Hooray for Love Episode 18

Jong Soo tries to connect the dots, he recalls his talking with Joori’s aunt and Joori that they are looking for a woman, Sang Min’s girlfriend.

While Hee Soo is sleeping, he sneaks out of the bedroom and searches the living room, then he looks at her phone. There are lots of calls from unknown number, he wonders why she didn’t pick up the calls.  He calls that number but no one pick up so he hangs up, frustrated with himself  for doubting his own child, he gets up and turns off the light, just then the aunt calls back.

He slowly picks up, and quietly listens. The aunt asks Hee Soo,  if there is something wrong, whether it’s because she met her husband this morning. Jong Soo hangs up without saying a word.  He feels there’s something going on because Hee Soo surely is familiar with the aunt.

Dong Woo thinks about what Jae Mi said that why love changes, she thought Jong Soo would never give up, if they had a child, he would not treat her this way.

He calls Jae Mi, he wants to ask her one thing, it’s about Han Jong Soo.  Dong Woo asks whether  she still believes that  if  Hee Soo wasn’t pregnant, Jong Soo would not leave her.  He tells her to answer him.

Jae Mi says she thought that was the reason but not anymore, he did too many unforgivable things to her. He had destroyed whatever feelings she had left for him. Now she wants to see him fail real soon.

Dong Woo asks her again if  she’s sure about that even if Jong Soo and Hee Soo’s relationship changes, that she will not change her mind.  She  says of course, then she asks him if  there’s something happened between them. He says he just wants to confirm her feelings, he tells her to go to bed and hangs up.

Jae Mi thinks he’s strange to ask this question, then she realizes  surely there is  something happen to Jong Soo.

Jong Soo is quietly staring at his wife.

Da Reum checks on her dad’s looks, it’s his date today with Jong Shim. She advises him on how to slowly sip coffee, to use fork on western food, and to hold her hand like when people are dating. She puts a flower on his suit.

Dae Moon  wonders how she knows  all about that.  She says she saw in on TV, in the drama. Dad thanks for her advice,  from now on, no TV  after 10 pm for her. Da Rim gasps. He leaves.

Dae Moon arrives at the shop one minute late, turns out that Jong Shim is very busy with the customers, she tells him to wait in her office. He remembers she told him that she had to eat lunch at 12 sharp, but she’s busy what if she faints, he thinks of  doing something for her.

Da Reum wonders what’s her dad is doing, she sees her friend holding his mom’s hand going to visit his grandpa on Chuseok holiday. She prays to heaven for her to have someone to hold hand and visit someone’s house like her friend.

Jong Hee comes back to the shop, Jong Shim suddenly remembers that she forgot  Dae Moon in her office. But he has already left, he puts note on the table, it says, he leaves for work, he’s afraid she would be hungry so he bought food for her, money is important but  she has to take care of her health too,  because she ‘s precious.

Jong Hee sees the food on the table, she puts some in Jong Shim’s mouth. Jong Shim cries saying it’s been a long time since she dated a man, and the food is just delicious.

Mom asks Dong Woo if he’s come up with anything about the aunt’s matter. The aunt asks if she can confirm the child’s bloodline. Dong Woo suggests a paternity test after the child is born, and initiate a kinship and custody litigation. The result will be up to the court. The younger the child, the more favorable to the mother. The aunt is unhappy to hear that, how the child can grow up in that environment.

Dong Woo warns his aunt, if  the mother does not agree and she forcibly take the child, it’s not a sensible thing to do. Aunt says he didn’t see the gangster brother yet, and tells  him not to try to convince her. She still wants to take the child.

Joori tells her that  there’s another way better than the lawsuit, tell Hee Soo’s husband the truth, he surely would not want to have another man’s child.  Mom hits her that Joori is trying to add fuel to the fire.

Jae Mi waits for Dong Woo in his office, he wonders a busy person like her, why she is here. She tells him her good news that her baby food is a success, lots of orders from the women downstairs.

He asks her if she came just to tell him this. She says she wants to know if  there’s something happened to Jong Soo from his question yesterday.  He asks her, what there’s to be curious about, he’s now a stranger to her. She says she just wants to see him fail, that’s all. Dong Woo turns serious that  if she came for this, she’d better leave.

