Hooray for Love Episode 16

Flashback – Jae Mi asks the nursery lady, which bank the donate money is coming from.  She drives to Dong Woo office building,  she sees  the teller machine on the ground floor,   it’s the same bank.

Present – Dong Woo answers that he likes her. Jae Mi asks him again if he really means it.

He confirms it and wants to say more but Jae Mi couldn’t let him finish. She says, now she knows his feeling, she won’t come back here anymore,  she thinks what he’s feeling now is  sympathy.  Dong Woo says, “Ajumma!”

She says  it was good being his friend, but now she just lost that friend.  She will stop selling take away (to him) from now, she tells him to stop  being an angel,  she cannot accept his expensive friendship anymore. She says thank you and leaves.

Dong Woo follows her to the parking lot, he tells her to wait, he’s not done talking yet.  Jae Mi doesn’t want to hear anymore, she opens the door of the car, he slams it close.

He tells her to listen carefully what he has to say,

“Yes, to be honest, I’m not sure of my feeling either. It might probably be what you said. During that time when we were together, I saw ajumma suffer, perhaps, I’m confused. But now, I miss ajumma everyday, waiting for ajumma, wanting to see ajumma, worrying about ajumma.  So, do not hide from me.  Let’s walk together  till the end. To find out exactly what this feeling is  until that time, when my feeling is confirmed.”

Jae Mi asks him why she should do that, he answers, because she is also as confused as him.

He tells  her to think about what she said, when she needed to rely on someone, whether he happened to be there, whether that is  why they’ve  reached this point.  The time when they were together, even for a second, if  she has never thought of him as a man, “Answer me! Be honest!”

She says he can think whatever he wants about her, the women he meets everyday are all high-class, to meet  someone like her just piqued his  curiosity.

He tells her to contact him when she’s confident enough to honestly face her feeling. He gives her three days.  He walks away.

 Jae Mi is confused, when she’s driving back, she thinks back about the incidents they shared in the past. She questions herself.

At home, mom asks Dong Woo, how his relationship with Ye Son is,  Dong Woo says they are doing well. Aunt tells him to bring her here. Se Ra says he’ s looking at the picture in his cell phone everyday, Joori snatches his phone and shows the picture to mom. Mom shows it to aunt and dad,  everybody likes Ye Son. Joori  wants to show the picture to Hyung Do but Dong Woo snatches his  phone back.

(oh no, if  Hyung Do knows it’s Jae Mi, will he want her in this family? Interessting…)

Jae Mi has to deliver the porridge at the same building that Dong Woo’s office is located, she walks to the building, the assistant sees her so he tells her, she can go says hello to Dong Woo, but she says she’s here to deliver on the 6th floor, she walks away.

The assistant wonders these two are always  together,  did they fight ?  He comes to the office, and tells Dong Woo he met Jae Mi.  Dong Woo acts cool and leaves for his appointment.

In the parking lot, he’s  pissed that  the ajumma is here and doesn’t drop by his office, he tells himself  if she doesn’t contact him by midnight tonight ,  it will be truly over for him.

He drives out of the building and it’s raining.  He sees Jae Mi using  a cardboard  to cover  her head not to get wet, he couldn’t stand it, he stops the car and pushes her inside.

Jae Mi is angry that he forced her in the car, he gives her his handkerchief to dry herself. She doesn’t want to. He yells that she’s  making his car mat wet. She takes the handkerchief saying this won’t change anything, her heart will never waver.  She tells him  that she will say it again, she has  no  plan to date him. So tonight do not wait for her till midnight. She begs him to stop making fun of her.

He starts to get angry at her, he asks her if he is making fun of her now, she talks like he will kidnap her at midnight, that absolutely will not happen.  He’s not like others who hide their feelings. He explains to her, the woman  that he likes,  is running in the rain with a cardboard, without an umbrella, what kind of  a man would leave her like that.

