Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 19 (Quick Note)

Buahahaha…..more MOAR characters popped up, the episode felt like the story wouldn’t end in 24eps ^_^

Episode 19

YU confronts with lots of soldiers, DJ tells them to move out.
YU duels with DJ. YU is about to stab DJ, but a needle hits his hand, it hurts.
It’s Dong Soo, YU tries to kill DJ again, DS stops him.
DJ asks if  he is BDS.

His lackey brings out JS (they captured her), they negotiate, DJ lets her go.
They (DS,YU) are both arrested in the same cell. (Reunion in jail ^^)
DS punches YU.
DS begs YU to turn around. Before YU could finish his answer, DJ walks in, so YU stops talking.

JJ arrives with the doctor, she cries seeing her mom’s condition.
Ji touches her cheek, Ji whispers into JJ’s ear that GT is her father!!! (GT doesn’t hear her)
Ji  dies in GT’s arms, JJ cries out.
GT holds her and cries. Cheon keeps silent.

YD, JS and HD come to DJ’s office, YD goes inside alone to talk to DJ. (that he arrested both boys?)
But not successful.

Cheon and GT talk (I think GT is angry with Cheon, and cannot forgive him), GT sets the date to meet again (to duel for the last time). GT leaves saying to Cheon, he will take Ji with him.

HD with YD, HD starts drawing, the wharf, the ship for the King  to see.

An officer helps DS and YU, they get out.
YU tells DS about Josam(the place DS should go and look), before DS leaves, he says to YU, to  stay alive. YU smiles a bit.
YU walks to the torture ground. A man is tortured.
YU comes to DJ, he draws his knife, DJ tells him about the samini. That he sent his man to Ji Seon, so YU has to hurry out.

At the wharf, JS, HD and YD are going back, by boat. DS is not going with them.
DS  rides out.
YU rides too.

DJ’s lackey is about to kill JS on the boat, YU helps her and pushes him down the boat into the water.

CP is doing the thing with the hung-to-death lady’s corpse, from her mouth, found poison.
He tells the Prince.
He orders CP to go for GT.

At Sa Mo’s place, CP walks in to see JM’s daughter is crying, HD stands close by.
She hugs CP feeling sad. (Omo..omo)

Inside  the house, Ji’s body is lying on the bedding, JJ, GT, JG cry.
GT talks and covers her face with the white cloth.

DS rides to the place with lots of Japanese.
He climbs the wall and jumps inside. He gets in a room looking for a book?

He sneaks inside a storage, and sees men are packing the ginseng.

A man(will call J-man for now) calls him, a samurai runs to him (the one Cheon talked about on the name list).
DS is about to leave, but that samurai stops him.
The tall guy(the one on the name list that Cheon has) and the samurai attack DS.
DS takes the tall guy down, the samurai is about to attack DS, the J-man calls for a stop.

The J-man duels with DS.
But the men (that packing the ginseng) are taking the ginseng out, DS stops the fight,  tells J-man that he’s busy and he follows the men.  J- man asks his name, he says it’s BDS.

DS runs to the men who are carrying boxes. They fight him but later run away. DS opens the box, it’s ginseng (or Josam).
He smells and smiles. He carries the box on the horse riding back.

Back in the capital, DJ visits the Queen, DJ tells the Queen about the Japanese thing.
The Queen’s father is not convincing with him. After DJ left, the father talks with the Queen. She smiles.
She targets the Prince.

YU with JS, HD, YD arrive, they get down from the boat. DS arrives with the box on the horse. JS smiles.
They all walk back to Sa Mo’s place. JM’s daughter tells DS.

DS runs out, HD follows him.
GT is preparing to burn Ji’s body, JJ ,JG, JM and SM are there.
JJ cries, JG cries. GT puts the torch to the body.

DS arrives, he looks at Ji’s body.
JS and HD and JM’s daughter arrive too.

In the mountain, GT spreads Ji’s ashes in the air, saying be the wind.
JG throws the ashes then JJ.

