Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 24 (Quick Note)

*sob sob*  TT_TT   Unexpected turn…………

Episode 24

GT and Cheon fight.

The soldiers prepare to shoot but YU stops them.

GT and Cheon  stand facing each other.  Cheon laughs, GT laughs, they thank each other.
And they are about to continue the fight, but Dae Ju’s  son  orders the shoot.
The arrow goes out, (not sure what happened, so fast) but Cheon slashes GT (distracted by the arrow) , and GT crouches  forward.  YU goes away.

Cheon couldn’t believe what GT just did, they talk about Ga Ok.
GT cries, Cheon wants him not to die.
Cheon is feeling very bad, he walks away.
DS runs to GT, he stops DS from going  after Cheon.
DS cries, GT holds DS, GT tells DS to take care of the Prince. DS cries.

JJ runs to GT calling him father.  He holds her face, and says she’s daughter (?) and he dies.

GT passes away with his eyes opened.
Both DS and JJ cry.

DJ learns the truth what his son had done, and knows that was a big mistake.
Cheon breaks the door,  he storms inside, DJ sits still, Cheon asks who did it?
DJ says it’s him.
But the son says it’s him.
Cheon draws his sword and about to kill the son but DJ tells him about GT sth.
Cheon still wounds the son’s arm, he whispers to DJ, and leaves.
DJ is angry.

DS sits quietly.
SM and JS stand with him.

JJ talks to GT’s dead body calling him father, she cries, she says sorry.
JG  is with her.

DS runs out alone, he cries.
JS  touches his shoulder and smiles.
He looks at her.

DJ talks to his lackey, asking the son if he’s ok.
DJ plans something again, the lackey looks  at him, he is scared about his plan.

SM comes to DS who are standing alone, SM tells DS to come inside.
SM and DS walk in the room, SM tells DS  Flashback – GT talks to SM about DS (I think GT wants DS to study his dead body).
DS is surprised.
DS is not going to do what SM tells him to do.

DS sits with GT’s body and flashback GT talks to DS before he died.

DS bows to the body, he says to GT to forgive him. And he opens the robe and
looks at the slashed wounds one by one, there are 3-4 slashes, he looks at it. (He observes the fighting)

The king talks to the Prince, the Queen smiles.
The officials are gossiping about  BDS, DJ and Han Gu (the Queen’s dad) come to the Queen, they talk about BDS

Villagers talk about GT, In hears the news and smiles. (Can’t you believe the writer made GT die before IN???)

The lackeys see In.

DJ talks to In, he gives In  gold.

SM and all spread  GT’s ashes in the air on the mountain. SM tells GT to go.
SM cries saying to go well (go in peace).

Flashbacks – GT with baby DS, DS the teenage,  very long past scenes (too long??)

Cheon sits alone, he drinks.
In comes behind looking at him.

YU with GH, YU thinks about GT said that both DS and YU are his sons.
YU didn’t go send GT off.

JG talks to GT (his last words). SM cries.
DS and JJ cry.

JJ  feels the pain in her heart, she stands alone. DS  comes  talk to her.
JJ tells DS, she pokes at her heart saying, “DS,  it hurts  so much” .
JJ  couldn’t breath.
JJ asks for a while, to be alone?  DS doesn’t  follow her.

Cheon talks to himself asking GT.

YU  is pacing  in the guild, thinks back about the fight of  GT and Cheon, and he thinks about DS (that DS might get something out of the fight?).

DS is practicing  sword alone, with the flashback  how GT  had taught him.
DS   improves  his skills.

The Prince walks to see the weapon (spear) that his father , the Crown Prince used.
The Prince practices  martial arts with the spear, and the King sees him and is worried.

He scolds the Prince about the spear, he orders YD to destroy/take it away, the Prince counters him.
But the King insists. YD  takes the spear outside and looks at it.

JS stands alone worrying, SM walks to her, he asks her about DS. He tells her to wait,
when he’s ok, he will be back.

In comes to collect his  tailored made weapon,  it’s a special made bow and arrows.

Cheon sees a dad and a daughter walk together , he looks at them.
Cheon thinks about JJ asked him how many he killed with his sword.
He walks to  JM’s place.