He yells at her,  if  she hates what he’s doing for her, then do not let him see her like this,  check the weather and bring an umbrella, do not use a cardboard.

Jae Mi wants to talk it over, but he says he’s too angry right now, he warns her not to talk anymore, He turns on the music and turns it  louder.  Jae Mi is frustrated  he  doesn’t utter a word.

He drops her off and tells  her that he will wait for her till midnight tonight  for  her  to answer him.  He drives away, Jae Mi looks at  him  with heavy heart.

(Eh…is he trying to court  her or choke her to death?  He’s  sure of her feeling more than herself, and just feels angry that she doesn’t admit it, I guess.)

Hee Soo  goes through her things and found a picture of  her and Sang Min, she burns it, but Jong Soo comes back, so she hurriedly puts  off the fire and dumps that burned picture into a trash can.

Jong Soo comes back to take her out, so she gets  in the bedroom to change. Jong Soo smells the burning, he looks down into the trash and sees the half picture, he looks at it questioningly.

Dong Woo’s  mom asks her man to find Hee Soo.

Jong Soo takes Hee Soo to buy things for kid, he is  happy. She asks him , if  she’s  not pregnant, whether he will still marry her. He doesn’t answer to the question but say their child is about to be born, he intends to be a perfect dad for his child, not like his irresponsible father.

Hee Soo will go to the hospital Joori recommended today.  Joori and her aunt also are going to the hospital.

At the hospital, Hee Soo sends a message to Joori that she will be late, so Joori  goes  to see her husband, aunt sits alone.

Today Hyung Do and Jong Hee will go to see the African photo exhibition together, he gets up to leave. Joori gets into his office, he’s surprised, she wants him to treat  them dinner,  he refuses saying he has an appointment.  Hyung Do is worried that he will be late meeting Jong Hee.

Hee Soo comes to the hospital. Hyung Do walks pass her, he turns and remembers that she’s Jong Soo’s wife, he wonders why she’s here. Hee Soo comes to the reception  asking about her appointment, and says her name.  Aunt sits close by and hears the name,  she gets up and walks slowly to look.

Hee Soo turns to see her, she’s shocked. The aunt holds her hands, she’s glad to find her, then she sees that Hee Soo is pregnant. She asks if the child is…. Hee Soo pushes her away that she gets the wrong person, Hee Soo walks quickly and gets into the elevator, the aunt runs after her but misses the elevator.

Joori finds her aunt in a state of  shock, aunt tells Joori  that  she met Hee Soo, and she’s  pregnant, she thinks it’s Sang Min’s child.  Aunt feels dizzy, Joori holds her. (omo..omo)

The assistant is worried about Da Rim that she’s sick, he recalls her sleep-talking calling  her mom. He decides to call Jong Shim, he asks her number from Jae Mi.

He calls Jong Shim, and tells her that Da Rim is sick because she misses her, he begs her to visit Da Rim once.

She thinks he uses the kid to get to her, she hangs up. So he sends her message that it’s true, she will find out when she’s there , and he gives her his address.  She comes to his house, she sees Da Rim is  sick, lying, she holds her, Da Rim looks at her and  cries that she’s here.

Hyung Do and Jong Hee are at the African photo exhibition.  Hyung Do wants to do the volunteer work in Africa after he  retired, but doesn’t know how his life become like this.  Jong Hee encourages him not to give up his dream. He asks what her dream is.  She says she will tell him later.

Aunt thinks something is strange that Hee Soo was so scared to see her ,  she’s the only one supported her in Australia.

Mom asks Joori why her son-in-law come home late lately, Se Ra says, her dad said he has seminar and will come home late tonight. Mom thinks he uses seminar as an excuse to drink outside somewhere.  Dad says Dong Woo called he has an urgent case so he will come a little later.  (so both boys are on tonight ^^)

Jong Hee buys him the  photo book of the exhibition so he could look at it in his free time, he should be able to realize his dream one day.  The hospital chief sees them and walks over, he wonders why Dr.Kang is here, then he sees Jong Hee, he asks him who she is. Jong Hee turns herself away from him. Hyung Do says she’s just a person he knows, the chief eyes them suspiciously  before he walks away.

