Hooray for Love Episode 19

At the hospital where Hee Soo is doing her check up as usual, the doctor comments  that her child  is larger than average. Hee Soo says  it’s a good thing that the child doesn’t take after her but takes after his father. The doctor says the child is too big, she has to exercise, don’t just lie down, otherwise, she will have a hard time giving birth to the baby.

Hee Soo asks the doctor, with the delivery date and the size of the baby, whether it is possible to find out when the child was conceived. The doctor says it doesn’t work that way, there will be a couple of weeks different. Hee Soo is disappointed, the doctor asks what’s the problem, she  says, in fact, this child….but she stops, she doesn’t want to think about that while she’s pregnant, she should think  about good things.

Jong Soo is throwing tantrum at home,  he prints out the picture. He couldn’t believe she cheated him, he calls Hee Soo. She’s at the shop and wonders why he is not there. He says he wants to have a heart to heart talk with her. Hee Soo is happy thinking that he’s calm down.

Her bother comes in the shop, he tells her to stick with his story with Jong Soo. She says after she broke up with Sang Min, she felt like committing suicide at the beach. But instead, she  met someone there, her  husband. She knew then, this person will never abandon her,  be ashamed of her. So she’s decided to start over and give birth to this child.

She says however, in case the father of the child…Her brother interrupts, he tells her to shut up, there will be no such  thing.  If that happens, they will have to keep it a secret for the rest of their lives.  If Jong Soo finds out about that, the two of  them will be finished.

Hee Soo thinks her instinct must be right, they will live happily with this child, as long as, Sang Min’s mom behaved and stays out of this.

Aunt is sewing a baby clothes to give to Hee Soo,  Crystal says  aunt is crazy, the girl is having a hard time because her husband is suspecting, how she can be happy  to accept this. But aunt thinks the child might be theirs. Crystal yells at her, to wait after the baby is born  if  she’s the child’s grandma. For now, she should stay out of  it.

Crystal tells her that this matter affects another family’s happiness, she should keep her mount shut.  But then Jong Soo calls, he wants to meet aunt today.

Dae Moon tells Da Reum to have lunch alone today, Jong Shim asked him out. The girl is happy that they are going on a real date.

The two end up having lunch at the shop because Jong Hee hasn’t come back yet. But both of them couldn’t put the food in their mouths without thinking of  Da Reum. So they happily decide to bring all the food  and  eat with the girl.

Da Reum is happy that they look like a  family; Da Reum , father  and mother. Jong Shim is a little embarrassed with the word ‘mother’  but she smiles happily.

Jae Mi thinks about what Dong Woo said last night about her heart filled with hatred of Jong Soo,  Jong Hee comes in to her room and wonders why  Jae Mi does not go to the shop, and doesn’t look well.

Jae Mi asks her mom, after she divorced her dad, why she’s stayed single all this time, didn’t she empty her heart already and free to see another man. Mom says she couldn’t find anyone who can move her heart like Jae Mi’s dad.  Jae Mi asks whether it’s because mom doesn’t trust men.

Mom tells her, just because Jong Soo abandoned her,  not to think all men in this world are the same, it’s just her bad luck. Jae Mi says, honestly she wants to see Jong Soo fail, but she also feels it’s not nice to have this feeling while dating another man.

Mom asks if it’s because of  lawyer Byeon, she knew about it all along.  Jae Mi says, she doesn’t know what to think, she doesn’t even have the right to love him. She feels sorry for him.

Mom holds her hand that she understands Jae Mi,  she would hate Jong Soo too, but even if  Jong Soo fails, it won’t do her any good,  now that they walk different path, let go of the pain and meet other people, she has the right to do that.

Mom, “Didn’t the fortune-teller in Guam say that we  would share the same fate?  No, I don’t want you to live like me, my daughter is pretty and still young, she cannnot live like me.” She tells Jae Mi to meet other good person,  not to  live like her.  This is mom’s wish.

Jae Mi walks pass Jong Soo’s shop and sees Hee Soo, she recalls the doctor said that Jong Soo is infertile, and  recalls what her mom told her to see another person.  She decides to call  Dong Woo’s office and asks if  lawyer Byeon is  in the office and if he hasn’t had lunch yet.  After hung up, she tells herself  that she has to start again with self confidence.  She has to make herself beautiful and shock him.

