Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 23 (Quick Note)

Episode 23

YU rides straight to the Prince. DS comes forward with his sword, but YU  leans backwards and is able to pass through.

YU moves closer to the Prince.  He fights with all the guards and beats them all  to stand in front of the Prince.

He raises his sword high aiming at the Prince.

An assassin on the roof  shoots an arrow to the Prince, and hits the Prince on his chest. YU stops.

DS rushes to the Prince. Flashback – Cho Rip gives the Prince a safety jacket to the Prince to wear inside.

His three friends circle YU.

The Prince pulls the arrow out. He’s ok because of  the jacket.

DS takes the Prince away,  YU fights  with CP and the friends, YU  beats them and runs after DS.
DS, the Prince, HD  walk  in the forest.

Kenzo and Mr. tall and his men, walk  to them.
Kenzo talks directly  to the Prince that  he will take his life  (Ouch, how dare you!).
DS kills Kenzo’s  men, Kenzo advances to  DS.
The Prince draws his sword  (wow, the Prince’s really cool!) and they all engage in the fight.
DS  fights with Ken,the  Prince fights with Mr.tall.  HD hits Mr. tall with his  painting gear.

The Prince is about to slash a man, but an arrow hits the man from behind, it’s  from JJ. SM and his men run in.

Kenzo  calls his men to retreat. DS lets them go.

Further away, there is a man aiming an arrow at the Prince, YU  kills him.

DJ listens to the lackey explaining.

DS asks SM how?  Flashback,  SM , JJ and his men all tied, arrested. SM  sees YU  ride by.
SM shows  DJ’s son the tag (GT gave him)  given by  the King , DJ’s son steps back.  SM orders him to release them.

Present – CP and the three guards run joining them.

DS suggests the Prince…will be dangerous.

DJ tells the lackey pointing at the place in the map, but the lackey  does not agree.
The Queen’s  father leaves.

At the village, Kenzo is with YU. YU wants to leave, Ken calls him, they fight and YU beats  him, Ken asks him about DS.

The Prince’s  group marches to the place and performs  the ceremony successfully.

The lackey runs  to DJ, DJ is angry, saying it’s  that  BDS.

GH (the gisaeng)  looks at Kenzo walks out.

YD comes to meet the Prince,  he’s happy that the Prince is back in the palace safely.
The King is happy to see the Prince.

The lady reports to the Queen about the Prince that he is back.

DS and the group come back to SM’s place, JM and daughter greet them, DS bows to GT.
DS greets JS.

They tell GT about YU, flashback that YU fight with the friends but didn’t harm them.

Present – YU drinks alone thinking  about CP talking to him.

GH comes to YU and tells him  to stop drinking, GH talks to YU. YU is sad.

SM calls  for GT, JS tells him that  GT  has gone to meet  the King.

GT talks with the King. (that’s he’s leaving)
The Prince with GT.

GT talks with DS and the three kids. DS is sad.

DS looks at GT.

SM helps GT pack his things.  JG sits with them.
GT asks  JG about JJ.
JG tells GT that JJ has something to tell him.

JJ is pacing, sweating. JM’s daughter comes talk to her.
JJ asks her about GT.
JM’s daughter tells JJ that don’t know when GT  will be back.

Cheon comes to an empty house alone. He sits and thinks of JJ, when he’s with her.
and when Ji was killed.

GT comes to JJ, asking what she wants ( JJ doesn’t tell him yet).  GT teaches JJ.
GT walks  into the house.

The whole  group arrange  a big  meal,  they all sit at the table.  GT tells SM about JM.
DS doesn’t look happy.
JJ walks in, HD calls her loudly to sit with him.
They all are having a good time.

JJ walks to GT and gives him a plate of  food, GT looks at her. She smiles.

GT tells DS to come with him, his  pain occurs again.
GT recounts the old five men including DS’s dad,  drinking together and making promise to protect the Prince.
Flashback- that Cheon kills the Crown Prince Sado.

DS talks to GT.

DS asks GT what’s about it, DS tells GT to please absolutely come back.

DJ learns about GT from his son.
DJ plans to kill GT.

Cheon sits alone drinking. He thinks about the last time he fought with GT.
He talks to Ga Ok, whether  she’s waiting there.

