Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 24

Yeo Un stops Dae Ju’s son just in time, before he orders  the shooting. While Cheon and Gwang Taek confront each other for another round.

Cheon, “Gwang Taek, you…Because of you, my life turned out so colorful. Thank you.”

Gwang Taek, “I’m also grateful to you.”

Cheon draws his sword, Dae Ju’s son quickly orders the soldiers to shoot the arrows to both of them before Yeo Un could react.

Gwang Taek perks up, he uses his sword to counter the arrow coming his way, thus his sword is distracted elsewhere when Cheon’s sword moving fast towards his body. Cheon easily slashes Gwang Taek’s mid-body all the way through, Gwang Taek crouches forward and drops to the ground.

Yeo Un looks at him worriedly giving the opportunity for  Dae Ju’s son to get away with the archers.

When Gwang Taek falls, Cheon realizes what happened, his eyes filled with disbelief, he asks if Gwang Taek thinks he will be happy to see him like this. Gwang Taek counters, for Ga Ok’s sake, did he not give up everything, “I’ve not done that even once. For the woman who’s dear to my heart, not once could I throw away everything I had. “

Cheon tells him to shut up and speak no more. Gwang Taek says now he can finally be at ease and be with Ga Ok.

Cheon closes his eyes in sorrow asking if he wish so much to die like this. Gwang  says, “I want you to return to the way you were before. Ga Ok..Ga Ok, I really want to see her.”

Cheon sadly says, “You will be able to see her soon.” He turns and walks away.

Dong Soo calls out to Gwang Taek, he kneels down and cries. Dong Soo wants to go after Cheon but Gwang Taek stops him asking if  he sees him. He tells Dong Soo to surpass him, “You are the one to surpass me. Not only as Joseon’s best swordsman, but also as the world best’s swordsman. ”  Dong Soo listens  and cries harder.

Jin Ju runs to him, “Father!”  Yeo Un looks at them and slips away.

Gwang Taek says her name, “Jin Ju..Jin Ju.” He touches her face, “I’m sorry Jin Ju…I love daughter..”

He passes away.  Jin Ju cries.

Dae Ju’s son reports to Dae Ju. He asks, did he not tell him to withdraw the archers. The lackey reports that when he got there, it was already too late. Dae Ju glares at his son and asks if the Sky Lord saw his face. The son says he would not have seen, but the Human Lord did. Dae Ju looks at him, he realizes his son’s grave mistake.

Cheon barges into the room, everybody is scared except Dae Ju who is sipping his drink calmly. He asks Cheon what he can do for him. Cheon asks who did it, Dae Ju’s son lowers his eyes. Dae Ju says it’s his doing, but his son steps forward saying no, it’s actually him. He draws his sword and makes an advance on Cheon first, only to be grabbed and push to the floor, arm twisted.

Cheon draws his sword meaning to cut the son’s arm, Dae Ju stresses,”It’s Banwi.” Cheon stops, Dae Ju says it wasn’t that he  wasn’t willing to kill Sword Saint, but once he  learned the fact that Gwang Taek had Banwi, he had immediately ordered the archers to withdraw.”

But Cheon thinks  no, it’s not that, no one can lie to him. He slowly thrusts his sword into the son’s arm, the son screams in pain.

Then Cheon pulls out his sword and sticks it to the table in front of Dae Ju, “Because of our previous friendship, I will spare his life this time around. In the future, it will be like we don’t know each other. It will be better that way.” Cheon pulls out his sword and leaves.

Dae Ju’s face shows rage, he orders his nephew to get a doctor.

Jin Ju talks to Gwang Taek’s body that she should have called him father earlier. She didn’t have the courage, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry father.”

Dong Soo runs out to cry alone. Ji Seon comes behind and touches his shoulder softly.

The son’s wound is being treated. Dae Ju gives his son an advice, that if he gets injured a little, pay it back stronger next time. Dae Ju says, betray me? He will make me kill him?  He orders his lackey to go look for the former Human Lord, he will be of help in killing the Sky Lord.

