Hooray for Love Episode 20

Joori  is so pissed to see Jong Hee up on the stage, she calls her friend to meet her right now. Hyung Do quietly leaves the hall and walks to the model dressing room wanting to give flowers to Jong Hee.

The guy (Joori’s friend) sees him, and calls him Jong Hee’s husband, Hyung asks him to give flowers to Jong Hee, he has an appointment  and has to leave. The friend accepts the flowers saying Jong Hee is lucky, she will be very happy.

Joori calls her friend to come see her immediately, she walks out of the hall. Hyung Do takes the elevator down to the parking lot. The friend runs to meet Joori, she complains about the last model, that she’s too old. The friend asks her if she means Jong Hee, it’s a formal dress, so they need an older model. Joori doesn’t want to hear about it, she yells her dissatisfaction and gets into the elevator down to the parking lot.

The friend gives flowers to Jong Hee, saying it’s from her husband, she’s confused. He reminds her that he met him during the rehearsal. Jong Hee realizes it’s from Hyung Do, she asks where he is. The guy says he said he had and appointment and left. Jong Hee runs out and gets in the elevator going down, Jong Shim sees her and wonders where she is going  in a hurry, Jong Shim follows her.

Joori walks into the parking lot, she spots her hubby’s car.  Hyung Do is happy, he is sending text to Jong Hee when Joori knocks on the front window. He perks up, and his face gone white.  He hurriedly puts his phone away and gets out of the car.

Joori asks him why he’s here. He couldn’t come up with the immediate answer. Joori asks, whether he came to pick her up. He just goes with it saying yes. Joori counters that she never told him about this, she asks how he knew that she is here.

He desperately tries to come up with the answer, he stutters that he called home a while ago, then his eyes caught sight of  Jong Hee. His eyes widen in horror (doomsday dude!). Joori asks why his face gone pale all of a sudden.

Hyung Do grabs her wrist, telling her to leave.  She turns to see Jong Hee standing there. All three of them look at each other. Joori asks him what happens here, the ajumma is there and he’s here. She asks him, if they two meet. He says no and tells her to go, but she shakes his hand off saying she’s right, that he came here to see the ajumma.

She marches to Jong Hee and hits her head with her bag, Jong Hee is angry so she pushes Joori away. Joori grabs Jong Hee’s hair and pulls hard, saying she will teach her a lesson, how she dares seduce her husband, she will kill her with her own hands. Hyung Do tries to break them free, begging Joori to let go.

Jong Shim comes out and sees the fight. She goes right into them and grabs Joori’s hair, telling her to let go of Jong Hee. Joori couldn’t stand the pain, she lets go.  Joori asks her who she is, Jong Shim says she is Jong Hee’s sister.

Hyung Do says sorry to Jong Shim on behalf of his wife. Joori yells back that Jong Hee seduced her husband. Jong Hee wants to leave but Jong Shim couldn’t stand it, she yells at Joori, that she is the one destroyed the family ten years ago. A fox who stole someone else husband.

Jong Shim asks Joori  if she thinks people who meet accidentally always commit a crime. She says her sister and Joori are not on the same level, and that Jong Hee doesn’t have any relationship with her man.  She tells Joori to get lost.

Joori says coincident? It seems like they meant to meet here. Jong Shim tells her to ask her husband. Hyung Do forcefully drags Joori to his car.

Jong Shim looks  at Jong Hee long and hard, and says they will talk at home. Jong Hee stands there looking at Hyung Do, he turns to look at her briefly, he gets in his car and takes his wife away (seriously, episode after episode, he never shows sign that he will leave his wife for Jong Hee, the man is definitely a playboy in my book).

The aunt felt sick after what happened with Hee Soo, Crystal inquires about the girl’s condition, aunt says she doesn’t know because both the brother and the husband want to eat her alive. Today is very crucial, the girl is suffering from a threatened abortion. Aunt is very sad, Crystal says the problem is her mouth.

