Hooray for Love Episode 17

Both Hee Soo and Joori’s aunt are shocked to unexpectedly see each other again.  Hee Soo introduces herself saying it’s the first time meeting her, the aunt stares at her, but she plays along.

Hee Soo convinces Jong Soo to make the porridge himself  for them, so he excuses himself and gets into the kitchen.  Hee Soo intentionally pours water onto Joo Ri’s lap as she tries to give her a glass of water.  Joori gets up and heads for the rest room to clean up, so Hee Soo sits down and talks with the aunt.

Hee Soo tells the aunt to listen to her carefully, she’s now happily married and her husband doesn’t know about her past, so the aunt  please leave after the meal. But the aunt says she cannot leave like this, she spent time looking for her.

Hee Soo tells her again that she’s married, she is someone else ‘s wife, she begs the aunt again to leave when she’s done with the meal.  Joori comes back and sits with them. Hee Soo fakes a smile to Joori, the aunt is amazed at Hee Soo’s pretending.

Dong Woo is at home looking at Jae Mi’s picture on the phone, saying she is ugly (in an adorable way). He thinks about the kiss that night and smile. He  stares at his phone and wonders if  this ajumma is dump or an expert,  they have reached this stage already, most women would call and say she misses him. He had cleared out his schedule today, why she doesn’t call, why.

Jae Mi chokes on her food. Her mom touches her forehead, she has fever, mom tells her to stay home but Jae Mi says she can’t, she has to take picture of her new dish today, so she can start advertising tomorrow.  Jae Mi’s phone rings, she quickly answers the phone that she’s busy, she will call back.  She tells her mom she will leave for work now.

At the bus stop, Jae Mi calls Dong Woo and asks him why he called, he says it’s weekend and he wants to know what she is doing. Jae Mi tells him she’s going to work now, and coughs. He asks if  she catches a cold, it must be because of  the rain that day.

Jae Mi  says it’s ok, and asks what he’s doing, he says he’s bored and asks her out. She tells him she can’t, she doesn’t have a rich mom like someone, she has to make a living. And she’s so tired,  no mood to go out, she tells him to go ahead and have fun on his own. The bus arrives so she hangs up.

Dong Woo couldn’t believe this ajumma, to have fun on his own?  This is why, he says,  shouldn’t date a woman over 23 years old.

He perks up, wait , she coughed just now, he covers his mouth with his hand wondering if that ajumma gave him the cold because they kissed. He gets up and calls his dad, if he has some cough medicine. Dong Woo suddenly coughs and says he feels like having a fever already. He runs out of   his bed room.

Jae Mi is taking pictures for the flyer of her shop. Dong Woo sneaks behind and looks at her, she bumps on him and is surprised that he’s here. He snatches the camera from her hand and looks at the pictures, he tells her this should done by a professional. She complains he’s interfering with her work and tells him to leave.

He grabs her wrist and tells her to come with him.

Dong Woo takes her to the beauty salon, they are having massage, Jae Mi moans her contentment that it’s good. He tells her to quiet down.  Dong Woo looks at her and says, if she’s tired, just take a nap. Jae Mi argues right away that he’s crazy, she’s not a woman who can fall asleep easily , also there’s a man staring at her, how she can go to sleep.

Dong Woo calls his friend to help taking pictures at Jae Mi shop. Jae Mi falls asleep while doing the foot massage, Dong Woo covers her with the blanket, he looks at her face lovingly and leans over for a kiss.

Then he takes pictures of her sleeping stage as an evidence to brag later that she said she’s not a woman who would  fall asleep easily.

Joori compliments Jong Soo that the porridge tastes  really good. Jong Soo smiles but wonders why the aunt doesn’t seem to enjoy the food.  Joori tells him that aunt is looking for someone, she almost caught her. It’s about the girlfriend, an overseas student, of her son, Sang Min.  Hee Soo and the aunt looks at each other.

Joori asks Hee Soo if she knows because she went to the same university as Sang Min. Jong Soo inquires the name of the girl so they could help.

Joori turns to her aunt and asks her the name. Hee Soo stares the aunt down, aunt reluctantly says they should not talk about this with the outsiders, she gets up and walks out of the shop.  Joori finds her aunt strange today, she pays the bill and gets in the car with the aunt.

Aunt tells Joori, she was so scared, she shows Joori the picture of  Sang Min and Hee Soo together.  Joori’s jaw drops that it is Hee Soo. Aunt says Hee Soo threatened her not to let it out.

