Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 19

Yeo Un fights with Dae Ju, he’s about to stab Dae Ju, just then a needle hits his hand, it’s from Dong Soo.  Yeo Un warns Dong Soo not to interfere, but Dong Soo won’t let him kill Dae Ju saying killing him won’t change anything. Dae Ju asks if this is Baek Dong Soo, he admires their friendship but they both should put down their swords.

The lackey shows up with Ji Seon, Yeo Un tells Dae Ju to first release her, he agrees. Dong Soo tells her to leave. They both drop the swords, and are arrested.

They both are in the prison. Dong Soo stands up and asks Yeo Un why he wants to kill Dae Ju. Yeo Un says it’s not his business. When Dong Soo tries to bring up their childhood friendship, Yeo Un doesn’t bother saying that was erased from his memory a long time ago. Dong Soo snatches his collar and looks at him, then he turns and says sorry (omg..this makes me laugh, what does he feel sorry for?).

Yeo Un asks if he remembers that Dae Po, Su Ung and the Crown Prince, all were…by his hands….Dong Soo hits his face, and says he doesn’t forget and will not forget. However, he will not give up on him either, no matter how much he hates him, he is still his friend, Unnieee (^^), whatever his destiny is, he will help him to withstand it.

Yeo Un doesn’t understand, he thought when Dong Soo returned (from long trip), Dong Soo would thrust his sword through his chest, but……Yeo Un sees Dae Ju walking in so he stops talking.

(Jeez…I shouldn’t have read comments in DB,  now I see this scene in different called bromance scene ^^)

Dae Ju thinks they are both like Sword Saint(Gwang Taek) and Sky Lord (Cheon), that do not know who is more skillful in martial arts. But he reminds them , no matter how great  Sword Saint and Sky Lard are, they cannot surpass him, he laughs (meaning he’s the best).

Jin Ju arrives with a doctor, she kneels beside Ji calling, mother! mother! Ji opens her eyes and tries to talk to her. Jin Ju moves closer, Ji tells her that Gwang Taek is her father (Gwang Taek doesn’t hear her).  Jin Ju’s eyes widen, Ji closes her eyes and passes away.

Yu Dae thinks of how to help the two boys, he couldn’t do much but try anyway. He goes to Dae Ju’s office, and sits with him for a talk. They bluff each other about be able to catch mice, Dae Ju caught two boys, Yu Dae threatens him with the sunken ship, but to no avail, Dae Ju doesn’t barge and tells him to leave.

Gwang Taek says to Cheon, no matter what, he couldn’t forgive him (that he killed the Crown Prince, not sure if he also blames Cheon for Ji’s death), but today Ga Ok just died, he will let him go. He tells him to meet again after 10 days,  that day one of them will join Ga Ok (as in,  duel till death do as part ^^).  He will take care of Ji’s body. Cheon listens to him but doesn’t say a word.

Yu Dae orders Hong Do (the cute) to draw the scenery for him, he points out the ocean waves, the rocks, the bridge to him. Hong Do starts drawing.

An officer gives the key for Yeo Un and Dong Soo to get out of prison, they both run outside. Yeo Un tells Dong Soo to go ahead he has something to do, he also gives Dong Soo the information about the place that Josam is made, the Japanese House. Before he takes off, Dong Soo tells Yeo Un not to die, he has to die in his hand. Yeo Un smiles.

Yeo Un comes to Dae Ju, still wants to kill him. But Dae Ju tells him, instead of coming here, he would rather he go to the samini (Ji Seon). Yeo Un recalls seeing the lackey walked out, and he told Dong Soo to go to that Japanese place, so Dong Soo is surely not with Ji Seon.

Dae Ju says he wants to kill the samini who is in Yeo Un’s heart, but if Dong Soo is with her then he’s not sure. But it looks like Dong Soo is not with her either, he smirks. Yeo Un is worried.

Dong Soo is sending Yu Dae, Hong Do and Ji Seon back to Hanyang by boat, he will go to the Japanese House where Yeo Un told him. Hong Do is afraid that it might be a trap, but Dong Soo believes in Unnie (^^). Hong Do reminds him that Dae Ju would be heading back to Hanyang too, so there’s only four days left.

