Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 26 (Quick Note)

Last episode:

JJ is fighting on the stage with DS looking at her worriedly on the side. DJ, Ken and YU are watching the fight upstairs.

Ken sees DS and says, “Is that  Sword Saint’s disciple?”  DJ and YU looks at  DS.

DS  looks up, their eyes meet.

OST – Crazy Heart

Episode 26

Let me  be honest, this is the first episode that I don’t know what’s going on, it’s gonna be a tough job for the subbers too. And who’s been asking the writer for YU and JS scene, well tonight you got one, it’s just that eh….she doesn’t see him buahahaha…………..

JJ gets up to fight, DS tells her to take care.  JJ fights.
YU, Ken, DJ sit upstairs. DS’s eyes follow JJ  every move.

Ken mentions  DS, DJ sees DS and smiles, YU looks at DS worriedly.
JJ wins, kicks the guy in the middle eh…that middle part (not sure).

The judge complains and they make the guy wins instead.

Next, DS gets on the stage to fight. JM and JMD are cheering.

DJ asks YU, YU smiles. (he asks YU to fight?)
Ken says he will do it.

Ken gets on stage saying long time no see, to DS.
YU tells the guy (who supposes to fight with DS) to back down.

DS looks at DJ, YU looks worried.

DJ talks to YU asking who?  YU says he’s on BDS (for the win).  DJ orders the man (the owner) to do something, YU sighs.

The fight begins, DS and Ken fight with swords.
JJ looks at them.

Round 1, time stop(using sand clock),  JJ wipes DS’s sweats.
DS tells JJ about Ken (in the past about the Prince?)

She gives DS water to drink, he drinks it, but he smells something in the water, JJ asks what?
He says it’s nothing.

Round 2,  Ken and DS resume the fight, but DS starts to feel dizzy, Ken asks him what’s wrong?
JJ knows that  it must be the water. YU looks at DS worriedly.

People start to gather outside to go inside, SM and JG look  are outside,  they are to go back.
In gives them a thing, and runs out, (In doesn’t show his face) JG looks at IN’s back and wonders.

DS  is losing, SM wants to get up the stage but JG stops him,  YU stands up looking at DS.
YU is angry at DJ.

People are betting.

DJ talks with YU.
YU looks at the sand clock.

DS  is on the floor, Ken is worried for him, but DS wants to continue.
They fight. Ken kicks  (my)  DS so hard,
SM thinks about the young DS drown in the lake, when Cheon killed DP and young DS faced Cheon, when the Crown Prince, when GT died.  SM thinks in his head that you are GT’s disciple…you are BDS.

JJ touches her sword,thinking you can do it, she thinks when DS  helped her in the fire.
JJ thinks you are BDS, you can do it.

DS and Ken fight, when DS is almost in danger (not sure, so fast) , YU  secretly flies a coin out at the sand clock, the glass breaks,  so  the round ends, JJ gets up to help DS.
DJ leaves. DS looks at YU.

Ken tells DJ, he doesn’t like him interfere with the fight (?).

SM carries DS back.
JS treats him.
JJ talks to JG, whether DS  will be ok.

AWW………….YU comes to SM’s place, he looks inside  thinking,  are you alright, BDS ?
He turns to leave, JJ calls him. She talks to YU, if he comes to check if  DS is still alive.
–lost signal
YU says JJ and him are the same, (that their love one love another),

JJ comes to see DS in the room, she looks at JS treating DS and thinks of what YU said that they are the same.

The King is sick,
The Queen talks to the Prince, he bows and leaves.

DJ’s son and lackey are whispering to each officer.

DS opens his eyes, JS  sits beside him, he nods that he’s ok.

DS walks to SM, he’s better now. He says sorry, YD says he’s relieved.

YD talks, with DS and the rest.
DS thinks back when he talked with an owner of the fighting place.
The guy told DS something.

Present, DS, CP,  YD  talk about DJ and the fighting ring.

CP asks DS  if he’s ok. DS smiles.

GH reads a letter and burns it.

YU talks with the two guys from the name list.

GH comes to tell YU, about the Norons and the Queen.

At night, the Norons gather for the meeting, the Queen joins them, GH looks at her. DS sneaks in.
GH  sees shadow and  calls out , who’s that? DS hides,  DJ’s son runs to look.
DS hides, YU calls him to go back, he begs DS to go back.
(Man, this scene is like lover’s fight ^^)

YU is angry and yells at DS, DS grabs his collar, they fight.
(Awesome! fighting in the dark scene)

DJ’s son calls out,  both YU and DS  leave together.

In the  meeting,  DJ shows a scroll writing in red.

DJ talks to all the Norons.

DJ puts down the knife, each Noron uses the knife to cut his finger and write with blood.
The Queen looks at the writing and smiles, satisfied.

DJ introduces  Ken to the Queen.

The lackey gets valuable things  from men.
Men are making  swords? (guns?), the ammunition,  (they talk  about preparing weapons)
Men are flying kites in the sky.

The Queen orders them to do something with the King and the Prince.

YU and DS come in together (Wow!) They fight side by side, they kill the guards and come into the meeting together.
They both stand looking at the Queen. DS stares at the Queen (she’s behind a curtain) and leaves.

DJ asks YU what ‘s going on.
YU answers….to DJ and the Norons, YU  stares at the Queen.
YU walks out.

DS and YU walk together, they argue, YU begs him to leave for now.
DS leaves.

DJ drinks, YU comes sit with Ken, and DJ’s  son.
YU says his, long time no see, friend,  DJ said that himself. (at the fighting rind,DJ told YU to face DS?)

YU talks with DJ smiling, about his friend.
YU wants to leave, but DJ stops him.

DJ gives him a red small bag.  *scratching head*
YU takes the red bag and leaves.
Ken talks to DJ. DJ looks angry.

GH waits for YU, she asks him about what happened,  YU talks to her.

Men flying kites in the sky, they light the fire on the rope leading to the kites, all kites burn  in the sky.

YU comes to SM’s place, he hears JJ asking DS  that he met YU.
YU steps back hiding.

They see something on the sky.  DS,JJ, CP, JMD go to fing out.  JS is alone.
YU thinks in his head, talking to JS (that will she forgive him?). YU  looks at her from afar.