Meanwhile, (my) Dong Woo is having a problem of his own,  his ex-girl refuses to leave his office. The girl wants to date him again.  He  assures her that she’s not his type, he wants her to leave, he has  work to do.

The girl says let her find out if  she’s his type or not, she gets closer and  forces the kiss on him. He tells her he doesn’t feel anything, so she kisses him again.

Jae Mi opens the door happily showing him his lunch box. Dong Woo is shocked to see her, Jae Mi is also shocked with what she sees,  she drops the lunch box to the floor.

Dong Woo hurriedly gets up,  he uses a tissue to wipe  lipstick off his lips, and tells her he can explain. The girl asks Jae Mi who she is, she thinks Jae Mi is here to deliver the lunch box and wants to give her money (ouch!). Dong Woo tells  the girl it’s not like that, this is… (he couldn’t let out the word) so Jae Mi answers for him that she’s his  girlfriend. The girl couldn’t believe this ajumma is Dong Woo’s girlfriend.

Jae Mi wonders if this is her luck or something else, if it’s not for this girl,  she would have been fooled by him, a playboy cannot change. Dong Woo warns her to be careful with her words, he’s  absolutely not like that.

Jae Mi says from today onwards, she will not be his girlfriend anymore, just continue with what he’s doing. She says sorry for breaking their romantic and passionate moment. She grabs the lunch box and storms out.

Dong Woo runs after her, Jae Mi gets in the elevator and starts to cry. Dong Woo runs down the stairways.

He catches up with her downstairs, he grabs her saying he knows that the incident can make her  misunderstand but he cannot let her leave like this, he wants to explain. She shakes his hand off, he grabs her arm again, telling her to please hear him explain.  She says she doesn’t need to hear his excuses, she tells him not to appear in front of  her again. He doesn’t let go of her.

Jae Mi hits him with the lunch box again and again, shouting at him to let her go, she says she saw them two kissing, does he want to deny it?  Dong Woo says it’s true they kissed…Jae Mi yells at him what he wants her to do. Dong Woo looks around, people are walking by, he begs Jae Mi to come to his office.

She says his words back to him that,  to empty it so you can fill it, is it?  and he seems to empty it cleanly, it hasn’t been a week since he asked her to forget  Jong Soo.  In that short time,  how he can already be with another woman. She thought he’s different  but she’s wrong.

Dong Woo is getting angry, he asks if she’s done talking. She didn’t hear  his explanation yet and over reacting already, “Don’t you think it’s too much?”

She says sorry for acting too strong,  if she hasn’t come today, he would be able to deceive her perfectly. The lady she saw,  she’s pretty and young, she tells him to carry on with her. Because she will never become one of  those women. She turns to leave.

He grabs her wrist, doesn’t want her to go. She looks at his hand, he lets go of her wrist. She  says if  he’s doing this because he feels sorry then let go, it’s all her fault, this crazy stupid her,  to believe in men again. She walks away.

Dong Woo looks  at her leaving, doesn’t know what to do. He follows her out of the building, but he stops and looks at her walking  away. Dong Woo turns and walks into the building, sighing with heavy heart.

Hee Soo comes home and sees the picture on the table, she’s shocked,  she calls her brother and tells him there’s a big trouble…Jong Soo snatches the phone away, he grabs her wrist for a talk.

He’s a little drunk because he can’t talk when he’s sober. He tells her to say it, what she’s been keeping from him, to save time, he will tell her what he knows.  He got the picture from his friend,that she and Sang Min were very much in love , and were living together and planned to get married, broke up because of  his parent.

He tells her to be honest and tell him. Hee Soo tells him what he said is all true, and if  his family had agreed to the married, she would not have met him. He asks if she’s telling him that he’s a substitute, she says no, it’s not. The person was her first love, she wanted to die when they broke up,  but Jong Soo saved her.

If  not for  him and this child,  she probably wouldn’t be in this world anymore. Believe it or not, to her, the past is the past.  Hee Soo begs him not to get mad over a meaningless love in the past. Because she has completely forgotten that person already.

Jong Soo smirks, the past? Yes, he doesn’t have the right to look  into a woman’s past.  She knows that he was a married man when he dated her. He said he would divorce, she was sad. But  what he wants to know is not her messy past, what he wants to know is why people from her past are looking for her.