They start to leave, JJ sits down on the ground, she cries. DS kneels down next to her, he tells her not to cry. JS looks at them. DS consoles her but,
JJ says DS and her mom are the same (?) (more like JJ doesn’t count on him), he says he will help her (?)

HD contradicts DS will be busy do things for the Prince (?), DS keeps quiet.
HD talks to JJ nicely ( like if  she wants to see her mom, he can help so she could see her again). DS stands still but doesn’t move away. JS looks at them.

JJ looks at HD with hopeful eyes, JJ lets HD help her. He sits down with her and draws.
DS looks at them. He stands close to them listening, he’s kind of frustrated.
HD draws Ji’s picture. JJ looks at the picture and cries.

Cheon is alone crying hard. (So sad….)

YU talks with In.
YU talks with GH, the gisaeng.

YU gets a message from DJ.
YU talks with DJ. He shows YU a box full of gold, money.
The lackey overhears DJ and is afraid. He runs home and takes all his valuable things to DJ.
The lackey asks DJ to spare his life.

CP comes to SM carrying a box, it’s quiet, he calls for GT.
YD walks out, CP bows to him. YD greets him.
GT, DS, JS,.. come out.
DS, CP with two boxes (one of DS, and another of CP)  leaving.
DS tells JS, he’ll be back.
They leave.

SM talks to GT, GT tells him, he will go to the place (to meet with Cheon).
GT is practicing the sword. Then he feels the pain in his mid body. (Oh nooooo!)
The King is at court, DJ tells the King about the Japanese’s doing. The Prince walks in.

The King listens to the Prince, DS walks in with boxes.
Two boxes and HD’s paintings are given to the King. The drawing of the wharf, DS explains the painting.
Then the King looks at the ginseng,
DS tells the story, DJ keeps quiet.
DS talks about the Queen incident, Josam tea.

The king asks, DS says it Josam, the King looks at DJ.
DJ tries to cover his crime, but DS calls another witness.
An officer from the ship (the only one that didn’t get killed), he tells the truth, and about DJ to the King.

The King talks to DJ.
The Queen’s father asks the King to punish DJ (DJ looks at him), other officials want the same.

DJ at the punishment ground, is tied up, stripped from his nice clothes.
The Queen’s father orders to torture DJ, the son is angry at DS.

The J- man with the samurai, gets a letter.
DJ sits in jail.

The Prince gives DS a scroll.
DS walks out with the three friends, he crosses with the J- man coming into the palace, DS wonders.

DJ’s son with the three friends, they challenge each other. The son leaves.

The J-man is granted audience with the King.

JJ comes to Cheon , she yells at him to get a hold of himself, how long he will be like this.

The Prince visits the Queen, the Queen’s father comes, telling her about DJ is out of the prison.
The Prince and the Queen are startled.
DJ steps out of the prison, with his official clothing waiting .He swears his revenge with anger and laughs.


DS fights with the J-man.

JJ looks at GT.

JS  is arrested and tortured, she screams in pain, YU looks at her.
JS  is in jail, YU comes and reaches out his hand, JS grabs it.

DJ in the palace walking with many officers, JJ  dresses as a high-born lady (with big hair, and hanbok?), she’s not comfortable with the dress.

GT talks to DS, he’s about to cry. (DS  now dresses in more luxury costumes)

Omo…JJ doesn’t care about DS..and she looks at HD very nicely in front of DS, while JS is looking at them.

What’s with the pain of GT, is he falling sick? So one woman down, Ji is gone, who’s next? the elder casts? Cheon’s outcry was a bit hard to watch. Can’t wait to see JJ in a woman dress tomorrow ^_^

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  1. I hate waiting!!!!!! Why do the change the couple that should be? At least reading this is what drives me crazy: I love Jin Ju!!!!! I cannot stand Ji sun!!!! She wears a Nothing face everywhere she goes….. Dong Soo shouldn’t choose her!!!!!!

