Hooray for Love Episode 14


Hyung Do and Jong Hee coincidentally are going in the same direction, they bump into each other in the bookstore in the rest area. They greet each other, she’s going to the seminar and he’s to go fishing.  When he walks her to the bus, he asks  if she really needs to attend the seminar, it’s no fun fishing alone. He asks her to join him.

Jong Hee looks at him uncomfortably, so he says to just pretend he didn’t say that. She  gets on the bus. He signs when the bus leaves, but then it stops and Jong Hee gets off the bus, smiling looking at him.

Today mom’s friends will come to her house, so she tells Joori to receive her guests well. Joori reminds her that if she behaves properly, mom has to give her credit card as promised.

Joori checks dad in the kitchen asking him about the food he’s preparing, she will tell the guests that she made it herself. Dad wonders why she doesn’t worry about her husband getting kicked out of the house, she says that she’s doing this for him, if she gets a credit card back then he will not have to suffer, and he should be having a good time now, enjoying the nature by himself.

Dad warns if she’s like this, something big might happen in the future. Mom runs in and tells him to get out of the house, she gives him money to spend his time in the sauna, and will call when he can come home. Mom says she’s embarrassed that she has an old son-in-law and a husband who stays home doing the housework  (omo..poor mom, she will get to have a divorced future daughter-in-law, and may be a divorced daughter).

Joori urges dad to give in, and help mom maintain her image as a president.

Meanwhile, Hyung Do and Jong Hee are having a good time fishing, he holds her hand when trying to catch the fish. In the restaurant, he talks about his dream in the past, to go work in Africa Medical Clinic after Jae Mi gets married and has a kid.  But now he has given up on that.

She shows him Jae Mi’s pictures, he says Jae Mi is pretty and a lot like her when she was young. She wonders if she’s still pretty now, she’s worried that she’s aged a lot. He says no, she’s still pretty even now, she’s a really beautiful person.

He says he was wronged, it’s because of him that he had failed her. She looks at him, but the food is served help breaking the moment.

(Sorry, but imo, Hyung Do could be called a playboy. The way he talks to his ex,  is errr…he’s a married man, yunno.)

Dong Woo stands in his office thinking of how Jae Mi talked to him,  that she would pay him even if she canceled the lawsuit, and told him not to bother. He says to himself, the more he thinks about it, the angrier he becomes. He wonders if that stupid ajumma still loves ( lingering on) her ex.

He sits down exasperatedly. Then he stops and asks himself, wait! why he has to care. To whom she loves or doesn’t love , has nothing to do with him. He shakes it off and is about to get back to work when his assistant knocks on the door.

The assistant asks Dong Woo that Jae Mi brings the rest of the fees, what to do. Dong Woo heats up that what kind of a person the ajumma think he is. He stands up. Then he stops and tells himself, no, he should take the money. He sits down again and tells the assistant to collect the money.

The assistant wonders her business is not doing well, whether it’s alright to take the money.  Dong Woo says that ajumma still hasn’t come to her senses, let her suffer a little.

Jae Mi is giving out her  porridge sample, but no one really pay attention so she plans to go out to find the customer. Kim Sun is angry why she gave up the lawsuit, Jae Mi tells her, it’s because she felt like she would lose so she gave up. Her employee asks, so this is why she has seen him lately, he’s her ideal man.

Then there’s Dong Woo’s voice calls her, “Ajumma!” Jae Mi turns and smiles happily but when she looks at him, it turns out to be a customer asking to try the sample, Jae Mi’s smile faded and she’s surprised with herself.

Kim Sun calls Dong Woo, she accused him of cheating, that he lied they would lose and took the money (not sure whether or not  Kim Sun purposely lies) . He asks if Jae Mi told her that. But Kim Sun wouldn’t talk more and demands he return the lawyer fee or else she will go and find him,  she hangs up.

Dong Woo is confused, Jae Mi said to him, it’s her own business but blames it all on him?

He is getting angry and is about to go after Jae Mi, then he stops asking himself, Byeon Dong Woo, at every opportunity, you always are looking for the ajumma (hee). It can’t be like this, no.

He sits down, then he goes, but I don’t want to be blamed like this, I have to clear things out. He gets up and walks out of his office.

