Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 18

The Prince gives Dong Soo an army post,  a Porter Soldier (Unranked, low-end soldier who handles wagons). He says , although it a small army job,  it will provide  him easy access to go in/out of the palace. He orders Dong Soo to find out the truth as soon as possible.

Dae Ju says Josam in the palace is from the assassin guild, and the Queen fainted after drinking the  Josam tea, so it’s not his problem alone but also of the assassin guild too. Yeo Un says the sunken ship carried heavy load of goods (Jasam, cloth), the loss is beyond the assassin guild can afford. Also, the cause of the Queen’s faint if it leaks out, it will bring huge damage to the assassin guild. Dae Ju asks, so what he’s  going to do.

In the Palace, The Queen regains consciousness, she asks her father what happened. He says she fainted after drinking ginseng tea from the Prince. After some calculation, she orders the attending physicians to say that she does not wake up yet.

Yeo Un says the assassin guild will pull back, this is not what the original plan is. Further more, the army ship sank, the officers will have to take the responsibility. And the loss, he can’t have that back.  (not sure what Unnie is saying here ^^)

Dong Soo will start searching for the truth, Ji Seon wants to accompany him, she thinks in this case she can help him. But he thinks it’s too dangerous, she insists she wants to do something for him. Gwang Taek allows her to go.

In is suffering from his disabilities, the Qing wonders what had happened to him, Yeo Un wouldn’t tell, he says he doesn’t know. In swears his revenge to everyone.

Jin Ju wakes up, Cheon tells her to prepare to leave and throws her a pair of  shoes he mended. She ‘s having a meal muttering that she eats, not because it’s delicious, but for her to hurry recover. Cheon uses chopstick to put veggie on her spoon (fatherly gesture), Jin Ju gulps, his gesture overwhelms her.

She timidly asks how many people he killed with his sword. He asks if she means people died by his sword were pitiful or, if it is the disgusting smell of blood coming out from his body. She corrects him that, what she wants to say is her mother is pitiful.

Dong Soo and Ji Seon are going to check on the ginseng trades with the merchants, Sa Mo suggests they bring along Jang Mi’s daughter, she is familiar with the market. They all leave. Sa Mo talks to Gwang Taek,  he’s worried Dong Soo looks arrogant but his heart seems unhappy, he misses the old brat Dong Soo (me too).

Gwang Taek  asks Ji how she is. Jin Gi says the poison is not completely removed.

Ji Seon checks the ginseng in the market, and she finds one particular ginseng. The merchant tells her, after Dong Soo assured him that it’s alright to talk, he won’t be punished, that this ginseng supplied by one merchant, it’s Nasam (high quality ginseng).

The lady couldn’t find the residue of the ginseng tea she made for the Queen.  Dae Ju says she should take responsibility for boiling the ginseng tea by suicide. The lackey pours poison into her mouth and she dies.

Dae Ju asks his lackey about the news on another shipment arrival, that it’s about time.

The merchants are gossiping about the news that the Queen fainted after drinking the Josam tea. Dong Soo approaches them, asking if they are waiting for the ginseng ship to arrive. To his surprise, they inform him that it’s not a merchant ship but a warship, because there are lots of soldiers on it.

Dong Soo tells Ji Seon to go back, he will have to go to the palace. When he arrives, he sees Cho Rip is looking at soldiers burning the ginseng (from the smell of the smokes). Dong Soo tells Cho Rip, it’s clearly the Josam that been traded into the palace. Cho Rip thinks that it must all be destroyed but Dong Soo thinks there should be more.

Meanwhile, the King is reported about the sunken warship. Dae Ju frames the Japanese to cause the incident. Outside, the Queen’s father is not convinced, he asks Dae Ju if it’s really the Japanese’s doing, he wonders if it has something to do with the ginseng ship in Gyeongju [*].   Dae Ju assures him it’s the Japanese, and everything is not certain yet. He asks about the Queen, the father lies that she is still unconscious.