DS and the three come on the mountain holding  torches, JJ smells something in the air.
Black men look at them, DS CP JMD JJ go the other way.
The men sneak out.

The four are looking for something, they find ammunition(?) on the ground. DS calls CP.
DS says he understands what those men trying to do.

DS  can picture the men doing with the ammunition.

In the market,  there are flyers about the Prince (?), HD hears the men talking reading the flyer.

Hun Gu shows the Prince the flyer.
The Prince  reads  the flyer, the King asks to see it.

The King reads and is angry, YD closes his eyes. The King clutches the flyer and throws it.

The Prince is angry, talking to YD.

HD gives the flyer to DS, SM and JG to look.
DS tells them about the plan of  DJ.

JS and JMD see DJ’s son takes a pack of hay (?).

JG asks DS about JJ that if  she’s not with him, he tells them not to worry.

JJ is fighting on the stage, she wins. The owner guy tells her to come, she meets with DJ’s lackey, he tells her to follow him.

In and the men look  at JS and JMD

JS shows DS and SM the black powder, JG is worried why JJ is not back yet.
DS says he will go look, HD wants to come too.

HD goes to the other way, DS the other. IN and men look at them.
IN gives the man a look like  toothpaste package.

The Queen thinks of  YU that night, she talks with her dad.

Han Gu talks with DJ.

DJ talks to the son and nephew.

The lackey brings JJ to DJ.
JJ fights with the big  YU’s man with the sling stick.

DJ and others  look at the fight,  DJ orders them to stop fighting.

DJ’s son remembers JJ from when he killed Cheon.
DJ’s son tells his dad that she’s a girl, and takes out her eye cover.

JJ runs out, they follow.

YU’s man laughs at DJ.

YU sits and thinks  about what DJ said.

GH comes to tell YU.

YU thinks about the Queen that night.

DS asks for JJ with the owner of the fighting club, DS ‘s worried.

JJ runs out,  DJ’s  son and his men follow behind her.
SM and JG see her, they fight.
SM and JG win, they retreat. JG pulls  JJ’s  ear.

Men circle DS, (In’ s men). They fight.

DJ with Ken, they talk about BDS.

DJ’s son runs to DJ, DJ  knows then that he lost the girl.

DS runs to a  really narrow alley, he puts down his sword and fights. Their long weapons stuck (i.e spear) with the wall and can’t move. DS beats them.

YU walks to the place, Han Gu and the Queen come out.
YU beats the guards. The Queen is satisfied.
YU talks with the Queen, with Han Gu.

The Queen talks with YU. She asks YU to do something and he asks who would that be.

DS beats  the men.

The Queen says that person is BDS,  YU looks at her.

No Preview.

I was really worried for JJ (please don’t die at the end), thought she’s going to be captured  by DJ, phew!  Another gripping episode. Not sure why the writer made YU mentioned to JJ about they are the same tho. And you got it, a scene of  YU seeing JS.

Won’t be able to do quick note for ep 29-30, sorry ^^ Can’t say I’m anticipating the finale, cuz  I’m afraid more will die, better you guys see it first hehe.

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  1. OHMYGOSH I JUST DON’T GET IT WHEN I SAY WHO COULD BE WITH WHO IN A DRAMA i was thinking this i didn’t say anything about it cause i was thinking it couldn’t be but when i saw ep 26 i thought maybe the queen likes yeo unHAHA but then like i thought with gu hayang when i thought she liked him nahhhhh it couldn’t be but look at this i’m not the only one that thinks haha this is done on tumblr by xnerjaveika my fave youtube girl that does dong soo and yeo un vids haha and the second pic girls just love me HAHA could be true i’m just glad he isn’t a player he only loves one girl and probably always will hehe i mentioned this soooo many times but i love yeo un and ji sun want more scenes of them hopefully in the finale and todays ep

  2. i didn’t know ji chang wook (baek dong soo) sang he’s got a song out for his own show lolz

  3. so @kcomments i know were all excited for the upcoming eps hehe but hope you’ll do ep 24 and 24 recap hehe but more important ep 27 quick note hehe

  4. Anyone understand the golden statue thing? Please share cuz it would be nice if I understand that before ep27 quick note ^^ Thanks.

    • THATS A GOOD QUESTION I MAY HAVE TO GO BACK AND CHECK it’s mean’t to be a fake royal seal to test who those lords (i think there lords i’m not sure) loyalty is too the king or dae ju it’s to test them dae ju want them on his side i may have to check back i’m not sure lolz i’m sorry if i get it wrong lol

      • All I can understand is, if the person gets the statue and comes to DJ, then he’s with DJ. But if the person gets the statue and goes to the King, then that person is not with DJ. Thus, DJ would get rid of that person by framing him with treason ( because the person has the statue in possession). But I still feel, there’s more, may be the statue stands for sth important? Humm..fake royal seal, is it?

        Wah…tomorrow is Monday already? *thinking of the opening title of WBDS*
        Just breath and calm down hahaha……

        • yhhhhh i saw it subbed that what the sub said but i watched it on epdrama so the subs can be a bit flawed on drama crazy sometimes the subs are the same as epdrama so i’m not sure

  5. guys check this out here on tumblr plsssss read guys i’m still trying to get what it means it’s EP 28 SPOILER translated by xnerjaveika from soompi

  6. @maria. well if yeo un does decide to ask for ji sun in order to kill dong soo then his fate is sealed bcos i can’t see her loving him if she knows he killed dong soo. it might not be bcos she loves dong soo but bcos he literally made her life more easier by burning the map on her back maybe out of gratitude or something. well i hope yeo un does try to kill dong soo like seriously lets face it, yeo un and dong soo are supposed to be friends who turned enemies, the writers making yeo un go back and forth is annoying. i want to see action, both fighting against each other. the writers should watch “the kingdom of the winds” and see how its done. dojin and muhyul were frnds turned enemy, it was perfectly written. i feel they’re just wasting time with this whole fight club thingy, they should concentrate more on how dong soo exposes hong dae ju, the queen,and the cabinet members.