GT walks back with DS, JJ is sleeping outside, DS wants to wake her up, but
GT tells him to leave, he coughs , he covers JJ with his robe , GT touches her face, he hurts his stomach again.
GT smiles looking at her sleeping, but the pain is too strong , he gets up and leaves.
He leaves a letter beside her.

Dawn break, DS waits  for GT, GT  leaves,  DS calls him and kneels down bows to the ground.
DS thank him, he cries. that he will wait for him not getting up, this  BDS will wait for him.
DS tells GT to must come back.
GT touches his shoulder.
GT leaves.

JJ wakes up and sees the clothes that covered her, she sees the letter from GT and reads.
JJ runs.

She catches up with GT. She tries to call him dad  but the word  wouldn’t come out.
He turns to her. JJ thinks  in her head that  when  he comes back she will tell him. (my guess)

CP and three friends and SM come to DS  who is  kneeling and not getting up.
JM’s daughter finds a letter in the room.

SM talks to JG and the rest.

JM’s daughter gives the letter to SM, he reads, it’s  from GT to him.
He tells him sth sth and that  he asks SM to take  care of   JJ (Ga Ok’s daughter).

JJ reads GT’s letter alone. She cries.
(I think GT knows that he’s her father)

DS will kneel until GT comes back.

GT walks, Cheon is at the house, they meet.

YU with GH, she tells him the news.

GT with Cheon sit together by the lake, GT hides his sickness, he coughs.
At night, they eat together.

SM walks out, the lackey and DJ’s son look at him.
They follow SM.

SM walks to the place and looks at  Cheon and GT sit together. The lackey look at them.

The lackey reports to DJ.
GH hears them from outside.
DJ tells the soldiers to kill them.

GH tells YU.
YU walks out.

JG sits with JJ.
JJ is worried.

GT drinks and coughs, Cheon looks at him.
He asks if GT is not well.
GT says…the day he waited..

AT night , GT looks at the moon.

DS  kneels alone.

JJ is hugging GT’s  robe.

Cheon is  sharpening/cleaning his sword.

Dawn break, Cheon walks out.

The King is with the Prince.
They both talk about GT, the King tells him about he’s sick, cancer.
The Prince tells the three  guards about GT’s sickness.

CP and the three guards run to DS and tell him that GT is sick with cancer.
DS gets up and they all tell SM and JG.

The lady  hears the Prince talking to the guards.
She tells DJ that GT is sick, and the Queen’s father laughs, but DJ thinks different.
He orders his lackey.

DS  pressures  SM to tell him the place where GT and Cheon meet.

DS runs out, JJ runs after him, she says let’s go together.

Cheon walks to GT.
They drink together. Each holds a cup,
when they put down the cup , they draw their swords and start fighting.

They fight,but GT shows  sign that he’s not well.
They fight on.
Cheon slashes GT first on his chest. Blood coming out.
They fight, Cheon slashes GT  again at his waist. Then Cheon knows , he stops.
GT coughs and walks outside.

Cheon shields his sword.

They  continue fighting  outside.
Soldiers come with arrows hiding behind  the trees,  DJ’s son is about to order the shooting.


GT talks with SM
DS  is looking at  somebody’s  wound crying.

DJ  gives In money, In is acquiring weapons.
The Prince is practicing  his sword to fight, the King sees him.

The King yells at the Prince.

While GT and Cheon are staring at each other to continue the fight. YU puts his sword to DJ’s son throat, but  DJ’s son orders the shooting anyway.  The soldiers shoot the arrows, GT perks up because of the arrow flying so he loses his concentration in the fight. Cheon slashes him in his mid body. GT crouches forward.

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  1. can not wait for quick note for ep 24 here is an awesome mv of yeo un and ji sun that came out yesterday if you look down below on the comments psychobrit2008 siad there was a scene pf them in yesterdays ep but she only skiped through it i skiped through it yesterday but don’t remember a scene of them in ep 23 did you see one k comments here’s the link to the cool mv

  2. Hum… I’m getting angry already. Why can’t Un either turn 100% evil and go killing everybody (if he really want to be a assassim he must kill people!) or turns to DS’s side and help him? Because this thing of help to save the prince and then try to kill him again is tiring me. And this is such a hole on the plot, how come Un who is the strongest always get ordered around by DJ? Does not make sense, because he tells JS’s life is in line? If Un have so many stalkers to follow her he might as well have someone to follow and protect her around. He is the human lord he have many men to order around. Also, UN killing the prince because he have to save JS. Couldn’t the writter think of something else? And if JS is always in danger why let her go walk around all by herself, when they never kill the bad guys and etc? Always letting them go or alive.