Dong Woo gets up to leave the room, Jae Mi grabs his hand and pesters him to hurry tell her, she has to know. Dong Woo sighs and says, she will know about it sooner or later anyway, he shows her the picture of  Hee Soo and Sang Min.

He explains that his aunt, that man, her son, and Hee Soo had a romantic relationship. It’s possible that Jong Soo is not the father of the child.

Jae Mi gasps that would mean ..two men? it’s impossible. Dong Woo says, nowadays, impossible things are possible, there are a lot of divorces because of  this reason. Though, they have to wait two more months to confirm that after the child is born.

Jae Mi  is absently quiet, Dong Woo calls her. She says she will call him later, she has to go somewhere. He grabs her hand and asks where she’s going, she says she will call him later and  leaves.

Dong Woo thinks whether  it’s because she couldn’t contain herself….he runs after her.

He catches up with her downstairs, he begs her to control her temper that she will go to Jong Soo and tell him that the child is not his.  Jae Mi says she’s not going to Jong Soo, she will go confirm whether  or not the child is  Jong Soo’s. He asks her how she will do that.

Jae Mi tells him, before she went to Guam, they did the infertility examination. But they got divorced afterwards, she didn’t go back to check the result. She wants to confirm the result.

Dong Woo grabs her wrist and tells her to go together. She asks him why, he says he’s afraid she will get into trouble, what if the result comes out confirm it, she will surely go to Jong Soo and tells him. He insists to go with her and drags her out to his car.

Jong Soo asks his wife if she knew Joori’s  aunt from before, or whether she met her in Sydney. Hee Soo says no, she doesn’t know her. He asks if she knows her son, Sang Min, she again says no, she never met him.

She asks him why he’s asking all these, he’s upsetting her. He says she attended the same school at the same time with him, and also is he not famous, he’s a rugby athlete.

He asks her again if she really doesn’t know Sang Min, because  number of  Korean students can be counted with  fingers, he asks  if she really never met him.

She says she never had friends over there and she’s not interested in South Korean students, she tells him to stop asking. She walks out  and slams the door behind her. (Slam the door is very common between husband and wife, you think?  ^^)

Jong Soo thinks even if she doesn’t tell him, he could ask someone else to find out. He calls someone saying, this is Hee Soo’s  husband.

Jae Mi is biting her nail in anticipation, Dong Woo puts her hand down and consoles her, no matter what the result is, just be  Kang Jae Mi, the awesome ajumma. The nurse calls her name.

Jae Mi asks the doctor for the result, the reason she cannot get pregnant. The doctor says  the problem lies with one of them. But it’s not hopeless, just more difficult to conceive naturally. Jae Mi asks who is the one that causes the problem, her or her husband.

Apparently, Jong Soo calls the aunt to meet him. He has something to ask her. He begins by telling her that, that night he was the one who answered the phone. The aunt is frightened covering her mouth. Jong Soo says, it seems they knew each other from before, what her relationship with Hee Soo is, he asks.

When she doesn’t answer, he asks again, his temper is rising. Aunt retorts back, why he has to ask, she heard these days men are pretty narrow-minded, she asks if he wants to have control over his wife about friendships.

Jong Soo is losing patient, he scolds at her not to try to fool him, their relationship is not simple, it’s obvious they are hiding something.  He recounts her strange behaviors,  pretending not knowing each other in front of him, behind his back went to see her at home, or at the shop.  Clearly there’s a reason for that, what it is? He asks.

Aunt refuses, saying there’s nothing like that. Jong Soo is angry, if  she doesn’t want to tell him,  he will tell her first, the name of  her son’s girlfriend that she’s looking for, is  Chae Hee Soo?  Aunt gasps.

He says it is right, it’s Chae Hee Soo. That ‘s the reason why she’s been hovering around Hee Soo and called him to meet. He shouts at her to confirm that it is Hee Soo.


Aunt says why he wants to know, whether he wants to know if his wife is as clean (about men) and pure as snow, or because he’s afraid she will destroy his family.

He answers that it’s both, in this world, would there be any man who would be happy to find out  his wife’s past? Specially, a person related to her past is hovering around her. He asks her for the truth.

She says do not ask her, just believe what he wants to believe. She gets up to leave, he grabs her wrist pressuring her to say it, he asks if she wants to see him go crazy.

She wouldn’t say it now, she says he will find out when the time comes, even if  he doesn’t want to know. She leaves.

Jong Soo  says, that time? He wants to know the truth now.