Jae Mi sneaks  in the office building to give out her shop’s samples and leaflets, but she gets caught.

Dong Wong stops at the red light, reminding himself that when he’s there, first clear things up and must see only Kim Sun.

He’s in the process of planning how to act then he sees Jae Mi gets thrown out of the building, he tries to get out of the car but he’s in the middle of the street, so he has to drive pass her.

Looking at the side mirror, he sees Jae Mi is picking up the leaflets from the ground, he gets angry that she gave the shop to Jong Soo to live like this, really stupid ajumma. What exactly is the reason?

Dong Woo steps into Jong Soo’s shop and calls his name, Hee Soo is about to leave for her massage appointment, she says they should not have reason to meet again, she tells Jong Soo, they should have added that in the letter of guarantee too. Dong Woo perks up saying Guarantee Letter?  Jong Soo tells Hee Soo to leave, it’s not good for the baby.

Dong Woo asks Jong Soo if the ajumma wrote him a Guarantee Letter. But Jong Soo wants him to leave so Dong Woo gets angry and shouts asking him again. Jong Soo thinks he knew about it, and comes to cancel the letter so he tells Dong Woo that the letter has been notarized.

Jong Soo tells him to look for Jae Mi’s dad, it’s him that caused all this. Dong Woo grabs his arm and asks him to say it clearly what exactly had happened.

Jong Soo is surprised that he didn’t know, that Jae Mi didn’t tell him then why he is here. Dong Woo avoids looking at Jong Soo.  Jong Soo asks, “Is it because you like her?”.

Dong Woo keeps quiet, Jong Soo claps his hands praising Jae Mi that she’s lucky, “Well, a divorced woman is an easy catch, but you’d better distinguish clearly between love and pity. Don’t make her be more miserable.”

Dong Woo grabs his collar and tells him to speak what exactly had happened. Jong Soo brushes his hands off and says he has nothing to say, according to the law…(he recounts the use of force and that he has already forgiven the gangster like bastard). Dong Woo feels embarrassed (because he’s a lawyer and he lost his temper).

Dong Woo parks his car in front of Jae Mi’s shop, he looks at her and thinks about what Jong Soo told him, that when Jae Mi heard her dad, who had abandoned her, would have to go to jail, she begged to reconcile.

Dong Woo looks at her again, and thinks of what she had told him about not wanting to live like her mother when her dad divorced her mom and that her mom had a hard time struggling to make a living after the divorce.

He is about to get off the car but Jong Soo’s words remind him to distinguish between love and pity, and not to make Jae Mi  be more miserable. Dong Woo contemplates about it inside the car.

Jong Shim gives a gift to Da Rim (a harmonica). Da Rim tells her that her dad is handsome, kind and has a good job. She asks if Jong Shim would meet her dad. Jong Shim doesn’t want to, but she thinks may be this is fate, because she looks like Da Rim’s mom, and if her dad looks like her, he should be handsome. So Jong Shim tells Da Rim, let’s all go out together. Da Rim is happy.

At home, Da Rim is daydreaming that her dad gets married and she calls Jong Shim, mother. She laughs happily, her dad wonders what has gotten in her.

Joori attends to her mom’s guests and her mom is happy, she gives her credit card. Mom tells Joori, she gives a card to her because she’s afraid she will run out of money and cause trouble again. Mom begs her to live properly, if she causes trouble like last time, she might lose her husband for good.

Mom tells her to put more effort in making her husband happy. When mom leaves the room, she thinks about how to make her husband happy, she calls the beauty salon.

The two are enjoying each other company. Hyung Do tells Jong Hee that he dreamed about Jae Mi in Guam. In the dream Jae Mi sits  in a small boat in the sea calling for him to save her. Jong Hee asks if  he can save Jae Mi. He says no, he tries running into the water but couldn’t get close to her. He thinks whether in a dream or in reality, he’s such an incapable father.

Hyung Do wants to help making Jae Mi be happy, but Jong Hee tells him that she doesn’t want it that way because if he does that, it would mean he deceives his family. Also, Jae Mi wouldn’t want it too.

She tells him after the break up, her and Jae Mi have become much stronger, he doesn’t have to worry, they will live well. She will accept only his concern.