    • you have a point @mimi i don’t think yeo un will kill dong soo but you never know what will happen maybe they won’t fight till the finale or maybe they’ll just leave it like gwang taek and cheon they kept just dueling maybe they’ll do that with dong soo and yeo un leave it like that and wait for fate to decide lolz and thats what i mean’t when i was confused about yeo un he’s going back and forth lolz to me he’s just a confused messed up child but i would be alot happier if they don’t kill each other yeo un wouldn’t be able to cause dong soo is badass HAHA and maybe yeo un will die but i sooooo want more scenes of yeo un and ji sun before anything like that happens lol

    • @mimi
      Me too wants to see DS-YU turn into enemies, because that’s in the synopsis, isn’t it? But I would say , with just 4 eps left, and based on the recent eps, I think what we will see, more likely be both DS-YU fight side by side to save the King/Prince and expose Dae Ju.

      And for YU and JS, it will be ridiculous to happen after 26eps of DS/JS, so if that to happen, maybe another time-skip??? (btw, how many we have so far?)

      I tried to think of what DS did to be called the hero (the name of the drama), and sad to say, I couldn’t come up with one. DS missed the Crown Prince’s killing, GT’s fighting, during the trip, the Prince almost hit by assassins. It seems the writer put more weight on YU, which is ok, it’s just that the name of the drama is BDS, yunno.

      So, in the end , I hope (with respect to all YU’s fans) DS is the one to take DJ down, cuz that’s what the hero is for, right? *scratch head*

      • you have a point kcomments lol i mean it would be silly if yeo un and ji sun end up together but i don’t care HAHA SINCE I WANT THEM TOGETHER lol i mean the director and writers shock us so i’m leaving it open since anything could happen and at the momen dong soo and yeo un i think are gonna help each other but may fight each other in the finale haha i love and adore this drama but also regret being soooo addicted and obsessed since i can’t stop thinking about it haha so after warrior baek dong soo and the princess man i think i might have a break not forever since i love korean dramas but i think after i’ve seen quite a few i need a break from it and to ease down on my obsessions although there s another interesting period drama that looks interesting called tree with deep roots (thats airing this week after protect the boss has anyone seen the final 2 eps of protect the boss did you guys like it???) but still unsure if i’ll see it i mean it depends if warrior baek dong soo and the princess man ends sadly warrior baek dong soo i have hope for a happy ending even if there won’t be the princess man probably won’t sooooooo all depends

  7. just finished episodes 25 nd 26 🙂
    pure epicness!!! 😀
    i see a lot of “where is the drama going” in the comments, but i totally get whats going on …. am i a loner on this?
    and the scene between YU and JS was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more than she didnt know he was there, cause like his thoughts killed me :’)
    also Un is clever i love how he does everything so cooly,
    he is josens best not dong soo, its just people know about dong soo and not him.
    i love Uns worried/shocked eyes, theyre perfect Yoo Seung Ho is playing this character with upmost perfection 🙂

    only four more episodes,….. i odnt want it to end.
    i wont mind being left hanging or wanting to know the ending already, i just want more.
    i want to keep watching this forever …. maybe not forever
    it just feels like they need more and more and more
    the more i watch the more i want xD

    • HAHAHAH I GET YOUR FEELING HEHE lol i love and adore this drama but i wouldn’t want an extension i barely wanted the 30 ep extension lol of course changed my mind hehe but if extended to 50 i would die cause i want to know the ending sooooo badly lolz anyways the reason why i don’t get whats going on with the story is because i mean yeo un first he says he will not be an assassin then he says he’s one then he’s not working with dae ju then he is he says he will destroy hoksa chorong he says i will be number 1 killer in joseon and kill dong soo then he says he’s still my friend now he’s probs gonna work with the queen to kill dong soo or the king or the prince the queen says he’ll give him anything he wants maybe yeo un will ask for ji sun hehe that would be an interesting take on things hehe,,,,, i want more yeo un and ji sun scenes *cries* *cries*

  8. but i literally had hope for yeo un and ji sun when he said when i give up my place as an assassin can i see you i mean seriously yeo un if i was you give up being an assassin and just see ji sun don’t even ask for her permission to see her just go see her anyway just better if dong soo ain’t there lolz

  9. i seriously wish it didn’t have to be like that i mean when dong soo and jin ju and yeo un and ji sun were kids they made it look like ji sun was gonna be with yeo un i mean’t she kept looking ta him unless it was just intrigue but still i think there made for each other lolz

  10. Ep26
    YU looks at JS and thinks:

    “If I can get rid of the killer fate, can I see Miss?
    Me, whose hands are stained with blood, can’t I be forgiven by you?”

    And I think JS looks worried for the whole group that gone up the mountain.
    When JJ recalled YU said, DS is my friend and JJ looks worried, my guess is that JJ is worried that YU will hurt himself/ be in trouble for DS.

    For “You and I are the same“, can also mean the same that, they both love DS, their love one love another, and also means YU is being considerate for DS that DS loves JS, so YU didn’t try to take her away (same as JJ, both DS/JS are her friends, so she didn’t try to win DS over JS), or I could be totally wrong hehe

    Call this a chat, off record ^__^

    Oh ho, from this, there’s a chance for an open ending for YU and JS, I mean he may come to her at the end, and some hint of hope between the two that it is possible.

    Guess YSH’s fans are very strong, the writer won’t make DS has two wives ^_^

    • Ep26 the written flyers (that circulated in the city) said:
      “The Prince Heir takes revenge for his father who was unjustly charged, and become King.”

      Did I say I love the Prince’s acting? That scene, when he was so angry with the flyers , that they disgraced his father’s name, omo…the boy was so good delivering the lines as the Prince, his Sageuk and his eyes were just right…omo….the boy should attempt more Sageuk in his next project ^^

      And the ending scene of ep26, did I hear it right? The Queen asks YU for the King‘s head? And when YU says that she must be joking, the Queen asks for BDS’s head instead.

