Hooray for Love Episode 22

Jong Hee asks if it’s because of that call she made that makes he come here. She says she really means what she said, so do not contact her and do not come looking for her anymore. She tells him to go home, his family is waiting, “Take care of yourself and live well.”  She starts to walk pass him, he grabs her arm looking at her.

The lobster party is still waiting for Hyung Do to join them, but he didn’t show up. Joori wonders why he hasn’t come back yet, she specifically told him that mom bought lobsters for him, he supposes to come home early tonight. Crystal asks for the time and says, there’s enough time for him to come home after work. She wonders where he goes again.  His mother-in-law prepared this for him expecting his arrival, why is he not back yet, she yells. Se Ra calls him, but he’s not answering the phone.

Sunny wonders if he’s still holding a grudge against Crystal, she asks if Joori senses anything. Joori recalls Hyung Do’s words to her not to meet Jong Hee again, or else he would not forgive her. She hurriedly excuses herself to make a phone call in her room. Sunny is exasperated that what Joori had done to upset Hyung Do again.

Hyung Do parks his car in a quiet street. She asks what he wants to say, she needs to go back, Jae Mi is waiting for her. He asks if she drinks a lot. She says she drinks a little, she’s decided to really break up so she’s feeling a bit empty.

He holds her hand asking if  it’s hard for her and that it’s all his fault. During this time, he’s only thinking about himself giving her such a huge burden. He agrees to break up as she wanted. The only thing he can do for her now is, to disappear from her side, the same for Jae Mi. Right now, he feels sorry and grateful. After he met her again, he was so happy it felt like a dream. The life he has now, after messed up his first married, everyday he endured the feeling of  being strangled.

After meeting her again, it’s like returning to the past, “At that time, why didn’t I realize that, that was happiness? Going to bed and waking up with you, eating the meal you cooked…..” Jong Hee tells him to stop, she doesn’t want to hear anymore. Tears start to form in her eyes.

He says, that’s right, what’s the use of talking about it now. One stupid mistake, and his life turned upside down, “But we can’t go back anymore. I really want to be with you again. I’m already a sinner in Jae Mi’s eyes, I don’t want to commit another mistake again. No, these are all excuses. Blame it on me for being stupid, I blame myself for being a coward. It’s all my fault.”

She tells him to stop, right now she’s not blaming anyone. He asks, “After we break up, you will live well, right?” She assures him not to worry, she’s been very strong. She tells him, it was really difficult for her to come up with this decision, so do not contact her or look for her anymore. She might waver if she hears his voice again. He says, “Alright, let’s do it.”

She tells him to hurry go and to drive carefully, she gets off the car.  He gets out of the car and calls her, “Can I hold you for the last time?”  He hugs her and both wish each other well, he steps back, gets in the car and goes.

Dad says before Da Reum starts school, he has to quickly find her a mother, but that’s not easy. She asks if his movie date with the ajumma didn’t go well. He says don’t even mention it, she’s very astonished.

De Reum sighs that the ajumma’s requirement is higher that she’s imagined. Dad tells her to look at him carefully, and pretend that he’s not her father. Objectively, without bias, to tell him how he looks. Da Reum looks at him and says, without bias? Dad says of course, she counters that he might get hurt.

He say it’s alright, he’s not handsome anyway. He asks where she thinks is the problem. She thinks it’s his eyes, they are like shirt buttonholes with narrow slits like this. Da Reum shows him with her fingers stretching both of her eyes side ways.

He says but he can see what he needs to see, then what he should do. Da Reum says she has a solution for that. She puts a tape over his eye, when he opens it, it makes a double eyelid (haha). Da Reum thinks he’s adorable, the ajumma will like it.

They both laugh.

Jong Shim shows up at the door. Da Reum asks her to look at her dad’s eyes, when he turns to show her his double eyelid, she almost flips over, she yells at him to take it off. She gives Da Reum stream buns and prepares to leave before she has the shock of her life. She snaps at him, “You really do kinds of things.” She leaves.