On the boat, Unnie again comes to rescue Ji Seon in time, and kicks the lackey down the sea.

Meanwhile Dr. Cho Rip is examining the dead body of the lady who was hung to death, and found out that she was poisoned, by using the silver stick and the chicken (it died when ate the food from the lady’s mouth). He reports to the Prince (eee…….this giddy noona wanna see his smile ^^). The Prince orders him to notify Gwang Taek.

When Cho Rip arrives at Sa Mo’s, Jang Mi’s daughter is crying, she hugs him. He and Hong Do walk in the room to see Ji’s dead body is lying in the room (Omo..Hong suppose to be on the boat with Ji Seon, remember? ).

Gwang Taek sends her off to become the wind, as she wished, blowing through the mountains,  the earth and the sea. He covers her face. Both Jin Ju and Jin Gi cry.

Dong Soo arrives at the Japanese House, he sees men with permit to get in the place, he jumps over the wall and walks inside. He searches the room and finds a book, then he checks out the warehouse and sees men are  packing the look-like ginseng.

A man calls him, he turns to look, it’s Kenzo looking at him. It’s his first time here, he asks Dong Soo what is inside the warehouse, the samurais come joining him. Dong Soo starts to walk away but the samurai says he never sees his face, is he a spy? Then samurais circle around Dong Soo, a tall man walks to him. They fight, Dong Soo is able to knock him down.

Kenzo steps in and challenges Dong Soo, they start fighting. But then the men are moving the box of ginseng out of the warehouse, Dong Soo stops and tells Kenzo that he’s busy, no time to play. Kenzo inquires his name, he finally says his name is Baek Dong Soo, and tells him to come to Hanyang if he wants to fight with him. Dong Soo runs out and follows those men.

When he catches up with them, he asks to see the content inside the box, the men take out their knives. They try to fight but lose and run away. Dong Soo opens the box, it’s full of ginseng, he smells it and smiles.

Dong Soo rides on the horse holding the box, heading to Hanyang.

Dae Ju is back in the palace, he visits the Queen and tells her, the sunken ship case is solved with the  Japanese. The Queen’s father ask if he heard that the lady boiled the ginseng tea did not commit suicide but was poisoned. Dae Ju is startled.

When Dae Ju leaves, the Queen’s father asks her why she would not take this chance to get back at Dae Ju. It’s because she knows that the Prince is investigating this  matter, to  cut off  Dae Ju’s wings, doesn’t need to dirty her hands.

The boat arrives, and Dong Soo meets with them (yep, this Hong Do just arrives so the one above,  should be his twin). When they all walk inside Sa Mo’s place, Jang Mi’s daughter runs to Dong Soo crying that how he can be here now. Dong Soo asks for everybody, then he runs out, also Hong Do follows him.

It’s Ji’s funeral, Dong Soo joins them looking at the burning body.

They take the ashes up to the mountain. Gwang Taek spreads the ashes in the air thinking, “Be the wind, blowing through the mountains, through the earth, through the sea and be free.”

Jin Gi throws the ashes and thinks, in the next life, he hopes she will be born as an ordinary person. Jin Ju hopes she will be her mother in the next life too and live happily.

Everybody turns to leave, Jin Ju sits down on the ground. Dong Soo walks to sit next her. Ji Seon looks at them.

Dong Soo, “Jin Ju, don’t cry. I’m still here.”

Jin Ju, “What’s the use of having you by my side? My mother and you are the same.”

Dong Soo, “I will protect you,  I, Baek Dong Soo, will protect you.”

Hong Do asks him, how he is going to protect her when he needs to protect the Prince and Ji Seon, how he is going to protect them all by himself. Dong Soo couldn’t answer him.  ( question from the painter!)

Hong Do says to Jin Ju, “Do you want to see your mother? If so, please tell me. No matter when, I will let you see her.” Jin Ju looks at him. (so sweeet of  him *swoon* )



He sits down and starts to draw her mother picture. Dong Soo stands close by, he turns to look at them and turns back.  Jin Ju looks at the drawing, she cries.

Cheon sits alone and mourns for his love, Ga Ok.