The King visits the Queen who pretends to lie unconscious, the Prince also comes to greet her outside. He learns from the King that she’s not conscious. He bows down and wishes her fast recover. The Queen smiles inside her room.

Two officers see Cheon in the market and follow him to the cottage. Cheon catches them and asks who sent them here. They say no one , just do their normal duty. Cheong lets them go, Jin Ju looks at him.

Jin Gi consoles Ji not to worry about Jin Ju, she will live a long life. Ji asks if there’s a problem in the palace. Jin Gi tells her the Queen drank the Josam tea and fainted. Ji is alarmed that the problem is getting more complicated because it’s the assassin guild and Dae Ju, that brought the Josam into the palace. Jin Gi is surprised.

Dae Ju’s lackey finds the Japanese arrows (from educational materials). He presents it to the King as the evidence of the Japanese involvement in sinking the warship. The King notices the arrow is already rusty, Dae Ju says it can happened because of the sea water.

The King wants the Navy officers to investigate the matter,  because the arrows are not enough as evidence to condemn the Japanese, Dae Ju says he will see the matter through himself , he requests the King’s written order.

An officer comes rushing in, reports to the King that there’s a lady hanging death in the palace. Dae Ju observes and says to others, she must have felt wrong to boil the ginseng tea.

Dong Soo and Cho Rip check on the ginseng in the palace. They report to the Prince that ginseng was burned which probably the kind of Josam tea the Queen drank. And Nasam which should be in the palace , was found selling in the market. Also, the ship the merchants were waiting was a warship. So he thinks the Josam tea case and the sunken warship must be connected, and the lady hung herself case too. They will report more when they get the details.

Gu Hyang asks Yeo Un why he didn’t ask her about the news of Ji Seon, he quickly asks if something happened to her. She says no, just wonders that may be he has forgotten her. Yeo Un smiles and says that it’s impossible.

She gives him a box that contains the ginseng tea residue (made for the Queen). She got it from a lady in the palace who has good knowledge of ginseng, she should have known it’s Josam. There’s a boat ready to leave for the place where the ship sank. If necessary, he can look for her. He thanks her kindness but there’s no need for that. Gu Hyang is disappointed.

Gwang Taek suggests they should go to the place where the ship sank, to find more evidence, he lets Ji Seon go with Dong Soo thinking she should be able to help. Yeo Un is looking at the ginseng residue in the box.

The officers that met Cheon report to the Qing, the assassin guild send men to Cheon. Ji is on her way to meet Jin Ju, she sees the assassins and is worried about Jin Ju.

Cheon and Jin Ju are leaving, assassins attack them. He protects Jin Ju, tells her to stay back. Ji comes fetch Jin Ju, she fights  her way out, but when she turns the Qing thrusts his sword through her mid body and pulls out, she falls down. Jin Ju holds her crying. Cheon sees them from afar.

Cheon tells Jin Ju to help Ji stand up. Jin Ju carries Ji away. The Qing and Cheon plan to kill each other.

After, the fight is done, the Qing leave defeated but he will come back for Cheon.

Cheon is injured but rushes to Ji and Jin Ju, he orders Jin Ju to go for a doctor. She runs off. Cheon carries Ji up in his arms.

Dong Soo and Ji Seon are waiting for the boat, Cho Rip comes to send them off, saying it takes half a month (to arrive there?). Hong Do runs to the boat bumping Cho Rip on the way, he laughs that he is able to catch the boat.

Cheo Rip sees a letter sticked to his robe, he opens it and perks up at Hong Do. Hong Do nods at him and smiles.

Yeo Un looks at Dong Soo and Ji Seon on the boat. Flashback – Dae Ju asks him why he has changed his mind, he guesses, it’s in return for that woman’s life. Yeo Un stresses to him that he must keep his words on that.