He says she’s very cold which makes it hard for people to get near her. She says because she understands him too well, if she doesn’t resist, he will have a difficult time and will quickly fall apart.

He holds her hands, they look at each other. Jong Hee brushes his hand off  hers and tells him, let’s  go back.

Hee Soo compliments Joori’s wedding ring, she sits with her and talks. Joori guesses that Hee Soo is coming here for her skin care for her wedding. She congratulates her on the wedding.  Later Joori finds Hee Soo outside having pain in her stomach, she helps her.

Mom is still with guests at the house, Dong Woo comes back from work, one of the guest is  Dam Bi’s mom (Dong Woo’s blind date), that he pushed her in the taxi to go help Jae Mi last time. The aunt wants to call Dam Bi over, Dong Woo stops her. The guest asks if that would mean he’s secretly seeing someone, Dong Woo doesn’t know how to get away with it, he answers yes, that he has a girlfriend.

Mom is startled and asks him. He confirms his mom and politely requests her not to arrange the blind date for him anymore, then leaves. Mom tries to think about it, and remembers Jae Mi she saw with Dong Woo at the office building.

Jae Mi is doing the accounting of the shop and there’s not much money coming in, Kim Sun asks if no money transfers to her account because she asked Dong Woo to return the lawyer fees. Jae Mi is surprised, she tells Kim Sun not to call him anymore because it was all her faults.

Jae Mi plans her new strategy to sell the porridge, when she went to the office building, she learned that lots of people went to work without having breakfast. So she will sell the porridge for breakfast.

Dong Woo gets in his room, he smiles thinking of Jae Mi. Mom rushes in to know the name of his girlfriend, Dong Woo stutters, “Name?.. Why do you have to know?” Mom shouts that he’s lying, he couldn’t come up with the name. He hurriedly denies it and is desperately to come up with the name, his eyes caught on a poster on the wall, he tells his mom that her name is Kang Ye Son.

Mom asks if it’s the woman he has one-sided love with, she shows him the half flower picture that she thinks it’s his hand writing on the back saying ‘I love you’.

No matter how Dong Woo tries to explain the misunderstanding, mom wouldn’t hear of it, she throws the picture on the bed and orders him to bring this woman to her and leaves.

The aunt wonders, for a playboy to go after her, she must not be an ordinary woman. She tells him to bring her here. Dong Woo snatches the picture from aunt’s hand (so now the picture is with Dong Woo hehe).

After they left, Dong Woo says how he can bring her when there’s no Ye Son. He’s getting angry at Jae Mi for giving him this picture, he calls Jae Mi, then he stops and says, “See..see! I want to call that ajumma again, what’s wrong with me?”  He’s frustrated with himself.

Jae Mi thinks of sending him text to apologize for Kim Sun’s doing but she changes her mind, better not involve him anymore.

Hyung Do looks at the sleeping Jong Hee, he cries a little. She wakes up and tells him to drop her at Jae Mi’s shop, she should still be there.

Joori is enjoying the porridge at Jong Soo’ s shop, they both thank for her help today. Joori tells them she will introduce her husband sometimes (ouch, this is going to be so great), she says her husband is good to his wife and they have no problem in their marriage.

Hyung Do drops Jong Hee near Jae Mi’s shop,  but before she walks on, he tells her that there’s a concert next week, and asks if she wants to go together.  Jong Hee looks at him, he tells her to think about it and gives him a call.

Joori sees Jong Hee walking on the street, after reminds Jong Hee who she is, she asks her to find a place to talk, she has something to say (omo…Joori is quite aggressive).

Joori asks Jong Hee if she knows that she married Hyung Do and they have a daughter, and asks if Jong Hee’s remarried. Jong Hee answers no. Joori says seeing her now, she’s not worried, Jong Hee is older now. She looks at Jong Hee as if she’s too old to bother.

Joori is worried about Jae Mi might contact her dad, and Hyung Do is too kind, if that time comes, she gives Jong Hee her number to contact her instead. She hopes Jong Hee would not feel offended and understand that she’s protecting her family, her daughter is still young and doesn’t know that her dad remarried.