Sa Mo calls Dong Soo to come inside and tells him that there’s something he has to see. Flashback – Gwang Taek tells Sa Mo that if he dies fighting the Sky Lord, Sa Mo has to show Dong Soo his scars.

Present – Sa Mo urges Dong Soo to take a good look. Dong Soo’s eyes widen in disbelief. He tells Sa Mo he cannot do that, how can he touch his master’s remains?

Sa Mo assures him that it’s Gwang Taek’s last word. Dong Soo needs to see it.

Dong Soo sits alone with the body, he thinks about Gwang Taek’s last words to him asking if he sees him, and to surpass him, to be the world’s best swordsman. Dong Soo gets up slowly, he gets on his knees beside the body and bows down, he apologizes to Gwang Taek and reaches out to untie the robe.

With tears in his eyes, Dong Soo inspects all three slashed wounds on the body one by one, he ‘s able to picture how each wound was slashed by Cheon.

The King orders the Prince to make sure Gwang Taek’s funeral go well and  get it done without problem. The Prince tells the three guards that “The great man has passed on, look after everything flawlessly.”

The officials are talking about Sword Saint’s death, that he died in a duel, and left behind his disciple Baek Dong Soo. Dae Ju and Minister Han Gu overhears them.

The Queen asks Dae Ju, now that Gwang Taek is dead why he still looks unhappy. Hun Gu says ,”The master may be dead, but doesn’t the disciple remain?” The Queen asks if he means that youngster Baek  Dong Soo, he says, that young Baek Dong Soo is full of vigor and his reputation is also preceded him.

In hears passerby talking about Sword Saint’s death, he smiles.  Dae Ju’s lackey finds In checking on Gwang Taek’s funeral. They bring In to Dae Ju.

In asks if  he’s saying they should kill the Sky Lord now. Dae Ju thinks he might have a good strategy, and asks, should they not discuss  it together, he truly wishes to get rid of  Cheon. Dae Ju shows him a box full of gold. In slips out that the Sky Lord has an illegitimate daughter, Dae Ju perks up surprised.

Gwang Taek’s funeral, Sa Mo spreads Gwang Taek’s ashes into the wind, he tells him to go to Ga Ok, to the mountains and to the sea.

Dong Soo recalls the memories of Gwang Taek.

[Dong Soo’s voice-over]  “This disciple will surely surpass you, Master, and will complete the journey to master Joseon’s martial arts.”

Cheon sits alone drinking, In comes behind looking at him and says, “Sky Lord, it’s now your turn.”

Yeo Un thinks about  what Gwang Taek  told him, “The two of you are like my sons.” Gu Hyang asks him if he’s not going to see (the funeral). Yeo Un says he can’t go there, Gwang Taek has left behind so many things especially for Dong Soo.

Jin Gi says though Gwang Taek has left this place, he will be with miss over there. He may be happier there than here. Sa Mo tells Dong Soo to say something. Dong Soo says, “In blessed happiness, he asked us to leave on in blessed happiness.”

Jin Ju feels so sad, she steps away from others and stands alone by the sea. Dong Soo comes behind her and calls her name.

Jin Ju says to Dong Soo, “If I had known he was going to leave like this, I would have held his hand for warmth. And I would have done much more as a daughter. Dong Soo, for me, hurts a lot.” She touches her heart, “Right here..right here! It’s too hard that I can barely breathe.” She cries and tells him to let her be alone just for a while. She walks away alone.

Cheon sits alone talking to Gwang Taek, asking if  he’s together with Ga Ok now, “You, why did you fish without a hook?” He sits there till dawn breaks looking at the sun rises.

Yeo Un is pacing alone thinking of what Gwang Taek has left undone, he recalls the fighting between Gwang Taek and Cheon. He asks Gwang Taek in his mind,  “You had at least three chances, do you want to leave that for Dong Soo?”

Dong Soo is also practicing with his sword recalling of what Gwang Taek had taught him.

Cho Rip shows the Prince the Crown Prince  Sado’s spear, the Prince practices with the spear. The king happens to walk by and see him.