Dae Ju tells him to leave (to the place) first and he will follow. Present – Yeo Un rides off (to the sunset, oops!) to the same town Dong Soo and Ji Seon are heading.

On the boat, Hong Do asks both Dong Soo and Ji Seon if they know the woman who is a bit tomboy, Dong Soo thinks it must be Hwang Jin Ju. Hong Do repeats the name admiringly, Jin Ju – the pearl.

Flashback – Hong Do runs into Jin Ju in the market where she’s buying the medicine for Ji, he notices her injured foot.

Back to present, he tells them that he saw Jin Ju with her injured foot, he asks them if she will be alright. The news perk their attention, Dong Soo says he heard that she is now in Kaesong (?), Hong Do is confused because he just saw her here.

Cho Rip gives Hong Do’s letter to Gwang Taek, it’s the news of Jin Ju which contradicts with what Ji told him. He asks for Ji.  Meanwhile on the boat, it appears that the Prince sent Hong Do over to help the two. Dong Soo (smirks and) wonders what ability he possesses to help them out, he says his drawing is not bad, and laughs.

Yu Dae, with his new rank added to being  the general (granted by the King after got out of prison),  stations by the sea. He sees men burning something, but couldn’t identify what kind of medical herb it is. An officer comes for him, he needs his help. The officer brings out a box but when he opens the lid, it’s empty. He is startled telling Yu Dae, it was ginseng in here but now it’s gone.

Yu Dae thinks back about the burning by the sea, something is suspicious, he will find out the truth. The officers, who were on the sunken ship, are being interrogated. Yu Dae asks them if it’s really the Japanese’s doing sinking the ship because it’s not the usual route they commute, why they would come and sink the ship. He orders them to tell the truth.

 One officer recalls Yeo Un came to kill other officers and threatened him in the prison, to say what he was told. So he says, he heard the sound of  the cannons, then the ship sank. Other officers say the same but Yu Dae doesn’t believe them, he’s about to kill one officer to make others tell the truth, Dae Ju shows up and stops him.

Dae Ju shows him the King’s written order, it’s to temporary remove him from his post until the matter is cleared (?). Yu Dae is surprised.

The three arrive, they are looking for the witness of the ship incident (Dong Soo won’t contact the officials, he thinks they might be involved). Hong Do finds out there’s an elder fisherman lives nearby the place where the incident took place.

But Yeo Un has already found the said old man, he asks the man if  he has hidden any of the box from the shipwreck,  the old man says he has none of that. Yeo Un tells him to leave the place or else he might get killed. The man runs away.


The three run into Yu Dae, and they learn that he was taken out from his post, now Dae Ju is taking over the case. Dong Soo wonders why he looks happy when he was removed from the military post. Yu Dae laughs, it his third time in his life, being removed.

Now the only one witness (the old man) has disappeared, they think what they should do now.

The lackey reports to Dae Ju that Baek Dong Soo is here, with Yu Dae and the Samini (Ji Seon). Dae Ju is alarmed and orders the killing of them. Yeo Un overhears the order, his face turns grim.

Ji wakes up, seeing Cheon by her side, she tells him that she’s sorry, Jin Ju is not his daughter. Cheon keeps quiet though his face shows sign of pain when the truth hits him. He says, it doesn’t matter that child is his daughter or not, she had stirred hope in him, that should be enough. Ji repeats her sorry to him.

She thinks she will die, she has one request of him. Cheon asks if she wants to see Gwang Taek, in his heart, there’s only her. But in her heart, there’s only Gwang Taek, it doesn’t matter….Ji holds his arm and says, thank you.

Jin Ju and the doctor are on their way running. Gwang Taek shows up, he kneels down beside Ji (Eh..I’m not sure how he could be there before Jin Ju).

Gwang Taek sees how weak she is, he can sense the seriousness of her wounded body. He tells her to get up and live the rest of her life with him. She starts to cry. He can’t let her go, will not let her go, tears start to fall from his eyes.