After Jong Shim left, Da Reum tells her dad to look on the bright side that Jong Shim likes his normal eyes better than the double eyelid, and that’s a relief.  Dad beams.

Jae Mi is working hard to develop a new product, she has nosebleed. Kim Sun is worried that she works too hard.  Jae Mi tells her she’s going to Yeongam tomorrow to find some new recipes, she doesn’t think the baby porridge has a great chance of succeeding. Kim Sun wonders why Jae Mi has to work so hard, she might as well have lawyer Byeon provide for her.

After her employees left, Dong Woo calls, Jae Mi tells him that she’s researching on how to make her porridge taste even better. He says, he’ s preparing for tomorrow’s trial, he needs to do overtime too. He asks if she will come over later. She says she’s a bit busy preparing her trip to Yeongam tomorrow.

Dong Woo asks Yeongam? Why she’s going to such a far place. She tells him she needs to see someone for the development of her new recipe. He says does she not work too hard, he will go there when he’s done, he asks her to wait for him, he will take her home. She tries to convince that she’s alright but he insists to drop by, going home alone at night, what if she gets kidnapped.

Hee Soo thinks about what Jong Soo said that Jae Mi knew something. Jong Soo comes home earlier than usual, he thinks Hee Soo will be surprised. He gets out of his car and sees Hee Soo coming out, he calls her but she doesn’t hear him, she gets in a taxi and leaves. Jong Soo follows her.

Hee Soo arrives at Jae Mi’s shop and gets inside. Jong Soo sees her going in. Hee Soo walks into the kitchen and calls Jae Mi, she tells her to talk for a moment. Jae Mi tells her to get out.

Hee Soo grabs Jae Mi’s hand accusing her of saying some weird stuff to her husband, she asks what she said to him. Jae Mi shakes her hand off hers. Hee Soo says she heard Jae Mi knows something that her husband doesn’t, and asked something about her child, “Who are you to randomly take about my business?”

Jae Mi says she should know the answer to that very well. Hee Soo asks what she means. Jae Mi turns away from her undecided.

Jong Soo quietly sneaks into the shop, he listens to their conversation from outside the kitchen.

Jae Mi says to forget it, she doesn’t want to talk about stupid things. She asks Hee Soo to leave and not to make her get mad. Hee Soo angrily wipes all the vegetable on the table down to the floor saying she will not leave until Jae Mi clarifies everything to her. She told her before she can say anything about her but not her child, she asks again what it is.

Jae Mi thinks about what Dong Woo said, “If you tell them, will that make you any different from Chae Hee Soo?” She closes her eyes to calm down, she tells Hee Soo, this is her last warning, just leave, this is better for your child.

Hee Soo, “Remember this, though I’m not sure about what you mean, next time, if you bring this up again with him, I’ll not let you off this easy.” She thinks Jae Mi underestimated her, as a mother, she will do anything for her child. So if Jae Mi doesn’t want her brother to teach her a lesson, she better shut her mouth.


Hee Soo is about to leave, but Jae Mi stops her asking, “Who told you that I’m barren?” Jong Soo perks up hearing this.  Jae Mi asks if it’s Jong Soo who told her, that three years of being childless is all her fault. Hee Soo asks if it’s not.

Jae Mi tells her that last week, she got the results from their infertility test, the reason does not point at her. Hee Soo clarifies if it means the reason she didn’t get pregnant doesn’t lie with her.  Jae Mi says of course, the reason lies with the other party, who she is referring to, even if she doesn’t say it, Hee Soo should know.

Hee Soo is frightened touching her pregnant stomach, “This is impossible. What are you talking about?…I don’t care what other people say, this child’s father is Jong Soo, it’s him, I’m not mistaken. You, it looks like you’re jealous of us. So you are saying things that doesn’t make any sense.”

Jae Mi urges her to com back after two months, to wait till after the child is born. She will find out whether she’s telling the truth or not.

Hee Soo tries to hit her but Jae Mi grabs her wrist, Jong Soo runs inside looking at them. Both of them gasp. Jong Soo walks to Jae Mi and asks, “Just now, what did you say?” Jae Mi turns away but he grabs her shoulder.