    And….. and I can’t even tell how many scenes have editing mistakes! I find many wehn I watch.

    Be it the prince who got shot but has no hole in his clothes after he take it off, be how many arrows was there.. lol

    • you have a very good point i mean also i noticed when yeo un looked like he was gonna kill the prince and the guy on the roof shot him with the arrow and then in the forest another assassin was bout to kill the prince and yeo un put’s a knife to him and kills him i mean thats weird in my opinion and seriously i agree he should just kill dae ju already i mean he’s getting ordered around alot just to protect ji sun lol but dae ju don’t look like an easy battle i mean the way he pushed yeo un hard against the wall in ep 18 that was one scene i didn’t get seemed like a mistake byt the director cause when you first see ep 19 it cuts to yeo un outside and then he battles dae ju thats what confused me it was like dae ju pushed him so hard against the wall that he went through it and then yeo un is outside walking in ep 19 really weird lol

    • @Lizzie
      I couldn’t agree more, don’t make me start on it. It seems the writer hear yours in ep 24. It would be really awesome if YU goes really dark, in contrast with DS, that’s what I was expecting from the story. But lately I couldn’t help but think that the story is all about two boys taking turn to protect one girl, JS. Sorry to say this, DS/JS fallen flat for me, as well as DS being the Joseon best. And YU is a confused character, he tried to kill the Prince and then saved him later in the SAME episode. The character that compelled me gotta be Cheon, specially in ep24 ^_^

      • I KNOW RIGHT one scene i didn’t get i mean there was an assassin behind the tree about to use bow and arrow in the prince then yeo un saves him seriously i hope there will be more scenes of yeo un and ji sun because even if he goes really dark at least will still know he cares for her lolz and i don’t like that ji sun comforted and smiled at dong sooo noooooooooooo do not want lolz as long as they don’t kiss dong soo and jin ju all they way

  3. Nice to see you In in the next ep, hope that you wiil die now,!!!,everyone want your death but every time you survived….(the caracere of In fit him in this drama…crazy and heartessness).
    It’s my 4th favorite” actror” in this :drama.,(I want to kill him everytime I saw himm 🙂 )

    • HAHAHAH THATS THE WAY TO SAY IT i don’t hate him like you all guys do hehe i just think he’s pointless but the actor that plays him is really awesome to make his character so revolting lol i think there will always be at least one character you’ll hate in a drama hehe i think the actor that plays in is actually good friends with yoo seung ho that plays yeo un

      • @maria: when WBDS will finish, I will miss you,heeheh I think you put the most comment in WBDS 🙂

        • I KNOW RIGHT LOLZ i constantly keep coming back here to see if anyone will pop up lolz but after the show i will probably come back and keep commenting and hopefully will here from you guys opinions of the ending finale i don’t think i started commenting on here till ep 17 maybe once the show is over i’ll comment on the really old eps like ep 1 and 2 and all the rest cause there don’t seem to have any comments on there yet hehe and everyone is really polite here less hate towards the characters except for in lolz as there are on dramabeans there’s loads lol

          • sooooooo no doubt when it’s over i will be back and will be waiting for other opinions on the ending and take care of you guys while kcomments is away also want to know when kcomments is back from vacation want to know her opinion on the ending and all hehe and her last recaps hehe i’m assuming k comments is a girl hehe as arnold schwarzenegger says I’LL BE BACK lol

            • actually truthlly i worry on here i worry that i scare or annoy you guys with how much i comment lol hopefully that don’t scare you or annoy or effect you with how much i comment lolz and talk about yeo un and ji sun hehe

  4. WHAT was it that yeo un was saying in the preview for ep 24 it sounded like he said dong soo or baek dong something like that not sure??????????

