Hooray for Love Episode 13

Jae Mi tears the letter of agreement and says he got it wrong. Why would she give up her porridge shop for that person? For ten years he had abandoned his family, he’s just like a stranger to her. Jong Soo and Hee Soo try to convince Jae Mi to sign but she won’t back  down and will proceed with the lawsuit.  Jae Mi and Jong Hee leave.

Outside Jae Mi insists to go see her dad even though her mom tells her that now he’s already felt regretful.

Dong Woo is in his office, he sees the  VIP coupon and thinks of Jae Mi and smiles, he checks his watch, it’s about time the ajumma come deliver the porridge, he adjusts his tie then he stops. He says to himself, wait, why am I waiting for her? Ah..Of course, it’s because the porridge is good, that must be it!  Then his assistant comes into his office saying….Kang Jae Mi shi….Dong Woo stands up quickly saying, has she come already? and runs out. (buahahaha….)

Dong Woo runs out and calls “Ajumma!” smilingly but it turns out to be Kim Sun and her son. She asks him why he smiles so much, is he waiting for her? Dong Woo doesn’t know what to say, he nods and says yes and greets her son.

Jae Mi visits her dad, he is surprised and says sorry she sees him like this. She doesn’t have to worry about him (calling himself ‘dad’), everything will resolve just fine. Jae Mi laughs why she has to worry about him. She comes to tell him that from now on, for the rest of their lives, they have no relationship with him, just live like they are strangers. She begs him to do that.

He says for him, whenever he sees a girl student on the street, he would think of her, whether did she go to college? is she dating a man? who would take her hand in the wedding ceremony?Jae Mi shouts at him to stop talking. He says he doesn’t hear how she’s doing but hope she will be happy. But when he heard when happened to her,  how can he not doing anything? Even if she hates him, he is still her father.

Jae Mi cries  that what he said was right, but where he was at that time, when she’s in college, dated a man, got married. That time he already has another family, did he forget? That’s no need for that now, don’t try to return things to the way it was (?). She storms out, her mom goes after her. Outside the room, Jae Mi cries hard, Jong Hee hugs her.

Kim Sun gives Dong Woo phone numbers as evidence.She complains how Jae Mi gone so thin these days. She touches his hand and tells him to help comfort Jae Mi, he asks why him, she says of course, a man lies so a man must give comfort. Dong Woo is confused (by her words).

Dong Woo’s mom picks up her sister at the airport, she tells her to come from Australia. While in the car, she asks what the reason she called her here is. Mom says it’s her son-in-law, he didn’t come home for two days.

At home, Joori is in a bad shape that her husband didn’t come home. Mom and her sister look at Joori, together they plan to get rid of the son-in-law.

Jae Mi thinks dad’s in trouble because of her so he will not contact his other house for sure, his family must be worried. Jong Hee remarks that now Jae Mi’s worried about her dad.  She says it was stupid of her, in the past, not letting Jae Mi and her dad seeing each other. Now she really regrets about it.

Jae Mi assures her , not because of  that, the reason she cannot forgive him is  because he abandoned them for another woman. Jong Hee says people make mistake, she talks about the past that he’s having a hard time too, when he followed his young wife, he left his job and now resigned as the chief doctor.  She was angry like Jae Mi too, but now she can understand him,   if the same situation were to happen again, she would not divorce him but would try to understand him. This is  her true feeling now. Jae Mi is surprised her mom said this.

Jong Hee says, no matter how he had betrayed them, but  for 19 years, he was a really good father, and his love doesn’t change until now, “If  you cannot forgive him, at least try to understand him, I’m begging you.”

Hee Soo’s brother learns that Jae Mi will not give up the porridge shop and will not sign the paper. He tells Jong Soo and Hee Soo  not to worry, he has his way.

Jae Mi looks  at the shop and thinks of her dad.  She makes a phone call.

Dong Woo is in a lady’s boutique, he picks one dress and asks to be wrapped as a gift. The sale lady comments that every time he changes a woman, he buys clothes as a gift. He scolds her, he’s not that kind of playboy, this is for…. his mom’s birthday gift.