Jong Soo, “No matter how much you hate me, why are you pulling this cheap stunt on me?” Jae Mi pushes away his hands, and says, cheap stunt?  He just wants to believe that, doesn’t he?

She tells him to believe what he wants, she doesn’t want anything to do with them anymore. Jong Soo says, it’s her who brought up this matter first, even if she wants to walk away from this, he won’t let her. He accuses her, it’s because of her that he’s losing his mind, “Say it, you’re lying, right? It’s not me but you who’s barren. You are just saying that because you are angry.”

Jae Mi stares at him, she picks up her phone and calls the hospital that she wants to confirm the results of the infertility test, she hands the phone to Jong Soo to listen for himself. His face shows disbelief, Hee Soo is alarmed.

He grabs Jae Mi hard and shakes her furiously, “Kang Jae Mi! You are lying, who do you think you are? Who are you to make up such outrageous lies.” He shakes her harder crazily. Hee Soo shouts at him to stop. Jae Mi yells at him to let her go.

Dong Woo runs inside, he grabs Jong Soo, but Jong Soo pushes him away. Dong Woo punches him down to the floor, he holds Jae Mi asking if she’s alright.

Jong Soo gets up and punches Dong Woo, he points at Jae Mi, he thinks she’s gone insane because of the divorce, “But I’m awake now, no matter what tricks you pull to break us up, it won’t affect us. I will live happily forever with Hee Soo and our boy. You got it? Understand?” He grabs Hee Soo’s wrist and walks out.

Outside, Hee Soo convinces Jong Soo that Jae Mi lied, after what he did, she will not dare do this again. But when she tries to hold his arm, Jong Soo pushes away.  He tells her to go first, he needs to think about something, Hee Soo begs to go together and talk at home, but Jong Soo walks out.

There’s a bruise around Jae Mi’s neck, Dong Woo is worried asking if she’s alright. She says it’s just a fingerprint, it’s lucky that he came just in time.  He asks where the blood stain comes from. He thinks it’s because of Hee Soo, Jae Mi stops him from going after Hee Soo, that it’s her nosebleed because  she’s been staying up late these past few nights.

Dong Woo is worried that as long as Jong Soo is near her, it’s too dangerous. He suggests her not to do this, just do another…Jae Mi asks what he’s talking about, what if she asks him to quit being a lawyer, will he be happy?

Jae Mi says this shop is very important to her. Also, he told his mom that she’s a successful CEO. Even if  she’s helpless in other things, but when it comes to this one, she wants to work hard and achieve it.

Dong Woo holds her hands, that today she’s very tired, he suggests she skip work tomorrow. She says she doesn’t have an easy life, she’s very busy.

Jae Mi sighs, she says she thought she would be happy when Jong Soo finds out, instead she’s confused and pities him. She wonders what will happen to Hee Soo and her baby in the future. Dong Woo tells her not to think about it anymore, now they will deal with it themselves.

She asks if he’s disappointed in her that she didn’t endure but blurted everything out on them. He smiles, “Do you know why I like you? I feel like you won’t keep any secrets from me. No matter what it is, it will come out eventually.” Jae Mi pokes him, he laughs.

He tells her to take a nap, he will wake her up when they are home. He turns on the music, Jae Mi asks what this is. He says, it’s Kang Jae Mi’s lullaby. Jae Mi smirks that she’s not a woman who would fall asleep anywhere. She yawns, he smiles.

Jong Soo is brooding by the river, he recollects the incidents, about what Jae Mi said that the one who’s barren is him, Hee Soo asks him if he would still  marry her, even if she’s not pregnant. Sunny asks him how far along is the baby, he says 7 months. (Basically, he’s connecting the dots that the baby may not be his)

He says, no, it’s not possible, it’s not happening. He  screams crazily, “It’s not.!”

Dong Woo parks his car, seeing Jae Mi asleep, he chuckles. He takes his phone out and takes her picture. Jae Mi wakes up, Dong Woo funnily mimics her voice saying, “I’m certainly not a woman who would just sleep anywhere..zzzzzz (snoring)”  Jae Mi pokes at him saying it’s just one time this year. He smiles, and tells her to get out of the car.