  5. i loved the loveable way ji sun looked at jin ju she felt for her GOD ji sun looks really pretty dressed like that and her hair down sooo yeppeunah

  6. noooo nooooo do not want ji sun sitting next to dong soo it looks better when she’s on the other side lolz

  7. WOAH ji sun looks soooooooo beautiful her hair is down this time i didn’t think she was allowed to do that lolz

  8. GOD i wanna know what cho rip said and the gisaeng to yeo un

  9. aftr seeing the begining, I turned my mind, I hate you YU,.you want to kill the let’s see the second part

    • i knowwwwwwwwwww i was looking i just loved how it was slow motion yeo uns face when the prince was hit by the arrow also why did he get pissy and start fighting kenzo iw ant to know what he said to yeo un lol also how do we know he actually was gonna kill the prince he might of went to throw his sword at that dude up the top but of course i could be wrong

    • I’m just going to say that, I rewinded and rewinded, it really looks like YU intents to kill the Prince.
      Also, I fixed the preview already, don’t know who DS is crying looking at the wound, GT?

      My rant here, I think I saw a sword and an arrow on the Prince’s chest, but then @#$#$ only an arrow on his chest and a sword in YU’s hand. DEAR PD-nim, so called continuation! please! Editing job ,I guess *sigh*

      • hmmmmmmmmmmmm yhhhhhh who knows but yeo un is actually only intention to kill the prince is because of ji sun i mean dae ju keeps threatening him what else is he supposed to do to protect his love i wish yeo un would just kill dae ju already seriously and in is still alive he’s obs planning something for revenge

  10. yesssssssssss it’s online on epdrama

  11. soooooo whats happening k comments@ are you going off after ep 24 cause i heard your not doing quick notes well get time to after ep 24????????

    • Next week will do ep 25-26, and hopefully ep 27-28, but the finale week , atm, I would not be doing it cuz will be on vacation, but for the write-up will complete the most I can before vacation, then will pick up to complete 30eps after I come back, sorry ^^

      • THANKS FOR REPLYING HEHE thats ok kcomments we forgive you hehe maybe i’ll or will tell you what happens for the finale hehe you’ll probably watch it anyways i know one thing i’ll be on here alot taliking about the upcoming eps hehe it’s not much longer till the ending i’m soooooo looking forward to it hehe tomoz was the original finale date so i wonder what will ahppen can’t wait for all the eps i’m so psyched hehe

      • thank you k-comment for this blog!!!

  12. hopefully in the upcoming eps they’ll have more scenes of ji sun and yeo un because i mean if they don’t end up together in the end then maybe they’ll put it to an end between them at the end of the drama i don’t want that to happen but i soooooo want more scenes of them even it they don’t happen to like ep 25 or 26 i’m going to pray JKS lol

  13. ah!ah! my HD can fight!! yesss

  14. thanks for sharing us, very fast!! 🙂

  15. aaaah i was refreshing the homepage for god knows hpe long for this xD

    i swear if Un was real i’d marry him hamds down :3
    he’s so amazing;
    “They tell GT about YU, flashback that YU fight with the friends but didn’t harm them.”
    he is absolutely wonderful, he as cheon said basicqlly has heaven under his feet,
    and yet his friends come first ALWAYS :’)

    and he drinks in sorrow 😥 i wanna give him a hug sooo badly 😦

    Thank you always kcomments ❤

    • yesssssssssssss thanks for posting i was refreshing tooo hehehe will read

      • hoping for scenes of ji sun and yeo un lolz hehe i feel sad watching this i really want to know what yeo un’s decided and what cho rip said to him and what gu hyang the gisaeng said to him for him to be sad

        • gonna have a look at the ep once out online

        • Of course, YU is sad, who would want to go against all of his close friends?
          This episode was about GT saying good-bye to everyone, but the fighting scenes were intense tho. DS smiles too when JJ sits with HD, it looks like the writer won’t concentrate on the lovelines that much.

          Also, the Prince is stepping up in this episode, he draws his sword and fights for real. He looks better in this ep too. I seriously love him this is episode ^^

          • yhhhhhhhhh i’m getting scared now lolz i want to know the ending sooooo bad lolz i’ll be checking out soon i don’t want it to end sadly the writers and directors want to make it good ending and satisfying i’m just disappointed if it will end sad and it sounds like it’s already sad i knew either cheon of gwang taek would die and i hope yeo un will end up with ji sun in the end and dong soo with ji sun seriously dong soo smiled when jin ju sat with hong do he should show jealousy lolz GAHHHHH i want to know the ending i’m scared with what will happen and all

    • @Anisah
      Omo…YU is YSH who is REALLL, so you can pursue him haha, but beware of his fans ^^

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