Jae Mi comes out of the consulting room looking defeated. She’s about to cry. Dong Woo calls her, but she doesn’t hear him.

She walks down the stairs thinking of how Hee Soo had thrown words at her face that she couldn’t keep Jong Soo by her side because she would never be able to get pregnant. She thinks about how Jong Soo  shouted at her, what’s wrong of  him leaving her for a woman who is pregnant with his child. She thinks about when Hee Soo splashed water at her face when she asked if  her pregnancy is  another man’s child.

Jae Mi sits down on the stairs and cries.  Dong Woo looks  at her and sighs, he comes sit next to her.

Dong Woo says, “Ever since I met ajumma, do you know that I developed a habit of  bringing a handkerchief all day? Here.”  He hands her his handkerchief.

She takes it and wipes her tears, he says he was afraid this would happen that’s why he came along (aww), when gets a bad result, she will cry again and again.

Jae Mi gives  him an envelope of the result report.

He reads and perks up, he asks, “Sperm problem?” (I knew it! Buahaha…) She says it’s not her, the problem is with Jong Soo, but there’s hope, just difficult to conceive naturally. (omo….does that mean, the baby could really be Jong Soo’s ?)

Dong Woo says, this gives more  chances that the child is not Jong Soo’s.  She sighs that she’s speechless, Jong Soo was so hard on her, and it turns out this way. Dong Woo asks if  she’s feeling bad for him now.

She tells him that, on her way here, she thought of going to Jong Soo after knowing the result and tells him that the child is not his. But now it’s not worth doing it, the truth will come out in a few month.

Dong Woo smiles petting her hair, that her temper has improved.  Seeing her change in the better way, he will treat her good food, he tells her to let’s go.

She says  she’s sorry, she really doesn’t want to show him this side of her. It’s just going to remind him that she’s a divorced woman. Dong Woo clears his throat, making face, and says, then she’d better be good to him, where a divorced woman  can find  a man like him who has everything, “Ajumma, you are very lucky.”

Jae Mi looks at him, he says, it’s like winning a (human) lotto, and points at himself.  Jae Mi  is a little pissed, she tells him that he’s free to see other women, she will not say anything.  She gets up.

Dong Woo grabs her arm saying to let him finish what he’s saying first, what he means  he’s the one who won the lotto, “Where can I find an ajumma like you? cook..and..and…no more, looks like there’s no more.”  (Haha)

Dong Woo, “Ajumma, I’m not that young either, it’s just that I’m not married yet. I probably dated  a  truck load of women,  if you don’t believe me….” He shows her his phone, pictures of women, he tells her the name one by one; In Young, Dam Bi, Mi Ran,…

She asks if  he dated all of them. He says, all of them in the first half of the year. She kicks his leg angrily and starts to walk down the stairs.

He calls her to wait pretending to be in enormous pain. Jae Mi  turns to him and guiltily says sorry, she asks if  it hurts a lot. He says he really can’t move, she ‘s worried asking if she broke his bone.  He tells her to carry him, he puts his arm around her shoulder, and tells her to carry him.

He starts to smile, Jae Mi looks at him and knows that it’s his trick. She tries to get him off her, but he  laughingly holds on to her.  He crosses his arm with hers  and tells her  let’s go together.

OST – Loving U

Then they date and have a good time.

At the hospital, Hyung Do looks at the African picture book Jong Hee gave him and thinks of  how she reminded him not to give up his dream, he calls his senior about what they talked, the senior says they are in need of  more personnel, it will be good if  he can join them.

Jong Hee is practicing on the catwalk, Hyung Do gives her a call to say thank you about her encouragement on his dream. He tells her that to do public service, he doesn’t need to go to Africa, there are people who need him here. She congrats him and is happy for him. He tells her to eat together after work, she says  she’ll be waiting.

Hyung Do happily readies himself  to meet Jong Hee, then he remembers, he texts his wife, “Honey, what to do?….”

Joori  is parking her car in the hospital parking lot, she reads the message on her phone, “Honey, what to do? I need to do the surgery all of a sudden, I  will be home late tonight, don’t wait up for me.”

Joori  is angry that she comes here to catch him off work,  she curses the hospital of overusing her husband with such small salary. She contemplates what she should do,  she  decides  to drop by  his office  to  say hello  then go home.