Jong Hee picks up the number and asks, before she does this, if she first remembers what she did in the past. Jong Hee says at that time she was in Joori’s  position now, begging her.  It’s still fresh in her mind how confident Joori was. So if her daughter (Jae Mi)  contacts her dad first, she won’t stop her. That time (in the past), she had begged her and Joori rejected her.

She asks if Joori could not remember, for someone as old as her can remember, there’s no reason for a young woman like Joori couldn’t remember. Also, in this world, it’s not only about money, she hopes Joori can remember that clearly. Jong Hee rips up the number and leaves. Joori tries to think what she said in the past.

(Well, wrong move from the wife, why open up the old wound 10 years ago)

Flashback, Jong Hee tells Joori to stop seeing her husband, he has a wife and a child. She’s still young, she can meet another man, but for them, they have no choice. She begs Joori to help keep her family together.

Joori rejects her request because she loves him too much, she can’t break up with him, and it’s not of another person to keep a family together, Jong Hee has to do that herself. It’s because she didn’t treat him well so he had an affair with her. So, if he’s that unhappy, she’d better let him go. She will make him happy, she begs Jong Hee.

Jong Hee asks if she didn’t hear what she just said that he’s a father of a child, and because of the child, she will not  break up with him. And he admitted his just one  mistake  and decided to come back to them, why she is still bothering him.  Also, is it because she’s  dating that she feels happy? Try live together and see if it’s only about happiness.

Jong Hee, “You are committing a big sin, you will cause a life long trauma to my daughter. Do you want to continue with this?  My patience has a limit, if you have conscience, you brake up with him and go your way. Don’t hurt my child. Do not bother with my family again. Do you understand?” She gets up to leave, Joori gets down on her knee and begs.

Joori, “Sorry,…….I can’t live without him. If we break up, I might as well commit suicide. Sorry, compared to you, your family and your daughter, I treasure him more. Even if I go to hell, there’s no way I can break up with him. You can kill me.”

Present, Joori pokes herself for being stupid, but wonders why Jong Hee would still remember that, she’s so scary.

Jong Hee thinks about what Joori said, that she has aged and all. She thinks about Hyung Do asking her out, she sends him text for him to give her time and place to meet, she stops a bit then press to send out the message.

Dong Woo’s mom presses on him to bring his girl, he doesn’t know what to do, he blames his mom if his life doesn’t turn out well.

Jae Mi  is selling porridge on the sidewalk, Dong Woo grabs her hand and pays for the whole porridge, he tells her to come with him, the porridge is sold out, he has something to say.

Dong Woo lies to her that because of  her dropping the lawsuit, he’s in a lot of  trouble, he lost lots of clients, no money to pay for the rent and his staff. Jae Mi feels guilty, she asks him what she can do to apologize  for all the troubles she’s caused.

Dong Woo asks if she means it, sincerely means it, she confirms it. He says, then there is only one way, come with me.

Jae Mi gets up to leave with him. He tells her to take that thing off, no matter how busy he is, he’s not going out with a rat.

He takes her to buy a dress and asks her to try them on, she asks him what this has to do with the apology, he says he lost so much and she’s still saying this and that. She looks at him guiltily and agrees to try it on.

Dong Woo smiles that she’s simpler than he thought. Jae Mi tries on the dresses until he is satisfied.

Then he takes her to the beauty salon.

He tells the guy to do something with this sheep wool (haha). The guy suggests to strengthen it, Jae Mi tries to get up, what apology has to do with her hair, he tells her there is a connection to it,  her apology will formally start tomorrow.

He tells her to wear the dress with her straight hair, and comes to this place before 1pm tomorrow, he hands her the address.

The aunt is showing her son’s ( Sang Min)  picture. When asked about the girl, she’s reluctant to answer (omo..omo).

Dong Woo texts him mom, tomorrow at 1pm, if she wants to see her, she’d better come. His mom, “Oh my gawd!”, that she will finally meet her.

At the restaurant, mom asks why she makes the elder wait, he says they are early and there’s still 10 minutes left. Mom tells him, if she doesn’t like her, she wants him to break up with her and go on with the blind date. Then she motions Dong Woo if that is the one. Dong Woo turns to look.