Aunt says she didn’t mean this to happen, Crystal should understand, the environment is very important for the child to grow up. Then aunt whispers that honestly,  it’s the same case with Crystal’s child. Crystal yells at her to shut up.

Jae Mi thinks about what Dong Woo said in the cable car, she calls him and asks where he is. He  says did he not tell her that he has an important trial tomorrow so he has to work overtime. She says she plans to bring him a lunch box. He rudely tells her that there’s no need for that,  she will interrupt his work. He tells her not to come, and  hangs up.

Jae Mi says to herself, no matter how busy he is, he can’t hang up like that.  He shows up in the kitchen holding a pink rose bouquet and smiles at her. Jae Mi asks what’s going on, she thought he has to work overtime.

He says that’s right, he’s here to do an overtime with the ajumma, he thrusts the bouquet to her face and says, “Here, accept this first.”  She says suddenly he’s giving roses, he says he picked it up along the way, “Because I’m prettier than a flower so the ugly ajumma, have it .” (not sure)

She asks if he thinks she would not want it if  he says it like that.  He asks if  she knows eh..that… t-hat  flower language, she says she doesn’t know. Dong Woo awkwardly says, “What does it mean? Eh..seems like eh…honest love or something. Very childish. Anyway, I’m hungry! Hurry and prepare  these (he points at the things on the table) for me! “.  He abruptly walks out of the kitchen.  Jae Mi smiles.  (aww so cute)

Crystal is looking at an infant clothes, she looks at the note that kept together. Her husband comes inside the room, she quickly puts it back in the box. He sees what’s doing so he asks why she’s looking at it again. She says she just remembers the past. She puts the box back into the safe.

He asks her why she still keeps it, what will happen if the children see this. He tells her to burn it immediately.  She asks him why she should burn it, it’s her no. 1 treasured belongings.  She tells him not to touch it.

She says she will take a walk outside and will be back a little later. When he’s alone, he says,  that illness is back  again, once every few years, she  will do this.  If  Dong Woo comes home early to chat with his mom, it would be much better.

(omo…omo what’s the secret?)

Dong Woo is tasting her food, he pretends that it’s not good, then gives her thump up, saying thank you, ajumma.  She says if he’s really thankful, change the way he addresses her, “ajumma, what ajumma?”

He says he thought about that too since they decided to date seriously, “So why not use ajussi instead of ajumma?” Jae Mi scolds him down. He concedes saying he will call her by her name, Miss Jae Mi. She likes it that way and smiles.

After saying the name, he thinks it has a very nice sound. He asks who gave her this name. She says it’s  her father. Her dad wants her to stand in the world and live happily so he gave her this name.

Dong Woo asks if she still hates her dad for abandoned her and her mom, and about the shop. Jae Mi says her dad was once a perfect dad, very kind and full of love. She asks if he knows her wish when she was young, she wanted to grow up quickly and marry her dad.

Her mom asks her to forgive her dad because he had been a good father for 19 years, but it’s hard to do.

Dong Woo tells her that she doesn’t know one thing, she still loves her dad otherwise she wouldn’t give up the shop for him, he holds her hand,  “Just listen to your mother and forgive him. Even if all our parents did, was to give us life, we still have to be thankful for  them.”

She says she feels that he’s a very warm person, “Because I’m with you, I’m becoming like that.”  She tells him, even if she cannot confirm it now, she will work on forgiving her dad.  Dong Woo smiles and touches her hair, she says thank you, it’s because  he is always by her side, the hatred in her heart is slowly subsided.

He says if she’s that thankful, show it in action. He points at his cheek.  She smiles and leans forward to kiss him. He turns his face suddenly for her to kiss his lips, she pokes him that did she not tell him, she wants an honest and serious relationship. But he’s still joking with her everyday. He asks her why, can he not make a joke.

She says he can do that and kisses him on his lips. He looks at her with love in his eyes saying he doesn’t want to go home. She says really? Then sleep here tonight.