The king asks the prince why he took out the spear, he says he only wants to inherit royal tradition and practice martial arts. The King orders the spear to be taken away and be melted.  The Prince is worried, he asks if is it not the Woldo left behind by Hyo Myo. The king yells back at him that this thing can only harm him, he orders Yu Dae to take it away.

Ji Seon is worried about Dong Soo, Sa Mo asks if he didn’t return last night.  She says it has already been four days. He tells her not to wait for him, when he’s ready, he will come back.

In picks up his specially made weapon, a bow and arrows, intend to use on Cheon.

Cheon sits alone, he sees a dad and a daughter walk by together, he thinks of Jin Ju. Cheon comes to Jang Mi’s place, and asks for Dong Soo. Jang Mi’s daughter tries to stab him with a knife saying that he killed her father. Cheon is able to take the knife from her hand, he asks for her father’s name, and when he learns it’s Jang Dae Po, he says what she did is understandable, he returns the knife to her. Before she tries to harm him again, Jin Ju calls out.

Jin Ju asks him how he can come here. She asks him why, or if there is someone who remain to be killed. She tells him she never once was afraid of him, she knew he’s bad but was never afraid of him. But right now, he scares her, “When I think you killed my father with that sword. How can the one killed my father show up before me? How can you? How can you? I could not even call him father, I couldn’t even hold his hand for warmth. That’s why I asked that of you. Why? Why did you have to kill my father? Why?”  She walks over to him and grabs his arm to go away.

Jang Mi’s daughter comes to find Dong Soo, she asks him to revenge for her father.

Cheon tells everyone that he’s only here for Baek Dong Soo. He sits and waits patiently for Dong Soo. Dong Soo runs all the way back. By the time he arrives, it’s already dark.

Cheon looks up and tells Dong Soo to come out. He leaves first, Sa Mo tells Dong Soo to be careful. Dong Soo asks Sa Mo to take care of Jin Ju, he looks at her to assure her and leaves.

Cheon and Dong Soo walk to a quiet place, Dong Soo announces his move and attacks. Cheon is able to counter with his moves  [Choen’s voice-over] “Is this it? Gwang Taek, what you left behind for me, is this it?” Cheon fights while thinking, “This brat’s immature sword, is this what you spent your life on? What do you say I should do? Am I to kill this brat, Baek Dong Soo?”

They fight until Dong Soo gains advantage and puts his sword to Cheon.

Cheon asks, “You are unable to kill me.  A sword is wielded by the heart. But from what I see, there’s only sad anger in you. Don’t you know it? If  you want to kill me, you have to thrust that sword into this heart with an anxious mind.”

Then Dong Soo recalls, Gwang Taek’s voice, “Only an anxious mind can move a sword.”

Cheon, “So far I was repaying my debts. Starting now, you should do it, putting  your life on the line.” And they continue the fight.


Dong Soo is able to slash Cheon once  just before Cheon has his sword over his head. There’s blood bleeding out of  Cheon’s mid-body, he looks down and sighs. Cheon shields his sword, he asks Dong Soo, “Do you know, that Gwang Taek fellow tried to fish without a hook?  I don’t know what he was going to catch.” He chuckles and leaves.

As Dong Soo is walking back, Yeo Un draws his sword and runs to Dong Soo out of nowhere. He tries to stab Dong Soo but Dong Soo is able to use his sword to shield himself.

Dong Soo, “What are you doing?”

Yeo Un, “That was my best strike. As you survived even after taking  a knife strike like that, Dong Soo, now you are Joseon’s best swordsman. However, I will become Joseon’s best assassin. My thought, first of all, is to rise to that position.  The next one for that , will be you, Dong Soo.”  Yeo Un shield his knife and leaves.

Dong Soo comes back and everybody rejoices. Sa Mo asks what become of Sky Lord, Dong Soo shakes his head in denial that he didn’t kill Cheon. Sa Mo consoles him that next time he sees Cheon, he has to cut off  his head. Jin Ju is relieved and disappointed at the same time.