He is mesmerized by her new looks, Jae Mi has to call him twice, he stutters, “ are here…Ye Son-shi.” Jae Mi, “..Euh? “

Dong Woo tells her to greet his mom, Jae Mi smiles and greets her. Mom says she’s late one minute (LOL). Dong Woo smilingly says to his mom, “Mom, this is the girl I told you about. My girlfriend.” Jae Mi is startled looking at him, “Girlfriend?”, Dong Woo smiles like a baby (to me, hehe).

As I said, from this episode onwards, the drama is picking up very nicely. Dong Woo is creeping up on me more than anyone, his character is intriguing, from a playboy who will learn to love with commitment, not to anyone but a divorcee ajumma ^_^

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  1. plllllllsssss help guys i can’t access epdrama it’s not working it’s never done this before??????????

  2. thanks for the recap…I’ve been waiting for this one…and can’t wait for the continuation…

    • I love your avatar, nice pic of RAIN ^_^

      • Thanks…I like your avatar too… I love Shin Min Ah too, she’s really pretty and effortlessly beautiful in every way, she’s just so pure and innocent in my eyes. I fell in love with them (Rain and Shin Min Ah) in “A Love to Kill”. And that’s what made me hooked in Kdrama though I’ve watched lots of Kdramas before that but “A Love to Kill” was the one drama that really hit me hard 😀

  3. And the plot keeps getting thicker n thicker love love love this dram there’s are 3
    50 eP and it’s only 13 right now and everything is already developing into a story line love it can’t wait to c what’s I. Store for us next :?!!!!

  4. Not liking the storyline of JM’s mom and dad. Can the mom think that she will be referred as another woman who wrecks someone else family. She is doing the same thing as JR did 10 years ago. This is crazy! I’m hoping there’ll be no consideration at all for JM to take her ex husband back. What he did was beyond forgiveable. The ex was even worse than what JM’s dad did to her mom. A smart woman will never take back their ex. They went through the hell hole already. Why consider doing it again with the same person. It’s just beyond my understanding. But loving the drama so far.

    • I’m a little uncomfortable with both mom/dad of JM too, but I think the writer is showing us the realistic family issue that has many ways of looking at it, depends on which party you are in. Love is ambiguous, don’t you think? It can bring you happiness and sorrow at the same time, I guess this is how an affair developed in real life ^^

      I hope the writer will conclude this pairing well, he’s a doctor too , a respectable profession in the society. Hum….

      • That’s true that love is ambiguous somehow. But these are 2 mature adults that have gone through a lot. They shouldn’t be selfish anymore. Even though I don’t like JR, what the two fo them are doing is not right either. I would say that HD is very selfish. I understand that he doesn’t have a happy family with JR. But god damn it! Fix it. Put more effort in it. He already invested 10 years into that 2nd marriage. Why? He wanted to fail again and go back to his ex which is the easier way out. And JH.. come on. Come to your old senses. There is a little girl that will be sacrificed because of 2 adults selfishness. Don’t mind JR as she has no brain at all. This is just my opinion.

        • I agree with you here, it looks like he would end up cheating twice ^^
          About Se Ra, I’m not sure if she’s really HD’s daughter, and the night HD got drunk and slept with JR (so called one time mistake ^^), I hope it was not JR’s trick, though we have yet to see what really happened. But then he’s been with JR for 10 years, they must have shared some kind of happiness to live together that long. And please be prepared, because thing between HD and JH will develop further, not say I’m loving it though ^^

          • Oh wow.. I didn’t even catch the indication that Se Ra is not HD biological daughter. Thanks for the info. Then if that’s the case, it’ll be a different story even though I still don’t like where their relationship is going. Put on my seatbelt for HD and JH. But I really careless with them, I’m into the story of JM and DW. DW grew on me as I watched more episodes. They’re the one that I’m looking forward to watch.

  5. Weeee! Are you currently caught up in HFL? I’m totally loving this drama now. It’s really picking up, don’t you think so, kcomments?

    • Kyaaah~
      Yep, it’s getting hawwwtttt haha. DW is a little naive when it comes to love, but his expertise in skin-ship! Oh, my……from ep14 onwards, the writer kept surprising me cuz I thought she’s gonna drag some issues, but no everything is moving along quite fast, at the same time, it makes sense. Glad you are enjoying the drama hehe.

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