He perks up looking at her surprised, she continues that she will come back early in the morning tomorrow. She orders him to wash all the bowls tonight. He quickly grabs her arm, for them to leave together.

In the car, he tells her to get the thing from the back seat and looks inside. They are the pink doll and the dress, Jae Mi is surprised. He says yes , he picked them up, he saw her throwing them away and felt really hurt.

He heard that if a man betrays a woman, she will throw away the gifts she received, “This won’t happen again because I will be good to you” (aww).  She smiles sweetly looking at him, he quietly holds her hand.

He sends her home, and is about to steal a kiss in front of her house. An ajumma walks by and clears her throat at them. (Oh why? the writer whyyy?) They bounce away from each other, Jae Mi uses the bouquet to cover her face.

When the ajumma is gone, they both smile and he kisses her on her forehead. He waves goodbye walking backwards and he stumbles a bit, Jae Mi (and I) laughs at his awkwardness. He waves again and leaves.

Hyung Do parks his car, he wants to finish their conversation before they reach home. Joori asks him why, if  he’s afraid of her mom, he shouldn’t have an affair. He says it’s not an affair, he was there to find  her, meeting Jong Hee was a coincidence. She says woman has six senses, and her sixth sense telling her that he and that ajumma  always meet each other, and he went to see her in the fashion show today.

Hyung Do starts to shout at her that how many times he has to tell her that it’s a coincidence. Joori says it’s her second time caught him lie, last time he told her he had a surgery but she saw him go out, he secretly met the ajumma.

Hyung Do tries to give some excuse, but Joori screams and screams , saying from now on, she will not believe what he says anymore, she will tell her mother everything and let mom teach that woman a lesson. Joori gets out of the car.

Hyung Do runs out to grab her arm, telling her that she misunderstood. She says, if he’s that confident, explain it in front of her mom.  He grabs her tight, begging her to believe in him, he shakes her  and shouts out, “I’m not having an affair!”

He stops short seeing Crystal standing close by listening to them. Joori is startled to see her mom too, she walks to her asking if  she’s out here alone for a walk. Mom says, “Affair?”  She orders Hyung Do to follow her home.

Jong Shim says she doesn’t want Jae Mi to know so they will talk here.  Jong Hee tells her to cut it short because she knows what she’s going to say. Jong Shim recounts everything correctly from Jong Hee not attending the seminar, the concert ticket and the man who dropped her off, was all Hyung Do. She tells Jong Hee to wake up, “To date him again, what can it possibly change? He can’t give you anything. Exactly why are you meeting him?”   She says, in the end, it’s Jong Hee who will get hurt.

Jong Hee, “I am not seeing him because I want something from him….I know, we don’t have a future together. And also, just like you said, I will get hurt. Even that, I still met him.”  Jong Shim asks her again why she did meet him.

Tears start to form in her eyes, Jong Hee answers softly, “Because I like him, I ‘m pathetic, right? I also know that.  But I also don’t know what to do about it.  At first, I just felt sorry for him. But now whenever we are together, I feel very happy.  It feels like I’m back in the past.”

Jong Hee explains, “Ten years ago, the time when I was very happy before that woman destroyed my family, the time when I was truly happy. Unlike now, I’m all by myself. That time I had the person I love by my side…….”

Jong Shim tries to talk to her but Jong Hee says, “Just like you said, he is the only man in my life.”  She knows there will be no happy ending, but she doesn’ t want to miss him now, “Before we really go our own ways, can you pretend not to know? Nothing will happen for sure, just get along like friends, just like old friends.”

More tears fall from her eyes (aww, can’t hate her now). Jong Hee begs her  not to say anything, and just observe quietly. Jong Shim cries for her sister.

Interrogation time, both aunt and Joori don’t understand why Hyung Do left  his young wife for an older ajumma. Surprisingly though, Dong Woo’s dad is on his son-in-law side.