Then they see Hee Soo get in a taxi, aunt orders Joori to follow her, she  wants to know the reason of  all this.

Joori and her aunt follow Hee Soo to her house, they ring the door and march inside. Aunt begs Hee Soo to let’s talk, she cannot let it go like this.

They sit at the table, Joori asks Hee Soo if she’s really Sang Min’s girlfriend, such a coincidence, she’s taken by surprise.

Hee Soo tell them to cut it short. Aunt says that she’s really something, it hasn’t been long since she broke up with Sang Min, now she’s married to another man and lives happily while Sang Min still couldn’t forget her and hasn’t been able to attend school.

Hee Soo says it’s a misunderstanding here, she is the victim. Aunt agrees that because of their opposition, Hee Soo had suffered a lot, but Sang Min is sincere to her and  is now suffering, aunt wants to convince Sang Min’s dad to bring them back together.

Hee Soo says, back then, she begged and cried but they said she’s an orphan , told her to stop dreaming of joining their family.  She asks aunt if  aunt regretted now because of  her son’s depressed. Aunt accepts that they were wrong, being an orphan is not her fault , aunt asks for her forgiveness.

Hee Soo yells at her asking what’s the use of doing it now when she’s already forgotten Sang Min, and now is happily married with another man. There’s no use of  looking for her now.

Hee Soo begs aunt that her husband doesn’t know about her past, he will be sad if  he knows. She  sincerely loves her husband and wants to live happily with him,  please don’t make things difficult for them.

Aunt says  she has one last question, “How far along are you in your pregnancy? ”  She guesses it should be around 7 months. Hee Soo starts to tremble. The aunt asks, “Who is the father of the child?”  Hee Soo yells at her. Joori is taken aback by her aunt’s question.

Aunt asks again, if  she got pregnant after broke up with Sang Min, or if  she was dating both men. Both Hee Soo and Joori call the aunt. Hee Soo tells her to stop talking nonsense, who’s the father has nothing to do with her. If  aunt mentions this again, she will not spare her. Hee Soo gets up to leave, aunt grabs her arm and asks, that day why she had to run away, her husband wasn’t even there, why she had to hide. Hee Soo couldn’t answer, aunt asks if  she’s lying to her husband about the child.

Hee Soo takes her arm out  and says she hid because she hated her,  the past was like hell, she wants to forget about it all. If she understands it now, please leave. Aunt tries to hold her hand again that this is all for her sake, asking  if the child is Sang Min’s….Hee Soo screams and screams, “No! no! no!no!”

Just then, Jong Soo  comes back and is surprised to see both of them with Hee Soo.  Aunt and Joori don’t know what to say, Hee Soo tells Jong Soo that Joori wants to look at the house she bought. Jong Soo is worried that the house is a bit mess.  Hee Soo says they have an appointment so they have to leave now, both aunt and Joori hurriedly leave. Jong Soo thinks they are strange.

Outside, Joori asks her aunt if  it cannot be true. Aunt  says it’s good if it’s not Sang Min’s otherwise who will raise the child.

Jae Mi is happy with the photos taken by Dong Woo’s friend. He tells her to repay him, he’s hungry. Jae Mi smiles, she will prepare a special dish for him. Dong Woo follows her into the kitchen, he asks her if she knows when he started to like her, it’s the first time she cooked for him. Jae Mi smiles calling that,  his weakness.

Dong Woo, “I always like a woman who can cook, because I have never seen my mother cook.” Jae Mi asks him why. He says it’s because his mom was busy doing the business that she doesn’t do housework, so every time he saw his mother’s friend cooking,  he would feel envious. Jae Mi feels sad for him, she says next time to tell her to cook what he likes,  if anything, she’s best at cooking.

Jae Mi lets him taste the food, he asks who she learned it from. She says from her mom, before she divorced her dad, she would cook a table full of  delicious food , that ‘s her great happiness. Jae Mi says, “So my dream is  to become a good wife and a mother too.”  Dong Woo looks at her, “What about now?”

Jae Mi says she doesn’t know, she hasn’t thought about how to live, before this, she treated love as her everything and paid the price. So now she thinks men are such a bother, but then she has fallen for another man again, he’s a playboy just  like him.  She looks at him.


Dong Woo back-hugs her and says, someone said, love is like catching a cold, there’s no cure for it, can only get  infected. He tells her, since already  infected by the virus,  just have to live with it.

