Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 21 (Quick Note)

Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST / 10. 박은태 – 야뇌 (Acoustic)


The song to calm you guys down, very intense and sad episode for JJ.  Hats off to the writer for this episode. This is the first episode that In was such an awesome villain, not annoying but insanely cruel.

Omo……Kim Rae Wonnnnnn on CF tonight, is he out of the military service already?

Episode 21

Kenzo requests to test shoot the arrow, the King grants permission.
He turns to the King and lets go the arrow, DS misses it, the arrow passes close to the King’s ear to hit a guard behind the King.

All soldiers run.

DJ shouts out and recalls he ordered the lackey to stand behind the King, and to draw his sword.

The King, the Queen and the Prince leave the area.

DS  puts his sword to Kenzo, but he warns DS, DS says oh no Sa Mo, and he runs.
DJ shouts at the soldiers,  he smirks at GT.

SM fights with Mr.tall. He is able to almost beat Mr.tall but, DJ’s son and soldiers come arrest SM.

Then they arrest the three Prince’s guards, (turns out the black men that DS and his friends killed, wearing uniform inside)

DS and GT look at them being arrested, GT says to DS  about DJ.

The Prince talks with GT. The Prince looks worried.

DJ with Kenzo, his son reports the arrest to him.

YU sits with JS looking at each other, his man whispers to YU, YU gets up to leave. JS wants to go with him(?), but he doesn’t let her.

GH, the gisaeng is  burning a paper (…whatt is it?).
YU comes to GH.
YU learns the situation in the palace from GH.

At official meeting, the King shouts at DJ.

DJ frames people for treason (?)  ( those people of  the Crown Prince Sado?)

The King is startled to hear that.  DJ presents the King with the uniform (the corpses wore).

He explains that Kenzo shot the man who was trying to harm the King. The man was drawing his sword behind the King.

DJ frames the….crap I forgot ^^

The three Prince’s guards and SM are in the prison, SM talks to Mr. tall who sits in another cell. Mr. tall brags, then a soldier comes take Mr. tall out of the prison.

The King asks DJ, who? treason?
He reluctantly says it’s the Prince. (Oh, nooooooo!)
The King is startled.
DJ brings a sword to the King. The King looks at it, it’s the Prince’s sword.

But the King doesn’t take side with DJ, the King says loudly that he doesn’t  want to hear about this (the Prince) again.
DJ is disappointed and frustrated.

The Queen talks with her dad.
Flashback, she  visits the Prince and drinks tea, she looks at the Prince’s sword located near the Prince.
The dad talks about BDS, he’s a disciple of GT. The Queen is interested.

YD and GT come tell DS and CP, whispering.
GT hurts his heart/chest again. (oh nooo! Daddy no.1)
DS sees him and asks if he’s hurt anywhere.

GT tells JM and JG and JJ about SM’s arrested.

GT asks JJ about JS, she still couldn’t find her.
She will try again today.

JJ meets  Cheon (so cute), Cheon smiles.
JJ tells him not to worry about her, and about to leave, he gives her the box of Ga Ok’s belongings,  DJ’s lackey looks at them. Cheon smiles at JJ.

JJ looks at her mom’s things inside the box, HD comes peek at her.
JJ puts the box away to keep.
HD finds a small knife on the table.
(it’s the thing for woman to keep with her for protection, my guess)

The lackey tells DJ. (about Cheon and JJ)

DJ meets Cheon.
Cheon warns DJ something. (not to touch the Prince?, guess hehe)

GH reports to YU.
About DJ and  the prince.
YU thinks in his head, asking BDS, what you gonna do BDS?.

YU gives JS, her hair pin back.
She asks how he can have it.  (I think this scene shows that JS starts to know YU’s feeling)

He glares at her (I can see he’s showing his feeling here hee)
They talk, but she cuts him out by saying about him and BDS…

DS and CP sleep  sitting in the palace, a lady comes whisper to DS.
DS follows her,
He comes to the Queen (oh nooo), the Queen talks to DS.
DS keeps quiet.

YD looks at the corpses with CP.
DS walks to them.

CP and DS come check with an officer. Something sneaking with the man.
CP writes something.
They come out, DS thinks the man was lying, the man peeks at them.

The man tells DJ’s lackey.

GT is pacing at SM’s place, JJ and JM’s daughter come, JJ looks at GT, she walks away.

Soldiers come deliver things , saying for BDS. GT talks to JG about it.

JM’s daughter runs to JM and tells her about the delivery.