She looks around, and asks why they are at the hospital. Dong Woo comes up with an excuse, he points at his bruise lips, that he needs to have a doctor check on it, it hurts a lot. He gets out of the car, Jae Mi is exasperated.

She ends up lying on the bed having an IV drip. She asks whether it’s because he wants her to have this, so he brought her here. He asks,  if he said come, would she obediently come.

She says she has a dextrose IV drip just because of a little nosebleed, other will laugh. Dong Woo says, “What about it? I have to protect my woman.” She says sorry, he has worked overtime these past few days, he must be tired.  Dong Woo readily touches his forehead saying maybe it’s because of that, he’s been feeling a bit dizzy lately.

Jae Mi is worried, she gets out of  bed and tells him to lie down. She wonders if it’s because he’s hit in the head a while ago. He says, looks like it, he will lie down for a moment. He gets on the bed moaning in pain, she touches his forehead asking if he hurts a lot.

He tells her to lie down too, she still needs to finish that drip. She says she’s alright, Dong Woo starts to get up so she stops him and gets on the bed. But when she starts to lie down, he moves for her to sleep in his arm. Jae Mi realizes it’s his trick again, she hits him, he smiles and holds her down. He says there’s still 2 more hours before she finishes the drip, he will stay with her, he tells her to sleep for a while.

She says, “Don’t be too good to me. I’ll be weak and want to depend on you.”

Dong Woo, “What’s wrong with that? I will always be by your side to protect you.” Jae Mi asks, “Until when?”

Dong Woo, “There’s a saying, there’s a bird which cries once every 1,000 years. Eventually that bird’s tears turn into a sea.”  Jae Mi laughs, he asks why she laughs, he’s not joking. Jae Mi says alright, she believes him and smiles.

(Guess he means until tears turn into a sea, that long)

He tells her to go to sleep. She lies comfortably in his arm and says that she’s very sensitive, she can’t fall asleep in unfamiliar places. Dong Woo nods, “Yes, I know, of course I know.” She says she will just going to close her eyes thinking about something, she’s definitely not going to fall asleep. Dong Woo smiles, he covers her with a blanket, looking at her lovingly.

Jae Mi falls asleep, Dong Woo sits by the bed thinking about what she said, that he told his mom she’s a successful CEO, even if she’s not good in other aspects, but this one she wants to work hard and achieve it. He touches her hair and gets out of the room.

He leans on the wall outside thinking. Jae Mi wakes up, and sees the drip is done. She looks around, Dong Woo is not in the room.  She comes out and finds him standing outside looking out the window, she smiles, thinking to surprise him, she tiptoes quietly behind him.

Dong Woo can see her from the reflection, he waits for her to come really close, then he turns around. Jae Mi is caught by surprise, holding her breath startled. He smiles, she pokes on his chest smilingly. He pulls her in his arm and hugs her.

The dad is exercising, Jong Shim drops by and sees his muscles after he’s taken his shirt off. Her jaw drops. He spots her and embarrassingly covering himself.

He calls Da Reum that the ajumma is here, he gets inside to get Da Reum. Jong Shim is disappointed (that he covered himself), she says (after he left) , no, he can exercise without his shirt on.

Da Reum is happy that the three of them are having meal together like a family, father, mother and Da Reum. The girl laughs with joy. The dad says sorry to Jong Shim that his daughter likes to talk nonsense all the time. Jong Shim doesn’t think that way, she’s happy today.

Jong Shim’s eyes caught sight of his sock, her face changes, she hurriedly excuses herself and leaves. The dad wonders why she suddenly changed, De Reum tells him it’s because she saw his sock, her face suddenly turned cloudy. The girl says, looks like it’s because of his five-toed socks he’s wearing, she asks if he could change those.

He takes his sock off and asks her, what’s wrong with it, it’s good for athlete’s foot. He thinks this woman really is a fickle minded.