Then Joori sees her hubby come  out, he gets in  his car and drives away.  Joori’s smile faded, she couldn’t believe he lied about the surgery, she drives out and follows him, she’s angry that  she thought he’s been busy but actually he’s doing something behind her back.

Jong Hee  is putting on the  lipstick and smiles to herself  in the mirror, she’s waiting for Hyung Do to come pick her up. Jong Shim calls her, she wants to have dinner with her.  Jong Hee gives her some excuse  not be able to join her.

Joori  follows  Hyung Do but lost him at the red light.  She is pissed not be able to catch him red-handed.

Hyung Do comes to see Jong Hee at the catwalk, the fashion guy comes talking to Jong Hee. Hyung Do quickly turns his back on him, the guy asks her who he is. Jong Hee doesn’t know what to answer, so the guy guesses he must be  her husband, he tells Hyung Do at come see the fashion show because his wife is pretty. They both are uncomfortable that someone else sees them together. Hyung Do tells Jong Hee to let’s go eat together.

Aunt compliments Dong Woo’s dad where you can find a husband like this in this world, who never thought of  having an affair in his life.  Mom  says, it’ not that he didn’t think, he just wouldn’t dare,  “When men see a wild flower, they can’t help but pluck it.  It’s their nature. So, don’t give them any opportunity.”   She  turns to her husband and tells him to maintain his distance from the women he goes out with.  He tells her not to worry, to them, he’s their sister.

Joori storms  into the house screaming,  she says  she’s about to explode and walks upstairs. Her dad follows her. Joori calls her hubby but his phone is off, she wonders what kind of woman her husband  is fooling around with. Dad comes in, she tells him that her husband is having an affair.

Dad tells her to calm down and lower her voice, or her mom would hear. Joori wants to tell her mom so mom could teach her hubby a lesson, but dad stops her asking if she really wants to divorce her husband. She asks him what she should do.

Dad says,  it’s absolutely impossible for her hubby to have an affair. Because to have an affair, you need to have money. If she doubts him,  she should come up with the evidence, before she concludes on anything.  Dad goes out of the room. Joori decides to endure it until she can come up with the evidence.

Hyung Do is sending Jong Hee home, she tells him not to drop her in front of the house. He asks if she’s afraid of being seen.  She tells him most people there know her. He parks his car, he says sorry to her that she suffered a lot. She says after she decided to see him, they are the same, she doesn’t qualified to hear that anymore.

He says every time he sends her home, he would feel sorry, embarrassed to face her, he’s selfish. But if he doesn’t see her, he couldn’t breath.  To him, she is  home,  a child can play till late at night and has  a house to go back to. No matter when, he can rest peacefully at home. She holds him close,  he says sorry. She wonders what she should do with him.

Joori stays awake waiting for her hubby, she hears he’s coming back. Hyung Do goes into Se Ra’s room and looks at her. Joori looks at him.

Dae Moon wonders why Jong Shim doesn’t send him any message, even a short one. He spent money prepare food for her.  Da Reum tells  him to keep trying,  she wants ajumma and him to get married.  It’s her wish to have a new mother.

He tells her about the fairly tales with a step-mother (i.e Cinderella) that  the girl suffered after the step-mother came,  he’s made up his mind not be taken by that ajumma. Then Jong Shim calls Da Reum from outside.

Da Reum wants to go see her, but Dae Moon sees this as an opportunity, he tells her to pretend to be sleeping, she protests. He asks if she wants a step-mother. Da Reum lies down and closes her eyes tight.

Jong Shim gets inside and says she wants to talk to him and asks if  Da Reum is already asleep.  He gets excited, he says Da Reum is asleep, she can say it.  Jong Shim tells him she wants to buy Da Reum a gift  for Chuseok holiday, she asks him what Da Reum likes.  Da Reum couldn’t hold herself, she gets up and chants, she wants ajumma! They all smile.

Jong Soo is still thinking about what’s going on between  Hee Soo and the aunt, Hee Soo peeks  at  him. She calls her brother that it  looks like  Jong Soo is still suspecting her, what she should do.

Her  brother asks  if  that’s the reason he didn’t come to the shop today, she says he locked himself in the room and didn’t speak  to her all day.  She is scared. Her  brother tells her to give Jong Soo  the phone.