JM mourns for SM. They see GT and JG wheeling the delivered things out.

CP with DS, trying to find clue. The Prince comes join them.

JJ is pacing in front of  the police building (?) (or official place), JJ thinks of something, then she says YU?
In looks at her.
JJ holds her red thingy in her hand.
HD comes give her something (made for her, couldn’t see clearly), he laughs.

Men whispering about rumor of  rebels? treason? (not sure). JJ hears this and is alarmed and worried about JG.
JJ says thanks to HD and runs off,  In follows her.

GT and JG takes the delivered things to a man, they give all to him.

JJ looks for JG calling for him, In comes behind her and hits her head, JJ is unconscious. In says about JJ’s mom is ga ok,

and about JG, etc… (meaning he can use her to get back at many people).
In carries JJ on his shoulder, JJ drops the red thingy on the ground.

JG walks in later, and picks up the red thingy on the ground, calling for JJ.

JS tells YU, she wants to go back. But YU says it ‘s not….
YU sits alone near the lake, thinking about the words of  Ji (that if he changes his mind being assassin, the assassin guild will go after him),of  Cheon (saying to do what his heart desire), of DS (saying to leave that fate).

He contemplates his decision. YU swings his sword and writes letters on the rock. (so cool)

DJ has plan (again).

YU looks at JS behind the curtain but when she looks his way, he walks away.

JS thinks about what YU said to her.

YU walks to GH and tells her, he will meet DJ.
YU talks to DJ, about that woman. They exchange words on his feeling/meaning about that woman(JS)’s life to YU.
While talking to DJ, YU flies a stick out of the room, it’s Kenzo outside, he walks in, DJ introduces them to each other.

YU walks out (thinking of DJ’s words)

A man runs, DS follows. DS goes the wrong way.
YU sees the man and  follows him.
The man trips, the things he carry fall to the ground, YU puts the sword to his throat.
YU says sorry and is about to kill, but the man hugs his leg and gives him a book.
YU cuts  to make a wound on his hand, the man gives YU a name tag. YU lets him leave. But DS finds them both.
The man runs out.
DS asks YU about JS.
DS asks YU where is JS?
YU scolds at DS, and leaves. DS is surprised.
DS thinks  and  is alarmed and runs.

JM and JM’s daughter, JG asks them about  JJ, showing them the red thingy.
HD smilingly comes with a bouquet, he asks if JG is JJ’s dad and laughs. (the man is in loveeee hehe)

SM is in prison, Kenzo cuts the lock and takes him out.

SM asks him, wonders. DS comes.

DS fights with Kenzo, but DJ’s son and the soldiers come running, DS stops the fight and leaves with SM.
Kenzo looks at DJ’s son, it’s their plan.

JJ wakes up, and is scared to see In. Her mouth is tied.
In slaps her.
She pokes her head at his face. He hits her again and again with a pole. *sob sob*

DJ talks with the Queen’s father. (He has set a trap?)

SM smiles with DS, then he thinks….

The lackey shouts at the soldiers, DJ checks the prison.

SM is back in prison, DJ is angry and leaves, SM laughs. (They plan to make it looks like SM sneaks out of the prison and will catch him as criminal, but fail).

GT tells DS to wait outside, he goes to meet the King.

While talking with the King, GT’s chest hurt again, the king sees, the doctor checks GT, and says what it is.
Both the king and GT are startled. (ok, how Cheon and GT can duel when both are sick?)

GT walks out to DS, he coughs , DS asks, but he blushes it off.

DJ is angry, YU is with him, YU says he will leave,  then DJ calls YU and asks, YU says no.

YU comes to JS, she uses  a handkerchief  to clean the wound on his hand. (omo..omo)

In writes a name on a piece of  wood, JJ wakes up.
He shows the wood to her, JJ is scared, she spits at his face, In punches and kicks JJ.

YU untied JS’s eyes and tells her to go back.

JM’s daughter comes asking DS where is the things delivered, CP comes, JM’s daughter is happy.
DS is relieved but CP warns him.
JM’s daughter takes CP away.

JS shows up, DS looks at her, he walks to her and touches her hands, he hugs her, then he asks  about YU.
She gives him the book, from YU. (Why am I not feeling the love between these two? But JS with YU rocks!)

In splashes water on her face.
He writes more names on the sticks, GT,DS, JG,….
He shows her the names, JJ tries to scream from the tied mouth. In unties her mouth.