JM’s daughter sees him, she thinks of how he killed her dad, Dae Po.
She holds a knife at him, he catches a knife from her.

He talks  and returns the knife to her.

JJ walks in, she asks Cheon, why he is here?
She didn’t hate him, but now she hates him, what to do he killed her dad.  JJ asks him  how can you kill my dad?
She pushes him to leave.

SM and JG come, but JG stops SM from hurting Cheon.

JM’s daughter comes telling DS, she wants him to  revenge  for her dad. DS nods.

Cheon asks for DS.
DS runs back.
He arrives, Cheon stands up     *gulp*
Cheon tells  DS to follow him.
SM tells DS to be careful.
DS tells SM to take care of  JJ.
DS looks at her, he nods to her.

DS  stands facing Cheon.

DS draws his sword and they fight.
Cheon thinks is this what you want, GT?
Cheon talks to GT in his mind.

SM is pacing, JG tells him to believe in DS.  JJ is worried.

Cheon and DS  are still fighting.

DJ’s nephew sees them,

Finally, DS’s sword is able to stop close to Cheon.
DS stops, Cheon pins his sword to the ground  and says,  about DS’s  heart to kill,
DS thinks about GT said, he turns to kill Cheon. His eyes look like a killer now.
Cheon closes his eyes, Cheon turns, they continue.
Cheon says,  this time fight to kill.
DS looks  with intention to kill.
DS slashes Cheon, but Cheon’s sword is also  over DS’s head but Cheon stops.
Blood coming out of Cheon’s body, he says to DS, do you understand now, about GT.

Cheon turns and walks away.
YU runs out of no where (scares me) and stabs  DS,  but DS uses his sword to protect from YU’s sword, YU wants to be
the Joseon best swordsman(?). YU challenges DS.  (So they are now the younger GT and Cheon, I guess)

DS walks back  and everybody is happy  except JJ, JG touches JJ’s shoulder.

YU walks alone, Cheon sits alone.
YU walks to him, Cheon asks why he’s here.
YU tells him his decision, from now on, his heart, his life, the assassin guild.
Cheon stands up and prepares to fight YU.

YU draws his sword.  (How can YU do this?  Cheon is wounded Man! Not cool)
They fight, YU thinks about when Cheon asked him to follow him.
(Cheon is going to die here?)
They fight with  flashbacks of how Cheon had taught  YU in the past.
YU  thrusts his sword into Cheon’s mid body.

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  1. guys what does OTP mean because i heard people saying like on youtube why can’t yeo un and ji sun be the official OTP does that mean couple?????????

  2. gahhhhhh i want more yeo un and ji sun scenes i think there will be acouple in the upcoming eps i mean the writers have to finish it cause i mean if they don’t end up together then they should have a couple of last scenes with them to put them to an end even thou i don’t want that to happen they better hurry up and put some scenes of them and jin ju and dong soo because it’s not much longer till the finale

  3. I ve just seen the ep 24 eng!! YU said “that just my best blow”when he stabs DS, you are survivED in this blow, you’re the best swordman I ‘ll kill the n°1..noooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • i’m watching now haven’t finished yet

      • just seen the ep sooo many questions i mean if yeo un has killed cheon what about in and dae ju maybe they’ll kill jin ju when in said to dae ju about he has a daughter sooooo i don’t know also is that a metaphor the way cheon keeps saying about gwang taek fishing and the needle

        • Don’t understand also the metaphor
          i just thought that,if i am the writer, I will turn the script like that : cheon will not exactly die by yu,YU let himm survive with some wound, and in the later, cheon saved JJ from the trap of In (becoz of the conversation of DJ and In).in fact, YU will not very an assassin and pretend he is the new sky lord, JJ will not have a bad think about Cheon and die after that,In will be kill by Cheon,
          soo don’t have any idea about the fight of DS and YU (wait for that…)but I think DS turn back YU( cuz of the promise by Gae taik to help YU in ep 23)
          No time for the romance here hihihihi