The brother tells Jong Soo to come to the shop, so Jong Soo gets up,  Hee Soo back hugs him saying she really has only him.  He’s the most important thing for her in this world. She loves only him. She begs him to stop thinking about other things else.  He quietly takes her hands off  him and leaves.  Hee Soo is worried.

Jae Mi buys cake for her employees because this is the first month that the shop is not in the deficit, and their new project is a success.  And the result from the doctor  that she can give birth to a child.

Kim Sun is happy for her.  Kim Sun tells Jae Mi to take one  step further with lawyer Byeon, surely his family will oppose their relationship because she’s a divorcee, so she suggests Jae Mi to get pregnant first.  Jae Mi  smilingly hits Kim Sun.

Jong Soo drinks with the brother, he tells Jong Soo to tell him everything that is bothering him. He heard that Jong Soo is suspecting the relationship between a guy called Sang Min and Hee Soo. Jong Soo is surprised that he  knows  Sang Min.

The brother says, he knew Sang Min, he stalked Hee Soo when she attended school, following her around.  He thinks it’s because Hee Soo didn’t want to see him, he’s gone crazy  following her around, even his mom come.

Jong Soo asks if  that’s really what it is.  Brother says  if  Jong Soo wants, he can show him a copy of the police report they filed. Jong Soo says there’s no need for that. He asks, why Hee Soo had to lie  to him,  if that’s the case,  it’s not a big deal.

The brother answers that may be Hee Soo is annoyed by him, she wants to forget about it.  He tells Jong Soo to stop imagining things, he’s upsetting a pregnant woman, it’s not good for the child.  Jong Soo says he didn’t think about that, he says sorry.

The brother tells him to stop thinking and concentrate on the shop, build more franchise. Jong Soo says it’s  not easy  unless  they  develop a new product.  The brother says he noticed Jae Mi’s shop has improved a lot recently. Jong Soo couldn’t believe it, how that can be.

The brother gives him Jae Mi’s baby porridge, he tells Jong Soo to see  if he can learn something from it. Jong Soo says,  he doesn’t want anything to do with Jae Mi. The brother insists the market is a battlefield, to beat others to survive.

Jong Soo sneaks around Jae Mi’s shop and takes a picture of her shop poster. Dong Woo comes snatch his phone away and asks him why he’s taking the picture of  it, Jong Soo say it’s none of  his business and  grabs his phone back.

Jae Mi comes out and asks what’s going on, she tells Jong Soo to handover his phone, he tries to avoid her, she reaches inside  his suit to get  the phone. Dong Woo grabs her  to calm down. She asks Dong Woo why this person is here. He says Jong Soo took  picture of the poster.  She couldn’t  believe it, she asks Jong Soo if  he wants to plagiarise it again.

Jong Soo tells her to say  it in a nice  way,  he’s just copying it.  Jae Mi  says, whether it’s plagiarise or copy, she doesn’t care, but if  that counterfeit  product appears in front of her, his life will be finished.

Jong Soo asks her what she can use to finish his life. Dong Woo starts to worry, he looks at Jae Mi.  She says to Jong Soo, he will see his family crumble before his eyes. Dong Woo knows what she’s going to say, he tries to stop her calling, “Ajumma!”  He holds her hands, but she shakes  his hands off.  Jae Mi says to Jong Soo, she will endure it, she warns him not to provoke her. Jong Soo grabs her arm,  he asks what she means.

Jong Soo yells at her to tell him, she says  not to ask her, to go ask his beloved wife.  With that, Dong woo interferes, he begs her to hold it, he grabs her and drags her inside.  Jong Soo is  stuck in silent.

Dong Woo drags Jae Mi inside, pushes her to sit down and asks what exactly she wants to do, why she’s like this, before she said she pitied him but now she blurted it  all out. He asks her if she thinks he told her about it because he wanted to see this happen.  She retorts back that Jong Soo provoked her first,  she’s not a saint to endure every time she gets beaten.

He says he’s telling her to stop competing with Jong Soo, if he provokes her, just tell him, he will use the law against him. If she acts the same way he does, then she’s just lowering herself  down to his level.

She says she doesn’t know about what level, from now on,  she will fight, an eye for an eye.  He pauses looking at her. Then he asks if she really likes him.  Jae Mi stops and looks at him.

Dong Woo, “A bowl has to be empty to be filled up, your heart is filled with hatred of  Han Jong  Soo, do I have a place in it?”   Jae Mi tries to come up with words.  He cuts her off and tells her to go home by herself by bus and to think about what she did wrong. He leaves.

