Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 20 (Quick Note)

*Sigh*….When DJ talks a lot, that would mean,  a hard-to-understand episode, he’s a schemer alright. And he talked a lot tonight, actually he’s played an important part to the whole story since the first episode. I liked how the writer closed the circle on DS’s dad-GT-DJ’s story from episode one, thru DS  tonight (totally forgot that DS didn’t know anything about his dad).

Episode 20 (and counting ^^)

DJ Comes out of the prison.

The Queen, the Prince and the Queen’s father wonder how can DJ get out. Then they show the story how DJ got out of the prison with The Queen’s father and the Queen’s voice-over.

While torturing DJ at the punishment ground,  DJ’s lackey runs to the Queen’s father and tells him to stop.

The lackey thinks back, YU, with his face covered, came to him and put a sword at his throat. Then YU shows his face.

J-man talks with the King, the king orders…about DJ’s release (?)

The Queen  tells the Prince to leave.

The Queen’s father asks the Queen, what to do.

DJ is back in his official attire, the Queen’s father and another minister come to greet him  (they all smirk behind each other).

The Prince with CP, he thinks of..the King.

Cheon walks alone, and kills assassins who are after him.

The Qing and YU look at Cheon fighting (the acoustic song is so sad here).

CP tells GT and the rest, that DJ is out.
GT asks YD for his opinion, GT tells DS.

Cheon duels with the Qing. Cheon thrusts his sword into the Qing and stabs him to death saying it’s also for  killing Ga Ok.

In and YU see him kill.

Cheon tells YU to follow him, they are back at the assassin guild.
Cheon touches YU’s shoulder.
Cheon talks to YU.
He tells YU, he will meet GT.

The gisaeng is tending/sewing Cheon’s wound.

YU talks to DJ (-these two always have such a difficult conversation, hard to understand ^^).

When YU walks out he sees J-man and the tall man walk in.

DJ’s lackey fights with the tall man, to show DJ. YU looks behind.
DJ tells him to stop the fight (before the tall man kills his lackey).

SM with GT, JJ looks at GT, she’s about to leave, JG walks to her.
JG knows  GT is her dad, but JJ says she has one dad, JG.
JG tries talking for her to accept her real dad, but she  still does not want to.

JJ sits alone, DS comes sit next to her, he calls her name. She’s startled asking him when he came back, he says just now.
DS talks to her that with him, she doesn’t have to pretend/lie, if it’s not ok, then it’s not ok, if she misses her, then misses her, if she wants to see her, then wants to see her. Jin Ju starts to cry, he puts his arm around her. She puts her head on his shoulder. JJ cries .

DS consoles her , holding her, she cries.

DS walks with YD in the palace, they see the King is watching the fight (Agrrhhhh… my Prince!)
DJ, J-man sit with the King.

J-man fights with the officer in front of the King, DS and YD are surprised to see the fight.

HD is drawing the fight. The officer loses.
J-man challenges the Prince, the Prince’s guard boy steps in, but loses, the other two  boys go in,
HD is drawing. DS looks at them.
The three lose. The King and the Prince are disappointed(losing face). DS wants to go out to fight, but HD stops him
saying it’s not the right time.

The King is at court again, asking for GT, YD accepts his order. J-man wonders about GT.

J-man asks DJ about GT, J-man talks about he met BDS. DJ is surprised, tells him DS is  GT’s disciple.
J-man wants to meet BDS asking where he could find him.

AT SM’s place, DS and others are drinking, J-man comes challenge DS.

GT is practicing alone. JJ walks to him, he’s surprised to see her. He asks her to call DS to him.
GT smiles, she leaves. (I guess it’s difficult for her to tell him, she’s his daughter)

Cheon is pacing alone, JJ comes to see him. He asks if she’s well, long time no see.
Cheon talks to her, saying thank you for making his heart? He touches his heart.
Cheon talks to her, JJ is about to cry, she asks him a favor,… he accepts.
In sees them.

DS fights with the J-man, then J-man stops, he leaves.
DS sits back with the three friends.
JJ walks in, she will help? DS says no, it’s dangerous.
JJ says no, it’s the way of her life (?)
She tells DS,  GT wants to see him.

SM and JG walks and sees the tall man, they laugh of how he’s so tall.
DS comes to GT.

Cheon with YU.
DS fights with GT.

YU fights with Cheon. YU loses.
GT talks with DS.

Cheon talks with YU. (Oh, man GT and Cheon, are they preparing to die??? and leave the job to the youngster or what?)
Cheon talks about YU’s feeling for that woman. (saying about his feeling and Ga Ok)

DJ talks to his lackey.
His fan has a drawing of a kind of bird.
DJ laughs.