Dong Woo tells her not to worry  and just go with it, not to think of the past, not to think of the future. If they want to be together, then let’s be together. That ‘s enough. He hugs her. Jae Mi is still uncertain.

(Hum…sounds like Hyung Do’s  ideal philosophy to me)

He sends her home. They both linger to part from each other.

Da Rim’s dad tries to sneak info out of her whether  Jong Shim talked about him. Da Rim tells him yes, they did talk about him and that Jong Shim said he’s a person with no charisma. His face falls.  The dad is a little pissed so when Jong Shim shows up, he lets her know he’s a little hurt by that, but she doesn’t get the message.

After dad left, Da Rim begs Jong Shim to consider her dad. Jong Shim sighs.

The aunt asks Hyung Do whether they can do a paternity test (i.e DNA test to determine the biological  father of a child)  on the unborn baby. He answers yes but it’s prohibited by the law, because of  the condition of the fetus and the ethical issues, if not a special case, cannot be done. Aunt sighs, doesn’t know what to do.

Jong Hee is selected to model in the fashion show of  the company, it’s Jong Shim who sent her swimming suit picture in Guam to them.

Joori also receives the fashion show invitation. Hyung Do tells Joori to come with him to his hometown during the Mid Autumn fest (Chuseok), they have to greet his parent and relatives, but Joori refuses to go, she doesn’t like the rural area, everybody stares at him,  she tells him to go alone.  Hyung Do sighs and  decides to  go alone.

Hyung Do and Jong Hee meet during his lunch hour, he gives her the Mid Autumn Festival gift. It’s the expensive coffee and she’s happy.  She tells him she will be a model in the fashion show next week, she has to practice on the stage every night. She modeled for a fashion show before, he gave her a bouquet. He wonders if he can do that for this fashion show. Jong Hee tells him not to do that, people will see.

Jong Hee asks him if he will be going back to his hometown during the festival, he says yes, his sister will be waiting. She asks about his mom, he tells her his mom died three years ago, before she died she wanted to see her and Jae Mi.  The news brings tears to Jong Hee ‘s eyes, she is sad that she didn’t attend her funeral. He says it’s because of him. She asks where his mom was buried so she can go worship sometimes.

Hyung Do drops Jong Hee in front of her shop, Jong Shim sees them but couldn’t see his face. She asks Jong Hee who is the man, Jong Hee says just someone she knows.  Jong Shim suspects Jong Hee is dating someone.

Jae Mi hands out her shop flyers. Dong Woo gets back from court, he’s giving order to his assistant to check on the evidence.  The assistant mocks him, saying ‘”A man changes because of a woman”. He says Dong Woo has changed a lot after meeting the ajumma. He comes to work early in the morning and goes back late at night, and always working and working.  The ajumma has  turned a playboy into an adult.

After the assistant left, Dong Woo asks himself if  he works because he wants to, the ajumma is too busy, has no time to go out with him, what else he can do.  Dong Woo checks his phone and complains that the ajumma didn’t contact him again today.

Jae Mi is busy handing out the flyers, Dong Woo calls and tells her to stop working, he will pick her up. He tells her to stay where she is and wait for him.  She says she is busy, she has to visit a nursery and  hangs up.

Jae Mi visits the nursery and tries to talk to the moms about her new baby food, but no one pay attention.  Dong Woo shows up and announces  free coffee for  everyone. Jae Mi is surprised, he winks at her.  He tells the moms to please pay attention to the ajumma, Jae Mi  happily introduces her new instant baby food, with Dong Woo helps handing out the samples.

Dong Woo’s mom asks the aunt why she still needs to know the father of the child when the woman has already married.  Aunt says because if the baby is Sang Min’s, she wants to take responsibility.

The dad asks her to wait until the child is born, but she’s afraid that time the baby will be registered in the birth certificate. Dong Woo’s mom says the mom should know who the father is, she tells  aunt to ask the mom directly. Aunt says she didn’t answer her calls.

Hee Soo tells her brother that Sang Min’s mom is here, and she keeps calling her today. Her brother is worried asking if Jong Soo knows.  Hee Soo says Jong Soo met her yesterday, the brother is startled.

The aunt comes to the shop and meets Jong Soo, he tells her Hee Soo rests at home because of  her pregnancy. Aunt asks him for a talk.

She says she’s curious how the two of them met. Jong Soo asks her why she wants to know, she says just that they look happy together. She asks him when and where they met. He smiles and tells her that his family is also in Sydney, he met her last year in March when he visited his home. They were attracted to each other  right away.

