Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 23

Yeo Un rides straight towards the Prince, Dong Soo comes forward and tries to stop him but misses. Yeo Un is able to pass through Dong Soo, he jumps down from the horse and moves closer to the Prince.

Yeo Un raises his sword high aiming at the Prince. But an assassin on the roof top shoots an arrow and it hits on the Prince’s chest.

Yeo Un pauses,  Dong Soo cries out, he rushes to the Prince and opens his rope to check on the safety jacket that the Prince worn inside.  [Flashback – Cho Rip gives the Prince a safety jacket (Ji Gap).]

Dong Soo asks the Prince if  he’s alright, the Prince tells  his guards that he’s alright and not to take it to heart. The guard tells Dong Soo to hurry take the Prince away.  The Prince pulls the arrow out from his chest and gets out of the carriage, he leaves with Dong Soo and Hong Do.

After the Prince left, Cho Rip and the three guards are trying to fend off  Yeo Un. Cho Rip asks, “Un, how did you become like this?”  They all beg Yeo Un to give up and leave, they think Yeo Un won’t be able to withstand the four of them.

Yeo Un smiles, saying, “Really?” And he moves towards his friends and beats them all, Yeo Un runs after the Prince.

The lackey explains to Dae Ju that, after this incident, there won’t be many guards left to guard the Prince, those who has escaped will surely be here. He points at the map. It’s where they can get horses, but this place is guarded by local envoys.

Dong Soo, the Prince and Hong Do walk into the forest. They are about to take a rest in the area but, suddenly Kenzo’s voice calling out from behind , he shows himself with Mr.tall and lots of assassins.

Dong Soo tells him to move out of the way. Kenzo looks at the Prince and says  the Prince will die here. Kenzo sends his men out first to attack Dong Soo, Dong Soo kills them all.

Dong Soo asks the Prince if  he can handle a sword, he advises the Prince on Mr.tall that the guy has a lot of strength but  doesn’t know martial arts, he also adds how to attack the guy.

And they start fighting, Dong Soo with Kenzo, the Prince with Mr.tall. Hong Do uses his painting gear to hit Mr.tall to help the Prince.  While the Prince engages in the fight, suddenly a butcher knife hits an assassin, follows by arrows from Jin Ju. It’s  Sa Mo, Jin Ju and her men joining in.  Jin Ju calls Dong Soo worriedly.

Kenzo sees the Prince’s reinforcements, he tells Dong Soo he will see him next time and retreats. Jin Ju wants to follow them but Dong Soo stops her saying it would only lead to more casualties, the Prince’s safety is the top priority.

While the group are talking, an assassin further away is aiming an arrow directly at the Prince. Just as he’s about to shoot, a sword touches his throat, he freezes. It’s Yeo Un stopping him, then kills him.

[ Dae Ju’s voice asks the lackey, in case  they are unable to kill the Prince there , what they are going to do. The lackey answers that even if the three ambushes failed,  they would have to finish him off at Yeogcham. That place will become the Prince’s grave. ]

Dong Soo asks Sa Mo why he only came here just now, Sa Mo says it’s a long story, [ flashback – Sa Mo shows Dae Ju’s son the royal edict from the King (that Gwang Taek gave him) and brags after seeing that, why they do not kneel down quickly. Dae Ju’s son is angry that, because of the edict, he has to release all of them. ]

Present – Cho Rip and the guards join the Prince. The Prince says they’d been delayed for a long time, they should move on. Dong Soo counters that they are not heading to Yeogcham, he suggests other way that takes longer but safer.

Dae Ju says to the lackey, Yeogcham?, he asks if the lackey underestimated them. He points at the map, what they would do if  the Prince’s group doesn’t use the Yeogcham path but a mountain road.

The lackey feels uneasy that he didn’t think of that possibility because Yeogcham is the shortcut, he thought with horses, they have to go through Yeogcham. Minister Han Gu stands up to leave saying the Queen and himself will be waiting  to hear good news from him, he leaves.

At Yeogcham, Kenzo and Yeo Un are waiting with the assassins, Kenzo tells Yeo Un that they still did not hear any news, surely the plan has changed. Yeo Un stands up saying he will leave first. But Kenzo calls him and says he heard that aside from Sword Saint and Sky Lord, Yeo Un’s martial arts is Joseon’s best. He asks Yeo Un if he could test it with him.