Jae Mi rides the bus home, she thinks about what he said,  she types the message, “I’m sorry, what you (lawyer Byeon) said was right, I have a lot of  hatred in my heart, but you may not believe this, I sincerely like you, so……”

She deletes the message and sighs.

Dong Woo comes back home, he checks the time and wonders if Jae Mi gets home safely, he is about to call her, then he changes his mind,  saying he doesn’t care anymore.  Jae Mi arrives home feeling sad.

Jong Soo thinks about what Jae Mi said, he calls his friend in Sydney, asking his friend a favor, to check on Lee Sang Min, attended Macquarie University, a rugby captain team, check on his relationship with a woman. He tells his friend to hurry, he will be waiting.

Dong Woo learns that his aunt met Jong Soo,  he warns her not to talk about  the matter randomly, she says she knows that and wants  it all to end quickly.

In the morning, Hee Soo goes out to meet her doctor. Jong Soo’s friend texts him that he’s already sent him Lee Sang Min’s  information in his  mail.  Jong Soo hurriedly checks on his laptop, the email reads,

“Lee Sang Min’s relationship with the girl is well-known. He was living together with a Korean overseas female student. They were planning to get married, but his parent  opposed to their relationship, they are separated.  It wasn’t easy to find a photo of the two for you, please check it.”

He  scrolls down the page to check on the picture,

He takes out  Hee Soo’s burned picture from his purse and places it over the picture on the screen,  the two pictures match  perfectly.  Jong  Soo’s  stunned.

I’m so afraid Jong Soo will put all  his anger on to Jae Mi, accusing her of  destroying  his new family. The guy seems to misinterpret the concept of  sincerity, faithfulness and conscience.

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  1. It didn’t say that Jong Soo can’t have a child, right? It’s just hard to conceive naturally, so that means there’s still the possibility even if it’s just 1% that he can father a child, right? So it could still be one of those “miracles” that happen once in a while. Since He Soo is as stupid as Jong Soo, who doesn’t know her own body, as to how can she not know the right time she conceived? Maybe because she had s** with both men at the same time frame that’s why LOL.

    We don’t know, it could be one of the twists in the end….to punish Jong Soo in all he did to Jae Mi….what I’m afraid now too, is what the good for nothing brother of CHS do to KJM to make her business go down and to ruin JM & DW’s relationship….

  2. Thanks for the recap kcomments. Jong Soo is soooo stupid and has no backbone that can’t stand on his own two feet. He believes everything Hee Soo’s brother is telling him. And that good for nothing brother in law of his wanted to eat up Jae Mi’s shop and to do all what JM’s shop has been doing and selling. As if breaking up her marriage is not enough that he wanted to stomp all over her. Those siblings are those caracters that you wanted to kill or be killed in a drama.

    I love the date scene of DW and JM, they’re so cute together…and the handkerchief thing, that he developed a habit of carrying a handkerchief since he met her awwwww, How could someone ignore that gesture and not fall for him even if he’s the most playboy guy in town? Dong Woo’s words to JM were so true….“A bowl has to be empty to be filled up, your heart is filled with hatred of Han Jong Soo, do I have a place in it?”

    • My blood boiled during that scene when Jong Soo tried to take away her new product.

      I can understand that it’s so common in the business world to copy one’s product, but coming from the guy who faked the divorce, stole her shop, stole her trademark , and on top of that, was her husband for three years, this is really bad, so I can understand if Jae Mi is going to hate the guy for good.

      Just hope the writer won’t make her gone soft, if he comes back.

      • I’m hoping JM won’t even consider JS at all if he wants to go back to her. I thought that JS married HS not just because she’s pregnant but loves her? No? He sang her a song at the airport. I couldn’t understand if JM would take her ex husband back after what she’s been through. I would think that’ll be pretty stupid story for even JM to consider taking JS back. Feeling pity is different. But honestly, she shouldn’t have any more attachment towards her ex husband. JS hurt JM so many times over and over again.

  3. Thank you again for the recaps.

  4. I’m loving it!! The story Line is mO ing soooo fast. He will be begging for forgiveness pretty soon!!

    O yah can u post a new link where I can watch the raw please the old one doesn’t work anymore for some reaso !! Thx

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