She looks at him and says, she wants to be like the wind, be with him, blowing towards the mountains, the earth and the sea, “I want….to be with you.”  He holds her and cries. Cheon stands silently  further away.

Dong Soo , Ji Seon and Hong Do rest for the night. Ji Seon sits alone outside, Dae Ju’s lackey looks at her. Before he could harm her, Yeo Un puts a sword to his throat, and tells him to stop or he will lose his life. The lackey moves away.

Dong Soo comes to stand by her, he couldn’t rest knowing she’s out here, it’s dangerous. Yeo Un peeks at both of them. Ji Seon sees him accidentally without Dong Soo knowing.

She catches up with him and asks if  he’s here with Dae Ju. He says yes. She says can he stop doing this? He says he’s also here to do his duty.  Ji Seon asks,  is it not something he wouldn’t want to do? can he leave that place? Yeo Un interrupts, the place he  should be is the assassin guild, and leaves.

The lackey tells Dae Ju that he wasn’t able to kill anyone because Yeo Un showed up. Dae Ju thinks about his promise with Yeo Un, he tells his men he will leave for the capital, and tells them to take care of the funeral. He means to kill all the officers in the prison that was on the sunken ship.

The lackey sets fire in the prison and kills the ones running out. Yeo Un sees the killing and is surprised.

The officer talks to Yu Dae that something is suspicious about Dae Ju. There was a lot of ginseng before he came, but it was all disappeared when  he showed up. Then an officer reports that all the officers were killed.

Ji Seon walks back, Dong Soo asks where she went at this hour, she tells him she went out to catch some air, and walks pass him. Dong Soo feels something is odd, but then he sees the smokes from the fire, he walks out leaving Ji Seon alone. Dae Ju’s lackey looks at her.

Both Yu Dae and Dong Soo rush to the prison. All officers were killed except one, Yu Dae wonders why he is the only one stay alive, the officer recalls, it’s Yeo Un  told him to tell the truth to Yu Dae.

Yeo Un comes to Dae Ju, Dae Ju  is also waiting for him. Yeo Un asks,  did he not keep his promise?  Dae Ju quietly pulls his sword saying, “Are you talking about that woman?”  He laughs and says, for this one woman from an assassin who doesn’t treasure his life,  he laughs.

Yeo Un says today he will have his head . Dae Ju thrusts his sword out at him and they fight.

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  1. i thought one thing that was amusing was when yeo un saved ji sun and then when he walked off she came out of know where his face was so funny as if he was thinking how the hell did you catch up to me lol

  2. but other than second couples idea i’m rooting for jin ju and dong soo,,,, yeo un and ji sun fighting

  3. well like i’m rooting for dong soo and jin ju if they don’t get together in the end then i think kim hong do and jin ju are a cool looking couple lolz and like i’m rooting for ji sun and yeo un if they don’t get together and ji sun stays with dong soo then i’m rooting for yeo un and gu hyang (the gisaeng) also i don’t know why but i think cho rip would look good with miso jang mi’s daughter wonder why lol

  4. omo omo i’m watching ep 18 now and when the gisaeng asked yeo un to look for her there and he said thanks for your kindness that won’t be nessecary she looked disappointed and he said don’t get involved with this any further if ji sun and yeo un don’t end up together in the end i want yeo un happy with someone so if not with ji sun then the gisaeng i think that would be interesting either way rooting for yeo un and ji sun

  5. yhhhhhh i knoww i’m really glad that you finished this and ep 18 is finalllllllyyyyyyyyyyy subbed me literally sooooooooooooo happy lol i want ep 19 and 20 out do you think there out today and tomoz they should be????????