The aunt acknowledges that it’s March last year, she asks him how far along his wife’s pregnancy is. Jong Soo says it’s 7 months, he shows her the baby ultrasound’s picture.

Hee Soo’s brother sees aunt in the shop, he calls Hee Soo to ask what the ajumma looks like. When the aunt gets in her car, he gets inside and stares at her. The aunt is frightened, she recognizes that he’s Hee Soo’s  gangster brother.

He cuts  it  short that  Hee Soo was abandoned  at  that time , why she bothers  Hee Soo again. He tells her if she appears again, he will bury her in Korea.  He also assures her that the baby is not her grandchild so she doesn’t have to worry.

Jae Mi doesn’t pay attention to Dong Woo, she’s busy looking at her record book. Dong Woo is angry, he throws the book to the back seat, Jae Mi is startled asking why he did that.

He parks the car and tells her to get out.  She asks him why he is angry, he turns to look at her and asks if she really doesn’t know.  Jae Mi asks him to tell her what she did wrong.

Dong Woo asks if they are really dating, he sent her text she never answered. He called she said she’s busy. It’s not easy to find the time to see each other and she’s pretending to be busy.

( feels so good to hear this from a playboy, he wants her full attention).

She says the baby food is important to her so she’s busy. Dong Woo scolds at her not to use that as an excuse, it seems, to him, she’s playing with people’s feelings.

Dong Woo, “And I thought you were sincere, the way you’re avoiding me, is it fun to play with me like this?”

Jae Mi says she’s not playing around, if she’s that smart, she won’t be divorced now. He may not be clear about this, she was deceived by a man once, and had a rude awakening. So she’s promised to herself, if  she  falls  in love again, she will never give her  all. In case, they  break up later, she doesn’t want to feel that kind of pain and be stupid again.

Dong Woo eyes her warily, so she’s acting like this while dating him, just giving him one half of herself. He asks if that’s what she means.  Jae Mi says, therefore, if he doesn’t want to suffer, do not be too good to her. She’s very grateful what he had done for her,  but she also feels sorry. Jae Mi  says she is sorry about today, and tells him to drive safely. She gets off the car.

Dong Woo follows her, he turns her around to look at him. He asks if she has to calculate love, is that possible? She answers firmly that she can do that. He says, “Really?”  He grabs her shoulders and leans forward. Jae Mi gasps. She stares at him. He leans closer to her, little by little,  he looks down at her mouth.

He leans closer as if  he’s about to kiss her, she closes her eyes.  Then he stops and looks at her, he smiles saying, love has to calculate, he’s  figuring it out now.

He kisses her forehead, and walks to his car.  Before he gets in the car, he turns to stare at her, she looks at him.

Dong Woo parks his car and thinks about what Jae Mi said that she was deceived by a man…..he picks up his phone and starts typing.

Jae Mi sits outside her house looking at the sky,  her phone rings for the incoming message, it’s from Dong Woo. She reads.

 “I heard there’s  no  pain of  doing nothing.  One day you will not feel the pain of love, I will  wait for that day.”

Da Rim is consoling her dad that the ajumma is not the only woman in this world. Jong Shim shows up to give thing for Da Rim. She indirectly agrees to date him, and tells him to come by her shop tomorrow for lunch.  Both dad and daughter are happy.

Aunt tells mom and Joori about Hee Soo’s brother, that he threatened her. Mom tells them not to go near the porridge shop and that area. Aunt says after she met with him, she decides that if  it is Sang Min’s child, she will take the baby. Joori is startled.

Aunt says in that kind of family, what the child will learn from them; stupid father, a gangster uncle and a bad mother. She will  definitely  take the baby.

Dong Woo comes home. Mom tells him to listen to aunt’s story. Joori tells him that she’s found Sang Min’s girlfriend, and that she seems to be pregnant with Sang Min’s child.  He suggests they get married, but Joori explains that she’s married with another man and claims that the child is her husband’s. Dong Woo picks  up the picture to look at the girlfriend.

He is shocked to see that the girlfriend is Hee Soo. He confirms with his aunt again, she assures him that it is her. Aunt asks what they can do to take the child from her, legally.  Dong Woo says he has to think about it, and asks for the picture. He walks upstairs to his room.

Dong Woo recalls that Jae Mi said, if   Hee Soo was not pregnant, that person would  not do this to her.  And Joori said she’s pregnant with Sang Min’s child. Dong Woo wonders aloud, if  it   is true, what will happen to Han Jong  Soo.