      • YEP THATS RIGHT yhhhh i know ji sun was probably worrid for the whole group but i think she thought about yeo un before when jin ju said i saw un ji sun looked surprised maybe she thought of him then for a bit i actually think that would be better if they leave the ending to yeo un and ji sun i mean what if the ending has yeo un looking at ji sun with dong soo i’d cry but if it was like dong soo and jin ju are together but they left it open for yeo un and ji sun that would probably actually be better i mean i don’t think yeo un and ji sun would end up together now since there’s only 4 eps but if they left it open and at the end we see yeo un looking at ji sun i think it would be better an open ending or maybe there will be an open ending for the couples and give us a hint who will be with who lolz GOSSSSHHH I HATE NOT KNOWING WHAT WILL HAPPEN SHOCKINGLY I’M SOOOOO EXCITED FOR MONDAY AND TUESDAY i usually hate them but this drama is what makes me go crazy for it lolz but of course we’ll never know the writers and director always shocks us so maybe yeo un and ji sun might happen well i hope as long as there’s a few more scenes of them especially the finale also thats what i mean’t about if yeo un and ji sun aren’t going to be together in the finale then the writers and director should finish them off lolz but i think open ending for both couples especially yeo un and ji sun is good and i will always remember this drama HAHA as being my first korean historical drama and the princess man is my second hehe

        • orrrrrrrr my other sad guess is ji sun dies or jin ju dies or even yeo un dies or maybe yeo un dies protecting ji sun lolz were up o loads of conclusions as much as i want more scenes of yeo un and ji sun and want them together i’m gonna try and leave it open since the writers and director always shocks us i’m leaving it open to see what will happen

        • @maria
          Are you interested in “Tree with deep roots”? (I hope I wrote the right name) Ep1 will start this coming Wed, replacing Protect the Boss.

          • HEHE yhhh thats what i mean’t when i said after protect the boss (i saw the final of protect the boss did you like it????) well i think it looks interesting but i may not watch it because for me it depends on how warrior baek dong soo and the princess man this is the finale week of princess man if both of WBDS and TPM end sadly i may not want to see tree with deep roots lol after i’ve seen quite a few korean dramas i like to have a break cause alot of korean dramas are really emotional so after i’ve seen alot i’ll have a break and i probably might watch warrior baek dong soo again all depends on how it finishes hehe currently i’ve seen dream high which actually i saw february or march HAHA i saw city hunter, heartstrings,protect the boss,WBDS,TPM, can’t lose, the musical i also finished ikemen desu ne so i think thats quite alot HAHAHA

  11. AND YES STILL AS SHOCKED AS YOU GUYS with what yeo un said to jin ju that dong soo is still my friend i still think thou that what he said to jin ju don’t make sense i mean seriously what does he mean by saying we are the same dong soo is still my friend does he mean about both there unrequited loves

  12. i’m not saying this is true but when ji ju mentioned to dong soo, hong do, miso and ji sun that she met yeo un and remembered what he said about her and him are the same did you guys notice ji sun’s face she looked surprised and then when the others went off and ji sun was left alone and yeo un was there either ji sun was worried about them and whats going on or…… i reckon she was thinking about yeo un,,,,,, GAHHHHH why can’t yeo un just kill dae ju more importantly why doesn’t he just go to ji sun and confess even if she says no i want dong soo at least there’s a confession lolz same with jin ju she should confess to dong soo i want them both to confess at least they should confess on ep 30 the finale LAST EVER EP seriously

  13. HAHA YH ep 25 and 26 especially ep 26 yeo un shows more worry and affection the dong soo and honestly someone might die weather it’s gu hyang or not but it could be jin ju

    • were just open to anything now i mean the next good people that die could be gu hayang, jin ju ,ji sun, cho rip, samo, jin gi, miso, jang mi, hong do or yeo un

      • Yo! You mean all will die? Noooo! *sigh*
        Actually, you never know……

        • no i don’t mean all will die lol but you never know, i mean’t you never know who will die next out of the good guys but the director and writers always shock us somehow GAHHHHH WOW ONLY 4 EPS LEFT so who know’s what shocks we have yet to come sadly your only gonna be doing recaps or quick not on ep 27 and 28 cries cries lol hope you don’t mind but i’ll rpobably be on here talking about the finale and saying how much i miss kcomments and her recaps lol

          • I really can’t be on ep29-30, but please feel free to fill in what ep29-30 is about, so others can enjoy too. However, you shouldn’t say how much you miss me because then I will miss you too hehe

            What YU said to JJ, that DS is always be my friend, I think he means he doesn’t want DS dead like JJ said.

            I noticed in ep25, every time when DS sees JJ, his face would lightened up, the way he looks at JJ, more like deep bonding there. DS with JS, he always composes and polite.
            My bet is on DS/JJ hehe.
            AS for YU/JS, omitted hehe both never speak their ALL EVAR gahhh!

            • yhhhhh true but before ji sun spoke her mind to yeo un more than she ever does with dong soo serilously i’m getting annoyed because not to be mean to ji sun but she’s lake a cabbage she never says what she want’ weather it’s dong soo or not i want her to say something lolz i’m dying and yhhh there’s something there with dong soo and jin ju because he always seems worried about her and i defo think that ji sun was thinking about yeo un when jinju said she met him i mean just look at ji suns face lolz,,,,, well i probably wouldn’t be able to do a quick note or recap on the last eps because i’ve never done a recap in my life ever lolz i’ll probably just talk about it lolz since i speak my mind on here alot HAHA what time does it air live on wwitv cause i tried checking it out monday and tuesday but it wasn’t on??????

  14. Watched ep25, yu means to uproot the guild, he is just going along with DJ for his cover, but his sole purpose now is to dissolve the guild, even GH warns him that it’s a life threatening mission for YU, she is sad but she will help him, so I think the writer is paving way for YU’s ending already.

    The casino is DJ’s investment to gain money from people all over, as the bet getting higher. I think DJ uses the money for the weapon preparations for the big rebellion/treason. Also, it seems DJ and the Queen are not aiming just the Prince this time, YU knows all this, my guess, they are going to take down the King because the King will promote the Prince to be an agent of listening to the administration or something, which closer power to ruling the nation on behalf of the King, I guess, and the queen, DJ, her dad all say they cannot let this happen. Also, I ‘m pretty sure, after rewatched the ep, that DS loves JJ. He’s just being careful for the courtesy of JS.

    Kenzo is meant to weight on YU ‘s power, it’s DJ’s defense in case YU turns his back on him.
    The white water thing , I ‘m suspicious that the med the King is taking may be drugged, the gather of the captain army camps, is to seek allies in DJ’s plan of treason, I guess.

