Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 22 (Quick Note)

Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST (inst.)

This episode was very satisfying and so good, love the writer.

Episode 22

JG runs to help JJ, he unties her mouth, then he sees all the traps.
In comes in and sits down at the table , JG asks In why JJ, and very angry at In.

JJ tries to stop her dad to go closer to In or harm him, In cuts rope one by one,
one arrow each time hits JG (from leg, back, and back again), till he falls down lying on the ground.
JJ screams , In keeps kicking JJ. she falls lying beside JG.
She calls him, thinking back , flashback – JG tells JJ that this thief JG, no matter what,  is your dad.

DS fights with GT at SM’s place, he loses to GT.
It seems he couldn’t concentrate, GT asks him. DS looks worried.

DS asks SM where is JG? SM doesn’t know, but JMD says JG was looking for JJ, he couldn’t find JJ.

JG lies beside JJ, In kicks JJ and she faints.

DS comes calling for JJ at her men’s hideout, but she’s not there.

SM asks JM if  DS’s back.

JJ wakes up, JG opens his eyes.
In talks to her.
He picks other name, it’s…..SM!
In walks out.

JJ calls her dad to get up, but JG knows he wouldn’t make it.
JJ tries to break free her hands but JG tells her she must live on, DS and GT too.
JJ cries out to be together, but he’s relieved that she has her real dad. (?)
JJ cries.

DS tells SM about not finding JJ, HD is worried about JJ.

DS asks SM where is GT, SM also wonders.

GT is treating his sickness with an old man.

GT stands alone looking at the moon.

DS, HD run calling for JJ many places, and JM’s daughter helps them too.

YU looks at the name list scroll (that Cheon took on with his travel).

YU walks in the forest and he sees the thin rope around as a trap, he use arrows flying at the tree, he can walk pass.

YU comes to a cottage with his men.
He sees JJ (YEAH!) –I literally Yeah!
YU is surprised and alarmed.

In gives a letter to a kid, it’ s  for SM.  SM reads the letter.
DS walks with HD and JMD (JM’s daughter) still searching for JJ.
Suddenly, an arrow flies  in front of  him, there’s a letter attached with the arrow. DS reads and is frightened.

DS runs.

In comes back to JG and JJ.

Flashback — JJ uses the knife HD gave her to unlock her cuffs.

Present – she sits still but her hands are free.

She gets up and uses her sword at In, but In is holding a knife close to the rope that leads to the arrow pointing to JG.

JJ puts the knife down.

DS arrives, he peeks inside and says JJ! He opens the door and walks in. YU is at the corner seeing DS.

In is talking to JJ, then DS calls  HJJ!

JJ couldn’t believe it’s him, DS says it’s ok, it’s ok to her. Then he draws his sword to In.

In tells him about the arrow trap, DS turns to look.

Then In cuts one rope, DS reaches to catch the arrow but misses it, the arrow goes to JJ, she turns her face so the arrow pins at the pole. DS tells In to stop, he looks at JJ and is about to cry.

In cuts one more, DS uses his sword to push the arrow away.

In picks a bow (what’s this thing called) and points directly at DS. In brags on , DS tells him to shoot.

DS tells JJ to close her eyes (?) but JJ looks on. DS tells JJ again to close her eyes. JJ closes her eyes.

In shoots and DS is able to catch the arrow, at the same time, sending a small knife to IN’s hand. The thing falls from In’s hand. (this is so cool) JJ opens her eyes and says DS!  DS says to JJ, I told you to close your eyes, JJ is relieved.

SM runs inside.
In holding a torch, going crazy.
SM holds JJ.
DS carries JG on his back.
They all go out leaving In alone (why DS didn’t KILL INNNNN ?? Jeez!).

When only In is inside,  a  needle  hits his hand and the torch falls from his hand, it  burns the cottage , In is trapped inside, he screams. Outside, it’s YU standing there with angry face.

JG and JJ are lying on the bedding,

HD comes looking at JJ, JG opens his eyes looking at JJ.

Damnit!… In crawls out, he’s alive! @#&*#$#&$*&*!! (this writer is trying our patient)

The Queen’s dad talks with DJ about DS.
They plan on the Prince.