Crystal tells everyone to shut up, she tells Hyung Do to speak up,  that if what Joori said is true, she will have Joori divorce him immediately. She asks if during this time, he’s been seeing his ex-wife. He keeps quiet, mom shouts at him to answer. He says no, that  is a misunderstanding, meeting her was really a coincidence.

Krystal says, the fashion show that has nothing to do with Dr.Kang, why he was there.  He says he went there to pick up Joori. But Joori says she didn’t tell him where she was, how he could know.

He starts, “That…..” and pauses, everybody is waiting to hear his answer.  Dad pops up the answer for him that he’s the one told his son-in-law, he turns to ask Hyung Do if  that’s right. Hyung Do agrees with him wholeheartedly.

Crystal asks her husband if  that’s really true. He says, he is not crazy, a son-in-law having an affair, what father-in-law will cover up for him (haha).  He says he will not lie even if he dies, he tells them to stop accusing his son-in-law.

Aunt asks him one more question, last time, that he lied to have a surgery, who did he see? He slowly answers that he was meeting with his college classmate, Joori doesn’t want him to see them so he used surgery as an excuse. Joori is angry that those people are very close to his ex-wife before he divorced so she doesn’t allow him to see them, she asks why he ‘s still meeting them. Mom tells her to shut up.

Mom lets him off the hook and tells him to go rest upstairs. Dad quickly drags him out. Joori and aunt couldn’t believe Crystal let him go easily. But after they are out of sight, Crystal calls her man, driver Kim, to come over, she tells aunt that, a fox always hides its tail, they must carefully check on him and catch him from behind.

Joori still couldn’t let go, she thinks there’s a lot more going on. She will go and catch that woman tomorrow. Hyung Do stands up and grabs her arm forcefully, telling her not to go look for Jong Hee, that because of  Joori, he divorced her, it had hurt her a lot already. He tells her not to meet Jong Hee again.

Joori is angry that he’s protecting Jong Hee in front of her. Hyung Do lets out his final words that if Joori goes to see Jong Hee again, he will never forgive her and she should know what that means.

He tells her, before she acts, think about the consequences first. He shouts at her to stop it right here and do not think of doing that again. He storms out of the room. Joori is angy, his reaction confirms her that he’s really having an affair.

Driver Kim  sneaks  into  Hyung Do’s car and  searches inside, he takes a picture of  the car navigation system.

Both Dae Moon and Da Reum are happy because of the ajumma. Da Reum asks her dad, what the first he wants if she has a mother. Dae Moon says he wants to go on a honeymoon trip. Da Reum is happy that the three of them can go together, but dad explains that a honeymoon is for a couple, she says she will bring  her friend (little boy), and they all can sleep together in one room.

Dae Moon says One room? He asks her a favor , from now, to watch the drama after 10pm and find out how many people go on a honeymoon trip. He  asks Da Reum what she wants the first thing if she has a mother, she says she wants to hold mother’s hand and go to the grocery store together.  Dae Moon suggests them go find the ajumma right away, Da Reum is happy.

Jong Shim sees a lot of  food on the table, she asks whose birthday it is. Jong Hee tells her that it’s Jae Mi’s birthday. Jong Shim says sorry that she forgot, she suggests they all drink beer and party tonight.  Jae Mi perks up, “Tonight?”  She’s not sure about that. Jong Hee reminds her sister that Jae Mi’s been busy at night these days. Jong Shim remembers that Jae Mi has been dating with Dong Woo every night recently.

But Jae Mi refuses that it’s not like that, she’s been busy experimenting on her new recipes. Mom says it’s alright, she should go out and date, to find happiness again. Mom holds Jae Mi’s hand and says, though work in very important, if Jae Mi ‘s given a chance to love, mom tells her to embrace it with all her heart. After she gets older, she will regret not giving her all, for love.