          • nooooooooooooooooooooo lol me wants a romance as well but we still got six eps left so even if they don’t have the romance till like the last two eps then yhhh but seriously we need something bad to happen to ji sun like she gets kidnapped or killed so yeo un can save her hehehe i cried in ep 24 i felt sooo sad when gwang taek said to cheon i wanted to get you back and make you your old self i felt sad cause i was imagining the same thing dong soo would say to yeo un but only the other way around yeo un’s about to die in fact i don’t think at the end of the drama the finale there will be a death between either dong soo or yeo un it’s probs gonna be continueing history dong soo and yeo un will be like gwang taek and cheon they’ll keep dueling but won’t actually kill each other and yeo un will find a kid and raise him same with dong soo will get an aprentice that would be funny if that happened lol

  4. i probably won’t watch since i said warrior baek dong soo and the princess man are my first and probably last korean historical period drama but there’s a new one released october 5th called a tree with deep roots it’s out after protect the boss i saw a preview when i skiped through ep 15 of protect the boss i looked it up but it doesn’t say what the story is about just that it’s a period drama

  5. i hope k comments you’ll do a recap of ep 22 before ep 23 and 24

    • Ouch, how did you know? I was planning to do just that, temping for ep23 reaally hehe. But now the secret is out..hum……

      • ohhhhhhhh HAHA wow that was deja vu hehe well it’s only cause noticed you just did recap for ep 21 which i read hehe and quick note of ep 23 and 24 waiting for recap for ep 22 i mean literally i stalk this blogging site i love warrior baek dong soo recaps here alicechen is good aswell but she’s a bit slow she’s only recapped ep 18

  6. but i love the contrast of white and black it looks all smoky when yeo un started fighting choen also when cheon was looking at the sky with it’s purple and yellow sky pretty

  7. I checked the vid, and hereby confirm DS tells Sa Mo to take care of JJ, weeeee!

    • yhhhh that was badass i’ll wait for subs i think yeo un needs to be stronger but i don’t want him to be completely evil if he does i think there should be at least a couple of scenes of him and ji sun just to know he still loves and cares for her and hasn’t completely gone to the dark side

      • and gahhhhhhh i want dong soo to realise jin ju is the one but if he does fall in love with her i hope it won’t be out of sadness and pity for her just because of all the shizzle she’s been in

  8. I m feel bad for Cheon!! snif…. this episode is dedicate for Cheon and his act…. too late Cheon.. Sorry for you, he loose his his treasure”daughter(fake) JJ” !!!

    • i know i felt awfully bad for jin ju since she never got out the words father to gwang taek and when she saw him about to die she got out the words and cheon who was more of a ftaher will probably die GOD confused what was it that yeo un and dong soo talked about at the end when it looked like yeo un was gonna attack dong soo did they talk about killing each other it’s just soooo tragic i’m afraid of continue the show lolz

      • i like the last scene, the fight of YU and Cheon, may be YU accused him to learn to be an asssassin and in the past if he didn’t follow Cheon,he would not be an assassin (assassin guilt)

  9. just skiped through the ep wowsers i mean that was a very sasuke and naruto scene the way yeo un was gonna attack dong soo and he blocked almost looked like a hugg yeo un looked soooo sad when talking too dong soo and he looked really sad when he was fighting cheon and cheon he looked sad and yeo un when yeo un stabbed him yeo un looked sad!!!!!!! and i don’t know why yeo un did it did he do it because he wants revenge for his father dong soo??? or the faact cheon killed gwang atek or was it selfishly because he wanted to be the sky lord and leader to own hoksa chorong (assassin guild)

    • or just to release the burden of choen if for any of those reasons then thats selfish in my opinion i mean if cheon is defo dead which he probs is then yeo un will carry on his life in misery he wouldn’t be getting vengeance he’ll be living miserable life which he already has

  10. OHMYGOSH i just noticed an editing mistake lol you were right kcomments when yeo un was gonna attack the prince and the arrow him him i swore i saw the sword hit him but then in yeo uns’ had gosshhhhhhhh that was so noticeable lol

  11. yesssssssssss it’s out on epdrama

  12. also i don’t get if dong soo and jin ju and ji sun based off of real people in history nobody said about yeo un does that mean he’s just a made up character for the story or there was a person like yeo un back then just changed the name?????

  13. Btw, did DS asked to SM take good care of JJ? Gasp* Not JS? o_0

    Weeee JJ you are making your way on DS’s heart.