DS stands  outside alone, with conflicts shown on his face, JS and HD come to him.  HD talks to DS about woman’s heart (something about how JJ feels) DS is uncomfortable, he looks at JS.
JS knows (I think she knows his feeling).

DS looks at a letter in his hand, HD asks him but he says it’s nothing. He thinks  it’s YU told him.

SM talks to JS about getting back to trading business, JS leaves,  JM ,JMD ask SM where she is going.
JMD wants to go help JS but JM stops her, she gives SM food.

DS sits with JJ and JG, SM gives them food.
JG and JJ are getting better.

DS asks SM about GT.
GT is with an old man, he’s coughing.
He’s falling sick.
He drinks medicine.
GT stands alone thinking that (Ji’s voice) Ji wants to be the wind, blowing thru….etc.
He sees Ji cries and walks away.
He wonders with his own vision, he thinks of her.

DS comes to GT.
GT tells him again that he’s Joseon best swordsman.
GT talks to him. (long sad talk about himself)
Then his symptom occurs again, DS is worried, GT laughs, that he’s ok. (he’s  about to cry).

Cheon stands alone saying  that this is it (something like he’s ready).

DS walks to JS, JS looks at him a bit stern but DS smiles at her. (the man is working hard for two women hehe)

DS and JS talk to a Qing merchant. But the merchant refuses her so DS tells her to leave.
When both leave, GH comes out.

YU comes to the fishing Cheon, he thinks about what Cheon told him about if she’s still in your heart…more meaningful.
YU walks to Cheon, he sits with him by the lake.
They talk, then he tells YU that YU is not the one killed his dad, his dad took his own life,  but Cheon tells it’s him (the knife).
YU remembers now, flashback, Cheon sends the knife to YU dad’s back, then dad pulls knife into himself.

Present – YU is angry and sad, that (my guess, about how he spent his life thinking he killed his dad).
Then YU tells Cheon about assassin guild,
YU touches his sword, Cheon knows but he keeps talking,
he tells YU to wait (?)

GH walks to YU, he looks at her. (no words said)

The Qing merchant comes with SM, to JS (omo…YU helps her again).
DS listens to the merchant.
The merchant gives her an envelope with money inside (?)  for buying ginseng.
JS is surprised, the man leaves.

The Qing merchant meets YU secretly.

The Prince talks (difficult again) with CP. About his dad, The Crown Prince Sado.
CP meets with the King, and tells something about the Prince, the King is angry. But he listens to CP in the end.
Then gossiping go around, the Queen’s dad hears it.
DJ talks with the Queen and dad (conspiracy about the Prince).

The King’s meeting, DJ suggest something along with the Queen’s dad, about the Prince.
The king goes along with them. YD listens to them and closes his eyes.

Outside, DJ talks with the Queen’s dad.

A man wheels a cart of ginseng, it arrives at SM’s place, DS looks at the ginseng and smiles at JS.
CP walks to them,

GT, DS, JS listen to CP, GT will meet the King.

DJ stops GT and DS before going in for a talk, then he walks away.

GT talks to the King about the Prince, that it is very dangerous.
GT says it’s dangerous for the Prince’s life. But the King insists to go with it.

The Queen’s dad, DJ, Kenzo and YU talk, DJ’s son gives a map.

GT and the gang are also looking at the map.
GT gives the tag, he got from the King, to SM.

DJ’s son is explaining the map.

CP explains the map too.

HD suggest the place, and gives his reason.
(Ok, it’s about the strategic route to take the Prince and how each side will harm/protect the Prince, this is going to be hard again *sob sob*)

Both party finish planning, DJ talks to YU and Kenzo.
DJ tells YU that he will definite  kill the Prince, asking YU but YU doesn’t answer.
DJ provokes him about that woman again, YU slams his cup on the table, at the end he promises (?) and storms out.

Kenzo talks with DJ, DJ thinks about the past that he fought with YU.

GH walks pass YU, she turns back and asks him until when… for that woman….YU wonders about her feeling (?) She tells her heart (not sure , but this scene shows that YU doesn’t return her feeling for him) YU tells her to go back.

JG drinks medicine, JJ is getting better. SM talks to her.
JS smiles.

CP plans with the Prince’s guards, DJ’s  lackey looks at them.
The Prince all dresses up for the journey.