JJ dresses in lady dress, comes out with JS and JG.
JG says, she’s pretty. GT and SM see her too.

DS and HD come and see her, they look at her, HD is impressed and mesmerized.  DS asks, is this JJ?
HD takes JJ to a lady in the gisaeng house.

Officers with DJ’s son storm into SM’s place. They search the place.
They arrest JS.
JG  stops SM from following them.

YU with the gisaeng, she tells YU about JS.
YU rushes out, he sees JS is being tortured.

JS refuses to admit the crime.
YU looks at  DJ’s son.
JS faints, YU runs to DJ with his sword pin to the desk.
He asks DJ to help JS. But DJ wouldn’t help, YU walks out.

DS  is at the gisaeng place, he’s waiting/pacing impatiently.
DJ, the samurai, J-man are drinking with women, JJ is with them as a gisaeng.
They all walk outside, JJ runs to DS. She tells him the info.

DS comes back with JJ, JM tells him about JS.
DS runs to JS.

YU kills the guards in the prison, and go to JS, he motions her to get out.
She refuses, YU talks to her, YU almost says how he feels…then he changes the subject to DS instead.
He walks to her and reaches out his hand, JS takes his hand.

DS comes to the prison and finds  all the guards were killed and the cell is empty.
He knows it’s YU (looking at the key chain).

JS sits with YU, he looks at her, she looks at him. (Eeep!)
DS is waiting until morning comes, JJ comes to him, she consoles him, he leaves the matter to her. JJ smiles faintly.

YU talks with his man.

Officers in the palace all get a message with one letter.

DS and GT  are with the King. The King thanks DS about the Josam case.
GT tells the King about the Prince, DS is surprised.
DS talk to the three friends.
(oh my DS in new clothes is hotttt…)

The prince talks to GT.
DS sees DJ walks with the tall man.

DS overhears DJ talks,  but an officer sees him. So DS talks with DJ, the tall man sits with them.

DJ asks DS that is he Baek Sa Geong’s son, about his dad was a traitor, he’s surprised.
CP calls him, DS looks at GT.

DS asks GT about his dad is a traitor,
GT tells him, the story of his dad taking the blame for the Crown Prince Sado, and his mom gave birth (ep1).
He tells DS about DJ’s manipulation (?),  DS’s about to cry.

GT with the Prince, interrogating one officer.

CP comes to SM.

The King with the Queen presided, for outdoor game. The Queen looks at the Prince’s seat that’s empty, she smiles.

CP gives the Prince a bow.
Men dress in black attack the palace (the Prince’s quarter), DS  and the three boys kill all the men.
DS looks at the covered face.
DS says, wait, he’s not here.

The tall man sneaks  into the Prince’s room, but it’s SM that waits inside.
The Prince is with DS and CP.

At the game, DS and J-man walk together to the King.
DJ and the Queen’s father are surprised to see BDS.

The Prince comes to sit at the game, the King asks why he’s late. The Prince thinks of  DS’s  warning.

The Prince gives the King a bow.

J-man requests to pick the bow, to the King, the King agrees.
J-man picks the bow. He  is to shoot  first, he’s aiming at the target, but quickly turns around to aim at the King,

The King is scared, DS is surprised.
J-man shoots, DS catches the arrow but it slips through his hand!
DS looks at his hand, it’s empty! (Me gasps…damnit!)

No preview.

Hands down! It looks like DS is going to claim both girls casually. He’s letting JJ know that he cares for her, at the same time, doesn’t hide it from JJ that he cares for JS too! Wow, I guess this is how the man gets to have two wives hehe….

If  I’m not mistaken, YU almost..almost tells JS how he feels, and JS is expected to hear something too. But then he covers it up, saying DS would be waiting for her (or something).

The ending really made me swear, “Damn!”, because of all the showing off catching-the-arrow scene, DS has to miss this one (the writer really know how to surprise us ), it slips right thru his grasp,…… a week to wait peeps!

Omo..the Prince in his full attire was so cool. This show succeeded one thing for sure, it’s made you *drools* and *drools* over the pretty boys, they keep changing the hair too…^^

Eh….another tough episode, why do they always make the Tue-ep so difficult to understand? LOL ^_^

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  1. this is probably very weird what i’m gonna say here but because hong do is painting everything or seems to be, at the end of the series maybe hong do will show us everything he’s drawn like a story lol as if he’s drawn all what he’s drawn like a story or picture book of everything thats happening in the show if you get what i’m saying?? it would be really cool

  2. this one is a jin ju and dong soo video it’s cute can’t make out who the singer is is it taylor swift????