His phone rings, it’s Jae Mi. He says he’s hungry and wants to go over. She says she has something to say to him, she asks him to come to her shop. Dong Woo smiles dreamily wonders what she will say that cannot talk over the phone. He picks up the gift and assures the sale lady that it’s.. absolutely…  for his mom birthday. (^^)

Jae Mi sits in her shop, there’s text message about Jong Soo was beaten by Dr.Kang. Then Hee Soo’s brother calls, he tells her to come to hospital to sign the paper, if this news hits the internet, it will surely ruin her dad reputation.

Jae Mi meets Jong Soo, and the brother.

She refuses to sign at first, the brother threatens to upload the news. Jae Mi thinks of the past with her dad, he was a good father to her then. She turns back and signs the letter angrily. She says to Jong Soo, the porridge shop without her, she will wait and see how long it will last. She leaves. The brother calls his man to release the doctor. Jong Soo is happy now that the shop becomes his.

Jong Hee visits Dr.Kang, he plans to contact the lawyer that eventually will make his new family know about his situation,  but then the police tells him he can leave now, it’s all settled. They are surprised.

Dong Woo waits  for her, he looks at the gift and wonders whether the ajumma will misunderstand that he gives her the gift  because she’s cute, he does this just to comply with Kim Sun’s suggestion (that he comforts Jae Mi). He nods to himself  that he comes up with a good reason for his action, and smiles.

Then he sees Jae Mi, he says he’s hungry, let’s eat first then talk. He takes her to a nice restaurant. She doesn’t look happy. Dong Woo tells her, he finishes filing the case today, they have close to 100% or 70-80% chance to win, just believe in him. He says she’s lucky to have him as her lawyer, handsome , very kind with ability, treat customer like a family.

Jae Mi looks at him guiltily and says thank you.

Jae Mi feels bad that he’s put so much effort into the case, wonders what to do. He asks what she wants to tell him. But the food is served, she tells him to eat first. He tastes his food and says it’s good, but of course, ajumma’s porridge is better. He winks at her.

Jong Hee treats him food after he got off the prison. She warns him to keep his temper down. He asks about Jae Mi if she’s alright. She says Jae Mi  has a good lawyer, after the lawsuit, she should get the shop back.  Jong Hee wonders how he got released easily, he says they withdrawn the complaint, may be they don’t want the rumor to hurt their porridge shop business.

He asks if they should have a meal with Jae Mi and the lawyer, she tells him to listen and do not feel sad, now for Jae Mi to accept him is  difficult. He nods his understanding. What Jong Hee is worried though, is his mother-in-law, she has quite a temper, and he’s disappeared for two days. He thinks about it and signs.

Dr. Kang comes home, Joori hugs him crying. Dong Woo’s dad is happy that he’s back, and asks him if he’s mentally prepared, the aunt even came from Australia. Dong Woo’s mom yells out for him to come.

Two women yell at him for not coming home , Dr.Kang says sorry, he won’t do it again. But when the aunt goes on about even if he’s poor, they let him marry Joori, and built a hospital for him, she asks if that was not enough, he keeps quiet, not utter a word.

Dong Woo’s mom reaches her limit, the aunt handovers a divorce paper. Mom yells at him to divorce Joori.

Joori comes running inside the room, she cannot live without him. Dad thinks what mom’s doing is too much, he scolds the aunt how she can pour more oil  into the fire, he clutches the paper.

Dr. Kang asks the mom, if she’s not satisfied with him, she says she said before, from head to toe, she’s not satisfied with him. He says he understands now that after years in marriage, she’s never recognized him as her son-in-law, he has no other solution. He tells Joori either she leaves with him tonight and moves out of the house or,  she do as her mom said, divorce him.

Joori  is shocked, mom and aunt jaw-drop. He says to Joori, he will go and pack, she thinks it over. Before he leaves the room, he tells mom that he will take Se Ra with him, Joori yells at her mom and runs after him.

Dad yells at both women, if they are satisfied now that Joori will get to divorce. Mom says, it’s not her plan to be like this.

Dr.Kang packs his bag and tells Se Ra to go pack too. Joori begs him not to go, she thinks mom was just angry but didn’t mean it. He insists, they can rent a small place to live, but Joori is too scared to leave the house, she begs him.