Jong Hee’s embarrassed, she  says  she will go back now and hurriedly walks out  of the building. He catches up with her outside, he tells her to let’s find a place to talk.

They walk together in the park, she tells him that when she saw the chief, she felt the same way when she had to hide from his  wife in the hospital.  He says sorry. She  tells him she didn’t say to make him feel sorry. Every time they meet, it  would turn out like this again and again.  So, let’s not meet again.

She tells him the truth  that she likes seeing him, wants to meet him. Although after the divorce she hated him, she still misses him. But compared to her happiness of seeing him, her heart felt heavier 2-3 times more. Let’s not see each other again.

He says it’s all his faults. After the divorce, he has never forgotten her,  he asks her to treat their meeting as between friends.  She says how they can think of each other as friends. She tells him her dream  is  to be with him till they become old,  to stay beside him  helping poor people.

If he has never forgotten her after the divorce, why did he remarry?  If  he’s sincere, should he not stay single like her?  Then she would not have to suffer now.

Hyung Do explains to her that, this may look like  an excuse, he was lost when both she and Jae Mi abandoned him, didn’t know  how to live on, he also hated her for not forgiving him,  she (Joori) was the only one  with him, telling him she could not live without him.

Jong Hee yells at him, that is why she told him to go back and stay where he chose. Why he’s making her feel miserable?

Hyung Do accepts that he’s selfish, but a human heart doesn’t work that way, he cannot control it. He doesn’t want to become someone who bear no meaning in her life. He says to let’s  be good friends, old friends known each other for a long time, to keep in touch, to meet from time to time.

He begs her that he knows he’s selfish, greedy and has no right, but he doesn’t want to lose her and Jae Mi again. He says that even now…even now.. he still loves her.  Jong Hee turns her back to him and cries.

The assistant comes home worrying for Da Rim, he’s surprised that Jong Shim is here. She asks if he’s busy tomorrow, if that is so, she will come again (she feels bad for a kid to be alone). He says what to do and smiles mischievously that  he will be working  over time for the whole month. Jong Shim, “Euh?”

Dong Woo is working in his office, he thinks about what Jae Mi said that she will not change her mind, and not to wait for her until midnight, he says to himself, “That ajumma is really not going to come?”. He checks his watch disapponitedly.

Jae Mi closes her shop for today and walks to the bus stop.  She looks at the sky and sees the red moon, reminds her of the night with Dong Woo, that he  told her to pass all her grief and unhappiness  to him and the moon, and to return to the way she was.

She checks the time, it’s  11:47. The bus arrives, she changes her mind and hops in a taxi.

Dong Woo is looking at his watch, it’s 00:00, he gets up decidedly, turns off  the light in his office and leaves.

Jae Mi is in the taxi trying to call him but he doesn’t pick up the phone.  She arrives and rushes to his office, but the door is locked.  She’s disappointed, she leans on the door and sighs.

Dong Woo steps out of the elevator,  but  he left  his phone in the office, so he steps back into the elevator, he gets out and walks to his office. He looks over and sees Jae Mi is standing there. He stops walking and stares at her.

She starts to leave, walking slowly , she looks up and sees him in front of  her. He keeps staring at her, not saying a word. Jae Mi says she thought that nobody’s here so she’s about to leave. She looks at him and sighs.

She says, that’s right, she’s here to see him, she will tell the truth,  she doesn’t believe in lying.

She says, “But no matter how I think about it,  it’s better we do not start on this. There are too many reasons, I am a divorcee,  you are a playboy, I couldn’t trust you , and  if your mother finds out what kind of a woman I am, she will surely oppose…..”   Before she finishes,  Dong Woo drops his bag and walks over to her.