The past is the past, if everything ended, that woman wouldn’t have a reason to come looking for her. She says it’s because Lee Sang Min can’t forget her and that woman wants to bring them back together. But seeing she’s married,  she gave up already, so he doesn’t have to worry.

Jong Soo says he will hear it from the person whether or not  there’s nothing he should worry.  The door bell rings.

The aunt comes inside, Jong Soo asks her to sit down and calls Hee Soo to join them. He asks aunt the reason why she appeared in front of  Hee Soo so many times. Aunt says it’s because her son couldn’t forget Hee Soo, so she came to convince her.

Jong Soo doesn’t buy that, to convince a married woman who is pregnant with another’s man child? He tells her to tell him what it is between the two of them.  Aunt wants to leave, the problem between them she doesn’t want to get involved. Jong Hoo grabs her, he will not let her leave until she tells him today. Aunt looks at Hee Soo,  Hee Soo shakes her head to her not to tell.  Jong Soo asks what else is between them.

Just then the brother comes in, he sees the aunt and is angry at her for appearing again. The brother wants to take aunt  out, Jong Soo tries to stop him but the brother pushes him away. Hee Soo calls out to her brother not to hurt Jong Soo, then she gasps, sharp pain occurs in the stomach, she collapses to the floor crying in pain. Aunt hurries them to call an emergency number.

Dong Woo calls Jae Mi but her phone is off, he says to himself,  it’s because of that brat Mi Ran,  ajumma is very angry. Yes, of course she would misunderstand. What should he do about this?

Dong Woo shows up at Jae Mi’s  shop, he wants to see her. Kim Sun stops him saying she’s misjudged him, why he made Jae Mi cry. She yells at him to get out, because of him, Jae Mi is very sick. He asks if the ajumma is really sick, the girl says Jae Mi vomited all the food she ate, he says she should go to the hospital,  Kim Sun pushes him out of the shop. He wonders how sick ajumma is.  He calls Jae Mi but her phone is switched off.

Jong Hee checks on Jae Mi and says, looks like she likes that person very much to get these stomach cramps. Jae Mi says no, it’s because she was tired earlier, but mom knows best and calls her name.

Jae Mi tells her mom, not to try to convince her, “That person was not for me in the first place. It’s just when I was having a hard time, he treated me really well, and gave me a lot of strength. I didn’t think about anything else and fallen into this. I’m awake now, and will not see him again.”

Mom suggests even if  she has to break up with him, she has to listen to his explanation first. Jae Mi says there’s no need for that, that person never thought of getting married anyway. And he’s not the type who date seriously.  He never made any commitments to her, and he never said  he’d be responsible for her.

Jae Mi says, “So I thought I would feel at ease seeing him,  but it looks like I can’t do that.  Seeing how hurt I am, maybe I have too many expectations of him.”  (aww…didn’t think she would want it all from him, she must love him already)

The door bell rings,  Dong Woo’s voice coming in, “Anyone home? Nobody there? Kang Jae Mi ! Ajumma !”

Mom asks her, it’s lawyer  Byeon, what they should do.  Jae Mi lies down on the bed and says, he’ll leave, don’t bother. Mom looks at her.

Dong Woo is banging at the door worriedly, “Ajumma! ajumma! Kang Jae Mi!”

Jong Hee comes out, Dong Woo composes himself and greets her, saying he’s here to see Jae Mi.  Mom says Jae Mi is sick. He says that’s why he came, he asks if she’s very sick. Mom asks for a place to talk.

He asks if Jae Mi went to the hospital, he heard she had stomach cramps. Mom says ,  Jae Mi is  a lot better now. Dong Woo lets out, “In fact, Jae Mi and I have been dating recently. But we had a misunderstanding today. Something happened. I’m sorry.”

Mom, “Let me ask you one thing. What do you think of  my Jae Mi?  I don’t know if  it’s because I’m an old-fashioned, but to a woman, there’s nothing more important than marriage.  But as important as it is, to someone like Jae Mi who was hurt very deeply,  to open up again is very difficult.  Moreover, I didn’t defend my family (in the past), that also brought a lot of  pain  to Jae Mi.

I really thank you for  helping the injured Jae Mi heal her wounds. but, being her mother, I’ m also very worried. Nowadays, young people date and break up easily, if  you’re dating  her with that kind  in mind, Jae Mi will get hurt again. So if  you’re not sincere, I hope that you would stop here.”