In tells Yeo Un, the Qing encountered Cheon (I assume the one lying in bed is the injured Qing), but he should be alright. Yeo Un warns him not to act rashly again in the future.

Gu Hyang updates Yeo Un the news in the palace, the Queen has recovered, the lady who boiled the ginseng tea was poisoned. She thinks it’s Dae Ju’s doing, but he won’t be caught easily because there’s no evidence.

Yeo Un asks if just to tell him this, she came at this late hour. She is worried for him that this should not be the life that he wants, as the Human Lord, he can easily remove(?) the assassin guild. Yeo Un smiles and says he has no intention to do that. (The way these two communicate,  it’s clear that she likes him, and he knows that too ^^)

As assassin delivers Dae Ju’s letter to Yeo Un. Gu Hyang tells him that the first step to remove  the assassin guild is to eradicate Dae Ju.

Dae Ju talks to Yeo Un, he wants to reconcile (that they fight last time), he gives him a box of gold. Yeo Un is uncomfortable that he still has to work for Dae Ju. Dae Ju says he needs a scapegoat, someone very close (for what purpose, we are not told).

The lackey overhears this, he rushes back to his house, and brings his valuable things to Dae Ju, he begs Dae Ju to spare his life. Dae Ju says his intuition is quite good and laughs.

Cho Rip reports to Gwang Taek, and with other evidences from Dong Soo, they are going back to the palace. Gwang Taek warns Dong Soo that Dae Ju will not accept to his crime easily, he should prepare for that. Dong Soo and Cho Rip leaves.

Sa Mo tells Gwang Taek, he too should go to the palace, but Gwang Taek says, after 10 days he will fight with Cheon, he needs to prepare for that.

Sa Mo still remembers how Dae Po, The Crown Prince and Su Ung died, he entrusts the revenge in his hands (to kill Cheon). Gwang Taek is practicing his martial arts, suddenly he feels the pain in his mid body. (omo…looks like the final showdown might lead to the death of both Cheon and Gwang Taek)

At the palace, the King presided to solve the sunken ship case. Dae Ju reports that from his investigation, it’s indeed done by the Japanese. The King asks for the evidence, Dae Ju says, apparently, there’s no navy officers survived, but at that time, the merchants and fishermen saw the Japanese ship. Also the Japanese bows were found at the shipwreck. An officers bring them to the King.

But then the Prince walks in the hall, saying his apology to the King, he wishes to give his view on this matter. The King grants him permission. In doing so, the Prince requests to bring in all related people, the King tells him to summon them.

Dong Soo and the navy officer, the one that survived, walk in. He submits the evidences to the King.

The King looks at the first painting, and asks what it is. Dong Soo says it’s Anyang beach, the crime scene. From the painting, the location of the sunken warship could not be seen. Also the place where the warship sank has numerous reefs, and strong waves that no merchant ship would take that path, let alone the warship (meaning the Japanese warship would not go there, so it’s impossible for the Japanese attack).

Dae Ju counters that only the painting cannot be counted as evidence. The King asks for more evidence, an officer hands him the look-like ginseng.

Dong Soo explains that what is in the King’s hand is the look-like ginseng found in the sunken warship, which actually is not real ginseng but Josam made from balloon flower, which can cause allergic reactions. If the person who is allergic to balloon flower taken, could result in itchiness and red rashes, severe case is fainting. The Queen must be allergic to  balloon flower.

The Queen’s father confirms that the Queen has stayed away from the balloon flower since young.The King picks another kind of ginseng, Dong Soo says it’s the ginseng from the Imperial kitchen, but actually it’s not the real ginseng but Josam. When the Queen fainted, there’s not enough time to destroy/burn all the left over Josam.

Also there’s the report from Yu Dae, the ginseng transaction book found in the Japanese House. The King asks Dae Ju if he has anything to say. He hurriedly says these are statements from parties that want him punished. The King asks then why he appeared in the Japanese House, and the sunken ship (from the report).

Dae Ju insists he is framed. Dong Soo brings in a witness, it’s the naval officer on the sunken ship. He tells the King that when the ship sank, he didn’t see the Japanese warship, there was no Japanese attack but the ship hit the rocks and sank. Also the officers on the sunken ship were all burn alive in the prison. It’s Dae Ju who was behind the burning and the killing of officers who escaped.