Yeo Un says if  Kenzo wants to die, he won’t stop him. Kenzo draws his sword but Yeo Un is faster and is able to put his sword at  Kenzo’s throat. Kenzo concedes saying,  Yeo Un is the one up to Baek Dong Soo. Yeo Un tells him, he could come and challenge him anytime. He leaves.

[ Dae Ju’s voice – he asks the lackey whether he didn’t hide assassins at Hyojang Neung. The lackey answers that, Hyojang Neung  is surrounded by the skilled officers, they can’t interfere over there. ]

The Prince  arrives at the grave site safely and performs the ceremony. The lackey runs to give Dae Ju the news, Dae Ju is angry that his plan failed, and he knows right away that it’s because of that fellow, Baek Dong Soo.

The Prince is back in the palace. The King asks if there’s nothing happen along the way, the Prince says yes. The King says now that the Prince is  Prince Hyojang’s descendant, in the future, there won’t be problems with his  line of succession anymore. The Queen and her father hear the news, they are disappointed.

Dong Soo and everybody arrive at the camp, Jang Mi greets them. Dong Soo greets Gwang Taek and Ji Seon. Gwang Taek learns that Yeo Un appeared during the trip, he asks if  Yeo Un didn’t kill anyone.  Dong Soo turns to Cho Rip to tell the story. [  Flashback, Yeo Un fights with Cho Rip and the guards, he knocks them down but didn’t  harm them. ]

Present –  Gwang Taek thinks now  is the lonely and painful time for Yeo Un, he orders them to help Yeo Un  if they see him again next time. Gwang Taek says they need to help Yeo Un to come back.

Yeo Un is drinking alone thinking of what Cho Rip asked that how he has become like this. Gu Hyang comes to stand by his side. He asks if she thinks he’s becoming bad too. Gu Hyang asks if  he met those people from his past. She tells him that if he thinks  it’s too painful, it’s fine to let it go. He asks if she wants to say thing like fate can change. She says, “What is fate? First ask your own heart.”  Yeo Un turns to her but doesn’t say anything.

Gwang Taek meets with the King. The King says it seems he come to say farewell,  the King remembers that Gwang Taek wanted to live freely with a woman in his heart, he asks if  Gwang Taek wants to confess to that woman. Gwang Taek says he will go with her to the place where no one  can find.

Then Gwang Taek meets with the Prince to say his farewell, he tells the Prince that he will not be becoming back to Hanyang again.

Gwang Taek says to the Prince, “Your  Highness, you must place people with talent by your side and continuously learn. You must be the king who cherishes the people. Do not forget the nation. No matter where I am, please let me hear news of  Your Highness’s success.”

The Prince says he will become someone who will not let him down.

He meets the three guards and tells them to protect the Prince well, and leaves. Dong Soo looks at him worriedly.

Gwang Taek is packing. Sa Mo is a bit worry, though he knows Gwang Taek  won’t lose to Sky Lord, but can’t  he go with him. But Gwang Taek says this is the matter he has  to complete it himself, then he asks for Jin Ju.

Jin Gi says he assured her that Gwang Taek wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye. Sa Mo wonders why Gwang Taek is looking for Jin Ju, if he has something to say to her, he will go and bring her here. But Gwang Taek says it’s nothing. Jin Gi tells him that Jin Ju has something to say to him, please have a talk with her before he leaves. Sa Mo suspects there’s some secret going on, he asks if it’s something he can’t be known.

Jin Jun is pacing, Jang Mi’s daughter thinks she must have done something wrong, she tells Jin Ju to say it clearly to Gwang Taek before he leaves, though he will come back, they don’t know when that will be.

Cheon spends his time alone thinking of  his time with Jin Ju and, how Ga Ok died.

Gwang Taek meets Jin Ju, he says to her kindly, “Jin Ju, how about dropping that sword in your hand?  That sword in your hand, whether you like it or not,  will be stained with blood for your whole life. I hope that you can live peacefully.” He smiles at her.

Jang Mi prepared a big feast for Gwang Taek, everybody sits together. Gwang Taek tells Sa Mo to get married before it’s too late, Jang Mi is not a bad woman, he tells him not to miss the opportunity. Sa Mo smiles embarrassingly.

Jin Ju walks in the room, Hong Do calls her loudly, he’s so happy that she’s back, he invites her to sit by his side. Jin Ju awkwardly comes to sit next to him. Everybody, including Dong Soo and Ji Seon,  looks at them and laughs at the two.