Dong Woo perks up and calls her,  she continues, ” Jae Mi also said she won’t see you anymore. So please think about it carefully then decide. If you don’t have the confidence not to hurt Jae Mi, then don’t  come looking  for her like you did today. I beg of you.” Mom gets up and leaves.  Dong Woo looks confused.

( mom in Kdrama land ever,  so politely said for him to back off my daughter  if  you’re not sure)

Jae Mi comes out of the house to throw away the pink doll and the dress Dong Woo bought for her, Dong Woo sees her and wants to call her, but mom’s words stop him, “If you don’t have the confidence not to hurt Jae Mi, then don’t come looking for her like today.”  He sighs and just looks at her from afar.

Jae Mi sadly puts down the bag in front her house and goes back inside. Dong Woo wonders what it is, he walks  over to the door of  her house and looks inside the bag,  he recognizes his doll and the dress. He realizes what it means. He’s sadly standing there leaning on the wall.

Da Reum is wearing the hanbok that Jong Shim gave her for Chuseok holiday, Dae moon tells her to show him her paying respect  since she’s wearing a hanbok, she gets up and does the ceremonial bow. Dae Moon suddenly feels sad, he feels like sending her off in the wedding, how hard he raised her, how he can marry her off.

Da Reum assures him she will be with him forever, not get married, only him is enough, other men are rocks. Dae Moon is happy calling her a good daughter.  Just then a boy calls her outside, it’s her friend,  she asks her dad if she looks pretty and hurriedly leaves to go out with the boy.

Dae Moon is  speechless that she left him when she just said all that. He might as well marry her off  now.

Jae Mi asks her mom how her preparation for the fashion show is doing,  because it’s tomorrow. Mom says she is nervous. Jong Shim tells her she will be there with flowers for her, Jae Mi can’t go she has  the take away order. Jong Shim asks Jong Hee  if the man who dropped her in front of the shop last time will be there to give her flowers, Jong Hee yells at her embarrassed that it’s not what she thinks, she gets up and leaves the room. Jae Mi asks her aunt if her mom has a boyfriend. Aunt says something  is fishy.

Joori warns Hyung Do, whatever he does she can forgive him, but having an affair, she cannot, never. He asks her what affair she’s talking about.  She tells him to use his conscience to think about it.

Joori  takes his purse and takes his money and cards away. She says he just eats at the hospital, and she will fill up the gas for his car everyday, that should do. But he wants his money back and tries to get it from her , saying how she can take her husband money just like that.

They end up fighting and getting louder. Mom gets in the room, tells them they don’t live alone in this house, why so loud in the morning?  She asks Joori what he did this time to make her act like this, Joori says it’s nothing and runs out with his money.

Crystal warns Hyung Do, she is watching him, one more mistake he has to get out.  Hyung Do keeps quiet.  When they are alone. Dad warns him to be careful, he tells Hyung Do that Joori went to the hospital and saw him go out lying to have a surgery that day.

Hyung Do tries to reconcile with Joori.  He calls her to have dinner together tonight but she says she busy, she will go shopping with her friends. He suggests  they go out twice a month,  he submitted an application for a medical mission that he will give them a hand, he asks her to go with him.

Joori gets angry, he should spend time with her and Se Ra instead of the medical mission, he can do that after he retired, and she’s not a doctor or a nurse, she’s scared of  the needle. She tells him  not to talk about it anymore. She hangs up on him, she thinks why they never think alike. Hyung Do sighs and is exasperated with his wife’s attitude.

Just then Jong Hee sends him text to meet for lunch, she has something to say.

They meet, she gives him a business card of  the director in the company. She heard he’s going on a medical mission and would need donations.  She tells him to do his best on the mission, being a doctor is a god given career. For a patient, his advice is very precious.

He’s happy for her support, for that, he will go to her fashion show tomorrow and give her flowers. She tells him not to come , Jong Shim is already suspicious as it is. He agrees, He gives her encouragement to do well in the fashion show.

Joori is shopping with her friend, he says he’s busy with the fashion show and she told him to comes here just to buy these shoes?  She says she does this because she’s attending the fashion show.

Joori  buys all the shoes she tried on, her friend knows her well, he asks what happened this time. She says she thinks her husband is having an affair.