Jong Soo couldn’t sleep, he gets up and looks at the burned picture. He says there’s something going on for sure, he wonders what it can be.

Dun..dun..poor Jong Soo!

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  1. and oh! I forgot to mention…the little curly haired girl is really cute, she just bring joy and delight every time she appears on screen…such an adorable kid that every mom and dan would love to have…. I think sometimes she’s more mature that the dad lol…

    • are making me feel like I’m talking to Rain haha, I mean it!

      • hahaha… I love your avatar too…

        Off topic…Did I tell you I fell in love with Kang Bok Gu and Cha Eun Suk? Though I’ve watched lot of K dramas before “A Love to Kill”, that’s the drama that made me a Kdrama addict and love Rain and Shin Min Ah. That I even bought all their products on line (even if the shipping fee is higher that the item itself hahaha). It’s just that they were really good in that drama and even wished of them being together for real not just in reel…and yeah, I’m one of those sulking that he’s going to his mandatory service on Oct. 11… 😦

  2. Yay! thanks for the recap…been checking your site every now and then.

    I think JR is not CP’s child but SP’s…why did I think of that? It’s the fact that CP called SP in Australia to come to Korea when KHD and JR had a fight and at that time HD was in jail and they thought that he ran away.

    KJM & BDW… they just make me giggle everytime they appear on screen and I love the sauna and massage scenes, the “calculating the love” scene.. DW was so naughty hahaha, teasing JM and all just to kiss her forehead.

    It’s going to be hard for DW in the future, what will he do when KJM & KHD meet each other face to face and with the fact that his sister is her stepmom who took away his father from them? That would be KDW’s biggest challenge yet. How will she react? initial reaction would be breaking up with KDW…then the real challenge begins for KDW….winning KJM’s heart and trust….

    • I really hope DW will find out who is JM’s dad before hand, better than bam! right there in front of his mom. It’s getting harder in each episode for DW to stay away from JM even for one day, so if he wants to marry her, he will have to spend days figuring out how to handle his mom and his lies, yep, poor DW…….he doesn’t know yet what he’s in for haha…

  3. I’m going out on a limb and say I don’t think that is HD’s daughter, I think part of the reason he married her was because she was pregnant, but I also think that JR is going to be SP kid and not CP’s. In the beginning when SP first mentioned she gave away her child I thought it would be DW but then she mentioned it was over 30 years ago and DW is not that old. Also JR is seven years older than DW and she would have notice if her mother wasn’t pregnant and just came home with a baby.

    After JS discover’s he has been tricked he will try to come back to JM and she will be torn between her old feelings for him, along with the mess with her relationship to DW family. So before all the secrets are reveal DW will have a fight on his hands.

    Before all of that by what authority does SP think she can take HS baby away even if her son is the father. They threw her out saying she was not good enough for their son. So where is there legal right to the child. Plus they are Australian citizens. Are they waiting for the baby to be born before taking action is that why DW doesn’t want JM to let JS know he can’t be the father. That wouldn’t make since because they have already said that they need to do something before the baby is born to stop it from being registered as JS child.

    • I think so too, that may be HD married JR because she was pregnant, omo…secret birth in DW’s family, interesting! I don’t like the idea of someone taking away anyone’s child just because they think the mom is not capable. Every child would want to be with his/her real mom, no matter what. Hum….may be we should draw a family tree about who is related to who haha.

  4. Oh nooo! You are right, I didn’t think of that. Well, I hope Se Ra is not HD’s daughter then, who knows may be we will have another secret birth hehe. Humm…if DW proposes to JM, I don’t think it’s too early tho, we are almost half way (ep25), so it’s time for DW and JM to solve their conflicts, I just hope nobody dies at the end.

    Btw, the TNmS Ratings,
    Ep21 16.4(3rd) Seoul 20.6 (2nd)
    Ep22 15.7 (5th) Seoul 19.8 (2nd)

  5. loverboy wants ajumma for himself cute I have noticed that he did not take her to that other house of his he obviously wants to get more intimate with her but is afraid to scare her away so he is being protective instead I guess thats why he is going to propose even though its too early for that but when things get complicated and the relationship is damaged maybe we will see more passion btw ppl has been telling me that DW & JM love might actually be a forbidden affair because there is that kid se ra between them u know he is her uncle and she is her half sister where I live I dont think it matters but in korea things might be different

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