    • i knew it yh it’s by taylor swift it actually makes me want to cry cause the lyrics fit with jin ju’s situation because it’s soooo true how she feels for him ji sun should be with yeo un they can be depressed together lol and dong soo and jin ju should be the cheerful couple lol

  3. also this one’s good the first fanvid i showed with the word somewhere is the same singer as this one the singer is red first fanvid song i sent you was mystery of you and this is let it burn

  4. i’m looking forward to ep 24 more thou cause i want to see how they originally planed on finishing it and whether it really needed an extension lol and after ep 24 i’ll probs be more excited for the last ep lolzzzzzzz just as long as after ep 24 we don’t have to wait for weeks or a whole month for them to finish the extension cause if after ep 24 and they stop airing for a few weeks or a month till finished filming i’lll be sooooo mad i won’t want a break lol from it so hopefully they won’t do that if you know what i’m saying hopefully there filming now and have finished lol or literally i’ll explode if you know what i mean i don’t want them to wait lol for like month to continue airing

  5. chloillie23 does really awesome fanvids for it as well one of my faves and 92ayachanMVx also there’s xnerjaveika lol

    also svetusikls4

  6. lol look at this why didn’t you just kiss lol

    it looks like dong soo could of said shut up yeo un and just kiss me

  7. look at the paint guy when he see JJ dressing lady…ahahhah and DS also
    after crying about JJ mother this drama make me laught sometime

  8. i think it would be cool if they kissed ot hugged lol that probably won’t happen but you never know since extension has happened so maybe will be lucky to get a lovey dovey stare and a hug lol yeo un will eventually slip into temptation for her lol nah that’s probably over exaggeration lol

  9. i absolutely love these fanvids

    psychobrit2008 does awesome fanvids

    also this ones nice not by psychobrit
    username called brokenwings98

    i can’t wait fo more warrior baek dong soo fanvids especially yeo un and ji sun ones since by the looks of it there looks like there will be more of them now she’s at hoksa chorong so more fanvids of them i can’t wait to see them together lol even if it’s just the littlest looks or touches then that would be enough sort of lol

    • Great..
      hey Maria! which episode, can I see the scene in ” the first video at 1:11″,
      I never see it during WBDS

      • oh do you mean the bit where ji sun is clutching her heart as if she feels pain that bit is in ep 13 when crown prince sado is ji sun could tell because of the strong feel of death lol thats also the hardest ep in my opinion since dong soo found out about yeo un’s betrayal i was looking at alicechens blog she also does good recaps i still think kcomments is better in my opinion lol but alicechen is awesome as well someone said why was dong soo depressed in like one whole ep and a bit was it because of he stabbed ji sun or the prince’s death i was thinking it’s pretty obvious why he was upset lol

      • OHGOD no sorry you mean’t the very first fanvid i sent with the first word somewhere,, that is ep 7 then it sorta goes to ep 3

        • no if your on about the bit where ji sun is in the carriage thing and she looks at yeo un thats ep 6 then it goes to ep 3 when dong soo wants to fight yeo un but keeps getting beaten up you have to admire his courage lol

  10. just seen it god his face when he missed the arrow does that mean the king is gonna die why did as kcomments likes to call him the j man why did he do that and what was it that yeo un said to his henchman as i like to call him lol did he say to kill hmmmmmmm soooooo many questionssssssssss i want moreee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait for subs and wonder what happened to ji sun i sense now she’s with yeo un or hoksa chorong there’s probably gonna be more scenes between them me says yayyyy lol and what was it that cheon says to yeo un about ji sun maybe he said to keep her safe if you love her that much i mean cheon feels alot more lol after meeting jin ju i wonder what happened to him now since it looks like only yeo un his henchman and ji sun is there lol i felt sad when and welled up with tears when cheon looked at the gayageum and remembered ji playing it he looked sooooo sad lol

  11. and i love the music that started playing between yeo un and ji sun

  12. and also gives time for yeo to tell ji sun he’s feelings i mean it looks like he was gonna tell her how he feels

  13. and also dong soo’s not gonna have much time for ji sun a the mome cause now isn’t he working guarding the prince so yh he’ll be busy leaves time for ji sun and yeo un to develop

  14. wooo!! the end the end,, the arrow DS….the writter of WBDS is really good, I really like his reaction when he can’t stop the arrow ..

    • i haven’t had a look at that will in a min

    • I like the ending too, considering the extension, I liked ep20 more than the ginseng case (phew! the case was finished in ep19..but JS was arrested, if I heard right, something about Josam).