Her friend is shocked, he heard her hubby is a lot older than her, why he left such a young and beautiful woman like her. Joori yells at him that they will still have an affair, even if  they married someone gorgeous, men are all like that. Her friend tells her  the truth of an affair, that is, in time, he will get caught. He tells her to wait, her hubby will surely get caught.

Hyung Do says, if to turn back time, he asks her if she knows at what time he wants to go back. His answer is, the time she asked him to stay for the last time.  He absolutely will not leave her, that was his last chance to get her and Jae Mi’s forgiveness. That was his stupid mistake.

Jong Hee says, someone said, the world’s saddest expression is  ‘IF’…she says let’s not talk about the past anymore. She will also not say anything anymore. Let’s just be with the present. He smiles and reaches out his hand, she puts her hand in his, and they walk together hand in hand.

Hee Soo is in the hospital, Jong Soo wants to see her but her brother throws him out.  Jong Soo sits outside the room. The aunt comes to visit, she says sorry to Jong Soo that she shouldn’t have come looking for Hee Soo.  She sincerely tells him that between him and his wife, not to treat each other suspiciously anymore.

Jong Soo interrupts her that  this’s not the time to talk about that. If  it’s not because of her, he wouldn’t have any reason to doubt Hee Soo, they would have lived happily.

Dong Woo thinks about what Jae Mi and her mom said, he tells himself, that’s right, it’s the final opportunity to end things so ajumma would not get hurt.  He says, forget it, what sincerity?

Then his ex-girl calls, telling him to join them, all his fans are here, Dam Bi, Na Young,…etc. He says ok, he’ll be there in 30 minutes.  Dong Woo tells himself,  Byeon Dong Woo,  this is what you like to do.

Dong Woo gets out of the elevator, he hears a laughing voice, he looks over , it’s Jae Mi with another man. Her eyes caught his sight, she bows to him a  little and turns back to her conversation.

Jae Mi drinks coffee and spills it on her hand, the man holds her hand using his handkerchief  to wipe the coffee for her. She smiles saying thank you. Dong Woo frowns staring at them thinking, “Happy to death, so she has another man already!”.  He walks away.

Dong Woo gets in his car, he sees the doll and the dress (that Jae Mi threw away) on the seat, he throws them to the back seat and drives out.

He thinks about how he saw her with a man, he never thought this woman could be so frivolous, after breaking up with him, immediately laughing in front of another man. That’s right Byeon Dong Woo, it’s the right decision to break up, you did well. He pauses and then frowns and then makes a U-turn to go back (haha…).

He parks his car in front of Jae Mi, he shouts at her to talk for a moment, but Jae Mi says they don’t have anything to say to each other anymore. He grabs her wrist asking who that man was, the man who looks like a duck (buahaha).

Jae Mi doesn’t want to bother,  she’s about to leave,  he grabs her wrist (again) to talk, she  tells him to let go. He grabs her bag  and takes it away from  her. He walks to the car and  tells her to get in  if she wants her bag back.  Jae Mi is exasperated.

They are in the cable car, she asks why they are here. He says, she would walk out before listen to what he has to say. This is the only place where she cannot go anywhere, and would  listen to him from the beginning to the end.

He pushes her to sit down and towers over her. Jae Mi says alright, this is really the last time, she tells him to say it. He starts by saying, as she can see, he’s used to be someone who refuses nobody, cant’ stay in a relationship, live freely, doesn’t want to get married, to believe in true love is not his forte.

He says, honestly, he dated her because it felt good, he never thought of anything else.  Jae Mi says, that’s what she means, that’s fine, they  have already broken up. She tells him to live freely  now. He yells at her to listen to the end. She stops talking.

Dong Woo says,  let’s do it well.  She asks him,  what?

He says, genuinely, sincerely, responsibly, that kind of love.  Jae Mi laughs at him. He asks why she’s laughing, this is his first time he sincerely opens up to a woman.

She asks him whether he knows what he’s talking about, whether he knows what genuine, sincere and responsible love is. Dong Woo couldn’t answer to that. She asks then how he will do it, he doesn’t even know how. She asks if he knows how difficult it is to love.  She thinks he definitely won’t be able to do that.