Crystal brings up that Hyung Do didn’t show up for her lobster dinner, he says sorry that it won’t happen again, he excuses himself and leaves. Dong Woo tells his mom  to stop nagging  his brother-in-law, what if he wants to get married sometimes.

Crystal gasps, she is happy to hear him talking about getting married, Sunny is impressed that he really likes Ye Son that much. She asks, “Didn’t you say you will never ever get married?”

Dong Woo realizes what he blurted out, he tells them, whatever, treat his brother-in-law a bit better, he gets up and leaves the room. Crystal is satisfied, the dad says he wants to meet this good girl.

Joori tries to ask if he’s still angry about her meeting Jong Hee, he tells her from now, not to bring up this name again, he will also treat like it’s never happened. So she should forget about it too. Joori asks if he means it, that he will forget everything. He nods, she beams and hugs him.

She says she knows he loves her more than the ajumma, she tells him to get off work early today. She wonders what they should do together, she thinks they should go shopping together, it would be fun. Hyung Do asks if she must buy again. She says of course, he made her sad lately she couldn’t even window shopping properly, for stress, shopping is the best cure.

Joori tells him she will be at the hospital when he gets off work, he disinterestedly agrees to her, he will call her later. Joori happily kisses him. She says, “I love you, you love me too, do you? You love me very much, right?”  He quickly nods and leaves for work.

Jae Mi is preparing for her trip to Yeongam today. Mom asks how she will get there, she says she will take the train to Mokpo, then ride a bus. Jae Mi asks if it’s true like her aunt said, that Jong Hee has a broken heart. Jong Hee says it’s not, it’s because of the weather.

Jae Mi cheers her up, that mom still has her. She back-hugs her. Jong Hee smiles saying yes, she will be fine as long as she has her Jae Mi.

Jae Mi gives a key to Jong Hee to give it to Kim Sun, it’s for the cash register of her shop.

Jae Mi arrives at the train station, Dong Woo calls, she assures him that she will have a pleasant trip, she tells him not to worry and concentrate on his work, “You are dead meat if you look at another woman!”

Dong Woo says, he’s already looking at another woman. There’s a woman in front of him, exactly his type. Jae Mi’s smile faded, she asks what that woman looks like. He says, “Yellow headband, and she also has long hair.”

Jae Mi touches her headband, she says that’s similar to her, she asks where he is now. He says on the stairs of Seoul station. Jae Mi, “Seoul station?”. Dong Woo leans out from behind a tree, Jae Mi beams asking what he’s doing here.

She thought he’s busy, he says no matter how busy he is, he has to send her off. He grabs her hand to get inside the station together.

He hands her the train tickets, a magazine to read on the train and a box of snacks, he says, “Also the last thing…” He looks left and right, he smiles mischievously and leans over to kiss her on the forehead. Jae Mi smiles that other people will see.

He says he really wants to go with her but he has an important meeting with a client. She says she will be alright, he urges her to board the train, it’s almost time. They wave to each other as she walks to the terminal. Dong Woo looks at her until she’s out of sight.

Hyung Do thinks about how Jae Mi gave up the shop for him, he calls Jong Shim and asks that they meet. At a restaurant, he tells her that he will not see her sister again, and to take care of her.

Hyung Do handovers an envelope to Jong Shim, inside there’s 20 million Won. He says although  it’s not much compared to the porridge shop Jae Mi’s lost, please help him give it to her. Jong Shim doesn’t want to, but he begs her to think of it as his last gift to Jae Mi, as a father.  If she doesn’t tell it came from him, Jae Mi will accept it.

Jong Hee comes to Jae Mi’s shop to give the cash register key to Kim Sun, the waiter girl blurts out about Jae Mi wrote an agreement. Jong Hee asks what an agreement is, the girl tells all that Jae Mi signed an agreement to give up the porridge shop, she heard it from the employee of porridge King. Kim Sun also knows, she asks if Jong Hee doesn’t aware of it. Jong Hee is quite dazed by the news, she excuses herself and leaves.

She comes back to her shop. Jong Hee tells Jong Shim that she heard Jae Mi signed away her shop to Jong Soo. Just to help her father, she gave up her porridge shop. Jong Shim says she knows about it, she heard it from lawyer Byeon’s assistant, she was shocked too.