    So, chances are GH may die, JJ might sacrifice for DS , YU is in danger because he wants to dissolve Heuksa Chorong, to which it has handred years of history, also provided for noblemen.

    This treason should be the last one of DJ’s doomsday, right?
    As I watched ep25, it’s all YU, where is a hero, BDS in all this, jeez, he just gave me so many huge sighs already !

  15. i think, YU is better than DS, in sword, becauz, it’s hard to DS to fight Kenzo in this ep; or YU can bet him easely in ep 22(23).
    YU want to be a spy!!interesting, and I’m a right with that,,,becaus noone can gues what DJ and the queen will prepare.

  16. GOSHHHH JUST SEEN ANOTHER COLL MV FROM xnerjaveika it’s defo for the dong soo and yeo un fan couple HAHAHA even thou i soooo want yeo un and ji sun to end up together, and dong soo and jin ju to end up together i also like my mind to wander haha lol this is soooo cool i think it’s really cool that xnerjaveika managed to make it look like dong soo and yeo un are kiss HAHA plssss guys check it out

  17. i have just seen ep 26, woooahh: YU say to JJ that BS is still his friend woooaaaahhh

    • YHHHHH I JUST SEEN EP 26 NOW GAHHHH SO LATE LOLZ anyways still so confused i mean comon at the end op the ep yeo un says he’s an assassin but then he says he won’t be also seriously is he going to work with the queen she said i’ll give you anything you want so maybe yeo un might ask for ji sun that would be interesting if that ahppened hehe anyway i was thinking when yeo un and dong soo had there fight and yeo un was saying about the sword saint iw as like OH NO HE DIDN’T lol then yeo un said stop making promises you can’t keep your never protecting them when you say you will i think that may refer to everyone but mostly referring to ji sun since yeo un loves her and dong soo claims he loves her lol i think jin ju is for dong soo thou hehe also the scene between yeo un and ji sun even thou she didn’t see him it gave me hope for them i mean even if they don’t end up together yeo un said when he gives up life as an assassin he’ll see ji sun again which i think might happen even if they don’t end up together there will be more scenes hopefully anyway lolz yippieeee also thats why so confusing he says when watching ji sun i’ll give up being an assassin but then say to the queen at the end i’m an assassin seriously he needs to think and make up where his alegiance is i mean he says he’s an assassin then won’t be he says he’ll destroy hoksa chorong then they call him sky lord then he’s with dae ju now the queen the director and writer ain’t doing good for him just soooooo confusing GOD

  18. seriously i love this show in fact more than love it i adore i want more yeo un and ji sun scenes lol honestly i have no idea where the story is taking us next sometimes i wish the director and writers would hurry up and decide lol

  19. Ahem…checked ep26 a little, the scene between YU and JJ, YU said they both are the same, JJ tells YU that she lost both her mom, dad, she will not lose DS, she warns YU not to mess with her.

    And the scene YU with the Queen, she asks YU for the head of BDS, GT’s disciple.
    Seriously, the queen doesn’t have the insight info, she should know that YU and DS are lurveeee hehe.

    • haha thanks kcomments i’m watching ep 25 eng subbed on epdrama ep 26 ain’t subbed yet cries cries

      • Still not sure how that gamble place related to Dae Ju and the Japanese, also the flying kites with the King and the Prince, I guess that flying kite is to make a falling star for the King to see, right? Well, haven’t seen the whole of ep25-26 vid yet hehe.

        • i haven’t seen ep 26 yet it still ain’t subbed hehe lol but seen ep 25 i still have no idea really what yeo un is up to so they say he’s the sky lord but i wouldn’t really say he was since he didn’t really kill cheon well i know he kinda did also he says he’s not an assassin any more and that he’s destroying hoksa chorong i mean is that even possible also has yeo un decided now he’s working for dae ju or the queen seriously what the hell is un doing also i don’t get why kenny kenzo is working for dae ju it’s all a bit confusing lolz

  20. HAHAH CHECK THIS OUT GUYS xnerjaveika has shown a preview of her next vid and she’s making dong soo and yeo un kiss well not lieterally biu it looks like they are here

  21. just seen an awesome mv of dong soo and yeo un the lyrics go so well hehe

  22. it’s really funny thou i mean if you look up warrior baek dong soo mv on youtube if you watch couple vids then the couples are dong soo and yeo un lol or yeo un and ji sun or dong soo and jin ju hehe but they don’t have mvs of dong soo and ji sun and yeo un and jin ju even thou dong soo and ji sun have alot of scenes together hehe hopefully it will stay like that i hope nobody decides to do a fanvid mv on dong soo and ji sun i’d be really annoyed lol since i love yeo un and ji sun couple and dong soo and jin ju couple hehe

  23. the only thing that we can do for the last 4 eps is leave it open i mean we won’t find out what happens till we’ve watched it right??? so let’s just wait and see i want yeo un and ji sun to end up together but the important thing is to wait and see hehe

  24. thinking back on the ginseng sub plot makes me laugh cause a couple of days later after ep i think 18 there was south korean ginseng drinks in my fridge lolz when i first saw it in the fride i thought it was like alcohol or mini wine but it was actually ginseng drink i had one the taste is interesting lolz

  25. I think the writers has really screwed the DS and JS as characters. For DS, he has lost his humour and straight forwardness when he grew unrealistic..the writers have no clue on how to make him into a hero.. at least make him robin hood or help people when they are bullied..Gave a title where he is highly regarded by King or Prince
    so what if you are SS disciple?
    JS.. didnt she used to have an opinion expecially in the earlier episodes where DS, JS & JJ caught the thief? No tattoo… no opinion.. ? In seems that JJ does all thesales and JS signs cheques only.. or silent partner.. & none of the men are earning money.. SM supposed to be a butcher but he is not near meat..JG no longer robs..?
    only JJ and YW characters are consistent with earlier episodes..
    only DS protective feelings towards JJ are consistent..
    Hence.. I will rename this show The Wonderful Friends of Baek Dong Soo.. and enjoy where the show takes me..