Jae Mi says there’s no minimum age in finding love, she tells her mom, before she gets older,  to meet a good man and continue enjoying love.  Jong Hee smiles  faintly.

Jong Soo sits at home and thinks about the words of  both Sunny (the aunt) and Hee Soo, he calls Hee Soo at the hospital.  But the brother tells Hee Soo not to pick up Jong Soo’s call from now, and the doctor said she can get out of the hospital tomorrow, he wonders if she should stay with him, but Hee Soo insists she will live with Jong Soo.

Her brother asks if she likes that brat that much, she says she grew up alone without parent, she doesn’t want her child to grow up the same way.  In that case, her brother says the only way is to stop Sang Min’s mother  from appearing near her again, by telling her that everything has ended. Hee Soo looks at her brother, “What you mean is….”

Hee Soo decides to find a way to eliminate Jong Soo’s doubt on her. Her brother agrees that they should hurry erase Jong Soo’s doubt, so he could concentrate on his work. He tells Hee Soo that,  Kang Jae Mi is doing well beyond his expectation, he’s worried.

Jae Mi is happy, she is receiving lots of order on her baby porridge. Kim Sun and the waiter girl are happy that the shop is doing well.  Jae Mi tells them that today is the first day, her shop is making a profit.

Kim Sun asks Jae Mi if  Dong Woo called today, it’s her birthday. Jae Mi says he still doesn’t know when her birthday is, they just started to date. The waiter girl says the length of time doesn’t count when dating, if  he doesn’t know her birthday by now, it  proves that he doesn’t love her.

She asks Jae Mi if she has received a couple ring yet. Jae Mi says no. The girl says looks like lawyer Byeon is not that serious with her, he’s not even aware of   it  that it  looks like Jae Mi has never been seriously in love. From her old photos, Jae Mi  really looks ugly. (I think the girl means Jae Mi is pretty now because she’s in love). Jae Mi looks at her fingers.

Then her phone rings, it’s from Dong Woo.  Kim Sun nags the girl to see  if  that isn’t love.  Dong Woo asks Jae Mi to meet today, she asks him why, if  it’s because  he’s has something to say.  He says today is Jae Mi’s important day, how he can miss it. Jae Mi happily agrees to meet after lunch.

After she hung up, she beams and tells Kim Sun and the girl that it looks like he really knows it’s her birthday.  Kim Sun says, it would be nice if she gets the ring as her gift, that way he can establish his territory so  nobody will have the opportunity (to approach her). Jae Mi smiles dreamily.

Dong Woo walks into the restaurant, he sees Jae Mi is inside, he smiles.  Jae Mi blows the candles on her birthday cake, Dong Woo says, “Happy the 29th birthday!” Jae Mi says, so he knows her birthday. He says, of course, if you don’t even know your lover’s birthday, then that isn’t love, is it?  Jae Mi beams.

He shows her the couple rings and asks for her hand. He says, “Do you know why you wear a ring on your ring finger? Because the vein of the ring finger leads directly to the heart.  Now, this ring will bind my heart and your heart together.” Jae Mi says thank you, she raises her hand high to look at the ring, smiling happily.

Dong Woo calls out, what she’s looking at, if it’s because  she dirtied  her  hand. She puts her hand down saying no. It turns out that before this, is her daydreaming.

Jae Mi smiles widely that he’s here. He asks if she’s that happy to see him. Jae Mi asks him why he wants to see her. He says it’s because today is Jae Mi’s important day, she goes, “You know?” He says, of course! Today is the first day that her shop made a profit.

Jae Mi gasps with disappointment, face falls, she asks him if that’s all, he says, “Yes, didn’t you tell me you would treat me once you earn a profit?” He insists she has to treat him and calls the waiter. Jae Mi couldn’t believe that he came for this.

He orders expensive food, she’s not in the mood to eat so she orders just coffee. He warns her not to nab his food, once he starts eating. She retorts back she won’t eat it even if he asks her to. Dong Woo nods saying, that’s good, he excuses himself  to the restroom.  He smiles mischievously when she’s not looking. He gets up from the table.