      In ep20, the story was heading to the closing on GT-Cheon story, they are bound to finish the duel, it seemed GT was passing on the torch of ‘Joseon Best Swordsman’ to DS. Really don’t want to see either one die, and JJ would be losing more DADs?

      Also, I’m kind of worried for JG and SM too.

      • yhhhhh i know it reminds me of like the vampire diaries the writers of vampire diaries aren’t afraid to kill of characters and that’s the same with warrior baek dong soo yhhh and i’m really glad they finished with the whole daddy issue lol that was soooo sad and i’m glad ji sun is showing a bit of expression cause in ep 19 or 20 her smile was so pretty and funny when miso jang mi’s daughter said something when jang mi was sorting out clothing i think that was when they were sorting the clothing out for jin ju and also looked like she may of been jealous when dong soo was trying to comfort jin ju and it looked like she felt something towards yeo un when she looked at him and when he looked at her i hope when she stays at hoksa chorong something will happen well not much but even the littlest looks and talks is enough for me as long as yeo un keeps her there for a bit well for awhile lol i love them together

  15. thanks!!!!
    noo, DS…; may be the king is saved the sacrifice of someone (1 of his bodygard for exemple)
    It’s only me or Do you think that:
    DS is like GT
    YU is like Cheon
    and JS….is like Ga Oh
    ahahah the same story
    I like thispart: “JS sits with YU, he looks at her, she looks at him. (Eeep!)”

    • yhhhhhhh i know it looked as if she started to have feelings for him which i think she does yhhhhh thats what i was gonna say with how it is i was thinking i mean ji (ga ok) wanted to go with gwang taek but decided to stay with cheon but i think ji loves gwang taek but has feelings for choen and that maybe the same with ji sun i mean dong soo hasn’t gone to hoksa chorong yet to get ji sun he trusts yeo un to take care of her so she’ll be staying with yeo un so there’s most defo time for ji suns feelings to develop between expecially since now they’ve developed to 30 eps and the directors and writhers say they will make it more interesting as they go through the extension and they say they’ll make the ending or try to lol to meet every one’s expectations which i hope will not put both girls with dong soo i mean that just won’t satisfy mean anyway lol

    • That ‘Eeep!’ part was me doing, not JS’s shriek swooning at YU tho, sad to say, haha..

  16. they just better not extend the princess man thou cause 24 eps is defo enough for that drama

    • LOL, you are watching PM too, looks like you have fallen for Sageuk now.

      • HAHA yh lol heard good things about it literally but i still think thou that warrior baek dong soo is better in my opinion yh i mean also there’s a movie called the duelist looks good and llijmae if i pronounced it right lol looks good but i’m sticking wait WBDS and PM because there addictive and i will need a break before i start a new series so maybe after christman i’ll start a new one

  17. a little bit disappointed by the news cause wanted to know the ending but it’s only 6 ep’s more lol i’m glad they finally told us that means it will finish october 11th i was more angry of waiting for them to tell us glad they told us now and i’m more glad they didn’t decide to extend to 50 lol cause then i would go crazy and that would mean it wouldn’t finish to like late october or november lol so i’m glad there sticking with 30 right??? lol apparently there’s gonna be more historical dramas i probably won’t give them ago thou cause soooooo addicted to warrior baek dong soo and don’t want to get addicted to another historical drama so warrior baek dong soo and the princess man might be my last historicals for awhile also i noticed korean historicals are usually long and have sad endings lol so i’m just going to stick with warrior baek dong soo and the princess man after i’ve seen protect the boss can’t lose i might continue they have such funny fights but a bit boring i want to watch the musical with the girl from boys before flowers and i’m continueing with ikemen desu ne then i’m gonna leave it with korean and japanese drama’s for abit for a couple of months then maybe watch another one lol cause i get addicted and obsessed with them quickly it’s best i have a break once i’ve finished with the one’s i want to watch i like how the writers a directors of warrior baek dong soo say they want to make the ending everyone’s expectation lol

    • Thanks for this, so 30 eps it is ^^
      I’m sorry, won’t be able to do the quick note till the 30th ep, but will finish at least 24eps as it was originally planned (will be on vacation for about a month, and can’t post anything on this blog during that time, sorry ^^).

      • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kcomments you can’t abondon us lol i kid but will miss you as long as you come back and do more stuff in a month i hope you will do up to ep 24 and watch the eps as well and post some after more WBDS after i know what you could do lol after the series is finished lol you could post up after thoughts what you thought of the ending and i’ll tell you what i thought well i do that anyways lol i’ll still be on here and keep everyone’s company since i love being on here and expressing my feelings on this drama i’ll stay here for ages lol i’ll take over this place for you for abit till you come back lol and keep everyone company anyways if you don’t mind me asking where you vacationing to???? didn’t you have a hols in the summer lol when you leaving cause i want to know and keep everyone company lol i probs won’t be able to do the recaps or quick notes cause not good at thos things lol and everyone will need to to tell me what happened on here cause alot of people watch like you on the live thing lol

  18. oh wait yh i can see how he lost what about dong soo did he beat gwang taek or didn’t

    • Dong Soo and the Sword Saint had a tie. But Woon didn’t exactly lose either. I know it looked like Chun was about to cut Woon’s head off. But he then said Sword Saint had been the first to block his attack and survived, which means Woon must be the second, and that Woon would surpass him soon. Afterward, it shows us that Woon actually stabbed Chun’s chest first. lol or maybe I just hate to think that Woon would lose in any fight.

      • Oh, this is interesting. I’m not sure about DS and GT (a little cheesy fighting imo ^^), but for Unnie, if Cheon is able to put a sword to his throat, surely he can kill him if he wants too, but I have to watch that again to be sure tho ^^

  19. how can you tell yeo un lost to cheon other than cheon is stronger than him i thought he beat cheon?????

  20. sorry correction i want more yeo un and ji sun no more ji sun and dong soo oh and more bromance lol

  21. i think it would be tragic is yeo un doesn’t end up with anybody and tragic if dong soo gets both girls but more tragic if yeo un dies why can’t they tell us about if the extension is happening i mean come on lol maybe they’ll wait till after ep 24 the original finale which is in like two weeks time i want more dong soo and ji sun it seems like it’s heating up a bit between dong soo and jin ju want more yeo un and ji sun lol

  22. and i think yeo un found it very hard when he was watching his love get tortured lol looke dlike he was gonna cry lol i think there may be time thou for yeo un and ji sun not because there may be an extension but because i think ji sun is at hoksa chorong with yeo un so there’s time for them hopefully lol unless yeo un will give her to dong soo again but i think it will be awhile before dong soo gets ji sun back lol,,,,,,, confused about one thing thou i thought dong soo knew the truth about his father in like ep 2 or 3 not the entire truth but knew his father was a traitor i thought he knew

    • Oh yes! Let JS stay in the assassin guild for a long time, unitl YU surrenders his lurvvve!

      Now you made me think back, you’re right, DS knew his dad was killed, but not sure about the traitor part, may be I catch it wrong in this episode but GT recaps the whole story about the Prince at the monument, because DS asked him.

      • yhhhhh thats what i mean’t lol i thought that dong soo knew not all of it and maybe thats why sa mo said you need to get revenge for your parents family,,,,, yh thats also what i mean’t by the looks of it ji sun is at what i call yeo un and cheons place lol hoksa chorong and dong soo is allowing it because he trusts yeo un to take care of her why do you think he didn’t run after her lol probs cause he don’t know where hoksa chorong is lol but yh i think it now most defo gives time for ji sun to develop feelings it already looks like she sorta has lol if you know what i mean ji sun and yeo un all the way

  23. i know what you mean lol i found it difficult watching ji sun tortured i was thinking yeo un help her lol which he did i wish he would hurry up and tell he rhow he feels lol ii thought when they looked at each other after he saved her was cute i reckon she has abit of feelings for him or maybe they will grown since he keeps saving her and i will be very pissed if i find out the writers decide that dong soo has both girls like i say i will watch but it just doesn’t feel right i mean apparently the real dong soo married both girls or just jin ju i don’t know but i hope the show will stray away from that because shows don’t always follow the true thing and someone did say it’s not quite like the real thing soo i reckon well hope they’ll stray away from dong soo having two girls because i want yeo un with someone whether it’s ji sun or the gisaeng hopefully ji sun i mean there is something i reckon she has feelings for him just as much as yeo un loves her

    • I really like YU to have someone too but I heard this is a manhwa (comic book) adaptation and it’s said, DS married both in the manhwa. Well, the writer can make JS dtich DS at the altar haha….

      • yhhhhhh thats what i mean i know it’s based of a manhwa i didn’t read all but i checked it out i love korean mangas (manhwa) but dong soo apparently was real person back then lol it’s mean’t to be a real true story don’t know if yeo un was based off someone but yh also alot of the time shows aren’t faithly to like the real or true thing so they can have yeo un with someone and hopefully dong soo will just have jin ju ji sun i my opinion belongs well not really belongs but should be with yeo un if yeo un doesn’t end up with her either way he could be with the gisaeng since she looks like has feelings for him but please writers i want it to be even yeo un with ji sun and dong soo with jin ju and cho rip with miso jang mis daughter lol me and my head

  24. hehehehe yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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