He holds her close staring at her.  She looks at him and says, “So….so I don’t have the confidence.”  He kisses her.

Then he hugs her tight……

At home,  Jong Hee thinks about what Hyung Do said that he doesn’t want to lose her and Jae Mi again. Jae Mi comes to her, she hugs her mom. Mom tells her tenderly not to give up in love, in her experience, she’s discovered what she regretted the  most is that she gave up on love when it was still there.  So if  Jae Mi gets another chance, don’t miss it.

Jae Mi wonders why she suddenly talks about this,  she thinks her mom must  feel lonely, she hugs her.

The man reports to mom that he learns about Hee Soo’s brother that he used to operate a nightclub but he’s moved. He gives her the brother picture. After he left, mom calls Joori to take her aunt out to eat , because she wasn’t able to eat well.

Joori takes her to Jong Soo’s shop, she introduces her aunt to him that she’s from Australia, he calls Hee Soo to come to the shop, there are important guests here.

The aunt still wonders why Hee Soo had to run away. If  she’s married and gets pregnant, there should be no reason for Hee Soo to avoid her. The more she thinks about it,  she’s certain that the  baby is  Sang Min’s child.

Jong Soo comes sit with them, Joori tells her aunt that his wife studied in Australia, aunt asks the name of the school. It appears  to be the same school that her son, Sang Min,  attended. Jong Soo is surprised. The aunt says may be his wife is Sang Min’s  classmate.

Hee Soo comes in the shop, Joori introduces her to her aunt. They look at each other and both are shocked. Hee Soo drops her bag,  Jong Soo looks at her and calls her name.

^^ Reduce to PG 18++ hehe………*zzzzzzzzz rewind*

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  1. I think the relationship that JM and DW have will change him, he will become a man instead of the spoil little mama’s boy of the past.Every since taking JM case he seems to work more and to have more clients. JM is a woman trying to build her own business and CP will appreciate that about her. JM has no reason to take any of CP abuse, she is not trying to marry some rich kid and live like a princess, on the other hand I think because DW is taking on more cases his business will improve and he will no longer want to take CP money, especially since JM would not approve. DW will want to remain a man in JM eyes. He will choose her over CP.

    The change in him will be what brings CP around, seeing her son become the man she always hoped he would be. CP is a fighter and she admires people who stand up for themselves. These two will have her eating out of their hands.

    If ep 21 does not mean the end to HD and JH carrying on I don’t know what will. I don’t think that he will be the love the fortune teller spoke of. There has to be a new man on the horizon.

    • Aww…now that you suggest another man for JH, I love the idea ^^ But the promo poster shows only HD with JH and DW with JM so, not sure. DW is changing for sure, he’s getting more and more serious about his feeling for JM. I think he will propose soon, surely JM will not go along, it would be fun how DW would win her hehe. However, as soon as, they are going for a total disaster, to confront his mom with the whole truth, I might need to turn off the volume, or else mom’s whining might wake up my neighbors 🙂

  2. What JM said in this episode was totally true. It’s better if we don’t start this because there are just so many reasons….. How on earth DW is going to straighten the fact about JM’s identity to his mom. He lied to her in the first place. It becomes more complicated once JM knows DW’s family…. not even mentioning that JR is her step mom. Holly cow! It’ll give her a shock of her life. I really want to know how JM is going to take it. Will that be enough ammunition for JM to break up with DW? How is DW going to maneuver the situation to his advantage? JM’s parents relationship is just sooo wrong!!!!! I’m so irk watching their scenes together. For goodness sake, don’t we have enough tragedy and sadness in our lives?