Dae Ju shouts at the officer  not to tell a lie, the King orders Dae Ju to shut up. The King asks him, is it not enough that he used the army warship for his own greed, he made Josam and sent it to the palace,  he had to kill those innocent officers too.

The Queen’s father requests the King to severely punish Dae Ju, other officers are chanting the same. Dae Ju kneels down to the King that his innocent will surely be proven.

At the punish ground, the Queen’s father tells him to say the truth, admit the crime, and he will help him after that. Dae Ju says even if he puts a knife at his throat, he is innocent. He whispers that if he wants to cut his head, the Queen will also be implicated. The Queen’s father orders the torture.

The Prince thanks Dong Soo that he’s saved him, he gives a scroll to Dong Soo to give to Yu Dae.

Kenzo (the brand name) receives a letter from Hanyang and walks into the palace, at the same time Dong Soo is heading out. They look at each other, Kenzo continues on. Officers are gossiping that he’s one of those who put Dae Ju in jail. Dong Soo leaves the palace.

Dae Ju’s son swears revenge on Dong Soo and his comrades. Kenzo meets the King.

Jin Ju talks to Cheon, until when he will be like this. She tries to convince him to get a hold of himself, if he’s like this, her mother would not be happy. Cheon doesn’t say a word.

The Prince visits the Queen, she says he’s lucky that he has nothing to do with the incident. The Queen’s father calls the Queen and hurriedly sits down. He tells her the news that Dae Ju has been acquitted out of charge. The Queen is startled, the Prince takes the news seriously.

Dae Ju walks out of the prison with his official uniform waiting. He swears to kill everyone (including himself oops! ^^) and laughs.

Seriously, if this is a batman story, Dae Ju would be the best joker ever, the way he laughs at the end is admirable, acting wise.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to declare my new LOVE,  Prince Heir, Jeong Jo.  He has become my current love in this drama, his sageuk, his acting omo….just love. Please don’t be surprised, there might be lots of  his screen-caps in the future, hehe.

To be honest, the King and the sunken ship case, wasn’t solid and really tried my patient, not to fall asleep.  ^_^

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  1. yhhhhhh i heard that tooooo it’s says tho like hailey said it will be aired this week and it says that on asian media wiki but they could be wrong since there not always right lol soooooooooooo please tell me tomorrow or monday if it’s out cause i love and adore this drama and really want to know lolz it better be aired i will die a whole week if it’s not out lolz i hope it will be out anyways cause i don’t know why just cause it’s a big holiday that they’d stop airing it although that happens to alot of anime’s like naruto soooo i don’t know please to GOD i hope it airs also hope after ep 24 they won’t take a few weeks or a whole month to wait for it to continue airing since it’s been extended i would die if i have to wait lolz this is what i mean’t when i get sooooo addicted lolz

  2. I heard it’s a big holiday in Korea, does anyone know whether or not WBDS ep21-22 will be aired this coming Mon-Tue?

  3. just seen an awesome mv from xnerjaveikax amaing such a beautiful song

    • i still prefer yeo un and ji sun and dong soo and jin ju couple and prefer mv’s on yeo un and jisun but i love how these youtubers do these videos cause they make yeo un and dong soo look like a real couple and it’s adorable lol so sexy as well lolz

  4. HAHAHA yh i also adore and love that laugh at the end still got to see it subbed but i thought it was hilarious the actor who plays dae ju is awesome lol

  5. lol i can’t help but think i’m not trying to brag but i was the first one to mention i won’t say think because there was probably others who thought but i was the first one to mention that i reckon the gisaeng likes him lol and he may know it but what i like about the gisaeng is she knows yeo un love’s ji sun and probably will always love her but the gisaeng cares for yeo un and wants the best for him and for him to have a happy life which is really sweet but the nice thing about gu hyang the giseang is that she’s not a schemer that would try and make yeo un fall for her and get rid of ji sun cause she know ji sun is only in yeo un’s heart and nobody else is in his heart lol since that wouldn’t happen anyway since yeo un loves and i mean only loves ji sun for now anyway well i think always and the gisaeng knows that lol she just wants a happy life for yeo un whether ji sun is with him or not she want’s the best for both of them i think she actually also cares for ji sun even thou she’s not around her well she’ll probably be around her alot more now that ji sun is at hoksa chorong lol i love how kcomments put the gisaeng likes him and he knows it lolz hehehehehe

    • I like Gu Hyang’s orange hanbok, the color is so vivid, it shines. Of course, Yeo Un knew her feeling. She was nice to Ji Seon, but you never know when she will change, she’s with the assassin guild after all.