    • HAHA YOU HAVE A POINT animanje@ i honestly don’t know where this drama is going lolz

    • @animanje ^___^ Buahahaha…..
      What you said, is true, and talk about Cho Rip, where is that cute lively guy? Suddenly he become a nobleman, with ability to know everything in the palace, from royal registry to examine the corpse, I miss CP in the earlier eps, he was charming there, but now meh boring my lord.

      And what is it about selling the ginseng? Lady Yu in the history was rich, I guess. Sorry to say, lots of hints towards one man two wives, but may be one die first, another follow…..I start to think the writer keeps IN around on purpose, wait who he will kill next huhu…

      I also suspect the lovelines will conclude only in ep30, cuz the writer could pull anything in the last episode, we will watch it anyway…may be another time skip? We got two skips already!

    • the caracteristic of ths drama, that’s why I like it, there are severale case of mystery ( not comun of other drama), for exemple: 1-he tatoo of JS, 2-the gigeng case, 3-..the story about JJ’s father…. and finally this last new story, there are not releated!! that’s why I’m boring to watcht it till the end (, especially the suspens that he writer made me in the end of “Tuesday”). But, I never thought that happen in “THE END”.
      if U see some drama, after 1 or 3 ep you can guess what’s the end of the “mad actor”,and the lead actor, but in BDS…;.you will hope, but after some ep you never guess what’s the end of that…pffff

  26. soooooo there will be more scenes of yeo un and ji sun in the last 4 eps even if it won’t be till the finale lol,,,, because if they don’t end up together then the director and writers have to put an end to them and us wanting them to be together lol and yes i agree with you guys on saying come on there has to be a confession i want a confession from either yeo un or jin ju to me most importantly yeo un lol and the director and writers aren’t afraid to kill of characters hopefully this won’t happen but maybe one of the girls will die or yeo un i GOD HOPE NOT YEO UN lol

  27. Omg I was not going to comment but after watching the video maria posted on here I just have a lot to say. First Kcomment thank you for the recap, college and work are in the way but i got to make a living.

    Anyways the story plot to me right now is kind of confusing also agreeing with maria on how ep 25 seemed a messed and did whole i don’t know how many years jump like that ugh….. However I would like to talk about JS today she was so pretty. I’m not saying she wasn’t pretty I just felt she was bland all I know is today ep 25 she felt alive. Now I want her to be with YU wasn’t feeling it in the beginning but looking at her skills she not bad. Only problem I really want her to yell or something and finally say what she wants even if it DS.

    JJ is my girl but few episodes back she was getting on my nerves but after taking feeling into consideration i understand just a tiny bit why she was crying all episodes. However she could of gotten angry and fought a bit more. If there was an episode where JJ went dark for a bit would of been awsome, whatever love her cheerfulness side. Now that she back to her bright side I am loving her fighting. Only thing her maturity level is still the same felt she could of grown more a bit. OH HELL NO DO I SEE A JJ/YU BEING TOGETHER YES I KNOW THEY WOULD CUTE SLASH SEXY TOGETHER BUT NO.. HER MAN IS DS AND I WOULD APPRECIATE IF BY NEXT EP DS BE A MAN AND CONFESSES TO HER IF HE DOES LIKE HER.

    • well actually i don’t think yeo un and jin ju lol there just friends hehe and yhhhh ji sun i want someone to confess out of all the characters she’s the only one that i can not tell who she loves lol and i’m very understanding with jin ju you can tell why she was upset i mean seriously she lost ji gwang taek and almost lost jin gi and lost cheon soooo yhhh also i think we need something to happen to ji sun i mean jin ju has been through a lot lol maybe they should have ji sun kidnapped so yeo un can get her lol or die i mean not that i want her too but at least that way dong soo won’t marry both girls

    • yess i agree i wanted jin ju to fight with ji and cheon against the qing dude and the assassins i mean seriously they were all about protecting jin ju which of course you can understand why lol but still ji let her guard down she was so rounded up in trying to save her daughter that sadly she got killed if they all worked together then maybe that wouldn’t of happened hehe and yes i’m glad you agree with me on there was a huge hole missed out on ep 25 where they didn’t explain properly,,, and yes i agree with you jin ju hasn’t gotten more mature her character hasn’t grown much and i can’t wait for the last 4 eps i reckon well hope will have more yeo un and ji sun scenes since that was another start to them in ep 26 soooo there probably going to defo do a a few scenes of them in the finale even if they won’t end up together hehe

    • I agree that YU with JJ wouldn’t make any sense, but it’s nice she talked to him cuz her mom and daddy Cheon are all assassins from Heuksa Chorong, and look how they died, JJ might warn YU about that.

  28. I…. I give up in trying to understand the storyline / plot. The writter never decides anyway, I’ll just watch without asking/complaining.

    I just hope they don’t end with DS with the two girls. Oh please, no.

    Also don’t give JJ to UN because it wouldn’t make any sense.

    -But would be fun Un and JJ being friends 🙂

    When will someone confess in this drama ? Aside DS who confessed many times, I wish Un to tell already he is crazy for JS and kiss/hug her. Whatever – and JJ too confess my girl! Go! (well she did confess indirectly – but DS is dense and avoids it, so go for it too, hug/kiss him and say what you feel. lol~ and JS, does she likes anyone? I feel she is always nervous around Un, and too comfortable around DS… I see no love just gratitude…

  29. also funny how jin ju and yeo un are unrequited loves since it’s not just them think about it dong soo loves ji sun i still want him with jin ju hehe i think he likes jin ju aswell lol ji sun ehhhhhh i don’t know i think she may love dong soo but confused about her feelings i think she questioned about herself when with yeo un the other unrequited loves are hong do who loves or likes jin ju and gu hyang the gisaeng loves or likes yeo un,, so it’s yeo un who loves ji sun but she is with dong soo jin ju who loves dong soo but dong soo is with ji sun, hong do the painter loves or likes jin ju who has unrequited love with dong soo but i think dong soo likes her as well hehe and gu hayang the gisaeng who loves or likes yeo un but yeo un loves ji sun lol

    • sooooooo alot of love triangles and love squares and unrequited love in this drama hehe also there was star crossed love i mean if the prince was still alive then ji sun couldn’t of been with either dong soo or yeo un hehe but he’s dead now sooo yhhhhh lol