He tells her to stay here then, he walks out with Se Ra. Dad tries to convince him not to leave. Joori walks down the stairs hurriedly calling for him, she trips and falls down, unconscious. Dr. Kang runs to her, mom sees Joori, she faints.

After the meal, Dong Woo wonders why she is quiet today, what she is not happy about. He thinks it’s about the food bill, he will take care of  it. He gives her the gift, and tells her not to misunderstand that it’s because she’s cute and all, it’s for her to change her style, to start over. He is making sure, she gets the meaning right. (LOL)


She returns the gift saying she doesn’t have the right to wear it because she doesn’t want the shop back. She tells him to cancel the lawsuit, she just met with Jong Soo and has already agreed to give up all the rights. Dong Wong couldn’t believe what she just said.  Jae Mi wants to stop the lawsuit now and she will pay him his fee, she thanks him for everything.

Dong Woo interrupts her, do you think I do this for money? Let me know the reason. You said you wanted the porridge shop back, why do you suddenly change your mind? Tell me the reason. What is it? Why do you give up the porridge shop? His voice is getting louder.

Jae Mi doesn’t say the reason, she tells him not to bother about it, it’s her own business. Dong Woo repeats her words,  do not bother? He has worked days and nights, it’s not because of money but he’s treated this matter as his own. He really wants to help her, he puts his heart into this. But now she said not to bother?

Jae Mi says it’s not like that. He mutters her stupidity and cuts her off saying, he will do what she wants, and let us not meet again. He gets up and walks away.

Jae Mi runs after him. She tries to tell him her reason that she had no choice, but he wouldn’t listen, he insists  not to meet again. Jae Mi wants to explain so he can understand but he calls her name, and says he’s no longer interested to know. He throws the gift into the trash bin and drives away. Jae Mi looks at him leaving and turns to look at the gift.

Dong Woo, in the car, is frustrated, he thinks back about the two incidents that Jae Mi told him that it’s not his business. He’s a little pissed at her.  At home, Jae Mi looks at his gift (the dress) and his pink doll.

Da Rim asks her dad to dress up nicely and come with her on his day off, to where, it’s a secret.

Jong Hee and aunt wonder why Jong Soo easily settled the case. Jae Mi doesn’t tell them about her signed agreement, so they still think Jae Mi will have her shop back.

Dr. Kang brings Joori home, he informs everyone that she just slightly hurt her angle other things else are fine. He prepares to go to work, he tells Joori to leave this house and finds a place to live just the three of them, might be a bit hard in the beginning, he will more effort.

Joori doesn’t want to do that, she knows herself that if she lives on her own, she won’t last for a month and will end up fighting with him. She doesn’t want to be like that, to fight with him.

He asks her, then what he should do. She convinces him to put more effort, let down his self-esteem and try to please her mom. He says he cannot do that anymore, that night when he came home, he felt so bored and couldn’t breath. He tells her to just move out, if they stay here, they might end up losing something more valuable than money, and regret it later.

Joori  holds his hand and begs him, asking if he loves her, she doesn’t want to live working hard, if she leaves, her mom will stop giving her money, when they will be able to buy a house, who is going to do the housework? And her credit card bill? She gets up on her knees and begs him, if he loves her, he can do this, right?  He looks at her, doesn’t know what to do.

Aunt laughs that Joori  fell down helped solve the problem, son-in-law didn’t talk about moving out? Mom says, he said, “I’ll be back” (when he went out), that’s his way of  giving in.

Jong Soo and Hee Soo are preparing for the wedding. She is worried a bit that she looks fat because of her pregnancy, but he says no, he’s a lucky man, now that the porridge shop belongs to them, thing with Jae Mi is definitely ended. He gives her coupons for the luxury spa to prepare for the wedding. She hugs him.

Jae Mi changes the name of her shop and puts on a new sign, Kim Sun wonders why change the name when they are going to win the case. Jae Mi says from now her matter, her doing. From now this is the shop name, she will start to do the publicity. Kim Sun thinks of inviting a guest, she calls Dong Woo. Jae Mi snatches her phone away telling her ,in the future, please do not contact this person anymore.  He’s a person she has no relationship with.