Jae Mi says to herself that she’s silly daydreaming about a couple ring. She picks up a pen and starts drawing a ring on her finger.  Just then the music from a piano started,

29 years ago,

was my girlfriend  Jae Mi’s date of birth.

Always thinking about her,

thinking about what gift to give her.

I went to the bookstore,

selected a copy of a romantic poetry which represents my feelings.

Then visited a nearby flower shop,

bought a bouquet of red roses.

Use the rose bouquet and the book,

as a representation of my love

I thank god,

for meeting Jae Mi

(missing two lines, sorry anyone?)

In this world, I  am  very happy,

Very, very happy

Happy Birthday to you.

Dong Woo ends the song, everybody applauds. He walks to table and sits down saying Happy Birthday to her. Jae Mi asks how he knows, he says he asked a while go, he asks if she thinks he doesn’t know. He tells her to blow the candles.

She blows the candles and smiles saying thank you, this kind of  birthday party is her first time. He tells her it’s too early to be moved, “Here.” He shows her the rings. She gasps with surprise.

He asks for her hand and looks down at her hand. He sees the drawing of  a diamond ring, he gasps, “You hope for this? Such a big diamond ring? I can’t give you this.” He takes the ring back.

 Jae Mi reaches out and grabs his hand telling him ,”No, give it to me!” She smiles. Dong Woo puts the ring on her finger and says, “Do you know?  The ring is the world’s smallest mask,  Miss Jae Mi has become so beautiful, you have to wear this  so others won’t have a chance to court you.”

Jae Mi smiles and puts another ring on his finger saying, “Then, lawyer Byeon, you have to wear yours too. So other women can’t see you.”

Jae Mi puts her hand next to his and says, it’s pretty, right? Dong Woo says, “Well, yes but it’s a bit unfashionable, my hand is originally beautiful,  but for Jae Mi, I will endure this.” They smile looking at the rings.

Jong Soo is asking the doctor about his wife’s condition. The doctor says Hee Soo has been under a lot of stress, the placenta is unstable, it bled a lot. It’s a good thing that the child is unharmed,  medication to prevent the miscarriage  has already been injected, so he can relax now.

Jong Soo is relieved, he thanks the doctor. The doctor warns him to help the pregnant woman stay relax, if something like this happens again, he might lose his grown up child.

Hee Soo’s brother lies to Sunny that Hee Soo had a miscarriage and lost the child. Sunny cries, she just thought that if the child has her bloodline, she cannot sit still and not care. The brother tells her  not to appear in front of  Hee Soo, and not to mention Sang Min again.

Sunny comes to visit Hee Soo. Hee Soo hides her stomach under the blanket. Sunny says she just met her brother, and  her brother didn’t want her to come but she couldn’t move her feet to leave.  She says sorry to Hee Soo for what happened, “I caused you a lot of harm, please forgive me. I will never mention Sang Min again. You have to thoroughly forget Sang Min too.”

Hee Soo, “How can I? Through Sang Min, I’ve learned a lot; betrayal, selfishness, insult, tragic experiences.”

Sunny begs her to forget about it and forgive them. Hee Soo says she won’t, she will never forget that miserable feeling for a life time.

Jong Soo walks to the door and hears Hee Soo’s voice, he stands there listening to her.

Hee Soo, “After being abandoned by Sang Min, if not for my husband, I would have died without knowing what love is. So in a way, I’m very grateful to Sang Min, and because of your rejection, I got to meet my husband.

I really love my husband. Because he’s the only one who truly loves me. So, this once, only this once, I’ve found happiness, not being rejected. I want to live well with him. This is my only wish.  So, if you really feel sorry, don’t come looking for me anymore. Just pretend I don’t exist, as if you don’t know me. I beg you…”

Jong Soo turns and walks away.