  30. also i’m not saying this is true but have you guys thought about that maybe if it wasn’t for yeo uns circumstances that ji sun may of picked yeo un i mean if it wasn’t for the whole yeo un going over to the dark side and the whole killing th prince issue which we know wasn’t yeo un lolz i know she said she forgave him but maybe she would of chosen him if not for that reason lolz

  31. ooooooooooooo guys i hope you like this i kept checking for more warrior baek dong soo mvs from psychobrit2008 i love this girl hehe this mv is with leona lewis song got you i love that song hehe this time this mv is with both dong soo and jin ju and yeo un and ji sun

  32. You know what? I think if DS really feels for JJ, he just not gonna get married, that way he can be with one of the two anytime any day ^^

  33. i wouldn’t say anisah@ that ji sun has chosen dong soo i know she looks like she loves him but with ji sun she can be pretty expressionless soooo who knows who she actually loves lol and yeo un doesn’t express his feelings with word he expresses his with his eyes his emotions

  34. sooooo at the end did the queen basically tell yeo un to kill dong soo??????

  35. and is ji sun wearing a different hanbok again it looks like a pinky salmon bottom of the hanbok she’s sooooooo pretty

  36. we may be lucky anyway i mean if they got a small tiny scene of them in this ep i’m sure there bound to have more scenes of them since were coming to the end only 4 more eps if ji sun and yeo un aren’t going to be together then they’ll put an end to them in at least the finale so i think and have hope for a last scene of them in the finale if not ep 29 then the final finale ep 30 they better not think about extending to 50 or i’ll kill the director and writers lolz

  37. that was a cute yeo un and ji sun scene even thou she didn’t see himi thought she did she looked to shocked lolz

    • I really want YU to do something, grab her wrist and confess already jeez! Why did he have to hide in the corner and peek? Let’s hope for his confession before this drama ends ^^

      • YHHHHH I KNOW RIGHT i want him to CONFESS ALREADY lolz i hope he tells her before the end of the drama even if he don’t tell her till the last 2 eps or ep 30 the finale but somehow sadly i don’t think it will happen i think it would be very sad thou at the end of the drama yeo un keeps killing people but watches ji sun and yeo un from afar just thinking of him seeing ji sun happy with dong soo while yeo un still loves and longs for her but want her to be happy it just kills me i GOD HOPE HE TELLS her even if it’s not till the last 2 eps or the very last ep lest just hope they don’t extend to 50 i would kill my self well not literally i guess if they did extend to 50 we’d have time for yeo un and ji sun and more scenes of them i probably went tooo much over board there i don’t want another extension and it won’t happen hehe but i really want more scenes of them i know there will be at least in the last 2 eps or the very last ep hehe

  38. “And you got it, a scene of  YU seeing JS.”
    whether this was directed toward me or not your right
    After three heartbreaking episodes, even if it was short i finally got a glimpsr of the two of them together :’)
    and DS and YU fighting side by side, was just … im so happy,
    when Un was planning on killing Cheon i died i thought my life wad over and my wedding plans went down the drain, but when he couldnt do it,
    when he proved he didnt have the heart to truly kill or become the #1 killer like he said
    i knew there was no chance of him becoming evil and i once agai fell in love 🙂

    i dont know why both girls like DS… are they blind?
    actually on second thoughts i can understand JJ, but never JS !!

    but why am i getting this strange feeling YU will be with JJ o.O

    • HAHAHA THAT WOULD BE hilarious if that happened jin ju and yeo un i do think it’s sad the couples couldn’t be dong soo and ji sun and yeo un and jin ju to make it even but i soooooooo badly want yeo un and ji sun and dong soo and jin ju

    • @Anisah
      Oh no, not directly to you, based on the poll, most fav couple is YU-JS, so most must be looking forward to the scene. Oh, how I loved it when JJ talked to YU, such a nice change ^_^
      Glad that your wedding is still on hehe.

      • yhhhhh like i said i loved that scene very different quite sad that they aren’t a couple hehe i of course still rooting for yeo un and ji sun,,, and dong soo and jin ju

    • thats true but i wouldn’t really say yeo un and ji sun were together i mean she unfortunately didn’t know he was there i swear when she first walked out worried she looked like she saw him even thou she didn’t lol all it was was yeo un looking at her and thinking about her lovingly which made me happy since i got a scene of them i was like I WANT MORE SCENES OF THEM I STILL WANT MORE NOW I CAN WAIT FOR THE NEXT 4 EPS lolz

  39. i’m confused why the hell is kenny (kenzo) working with dae ju what has dae ju got on him again??????????

  40. woah that fight with dong soo and yeo un was intense the way dong soo grabs yeo un and he hits him and dong soo is like yeo un you which i’m guessing thats what he says

  41. it is very much a shame thou that jin ju and yeo un don’t love each other then it would make things easier between dong soo and ji sun cause then the couples could of been dong soo and ji sun and yeo un and jin ju but i soooooooooo badly want ji sun and yeo un and dong soo and jin ju why does it have to be this way that dong soo likes ji sun i literally want to cry lol

  42. i’m checking out the ep on epdrama if i’m not mistaken jin ju says something to yeo un about her mother and i think she said don’t be like this and when yeo un said to jin ju about you and i are them same when it comes to our loves she looked so shocked lol not because he said about jin ju and dong soo but jin ju knows yeo un’s feelings towards ji sun

  43. actually i’m really confused about ep 25 i actually felt a little like jin ju wanted cheon to die YES I KNOW SHE DIDN’T but did dae ju and the guards in and dae ju’s son threaten her to lure cheon out when i saw that scene the was she walked to cheon stood there and all the guards were behind her seriously i know she couldn’t do much but she could of at least gave him a warning and tell him to run away even if he wouldn’t listen and save her ass also what happened next i thought that was really weird how the writers and directors did that make jin ju crying there just holding cheon and then go to a different scene and make it a few years later i mean what happened after jin ju was holding cheon in her arms i’m surprised the guards and dae ju and in didn’t kill jin ju or kidnap her and take her too jail and also what about cheons funeral and what happened to his body it’s really strange

  44. Humm….I feel strange that this episode YU was so nice to DS, I thought this drama is about two friends on the opposite side, but tonight, it’s more like YU is a good guy disguised as an assassin. The writer should decide which way YU should go already! Aww… 4 more eps!