Dong Woo picks up the phone call, then wonders because the person just hangs up. He throws Jae Mi’s  file to his assistant, from now on, do not mention this name in front of him.  If  he helps consult this ajumma again, he might as well change his surname to poop. He storms back into his office.

Then he sees the shop coupon Jae Mi gave him, he thinks about when she told him she gave the shop to Jong Soo, he’s mad, calling her that bad ajumma. He tears the coupon into pieces, cannot forgive her.

Dr. Kang is heading out to spend his vacation alone. Jong Hee is on the bus going for her (sales rep) seminar. They both are listening  to their favorite song,  going in the same direction.

Humm…I couldn’t blame Joori  for who she is, that’s the way she’s been raised, I guess. But Dr. Kang seems to be so kind towards  her that I could picture how he could have an affair with her in the first place. Hope she won’t team up with Hee Soo and turn evil later on ^^

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  1. Hello! Thank you for this, Hulu is missing episode 13!

  2. Im REALLY wondering where you watch the episodes. do you watch them online?? PLEASE ANSWER ME O_O

  3. the mother is acting a bit immature these days but I understand her its amiddlelife crisis she lived alone for such a long time she was feeling unwanted and then first love comes back and she is a real woman again love doesnt know right or wrong besides Joori is the one who stole him in the first place so I have zero sympathy for her but how do you know that mom and dad new found happiness will be short and there is no way they will end up together first the fortune teller said both of you will find new love second its obviously an anti divorce drama when they show you that one divorce that was a mistake will lead to another and another then I dont think the dad would want his other kid to end up like JM

    lover boy DW is going pretty fast do you think we will see a pregnant JM before the show ends ^^

    • Of course, JM will get pregnant for us to enjoy seeing Jong Soo as an incompetent one haha…I even think about JM gets pregnant so she has to marry DW, his mom would not object to that, and DW is quite fast on that aspect hee ^^

  4. I have say this about the shop, I find it strange that the mother who knew what Jong Soo wanted to settle the matter didn’t even raise the issue. I agree that the writer’s are going to put the mother and dad back together again, I still not sure I want that, it’s something about his attitude with the ex-wife that I don;t like.

    With his new family he’s all beat down and meek but I notice with JM mom he gets all tough, like the way he blamed her for their split up. It’s really hard to forgive someone when they cheat on you , mostly because of what it makes you become.

    • I’m sorry, lazy me, that scene where Jae Mi , her mom and the aunt are having a meal together at home, her mom and aunt wonder why Jong Soo easily withdrawn the complaints on Dr.Kang, and her mom asks Jae Mi. It isn’t clear to me tho, Jae Mi answers her mom that she also is surprised, may be his conscience or because she said to him, even if she dies, she wouldn’t give up the shop, so he gives up too.

      So if mom understands that Jong Soo settled Dr. Kang case without Jae Mi signing the agreement, she would think that Jae Mi would be able to win the lawsuit eventually, I guess. I don’t think she knows that Jae Mi told Dong Woo to drop the lawsuit…yet.

      Up to the current episode, mom been busy with her ex, so she will know for sure when she sees the new name of Jae Mi’s shop.

      Humm…I feel uncomfortable with Dr.Kang that he tries to be with Jae Mi’s mom (specially in the later episodes) behind his wife’s back, to me, that’s not cool for a man at his age, it could be called cheating, what he’s doing. But the writer may want to introduce the conflicts of love, regret and duty , and will give us the rightful reason later for who should end up with who in the end.

      I suspect lots of angst/sad/makjang elements in the latter half of the drama i.e fatal illness, life threatening accident, misunderstanding break up. But never another divorce between Jae Mi and Dong Woo please, that would be really disappointing. ^^

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE thx you so very much for escaping the ep I really don’t know what they r tLking bout n you really me a lot lol I hope and ex husband comes running n begging later but his actions now will surely effect him later on

    • Jong Soo had two wedding pics already in one drama ^^ I’ m sure the writer will make it that Jae Mi’s mom and dad should be together, but wouldn’t that complicate thing between Jae Mi and Dong Woo, if they want to get married? If dad breaks up with Joori, how can Dong Woo keep seeing Jae Mi when it’s her mom indirectly causing problem in his family? Oh well, leave it to the writer, she has plenty of time to solve that hehe.

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