Sunny tells Hee Soo that she will do as she asked, she will not come looking for her anymore. She wishes Hee Soo to live well and leaves the room. Hee Soo cries.

Jong Soo sits on the stairways, thinking about what Hee Soo said that she really loved her husband, he’s the only one who truly loved her. He’s feeling sad.

Da Reum and her dad wait for  Jong Shim in front of  the supermarket,  Jong Shim shows up an hour late. Da Reum says she thought she wouldn’t get to hold hands and a honeymoon. Dae Moon covers her mouth and tells them to get inside. In the super market, Da Reum puts her dad’s hand over Jong Shim, they all have a good time.

Driver Kim gives Crystal the name of the places that Hyung Do visited, she feels something is fishy. She orders him to keep an eye on Hyung Do and his schedule, and to follow him after he gets off work. She changes her mind, today she will do it herself, she orders him to prepare the  car.

Hyung Do calls Jong Hee, he says sorry that she was treated that way (at the fashion show). She’s worried for him too about that night. Hyung Do asks if his wife called her, he tells her not to meet with his wife if she calls. Jong Hee says she will take care of it.

The donated goods for his medical mission has arrived, she asks how she should give it to him. So they agree to meet at the same Japanese restaurant after he gets off  work today.

Joori calls Jong Hee, she wants to meet her. Jong Hee tells she doesn’t have any reason or time to meet her again, and hangs up. Joori couldn’t believe how arrogant Jong Hee is, she calls Julien(the fashion guy) and asks for Jong Hee’s shop location.

Joori comes to Jong Hee at the shop, and asks her for a place to talk.

Crystal waits in the car in the hospital parking lot. When Hyung Do comes out, she orders her driver to follow and not to lose him.


Does anyone suspect Dong Woo’s dad? I feel he’s too conveniently nice to Hyung Do every time he’s about to get caught. And what’s the secret of Crystal’s baby clothes? Hum….also I suspect Da Reum’s real mom will show up later and the girl might have a problem to choose who to live with.  Dong Woo keeps growing up in every episode, just  love the guy.

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  1. Ahem…..dont cha worry, didn’t forget HFL, attempted ep21 and failed, JR kicked me out with her words, hated it when woman just screamed and screamed. Trying to push for ep21, before vacation (two weeks notice, from Tue), will pick up after that. WBDS will end tomorrow, only HFL onwards (ATM), sorry ^^ If you have watched ep21, you know a depressing episode it is *sigh* wanna skip to DW/JM scene hehe.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for recapping this series. So glad that i found your site. This is my fav drama at the moment, love how Dw has matured so much and he is so passionate about his love for JM.

  3. Kyahh~ Been searching for this song, found it! Yes! So soothing so touching……

    Hooray for Love OST – Since That Day

    Credits : Xandddie2@YT

    • Kahnsahamnida!!! You really are spoiling us! 😀
      I’m just beaming from ear to ear…. Dong Woo swoon 😀
      Really happy LTS ended doing this project…. It perfectly fitted him and LBY as well. And yes, they’re more comfortable with each other now, they seem to have gotten closer.

  4. Oh Yeah… I love all the screen caps….especially DW outside the restaurant looking at Jae Mi with a smile…perfect!…and that mischievous smile hahahaha…he’s up to something…

    I love Da Reum and his dad and Jong shim, they’re so cute altogether…..The rest of the characters…Me no care LOL… JR needs to grow up, no need to run to mommy everytime aigoooo… HD & JH need to wake up and stop wallowing in the past and just move on….Choi siblings, tsk tsk tsk I hate looking at them on screen, I just hate them…. and HJS? too obsessed to have a child that made him this way, but all the things he’s done are unforgivable…

  5. love love love!!!