  6. hopefully you’ll put up a quick note of ep 19 tomoz and ep 20 tuesday you do them pretty fast

  7. one thing thats unfair is they never put up a preview for the next eps like they won’t have a preview for ep 19 but they will for ep 20 then they won’t have a preview for ep 21 but they will for 22 and so on it’s not fair that they do that they do that for pretty much most korean dramas and like protect the boss not fairrrrrr

  8. lol i didn’t think cheon cried i haven’t seen the ep eng subs yet still waiting lolz but really hope they don’t extend i wish they’d hurry up and tell us lol also if they extend it may be harder for them to get hold of the subs and GOD i want to see the ending i was watching a fanvid mv and someone said they’ve extended it to 30 eps but i was thinking you can’t say that because there contemplating it they haven’t decided yet lol,,,,, i love this mv i think when i watch it yes yeo un needs a bit of good luck lol

  9. Yeesss!! yooupii it’s out!!thanks k-comment!!
    my schelders become complicate now, I’ve got class tomoroww, and little busy also…pfff.
    I can’t understand; why the eng sub in other streaming (epdrama, dramacrazy )is not out till now, there have some problem about this drama( for sure, they extend it)!!
    Fortunetly “popv” exist!!thanks… I will comment later..I can’t believe: Chean cried ahahaha(I want to see it)
    eh maria! do you follow scent of woman!!I’ve never cried about drama before this! I think I used 2 box of handkerchief during the 1 ep till ep 13(I repeat one ep twice cuz my bad level in english).

    • I feel the pacing of the story start slowing down from episode 15, may be it’s because they plan to extend it, that’s why.

      • yhhh i know but then thats just pointless i’ll still watch it since i am obsessed and adore this tv series but i just wish they’d hurry up and tell us if there extending it or maybe there waiting till after ep 24 (when it should of finished finale) to tell us

  10. and i think as well seriously dong soo let ji seon go with you she wants to be of use to him lol and he’s all saying too dangerous lol at least let the girl try,,also thought that was funny in ep 17 when dong soo had his back to ji sun and when she came back she didn’t recognise him and went for the arrow thought that was funny how calm and collected she stayed if it was me i’d freak out ,, also was disappointed with jin ju here because she’s supposed to be kick ass of course she’s not strong enough to take all of them down and i think ji let her guard down probably didn’t want to fight in front of her daughter probably didn’t want to show her assassin side lol because i think jin ju, ji and cheon could of fought all of them if they worked together unfortunately not oh well i still couldn’t believe the writers did that have ji lie that cheon is the daddy because like everyone else i wanted gwang taek to be the dad (guess i sort off got my wish lol) but i liked the idea of cheon being the dad show a different side and it most defo was he showed a fatherly love towards jin ju seriously mothers will do drastic things to protect there child but i think cheon would of still protected her child lol but ji and cheon must of done something for even choen to think he was the dad i mean if they didn’t do it then cheon wouldn’t of thought he was the dad so by the sounds of it ji did it with both guys lol and by means i think jin ju is like the successor of hoksa chorong being her mum as an assassin there and her grandfather the previous sky lord i think it would off been cool if her dad was cheon,, oh well i’ve decided to root jin ju having three dads make it fair lol

  11. hopefully lol unless the writers are gonna make in normal again lol i mean in came back to life which was creepy as hell lol

  12. thanks alot this helped i haven’t seen the ep yet still waiting for eng subs lol i’m glad you posted this up because the ginseng still confused me lol,, i think the gisaeng likes yeo un when she said i thought you may of forgotten her (ji sun) but i think she wants his happiness and would like him to be happy with her,, yeo un was such a dumb ass to fall for what dae ju said lol god yeo un must really love her that i think he’s not thinking straight lol,, still confused why was the gisaeng disappointed was it because he wouldn’t give it to ji sun????,, and i think there’s just a tiny bit you missed when the gisaeng exited the place and in said something to her and yeo un exited and in grabbed him on the leg begging lol i think in asked the gisaeng to help him with his arm since she’s very good at medics but i’m glad she just ignored him lolz finally in got put to shame lol seriously he should of just died but at least his arm isn’t working anymore lol

  13. yhhhhhhhh thanks for it

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