During the meal, Jin Ju stands up and brings a dish to Gwang Taek, showing him her gratitude. They both smile looking at each other. Gwang Taek asks Dong Soo to come with him for a moment.

Gwang Taek walks with Dong Soo outside, the pain of his sickness occurs, Dong Soo is worried  whether he’s alright. Gwang Taek recounts the past to Dong Soo,

Gwang Taek, “When we were younger, the five of us sworn by blood,  to be brothers (Gwang Taek, Sa Mo, Dae Po, Baek Sa Geong, Yeo Un’s father). From the time we met the Crown Prince Sado, who sought the Bukbeoljigye (the Book of  War), we made an alliance with the King and his ministers, and swore our loyalty. But I did not get there in time. So, I am not totally loyal.”  [Flashback  of  the killing of the Crown Prince Sado by Cheon.]

But Dong Soo counters that how it can be his fault. Gwang Taek chuckles and says, after the Crown Prince left, he thought he must protect that Prince Heir (Prince JeongJo) until the day he dies. Dong Soo says he thinks the same way.

Gwang Taek looks at Dong Soo and smiles, now that Dong Soo is here, he feels at ease, in case, he cannot protect the Prince, he tells Dong Soo to protect him well.

Dong Soo asks him, why he is talking like they will never see each other again, “You have to promise me that you will come back immediately.”

Gwang Taek says, “The matters in this world, can’t be as anyone wishes.” and says it’s late, they should head back.

Dae Ju asks if  it’s true that Gwang Taek is leaving. His son confirms that after meeting with the King, Gwang Taek went to the East Palace. The lackey thinks if Gwang Taek is away, it should be easier to take the Prince’s life, but the nephew thinks if  Baek Dong Soo is still around, it won’t be easy.

Dae Ju says if Gwang Taek takes Cheon’s life, whether or not he will come back to Hanyang, it would not give them any advantage. The son asks what they should do, Dae Ju says what they can do, kill Gwang Taek. Joseon’s best swordsman and Joseon’s best assassin will fight, no matter who win,  they will be battered and bruised. They all smile.

Cheon thinks about his last time fighting with Gwang Taek. Cheon says, “Ga Ok, who are you waiting for? Is it Gwang Taek or is it me?

Gwang Taek and Dong Soo walk back and see Jin Ju is sleeping outside. Dong Soo sighs and says, this girl, sleeping here, what she will do if she catches the cold. He moves to go to her but Gwang Taek stops him and tells him to go on first, Dong Soo looks at him but doesn’t ask, he walks on.

Gwang Taek covers her with his robe, he touches her face lovingly. The pain occurs again, he crouches down in pain, he looks at her, tears brimming his eyes. He puts a letter next to her and leaves.

At dawn, Dong Soo is waiting to send Gwang Taek off, he didn’t sleep all night. He bows down to the ground showing him his highest respect and says, “For this short period of time, I really thank you. Your disciple, till the day I die, will not forget you.

Although, that kind of thing will not occur, and that kind of thing won’t happen, if you, master, come late, I will always be waiting  for you. I’ ll wait until the day master return. I, this disciple Baek Dong Soo, without moving, will wait for you. So, you must come back. After you come back, you will have to help me.”

Gwang Taek lets out a quiet smile, he touches Dong Soo’s shoulder and goes.

Jin Ju wakes up, she notices the robe covered her, she reads the letter and runs. She catches up with Gwang Taek, she calls him fa….(father) but the word wouldn’t come out. Gwang Taek stops at her voice, he turns to look at her with question in his eyes.

Jin Ju thinks in her mind, “There’s still something I haven’t said, there’s something I haven’t told you. When you come back, until that time, I will call you till my heart’s content, father.”

Gwang Taek smiles at her, he nods his understanding and leaves.

Sa Mo asks Dong Soo if  Gwang Taek has left.  Sa Mo is complaining how Gwang Taek left without words. Jang Mi’s daughter found a letter in the room, she gives it to Sa Mo.

The letter says, (part for Sa Mo and Jang Mi) “My younger brother, Sa Mo, my heart, that has to leave you and go, is not comfortable. Both of you are similar in a lot of ways, it is possible for you to be husband and wife. You should live your days to the envy of others.

(part for Jin Gi)  I’ve always been grateful to you. Just like how you protected Ga Ok, I’ll leave Jin Ju  in your care.