JJ and SM leave with JG’s men.

The Prince gets in the carriage, and they start their journey, walking along like a big caravan, DS ,CP, HD.

DJ looks at them leaving.
Kenzo talks to DJ, DJ is concerned about DS, but Kenzo says about DS and YU.

YU rides with men and they all hide in the houses.

In the forest, the Prince’s group are walking thru.

JJ, SM and her men hiding looking at the Prince.

Black men prepare to attack, but SM, JJ kill them all.
Black men run back.

SM’s gang throw a smoke thing.

The Prince’s group still walking, DS sees the smoke. (it means all clear, I guess)

–The below scenes, narration by DJ’s lackey.

Black men shoot arrows to the Prince’s group , DS  stands close to the Prince.
They fight, the Prince’s group pass thru.

Men hide in the village and attack SM and JJ , SM’s gang  wins.

But DJ’s son runs in with soldiers to arrest them all  as rebels to harm the Prince. SM is frustrated.

DJ sits with lackey listening.

The Prince’s group walk  to a narrow street, DS sees the smoke, so he continues on walking.
DJ’s son looks at SM’s gang (they all been tied up).
SM laughs at the son. YU rides on the horse alone,   SM and JJ caught sight of  YU and they are worried.

Black  men attack the Prince’s group.

YU rides into the narrow street, he kills the Prince’s guards who are in his way.

YU rides towards  the Prince, DS stares at YU but doesn’t move an inch….Jeezzzzzzzzzz

No Preview.

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  1. guys you have to see this lol i’ll put the link also on when k comments uploads a full recap of ep 21

  2. if you like this song alot this is really good it’s a slower version of the ost of warrior baek dong soo i think it’s the song of where cheon and ji were together and she was in his arms the acoustic version this is an awesome cover

  3. i sooooooo can’t wait for the next eps i try and enjoy my weekend but all i think about is warrior baek dong soo hehe lolz i hate mondays and truesdays but WBDS is what makes it a whole lot better lolz

  4. watching ep 21 i love the way yeo un scolds to dong soo that he’s doing this for ji sun and you should give up on her if you can’t protect her lol i think what he is trying to say is i’ll always protect her lol

  5. check out this awesome mv the singer is red i love them i noticed people who were making mv’s lol use them hehe another awesome yeo un and ji sun video

  6. ep 21 is aout in dramacrazy!!:-)

    • eng subs okkk it might be out epdrama tomoz i can’t see tonight too late lolz

      • ep 22 is also out, it’s really fast!!! can’t wait the fight with YU and DS!! who is the best???

        • okkkkkkkk yayayay it’s both out epdrama as well lol i’ll watch after i see vampire diaries anyway what do you mean do you mean who’s the best out of dong soo and yeo un i would be yeo un not because he’s hot and sexy lol but because he’s more mature well can’t really say that dong soo is really mature now lol but yeo un is soooo mysterious and i feel sad for him and the path he’s taken lolz and dong soo is great anyway lolz

  7. soooooo what do you guys want to happen in the upcoming eps and the ending or hope to happen other than a happy good ending?????????

  8. has anyone watched it eng subs lol

  9. i mean go here here is there sister site

  10. i know what’s happened now guys if you can’t get on there it’s under maintainance if you can’t get on there then here’s there sister site

  11. i’m panicking like crazy can anyone access epdrama becaus ei can’t it’s not working?????

  12. gisaeng and kenzo that would be interesting what do you guys think lolz?????

  13. one question i want to ask you guys if you could choose a love for gu hayang the gisaeng who would it be other than yeo un i as you know guys i love yeo un with ji sun they belong together in my opinion but if you could choose who would it be i could imagine kenzo and the gisaeng lol they would look good together lolz actually really funny thinking about them as a couple lolz

  14. i just watched episode 22 partially sub, don’t know what is going on in viki but it is available in UK!

  15. Do you know guy, the only think that I dislike to see some Sageuk/period drama is that: people kill every body( good side) like a toys^^, and after it’s so difficult for me to understand, did the hero forgive the killer(like YU, Cheon) or no!!just to see the last scene of this ep, YU kill the prince’guard and even their 3 friend ( guard), even if it’s to great causes.
    can’t Cheon who kills Capitain(childwood’life of DS),and the prince Sado, have a forgiveness!!(I really want it..but…so difficult at the end, I think he will die for saving someone) 😦
    Fortenately, that’s the drama!! Don’t be sensible (but I cannn’t!!!!!!)