She screams and spits at him again, he slaps her.
In talks crazy thing, (it seems he’s gone crazy for real)
JJ is scared, he ties her mouth again.
He throws the names in the air and picks one name, he shows it to her, she’s scared. He says it’s your dad (Noooo, JG?).

YD and DS come to the King in the court bringing the book.
DS explains from the book, DJ looks worried.

DJ counters DS, talking to the King.
The King orders …
CP counters the officer. CP shows a man to the King.
The man talks to the King. CP talks to the King.
Something about the Japanese? DS gives a samurai’s sword to the King.

DJ looks worried.
DS explains to the King.

Kenzo walks in to confirm what DS said, DS is surprised, DJ tells the King.

Kenzo kneels down to the King and talks.
The king orders something to the captured samurai.
DJ smiles looking at DS.

SM gets out of the prison,and  talks to the three Prince’s guards.

SM comes back, JM runs to SM, GT and DS smiles,
GT asks JG about JJ, JG shakes his head, still couldn’t find her.
DS is worried to hear that.

In gives sweet to a  kid to deliver a letter.
(Oh man,JGGGGGGG!)
A boy gives the letter to JG.
He opens and reads, there’s blood stained the letter.
He runs to find the boy but cannot.
JG looks at the letter and the red thingy of JJ.
JG runs out alone.

In  is kicking JJ again and again.
JG runs.

(Why can’t he take someone with him? Jeez, the writer pulls the serial killer on us!)


JG runs to JJ, he unties her mouth, JJ alerts him, he looks back. It’s a trap, with arrows pointing at them.

In sits at the table with JG, In cuts the rope,  an arrow hits JG’s back. JJ screams.

In the palace,the meeting with the King, DJ and the Queen’s dad smile at each other.
DS escorts the Prince out of the palace.

Cheon sits with YU.
He tells YU that the one who killed his dad, is not YU but him. (Oh darn!)
YU touches his sword, Cheon knows.

(Is YU going to kill Cheon?)

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  1. just seen bot eps subbed they were awesome but actually the gisaeng didn’t explain her feelings of course yeo un knows her feelings already lolz

  2. oaaa! I CAN NOT BELIEVE that BMK who sing Warrior BDS in this video is a WOMAN, she has a high and great voice!!

    • OHMYGOD LOL i was thinking maybe a girl but i was like nahhhhhhh it’s a guy lolz,,,,,,that hug with ji sun and dong soo was cute but seriously she looked like she was comforted but sooo awakard i think she’s having feelings for yeo un a bit now i want her with him sooooo much and dong soo looks at her with love but i think he’s feeling for jin ju GOD I hope he’ll be with jin ju and ji sun i hope will be with yeo un i hope i hope sooooooooo rooting for ji sun and yeo un

    • Omo….I thought it’s the man’s voice…sounds great tho ^^

  3. Anyone who can watch dramafever, WBDS is up till ep20, you might want to check it out.

    Also I edited ep20 where Cheon talked to YU, he said, if that woman still exists/is in your heart, HAVE HER. Compared to…….That is much more meaningful….wahhhh.

  4. Screw JS and her love life atm. some one save JJ. *furiously mad*

  5. I love how everyone wants YU be with JS …. how great their love is
    So writers please don’t disappoint all the WBDS’s fan… please please please let YU be happy with JS and DS with JJ .

  6. He contemplates his decision. YU swings his sword and writes letters on the rock. WHAT IS THIS LETTER?? ahhh! help me pleeeezzz

  7. OHMYGOSH i saw the ending all i could say was jin gi too the rescue lol and god sooo hard to watch ]jin ju get beat up she’s sooo strong and i all i could see from her was fury lol,,,,, i want more scenes of yeo un and ji sun lolz hopefully the scenes of them in this ep aren’t going to be the last of them lolz

  8. actually looking at that scene when dong soo hugs ji sun there’s love in his eyes well hopefully he’ll have love for jin ju but when i saw ji suns eyes she looked kinda awkward as if to say she was confused about her feelings and when he mentioned yeo un she looked sad so i think she’s starting to have feelings for him or just confused about her own i think she lookd grateful to dong soo when he hugged her but i think she’s still contemplating her own feelings lol and yeo uns i saw soooo much sadness in his eyes when he had to let her go back to dong soo lolz well he didn’t have too i hoped she was gonna stay there longer lolz and i don’t think yeo un wanted her to go either lolz

  9. Hey people isn’t JJ Baek Dong Soo wife in real life? Or is the info on wikipedia wrong?

    Hm… heard DS first love is xx woman, she dies or something else and he marries JJ…

    Maybe JS will die or disappear with Un or go be a monk making DS give up and go to JJ?