(part for Cho Rip) Although Hong Dae Ju is clever and has a lot of experience , he has a flaw, that is overlooking the small details. Each time before doing anything, develop a habit of checking every little detail.

(part for the three Prince’s guards) The security division has Joseon’s  finest martial artists. They must have confident and protect His Highness with their lives.

(part for Jang Mi’s daughter) No matter if  was Dae Po or you, I wasn’t able to take care of you both. I’m very sorry. I’m afraid you will be injured, so it’s better if you don’t learn martial arts.”

After finished reading the letter, Sa Mo thinks it sounds like he won’t be coming back.

Jin Ju is reading the letter Gwang Taek left her which says,

“Jin Ju..Jin Ju.. I actually wanted to call your name until my throat dry, but I have to be on my way. In the future, if I can see you wed, how happy I will be. (chuckle) I do not know if such a day will come. However, Jin Ju, if sometime in the future, I’m not around, don’t be sad. I will hold your mom’s hand and watch over you, and protect you.

So, don’t cry for this father of yours.”

Cho Rip looks at Dong Soo and asks , until when Dong Soo would stay like this.  Dong Soo thinks to himself, “Until master comes back, I will not move even a step.”

The two masters meet, Cheon greets Gwang Taek and says, “We don’t have anything to eat tonight, let’s go fishing by the river.”

Yeo Un is worried for Gwang Taek, he asks Gu Hyang if  Gwang Taek has already left, and where he went. Gu Hyang isn’t sure but it seems to be the direction of  Samgaksan.

Fishing session, follow by having a meal together, Gwang Taek says he didn’t expect Cheon to cook this good. Cheon says, “Cooking for that girl, Jin Ju,  has improved my ability.” He asks if,  knowing he’s leaving, Jin Ju said something to him, Gwang Taek  doesn’t answer. Cheon says, “The aspect of  burying it in her heart, and not saying it, is similar to her mother who passed away.”  Cheon invites him to eat.

Sa Mo couldn’t sit still, he walks out to check on Gwang Taek. Dae Ju’s son and the lackey follow him [ Dae Ju’s voice -Carefully monitor that man from the meat shop.]

The two go fishing, Cheon wonders why Gwang Taek hasn’t caught any fish. Sa Mo looks at them from behind. Dae Ju’s son and the lackey see where they are.

Cheon catches enough fish, he tells Gwang Taek to let’s go. Gwang Taek stands up lifting the fishing pole out of the water, Cheon looks at it, Gwang Taek didn’t put the bait this whole time,  Cheon chuckles. Sa Mo looks at them worryingly, then he turns back.

The lackey reports to Dae Ju that the two are in the north of Samgaksan. Dae Ju tells his son to pick soldiers who possess good  archery skills.  Dae Ju talks to the soldiers,  “If  they don’t die, you will all die. Remember this.”  Gu Hyang overhears them from outside the room.

She tells Yeo Un that it’s Samgaksan, she asks what he would do. Yeo Un says, “That person is not someone the army troops can take care of. ”  Yeo Un leaves.

Jin Gi comes sit next to Jin Ju, and asks, what is wrong with her. She says, she feels uneasy, it’s the feeling of uneasiness. Jin Gi assures her that nothing will happen, that person is  the Sword Saint.  As long as they wait here, he will eventually come back.

At night, they drink together, Gwang Taek coughs even if it’s not a strong wine, Cheon asks if he’s not feeling well. Gwang Taek covers his illness by laughingly saying the one with poor health, is not him but Cheon. He’s not sure if he should wait for Cheon to completely heal. Cheon says he’s grateful that Gwang Taek is worried about him, he says, let’s drink the last cup then they can rest. They both drink the last cup.

That night, both of them lost in their own thoughts. Dong Soo still sits at the same spot, Jin Ju is hugging Gwang Taek’s robe for her comfort.

Dawn breaks and they are ready for the fight.

At the palace, the King wonders about the worrying face of the Prince, whether it’s because of Sword Saint’s departure. The Prince admits the fact, he asks the King why he didn’t force him to stay. The King sighs and says, Banwi (stomach cancer) is not the illness that human strength can overcome. The Prince is startled, he asks the King if he did say Banwi, the King confirms.  The lady outside hears the conversation, she walks away to  inform Dae Ju.

