolute look. Dae Ju says, though it’s a bit late, as they said, the wheat plant only lowers  its head when ripe. He laughs, now, he says the Royal Army barracks, the Military Guards, the Weaponry office, the Training Commander and the head of army barrack, summon all of the them to the entertainment house, he tells his son.

The lackey asks about the Royal Army barracks. Dae Ju says the Royal Guards’ captain is Seo Yu Dae whom he badly wants to kill and shred to pieces, does he not know that.

Yeo Un asks how it turned out.  Gu Hyang tells him that the wound is not deep, and it was treated quickly. She also told him(the merchant) to leave Hanyang. If he wants to save his life, he will never again enter Hanyang.

Yeo Un asks what it is (in her hand), she hands him a book, and says  it’s the ledger listing all the Noron officials who got kickbacks from city merchants, there are about 200 persons.

Yeo Un confirms 200? She tells him, not only the officers of the third rank and below, but also the second rank and higher military officers, and the local leaders from other regions.

Yeo Un turns to the two men, he tells them there’s something they can do for him.  The gambling house funded by Hong Dae Ju, Yeo Un thinks there has to be a secret plan. He orders the two to go and investigate. They leave right away.

The lackey comes and reports to Yeo Un, that Baek Dong Soo, with Sir Hong Guk Yeong (Cho Rip) and painter Kim (Hong Do), was passing through Cheongju, they should arrive in Hanyang soon.  Yeo Un orders him to watch their every move and report to him, he tells his lackey, not to lose focus.

Yeo Un says, “So you are here, Baek Dong Soo.” He thinks about what he said to Dong Soo when he stabbed him, that ‘the next one will be you, Dong Soo’.

Dong Soo comes back to Sa Mo, they greet each other. Dong Soo asks him about the gambling house. Sa Mo smiles and says Jin Ju has been quite active there. Dong Soo asks, “Jin Ju?”. Ji Seon offers taking him there.

In front of the gambling house, In is selling the entrance tickets of the gambling house, he spots Dong Soo and Ji Seon, he pauses to look at them, Yeo Un’s men see them too.

Dong Soo and Ji Seon enter the gambling house, he looks around and sees Dae Ju’s son and nephew sitting upstairs. On the fighting ring, the next fighters are announced. Jin Ju, disguised as a man, gets on the stage and the fight begins, Ji Seon touches Dong Soo and motions for him to take a look.


Dong Soo lets out a smile when he recognizes that it’s Jin Ju on the stage. The fight goes on, at the end, Jin Ju beats the guy.

She happily claims the prize, when she turns around Jin Gi walks to her. She clears her throat and speaks to him formerly mimicking a man’s voice, he asks what she is doing, and pinches her ear dragging her outside. Dong Soo and Ji Seon follow them. In sees both coming out, he steps inside and talks with the gambling house’s manager.

In inquires about where the fighters live, the manager pretends not to understand what he’s talking about. In says he knows all about it, didn’t Dae Ju buy powerful fighters. The manager is surprised, In throws him a gold bar, the guy tells him to come closer and whispers the fighters’ location.

Jin Gi drags Jin Ju by her ear, she tries to explain that now the trade group is short on funds, she shows him the money she got. Jin Gi scolds at her that she’s still not ashamed about it. Dong Soo calls out to them, “How can you treat a grown- up daughter like this?”.  Both Jin Gi and Jin Ju are happy to see him.

Jin Ju tries to explain that she didn’t do that for herself, she begs Ji Seon to say something to help her. Ji Seon says, it’s true, the nearby vegetable suppliers, traders, dealers all have to shout down due to extortion by the city merchants. Sa Mo asks if they have any idea why.

Jin Ju says she saw Dae Ju’s son exit the gambling house, so Sa Mo thinks the rumor must be true. Jin Gi interrupts, he looks at Jin Ju and asks, is she not already past the marrying age, how long she’s going to act like a boy, she should learn a bit from Ji Seon. Dong Soo smiles.

Dong Soo shows his book to Sa Mo and Jin Gi. Jin Gi comments, the weapons’ strengths and weaknesses are written in fine details, but…Dong Soo says, yes, rather than the martial arts of common people, this should be taken as the army’s martial arts, this is according to the Prince’s order.