    But I only want he going to her because he likes her not because she likes him and he feels thankful and this crap. If he doesn’t like her then even the painter is better ¬¬

    Btw, DS loves to say he will protect them, but he never does. Lol I bet JJ will punch him if he says again he will protect her.. I would …

    • YHHHHHH I AGREE because honestly yeo un’s doing a better job at protecting ji sun i mean in this ep he seemed more worried about ji sun than jin ju i mean come on lolz well i think that wiki may be wrong because it’s people editing as they wish so who knows lolz and i just want ji sun with yeo un or whatever well like that and if dong soo goes to jin ju it shouldn’t be be because he feels sorry or grateful for her i think jin gi will die i still yet to have a look at his epppp

    • Buahaha, I thought so too, where was DS when the girls wanted him? In kicked, punched, slapped JJ many times until I lost counts, the writer sure loves to torture JJ but gotta say both female leads are very strong in their characters tho.

      Yeah, I think maybe JS would become a monk, specially if Un eh…dies, and also her dad said clearly that she is the Prince’s woman and no one else. May be fate is fate after all.

      Hong Do was sooooooo cute in this ep too.

  10. I wonder, why the writter can’t let my poor JJ have some peace? First killed her mom, then will kill her father1, then will what? Kill father 2 GT? If all her 3 dads die, I want to kill the writter ><

  11. i hoped ji sun would stay there longer lolz i hope they’ll be more of them lolz i think there will be since this series is going up to 30 eps lolz confused what yeo un said to dong soo when he scolded him when dong soo asked about ji sun??????

  12. Btw, thanks a lot for recaping!! ^^

  13. Ohhh NOOOOOOOO. My poor JJ.

    That is why GT had to kill In before, he gave him too many chances, and now In is punching and kicking his daughter and will kill her dad#1… noooo.

    I didn’t see the raw, but hopes JS likes UN… Oh please, please. Un gaves up of being a assassin and be happy with JS or the other girl – DS and JJ together – if JS and not Un, then JS being a monk will do!

  14. WHAT is it that he wrote on the wall i’m sooo confused lol

  15. i love that dark hanbok ji sun is wearing when talking to unnie lol

  16. woahhhhhh man sa mos badass for getting up top of that big dude and punching his head lolz

  17. rawww is bad quality thou oh well lolz they sometimes bring it out better quality later even if it’s raw lolz

  18. hope i wasn’t rude asking your age lolz yesssssssssss they got it out on epdrama lolz

  19. i’m confused about something thou did yeo un see dong soo hug ji sun??? and did ji sun put her arms around dong soo when he hugs her?????

    • nooooooooooooooooo 🙂 🙂 soo happy, I honestly don think soo!! n I don’t think YU saw them, but I can’t trust the production crew! soo..we will find out when all the epis are out!

      • LOLZ yhhhhhhh i can’t wait for the ending but dreading at the same time because i hear alot of historical korean dramas end sadly lolz and sad who they will kill of next i mean sounds like there gonna shock us more lolz throughout the upcoming eps and ending if you’ve ever seen lee min ho’s drama not a historical one but city hunter that had such a disappointing ending cause they didn’t answer all the questions at the end and you don’t know really if he ended up with the girl and seemed like they could have a second season they way they did it it was really bad lolz but i loved the drama anyways lol not quite addictive as this one is but i was sort of addicted at the time lolz

  20. well i wish that Baek dong soo wont have two wives here,,,,i heard that in real life …baek dong soo married both girls….dang!! T.T …what about yeo un??? ……..I’m only watching this drama because of yoo seung ho…..Y.Y ,,,,

    • hehe I KNOW lol i GOD hop that don’t happen and he has two wives seriously the writers and directors can change that for the drama

    • no, according to soompi, the translation fo the Korean text on Wikipedia about BDS background says he married lady Yu from city of jinju, who was his first wife, then she later dies at a young and BDS marries another women! for all I care about he can have JJ, but JS is JUST 4 YU! 🙂

      • I KNOW I’M GONNA CRY BECAUSE I’M SOOOOOO HAPPY SOMEBODY AGREES LOL anyways lol can’t wait to check it out and check out tomoz eppp lol

        • but thats funny lol if you think on the epdrama and dramacrazy subs gu hyang the gisaeng called ji sun miss yu and in the show there’s a girl called jin ju lolz thats funny especially if the original dong soo married someone called miss yu from the city of jin ju lolz hopefully it’s correct and there not just fooling you well us lololololz although it’s the korean wiki so it may not be wrong lolz

        • lol i just checked DC and i was ganna inform you and go and watch the begining ad rewatch the YU& JS scenes again+again+agian! i for one seocnd thought you might not wn’t to watch it and stay loyal to EP! but now I see as you just said, we have alot in common, when it comes to WBDS, when i found out the video are from viki, I rushed to Ep but they haven’t uploaded it yet! so I am sooo not loyal to any of them!