    • i knooooow it’s sad i’m still hoping for happy ending lolz

    • Yeah, I was wondering about that, too. Aren’t those 3 guards YU slayed today the 3 mountain brothers he tried so hard to save before? And Baek Dong Soo didn’t even look alarmed when that happened. But then again, we can never be sure. YU just has a talent for fake killing which I hope he uses this time.

    • Don’t cha worry, YU stabbed them before remember? hehe, may be this time, YU turned the blade sideways when he slashed the guards, so the important organs wouldn’t be hurt and they may magically survive next week haha…..

      • hopefully i was thinking that and i was like OHMYGOD JEEZ dong soo you just watched your friend maybe die and just stand there i sense there will be conflict with the prince and yeo un lol but yeo un didn’t kill crown prince sado lolz

  16. I hate seeing my poor JJ suffering, but if putting her in danger makes DS finally realize he feels something more for her, then I can accept this LOL – I mean, when JS is missing DS gets worried but I think DS was more worried than usually for JJ, also he felt something was strange and went after her…. weeee, and he also seems confused while looking to JS. I wonder is because of JJ or Un that he looks confused? Hmmmm better be because of JJ 😀


  17. wait was that the mountain brothers now the prince heir’s guards didn’t one of them get stabbed at the end by yeo un what the hell dong soo didn’t even do anything but stand there just stand OHMYGOD seriously lol

  18. thanks as usual :3
    no JS/YU action this episode 😦 boohoo
    and awwwhhh dong soo-ah finally caught on to your feelings xD
    now its JS turn to find hers 🙂
    i feel sorry for the gisaeng :/ i kind of like her, and she seems preeeetttyyyy lonely.. she needs someone as well just not Un 🙂

    • i knowwwwwwwwwww i want more i was hoping more scenes of ji sun and yeo un but there’s still ep 23 to 30 so yhhhh lolz and i feel bad as well for that girl since i was the first to mention on here she would go good with him if yeo un doesn’t end up with or loved ji sun lolz i think she defo said i love you to him because it sounded like saranghae so i’m not sure lolz i felt bad for her face she looked sooooo sad but in a way i’m glad he said no but it’s good she told him and waited and he said no it’s better this way lolz but she’s sooooo beautiful literally i’m a girl but hypnotised with her beauty lolz but i regret saying yeo un could be with the gisaeng cause now i feel sad lolz well not really because i believe he’s perfect for ji sun anyone agree?????????????

      • yessss and i agree with that anisah the gisaeng should be with someone and be happy just not yeo un and actually looking at yeo un’s face he looked surprised when she told him his feelings lol but it’s not enough since he’s sooooooo in love with ji sun the gisaeng should be happy with someone just not yeo un lolz i don’t think the gisaeng can have any feelings for him she can’t be in love with anyone or be in a relationship or love anyone cause she’s a gisaeng like a japanese geisha there not allowed to be in love or a relationship

        • i wouldnt mind her with yeo un but he’s well TAKEN xD
          and isnt she like a fake/undervoer gisaeng you know to get information etc for hocksa chorong cause she cant be part of hoksa chorong and be a gisaeng at the same time
          soooo high hopes for uer to find someone.

          hehehe i feel like i want this to be a romance drama more than an action drama 😛

          • i know right lolz it’s like mondays ep is more romance well kinda and tues ep is more action i hoped for bit’s of ji suna and yeo un tonight lol oh welll hehe

      • Ji sun is so boring, I like the gisaeng better.She is the only one who is able to open her heart..