In walks into the Dae Ju’s fighters’ camp. He shows them a box full of gold, if they cut Baek Dong Soo’s hands and feet, they will get double of that, cut his head off, it will be ten times. They accept the job, In tells them to keep it a secret from Dae Ju.

Ji Seon and Jang Mi’s daughter spot Dae Ju’s son and the lackey in the market, and see that they are collecting their ordered goods. They come back and tell everybody about it, from the things they are collecting, Jin Gi says Dae Ju is surely making weapons. Sa Mo tells Dong Soo to  go look into the gambling house, may be something will come up.

Dae Ju arranges a meeting among the army chief officers. One of them asks why Yu Dae is not here. Dae Ju gives an excuse that the King still hasn’t recovered, how the Royal Guards’ captain can come here.

In the palace, the Prince’s been trying to get the permission to see the King, but there’s no response. Yu Dae asks Cho Rip if he brought back Baek Dong Soo, Cho Rip says yes and he had brief Dong Soo on the situation, that the investigation needed to be carried out right away.  Yu Dae sighs and says, “Dark clouds…the dark clouds that bring typhoons.”

At Dae Ju’s meeting, he asks everybody to drink a cup together, they more they drink, the happier they become. They are all laughing. After they left, Gu Hyang tastes the drink wondering what it is. The lackey laughs and says, they drank plain water and said it was great wine. Dae Ju glares at him.


The King hasn’t been well, he asks the Queen to call the Prince over. The King tells the Prince that, even a small illness like this, he can’t seem to get up, he cannot handle political matters anymore, the Prince’s age is already suitable for daericheongjeong (substitute-governing). The Prince and the Queen are startled, the King says he will issue an edict, he tells the Prince be prepared.

Han Gu is startled to hear the news from the Queen. Dae Ju tells her that this thing cannot happen, the Queen orders him to speed up their plan.

The table is full of  boxes. Yeo Un asks the sling guy if he looked into the gambling house, he says yes, the skills of those fighters are pretty ordinary, but better fighters are being recruited. Gu Hyang says, they are collecting fighters, does it not mean they will no longer rely solely on Heuksa Chorong. The lackey tells Yeo Un that everything is ready, so he gets up and tells them to follow him.

Yeo Un meets with Dae Ju. He opens the box, and asks where he plan to use  this fake Royal seal.  Dae Ju laughs, he asks if Yeo Un wants to know.

Yeo Un’s lackey is dropping off  the fake seal in front of each government official.

Gu Hyang asks if the fake Royal seals were placed in front of the Noron officials’ homes. Yeo Un chuckles, and asks if she can guess what it means.  She tells him that the other night, Dae Ju invited the military captains for a drink, it was not wine in the cup but plain water, it’s interesting that the military who drank the water didn’t get angry, instead, they praised the flavor. Yeo Un, “This is to confirm the loyalty of all, starting with the military captains.”

Gu Hyang thinks that the fake Royal seals sent to the Norons are also to test their loyalty. Yeo Un agrees with her, the loyal officials will seek the King when get the fake seals, the rebels will seek  Dae Ju. Yeo Un laughs, he can see through Dae Ju’s plan that, “It’s treason.”, he says.

Gu Hyang adds that from the way Dae Ju’s being careful this time, it’s not just to harm the Prince.  Yeo Un says the Norons who received the fake seals will not be able to sleep tonight.

The Noron officials are thinking hard.

Dong Soo looks around the gambling house, the manager guy gives him coins, if he wins, he will get double. If he loses, he will get only this.

Dong Soo steps on the stage, he fights and wins in no time. Dae Ju’s son sees him, he reports to his father. Dae Ju tells his son that he’s expected this, he orders his son to proceed with cautions.

The Norons come to Dae Ju, and asks if the fake seals were sent by him. They are angry that Dae Ju dared to test them. Dae Ju tells them that it’s the Queen’s idea, because of his sickbed, the King suggested daericheongjeong, so before they make a move,  they need to identify who is or is not with the plan. Moreover, those Norons who aren’t here, will receive their proper fate.