    • There are two ways JM can take DW’s family. One, she hates them and breaks up with DW, two, she jumps into his family and revennnnge! I think the latter would be interesting (story wise), but it’s really the wrong start lying to his mom, even her name is fake. Ask any moms, they will all be pissed, but it’s DW’s doing, so he has to find the way to fix that ^^

  3. Hyung Do needs to do the volunteer work in Africa now. Jong Hee doesn’t want him back. Joori says he is getting a belly, isn’t available enough, doesn’t make enough money for her, wears reading glasses, etc. The mother-in-law is always screaming at him, and the hospital says he is old and wanting to let him go. The “daughter” says he is getting lazy. He can’t win. Go to Africa because he certainly can’t live in the house if his daughter marries DW and moves in.

    DW is doing his best, too, with his “trust” therapy with JM – commendable, touching, yet funny for this nutcase girl he is trying to turn into a mature, loving woman. I read her background. I had to get beyond her ditsy character to appreciate her talents. She is quite educated. It will be interesting to see her at the end.

  4. If JM and DW were to marry and move into the family home, I don’t think that JM would take CP crap like her father does. She is the woman that can change DW from not only being a playboy but also from being lazy and living off his mothers money. That’s not JM style she would not want to live like that family and she would stop him as well.

    Even if that meant that he would have to go to a smaller office with only NDM as help.Between JM and NDM they would make DW depend on his self to become successful. . I like JM and DW together, they just fit each other.

    • At this rate, I think the drama might cover JM and DW’s marriage life too, she should gain the love of her mother-in-law in the end. However, DW has to work hard to convince JM to marry him since she’s chicken now talking about marriage, well who wouldn’t? Jong Soo had engraved big scar in her heart in terms of love / trust. Poor DW, fighting!

  5. I really don’t know what to think of Jong Hee and Hyung Do anymore because when he cried, from a 50+, it’s heartbreak.

    What I’m dreading the most is when Jae Mi knows that Joori is DW’s sister, both Jong Hee and Hyung Do will oppose DW for sure, they def would not want their daughter to suffer in that family.
    Oh dear, as if it’s not complicated enough between the two.

    Also, next month, I will be on vacation and will not be able to post anything during that time, will pick it up after that, sorry for the delay in advance ^^ Now if you will excuse me, need to go check on the Joseon best swordsman and the Prince Heir ^_^

  6. I just watched episode 18 raw, though I didn’t understand what they’re saying, just figured everything out by their actions/acting… the jealous DW so cute ….the cablecar kiss DAEBAK!…I’m loving Dong Woo more and more 😀

  7. This is my fave episode so far the confession and all…(who am I kidding? I love the grabbing plus kiss plus hug hehehe)

    I agree with what Ibelis said, I too think both ex husbands will go back and woo their ex wives…It’s just how they’ll gonna take it or handle it depending on the situation. And just like what the fortune teller said, both mom and daughter have the same destiny, one love ends and another begins….And yeah maybe the kids are not theirs too, Sera and Hee So’s child.

    I want Dong Woo and Jae Mi together but I don’t like the mom and dad to get back together…

  8. Thanks for the recap the subs for this drama are so slow in coming out, without your recaps where would we be.

    I don’t know why but I just feel that HD and JR kid is not his, if this is true that would make him and JS to alike. Both men dumped their wives without looking back , for a pregnant woman that was younger then them. Is that scary, it also says something about the mother and daughter as well. If that is not enough I think both men will try to get back with their first wife.I think the difference will be in how the ex wives handle their efforts.

    Komments can’t wait for your recaps to see if any of my wayward thoughts are right.

  9. I remember when the child needed to draw a picture of her mother, and was at a loss, her dad showed her a photo of what appeared to be the aunt to use.
    Thanks so much for these fantastic recaps. I have spent countless hours trying to figure out what was going on in these episodes, and looked all over the internet for spoilers/recaps. I think you are the only one, and believe me, you are good in bringing it together! Like someone else said, I have been checking almost daily for new ones. Please continue.

  10. Awesome can’t wait to see whose child that is but I think it’s the aunt son cUse that would make the story line much more interesting love love love thx for the recap as alwYs

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