Jong Hee yells at her, why she didn’t tell her. Jong Shim thinks there’s no use, it would only upset her. Jong Hee says it’s all because of her, but Jong Shim counters that it’s all because of  Hyung Do. If she wants to blame somebody, blame it on him.

Jong Hee tells her not to let Hyung Do know about this. Jong Shim says sorry, she already told him yesterday and that’s why he decided to break up with her. Jong Hee is surprised.

Jong Shim gives an envelope with money to Jong Hee, she gasps that it’s 20 million Won. Jong Hee yells her sister how she can do this. She asks if Jong Shim knows what kind of situation he’s in.

Jong Shim thinks he’s a chef of a big hospital, to destroy his daughter’s porridge shop, can he not do this bit for her.

Jong Hee, “Do you know how hard that person’s life right now? He doesn’t have a penny to his name!”  She is worried so she gets up to leave, Jong Shim asks where she’s going, but she doesn’t answer.

Jong Hee drives to the hospital intended to return the money to Hyung Do. She sees him coming out of the building, she smiles widely and is about to call out to him, but Joori follows behind.  So she sits in the car looking at both of them. Joori adjusts his tie and they get in the car together  like husband and wife.  Seeing them together, the reality presents itself before her eyes.  (That he’s a jerk! Ouch, that’s from me.)

While Hyung Do falls asleep waiting for Joori’s shopping marathon, Jong Hee comes home and burns all the witness of their time shared together.

Jae Mi arrives in Yeongam, she finds the house she’s looking for. She opens the door and gets inside. Jae Mi asks a grandpa if this is “Chang Sut Cha Sang Cha” grandmother’s house. He says yes, Jae Mi tells him she has something to ask her, and asks if she can see her for a while.

Grandpa says she’s not here right now, she will be back late tonight. Jae Mi is disappointed, she asks him how late, grandpa says the earliest would be past 8:30 pm. He asks her why she come, she tells him she needs to ask her some matters about porridge. He quickly says if that’s the case, she should leave, she won’t see her. She’s very stubborn and will not randomly meet a stranger. Grandpa walks away, she begs him to let her meet grandma.

Dong Woo calls, he asks if she’s met grandma already. She tells him no,  it’s not that easy and grandma won’t be back until tonight. Dong Woo asks, “Then you won’t be able to come back tonight?”

Jae Mi says the last bus is at 9:30 pm, she has to finish before that and go back. He asks what she will be doing there in the meantime.  She says she will entertain herself, she tells him do not worry and concentrate on his work.

After hangs up, Dong Woo tries to go back to work, he perks up thinking of what Jae Mi said, “I’m sad that grandma is not here.”  Flashback, Jae Mi is lying at the hospital with blood stained on her clothes, [Jae Mi’s crying voice] “Every morning, after opening my eyes, I will say it’s alright, it’s alright, everything will be alright. But when I see my business struggling, I feel scared, cheated.”

He gets up pacing, the assistant comes in and tells him that the conference room is ready. Dong Woo makes a decision, he says sorry, and tells his assistant to cancel the meeting.  But the assistant stops him saying, a lot of money is at stake in this case, why he wants to cancel it, the compensation is at least 10,000,000,000 Won.

Dong Woo says there’s something more important than the 10,000,000,000 Won. He leaves the office. The assistant wonders what is more important than that amount of money.

Jae Mi enjoys sight-seeing, taking pictures. Dong Woo is in his sport car on the highway to her. Jae Mi ends up in a restaurant having lunch alone.

Dong Woo calls and asks where she is. She says she’s eating, whenever she eats something nice she thinks of him. Dong Woo asks, “Without me, don’t you feel lonely?” She says, she’s closing to tears thinking of him, teasingly.

Dong Woo, “You want me to come over?” Jae Mi says even if it’s lip service, she still thanks him, he doesn’t have to worry about her, after lunch, she will go to the race tracks, that should be enough to pass the time. She tells him, ‘see you tomorrow’ and ends the conversation. After hangs up, she’s bored looking at the food saying it’s feel awkward to eat alone.