Other Norons, who didn’t go the Dae Ju, are arrested of treason because the fake seals are found with them. Yeo Un shows up at Dae Ju’s house, Gu Hyang’s voice, she suggested, having gathered all the military captains, they are certainly preparing a military coup.

After sending off the Norons, Dae Ju tells Yeo Un to come out since he’s here. Yeo Un is a bit surprised that Dae Ju knows he’s there. They have a drink together, Dae Ju says aren’t they are comrades on the same boat. Yeo Un assures him that he hasn’t forgotten their agreement, then he blurts out straightforwardly, “It’s treason then”.

Dae Ju stops drinking, then says he got it right, he will certainly be needing his help. Yeo Un asks what he can do to help. Dae Ju laughs that Yeo Un is anxious, but first , there’s a guest Yeo Un needs to see.  Kenzo steps into view.

Cho Rip informs the rest that daericheongjeong has been decided, even though the edict hasn’t yet been issued. Jin Gi thinks, because of this, the palace must be in a mess. Yu Dae says if just this, there would be nothing much to worry about, but the Norons’ moves, it looks like they are up to something. Dong Soo says these people are the people who killed the Crown Prince, whatever they are up to will not be too strange.

Jin Ju follows Dong Soo outside, she asks if he will be going tomorrow, he says yes. Her eyes shine brightly. He can tell that she’s up to something.

Dae Ju invites them to drink together, Yeo Un cuts to the point asking what there’s for this person to come to Joseon again.  Kenzo says it’s the same reason as his.  Both think about their last duel, that Kenzo lost to Yeo Un.

Seeing the tension between them, Dae Ju suggests a place that they both would certainly like, and asks for their time tomorrow.

Jin Ju, dressed up as a man, are walking towards the gambling house. Dong Soo grabs her wrist, asking if she’s really have a reason to go there. She says he talks too much, just follow her. They get inside, Dae Ju’s lackey sees them, he rushes out.

The lackey whispers to Dae Ju, who is also on his way to the gambling house with Yeo Un and Kenzo. He nods to the lackey, and continues on his way.

Inside the gambling house, the manager guy shouts for people to place their bets. Jin Ju steps on the stage. Dong Soo grabs her wrist, he warns her that this is not a child’s play, and to be careful. Jin Ju tenderly tells him not to worry,and she enters the ring. Then fighting starts.  Dae Ju, Yeo Un and Kenzo get upstairs. They sit down watching the fight.

Kenzo spots Dong Soo downstairs, he asks Dae Ju if that is Sword Saint’s disciple. Yeo Un quickly looks down, just as Dong Soo  turns his interest upwards.

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  2. oh! hi everybody!! I miss this drama -_-

  3. it’s so weird looking at ji sun like that her dressing in different outfit to hanbok

  4. WBDS Official OST is out, 2 CDs

    01. 야뇌(野餒) 4:55 BMK
    02. 사랑에 빠지다 3:54 김태우
    03. 사랑 때문에 4:38 한승연(카라)
    04. 단 하루만 4:51 예성(슈퍼주니어)
    05. 내가 있죠 4:21 서영은
    06. 고여 4:40 신성우
    07. The only Road 3:45 부활
    08. 심장이 미쳐서 3:35 신재
    09. 다시 만나면 4:02 지창욱
    10. 야뇌(野餒) Acoustic 3:37 박은태
    *Bonus Track*
    11. 사랑에 빠지다 inst
    12. 사랑 때문에 inst
    13. 단 하루만 inst
    14. 내가 있죠 inst
    15. The only Road inst

    01. 참월도 (斬 月 刀) 6:32
    02. 북벌의 대업 4:38
    03. 장용위 (壯 勇 衛) 3:28
    04. 무사 백동수 5:23
    05. 운명 4:40
    06. The Warriors 5:21
    07. Opening Theme 3:18
    08. 기월산천(期 月 山 川) 2:35
    09. A battlefield 4:47
    10. 취우(驟 雨) 4:18
    11. 지기지우(知 己 之 友) 5:18
    12. 어릴적 작란(作 亂) 1:52
    13. 비가(悲 歌) 3:43
    14. 고수련 1:50
    15. Green frog 2:28
    16. 흑사초롱 4:27