Yeo Un comes to Cheon.

Yeo Un, “Sky Lord, you have never even once taught me lessons. You only gave me orders as an assassin.”

Cheon asks him, is it not the path he chose.

Yeo Un,  “Yes, this is the path I chose. So, from now on, I will do it my way. Whether it’s the heart or life, I want to have it all.  To be Heuksa Chorong’s new Sky Lord, I need to take the present Sky Lord’s life.”

Cheon nods in agreement that it’s about time. He stands up and prepares for a duel with Yeo Un.

Flashback – Cheon to Yeo Un, “Then you are willing to come with me?”

Yeo Un thinks to himself that he will not hide or hide anything.

Flashback – Cheon, “An assassin and a martial artist, what are the differences between them?”

Yeo Un thinks, “If there’s blood I can take, I will surely take it.”

Flashback – Cheon holding Yeo Un’s face, “That’s really a good expression. The look in your eyes now belongs to that of an assassin who controls the life and death of other people. This is the true expression an assassin should have.”

Present – Yeo Un thinks, “The only thing left for me is the path of an assassin.”

They fight on, at the end, Yeo Un thrusts his sword into Cheon’s body. Cheon pauses, his eyes widen. Then he slowly looks down where he’s stabbed.

Cheon looks up at Yeo Un. They stand there quietly acknowledging the outcome.

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  1. Kyaah! Veggie boy DS, Dec 21 on Channel A

  2. awesome mv of yeo un and gu hayang

  3. I ended up feeling sad for Cheon all over again in this episode, and still couldn’t really understand Yeo Un’s character…all over again.

    • exactly i will finish reading your post the most saddest part out of the whole ep other than gwang taek dying was jin ju rejecting cheon she had reason too but it in my opinion was sad i felt bad for jin ju since she lost soooo many people she loved


  5. i wonder, do you guys think that sunset that cheon is looking at is real i mean if it is i want to go there HAHA

    • FOR you kcomments this song in my opinion goes well for your fave couple dong soo and jin ju, it goes well for my fave couple yeo un and ji sun as well or in fact even dong soo and yeo un but it goes mainly well with dong soo and jin ju also yeo un and ji sun hehe

  6. i knwo this has nothing to do with the thing but i liked ji sun’s hanbok in this ep nice and dark though i think it’s unfair that ji sun had more different outfits than jin ju

  7. yayyyyyyyy you have it up hehe

    • hehe i will try not to spoil too much lolz but i am still contemplating that whole fish hook thingy it looks like it may be a metaphor for something, and it’s surprising that cheon had done sooooo much for ga ok more than gwang taek same with yeo un he’s done more for ji sun than dong soo thats what dfjules said on tumblr i agree with her

      and i’m still wondering does hong dae ju reallu care about his son and still i think WHAT? friendship (cheon and hong dae ju?)

      • Cheon and Dae Ju worked together to get the Book of War, and to kill the Crown Prince Sado, remember? They worked closely together in the beginning, before the writer preferred Ji Seon to trade ginseng instead haha…..

        The fish hook referred to Gwang Taek had Banwi but sitll dueled with Cheon, he would not be able to win the fight just like he wouldn’t be able to catch the fish from the start, that’s my thoughts tho.

  8. For the record, I loveeeeee DS and JJ, they have such good chemistry!
    NO spoilers of other episodes please, as some folks may not have watched the rest yet, thanks!

    • the thing about dong soo and ji sun is there cute and sweet and i guess romantic but there is absolutely nothing between them and i mean there’s no chemistry there’s no spark there’s no light and awesomeness between them that’s why i’m sticking to my fave couple yeo un and ji sun since they have chemistry it’s just the way she looks at yeo un and when she asked him why do you have sadness in your eyes it’s just like she knew how he felt,,,,, it’s the same with dong soo and jin ju my fave scene of dong soo and jin ju is when she did something crazy she made him see sense and he saved her again in ep 14 the fire scene defo my fave scene of dong soo and jin ju there just awesome and fave scene of yeo un and ji sun is well all of them HAHA

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