    • yhhhhhh i know i reckon there will be jin ju and dong soo in the upcoming eps they better hurry up with them hehe i want dong soo with jin ju and yeo un with ji sun

    • @Iviih
      There’s a chance I heard it wrong, cuz I wondered too, JJ or JS. Gotta check the vid ^^

      • i would check but it’s on tudou it takes for ever to load so i can’t skip through lolz he probably said jin ju

      • @kcomments sorry i keep on about it but is there a scene of yeo un and ji sun in ep 23 i’ll check in a min cause psychobrit2008 said there was but i think she’s wrong

        • Sorry, not that I could think of, no. But I could be wrong, ep23 the first half was about the Prince’s journey, the second half was about GT saying good-bye. Plus, Ji Seon now stays with Sa Mo, chances are there won’t be much of their scenes together.

          Towards the finale, I would say, the story will focus more on the Prince and Dae Ju, six episodes left, I think it’s time the writer should start closing on Dae Ju, don’t you think? I even think about DJ send soldiers to destroy the assassin guild, or may be the Prince will duel with Dae Ju using The Crown Prince Sado’s spear, well it’s all may be tho hehe

          • yhhhhhh thats true and yhhhh as much as i hope for scenes of them i think they should have at least a few scenes of them before the finale even if we don’t see scenes of them till the finale because i mean if yeo un and ji sun don’t get together in the end then the writers should close it between them lol

  14. Un is just a coward, never chose the path he wants to go. He is always in the between the two paths and can’t chose one.

    He always says ”I’ll….. ” and never really does.

    Come to think in it, the characters in this drama really love to say something that they never do.

    Be Un saying he will be a assassim but never really become one (or want to) and DS who always say he will protect the others but in the end he is never able to do it – if it wasn’t for SM and JJ last episode – The prince would have been hurt or dead. (But ok, I don’t blame DS was too many guys against him :P)

    I think Un’s character is really badly written – the writer seems undecided to what he wants Un to be.

    Imagine if Un can’t kill Chun but IN appears and kill him (since he is badly hurt)? I would hate the writer so much LOL

    Thanks for the recap ^^

    • YH I AGREE thats true i actually get annoyed when people sau un is evil and a bad guy because he isn’t he’s a confused person and can’t decide for himself in a way there’s a possibility he’s decided now but yhhhh and he just keeps getting ordered around by dae ju he is a really confused messed up child because of his father i mean seriously he was gonna kill the prince or the guy on the roof and then in the forest there’s an assassin that was gonna kill the prince then yeo un kills the guy and saves the prince he really is messed up lolz but either way i like it like this because he hasn’t gone completely evil i don’t think that should happen really i mean were pretty close to the finalle unless the writers and directors squeeze it in somehow and yhhhh i think WBDS and the princess man are my first and gonna be my last historicals there just soooo depressing but they make me happy as well and so realistic

    • @Iviih
      My wild guess would be, YSH’s huge fan clubs, be it noonna or ajumma, may be the writer is concerned about the fans, to write him totally dark. So Un is going back and forth between a hero and a villian. ^^

      • HAHA that would be laughthable if that was the reason but the writers ain’t doing a good job with writing him off as completely evil it ain’t much longer till the finale soooo they better hurry up lol and i don’t think he’ll go completely evil even if he does inside he’ll still be the messed up sad child he always was

  15. was there any scenes of yeo un and ji sun in ep 23 kcomments cause pshychobrit2008 said there was but i’m not sure??????????

  16. sooooooo whats gonna happen now yeo un is gonna turn really evil and become the sky lord and the leader of hoksa chorong the assassin guild and go against dong soo which he technically did confused did he actually stab dong soo if he did thats lowwwwwwwwwww and all i hope dong sooooo willl fall in love with jin ju because seriously i ahven’t checked out the ep waiting for online but i hated reading the bit where ji sun touched dong soo and he truned crying and she smiled comforting him because i want ji sun with yeo unnnnnnnnnnnnnn sooo bad but i’m gonna try and leave it open lolz just as long as there’s more scenes of them in future eps and dong soo fallls in love with jin ju because seriously ji sun’s gone through some major shizzle she even went through alot just to protect them i mean getting beat up watching jin gi beat up she loses both parents and now she’s probs gonna lose cheon who he thought was her dad he was showed sooo much fatherly love to her and thinking he was her father he still loves and cares for her even thou she’s not his real daughter and now she hates him because he killed her real dad but seriously i hope thou that ji sun doesn’t die because of dong soo and yeo un like ji did that would be awful