  21. Judging from this episode (which was awesome btw), I foresee a very very intense and awesomely sad ending, just the way a swordsman’s life should be. And YU, I’m really not sure what he had decided tonight, he might…eh… the end? one thing for sure, In will keep killing one by one….

    I was a little pissed with DS that he wasn’t be able to protect both women, oh well, he’s busy protecting the Prince and SM hehe.

  22. i sometimes hate unrequited love lolz i think she’s started to have a little feelings for him lolz i can’t wait for more mvs lol i want more mvs from psychobrit2008 she does awesome mvs on them lolz

  23. Thanks, you are very fast!!
    the song!!ohh love it,wat is the tittle, and do you know where can I uploud it!! i would like to heart this song every morning!!this version(calm) ohhh just repeat it 10 time!!(I can’t comment how I feel when i hear it…it’s just……want to learn/speak korean.
    the ep is not out in my region, just wait a little bit!!

  24. man i love mondays :3 thank you thank you 🙂
    aaaaaaahhh Un-ah just tell JiSeon you love her already 😥
    i love their bond and its just like they dont need words, just looks :3

    and i actually wish JJ was Cheons daughter sometimes 😦 Theyre sooo cute itsbunbearable 😛

  25. i wondered if something like that might happen that cheon would tell the truth

  26. i really want ji sun to find out yeo un’s feelings because even if she doesn’t end up with him or she doesn’t accept his feelings then at least she’ll know lolz

  27. yesssssssssssssssssss thanks soooooooooooo much will read

    • thats something i knew not everyone mentioned it but remember cheon threw the knife or an arrow at yeo un’s dad it hit his hand or back can’t really remember so in a way it was cheon and this is what disappoints me the writes and directors are making the women weak lolz ahhhhhhh i was reading this soooo intensely and it feels like things are heating up between yeo un and ji sun not much but a bit omo omo poor jin ju

      • 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 I wan’t YU & JS to end up loving each other till the end, even if they don’t end up 2gether, so if YU can’t have her, hope she doesn’t end up with DS

        • I KNOW RIGHT LOLZ i want them together sooooooooo bad dong soo should be with jin ju they’d be better i mean ji sun SHOULD be with yeo un and live with him at hoksa chororong unless he decides to go back and be hoksa chorong princess or sky lord princess lol

          • love that “hoksa chorong princess” and “sky lord princess”! can’t wait 4 2morrow’s episode.. I must say; I HATED, DS and JS hug! nooooooooooooooooooooooooo..stop touching YU’s girl!

            • HAHAHA SO TRUE i haven’t seen it yet lolz i’ll have a skip through once online lolz

            • @sarah
              I know, I can understand that. Seriously, the way YU looks at JS tonight, I think his eyes tell it all. And I like YU tonight, so cool as the assassin guild’s lord.

              • wait i haven’t seen the ep yet i will in a min has he changed his outfit lolz and i think when he looks at her such passion lolz also cause ji sun is quite expressionless you can see emotion in her eyes lolz

                • @ Kcomments; thanks for all your hard work, when i open my browser, i check this web page and soompi, these two are a must to check for WBDS and other dramas! lol.. thanks really appreciate your hard work! sadly I missed the beginning, the art about the hair pin and all! but hated the fact I felt something when she looked at DS, when YU send her back, it just broke my heart, i feel YU’s pain..noooooooooooo! but..noooooooooo shiroooooooooooo!

                • this makes me feel sad to watch lolz

      • Humm..YU’s dad caught YU’s sword before it went in, but Cheon flied his sword to YU’s dad, dad said he would die anyway, let him be the first and the last that YU would kill, and I think…dad pushed the sword into himself, right?

        I think in this episode, JS knows already how YU feels towards her, and I think she remains strong on DS, but I could be wrong ^^

        • yhhhhhh i know i think she’s wondering or knows lol i was hoping she’d stay there longer thou lolz and yh thats what i mean’t cheon threw something and it hit yeo un’s dad and he pushed the sword in that yeo un was holding lolz

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