Jae Mi visits the race tracks looking at the poster of the Formula-1 racing. She sits down on the stand. Dong Woo sends a message asking if she’s now at the race tracks, she texts back that she’s on the grand stand.

Dong Woo texts, “Then you should be able to see the big LED screen in front?”

Jae Mi looks up,

the LED screen displays messages in sequence.

“Who said, my face now is the face of my favorite person in the previous life.” Follows by pictures of Jae Mi that Dong Woo used his cell phone captured.

“Then in the next life, should I be born with this face again?”

“Really (crying)”

Dong Woo drives his car on the track coming towards her, he parks his car, gets out and waves. When Jae Mi realizes it’s Dong Woo, she stands up in disbelief and lets out a smile.

*Sorry for the captions on the LED screen, not sure what I got is complete, if you can read Korean or have better translation, please  share   🙂

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  1. good job

    dont you wish that DW will just kidnap JM to some faraway place leaving all the crazy ppl behind I wonder what will happen next I think that JM could give away to DW and marry without crystals approval and then they would know the truth what do you think

    • Oh no, I would prefer that DW and Crystal know JM’s dad is their in-laws before JM gets involved with DW by law, or else we might be seeing another divorce/separation couple ><!

      [spoiler] Given the way the story is heading, I think JM would wait to get CP's approval whereas DW be a bit impatient one. [end of spoiler]

      My opinion in situation like this, I think a couple should step back when facing a thick wall (i.e parent's approval), and reconsider if they want to go through all these both pre/post marriage, if so, change their tactics and try to get the mom ease into their love, yeah, I'm the kind that want to see rejoices all around when a couple gets married 🙂

      • I’m with you here… I’d rather get the elders’ approval from both sides before getting married. For the couple to be happy and at ease with everything around them.

  2. Thank you for your recap. To be honest my interest to watch this drama is only starting after i read yours . Hahaha, the way you write it make it looks sooooo interesting. Em… 50 ep, thats a long way to go. I am now at ep 5 as i also watch thousand kisses. All the conflict with mother-in-law make you think twice before getting married. 🙂

    • Oooh! Thanks, me too, all the in-law issues, and the ex..making me think, may be life is better off alone, and by the time we are done with all 50 (if no extension *roll eyes*) eps, all singles would run away hiding in a cave with double stainless steel protection wall somewhere in a far faraway land……….

  3. Yep, DW’s in my hands, will squeeze him tight into a heart-shape ball carrying around all day haha. The train station scene, what DW did, tickets, magazine, snacks, and a kiss, I thought, boy, THAT is what any girl would die for……. 🙂

    • hahaha I forgot about the Train station scene…too many lovey dovey scenes in this episode…Yeah I’d love to squeeze Dong Woo tight and carry him around with me hahaha

  4. Kcomments,
    Thanks for the recap! I was so happy to see that you’re back doing HFL recaps, I was just like Yes! Dong Woo is back in Kcomments’ hands LOL!
    Anyways HD/JH’s story line, like you I’m not interested anymore. Yes, they have a beautiful past but continuing it in their present lives will only harm Jae Mi & Dong Woo. But I have to say their last goodbye this time was better than 10 years ago, cleared everything rather than having grudge for the next years of their lives and regret it later.
    Back at Jae Mi’s shop that scene took my strength away as if I am JM being bullied. That was intense and that revelation was just like a bomb explosion for HJS but I was glad it’s out now and just serves HJS right in his face huh! Luckily our hero is there to the rescue!
    The hospital scene, that was so sweet of DW used trick to have JM for IV drips, tricked her into going to lie down in his loving arms. Talk about the playboy totally in love.
    And of course that surprise from DW. She never thought he’d follow and surprise her and what more could you ask for in a playboy errr former playboy boyfriend eh?. That was so cute! I want some loving from Dong Woo too LOL!

  5. I wonder how the writer will write HD/JH’s story for another 20+ eps, truth be told, not really interested ^^

  6. finally comes again :))
    thank u so much the recap..

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