The Prince hurriedly informs his guards that Gwang Taek is suffering from Banwi. One of the guard bows and rushes out to deliver the news.

Dae Ju perks up and asks the lady if she said that Gwang Taek had Banwi, the lady confirms. Minister Hun Gu laughs out his satisfaction, “Looks like I don’t even need a trap to catch the tiger.”

But Dae Ju doesn’t go along, he thinks Gwang Taek should be looking for a place to die. Since he’s going to die anyway……

Dae Ju orders the lackey to have the archers  withdrawn immediately. The lackey is surprised but he rushes out to do as he’s ordered. Hun Gu asks Dae Ju, what he’s trying to do. Dae Ju says since he’s going to die anyway, there’s no need to make the matter worse.

Cho Rip rushes to tell Dong Soo about Gwang Taek’s illness, Dong Soo gets up and tells Sa Mo, he wants to go see Gwang Taek. But Sa Mo wouldn’t tell, Dong Soo yells at him, “Sa Mo! “

Dong Soo runs out, Jin Ju grabs his wrist, that they go together.

It’s time for the fight, Gwang Taek is anxiously waiting for Cheon to arrive.  When Cheon arrives, they sit down for tea. Gwang Taek says, “The weather is fine. ” He looks at Cheon and says, “Drink up.” They both are tensed, they drink the tea. Cheon says, “Are you ready?”

They slowly put the cups down. As soon as, Cheon’s cup touches the tray, they both draw their swords. And the fight begins.


Once they start, Gwang Taek coughs and shows sign of not feeling well. Cheon retreats to ask if he’s alright, Gwang Taek doesn’t answer, Cheon nods and continues the fight.

Cheon slashes Gwang Taek on his chest, he pauses to ask if he wants to rest for a while, but Gwang Taek says it’s alright, only to be slashed again by Cheon, this time he stumbles downwards. Cheon sees his condition and stops, Gwang Taek coughs, he suggests they get out for some fresh air. Gwang Taek leads the way outside, Cheon shields his sword and follows him.

Outside, archers quietly circle around, they are ready to shoot, aiming their arrows at the two masters. Dae Ju’s son lifts his hand, waiting for the right time to signal the shooting.


Both Gwang Taek and Cheon deeply engaged in the fight, not notice the surroundings.


Omg…I just realize that Cheon and Gwang Taek know, that they are both not physically fit, but they choose to take the chance and die.

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  2. honestly this was a sad ep especially ep 24 and 25 looking the screen caps you uploaded i would say nice couples i mean i think yeo un and gu hayang would be a lovely couple if he wasn’t in love with ji sun and if he hadn’t of had perfect chemistry or wasn’t for all the scenes of yeo un and ji sun that made us all crazy for them or the scenes where he did everything to protect her his love if it wasn’t for all that yeo un and ji sun then i would of loved yeo un and gu hayang same with dong soo and jin ju if it wasn’t like like that with them and jin ju was never in love with him and they was just friends then i would be alot more accepting of the couple hong do and jin ju also i would be accepting of dong soo and ji sun i love the screen caps you have of the couples i loved ji suns smile IF ONLY SHE SMILED LIKE THAT WITH YEO UN OHMYGOD I HAVEN’T GIVEN UP ON THEM YET GUYS HEHE YEO UN AND JI SUN FIGHTING OTPPPPP!!!! i loved the screen cap of samo and jang mi her face lol GOD WHY WON’T HE JUST MARRY JANG MI ALREADY HE’S NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER NEITHER IS JANG MI i actually though when watching that scene where jin ju was reading the letter gwang taek sent her and reading that bit when he said iw ould of love to see you be wed i mean i imagined jin ju married to dong soo well getting married to him I HAVEN’T GIVEN UP ON DONG SOO AND JIN JU YET i’m still unsure it it’s true the real original dong soo married jin ju i mean there was a lot of controversy of who he married alot said he married both jin ju and ji sun some said he married miss yu from the land of jin ju which i think is defo a lie because land of jin ju is probs jin ju and miss yu is ji sun and some said dong soo amrried jin ju which i can’t remember but i thin when i read the korean wiki on baek dong soo he married jin ju so lets hope there’s hope for them in the finale and the special SAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WITH BOTH YEO UN AND JI SUN I’M NOT GIVING UP ON THEM FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGG OTPPPPPPPP

  3. hehe will read was wondering when it was gonna be posted up hehe thankssss

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