        • yhhhhh i guess but i like ji sun and it’s because ji sun doesn’t know her feelings she’s quite expressionless it’s difficult to know lolz

        • i like ji seon, when shes with people shes just a girl who has been brought up preeettyy depressingly,
          when shes with dong soo she the typical smile smile beautiful save me girl

          buuuuttt when shes with Un she speaks her mind, e.g when she asked him why his eyes were so sad, she didnt even know him but she was comfortable with him
          and in like the 5 th episode i think when they were on the horse escaping JinJu and her merry men * forgive the lame Robin Hood joke (: *
          i dont think the director emphasized the fact that she put her arms around his waist for no reason, it was to show she trusted him before she really knew him
          ITS FATE 🙂

          • AWWWWWWWWWWW this makes sooooooooo much more sense lolz it’s true i feel whenever dong soo hugs her which was twice she looked pretty uncomfortable she still seems a little uncomfortable with yeo un but not completely since it’s true she talks her mind with him but with dong soo she never really talks if you get what i mean lol just cutely smiles at him lolz

        • I think DS/JS is too prim and proper, but I admire JS’s courage when she faces the clear danger, always in control ^^

          • yhhhhhh i know i just loved it when she stays calm and collected when dong soo’s back to her when he was looking at the ginseng after the 3 year skip they was she cooly walked to the bow and arrow lolz was cool and funny if it was someone i didn’t know or recognise i’d panic literally lolz

  19. I just think that YU don’t kill the prince but to warn him about the DJ’plan(may be the guard of DJ saw the plan of DS and want to trap their)!!!In this case, I can sleep and pass my 7days well!!!:-)

  20. ohmygosh i feel like dong soo is using his mojo he missed the arrow again luckily jin ju missed it

    • I loved this scene, if DS feels something for JJ, this situation should help his feeling to surface up and up woo hoo! But JJ is so cool, she doesn’t force him to return his feeling. Actually this scene, the way he talks using informal with her making it sounds like they are really close.

  21. oh noo!! another 7days!!for waiting!!

  22. ohmygosh just seen the scene where yeo un sees jin ju what a reaction lol he reacted pretty bad lol he looked like he wa gonna go in there lolz

  23. i’m still annoyed yeo un didn’t help jin ju i wonder why he was just standing in the corner seriously lolz

    • Oh let DS save his girl for once, because he’s always late. If YU saves JJ tonight, I would think why we need DS in this drama? Hehe.

      My best guess is, IN is still the assassin guild’s Lord, so YU will be in trouble if he does intervene, but he sets fire to kill IN, so that’s good too. But I don’t understand why everybody refuses to kill IN from episode 1 ??? Seriously! The guy has nine lives or what? I hope IN will not hurt YU later.

      • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lolz i never hated in much truthly lol i just thought he was annoying i felt a bit bad when i saw he could drink anything cause of what happened to his arm but now i DON’T FEEL SORRY MY JINJU LOL i just think he’s a really pointless character but the actor that plays him is awesome to make such a revolting character i think there’s always gonna be at least one character you’ll hate hehe i find the character sometimes amusing as much as annoying it’s funny when the needle goes in side his arm and he can’t pick up anything and the way he grabbed yeo un’s leg that was hilarious even when i wasn’t laughing lol

    • YU alarmed DS for JJ where she is, by sending the arrow!!!that’s better…JJ is saved by DS, ^^,
      I realy like you Zoro 🙂

  24. yayyyyyyyyyy thanks uploading

  25. Thanks for the quick note, kcomments. Ah~~~can’t believe i have to wait a week to see YU and DS fight 😦

    • LOL I KNOW RIGHT sooooo by the looks of it the gisaeng gu hyang told yeo un her feelings and asked when will you give up on ji sun and he didn’t accept her feelings in a way that makes it a bit better cause i mean we won’t have one women dragging behind if you get what i mean lolz

    • OH GOD i’m confused here soooooo basically yeo un is only agreeing to kill the prince to protect ji sun cause dae ju has that on him that like totally sucks ass seriously i know yeo un is crazy in love with her but if i were him i still wouldn’t kill well try to kill the prince for her i’d just protect her even if it’s difficult lolz

    • @Hailey
      Well, it’s just ep22, may be there won’t be the real DS/YU faceoff yet. So far, the writer is still keeping JJ/DS a secret to us, but I think there were signs in this episode that DS feels for JJ more than a friend ^_^

      • yhhhhhh i know lolz isn’t it funny how mondays eps always seem a bit more romantic than tuesdays ep it get’s into the battle lolz,,,, and yes i think dong soo is starting to have more feelings for jin ju more than a friend and i’m hoping ji sun isn’t jealous cause yeo un loves her but i understand since she doesn’t know about his feelings lol

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