Warrior Baek Dong Soo Poll

From 24 episode drama, extended to 30 episodes with the ratings (in Korea) currently number one in the time slot, let’s vote our frustration away for the  long wait (10 more episodes TT_TT) before the finale.  🙂

The Only Road – Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST

The last poll  is the same one we did before, just want to keep them all together.

Thanks for casting your vote and let’s hope the ending wouldn’t be that hard to comprehend. Although we know most Sageuk didn’t end with a happy ending, we should not give up our hope, eh….right? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Dong Soo x Yeo Woon = Just only love…

  2. i just did the poll again i love it lolz i want quick note and recap sooooo can’t wait

  3. Oh no, feel sorry for daddy Gwang Taek, well he didn’t get to show his fatherly side yet, wait until he knows Jin Ju is his daughter with Ga Ok, aww…..may be this daddy will scarify more than others and we will all cry buckets ^^

  4. funny the picture makes it look like both dong soo and yeo un are sulking lol especially when they were in the jail lolz

  5. I love this poll. Thank you
    In needs to be the next to go man. He is so annoying.

  6. I think the poll of which team you prefer should have ”both” because I love them both, the older and young cast ^^

  7. i JUST LIKE ? at the end, YU become a ultimate sky lord, not to kill the prince, but to DS do it muuuahhh:-)

  8. HEHEHE i love this poll because it makes me feel like it’s a quiz lol can someone tell me what fusion sageuk means,,,,,yh i know i noticed alot of korean period historical series and movies don’t have happy endings let’s just hope to death this has an awesome happy ending at least satisfying lol

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