      • true true true thats very true i love the orange hanbok she wears i find it soooooo fascinating how beautiful she is so is ji sun and yhhhhh you never know whether she’ll change since the gisaeng is with the assassin guild but yeo un would never let anything happen to ji sun since he loves her i think he’ll be really pissed and angry if he finds out the gisaeng would try to destroy ji sun znd yeo uns relationship well they don’t really have a relationship but you get what i mean lolz he wouldn’t let it happen and the gisaeng is very kind well at the moment anyway lolz she wants the happiness for yeo un and possibly ji sun so i don’t think she’ll scheme anything against ji sun if she did that she would never get a chance to be with yeo un cause he’d end up hating her also if he does become more evil towards the end of the show then he may even kill her lol i don’t think he would but you could never be so sure what the directors,writers and all that will do they always leave you wanting more lolz i can’t wait to know what the ending will be and i know for defo yeo un will always love and have ji sun in his heart lolz can’t wait for ep 21 to 24 and can’t wait to see what will happen to ji sun and yeo un now she’s at hoksa there’s time for little scenes of them lolz

  6. yayyy you got it fully out

  7. but this is the ultimate dong soo and yeo un video soooo sexyyyyy

  8. yay new mv of dong soo and jin ju from psychobrit 2008 she mostly been doing ji sun and yeo un hopefully she’ll do more lolz of ji sun and yeo un

  9. hehe i think i must be a bit of a sadist cause i thought that was really sexy when dong soo threw the needle at yeo un’s hand yeo un’s face in pain was sexy anyways moving on thats probably one of the best bit’s it the ep was when dong soo bitch slapped yeo un lol more like a bitch punch lol but yhhhh i felt sad watching this cause it looked like they both were going to cry if yeo un lol also i like how you said (unless it was actually in the subb) dae ju want’s to kill the women thats in yeo un’s heart and i loved it when he saved her and the way she loooked at him quite shocked lol and wasn’t there another bit before dong soo came back for ji sun i could of swore i saw a bit where when hong do and ji sun were walking together yeo un was way in front making sure he got her safely there this is after he saved her and then he was gone so i’m not sure lololol now i get what you and hailey mean’t how can hong do be in two places at once it must of been a mistake the director made not tooo much of a mistake cause i never noticed or thought about it yet lolz waiting for subbbbb dying to know what will happen ep 21 to 24 i want those eps out the way cause i want to know what will happen at ep 24 and see how they orginally planned to finish it lolz they better not make us wait after ep 24 for them to film i mean if they halt airing and make us wait a couple of weeks or a month then i’ll be ultimately furious i can’t wait also want more scenes of yeo un and ji sun now she’s at hoksa chorong this is better this way also cause she’s not there at hoksa chorong as a prisoner she’s there because yeo un want’s to keep her safe

    • also one bit i didn’t get was where was after yeo un and cheon battled to train and cheon beat him where was cheon after that lol when yeo un and ji sun was at hoksa chorong and yeo un talked to as i call it his henchman there was no sign of cheon either he was out or preparing to battle gwang taek unless there already at it lolz probably not cause they would probably show us but the laziness of the battles there don’t seem to be much battles lol it’s like always put to a halt lolz

    • Haha I saw lots of comments about that slap, to be honest, I’m not quite sure whether it’s a slap or fist-punch, so I chose the middle ground that DS hit YU in the face.

      And you guys, were the ones making me think of that scene, as an inappropriate unusual friend to friend chat…buahaha

  10. yayyyy you got it out lol now i can see what’s been happening can’t wait until yoou got it fully out lol

  11. How do u get this pictures? Did u get from the episode or juz internet?

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