Hooray for Love Episode 12

Jong Soo asks Dr.Kang what he did wrong , when a couple don’t get along, they break up.  There’s no rule when get married you have to stay together until you die, he should understand that really well. And about the shop, husband and wife worked hard together, how can it not be his too,as for the trademark, he’s protecting his rights, Jae Mi just wasn’t smart enough.

Jong Soo tells him to give the money to Jae Mi instead, then he smirks, of course not, Jae Mi will not take it because she’s ignored him as a father. His words provoke more anger, Dr. Kang attacks him again with full force this time. Hee Soo screams and screams.

Jong Hee is worried about her ex that she talked to him using harsh words. She’s afraid he would be drinking. The aunt (Jong Shim) asks why she said those words to him, she thinks what he said was right. If  she had endured it, her family wouldn’t end up like this. And it looks like she cannot forget him till now , then why she broke up with him.

She remembers clearly how Jong Hee ran away from home and school to be with him, what was all that for now? Jong Hee tells her to stop talking.

Joori cannot reach her husband and her mom is waiting for him, she decides to go to the hospital.

Jong Hee thinks back of the day she ran from home to be with him, he was surprised but happy that she came. Then Jae Mi calls asking her to close the shop for her because she will be late.

When she arrives at the shop, she hears from the girl in the shop that there was a fierce fight at Porridge King, even the police came.  She walks over and sees that Dr.Kang is being arrested.

Dong Woo couldn’t stop thinking about Jae Mi, he wonders if  she is still there, he texts her. When Jae Mi answers back that she will settle it today, he again ditches his date to go to her. When he arrives, he stops by a shop in the area thinking Jae Mi must be hungry, there he finds Kim Sun with her son.

Jae Mi walks back in despair that Kim Sun surely took Jong Soo’s money, she sighs. Dong Woo touches her shoulder from behind, startles her. She asks how he can be here, he said he had a date. He says he’s done with the date, so he stops by. Jae Mi lets out her disappointment with Kim Sun, that she’s on Jong Soo’s side. Dong Woo challenges her for a bet, that may be Kim Sun has other reason not showing up today. If he’s right, she has to grant him a wish and vice versa. She agrees thinking she would surely win.

Then Kim Sun shouts from further away telling her to give Dong Woo his wish. She was at the hospital all day because her son was sick. Kim Sun assures her she will be on her side, and Jae Mi should give her a job too. Jae Mi is so happy holding her hand.

After Kim Sun left, she prepares to go back in his car but Dong Woo reminds her of  his wish. She asks what he wants, he steps closer to her and leans close to her face asking what she think a drunken man would want at this hour. She’s scared putting up her fists, he throws her a car’s key and laughs, he means for her to drive for him.

On their way back, Jae Mi goes on and goes on how bad Jong Soo is while Dong Woo listens with his eyes closed. But when she shows no sign of stopping he tells her to park the car. She won’t do it, she knows he plan to drop her off in the middle of  nowhere. He grabs the steering wheel, she hits the brake and the car stops.

They sit together on the car looking at the red moon. Dong Woo tells her a story of  a lonely girl, she weeps and prays so the moon’s god comes to her and comforts her. So from then, when lonely people stare at the moon, the moon’s god would comfort them.

Dong Woo thinks she needs the moon too, from before she was a woman who love and trust unconditionally, and strongly come back when she was down. From now on, pass all her grief and unhappiness to him and the moon, and go back to the way she was, though a bit stupid but better than now.

Jae Mi’s grateful to him for being patient with her and protecting her. She stands up and shouts to the moon’s god to take away her pitiful image and bring back the bright and sweet Kang Jae Mi. Dong Woo looks at her smiling, then the moment mesmerizes him, he looks at her in wonder. When she sees him staring at him, he covers it up and tells her they should leave.

She jumps down and is almost hit by a car, Dong Woo pulls her in his arms.  He stares down at her in a very close proximity. She feels awkward and breaks free, but he again takes her in his arm and slowly moves down for a kiss. Jae Mi moves away saying he’s making fun with her again, to break the moment, then hurriedly gets in the car and they end up like this.

He tells himself to wake up while she thinks it could not be that he likes her, no, it can’t be, though she’s cute and all but she’s an ajumma. (^^)

Joori finds out that her husband taking out the loan for 20 million won, she wonders where he would spend that amount of  money. At the police station, Hee Soo doesn’t settle the case and ask  Dr.Kang to be locked up. Jong Hee meets Hee Soo outside, she tries talking with her but Hee Soo won’t back down saying Jong Soo is now in bad condition.

The police wants  Dr.Kang to hurry settle with the victim or else he would have to go to jail, but he refuses to say anything and is not telling his relative’s phone number. Jong Hee shows up and gets angry at him for what he did. He tells the police that she has nothing to do with him, please take her away.

Jong Soo is recovering well, he wonders how Jae Mi’s dad had such  strength at his age. The brother comes and tells him to insist that he’s currently in severe pain, and not to settle the case. He should stay in the hospital at least 4 weeks until Jae Mi comes begging , then they will tell her to drop the lawsuit. Jong Soo realizes that, no matter what, Jae Mi  won’t let her dad go to jail.