    I think there’s a possibility for an open ending on the lovelines because the writer barely developed anything lately. Didn’t anyone notice? Last two eps, DS was with both girls almost equally (JJ wipes DS’s sweats and JS wipes DS’s too in the same ep, the guy is lucky), I wondered if that’s the sign from the writer that ….DS might end up with both, I said ..might tho ^_^

    • yhhhhhhhh possibly but seriously thats not fair i know the original dong soo did marry both girls but tv shows don’t always follow the originals so it can defo change so i hope he won’t doo that i mean even if ji sun and yeo un aren’t together they should at least leave it or maybe the finale they should leave it open even if it’s not fair leave it till fate and imagine what might of happened,,,, and kcomments even if you can’t do a recap of the last 2 eps i’m glad you can with ep 27 and 28 hehe hopefully when you come back you’ll do a full recap on the last 2 eps

      • The writer has to duck high and low, if he makes DS get both girls. And if that’s the case, YU will have an awesome ending of his own, don’t cha worry hehe. Will write full episode for all 30eps but it will be late because there were lots of difficult terms that I would like to make sure ^^ Really can’t guess the ending of this drama, at the least DS won’t die, right?

        • yh he probably won’t die not cause he’s the main character but i don’t know lolz yh yeo un will have an awesome ending hopefully unless he dies i mean you did say what if yeo un dies protectting ji sun i mean if he dies for tha reason then that’s amazing i hope he won’t die nut i really hope dong soo doesn’t get both girls i know this is crazy to say but maybe one of the girls should die i mean then they both won’t marry dong soo lol the director and writers better not do that i mean tv shows are alot of the time different so they may not do that right??? lolz

      • he didnt end up with both girls. he actually married hwang jin ju. which possibly means….. yeo un would end up with ji seon! 🙂 keke~ im so loving this drama. 4 eps left! T.T

        • HOPEFULLY lol alot of people were saying he got both girls and then said dong soo amrried lady yu from the land of jin ju i mean seriously lady yu is ji sun and land of jin ju well wiki is messed up because thats obs hwang jin ju lol but people edit it as they wish soooo yhhh and the director and writers can change it since tv shows and dramas aren’t always the same as what ahppent in real life the true story so i hope dong soo and jin ju and yeo un and ji sun and since we can’t literally have dong soo and yeo un as a love couple lolz (me and my mind) hehe they should bring back the bromance i mean it would be coo like that dong soo and jin ju couple and yeo un and ji sun couple and dong soo and yeo un bromance see every one wins and everybody’s happy lolz

          • ahaha.. yeah.. they always change it anyway. 🙂 what i love about this drama is that its not “predictable ” unlike many others. i mean, the suspense is always there. we get excited when our predictions doesnt always happen right? keke…. bromance? i would also like to see more of that. lol. i just hope that the writer wont disappoint us with the ending of the drama. 🙂

            • YHHH EXACTLY i heard they said they will make the ending satisfying for there viewers let’s just hope it it will be and hopefully yeo un will end up with ji sun and dong soo ends up with jin ju if yeo un and ji sun don’t end up together they should make it more like a cliffhanger and give us a hint weather they end up together or not like something like yeo un watches her and walks to her she sees him and then leave it unless yeo un dies i hope not or it could be ji sun will die i mean you never know

              • oh oh~~~ i dont want any of them to die! i’ll be at rage when that happens. i was just wondering, when jin ju told yeo un that he shouldnt touch dong soo coz she already lost both her parents.. yeo un said that “you and i are the same”. what does that mean? is it the unrequited love or that statement states that yeo un doesnt also want to lose baek dong soo? im kinda confused. tsk.

                • well if you look at the other comments kcomments said that she reckons it’s because he doesn’t want to lose dong soo either it may be because of the unrequited loves seriously i hope for a confession soon at least in the finale weather it’s yeo un who confesses or jin ju i think dong soo may know about jin ju’s feelings and ji sun she may know as well but i want yeo un to confess sooooo badly because even if ji sun says no i love dong soo blah blah blah then at least we still had a confession there needs to be more yeo un and ji sun scenes if not in ep 27 and 28 and 29 at least in the finale but i think before will be better cause i won’t be able to last 3 eps without a yeo un and ji sun scene i guess will have to wait tomoz honestly i’m really excited warrior baek dong soo is what makes me excited for mondays and tuesday HAHA

                • finale ep 30 HTE LAST EVER EP lolz

                • i mean the lol

                • excuse me for spelling things wrong lol

                • @sweetrain
                  I think YU also means he too doesn’t want to lose DS, he loves his friend like JJ loves. But I guess the writer wanted to make that statement a bit ambigous too ^^

                • yes exactly hehe

                • i’m glad you said love as in friend because some fan girlies might think something else if you get what i’m saying lolz

  45. like i said thanks and i wanted a yeo un and ji sun scene i’m very happy even if she didn’t see him lolz that ovs means psychobrit2008 will do another mv hopefully i wanna know how does he look at her does he look at her lovingly also sooooo excited there probably may be more scenes of them in the upcoming eps hehe even if he’s only looking at her and she doesn’t notice him i’m sure there will be eps of he rand him in the last 2 eps or finale,,,,, and i think that’s really touching what yeo un and jin ju were talking about about jin ju loving dong soo and yeo un loving ji sun but know there loves are requited that was sooooo sweet saying were the same in that department it’s a shame that yeo un and jin ju weren’t in love with each other or end up together why couldn’t it be yeo un and ji sun and dong soo and jin ju seriously,,,,,, also what the queen is saying at the end of the ep is that you need to kill baek dong soo GODDDDDDDDDDDD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he can’t lol i want him not to kill his best friend aigooooo

    • this seems to be the ep where yeo un shows worries for dong soo and i can’t wait to see the scene with yeo un and ji sun and where yeo un is talking to jin ju about there unrequited loves GODDDDDDD SO CLOSE TO THE FINALE EPS lol i’m actually fearing i want it to end so i know what will happen lolz also i’m fearing because off who’s gonna die i mean will jin ju die,, ji sun or yeo un in my opinion if they have anymore good people that die it would be either jin gi, samo,, jin ju,, ji sun or yeo un

  46. yesssssssssssss thanks

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