  2. wHen will the episode be released? What day?

  3. Hi again!!! I am actually addicted to this show so please help me in where to watch episode 19 and 20??? Thank you!!

  4. Where can i watch episode 19??? I cannot seems to find it….please help me,thank you:)

  5. Just rewatched this episode. I might have been too blinded by the bromance in jail to notice this the first time but could someone tell me how did that painter guy be on the boat with JS AND at the house with Cho Rip AT THE SAME TIME? At 17:30 he was obviously on the boat. At 19:00 it was obviously him back at the house in Han Yang when Cho Rip arrived and learned about Ji’s death. Then at 31:34 he got off the boat with others and smiled at Dong Soo. Then together they went back to the house where he acted like he didn’t know wth is happening. Am I just very confused or this guy has a twin?

  6. i know i remember seeing that so cute lol i love his smile he’s so cute and sexy also there was an interview with him saying i want to work with so ji sub and he worked with him twice so he got his wish lololol

  7. have you not seen 2day’s episode yet?

  8. goshhhhhhhh thanks i’m happy lol it’s on right now but i’m gonna wait for it to be released online and for popv’s quick note i was gonna ask where you guys found this thank you kamsahamnida

  9. Hello, I really enjoy reading you quick notes and recaps n comments, thanks for all ur efforts..if its allright here is a link for those that wish to watch it online:

  10. actually i’m quite happy the whole dad thing is over now we finally know still i’m upset my one of my fave female characters is dead but i guess it’s not over yet because i don’t know why but it looks like gwang taek wants revenge towards chun even thou cheon didn’t do anything bad lolz and jin ju looks like she won’t allow them to fight so will soon see

  11. actually the yeo un character looks similar to the gu jang gon character from the duelist movie in fact even yoo seung ho who plays yeo un said the characters are similar in chracteristics in an interview

  12. actually hanbok i mean’t lol,,,, and wow jin ju looks different is she pretending to be a gisaeng god i want more lol and yeo un looked sooo sad when he was watching ji sun get tortured in the preview and the way he saved her got he must love her soo much lol wonder what happened next by the looks of it yeo un took her back to his place (hoksa chorong) to keep her safe and dong soo can’t find her why the hell was she taken in the first place lol,, and dong soo looks like he’s gonna go crazy god i want more!!!!!! it almost looks like it could be the end after ep 24 if they extend hope they’ll tell us soon maybe they’ve decided to wait after ep 24 cause there seems like there could be more eps due to the extension and i think that gisaeng just really likes yeo un it looked like she was telling him to give up ji sun lol can’t wait for subs

  13. i don’t know why i’m saying this but i love that dress the gisaeng is wearing when she’s talking to yeo un lol

  14. btw in the subs they calll her Ga Ok why do you call her Ji??

  15. this is my favourite thing about mondays and tuesdays 🙂 thanks kcomments 😀
    im dying to watch the cell scene between DS andYU and am sooooooooo so so happy about the YU/JS moments in this episode ❤
    i liek them more and more every episode :3
    and porr JJ i feel so sorry for her 😦 i really liked Ga Ok as well 😥

    • yhhhhh i know makes me want more of ji sun and yeo un,, and ji was probably one of may fave female characters she was sooooooooo bad ass but somehow felt she let her guard down

  16. i’m having a look at the raw version and it’s hurting me cause when yeo un and dong soo are in te jail together it looks like they both just want to cry even yeo un god i want to know what yeo un wanted to say but that dae ju comes in pisses me offff

  17. actually may i ask how you know whats happening i know you see the eps but can you speak or understand korean this is awesome so gladdddd you uploaded if you think about it it already sounds like it’s coming to an end even if they extend it to 30 do you know why ji sun is being tortured and jin ju is put in a dress what about hong do it sounds like there getting married scary stuff can’t wait for moreeeeeeee and yeo un to the rescue to save ji sun can’t wait lol

  18. ooooooooo thanks for uploading i’m read now

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