OSTFix #9

I’m not sure how many peeps are following this drama. Although the ratings in Korea hasn’t been good, this drama is  one of my pleasant surprise this year. It ‘s a quietly lovely realistic drama about a married couple (both are lawyers) that love each other but don’t know how to peacefully live together as husband and wife.  When watching, you definitely won’t be able not to take side, either the husband or the wife, and cheer them on to truly find their happiness together.

The song sung by Yoon Sang Hyun (the drama’s male lead).

Can’t Lose  OST – Do You Know I Am Used to Your Presence

The same song with English translation.

Credit to all YT uploaders.

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  1. haha yh i’m watching this truthfully i think it’s kinda boring but the fights between the married-divorcee couple is funny and i guess pretty realistic

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