    un dont so this to me 😥 dont join the dark side ….. my heart aches maaannn !!!
    whywhywhywhywhy !!!!
    *cries and cries and cries*

    what about Ji Sun … hmmm 😥 goshh
    i will become a serious hater of this drama if things dont end well with this drama for Un !!

    hahaha i’ve also realized i cant keep up with comments xD im subscribed to most episodes but i dont even know whats going on in the comments section LOLZZ

    ahhh wth, im not going to be able to sleep for a week because of stupid Un and his stupid ways :@ just when i’d planned my wedding and everything he has to become the one tihng i hoped he wouldnt become :/

    so im going off to die now so byebye,
    thanks again kcomments
    i dont know how im going to survive when you go on vacation,, i tired watching a raw episode and i didnt grasp a single thing… what will i do without you 😦 and subbings pretty slow for this drama 😥

    • You planned the wedding with YU/YSH? Oh no, haha….well you can always go to, I’m quite sure during the last two episodes, lots of kind souls will give you lots of details of the episodes , and they may join force to hunt down the writer after the finale buahahaha…….

    • don’t worry anisah@ you still have me unfortunately won’t understand a word but will talk on here about it guys and kcomments will still do a quick note on ep 25 and 26 and hopefully ep 27 and 28 i hope anyways wow it seriously don’t feel long away till the ending finale but i’m glad it has two eps a week i mean if it was one ep a week i’d die lol

  18. And the poll wins, GT is the one who died first, I was a little careless about GT but Cheon at the end, he was awesome (so sad when JJ tells him that she hates him, he’s been thinking about JJ a lot).

    Also, I notice something changed of DS towards JJ, not sure, but if the writer is going to make DS turn 180 degrees and love JJ all of a sudden next week, well , I wouldn’t be surprised because unreasonable things happened all the time in this drama ^^

    Come to think about it, why wasn’t DS surprised to hear that JJ is GT’s daughter? Dun..dun..ok, I think the writer forgot hehe.

    • yhhhhhhhhh i know i hope dong soo turns to jin ju because i sooooooo badly want yeo un and ji sun lol but sdince yeo un has turned to a major dick (please excuse my language again) i don’t know i’ve just given up lolz i just want a happy ending lol

  19. well this is just GREAT seriously i had one tear reading this please excuse my language but yeo un is a dick head so does that mean cheon is gonna die as well why can’t they at least have one preview i was hoping for more scenes of ji sun and yeo un lolz pshychobrit2008 said there was one scene of them in ep 23,,,,,, so yeo un’s decided he’s gonna stay at hoksa chororng the assassin guild and be a killer does that mean he’s killed cheon for it now he won’t be happy in the end and get to be with his mates and dong soo and won’t get to be with his love ji sun hopefully to GOD in the upcoming eps they’ll be more scenes of yeo un and ji sun just to know yeo un still cars and loves ji sun but seriously after this turn i think i’ve given up on this drama i’ll still watch it but hopefully it will have a happy ending but by this horrible turn i don’t think there will be a happy ending i’ll still carry on and watch but i think i’ve given it up lolz this has upset me GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AIGOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • i want more scenes of yeo un and ji sun even if yeo un goes really dark,bad and evil or whatever at least will know yeo un still cares and loves her lolz

    • im going to keep telling myself he isnt gong to have the heart to kill Cheon . . . . if he does i’ll hate him eternally :@
      and he’ll be another sasuke in my eyes :/
      and i HATE sasuke

      • OH GOSH I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT THINKS THIS DRAMA IS LIKE NARUTO lol yhhhh dong soo is naruto and yeo un i’s like sasuke kinda to me sasuke is more evil lol but yhhhhhhh i like to just and say this is different to naruto even thou there are alot of similarities lol

  20. thanks for upload will read

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