    WOW, that many songs! *save in my shopping basket*



  5. thanks kcomments i still find the beginning of this ep sad also still think they missed a gap i mean with cheon but also i don’t remember jin ju saying what are you doing, also was thinking if hong do said to dong soo it doesn’t matter if your a man or women you can still fight if you think about it jin ju didn’t need to disguise herself as a guy but now i remember why she did it because of what happened with her and cheon she didn’t want them to recognise her

    • what did cheon mean by have you now got heaven in your hands (cheon to yeo un) does he mean about yeo un being sky lord

    • If you mean Cheon’s funeral, I like that they skipped the whole thing, we saw two funerals already, Ga Ok and GW, that talking-to-the-ashes on the mountain scenes are quite sufficient for us to imagine one for Cheon ^^

      As for, ‘..heaven in your hands’, I think he’s referring to their earlier conversation, that Cheon suggested YU to have the woman in his heart. I couldn’t remember the details tho, may be you are right, that now YU is the new Sky Lord, so Cheon asks if YU is happy now.

      I still don’t understand why YU doesn’t confess to JS, or do something!
      And YU is an assassin for crying out loud, why the writer had to make it that YU never kill, he stabbed a person at the right spot (*roll eyes*) so that person would not die?

      • yhhhh i guess well i guess they had to skip it they didn’t want to drag it out

      • HMMMMMMM YH I KNOW RIGHT i wish yeo un had confessed to ji sun it probably would of made his feelings for her ease a bit knowing that she knows he loves her even if she told him no i can’t love you i love dong soo at least she would know about his feelings but in the end i think she may of knew but with ji sun’s character it’s not easy to tell how she feels half the time but i still reckon she cares for him i mean like in ep 26 (spoilers for those who have yet to see) when someone mentioned can’t remember who it was i think either jin ju or dong soo someone mentioned yeo un and ji sun genuinely looked worried this was a few seconds just before dong soo, jin ju, cho rip and miso rushed off to the mountains and ji sun walked out looking at them i know she was worried about them but i know as well she was worried about yeo un when they mentioned him and also in the last ep ep 29 when samo and jin gi were walking together and ji sun behind samo and jin gi were talking about hoksa chorong and yeo un and in my opinion you may of not been able to see it but i think ji sun was worried so i think she cares for him,,,,,,,, BUT ONE THING THAT REALLY ANNOYS AND PISSES MEE OFF is that they didn’t have a last scene of them together i was hoping they were to at least put them to a close i wanted one where ji sun at least actually SAW HIM i mean iw ould call that scene in ep 26 a last scene, i was right about something though i was right about the finale being rushed since they filmed it in a week and cut down an ep from 30 to 29 i mean they said the cut it down because they didn’t want to drag the story out but they made it crappy instead they should of kept it to 30 eps instead to make it less rushed and to let yeo un and ji sun at least have a last scene togetehr because in a way that pissed me off more that yeo un was saying once i quit can ia sk for your forgiveness which is basically like saying i’ll go to you, and also jin u and hong do seriously i mean i don’t hate that couple but i understand why the fans of the dong soo and jin ju couple was pissed about jin ju and hong do i mean seriously did jin ju forget her feelings and love for dong soo just like that in my opinion jin ju’s feelings for dong soo were far more that a mere crush so that was annoying and YHHH ABOUT CHO RIP i am black and white when it comes to him i ahte him then i don’t i understand why he didn’t forgive yeo un in the end and also i understand why cho rip would be upset about the stab i mean if one of my best friends stabbed me i’d be a bit unforgiving but yh thats besides the point and the cho rip and miso kiss well i’m glad about that i mean if it was a kiss between dong soo and ji sun i would commit suicide (not really) unless of course it was a kiss between dong soo and jin ju or yeo un and ji sun then well i’d be happy

        • [spoiler] omo…I’m glad that there’s no kiss between DS ans JS, coz that saved our Maria’s life hahaha……but did you see the official MV of a certain OST? *run for cover*
          [end of spoiler]


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