Jae Mi gets up, she wants to get out of the cable car. Dong Woo asks her, “Ajumma, can’t you teach me?” Jae Mi pauses. Dong Woo, “Although I don’t know how, I am smart, I will quickly learn. Especially if the teacher can cook and cooks delicious  food for me.”

His words recall her memories of  their good times together.

Dong Woo softly puts his hand on her shoulder as if quietly begging her, Jae Mi closes her eyes knowing her guards are crumbling down.

He turns her towards him yearning for her to come back, she looks at him with the answer in her eyes. He hugs her. Then he kisses her.

Fashion show time, Jong Hee is preparing herself  in the dressing room. Joori arrives for the fashion show too, her friend meets her and reminds her to join the after party and  to turn off her phone during the show.

Hyung Do tries to call Joori  wanting to have dinner with her, but her phone is switched off, he calls his home and asks the dad that he couldn’t reach Joori, dad says she went to some show all dressed up. He tells dad he will go directly home today.

He gets up to leave, he finds a name card in his suit (Jong Hee gave him) and remembers he told her he would go to the fashion show to give her flowers.

The fashion show begins,  Joori sits close to the catwalk,  also does Jong Shim.  Hyung Do walks through the door and gets inside  the hall.

Jong Hee comes out on the catwalk,  Hyung Do smiles proudly to see her on the stage. Joori couldn’t believe her eyes, she closes her eyes to look again, she gasps  mouth opened that the person she  sees on the catwalk,   is really who she thinks  she  is.

Rant  🙂

Worst cut scene ending ever for Joori, poor girl.  OMG..Dong Woo scores 10/10 from me in that cable car reconciliation scene, who would have the heart to turn him down?  Seriously!

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  1. kcomment — love your recap. I agree with you that JH is the best mother. I love the scene – JH had one on one talk to DW about her daughter. She is not critizing DW but telling him to back off if he’s not serious. Wonderful.. what a wise mother. I love JH character as JM’s mom but I don’t like her when she turns so weak in front of HD. Grrr….. can’t stand HD character at all. The most selfish person to his life partner and a deadbeat father to JM. The worst son in law for parents to have in the world.

  2. oopppsss…sorry I was supposed to share just the links but I don’t know how….It turned out this way….

    I’m really sorry Kcomments…. bian…bian…

  3. found these on youtube….credit to uploaders….not HFL related but just LTS singing…enjoy…

  4. hahaha…I agree with you here…yeah, seriously? who would have the heart to turn (my…oooppsss my bad, it’s your 😀 ) Dong Woo down?

    This episode’s cable car scene remained in my head for how many days kekeke….and Dong Woo scored really 10/10 with this ajumma in Vancouver LOL!

    swooning all over again….

    And…. Kcomments….May I ask you a question? Can’t we share your Dong Woo? hahaha

    • Ouch, stay in line…. haha ^^
      Honestly, LTS’s acting so far was not really out there, but his eyes and the way he acted, show so much sincerity that he’s trying his best, so I adore him. Tho, I think when he turns serious with stern face, he’s better and hawttter. He should be the hero in that *cough Playful Kiss cough*

      • Wonder how things would have turned out, if Jae Hee didn’t get injured in the beginning stages of filming. One thing is for sure, Jae Hee is certainly smaller-sized, compared to LTS.

        • That’s what my friend and I were thinking and discussing too… How would’ve Jae Hee pulled that character as LTS is doing now…and since LBY is tall, their height difference won’t be that visible on screen too…
          I don’t know, I like my heroes to be taller in dramas, it makes a big difference for me because it’s like their height makes it more commanding or taking control of everything…I don’t know how to say it, am I making sense here? hahaha….

          • I understand what you mean by the height difference.
            I think Jae Hee would probably make an even cheesier Playboy than LTS . . . hahaha

            • Humm…I didn’t really follow JH’s works, last time must be Witch Yoo Hee (eh…), but I think LTS has this manly vibe that I like, he’s shown a strict side of him as a lawyer which I also love (also agree about his height).

              As for JH, I think he could pull it in his own, may be he would be able to play more with his character, but I couldn’t help, in a way, feeling happy that LTS has gotten his chance tho ^_^

      • Yeah, he still has a long way to go in terms of acting but like you, I like him best when he’s serious and his eyes say it all… hahaha the PK hero, a lot of people might kill me but I agree with you….

        Your avatar is so cute….It’s like Mi-Ho looking/calling Wong-ahhh…

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