Joori wakes her parent up  in the middle of the night, and shows her mom the loan passbook of her husband, the money all gone. She blames it all to her mom, what if he left with the money. Mom takes a look at the passbook and says, she will handle this, she calls someone aboard and orders the person to come to Seoul right away.

Jae Mi tells Jong Shim, she has a witness, if all goes well she will get her shop back and be able to start her business by next week. Her aunt is impressed with Dong Woo that he’s a capable lawyer, and seems to be a nice person, Jae Mi should have met a man like this earlier. But Jae Mi says she’s fade up with men.

Jong Hee comes back and wants to speak with Jong Shim in her room. Jong Hee tells her to borrow more money, she needs it by noon tomorrow, and not to tell Jae Mi.

Jae Mi’s employee tells her, the owner of  Porridge King was beaten and her mom was there, seems she knows the guy who did the beating. Jae Mi is surprised.

Jong Hee visits Dr.Kang, he asks her to call the hospital that he will not be able to go to work, and call his friend about the incident, his friend will take care of it, she doesn’t have to worry. She asks about his family, he says will take care of them when he gets out. She assures him she won’t tell Jae Mi.  Later Jong Hee calls his friend but he’s in Seattle and will come back next month. So she’s worried.

Jae Mi brings food for Dong Woo’s staff,  his assistant tells her Dong Woo is here early in the morning to prepare the document. He wants to end it today, he has not eaten yet.  Jae Mi hurry takes the food into Dong Woo’s office. The employees are gossiping that their boss must have liked her, that’s why he came to work early.

Dong Woo is in his office and wondering why he keeps thinking about the ajumma, is it because they are always together so his standard got lowered? (LOL) This can’t happen, he will have to stay away from her for a while. Then Jae Mi knocks at the door. His eyes widen, he hurriedly pretends to be asleep on the sofa and holds the document over his face.

Jae Mi comes in and thinks he’s tired, she leans over to look at the document in his hand and starts to read aloud. She is so close to his face that Dong Woo’s hand is shaking (haha), then he pulls the document away, Jae Mi is so startled, she bounces backwards onto another sofa.

Dong Woo gets up quickly and tells her not to worry about the document, he will take care of it. He sits down behind his desk. Jae Mi gives him a meal box she prepared smilingly, he mutters that he’s busy, just leave it there. She’s disappointed and leaves the room.

After she left, he opens the meal box happily but when he sees the food, he starts thinking of her again so he puts the box away. Then he finds a coupon in the box for a  ‘Permanent VIP’, he thinks, does that mean she wants to see him for a lifetime?  He lets out, that bad ajumma, and runs out to her.

He interrogates her in front of the elevator, what is her intention to give him this coupon?  She says to give half price for a life time should he come to her shop, for that he must win the trademark case.  She gets in the elevator, he stops her and stutters that he n..normally doesn’t like e..eating alone…so..please go back…..but Jae Mi’s phone rings so she excuses herself and leaves. Dong Woo calls her, ajumma! ajumma! but the elevator closes,  he thinks he’s going crazy.

Jae Mi answers the phone, it’s Jong Soo, he tells her to come to hospital, they need to talk. Jae Me asks him why she has to go when he got beaten up. He says it’s all because of her, and to ask her mom, he hangs up.

Jae Mi thinks back and is able to guess, she comes to her mom’s shop but only her aunt is there. Aunt says that  her mom was making lots of phone calls to borrow money last night, she figures it must be her dad who did the beating. Jae Mi rushes to the hospital.

Jong Hee visits Jong Soo. He pretends to be badly hurt. Jong Hee apologizes to him and begs him to be generous, and to settle the case, when he becomes parent he will understand (that Jae Mi’s dad got angry that his daughter got divorced and the shop taken away).

After Jong Hee begs repeatedly, Hee Soo nags him to reconcile. Jong Soo looks at her and remembers, he says let’s do it, Hee Soo says under their terms. Jong Hee thinks it’s money, she gives it to him but he returns her money, what he wants, is for Jae Mi to sign a letter. Jong Hee is confused what letter?

Jae Mi arrives at the door and listens to them. Hee Soo shows Jong Hee the letter, it says for Jae Mi to accept that Porridge King belongs to Han Jong Soo, and she will never claim the ownership again in the future, and to give up all the litigation regarding the trademark, any violation from the aboved will lead to unavoidable liability.

Jong Soo says Jae Mi needs to sign this.  Jong Hee throws the letter at  him saying it’s her mistake of coming here. She’s about to leave. He asks if she wants Jae Mi to become a criminal, her father is old, if something happens to him in the prison…..Jae Mi storms into the room. She stares at him, walks over and tears the letter in half.


So far, this drama was kind of predictable but all the characters behaved reasonably, not much into makjang, more to the realistic family issues, so for that from a weekend drama, so far so good. ^^

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  1. hey !! thanx for is really amazing that i found this site.i need to watch the drama but it’s ok. i can run with that for now. good job..

  2. Just wanted to add my thanks for your recaps. I’m able to appreciate the drama more when I actually know what’s going on rather than just guessing by context of people’s actions. Sending out drama love to you so that you know your efforts are appreciated. Please keep recapping.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of ur recaP I really don’t understand a word they are saying but reading ur recap really help thank you keep up the GREAT work!!!

  4. Thanks komments for the recap, you know I depend on you.

    All i want to say is I love DW and JM together, they are so cute.

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