    I just love DW and JM in this episode…the porridge shop scene. I just love JM doing that kiss to DW everytime, I guess it became a habit already… holding his face and kiss him…gaaahhh I so want to be LBY right now hahahaha. And who can beat that birthday song? No one huh! ….how could DW grow up so fast, it’s just like yesterday that he’s all immature and care free, now he’s all serious as in seriously in LOVE??? And how he’s been professing his love with so much affection that’s why I love love love this man…. An immature playboy turned into this warm hearted, kind loving, responsible man… what more can you ask for?

    Dong Woo says, “Well, yes but it’s a bit unfashionable, my hand is originally beautiful, but for Jae Mi, I will endure this.”…. I have to agree with DW or LTS, he has beautiful hands…really beautiful…long fingers, clean nails, looks so soft…what else? everything hehehe…. That’s what I always look for when meeting a man, hands..not just beautiful but clean….for me, it all shows how clean and tidy a person is…

    • Yunno,I so love that LBY’s height matches with LTS’s perfectly. When they hug each other, her face would rest on his shoulder, just the right position. LTS in recent eps, he seemed to be more comfortable with LBY, so when they interacted, it’s just cute and cute. I guess a playboy has to know a lot about what women like, to be called a playboy. So when a playboy is seriously in love, he does his best he know how, in other word, put his expertise into use hahaha…….

  6. Love the birthday song sang by DW to JM…. it’s beautiful. I hope JM appreciate what DW has done so far. I think DW has done a good job. He has grown up so much compared to the beginning episode. He turns himself to be a mature and responsible man. YES!!! I hope JM and DW will survive the storms that are coming their ways. Please don’t even try to do a story of JM and JS relationship. It’s old news… we’ve seen it through JM’s mom and dad. I just wonder what is in HD’s mind when he wasn’t around for JH and JM. I mean when people get divorced, the ex will still get involved with their children. HD is just a dead beat father. This is the most selfish man that I’ve ever seen. I also don’t understand how on earth JH can even forgive him and took some of the blame on herself. What the heck!

    • After JH divorced HD, JH had(at that time) forbidden HD from seeing JM, and she told JM that now she regretted doing that, because JM and her dad couldn’t get along, in a way, because of her.

      I so think of you tonight (recent ep), may be we will be busy pulling our hair, if JS returns to JM and harm our dear couple. *sob*

      Lovely song it is, I too hope they remain through thick and thin. This is not even half way (ep25) , the story heated up already for everyone all around. I really like LTS as DW ^^

      • Well what you said is correct about JH regretting what she did to HD to cause the relationship between JM and HD. But HD has no brain at all too. He should tell JM that he would be there for her always instead of minding JM’s business. I can’t accept what he did that caused disadvantage to JM’s business. As I said before, HD is the most selfish human being. He always looks things from his side and he never considers others. HD and JS are the same …. both of them should go to wasteland. I wonder if the writer is going to kill HD character at the end. I don’t think JM will marry DW knowing that she is going to marry to her father new family.

        • Or they could send them out to Africa hehe.
          Humm….I don’t think anyone will die in this drama, the writer’s previous work was more of overcoming the hardships in life and staying together in harmony as a family. But I could be wrong.

          I don’t like the way HD lied again and again too. But I have to say the conversation between HD, JR and CP regarding the fashion show (cat fight) really reflected the reality where men who have an affair never accept to the fact. But what frustrated me is, Joori always had to bring her mom into her fight with her hubby, a little childish, I’d say ^^

          • Yah! We should slap the girl so she’ll come to her senses. First, she doesn’t have a clue how to be a wife. And the most frustrating is for HD – “a grown man” to marry her. The marriage is doom from the start.
            What happens to the rest of the recap?

  7. OMG! thanks a lot!!!!
    Kcomments you’re in a roll for HFL! Am I too much addicted with DW’s charm that I check this site first thing when I woke up? LOL…. Since I’m waiting for the 2nd part, I’ll come back later…. Just wanted to say thanks a lot!!!

  8. juz asking,,where’s d 2nd part?

  9. Anybody please give me the name of Crystal’s sister (the aunt) please, thanks ^^

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